The Central New Jersey Home News from New Brunswick, New Jersey on June 30, 1903 · 3
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The Central New Jersey Home News from New Brunswick, New Jersey · 3

New Brunswick, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 30, 1903
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TUESDAY, JUNE 30, 1903. SEW BRUNSWICK HOME NEWS. .TUESDAY, JUNE 30, 1003. JOHNSON'S Store News. We Close Evenings at 6.30. 3202 Telephone Call. Great Bargain New Mackerel Our now mnrkcrcl are much finer this year than Juno caught ljah iwuully ure. 'J'lii-y are. lig ami .meaty; good color and iine catiiij;; weij;h from a pound and a quarter to a pound and three-quarters each. A dime saving bargain. 10 CENTS A POUND. 1 . t r Good Brooms For Little Money We carry a large and well selected as Rorlment of brooms, all correctly priced 'e have , two well-made, four-sewed brooms, one mile smaller and finer corn than the other; cither, one would cost you 28 cents, buy it where you like. Takc.youjr choice at tue SPECIAL PK1CE. 22 CENTS. York State Cheese These cheeses were made since the cows were in the grass, and they have the body, character and flavor of the best grass cheese. We like good cheese ourselves. ".. . " 10 CENTS A POUND. Our Freshly Cut, Close Grained Full Flavored Smoked Beef We are particular with our smoked beef. We bny only the best pieces from those that cure it best. . We trim it up carefully, removing all the outside dis colored tibro and then we slice it up in thin pink tinted water slices, thin as pa per, smooth as glass. The Johnson patient beef cutter slices moist, soft freshly smoked beef better than 'twas ever done before. An onament to the tea table splendid for a quick lunch; tempting sandwiches lox the ainuer basket, try this dainty appetizer. 8 CENTS A QUARTER POUND. Fresh Milled Oatmeal We buy the best largo, fresh flavored Hakes, tree trom specks, the oatmeal market has advanced on account of short crop prospects. We give you the advan tage of our large purchase, made before the advance, and sell same old price. J 4 CENTS A POUND. Buffalo Tomatoes A bargain1 that is a bargain. Every body likes them. Iiuy while ' we have them. ," 9 CENTS A CAN. " 1 3 CANS I'Olt A QUARTER. Matches! Matches I A small item,-but much depends on this item being well chosen. The market is full of poorly made, positively danger ous niiitehci, f, Dou't waste your,. patience .and risk burning your house with the poor .sort. v e pave the best, , , . 12 CENTS A DOZEN. Franklin Hills Entire ' Wheal Flour Highly prized by people -who -eat to live. Health! ill aim nutritious. . . . 12 POUND BAGS .40 CENTS, i. 25 POUND BAGS 80 CENTS. Canned Peas Excellent, quality; Johnson price. ' 0 CENTS A CAN. 3 FOR A QUARTER. j Jersey Eggs This is the time of year when really fresh eggs are hard to' mid. iou can at ways depend on the quality of our new laid eggs irom nearby farms. 24 CENTS A DOZEN. Our IS Cent Coffee This well-known dime saving bargain pleases particular people; full strength; line flavor; clear, rich, seal brown color; heavy bodied stimulant; free from fault We invite honest comparison- with any entree you can- buy elsewhere - for 30 cents. . - SAVE YOUR DIMES. ; Fancy New Crop Tea j Spring picking, rich, full draw, delicate flavored tea. Something extra line. Keep a little on hand for extra occasions. If yon could get this high grade tea where credit prevails or trading stamps or presents are given, it would cost 25 cents more than our price. Here's the" JOHNSON QUALITY. THE JOHNSON PRICE. 60 CENTS A POUND. . : Evaporated Apricots are selling as freely now as ever. .. A splendid cooking Jloorpark apricot. 10 CENTS A POUND. Splendid Prunes Black, glossy, thick moated new fruit; swell big; cook soft and very good eat- , - 8 CENTS A POUND. . Evaporated Apples White ring cut, tart York State ap-olcs, make splendid sauce. 8 CENTS A POUND. Long Thread Cocoanut We are headquarters for the best and freshest white shredded cocoanut. We handle it in bulk.. You-can see it and taste it before you buy. There is no better cocoanut to be had, no matter how large a price you pay. Only one-, third the price of package goods. 12 CENTS A POUND. JOHNSON'S Yellow Front 157 Neilson St. FOOT OF BAYARD ST. htt it SUBURBAN NEWS SOUTH AMBOY. ' . - pThe Home News it for snle every evening at Mnstcrson's KesUurant, Hunt's j and 10 Cent Store ami B. KoUdy'sand also delivered free by carrien.J . J SOUTH AM BOY, June 30. Miss Mary ltloodgood, of Perth Aniboy, was a visitor to thg home of her parents on Cieorge street Sunday. . . John Berlew, of Tottenville, is visiting friends here. George Render, of Keyport, was ,tho guest of his mother, Mrs. Philip Ren-deiy-ou Pine, avenue, yesterday. The Crescents went to Parlin. The game was a tie at end of ninth inning and game was called off. The score stood 7 to 7. John Wesley Memorial Day was well observed in the M. E. Church on Sunday with appropriate exercises. Miss Leola Worthing .of New York; was the guest of Miss Zinnia' Dayton on Bordentown avenue Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Dennis . .Coogan, of Hranehport, are visiting Sir. and Mrs. James Carey on Church' street. Police Sergeant and .Mrs. John Fallon, of Brooklyn, were the. guests of Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Fallon on Augusta street Sunday.- ; Mr. and Mrs. John Gannon, of .Brook : lyn, were the guests of Mrs. James Council, on Augusta street, .Sunday. The grocers and butchers of the borough, are going to play their, game at Sayreville next Sunday and : the following old and young ball tossers will appear jn baseball tog. Butchers, Richard. McCMoud,. Fred Batzel, Ashly pav-lousky, Henry Stumpf, Chris Straub, Harry Boiec, Frank Dell and James Marshal. Grocers, Henry llocheiser, Aug. Behn, Howard O. Lcary, John Woods, Jwim Disbrow, Harry Brown, J. E. Montgomery, John Patterson and James Dutch. The positions of all the men are not known, but the batteries are, Butchers, Ahly Pavlovsky and Henry Stumpf. Grocers, John Disbrow, James' Dutch. South' Ainboy Lodge, S. of R., will hold 'special meeting to-night for the election (of( officers and to act on the application of four new members. Thomas Shannon, secretary of the order, has handed jn his resignation, much to the regret gf jjis many comrades. Borough Council meets to-night. . Miss Margaret Glassey, of Jersey City, and Walter Wilson, of this borough, were quietly married on AVednes-day last at Jersey City. Both are well known here. The funenrt of Mrs. Joseph Wooteri, who died in Camden, was held at 10.30 yesterday. Interment was made In Christ Oiurch Cemetery. A special meeting of the Sons of Veterans will be held invVelsh's HaU to-night. ' Thelnomination and election of offi cers of the I. O. O. p., will take place to-night in Odd Fellows' Hall, Potatoes are $2. per (b,ushel, coal is $5.20 a Ion, and the average check en the coal wharves this month will be about $36,-'and work is becoming more slack every day. ' 1 Arrived at the home. of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Springer, a young daughter. Charlie is all smiles. ., ' ,' The' 5.45 car a't Roberts', switch ran off the track last night and caused a big delay. The 6 o'clock and 6.30 cars arrived at the same time. A car ran oft at the same switch Ut 7.15- and the 8 o'clock and 8.30 cars came in town together. ' The case of Ryan vs. McCarthy was thrown out of the local Justice's court as a family quarrel. Thomas Doheny and Miss Lizzie Quirk" have been quietly married. Both are of this borough. Donald Porster has his eve bandaged up as a result of a visit to Freehold on Saturday, where he attended a ball game. One of the players hit a foul hall, which in turn hit Portser in the eve, "cutting it open, so that two stitches had to be put below his eye. He. has decided that it was not a fair ball. ' - George Cheeseman, Edward Liming and 'Harry Scib went to freehold bat- unlay. They returned to:day. Dominie Leonard has a sign display cd over his bootblack sign on Broad way which has raised no little com nient. ft reads: l'ulish. Rain or Shine, 10 cents." It seems very orig inal.'. Two excursions were at Sea Breeze on Saturday. The steamer Valley Girl had' St. Patrick's Alliance, of Jersey City, and the barge Strauss had the Christian Endeavor Society, of New York tit v. ' ' August Blum,' of Hoboken, has been visiting relatives and friends In this borough. DEATH OF MRS. FINGER. Mrs. Catharine M. .Finger .widow of he late Peter Finger, formerly of this i1vT"died" 'yesterday at her home on Pearl, street, -Plainlield. Heart trouble caused her death. She was born 4.i ears ago in New Market. Two chil dren survive her. The funeral will take lace at 2 p. in. to-morrow ,from the late -residence,.: The interment will be at New Market. . . BELL FOR HIGHLAND PARK. A belf Is on' the way from Ohio for the Highland Park fire company. It weighs BOO pounds and was made by the Buckeye Bell Company, of Cincin nati." The firemen are unndecided yet whether to mount the bell on the building or to build a separate tower. The bell will be a feature of the company's annual picnic this year. Teas. all kinds and all grades. in blended by an expert f twenty perience. If vou are not buying your store you are not getting the best your money can buy Stalker's Tea Store, 57-CHURCH f SOUTH RIVER. SOUTH RIVER, June 30. Mrs. M. I. Sinionson has returned home after- a pleasant visit among relatives in Brooklyn. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Applegato are moving their household goods from Washington street to their new home on Elizabeth street. ' ' Class meeting to-night at the M. ' Church. , i Miss Ray Smith, who has been the guest of Cashier and Mrs. Fountain, lias returned to her home in Mat a with. -'.-j Mrs. Martin Herrmann is at thf home of her mother, Mrs. James Con-nell, of South Aniboy, who continue quite ill. - , ,' John Brown, of Red Bank, is enjoyt ing part of his vacation at the home of his uncle, Elmer R. Brown, of Main stree., , Win. Wiere spent Sunday in Perth Aniboy among friends. There will be a big parade in town to-morrow evening . under t lie auspices of -.-Liberty Drum Corps. There will be three associations in line, two from South Amboy and one from New Brunswick. Rev. J. F. Cordova has joined his wife and family who are visiting relatives in Brooklyn. Nellie Kelly is home after a pleasant visit at Jamesburg. . 1 . Mrs, John Lott, who has been entertained by Mr. and Mrs. Phoneas Bowne, of Spotswood, for ' the ' past week, returned home yesterday. . A, painful accident occurred yesterday afternoon about 5.13 o'clock, while a number of children were playing on the street near Kirstein's butcher jthop. The boys were throwing stones and Harry Hayes accidentally threw one which .struck Miss Minnie Kaiser, eight j'ears old, daughter of Morris' Kaiser, Clothier of Main street, on the left check, just below the eye, indicting quite a wound, which was hastily dressed by Dr. Bissett. Mr,, and Mrs. Percy Vliet, of New Brunswick, were the Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius Vliet. . Mrs. Lizzie Stutter and Miss .Katie Bressclniair, who lmvc been visiting Mr. and Mrs. Charles Freehan, liave returned to their home in Plainfield, accompanied by Adam and Martha Freq-han. . . .. . . Laslilis', .Ai'L.will hold their social at the German Church to-night. : Arthur Clark, wlio became a benedict last Wednesday at Rochester, N. Y., has arrived at his home, near Tanner's Comer. , Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Farmer have returned home from a pleasant visit spent in New York. Their daughter, Ruth, who has been visiting relatives in Hudson, N. Y., returned with them, accompanied by her cousin, Miss Alice Jil'ard. . Mrs. Julia Davis,' of South Aniboy, visited her mother, Mrs. Daniel Selover.. yesterday. Wyrk. was begun this morning tearing out. the lower front of the Sehroe-der building, in process of building a new one that will be enclosed with plate glass windows,.; , Y'oung's , .barber sliop andUlleary Vitueat . market" cated in the building. Each one has a large , show w indow that will be fitted with a plate glass Cx(l, with a colored glass: border. Elmer Brown is doing the work. Misses Nellie and Ruth Farmer will spend the summer in the Calskill .Mountains. ' Daniel Smith, of Main street,, is recovering slowly from a recent attack of -heat trouble. Ho was visited recently by his eon James and wife, of New. Brunswick, A pretty portico Chaise of. neat design, is being built on the south side of the beautiful residence of N. ".-('lay ton. The work is being done by William Van Zant. : , , The Midway Athletic Club will cross, bats , w ith the Baptist Brotherhood, of; South Amboy, on the I-ourth of ( July. At. the semi-annual election of oilj- cers of Enterprise Lodge, Np. 28, qf-. P., held last evening, the following of-,, ficcrs were elected. Chancelor eomman- j der, William Morgan; vice chancelor, Rev. Wm. Kern; prelate, J. Selover;.; iastec a.t arms. Win. Roth; .inside guard,- Augustus Chcesenjan; master qf work, i red btonchouse. r . Mr.--Wm. Norman returned yester day to her home in South Plainfield, after visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Cole, for a few days. , ,f METUCHEN. METUCIIEN, June 30. Egbert Peck is enjoying a week's outing. Mr. and Mrs. Jerry W. Letson, of Stelton entertained a number of friends Thursday evening. Progressive whist was played and the prizes were won by Miss Bessie Decker, of Newark, and . E. .A. Rowland, of Metuchen. Music and refreshments completed the evening's entertainment Mrs. Frederick Keljer, of Jersey City Heights,' visited her aunt, Mrs. George Greasen,' at the Metuchen Inn, Friday. Dr. and Mrs. Dana and Dr. and Mrs. Hunt attended the banquet and recep tion "of physicians at the Coleman House Asbury Park, last week. George Harrington Is home from a business trip South. Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Spear have issued cards for a dance at "Uplands," Saturday evening, July 4. Mi's. Joseph Corl and daughter have been visiting Miss Florence Van Syckie. Dr. Fenton is planning for his sum mer's' vacation in July. ' The annual dance at the club house on July 3. will be in charge of Mrs. Ralph Corbin." Try Home News want adv. Selected and Fifty per - five years ex- our New Hygienic Coffee Roaster. . ....... We are the Tea at our you Coffee that PERTH AMBOY-RIOTERS PLACED 6N TRIAL. 3mB-lUi : - r Jury Will Decide "Whether Men Who Are Willing to Work Can '- Work, ; ' " "' . ' Tuesday, June 30.' The Perth Amboy foj'eiffners, who are charged with creating a 'riot1 at thnt place during the strike at the works of the Rarltan Copper Co., were placed on trial to-day by ' Prosecutor Voorhees. Theyv-were defended by Lawyers Strieker and Coijk. '. . It'MiW elalrriPd-'by the State that the meji had congregated about the. --works of Jtho company and had stoned the men who had tried to go to work.' In opening the-case to the Jury the'Prose-cutjoh declared: , "If in this free age and free land, men can't work when they are willing to work and when they have employ-mejif,' then we had better tear down our form of government and try some-thins else." Adolph B. Clark, the office manager of the company, was the first witness for the State. ' All jurymen not- In this case were discharged until June 14, when the trial of Circuit Court eases will be resumed. No more criminal cases will be tried until June 20. Yesterday afternoon William Naylor, of Spotswood, was placed on trial charged with sodomy. Lawyer H. B. Cook appeared for him and Assistant Prosectuor Tindell appeared for the State. ... KINGSTON. . KINGSTON, June 30. Another large deposit of clay that is fit to be used in the manufacture - rjf "terra cotta pro-duets, has been discovered at Ten-Mile-Run. The Rocky f Hill Terra Cotta Company has ordered for immediate delivery to their works 1,000 tons of the clay. A. Rule: secafdd the contract for the hauling of the, clay. . F, W. Bowne has , jreturned to Pat-erson., ' - ; , .-! ; , .V ! "' - Rev. Albert Reid .-"preached . at the Presbyterian ' Church Sunday morning and evening. Miss .Annie Kollar, of. Trenton, who was formerly .housekeeper for the late John L. Rosso, Jr., lias been much concerned about thei.s'hooting case, and inquired by wire ,asj to . the man's condition..." .. , ... - :'. ' i. . An, administrator's sale of land belonging to the. estate of the late James Conuver ill . be- held here on August 1. Mr. Wolff; is the administrator. : ; The aged wife, of Veteran M. Heck-man is confined .to her room by illness. ;-The Grant McDonald wedding came as a great surprise to the community, r Mrs. George Mount nnd ' Mrs. Don MacKenzio are entertaining guests from New York. Miss Sadie Plmiiley and 3Irs. Blaine Bastedo had visitors on Sunday. Despite the : latty' drought, Alonzo Tichenor is cutting1'' fine field of grass this week. . ' ' :' ' ',,''' Wr. Gulick entertained friends on Sunday. , - ' - . - Miss Jennie Hates entertained a New York friend Oh Monday. Miss Constance Shiydam is entertaining. -' - ' At the morning services in the Methodist Chnreh cm fimrlny Revt F. A. Dennis aiinounceikttrtieYdi'lltJff of Mr. Rosscj, having been wrongly informed. . lie corrected the stateiiijent. at i-tlie evening service. .. ., ! .- ;. : Dr. Donohuc's fee, for performing the operation on Mr. Rosso was- $100. , Upon his promise to properly support his wife, the Somerset Freeholders have released John .White from ,,tjie . couuty jail. . Ihe engagement;, if, announced of Mrs. Dower ami AViUiani Van, Note. , . Ladies here are atraul to go out,- at night because of the actions, of n no- gro. " : ' ,; DOCTORIS. ', 1 r '.i .;! , MILLTOWN. : MILLTOWN; June 30 Miss Beatrice Stilus, of South River, is visiting at the home of- Miss Mabel Snedeker. f,i ' Edward Lcserbat,-who has been cm-ployed at the tire factory, mixing compounds; left this, morning for France, hisi-native country, inhere 'he will join his? parents. . ' ' ' ' ' ' Eevv II. J. Conover went to Princeton yesterday to attend an outing of Meth odist ministers for the purpose of making plans for the erection of a new church there. : ' '' ' : An important meeting of Charles L. Walters Council, Jr. O. V: A. M., this evening. Ollicers will be elected for the ensuing term. ' The Favorites have arranged two games of baseball for the' Fourth of July. In the morning a game will be played with' the High School of New Brunswick, and in " the afternoon ' with the Landing Bridge A. C, both to be plaved at- Middlesex Driving Park. The Milltown A. C. will play ball with the Young Giants, of Sayreville at Middlesex Driving Park Sunday afternoon. ENGLISHTOWN. ENGLISHTOWN, .June 30. Miss May Clinton and A. C. Rhodes were married last week. . jp Coffee ejnt. increase In our Coffee business in three months. That's only Roasters of Coffee in the 1.4 roasted the 'sama day ypu buy Buy our f rest roasted, it will please you. MRS; PETER ST0TH0FF DEAD AT AGE OF 92. The. Oldest Woman of Franklin Park Passes Away. ; FRANKLIN PARK, June' SOMrs'. Peter Stothoff, the oldest resident of this community, passed away at 4.30 yesterday afternoon. She just passed her 92nd birthday and has spent the greater part of her life. here. Shfe retained her faculties until almost the last. . - ': ' ; She has been a member of the Franklin Park church for a long -time and was an honorary member of the Lftdies' Missionary Society. She, was interested in everything affecting God's oause. She led a grand Christian life and was beloved by all who knew her. - 'j. She leaves four children, Mrs.. Wyck-off, of Brooklyn; Howard Garrtson, of-Virginia;. J. H. Stothoff and Miss Sarah Stothoff, of this place. ; The funeral arrangements have not yet been completed. . L '..:-. f ( COMMISSIONER GINDEB ASKED TO RESIGN; Such a Rumor is Current in Trenton He is Known Here. It Is rumored af Trenton that Street Commissioner John Ginder, well known here, has been asked to resign by the street committee, of which E. Clifford Wilson Is chairman. Ginder has been here In connection with the-George street pavement. : - . When seen by a reporter Mr. Ginder stated that he had for a long time been considering withdrawing from public life and joining his son, Charles Ginder, in" the contracting bustness. Things have Jiot. been; moving smoothly in the street department since Mr. Wilson became chairman of the street committee. There has been an open rupture between Cinder and Wilson and at several recent meetings of the street committee Wilson, has taken the street commissioner to task for falling to perform what Wilson considered his duty in keeping streets in proper repair. Ginder's friends claim' that" Wilson is trying to force Ginder out of the offlue for the purpose of steppirig Into the berth himself, and claim that to accomplish this he has endeavored to solicit the support of Beveral Republican councilmen. PREPARING PLAINFIELD LINE. : Superintendent Walsh, of the Traction Company, said to-day that he would be able to announce ' in a short time the new trolley route from Plain-field to Metuchen. There are two available roads that could be, followed, and surveyors are busy on tllm to ascertain which will be the more economical Work on the new line will fol'ow up the completion of the survey. It is expected that the line will be continued from Metuchen to Perth Amboy, but the Metuchen-Plainfiehi line Will be built in any case. LAWN PARTY IN CHAPEL. . A lawn social for the benefit of the Highland Park Reformed Church was to have been held on the grounds of A. J. Conovea- last evening, but owing to wet' weather" the party adjourned to the church chapel, where all had an en- joyabte evening. About 100 were pres ent and about $25 was cleared. Music occupied most of the evening.' On the committee in charge were Charles Nafey, Mrs. McGregor and the Misses Vreeland. ' ' WRECK CLEARED UP. The wreckage caused by the breaking dowh of a freight- car at Millstone Junction, was all cleared up last night and to-day the tracks were in their usual shape again. The wreckage was all burned up last night, the cars teing damaged beyond repair. , . ! P0CKETB00K FOUND. One of the men employed In the street cleaning force picked ' up a pocketbook in the middle of Paterson street, near George, at 11.30 this 'morning. The owner can recover same by proper inquiry. -. ANNOUNCEMENT. On and after this date, .. pupils desiring to Btudy our former Pit-manic system of shorthand, Munson, can do so, as a teacher has been provided for that system. Miss Duncan will continue to teach Gregg's. " Now '; "' -' 1 is a good time to enter for Our" shimmer session. Pupils can commence on any school day. " -. ; . Terms: - - $20.00 per quarter of 3 months; or -$8.00 per month., -. J. W. WILSON,-: Principal, , New Brunswick Business College. Insurance A saving of five cents a day NEW BRUNSWICK BRANCH . . . city, therefore the only store it. ' i .. 1 ' 'v LB ST., The jcieylori & China Tea Co DAYTON. ! DAYTdN",-' Jime? 3U'. William Terhune spent Friday in New York. ' 'ISmnt Anderson, : of Washington, D. C, hiis ticyn .Visiting his sister, Mrs. William Osborn. Harry' Dearie has returned to his home at Orange. - Miss Florence Reynolds is visiting friends at Burlington. Mitchell Carroll has returned to his home at Philadelphia, Miss Hattie Osborn Is confined to her home with a sprained ankle. Mrs. James Shreve and son are visiting relatives at Elizabeth. L The century run passed through this town and went to Hightstown on their way back. About fifty of them took dinner at Mrs. A. Wines." Mr. Moorehouse, of Camden, spent Sunday in town. - ' Looking for a job I Then try Home News want adr. -Middlesex Orphans' Court. In the matter of the application of .,i.Ja,na A FJUsom .Administratrix of the ,- Estate of -Benjamin Ellison, deceased, to sell lands whereof he died seized to pay his debts. On petition, etc., Older Jlo show cause. Jane A. Ellison, Administratrix of the Estate of Benjamin Ellison, deceased, having discovered and believing that the personal cstitte of said Benjamin Ellison, doceasedj insufficient to pay his debts; and having exhibited to this Court under Oath a true account of the personal estate and debts of said Benjamin Ellison, deceased, as far as she can discover' the same, whereby it appears that the personal estate of said Benjamin Ellison is insufficient to pay his debts; and said Administratrix having applied' to "this, court by petition, which pctitiod sets forth the description of all land of "which the said Benjamin Ellison died seized, its character, condition and' value ns near as may be, and having requested the aid of this court in the premises: It is thereupon, on this first , day of June, in the year of onr Lord nineteen lnrodrod and three, ordered and required that all persons interested in the lands,, tenements, hereditaments and real estate: of the said Benjamin Ellison,' deceased, and whereof he died seized intestate, do appear before this Court, at the Court House, in the City of : New : Brunswick, in said County of Middlesex, on Tuesday, the eleventh day of August next, at the hour of ten o'clock in the forenoon of that day, to showr cause why the said lands, tenements, hereditaments and real estate of the said Benjamin Ellison, deceased, or so much thereof as may lie necessary, should not be sold as will be sufficient to pay his debts, or the Tesidue thereof as the case may require. And it is further ordered that this or der, signed by the Surrogate, be iinme- dialelyMhereaitcr set up at the Surrogate's Office, at the County Clerk's Office and at the Court House of and in said Mitldlesex. County, the same being three of the most public places m said county, for six weeks successively, and be published at least once m each week for the same time in "The New Brunswick Jlome News," one ol the newspapers of this State. , ' By the Court: ''.. .- LOUIS H. SCI1ENCK, i" v':- ' judge I Terr-..,--- W:r..:l'V'v-'-"'1 '''' Q 1 imrai; i'ciur 1'. Jaiy, . .Surrogate. .WAKRJE&i'fc-. SCHENCK, . Proctor. $18.72; . -. j..- juiie2-0-10-23-30jIy7-lL STEAMER Quaker .City Will take regular trips between New Brunswick and Neiy York and interme diate landings. - Leaving Hew Brunswick at 6.30. " New York at 3 p. Pier 6, North River. ' " Saturday at a p. m. Best of accommodation for horses, car riages and general freight. Prompt delivery. .. .. . 1 . ' C. B. McLAURY, Supt Have Any Trouble with your butcher T Do you often get unsatisfactory eutsT Then It's time to let .J .... :iUg serve you with fht Best Meats that an We had. We :re careful buyers and ean please you every time. Charles Paulas, 52 Hiram St Cou gAmerica J will insure a family of seven ' - - 408 Gcofgc Street, the record bf We are selling the Best Elgin" Creamery Butter at 25c per lb. It's better than can be bought at other stores for the sanie or more money. We ex cept nobe. , ' ' that, can sell -r v-- , " - " ' 'r- PROPOSALS ; J-OR . - Voting Machines. - The rJtate Board of Voting Machine Commissioners hereby gives notice that pursuant. to and. in accordance with the provisions and'eonditiong of an act of the Legislature Of the State of New Jersey entitled "An Act authorizing the State Board of Voting Machine Commissioners to purchase voting machines for use at elections to be held in this State, And providing for the location, use and care of such machines," approved April 8, 1903; they intend to purchase cigthy-one (81) voting machines In accordance with the following specifications: AH machines must be of a kind, style or pattern, which has bcon of may hereafter be approved by. the State Board of Voting Machine Commissioners, in conformity with th laws of this State. All machines must conform to and meet all the requirements of an act of the Legislature entitled, "An Act to authorize the use of voting machines at elections hereafter to be held in this State or in any subdivision thereof, and providing that the votes cast at any such elections must be registered or recorded and counted, and the result of such elections ascertained by such machines." Approved April 9, 1002, and the amendments thereof and the supplements thereto. . . .' ' All machines shall provide facilities for voting for candidates of at least seven (7) different parties or organizations, and for not less than- thirty (30) candidates of each pasty organization, and for and against at least fifteen (15) different questions or amendments. All machines shall be capable of registering nine hundred and ninety-nine (999) votes for each and every candidate. All machines must te supplied with a booth, canopy, curtain or other contrivance so arranged or affixed as to insure secrecy when used and must bo suitably encased and delivered at any place within the State of New Jersey as directed by the Commissioners on or before the 15th day of Scptomuer. 1903.: c : . The person or -jiersons if any, whose proposals may be accepted must comply with all the provisions ei the Act pursuant to which this notice is given, and give a bond in the penal sum' of Five hundred dollars $500) for eacn machine purchased with securities to be approved by the Commissioners for the faithful performance of the terms of the contract when executed. Proposals for the above are hereby invited; said proposals to state the style or kind of machine proposed to be furnished and the price, both for the entire eighty-one (81) machines, and for any number less than eighty -one (81) machines, which price in no case shall be more than Five hundred dollars ($500) for each machine. ' The commissioners reserve the right ta reject any or all proposals. , . . Proposals should be addressed to Tho State Board of Voting Machine Commissioners.' Seward Davis, Secretary, P. 0. Box 263, Upper Montclair, New Jersey, and must be received on or before the 1st day of July, 1003.;-- JOSEPH A. BROHEL, SEWARD DAVIS, EDWARD L. PHILLIPS. The State Board . of Voting Machine ;CdmmisYi8ner97J i'si'-i-ingS-SOt RUCKMAN BROS. ANIMAL Fertilizers CORN FERTILIZER. 15he Best Made. Works: Livingston Park. Office: 29 Albany Street. NEW BRUNSWICK, N. J Plainfield 'Fhone 1014. New Brunswick 'Phone 3004. Dead Animals Removed FREE. "1 I Helloei, . . Where are you goig7 I'm off to Jack Reed's. Where? rji GAe Middlesex Park. What for? : A Good Cold Glass of j Rock Spring Bock Beer. 'i President Home Office Jersey City, N.J. LIFE -1 Butter.

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