The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 25, 1937 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 25, 1937
Page 7
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THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 25, 1M7 V&'S "*»! judiciary Problem Is Com. plicated, Declares Charles A. Beard By cirAUI-ES A. IlEAHD l-.inliKMii Historian ami L'ducator Can anything new be jald alx>ut Hie supreme court and the Con- Mituiion? perhaps the answer is "No." Hut'one thing ought to be raid, even though it is O M. u is <«at .(lie whole business Is as com,l> icalctl as Einstein's theory of rel- mlyify—even nwre complicated be cause it includes both plivsics an humanity. The business of the stiprem court and. the Constitution Ls a complicated as the movement ideas and Interests In the Vn, K States, which -Is American civilina tlon in development. The Consli lution in operation involves boti "leas an ( | interests. The s ,]prem court In making decisions express 'frets: •'"' re " ccls "'fcrcsus, and af shite the foundation of the federa tnveraiiient. Ii i s stni true, ihi very moment. ( It follows then that no slmpl. device, however contrived, for deal I'lg with the composition and powers of the court can be guarantee! \o ,work out as expected; No simpli novice will forever guarantee in it self the -sure-tire adjustment of 1m- uian liberr/, which we all desire to the need for enlightened ant progressive icgislation in (he orderly development of American so- For example, conslcdr President Hooscvelfs proposal to enlarge the supreme court by the appointment of new judges up to the numbei f,L ' • Bvei ' >Illlin S depends for the piessmt upon the kind of new juri-- cs the president nominates i\i> Counting: on Decisions Presumably, like all other presf: (louts, Roosevelt will choose mcii U!KX,O views arc fairly well known to mm, and they will, as a rule vole to support New lAa" i"w s --.. ™ ~VI HK .M t, i^w i/jflt law's challenged before the court. Some of them may a , ld some of (hem "lay not. Judges have a way of defying their creators. Tijey have lure ' Pab "' ThC> ' " V!ly '" ' (he fu - Supposc, however, that inc im™<i,ate affect of appointing £„ judges will be the validation of fej,^ 1 -, 1 "' 8 - wh « ^ the more dibtaiH .future? it is safe ,ta'ns: ...sume thaLNeV Dial legislation- will »o round O .,t and perfect Amerin^* S<>C , ?'• " 1Kl Umt ' thi?re «•'» te nowa- dsols m m, or 18« or 1949 These newer deals may' be pvpii more disturb^. , o the'su vfvort of the present'New Deal than" this New; Deal has been to .'Hie' s ,,! of Mark .Hanna's die'of ™; hshlenment. W ina then? p le . '. (lent Roosevelt's- sjipple youno in'en ^vm then feel their, arteries harden '.'8. and apply their present predictions to the ne.w er deals ' The -chances are .tlmt they . l.nock the .newer deals into a co «U'«t: At least judging 'by hUtb 'Vading the future .in the li-Tit of experience, the probabilities are that this is exac t| y w]l;U they wi]| l.fgai Sopiiistry Vetniliicd Hence there is no posi.lvte «uar- nutee m the president's clever aim amusing : device, however praiseworthy it.may be with respect to immediate emergencies. This is' not that his-device is without irifrlK H certainly. Is n e^nlnl (inrt ironical answer to Hie platitudes ruses, subterfuges; and artful dodges to whic hlawyers and judges resort In reading tlieir ideas Into the Constitution and carrying (heir wills Into effect. Moreover, besides Muling : our professional tcarers ',of hair into (earing their hair again, (he president's message lets a gust of fresh air Into dusty and stale atmosphere oof legal sophistry. For instance, it ventilates the most prcposteroiir of all legal sophistries, namely, that the judges of the supreme court never express any opinions or predilections of I Ilit-lr own, but merely, simply, and truly say just exactly what the Constitution Is. It is the almost universal prevalence of this sophistry that largely accounts for the state of befudtllemcnt in which u-e notv find ourselves. Unrfai-onaLle Doubt, al 5 (o 4 With wearisome reiteration jud"- es of the supreme courl "declare that they merely pronounce the law of Hie Constitution and hold 'acts of Congress invalid only when (liesc acts conflict with the Constitution beyond all reasonable doubt,. This judicial platitude Is so old and threadbare that when an auditor in the court room hears it uttered he rimy be'sure that a majority of (he judges are about to invalidate an act which they do not like. They even resort to the platitude when four of the nine judges dissent from .the proposition declared to i bs "beyond all resaonable douM" If our lawyers and judges »;ou M. rid themselves of this L- plnstical cloak, a large part of our troubles would disappear! There are clauses of the Constitution that admit of no reasonable doubt as ",' /" c ""L"f- p -°'- «a'»Ple, each state sha,i-hiive two senators That means two, not one, or three. But the clauses of the Constitution un- uer which great acts of Conoress have usually been invalidated are vague, and admit or man v interpretations according to the ideas and interests.of the persons who make them.. . Thinks Congress Nceils Cherk Iflawyers.and judges would adopt simple rule in keeping with the of. the.situation 'they would say: "Congrea^JUeli is full ,>r about A Half.Acre Homestead E^^-^^Lk^L... • ji":.•:-.• '.;v'/j VJ.OETA&LE5 ^ friTiTiTi I^L'LAWARE has petitioned the . U. S./Postoflice Department lo issue a stamp in its honor, as the first state to ratify the Constitution. '"••' .. ' - * » « . • • •' • T With the arrival of the new 20 nnd 50-cent trans-Pacific stamps, the 25-cent value will be dropped. So Bet your 25s now from the philatelic agency at Washington, .nr you'll have to pay a premium ' • • ' . A new special delivery "stamp is _ bcine designed for the Philippines, and a permanent airmail issue is planned. The present special delivery is a product of 1906. The tentative design for the airmails features a "(lying timarau," or carabao, Philippine x beast i of fcUrdcn. x i v » » . "**^t>.w» . -France 'may issue a ''special .siamp in hpnor of Jean Mcrmoz. French • pilot lost on his night across the South Atlantic. 1 ' * * . * Sale of. the King Constantino mernorial stamps ot Greece has been discontinued. There are two values. • * « A portrait ot ' Mrs. Charlotte Gai-rigue Mosaryk, laic American wife ot Czechoslovakia's first president, will appear on one type ot this year's "children's stamps" Issued -by that country. Another ,VP*. Will bear the portrait of Bo•«*n* Mencova, famous Czech novelist, r. ~ -I Constitiit !'y act in t does in fa 'ar and exi Constitution. On the w) i'ion taken „ Oliver Weude'lJ "hief Justice;; lave said th i°\y any coi Why not a ices, and de lower lo pas tonality of a. roiio'sal. In ni lucli relinnce . ration, and kii is history i. s : °u|rrcss Not Only two.yea ody. passed "t isults the lea f Columbia. of educatioi oundly tlistur red schools o rider was janni congressional ii uiimbcr of me vei-e apparent! 'hiftk-s that hui 'alue will wan 'ic Jiolds dear uere majority . •So the busihess-wstlie supreme 'ourt and the Constitution as 1 'aid in the beginning. Is not sim- -ile. H is highly complicated De- 'ices. such as enlarging t!ie court >r amending the Constitution have merits and are useful. But the discussion of the fundamentals of government the spread of know-ledge, the c.\nlo- iion of legal sophistries, the de wtojmicnt of compulsory self- re itraint on the part of judges and > recurrence to first principles by he people, may be even more use- ul m the orderly .i,, d progressive Icvclopmcnt of American iastitu- Jons. - . . • .. ,cio, nnd ; valid unless jntrary to a Jdate of the ,as the po- lat« Justice tout then •reported to dill not law. and bcil- r t of the constitu- jress? That too. siiom/'mad- Con§ress t fljivs. lert ithat august "ler" which iie District ry. princi- .•and'nror [ellradminis- jstrict. This gh by the len a large ,osed to it Nobody who }y;is of any £ everything ?ercy of a By Jr. o. w.\i:ci[ Tlie plan for . this half-acre, self-iiinintenancc homestead shows a small, compact plot 105 feet wide by 218 feei deep.-tlie Kind a place where a family can be away from the congestion of the :ity, and.can yet tic near enough to tpiyii to. commute'to worker =°, -»!«.' t,Q see . the ':• movies. , In the picture the ngurc "r"ui'-' mcales the place of the house; "2'' is the garage; "3" the poultry houses; "4'- cave for root storage; "5" .a pergola: "0" hot bed and coal-frames; "7" oil storage; -a the orchard and range for coops and lice hives. A plot .of this size.allows space for grow-.' '- small fruits and berries, some odvnntages of the' small horn stead, where a man may be re sonabty sure of <prqcluciiie'.i t common necessities,' 6f.. life'-' ; f himself and his family and''ca The design for . this -lialt-..^ homestead is practical and ctfifrh in*, -nie plans have been iflai ">'. •»;noted archlteclrwlw Is 'hlri self, a breeder of Rhode 'isiaii Reds.which have .won many li'r: cs at large poultry shows of 11 country. Norman T. Mason, bor and raised .in the country, dcs'igi his homesteads 16 "lie; practi-aj well asi beautiful. ' : PORTtAND, Ore.C (UPl-irvl. "Dad" Clark;., Bl,,:'who drives 1 ;.' , - ., .- rvn potalots and corn, squash cu-1 " Da , cl " C!tll ' k .'.v!)),, 'who drives'-' cumbers, and. other vegetables. 4ca !" f? f liorses almost cverywliei ind for a number of dwarf or hc wants /to'/ go, '-mid who lia reeular si-^e fruit trees. 'Hie house, willcli -will be shown in a later 'ssue, is • ample for the convenience of a small family. Costs for such homesteads ad-, J'acent to cities arc low when yon consider either- the original cosli of the land compared with cityi lot prices, or the taxes and up-1 '":ep. which are much lower than i i the cities.. Iifodern .systems of financing make it possible to buy such homesteads, paying a- monthly, imount equivalent to average rent! and including principal, interest • nstirancc and taxes. Jn this'way wnership is acquired over a pc-i riod of years and meanwhile the ; eeiing of security becomes a parli Jf every da.v life and 'happiness, i Men and women of tile United i States who arc home-minded to-: tlay arc thinking seriously of the L made trips of hundreds of mile that way, -lias.Ills own formula I (lodge.'careless,.drivers. On S'llm days and Sundays. Clark pilche camp; ai ong . the road an(| ^ till the. fast-week-end traffic Now Open for Business Our New Service Station 24 Hour Service . Tires Repaired - • .- Gas Delivered Wrecker Service Tom Little Chevrolet Co [Movies Win Support I Of LorijCliief Justice <UP)—"Criminals n ro iot, nnd never will u a , ,,,ado by ho cliifinn," (lie !/>«( Chief. Justice. Ixird newiirt, declared In mi address at ihe nnmtnl dinner of !>'.' llrllish Klnemnin«rr>,,i. so . me s,i«sti. 5l io,, tl, nt Hie iwrlniyal of crime on the «'n*i. le..,ls young peo,,,, ; , st ,™ It »'«s rkllculous. he s 'h« sloi-l* which w '" Vm "Ofiieratlons of mm 1,, n, dr youtl, h«vc ,-eml .storl,, s of u "en «"' «lh«,i becoming wnrterm 111(1 Wi'^majta-s." he decnlres. I'VloilS 1-V-J till <i C'l'IIH •! 11 iv VICT01UA, Auur,! 1 ;' ui',- 0 ;v o tap 1H on tes ,„„„ "c cents I Pent!, ^ ^'! . dpl "0"Slr«t«i nl cntb Wge p,.j fon ,, r .D esil | '»» cl»,p diet, ihore were uo e K of Drs. Wert & Wcrf OPTOMETniSTS Owr joe Isancs' store "•WE MARK ','FM SEE I'iione 540 1 PAGE SBVP K snrvryr-.l hj Wnshlngtou'still sinntl. A BITTER PIU TO SWAllOW 'Til I DISCOVERED F WINTER BEER. 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