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4C October 5, 197S, Lincoln, Sunday Journal and Star Patience Pays For Ferragamo Kepi CVJi Continued From Page 1C During the four scoring drives Ferragamo directed, the Huskers faced a third down situation 12 times. Ten times the play resulted in a first down. One other time he sneaked on fourth down to keep the drive alive, while on the 12th occasion Mike Coyle came in to kick a field goal. "At California I was used to an offense that called for a pass two or three times in every series," Ferragamo said, "With our system you have to be a lot more patient. But it sure paid off, and I couldn't be happier." After Miami's great showing against Oklahoma a week ago (losing 17-20), Osborne said his Huskers certainly weren't overconfident going into the game.

Team Too High "If anything they were a little too 'high' and overanxious. That can get you tied up in knots. I -was pretty keyed up myself," Osborne admitted, "just like I am before every game. Friday night and Saturday morning is a STAFF PHOTOS BY WILLIS VAN SICKLE later, Nebraska scored its first touchdown. In addition to this fumble recovery, Wightman was in on 12 tackles, tops for the Black Shirts.

James Wightman (59), Wonder Monds (26) and a third, unidentified Husker, spot a loose football (1). Wightman makes a sure-handed recovery (2) at the Miami 14-yard line as the Cornhusker Quotes- O'Leary Sparks Huskers Continued From Page 1C play we had called would have been tough for us to score," Osborne said. "They were stacking their monster and firing through the hole we were going to run." Davis' Plays Key Davis made key plays in two of the touchdown drives and ended the game with 50 yards rushing. He now has gained 2,006 yards in his career to become the third best ground-gainer in Nebraska history. Only Bobby Reynolds (1950-52) and Jeff Kinney (1969-71) are ahead of him.

The senior from Tecumseh caught a 19-yard third-down pass early in the Huskers' first TD drive of the second half. Then he made a 15-yard run early in the fourth quarter to set up O'Leary for a six-yard scoring run to make the score 24-9. On the run, Davis dragged Miamians Bryan Ferguson and Jeff Palmer at least five yards as they tried to bring him down. That play is the one that sent him over the mark. Miami chose to take the wind after winning the toss at the opening of the game and it proved a wise decision.

Nebraska started off in poor field position the first five times it had the ball. The Huskers tried unsuccessfully to launch drives from their own 20, 17, 6, 25 and 28 before getting a break. That came when linebacker James Wightman recovered a fumble by fullback Jim Pinkston at the Miami 25 early in the second quarter. End Ray Phillips made the hit that caused the fumble after Pinkston had picked up 11 yards on a pass from quarterback Kary Baker. O'Leary carried four of the five plays it took to put Nebraska in a 7-6 lead.

Dennis Boots FGs The Hurricanes had scored on field goals of 49 and 24 yards by Chris Dennis to take a 6-0 lead with 3.38 left in the first quarter. Dennis added a third field goal at the end of a Miami drive to the Husker tw.o with 6:08 left in the half. It was for 18 yards. Ferragamo hit the first six passes he threw, including a pair to wingback Curtis Craig on which the sophomore from Davenport, made great catches. Craig was NU's top receiver with four receptions for 32 yards.

Davis and tight end Larry Mushinskie each pulled in three passes. Luck, who was the driving force in Nebraska's first three victories, didn't actually have a bad day in his half of play. He completed six of 10 for 61 yards, including one for 19 to Thomas. Hurricanes' Dennis Jackson (84) arrives too late. Five plays Selmer, Walden Shy From OU-NU Ratine Monster Back Wonder Monds We didn't make any real adiustments at halftime.

We lust decided that Miami didn't belong on the same field with us and we were going to do something about it. We want to go all the way this year. But we weren't playing that way the first half. pretty nervous time for me." Osborne said he was distrubed about two things during the game. "Our kickoff coverage wasn't very good," he said, "but both times they had long returns it was after their receiver bobbled the ball.

That changes the tempo of things and our coverage coming down field doesn't keep an even line." The other was the number of delay of game penalties. "We've got to work on that. Sometimes I may have been taking too long to decide. And the guy taking in the new play has got to run out there, not just dog trot." The next immediate worry is Kansas. The Jayhawks were regarded an also-ran in the Big Eight by pre-season pollsters, yet Saturday bombed Wisconsin, 41-7, in Madison.

"Everybody looks tough from here on in," Osborne said. "And Kansas looks like they've really got it going with this (Nolan) Cromwell at quarterback. The wishbone can give you problems and this will be the first time we've faced it this year. They are also doing some different things from the formation. We'll have to be ready." Rules Meeting For NABC Chicago The National Association of Basketball Coaches will meet Monday at the Holiday O'Hare Inn to discuss new rules and NCAA rules.

Bill Foster, coach at Duke University and president of NABC, said the travel limit of 10, recruiting visit limits and the total scholarship limit of 15 will be discussed. Nebraska head coach Joe Cipriano said all the Big Eight coaches will be present. "Obviously we're not happy about the majority of the rules changes or everybody wouldn't be planning to attend the meeting," Cipriano said. NU Awarded As Top Team Norris Anderson, former sports editor of the Lincoln Star, and now a weekly columnist for Football News, returned to the Capital City Saturday to make a presentation to Nebraska athletic director Bob Devaney at halftime of the NU-Miami football game. Football News conducted a year-long poll to name the best college football team of alltime.

Anderson presented a trophy signifying Devaney's 1971 Cornhusker national champions as the winner of the poll. Anderson said the Husker team nearly doubled the vote total of runnerups Notre Dame (1947), Army (1945) and Michigan (1947). Defensive Tackle Mike Fultz We decided at halftime that we better change our attitude and yet back in the game. But give Miami credit, they were a good team, definitely no slouches. By Randy York Head coach Carl Selmer and defensive coordinator Jim Walden, who turned in Nebraska red for Miami orange three years ago, were in different parts of the lockerroom after Saturday's 31-16 loss to the Cornhuskers.

Rut the Hurricane coaches were on the same wave length. Both refused to compare Nebraska with Oklahoma and both declined to compare Vince Ferragamo with Terry Luck. Scoring U-MU How I-back Monte Anthony We've worked hard since last spring. Suddenly, at halftime, all that hard work seemed to be going down the drain. So we decided to do something about it.

We discussed the fact that people have been saying we haven't beaten anybody this year. Miami was somebody. We also discussed national rankings, national championships and Big Eight titles. We want all those things this year. Scored Individual Statistics Nebraska Offense Rushing No.

Yds. Ave. Luck 5 -8 O'Leary 21 106 S.O Davis 13 50 3.8 Anthony 15 44 2.9 Heiser 3 6 2.0 Craig 1 6 6.0 Ferragamo 3 2 0.7 Higgs 10 0.0 Gillespie 2 2 1.0 Garcia 1 3 3.0 Punting No. Yds. Ave.

306 43.7 Passing No. Com. Yds. PI Luck 10 6 61 0 Ferragamo 9 8 127 0 Pass Receiving No. Yds.

Mushinskie 3 34 Thomas 2 Malito 2 Davis 3 Craig 4 59 20 43 32 Yds. 12 Punt Returns No. Thomas 3 Kickoff Returns No. Craig 3 Anthony 1 Defense Linemen Yds. 63 26 UT AT 1 0 0 1 0 1 2 2 1 4 1 9 1 2 0 1 0 1 Phillips Samuel Lee Pullen Fultz Redding 2 2 1 1 4 1 6 8 2 7 2 12 3 3 1 1 1 2 Linebackers Pillen 3 Eichelberger 1 Wightman 3 Hansen 2 Backs Monds Butterfield C.

Jones Stacey Burrow Center Rik Bonness trouble Terry Luck and I had in the first half when we bobbled the ball a couple of times was my fault. wasn't concentrating on what I was doing and was rocking a bit. It felt great to be playing again, but things were obviously very frustrating in the first half. We really got fired up at halftime and decided there was no way we were going to lose. Split end Bobby Thomas My touchdown pass was a horn pattern.

I thought the cornerback would pick me up, but he started to float, so I knew I had to beat the safety man. At first I was ust trying to concentrate on catching the ball, but then I saw the safety man's hand go for trie ball and I knew I could beat him. First Quarter Dennis 49 field goal 7:44 Drive: 30 yards in 9 plays, highlighted by August 15 pass from Baker. Dennis 24 field goal 3:38 Drive: 6 yards in 4 plays. Blackshirts held after Miami recovered fumble on Nebraska 6.

Second Quarter O'Leary 3 run 10:20 Drive: 25 yards in 5 plays, set up by fumble recovery by Wightman. Conversion: Coyle kick. Dennis 18 field goal 08 Drive: 46 yards in 9 plays, set up by 49 kickoff return by Morgan. Blackshirts held Miami on 2 yard line. Third Quarter O'Leary 8 run 10:48 Drive: 71 yards in 10 plays, set up by 22 return by Craig and highlighted by 20 pass from Ferragamo to Davis.

Conversion: Coyle kick. Coyle 24 field goal 2:44 Drive: 75 yards in 14 plays, highlighted by passes from Ferragamo to Craig and Mushinskie for 38 yards. Fourth Quarter O'Leary 6 run 8:55 Drive: 80 yards in 18 plays, highlighted by a 15 yard run by Davis for a career total of 2,006 yards. Conversion: Coyle kick. Thomas 40 pass from Ferragamo 5:46 Drive: 44 yards in 3 plays, set up by 23 punt to Miami 44.

Conversion: Coyle kick. 0-3 0-6 7-6 7-9 14-9 17-9 24-9 31-9 31-16 Martin 1 run Defensive Coordinator Monte Kiffin I was really proud of the Black Shirts for that goal line stand. But the offense won the game the way they con-troled the ball in the second half. That gave our defense a lot of rest. Miami has to he the best 0-3 toam in the country.

Anybody who can come in here with a young team before 76,000 fans and lead us at halftime has to be darn good. Maybe they huddled before the press got to them. If they did, there was no crossing of signals. "There's no sense in even trying to compare them," Selmer said of the two teams. "You just wait and see.

They play each other." Walden said: "You can't compare. I just long for the days when we get TCU and Indiana on the schedule and Oklahoma and Nebraska off. It's nice to Story Time Left 2:16 Views- Karv Rubor and Oklahoma. ana uKianoma, i reany Drive: 80 yards in 16 plays against Nebraska defensive reserves. Highlighted by 56 yards passing by Mason.

Conversion: Dennis kick. Mimai 6 3 0 7-16 Nebraska 0 7 10 14-31 Visitors9 win, I don't care who you play." Thomas Praised Selmer and Walden also shared the same thoughts on the Luck Ferragamo quarterback situation. The bulk of their credit went to split end Bobby Thomas. "1 like Terry Luck very much. He's a great kid and has done a lot for Nebraska," Selmer offered.

"Feragamo just got us on a down. Either one of those two could have hit us in the second half. It was more a case of three great catches than great passes." According to Walden, "We took them off the hook on the third play of the second half. It was third and 15 and we were in a blitz. They called the only play in their whole offense that could have hurt us in that situation (a 20-yard dump pass to Tony Davis).

"You've got to give Ferragamo credit for that because it destroyed us," Walden said. "But the real credit goes to No. 8 (Thomas). He made two great circus catches on third down passes that ordinarily wouldn't have been caught. He can jump a mile." Selmer said Nebraska's pass rush was "awesome.

We just didn't give our quarterback enough time. Fultz and Lee certainly hurt us. Wicd and Martin did, too, and you have to give Nebraska's secondary credit. "Kary (Baker) didn't get away on the scramble like he did against Oklahoma," added Selmer. "It looked like he was in the process of breaking" out and might go, then someone would make the tackle.

Seemed to Revert "We seemed to revert in the second half to the way we played against Georgia Tech," Selmer said. "I think our failure to score touchdowns in the first half was probably the turning point. "They just sat in there and pounded it out the second half against us." Selmer thought Miami's 20-17 loss to Oklahoma last week "at least alerted Nebraska to what we can do. It had to have helped them today." Things don't get any easier for Miami next week. The Hurricane plays Colorado, a 21-20 loser to Oklahoma Saturday, next week in the Orange Bowl.

Although Miami coaches refused to make the Nebraska-Oklahoma defensive end Steadman Scavella obliged. "There's no comparison," he said. "We're better than Nebraska. We just laid down in the second half, right Frank?" he said to tackle Frank Makarevich. "Right Makarevich answered.

"You gotta consider we're a young team, right Frank?" Scavella asked; "Right Steadman," Frank answered. "We're going to beat Colorado, you can count on that. Just because we're 0-3, that don't mean nothing. We don't lie down for nobody, right Frank?" Scavella asked. "Right Steadman," Frank answered.

Wm, Jewell Rips Concordia Seward William Jewell blanked the Concordia Soccer team, 4-0, Saturday afternoon, dropping the Bulldogs to 1-6-1 on the year. Miami Offense Rushing No. Yds. Baker 12 0 0.0 Anderson 4 17 4.3 Cain 2 12 6.0 Morgan 10 42 4.2 Martin 4 12 3.0 Pinkston 4 8 2.0 Mason 1 -1 Punting No. Yds.

Ave. 6 '265 44.2 Passing No. Com. Yds. PI Baker 11 55 0 Mason 14 5 56 0 O'Leary, whose best previous afternoon came against Kansas State two years ago when he rushed for 100 yards, made one other key run in addition to his touchdown scampers of 3, 8 and 6 yards.

It was a 24-yard run through left tackle to the Miami 10 during the march that resulted in Coyle's field goal. On his second TD, he went through right guard, cut to his left and broke attempted tackles by Joe Bettencourt and John McGriff on his way to the end zone. Defense Tested The Husker defense was put to three tests in the first half and each time forced Miami to settle for field goals. Since comparisons are inevitable, but meaningless, of Miami's play against Oklahoma and Nebraska, here they Nebraska gained 48 more rushing yards and 175 more passing yards than the Sooner did at Miami. The Hurricanes gained 58 fewer rushing yards and 30 fewer passing yards against Nebraska then they did against Oklahoma.

The question of which is better Oklahoma or Nebraska will be answered Nov. 22 at Norman. One thing is certain: Miami is a pretty good football team even though its record now is 0-3. Prospects are it will drop to 04 next Saturday when Colorado visits Miami. The Huskers came out of the game with just three minor injuries.

Davis has a hip pointer, O'Leary a bruised elbow and linebacker Clete Pillen has a sore shoulder. Head coach Carl Selmer On his team's inability to score after recovering a fumble on Nebraska's 6-yard line in the first quarter: "They hit us with Wonder Monds twice 6n a monster blitz and kept us out of the end zone." On Nebraska's successful delay pass to fullback Tony Davis: "They beat us three times with it. We knew they had it, but our linebackers had to drop out and help on the hooks. It left us vulnerable and they were able to dump it right in there on us." On returning to Nebraska: "As a football coach, I wanted to win a little more for this one. Everybody was very nice.

I've got to give Nebraska's crowd a pat on the back. Their cheering is very timely and very loud. It's very hard for a team to dome in here and try to audible." On his post-game comment to Tom Osborne: "I just told him I'd see him next year. We have to come back to Lincoln again. Our two-year contracts with Oklahoma and Colorado are on a home-and-home basis but Nebraska doesn't come to Miami.

I guess that's the breaks." Defensive End Steadman Scavella On his first half inury when Nebraska scored its first touchdown: "I just got my light busted out there. It happened on one of those reverses and just collided Onartsrhark lit "io compare NeDrasKa -1 "Tii rnmnard Nphraka cotJldn't say If one was better than the Nebraska was definitely fired up and they had that crowd behind 4. Li M-Bttoncourt S- JT iu, i iT" I I J. t. vTU i tsrs IM IIIWII I I Ullll I Pass Receiving No.

August 3 Claud 3 Pinkston 1 Morgan 1 Jackson 2 Punt Returns Yds. 35 40 10 6 20 No. Yds. Turner. Kickoff Returns No.

Yds. 49 37 Morgan 1 2 Defense UT AT TT Linemen McGriff 2 Loram 0 Edwards 3 Walker 0 D. Latimer 2 Duggan 0 Dunn 2 Breckner 0 Scavella 4 Hill 0 Linebackers Cosden 5 Halas 3 Walllck 7 Monroe 2 3 1 6 2 3 1 2 1 3 2 3 5 10 3 0 1 2 3 2 2 1 2 5 17 Backs E. W. Jenkins Palmer Bettencourt Ferguson Turner Mitchell Big.

8 Standings All Games Conf. 4 0 10 Oklahoma Nebraska Oklahoma State Kansas State Kansas Missouri Iowa State Colorado tiem. They did buckle down when it came time to score." On the Nebraska pass rush and defensive effort: had a pretty good pass rush and It affected what we wanted to do quite a bit. They were obviously well 'prepared. They pursued well on the angle shooting through the seams.

i On the Colorado-Oklahoma score and next week's game with the Buffs: "It's no different we've got tough ones every week." Offensive Guard Bert Camut "That's alright (playing Colorado next week). We ithrlve on playing the top teams we can." On Nebraska's defensive success: "We'd call a play they would lust blitz right Into it. They're a good 4eam, they didn't ever let down. We'd get down to the "goalline and screw up. -1 Center George Demopoulos "That Lee (middle guard John Lee) is" going to be 'something.

Right now he's not as quick as Selmon (Oklahoma's Dewey), but he's strong and he slants well. The whole defense is pretty strong. "Dewey uses his hands a lot more than Lee, because Lee slants so much. But on obvious passing situations, he'd iust try and overpower you." Kicker Chris Dennis "How long was that first field goal? Forty-nine yards. Gees, I didn't think it was that long.

I thought maybe it was 43 because it cleared by so far." On the use of holder for kickoff "I can't use the two-pronged conventional tee because I keep kicking the tee. In high school I kicked It so hard I broke two of them." 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00 0 1 4 0 4 0 3 1 3 1 3 1 3 1 3 1 This WMk's Results Oklahoma 21, Colorado 20 Nebraska 31, Miami, Ha. 16 Oklahoma' State 17, Texas Tech 16 Texas 10, Kansas State 0 Kansas 41, Wisconsin 7 Michigan 31, Missouri 7 Iowa State 31, Utah 3 Saturday night Next Week's Foes Iowa State at Kansas State Oklahoma State at Missouri Colorado at Miami, Fla. Kansas at Nebraska Oklahoma vs. Texas at Dallas STAFF PHOTO BY HARALD DREIMANIS Miami defender Joe Bettencourt (18) is too late to stop the play as Curtis Craig (33) leaps high to make a one-handed catch of a Vince Ferragamo pass.

Sophomore Craig grabbed four Husker aerials Saturday for 32 yards..

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