The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 25, 1937 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 25, 1937
Page 6
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PAGE;'six e Suspected AiiiinaL Should Be Confined Says Dr. Schiimci t - , The piocedme 10 be follow I'd In tuiiclliiit; :ui nilliml suspected of l.aMiig n«)l<", h onlllncd in a .'manful iileosod foi imblloallon liv Di Roy Schlrin lliidoi- of HIP MLv>Ls,sl|>pl Ccunly llfiillli Unit 'llic slntemenl follows .; "Do not kill ,111 .uiiin.t] merely humiM. .11 ttch siLspliJfliisly or (Via blloi I pcrcoh bill confine I In son>i> place \vheio ty win |j criiifoitaljlc iiul not b< ,\ men 11 <S pieferably iiruln the obserm (toil o i.i compMtiil \iici huriiiit Give it food nnd wiUei and wale! il Ijiltivtat roi n( leisl six days 1. It I-i alive nnd well aflor tei <'!)•>. lelwr II. If It dies durlnp this lime or lirus Misutdoiis sj'mp- I mi:, at tlie evplin'^i ni MX days UH Us hold off without Injury K Hi" Imiin, pick il in .1 roiitHlnei Mth i Uyia llcl pick IHK ion- rum r In n biieM or tight box v.ith ic< enaufli lo kup il in (joc oimlllion anrt ship ImmedliUc by express charge, piepqid to liio SUte llH'Icnle Inbointory Mate noct ' Any v omuls mniic an a per •on liy -in nminal in which nib !'•» is ML ported slionlil be cfUite'f- >'*! »t OJK.P liy ., niijstcinn will riimme nllik ,u]<i, iodine mi y '•u] if D], 1C ,<| ls 1|0t nv(1 ,| nbl( , If i nelson is bitten nlimp the • nouldcrs us i. mallei ol .•aiiiion pjsicm 01 mil-ruble liPatintiiL flmuM bo administered :it once, (he tuatmom nuiy be (ll^iuiniied inlci if r 0>lnri , m . i><winiy U Uic bite Is hetmv Ihe ••lioiilders Hie person should be in MCI danger pending tii c i c poit of Hie laboratoiy examination Hie inuoinloiy dlnguosls Is unsed on llnding cm lain bodlei in Jhe bitiin cells of,the animal «n<| these iHHllps often do ilol dwclnp in tlje brain roi /he 01 six dnj-* after tlie animal nist becomes II? Unless sufficient time bus bceii allowed for nine bodies to 'de- M>to]> It is hii])Dsslb!e foi thp Hold Thai Pose a Second T< ment aVid Comffirl'''' ?. last Time Today AJcffti 2jl^fu,iM, ^ ^ Claudefte l . CjOLBER! Fred M.cMURRA in Frank Lloyd MAID O S A Ii E Ako A PiiduioiDif Ptrnue ; nh --^ liaivey Slephans Vngmia Wi-ldl^r Pdi.nd Illn G lo Sondpfgaarcl, Louise Drasser ramotiiil Nt«^ 1n ,i t'«nioil.v — AJnilsslon— Matinee— 10 A 2Gc Night— 16 & 3Cc Friday - Pal Night 2 Adults Admllltd (or J'rlte of ! Also No\«l(j' and Comcilj- ., "One Live Chosl" —Admission— Jtallnce—10 ^, 26c N'lght—16 & 3Sc TUESDAY, MARCH 2— $200 BANK NIGHT i , , •, i - . ^ ..-•«-_•' . •:)•!:» ii The Editor's Letter Box Mkc UiiKfcllow's hero. Prank Sneniy "sliot tin nrraw Into the ah- and it fell just nbout tlie time he plopped into the Miami Blltniore pool nl Coral Gables, Flu. Tlmfs not „ nun Cupid pose lie's pictured In. but a demonstration of the nesv sport Hint has scored a bull's-eye wllh water cntrmslnsls-slioollnij. „ bow nml rirrow In midair wliile dropping into the jjool from the lilgh dive stnmi orntory lo make n fatLsfnclory dl- IBMCVils. "If UH niijiiml-'-'.w'Aws symptoms I rabies nnil is killed before the xiilrallon of live dnvs' H k acl- Is-nWe tha^anilrffblt, lientment "i- admhiLslertJ "af once (o miy pei on 01 Btiunnl' bltlen by It JVPM tboiiHli Ihe labornlory ex- ninliiatliiiis lis negative. A negative inbomtory report under those cli-cumstaiices IK of no value In making n diagnosis. - : Smoke obscures H.2 per rent.of lialllmore's untiijhl. ..* 1 nii-lalorslilp ,- : (To tils editor:) ••' > About, ihc .weakest ai^umcnl ,i have heard ivjainst I're.slitei'u Hmsewll's supreme court 'iirogrnm and "New pc-al 1 ' ixolleles Is that wo nve beliij< regimented under'a "dictatorship." such an aixumenl. a's this Is not pbriJlalble wilh what Americans have uccelped In every walk of life, we live under a "ciii'- latorshlp", from our first bath tfe probably hud lolhej- not Inkea 11 Next comes tile of soothin^ syn;p. at which sve. frown, our whole life Is one of regimentation and dk'iator.srilp. U we are good uli- Izeiis we live under the dictatorship ot lilt law. l,'hrenta| Authority i s " a (lli:l:it<nshlp, in tiiluiol wr . , lrj re ,^_ mimted In neeorduncc wllii our tt'nrnln» »nil. (l[L-(n(«cl to by the teacher. Wlieii vie., have u Job her/ i.v »')i«'c> icgiJiR'iitaiion logins (n eamesi. We are reilin'ehU'd lo c-er- iiiln work. Our' <iie(:Ukiri, Iwgliis with tlie iilann clock ul live ln°thp morning, you nre luld | n thu ralii- ute when to hsuln work, when \'o f|"IL for lunch. Jusl, when 'io re- tiirn and wliul conslilnifs. a day nnd when yon are lioine you aje (Ifclnlixl to by the wite and ijaliy. I Rome of our dictators arc very precise :md cxacllni; even as to llic.,clothes .you wear, uniforms brands, etc.. :m<i ir y(m ^..^ fa certain <:or|x>rntloiis yon arq die- iiB^f/ KIDNEYS PASS 3 IBS. A DAY Doclor» say your kldocyi conliln is miu. ol tiny lubta or lilurs »Mcli titlp to ourily ih- bloo<l and k«p you tieniiljy. M M t Dwplt put kbouta plnlj K Jay or nbput'3 oQunu4 of WMt* •Hwutiit or icauty ufcssage»'*ilh imBrtUia ftnLl uulntng Bbaws llittt jj:ay bf IQiattblQj wr«i«s sulti your kiilneya or bUJJer. Au eireas ol aciJs or nolsonj In your blood, nlicn <iu« lo luncllohiil kidney dJionlS», aSy lit lh» tausB «f Mgsinii batkiclie, tbiumitlo pmu, luinlnjo. lej (jmrii, lo« ol p«o «oj ca t/gy. RCllJliii uj> nlghla, 6Wf]]jDf. nuflSjj^. uciler lue eyea, lif&iUchej Bnif iljii]De«4 I'iUl, lijfj lurruitiiUy by raiUiou loi cnr 40 years, rbey KIVC Jiappv reliet find wiUKtlp tB« 15 inile.1 of tiilney lubea fliuli out polBonoui "•«• Irom your blwxJ. Gtt Dou i Pilb. Ulf kind to kcjf, to" wind U ylih ni><t Hie iinr'tledlnr place to have Jl nyialtcd, nnd while your boss dlc- Intes to yon he In turn hns a veritable stairway of dlclalors nljove 'him. liy tills time K-'seems .vie. , sliould lx> a.s n.wd lo rtlctnl<>r.v)i||) as yi.Rs-h Is lo water, niui accept it as our natural environnicnt. After ,all who knows but that an intelll- B.°nt and far seeing "dictatorship" mi^ht be better than a blind "do- ,moer:u:y." 'V .Ino. u. Wrbsier, Midway Note* Ar. and Mrs. K. M. MelXiiiald motored to lllckmiin, Ky., day and MOD- »y visiting relatives. '• Mrs. A. J, Hill was'tile Saturday of her inolher, Mrs. S, I' 1 . Hoarh of Hlytheville. Mrs. n, F. Sexton Is .spending a fe'V ft'Mks-wlth relatives nt Coal! V.nHey. Aia, Mi', nnd Mrs. Claud Sexton ive returned from a visit of several days wllli relatives at Myrtle, Miss. Mr. mid Mrs. Clarence Ford will moe soon to their iie«' home on • A. J. nil! place. It is being It. by S. P. lioatl; of lilyllii-- vllle lo replace a limi.w ilfslroyprt iTre January 7. f ^5, J93'/ days loons carry their on Ihelr hacks 1'or a/lfr Duty iialtli. few Records Show Belated Class Opening AM1IRRST, Mass. (OP>—Ma.«.sii- lusclLs Slntr College hud (lircej •fKldonLs berore It admitted sludenl. Chnrtercd in ISO:!," (he coll .was administered from 1884 t< WO by Henry i'lauj; j.^-ejich, lire |)r(!sldenl. Paul A. Chadbo\irn< took office In IHGI) anil relinquLsh fd his jw.siiion In'June, 1807, be- i:nuse. or in hnuih. The traslee.-, elected Col. William S. Clarke to Hie presidency (hat month nm the first sludeuis were admittiH tli(i college in the full of 18(17 Uie pioneer class of 1871. 'horn in'on tomorrow! "Your heod," sayi (h« buck, "cqn be counted As ready to be Mufjfed ond mcun.ed, If, when you drink, you flaunt the iu!c Of modemtion.anrf act the fool." Dolhi y Thanks Polks! You Rave us u grand'rcccjition for «nr first Dollar Days'. Here arc more lini'KJiiiis '»'r.«.linj; ..with value umj. M'iinf-appeal. ' . : ;| Trininied Satin Slips c •* .'{ for New springpattcnisuml colors. Tliey are wrinkle resisting and hand mode. Sim's ISroudclnlli Shorts 5 1'r. for .. Full oil. fast colors. All sizes. 1 BBK 1 Sim's. Him- Work Shirts $ I! for Sizes H'; to 17. I'MIl cut. sei-eii-biiKcn front. 1 Men's Urotvii Jersey Gloves 6cPr. 8 ox. weight. Knit \ Limited qusnilty!' lien's Shirts - Shorts lOc Ea. Vast color! Rill cut. Big savlnj. Men's Wool Socks 6c Pr. Heavy weight wool work .^ock^ Special oiler! Hosiery 2Pr. for$1 Mrel quallly, full fa.sli- ione<l. pure tlireacl silk: Heller hurry, they'll go last! Special Dillar Day Feature Dress Shirts 2 for SI Fused, Nn-Crafl collar Hint will look teller longer. Fast colors! nil slze.s. • Ladles' Sport t'ouon Dresses $1.00 For street or sport wear. New novelty materials of seersucker, piques, print*, shantungs. All sizes. OTHER DOU.AK DAY FEATURES KUldJcs" l)i;rs.sii< 1 for Tailored Slips 2 for Murqulstlle Panels ^ for Kayou I'anlics 1 for Tailored Panels Pair Porfo Kican Gowns 5 for Flour 'sacK Squares n for .... Tailored ami Incetrlm- > nied. v-t6|is/ nnd Was cut. ...':.'- • NVw 'Spring- Curtains $ Per l> r . . ., ; I'lL-x-illa slyie-witli novelty design's on -Due.. griulr iniirqiilseltf. Girls' Dresses $ A for N"i\v ntlrnetive slyle.s aiul pallei IK. i-Ust colors, Stxe.S' 7 (o 16. 1 Pilulrd llatwle Gowns 2 for Hand done appliques. Fine quality batiste. Special! 1 ••C 1 1^ 1 Tailored or Frlngn] Panels 17c Ea. Novelty net or plain nrar<)iiis clt« In ecm. I'opulnr size. SI x M Hleachfd Sheets 43c Ea. Never ngain at this low price! Boucht to sell [or more. ladles' Cotton Hose 5cPr. Barsaln priced! Sizes 8V- (o 10 l>ark colors. Well inarte. Adin.—Always 11) A 2fi<—ID >ri\ Shuw Cvery Nljh| ' Alullnpp.s I'Vlctuy, Siilurdiiy, Sunilily I'j-lclay ,t Knmfny nlallnrrji—ti'ls Kalurday Maflnfr _ fiunllmjinl., Sliiixins — I.•'!« Till t|.ri 0 |> a j Last Time Today PAL NIGHT! 2 Adiills Admitted fo r jvicp «f I All <:lill,(rp,i_i(,,. PIAYCBOUND * COIUM»H pjcrvit Friday - Saturday; SPECIAL On. Our Stage •'.' Friday Afternoon CIEAK HEADS Coll for a tr'itndtitr Monholioit niadu ,1M« »ray: 1 sdwl daiK of bltler'i; "f llolldn Vermoolh; JJ CALVERT'S "«eier»*." A<M ice and sti'r well. Serve in a chilled glim wilh cheny; l»f it off wilh o Iwi&l ftf orange peel. WHISKIES Uncle Jim's KLCN Cotton Pickers Follies 20 1-eoplc S(i\»e Show Tell Vour Friends , IS'iiiK the Whole Kainily No Advance Tn Ailniissimi ' — On Hie Sercert-— • Also Ciirloon and Serial I'lie Fijliting- .'sr^HtifH^j Grand Operiing of I Lefty's Service Station ARKANSAS-MISSOURI SrATK LINK ', Saturday and Sunday .."-''.• : '"February 2f>, 27 and 28 .. The Robinson-ratinan.mi- prevents me from giving awcnj Free (iasolhte at mi, opening, as I advertised, so instead I will aive awai J Absolutely FREE Absolutely FREE IN EIGHT CASH PRIZES $150 First Prize; 2 $25 Prizes; 5 $10 Prizes At Midnight Feb. 28 • !'" - . You Need Not Be Present to Share in Prizes Visit one of the niost modern Service Stations in the South. A courteous staff of attendants at yonr service 24 hours a daij ' ' LEFTY ALEXANDER, Prop. STOP AT THIS SIGN LEFTY'S

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