The Central New Jersey Home News from New Brunswick, New Jersey on May 25, 1904 · 7
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The Central New Jersey Home News from New Brunswick, New Jersey · 7

New Brunswick, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 25, 1904
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iWEDXESDAY, MAY 25, 1904. NEW BRUNSWICK HOME NEWS. 1 WEDNESDAY, MAY 23. 1QM. Whiskey and PERMANENTLY "ORRINE," A SAFE. SURE AND HARMLESS SPECIFIC Physicians pronounce drunkenness a dlneaseof the nervous system, creating; a morbid crating; for a stimulant Continued indulgence in whiskey, beer or wine eats away the itomacn lining; and stupefies the digestive organs, thus destroying the digestion and ruining the health. No "will power" can heal the inflamed stomach membranes. "ORRINE" permanently removes ths craving ior liquor by acting directly on the affected nerves, restoring the stomach and digestive organs to normal conditions, improving the appetite and restoring the health. No sanitarium treatment necessary ; " ORRINE " eau be taken at your own home without publicity. Can be given secretly if desired. CURE GUARANTEED ORtMONEY REFUNDED. 9 JHrfi. r. jrMii, lull wily, writes: "'ORRINE' cored my husband, who was a steady drunkard tor many years. He now . hax no desire for stimulants, his health is ood and he is fully restored to manhood, lie used only live boxes of 'OR KINS;.' " Mrs. W. I. D., Helena, Mont., writes: "I have waited ont year before writing ymi of the permanent cpra of my so." l too aoitarinm treatment, as well as other as1 vertis'd cur-s, but they all failed jntil we cave him 'ORRINR.' He is now fully restored to health and has no desire 'or driuk." Mr. A. E. UK Atlanta, Ga., writes: "I was jru with a love of whiskey and drank it iiT i : a ti7 - nt. Blending coffee requires a sense of proportion and perfect exactness. Our "DUCHESS BLEND" never varies and is Right in Flavor, Color and Strength. "Duchess" Blend OL) 25c. lb 5 lbs, for $ 1 . 1 5. Best Teas (Mtd.) 35c. lb Mail orders of one dollar (J1.00) or more delivered free in New Brunswick and the vinlnity. , Mail orders of two dollars ($2.00) or more delivered free within twenty-five CS) miles. Mail orders of five dollars ($5.00)) or more delivered free within one hundred (Km)) miles. Send money with order. JAMES VAN DYK CO. K ew Brunswick Store, ' 15 Church St. Twenty-six Branch Stores In Ten Cities. GetltNOW. Pon'tWait Have you learned to manage your affairs in a business-like way? Business would simply laugh at another business man who would not borrow money when he needed it. :,v. Could YOU use a little extra money now, to good advantage? We mean YOU not some other reader of this paper. Think it over. - Klpgi ey i o Loaiv on Household Firnitire Without the 8lighest Publicity If you don't want others to know about your loan, you can deal with us with absolute security: Even your own family need not hear of it. You Keep the Goods. No One Needed as Security. IMPROVED PLAN. ONLY LOWEST MARKET RATES. Remember there is NO compound interest to pay. No extra charges . are added on afterwards. You know at FIRST exactly what you will pay. YOU PAY A LITTLE MONTHLY. , In tbis way you have the use of a large sum when you really need it, but pay it back in little driblets that you wiU hardly miss. And you have the use of the goods all the time, too. ' New Brunswick Loan Co., Vliet Building, 419 George Street, between Albany and Washington street if TT I i 1 Cumberland Broadway at 54 St, New York T-tE most luxuriously furnuneel Hot J in New York. Finest specimens of Oriental rugs throughout, mahogany fur tuture and rich draperies. ABSOLUTELY FIREPROOF. ' Ideal location; near principal theatre and shops and in plain view of Central Park, within one minute's walk of Sixth Are. Elevated Road, and accessible to all car lines of the Metropolitan surface roads. Transient rates, with bath, $2J0 per day and upward. The raott beautiful restaurant in New York, Fine music Excellent food and sensible prices. Sunday Bvtning TaUl i'Holt Dituur, ltot:30 $1.00. Snvmlrt Evtry Snnday Burning. EDWARD R. SWEIT. Proprietor. Soda Water. Best yet. With ice cream 5c glass all flavors. Ice Cream None better 10c. plate; 30c quart. Horton's Ice Cream Brick or Ioo3e 45c qt, reg. 50c qt. New York Confectionery, 101 Church St., Hear George Phone 319 J 2' Beer Habit CURED BY for thirty-two years. It finally brought me ...... ...... to iub Kuiier, noraeiees ana friendless. I was powerless to resist the craving and would steal and lie to get whiskey. Four boc-sof fJRRlNE' cured me of all desire and I now hate the smell of liquor." Price $r per box, 6 boxes for $5. Mailed in sfiain, sealed wrapper by Orriue Company. 17 14th street, Washineton, D. C. Interest-ing booklet (sealed) free on request. Sold and recommended by BRADLEY'S PHARMACY, George and Church St. New Brunswick, If. 1 i nnn'f Pn Un , with an inferior grade of Wines and Liquors , Let us serve you. We have the finest foreign ud domestic Sciilosser & Kuitlthau, 60 DENNIS STREET. I Phone. 2481. Fuller Warren Top Return Heating and Ventilating CHAS. MX0RMICK & SON Plumbrs mjii Gaa ttttars. 11 Hiram Street N.w Brunswick, N. J For Serine and Summer 1904. VnaliinTiH ami fabric are now on hand. We have the beet import- i ed materials ior iauiuuui. slotbes. Kindly leave your order T before the rush commence. f I. S A H N, Practical Ladies' Tailor. 138 Neilaon Street X Telephone 349 L 1 Mfllffi. TTtTTTT I ti 1 1 1 1 Mill ' ' itl iti ill ill itl ill if I it I llfi ifiifnitiatai- TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT ISUBURBAN NEWSj Cranbury. CRANBURY, May alV-Cranbury played tne lirnt game of baseball on the school grounds with a team from Jamesburg on Saturday afternoon and won by a score of VI to 10. The township committee have ordered sign bords printed to warn automobiles to regulate their speed hi .going through the village streets. Mrs. J. C. Holmes Is visiting relatives In Vmeland, where her nephew will graduate from the High School this week. J-red Applegate is working in John S. Bergen's store. The Imp Social Club have organized a baseball club and will play their first game with Spolswood on Decoration Day. Mr. and Mrs. George Applegate are at Ocean Grove. Rev. Joseph E. Curry will deliver a lecture before the pupils of the High School on Friday afternoon, H J. Groves is visiting friends ; in Bridgeton. N. J. Mr and Mrs. Nelson P. Clavton spent Sunday and Monday in Asbury Park Mrs. William Graham, of Perth Amboy, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clceio Lewis, of this place, was buried here on Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Wlcoff Rue, of Jersey City, visited Mr. and Mrs. Abram Voor-hees o.n Sunday. . . .. invitations have been issued by Mr. and Mrs. Luther Groves for the marriage of their daughter. Miss Rmma Groves, to Luther Hollenbeck, of Plainsboro, on Wednesday, June 1, at 4 o'clock. Harry Fox, of Philadelphia, who for the past two years has been a member of the firm of Morris Bros., of this has bought an interest in a chicken farm at Phoenix, R. I., and will move to that place. . Mr. and Mrs. Frank Thomas, or Elizabeth, will move here next month. Goodwin's band will plav at the races in Freehold on Memorial Day. Miss Josie Kavanangh, of Windsor, visited Miss Rachel Barlow, on Sunday. I. S. Everett and Son have sold their fast pacer to Trenton parties. It is understood that they received $560 and a horse valued at t350. The animal is only six years old and has a mark of 2.10. The Alumni Association of the High School met at the home of Miss Laura Scudder on Tuesday and made the final arrangements for their banquet and reception on June 15. Mrs. Rachel Farr has moved to the farm with her son-in-law, Harvey Dun-oan. William Hutchinson has the finest grass field in this section. The Ladies'Readins Circle have elected the following officers: President, Mrs. Samuel Perrine; vice president, Mrs. S. Jones Bergen; secretary, Mrs. John Bradley; treasurer, Mrs. Frank Davis. .Miss Jtnnle Hutton is visiting her grandmother in Jamesburg. Miss Hattie Cubberly celebrated her tenth birthday on Saturday afternoon by giving a party to a number of her young friends. Dr. .Whltaker, of Pittsburg, is visiting his parents, Dr. and Mrs. J. L. Whltaker. The severe hail storm here last Thursday did a lot of damage to fruit trees and small fruits, besides knocking out a lot of panes of glass in the village houses. I Metuchen. v METUCHEN, May 24-The special song and praise service in the Presbyterian Church Sunday evening gave much pleasure to a large and appreciative audience. Mrs. Louise Halsey was organist. Those in the choir were. Mrs. Morris, precentor; Mrs. H. B. Johnson, Mrs. Stelle Manning, the Misses Sadie Bennett, Gertrude Stelle, Pearl Grlmstead, Edna Mundy, Eva Martin, Messrs. J. Trumball Marshall, M. C. Clarkson, "W. Lloyd Emery. Harold Stelle, W. T. Campbell, L. W. Thiekstun. The Sunday School festival in the Presbyterian Chapel Friday evening will probably be well attended. A festival in the St. Luke Parish building Thursday everring should be liberally patronised. It will be a well managed affair in every department. Mr .and Mrs. Andrew Clausen are entertaining their daughter, Mamie, and son. of Perth Amboy, a few days at their brick mansion on Dark Lane. METUCHEN, May 25 Robert Freeman, a well known resident here for half a century, died in a New York hospital last week after an illness of several months from an Incurable disease. The deceased was a son-of the late Ross Freeman. He leaves four sisters, Mrs. Manning Freeman and Mrs. Clem Bloomneld. who reside here, and Mrs. Pyatt and Mrs. Freeman Edgar, of Newark. Rev. J. G. Mason conducted the funeral service and the Interment was in the Presbyterian cemetery. The Metuchen Club gave a Japanese euchre party last Saturday evening which proved to be a very enjoyable affair. There were four prizes given and the winners were Mrs. Tonnelle, Mrs. S. F. Hay and Ralph B. Corbin. Metuchen will enjoy a ball game on Decoration Day. , j William T. McAdams has announced an auction sale of 20 lots at Robinvale for May 30. This is a move to boom Metuchen and its real estate. Freeman Pierson was elected a member of the Metuchen- Club at its last meeting. Miss Eva Rnnyon of New Brunswick, is visiting friends here. On Decoration Day the club will hold their annual Decoration Day dance. . Metuchen Council, No. 59, Jr. O. U. A. M., meets tonight., John Almond returnea this morning from his triji to California. Work has started on the new house for George .Greason. Joseph Gedney is suffering from ery-sirjelas. A game of baseball will be played between the Metuchen Juniors and the Washington street grammar school tomorrow afternoon. t Griggstowrv 9 GRIGGSTOWN, May 24 A large number of Griggstown people attended the most interesting exercises at Franklin Park on Sunday evening. The singing was very enthusiastic and the address given by Mr. Elliott very inspiring. Near the close of the exercises cards were passed to each person in the large audience stating that they had an honest desire henceforth to lead a Christian life and also to ask the people of God to pray A large number of persons signed their name and residence on these cards. The Ladies' Aid Society will hold an Ice cream and strawberry festival on the church grounds on Saturday afternoon and evening. May 28. Augustus Hoagland has Just returned to his home from a long business journey, Dr. Acken has engaged a gentleman from Brooklyn to work his farm and has recentlv moved on tjie same. Luther Wilson and family have removed from the house belonging to Dr. Acken where they have resided for several years to the parsonage' near the church formerly occupied by Mr. Stewart. Mr FIlfN of Bordentown, has bought the house owned by W. H. Buchanan and sister and has moved thereon. He is an emplovee in the terra cotta works. James Breece, who has occupied the Buchanan house for several years has moved to the house near the cemetery formerlv occupied by Mr. Wilson. Leo Trorfi and four of his friends have moved Into the house opposite the oor-hees homestead owned by George Rein-beck, of Monmouth Junction. The Phelps farm near Griggstown, is unoccupied and waiting for a tenant. Charles P. Earner and brother, of Burlington, have bought the Sc.uire H'w.g-:,nd farm on the rood leading from Griggstown to Belle Mead, are minting the buildings and intend to put the farm 'l-he' mamda'miaing of the Franklin Park road is giving employment to a large number of men ar.d teams. I Harrv Hoagland and wife, his sister and her husband, of Denver. Colorado have Z& visiting for a short time at the Hoagland homestead. Dr. Hoagland s father was a native of Griggstown and .pent his early life here. "FORCE" does please your palate, but it treats your stomach right, too. If you're going on a u AM." ft nrobably wont be necessarr to make a martyr or yourself. Juat cut out a few of the quarrelsome oomU. stations aod subetltute " FOltCiC" Xry U for one week. PERFORATED ROLLS AT 3 OFF Perfection 'erieciion LIBRARY 10,000 Selections Perforated Music Roll Co. 25 W. 23 Si., New York. All Ye Want flowers want biggest, brightest, choicest nd strictly fresh blooms, of course. That's the sort I fill all orders with. Name the kinds preferred. GEO. H.BOND 1 80-86 Louis Street. Tel. 301 .?. Ladies Look ! Old Carpets into New Rugs Send your old Brussels carpets, and Ingrain, too; We weave tbem Into Rugs, handsome nnd new. The Farmer IW Co., Practical Weavers, South River, N. J. P. O. Box 178. Established 1S7S. Write us and our expressman will call for carpets. , Shipping tags, circulars or any further Information on application. See samples and leave orders at Hughes' Steam Laundry, 80 Church St., also at Bradley's Pharmacy, corner George and Church streets, and J. ras-sey. 8 Bayard street. ivories. By direction of Common Council of the City of New Brunswick, N. J.. I hereby give notice of the intention of Common Council to cause a certain, Improvement to be made in said City, to wit: The laying and construction of a curb and gut- . ,1 ... . ... .1 i...n 1 in from the west- erly line of Remond street to the east erly line of fowers sireei, ana un f""" are hereby notified to present their ob- . . . 1 if nnv th.V HI Ptlt have, to the making of said improvement ana present mien uujwuhh. w signed as Street Commissioner, at his omce in inw , ieii,.ut. George and Paterson streets in said city. within twenty tJO uh.vs imm j this notice, to wit: On or before the first day of June, nineteen hundred and four (imh WM. F. MAKKINS Street Commissioner. Dated May 7, 190t mi-tf H. Klein, Ladies' and Cents' Tailoring. MAIN ST., SAYEEVILLE, N. J. High grade work at reasonabl" prices. Special reception parlor for ladies, frolley passes door. f H Ml Jl llSvSlC0 FOIL L HOME I Rocky Hill. J ROCKY HILU May 24 Mrs. John Corle ' of Neshanlc. is spending a week with ' her cousin, Mrs. S. L. Sutphen. Mrs. Blocum and daughter, of Trenton, were the guests of her brother, Alfred ii 1 ti..t ,,...1.. a. Harry Reeve has been spending two weeks with friends at Wildwood-by-the Sea, nnd is now visiting his grandparents at Bridgston. Mrs. Scheffeller, of Highland Park, has been spending a few days with her sister, Mrs. Kate Updike, who is seriously ill. Mrs. John Lewis and daughter. Bertha, of Philadelphia, and Mrs. Herbert C. Silcox, of Trenton, spent Saturday with Mr. and Mrs. Henry A. Silcox. Mrs. Henry Hill and two sons, of South Amboy, spent Sunday at Jacob Vreelt nd Jr.'s. Rev. William Schmitz announced to his congregation on Sunday morning that he bad accepted a call to the Taimadge Memorial Church, of Philadelphia, and expected to end his labors here the second Sabbath in June. . The ladies of the Reformed Church are preparing for a strawberry festival and tea to be held In Voorhees Hall the afternoon and evening of May 30, Decoration Day. - , The Sabbath School of the Reformed Church are practicing for their usual Children's Day services, which will be held Sabbath afternoon, June 12. A fine musical program hare been selected and there is expected a violin and cornet to The engagement is announced of Miss Bertha E. Polhemus, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Peter G. Polhemus, of this place, to Edward M. Blake, oldest son of Rev Thomas Blake, of Brooklyn. Mr. Blake is engaged in the commission business at Pittsburg. Pa., in connection with 1 A. F. Young & Co., of New Sfork city. A match game of baseball was played on Saturday on the ball grounds here, between the Prospects of Trenton and the Rocky Hill Seniors, resulting in a score of 24 to 5 in favor of Rocky Hill. There will be a game on Saturday the 2Sth and two games on Decoration Day on the ball grounds. Mrs. Bolmer and her four sons were out in their automobile on Sunday evening and met a number of people on their way to the meetinE at Franklin Park. They were very kind and polite to stop their machine and let some of the people pass whose horses were very much rrignieuru 11 unio. - chines would do the same much trouble would be avoided. . m The storage company who have not been busy for some time will soon commence operations on a more extended scale and will be able to fumish road material for roads and paths for all who desire them. Joseph De Marca, an Italian gentleman, has started store near the depot and s doing quite a inrivm , The Van Dyke farm, near Farmers Driage, js uhuiicu- , be sold sometime during the summer or ran. . ,. - - I South River. TMxmn or xfv and Mrs. JSy."ll and famiTy wiU move"to Perth AM?syGeorge FarV andMiss Bertha Van Zant were New York visitors yesterday The circle of Kings Daughters will meet this evening at the home of Mrs. William H. Peterson. Topic, Waiting Mr and Mrs. Robert Judge moved into their beautiful new home on Lpper Mara StMrst ClaVerncey'Cost and son are visitors '"Ms6 Harrf 'Peterson, of Brooklyn is the gu4ft of relatives in the borough Miss May Davis has accepted a position with the Trading Stamp Company of New Brunswick. A grand union meeting of the vv . c. T U will be held on Thursday afternoon '( 9 o'clock in the Tabernacle Baptist Church Addresses wil be made during the afternoon by officials of visiting UnTrmembersofFranK-Lh,ya , 1 1 m rt Sitndav morn- Church, ss tne usuui - - coraUon Day. All members are requested to wear urn Posts , Kw.Mti.e Veter- Company them ,as is also the general PU11C- w whose ad "IrbVlow. "'have" Just replenished their stock and are now ab e to meet a v and all demands The public is cordially Invited to call and mspect the stock, or wnicn a. i"i - low . t-v..iim, .nil Mr.' and Mrs reamed To'" their homes in Brooklyn and Hsf'snje.! charge or tne prayer mw"' "5?K ttRiver Woman's Christian Temperance Union win hold Thumlay afternoon at P. m . at the Baptist i nurcii. "' ," -,.,1 ville Perth Amnoy hoo unions are invited. All desiring to go will meet at tne iracuoii hum - - Herrmann's Furniture House invites the IMteto eall ana tnsct carpets 'S, mathngl goWs, bed; d nT blue flame oil stoves and ovens' wirS' sereins and doors, etc., now ready I Middlebush. Voorhees. of TrentonT has been the past week wun rt-mnvcn .,. ........ TheTe was no preaching service the church on Sunday evening and a Jargp number attended the PT';' FN liott Misi Amanda Voorhees is organist In connection wun The Christian Endeavorers will h.)Id an Ice cream and strawberry festival on the church lawn on Friday night of this WRev L. W. Jones, of Bayonne, was a caller in town on Monday. Communion service will be hld at the church on next Sunday morning Preparatory service on Saturday at three Mre Elizabeth Kenny visited friends at So.erv"'e Mrs. Anna Smith'Txnect to art" for St7 Louis on TiitadaV. w rap " i . them. They expect to be gone about two weeks. $' Milltown. -.... t)c ..Tito tiTnwnrlh n the M. K. Church at that place The All-Stars of this place will P ay hall wiVh the Milltown A. C Decoration v The game promises to be an inter esting one t F h An enieruiinuienv Ponds chapel this evening. p M ss He en tMirymi"". -. wick, and several others from out of town will cnniriDuie v: ',, t(.r of'B.FrKVnanTls suffering Wr TndnM.' Henr?"kuhUhau have tmheVhom of Mr. Kuhlthaus mother on Church street. AMUSEMENTS TO COME. m -sM. annual V.firit nnil T!7 chn.iJ of I'nity Club, at Bissett's Park, South River. , May 30 Picnie of Protection Engine Co No 5, in Russet's Grove .afternoon nS ovmlnn. Dancing, refreshments and other amusements. Admission Sc. PUBLIC SALE , if no T, r-irm at sale at public auction. Farm of Forman Smith, containing 01 y """ ; c,,,h Vfiver to Rhode Hall. East Brunswick township. Benj. F. Conover, executor. you haven t gooa neip ai .uur or place of business use a Home want adv. You will get good re- house News turns. Try a Home News Want Adv. CLOSED ALL OF Decoration Day Ways and Means f or Celebrating Many people will observe Decoration Day away from town; and even for that short sojourn elsewhere, they will need certain ad-jmicts of comfort, convenience and pleasure. About everything re- . quired to help along the enjoyment of the holidays, will be found in the "Twelve-Acre-Store." We give a few hints: Second Floor. " "Pit" Take the game of "Pit' with you, and if time lags a little get together and try this exciting pastime. You'll have " Borne of the best fun of your life, price .......... "... "wv Croquet Kk'ht halls and mallets, made good maple -!98c Tennis Spaulding Tennis nis 75c Rackets, good ' American gut W, & D. Tennis Balls, 75c. each or per dozen, i 4.00 Tennis Nets, 69c. to 4.50. Kodaks and Cameras Carry along a "Brownie" No. 1 that takes , a picture 2 1-4 inches square, an enduring memento of the trip. We sell it for , 1.00 The "Fleio" Camera, takes picture 3 1-2x3 1-2 in., and is one of the popular Eastman 5.00 makes at Lenses Standard Portrait Len rait Len- 25c ses, for 4x5 and 5x7 cam- Note Enlarging Lenses at 25c Standard Kay Filters, 15c. Tele Photo Lenses, 25c. Standard' Duplicator, 10c Hammocks Mexican Grass Hammocks, full size and plain colors, Tegular 98c, f special ... Palmer Woven Hammock, 22-inch bed with spreads, pillows and valance, regular Of), $1.25, at .-. . OyC The "Oso" Hammock, made of seine twine, each, strand continuous and of tested strength, the prettiest, coolest, strongest? and most comfortable of all hammocks, prices from A f0 2.50, 3.75 and t.yO NOTE Hahne & Co. are sole Newark agents for the sale of the "Oso" Hammock. Hahne & Co. Ampsl-j. VanMoi n.1 1 We're Doing "The" Busi- - T...m IWhy? Were oldest ness of Town; rarrv laro-c5t Rtnrk-s. ask lowest prices : vou can always do more here other store anywhere, with accommodation u you s want it! Were Everybody's store! 1 fQ Round Top Golden OS t.VrS Extension Tables that were $13.00. $20 for Cherrv Frame Parlor Suits tapestry covered Regularly a.uu. 1 Continuous Pot Enameled Bed brass ornaments Go-Carts $6 to $35 Folding; Oo-Carts. ii.M to 15.00. Baby Carriages, $7 to $30, This 1904 line is larger and more interesting than any we ev.r col lectedlots of new ideas and designs best .makes only. Ask to see the "Alwin" Fold-else you do. Jftrickless Blue i 2 jiw.nw 11 aTB3r -m r 1 11 6 ing Go-Cart, whatever I ft New line, all sizes great Summer comforts! Operated for visitors call ! AMOS H.VAN HORN, Ltd. Be sure yon see "No. 73" and first name "AMOS" before entering; oar store. I ACCCHJNrS sa ,. OPENED M s ) EASV te PAYIr ENTS Carriage Painting:, Black- smithing and Wheelwright Work. Good work and best materials naed. W0BBE BROTHERS, (Old Wobbe Stand.) Cor. John and Morris Streets. THE TWELVE ACRE STORE. 1 DECORATION DAY. Automobiling Coats Men's Automobile Diwt Proof ff Coats at 2.00, 2.50.... 5.UU Negligee Shirts Our Negligee Shirts at 1.00 are the very best to be had at anything like the price, being the products of the best makers; the range of patterns is very large, plain and plaited. Shirt Special Negligee White Shirts and neat stripe y" ( front; regular 85c, at..,, ?Jw Baseball Goods Boys'. Baseball Suits, 98c. Fielders' reg. Gloves, special Catchers' reg. Mitts, special 25c. 50c. 1.00 19c. .39c... 89c 25c 50c. 75c 1.00 10c, 39c. 59c. 89c . 1.50 2.00 3.00 4.00 1.25 1.50 2.50 3.50 Catchers' reg. Mitts, special First Floor. ..Straw Hats Men's Straw Hats, in all the newest shapes and styles, are now open in a most complete assortment of every braid, at prices from, 1.00 to 5.00 Basement. ..Basket Parties Fancy ies, delicatessen goods, grocer- delicatessen goods, potted meats, olives, fruits, cakes, crackers, pickles, cheesej ham arid everything else that goes to make up a substantial and delightful and appetizing luuch in the woods, on the boat or at the shore. Newark for your cash than at any CARPETS 5PRI.NO WEAVES AT CUT-DOWN PRICES. 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