The Nebraska State Journal from Lincoln, Nebraska on June 29, 1908 · 4
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The Nebraska State Journal from Lincoln, Nebraska · 4

Lincoln, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Monday, June 29, 1908
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NEBRASKA STATE JOUENAL, MONDAY MORNINO, JUNE 29, 1903- Hip State JonvnaL JVEBRASKA. New York U-M Krunswtek Buliaing l-ijcsro ...Bovce Buildln fit- Louis..... .......... DV)n iiu""'"! ...07 Victoria Building Brt'i.tTd fc i-econd -class matter at lh P-Itofun. Mucoid,- iab under , act March U. 17. tU ... lr l BM.UT10t Dell t..i -:a. an T" Ji'S lily . "it;-. : month a -1 itw month...... iuv H3 s '!" one month .... . liaiiy wi''i.t. iuti)ay one year r."itliy' fi-h-.: sis month... soo Lully. wlir.ei' iiirtay, thiee month. 100 fcundy v."irf. year by the- llfs insurance companle. which refuse to hava any ' dealings with aeronaut. ' la M fciwrlfcer. Morn inn J"fitri. Evening Mew, and Sunday .icurwi (iMrtsea paper a Tree 10 4Uvered by isrrlar. .11 Ctata at Week. That eminent reactionary. Colonel Gsorge Hnrvey, regrets In Harper' Weekly that the republican platform 1 ao unsatisfactory. He sees not a gllm-sner of hope in it for the distressed malefactor of sreat wealth who - are hi Immediate constituent. "The on redeeming feature of this bombastic platform." he fays sadly, "lie In the Oertalnty that the democratic platform Evidence, accumulate that defeRt oes not Injure a public man whose srlawg are sounds on the main lamie. Governor Cummins was turned down t the Iowa primaries In the race for senator but even his enemle now admit that he Immore firmly entrenched than veY In the leadership of the party In his state. They see no way, In fact; to keep him out of the senate when a iracancy occur, unless (Treat changes take place In the. meantime In the at tltude of the publlo. It Is recalled that Mr. Cleveland made only two or three speeches during the entire campaign of 18S4. when lie was first elected. These were short and not wholly on political subject. In the campaign of 1SS8 he made no ..asieaches whatey.erjcmalnlng In the A ERICA'S KSPEHIMEST STATION. Summaries of the work of the. 160 day session of the Oklahoma legislature which lias lately adjourned Indicate that we are nearer to New Zealand thn we supioed. The session Whs long because it had on hand the tusk uf giving statutory effect to the principles of the constitution adopted Isrt year. The. total of Its work wa the passage of more than 200 laws, many of which are experiment on American 60ll. The only special Interest with a controlling hand on the legislators" seem to have been the agricultural and labor Interest, " and the laws In their behalf re in many instance, of a novel sort. The taxation system provided Is comprehensive enough td touch all classea. All physical property, real and personal, Is assessed at It cash value. The public service torporatlons pay, besides, a gross receipts tax, and there are also Income and Inheritance taxes. A most Interesting' portion of the tax laws Is evidently meant to force the wide distribution of land ownership. It Is provided that the tax onlandahall be.graduated,lhcreas-Ing after the freehold or lease exceed '640 acres to a rate tha,t Is evidently Intended to be prohibitive as the hold- JngsgTow to a size promotive of "landlordism." The "little fnrm well tilled'" by Its owner Is the Ideal of the state. It seems, which seems to prove that all thefarmers rather than a few were represented In the farm- err lobby that made its innuence reit at Outhrle. Plnkerton guards cannot enter the state without the consent of the gov ernor. There is a free state employment bureau and an arbitration board to act la case of labor disputes. Employes are protected from blu'.klift- B g. at tea st JMyrejiujriOHedto be, white house and attending strictly to business. In IMi, when he wa elected by a tremenduous majority, he spoke seldom and then only briefly. These Tacts are held up solemnly to Mr. Bryan by ome of his party friends . down east., who believe that . this Is the year for a gum shot campaign. Dr. Montfort Schley does not add to our comfort by expatiating before ths Kansas City meeting of the society of ieuTologyand psychlatryon "the" risk we run from the presence of unrecognised Insane men In responsible positions. Such things are common, he Insists. This remind us that a prominent alienist lately published an article broadly hinting that the lilgh-at office In the land la now In possession of one who Is not altogether responsible. The discussion strengthens tne nair formed conviction In the breast of every partisan that the member and particularly th candidates of the opposite party are not Just right - In their minds. It burden Us with the-hldeous-thoughtthat-we-mwst-wln-thl election or' have a crasy engineer mt every throttle. displace the use of money In each transaction, not' on the ,hlt and mls system that bring grief to ao many country storekeepers, bnt on a trict hasla of extending credit only where the risk la at a minimum as shown by an Inside knowledge of tha character and paying ability of the creditor. The effect of this system Is to raise business standards, both for firms and for Individuals. It makes' business Arm scrupulous In meeting obligations and careful in making risks, because their prosperity depends on maintaining their credit. And the individual householder, when he realize that a little book In the hand of the businessmen indicates his strictness in meeting his obligations, i likely to be at a little extra pains to earn a good rating. Both personal and religious liberty seem to hars their pinions clipped by Judge Jones of Chicago, Jn the case of -Mrs. Mary Hunter. Tha lady's religious beliefs command her to starve herself for sixty daya, which means to death. The constitution specifically grants- her religious freedom and the simplest rule of personal liberty Is the right to do as one plea&es with oneself, yet the Judge orders her to be fed by force. After all. this is no vorse-than thlaWs,ragalnstsuJclde, No person ha a right arbitrarily to put society to the trouble of burying him. No snub, DAILY DRIf man ever forget or forgive In many place eclipsed the eclipse. th cloud totally by requiring employers to glv'fi Employes written statements of tha rea sons for their discharge. The luw providing for the guarantee of batik We can stand most any sort of polltl-cnl nonsense except a torchlight procession. 1 A one gather year and understand ing he finds there Isn't much In politic to become excited over. If Mr. Bryan had. prophesied that we would never again have a quiet Fourth of July ltwouldn't be hard to believe It. - We once knew a man who took . antlr fiit In order that he might become thin. F THE officers of the slate central- committee cajn have their way. something like the Beatrice ratification meeting will be held in even important center of the state before the close of the summer. In time they believe that a party dinner will be a feature of the campaign in every county. The Beatrice idea, which is credited to A. H- Kldd, proved remarkably successful on Its first trial. The amount of enthusiasm and good feeling developed at that meeting has never been matched at any convention since the county organized,- according to the testimony or the old time republicans. ITnder this plan the men who attend pay for their seats at the banquet, but the places are apportioned out among the precincts on the plan pursued for a county convention. It becomes something of an honor to be designated, to represent a precinct at such a meeting.. and it is believed that the men selected -will usually be on hand. . The most remarkable thing about the meeting at Beatrice, on Friday was that -any of the country precincts were represented at all. The weather had cleared off after nearly a month of raln..To go to 'town when the cornfields were fairly shrieking for help Involved a real sacrifice. The fact that so large a number of farmers made the trip, which spoiled nearly two days of farm work. Is proof enough of their interest and their approval of the idea. They acted like men who had nothing to worry them when they appearedOld Gage. Js one of the most reliable agricultural , regions on the globe, and there will be as big a harvest as usual this fall. The weeds are persistent, but they will be cleaned out except in the few fields that are beyond help. One of the most notable things about Refltrlee in the faot that visitors al ways - go - away - saying - good things i 8 so . oiitnerea, even Dy u sirangesi the1 Independent republicans who have got very tired of big-stick politic want to hear about the republican platform I exactly what Mr. Bryan tells them in his first comment upon th work of tha Chicago convention. No doubt Mr- Bryan thiks he will have the support at the potts this year of a great many of the admirer of Theodore Roosevelt and Robert M. La Follette, but it is a long time yet before the voting begins, and there will be more than a hundred daya on which Mr. Bryan can put forth more than a hundred arguments which will make more votes for Mr. Taft than for himself. . . It is because of the profound confidence -which Mr. Taft and his friend feel, that they; can obtain this great help from M". Bryan, that they are so earnestly hopeful that he will be left In full charge of the democratic campaign of 1908. , ' LOCE ANG-EL-ESV This Is the Way to Fronoaaee Los s ' " Aaaele. LOS ANGELES, CaL, June lS.-To. the Editor of the State Journal: It is a curious predicament when the very inhabitants of an American city call It name In no less than twelve different ways, of - which eleven are wrong and five are ' barberous. This unhappy and probably unique distinction belongs to Los Angeles, Cal. Yet It Is old enough to be known better. It wa properly pronounced for more than a century before the new Immigration set up so tall a tower of Ba- The commonest and worst atrocity sound like "Lost Angle Lees" (as distinguished by stress from a presumptive Seraphina Lees, or Kittie Lees) fiat O. Jelly G, and those flowery beds of Ees upon which phllogy will never be carried to the skies. I cannot recall that any other city In the world The remedy produced the desired resuTF and then some. lie died. Aecording to tha Boston Globs this nation has had four great presidents up to the present time, and Grover Cleveland was one of them. Who ar the other three! Reference to the pres reports of the morning of June S. ISM, discloses that the . marriage In the White house on the day before was a little pompou as the burial of the groom of that ofl-oaslon last week. Ml Folsom came to Washington on an early train attended by a few relatives, and was met by the president's private secretary, Daniel Imont. The only sign of anything unusual was the cloning of th White house to visitors for the day. The wedding procession consisted of the president and his bride, and the latter was without flowers or Jewelry. The guests consisted of relatives and cabinet members, and there appear! r have been no display of lfts. The marriage service was In harmony with the other arrangements, th entire formula filling but half a olumn of newspaper space. deposits is one of the -best known measures, and one of the Important measures was a law giving effect to tha Inlltlatlve and referendum. The new dispensary law. Intended to pro vide for tho sale of liquor for medicinal, purposes,-will-befcUbmltteiLtQ vols under the referendum this full. also a proposal to adopt the Torren system of registering land title. The disposition to relieve Judges of some of their responsibility and power whlchThanlfested Itself-In "provision for trial by Jury In rase of Indirect contempt of court, lends also to a law allowing Juries In criminal cases to determine the sentence as well as (tic facts. The larger cities are given home rule In charter making, subject of course, to state law. Most of these meaaures pass s radical In this country, though they ould not be so considered In Austra lasia or In some European countries. Jpite. this thej capitalists do not ppear to feel Hint they have bi-en -,lMtAti:j1 Hi t 4.....,.-ll. ' I- state wun regara ttf tne laws passed, such Is tlia speclnl situation of a state so new as to be affected1 llttla by changes In property rights, okla-noma has greatly diverse resources, mineral, agrleulturnl, and even In timber, all requiring the co-operation of labor and capital for their develop ment. Except that its capita) Is still largely controlled" by non-resldonfs tha situation of th state Is not greatly- different from that of .any other and the great experiment she I making will properly have a deep Influence on other states whatever the result about It- The city is attractively located and comfortably built It Is just big enough to allow the use of metropolitan Improvements without being so big that the people don't know their neighbor. Tha friendliness and nelghborliness of the place is a great, charm. People have front yards and roomy porches and If they can't afford automobiles almost everybody can have a gentle plug to carry the family out to enjoy tha comforting views that are to be seen from the roudshat lead Into " the country in Congressman Pollard gives the young man sound advice when he tell him to Join a political party. As public affair are conducted there Is no other Instrument for performing a rftlien' duty than the party. The advice as to manner of choosing a parry Is also sound. Take a bird's eye view of th party and the men that compos It Study the history of your country before selecting a party affiliation. But tinfortunately certain antecedent cir cumstance Imped th application of these latter rules. The average young man affiliate with a party, his rather", to th extent of wearing a imtton and marching behind the parade, before ha knows a bird' eye view from a view on the money que tion ana while hi historian re- earcne must still be confined to word of one syllable. His examlna Won of the men composing a party commonly,, stops with his father, which makes the non-heredity polltl oat affiliation of the adopted citizen m matter of vital Importance. In connection with many other yexar turn William-Hayes Ward keeps-end-Ing us leaflet deroted to th cause, of simplified spelling. He wants to organize a leag of editors and publishers who will pleg themselves to thro all silent letter into the hell box. AlthiTthe work Is dis-curaglngly lo, Mr. Ward Is delited to report progre, .', - W don't propose to become o deeply Interested In politics as to lose a minute of sleep over th possible outcome of the election. It I a satisf action to believe, that there are enough patriot on either aide to preserve the liberties vot the people, even If they do tax th pub; lie treasury to the limit. Mrs. Frank J. OoUld wants an absolute divorce from her husband. They have been married seven years, have two sweet children. aged five and three years, a every direction. Beatrice has had bus- Lss Aii-ei -ess, IrifHK dinanrlntments in the nast : lo Ann-nell-ess, twenty yearsL but the town is going i:lKtvtaneail. it can t no anvtnin else with such a country around it, and no competition within forty miles. Beatrice is apparently Just about where Lincoln was seven or eight years ago. All the stack has been taken up, values have returned to property and now an era of home building has begun on a large scale. It is easy enough to get a drink In Beatrice: The -civic -league has placed big tanks of pure water on the streets with plenty of tin cups for the use of the thirsty. But beyond that there l.s absolutely nothing doing. That is the testimony of the v prohibitionists and also of , the other fellows. The drouth was a source of great Joy to Jimmy Wlntersteen, who has been visitor. Here are three massacre in only four syllables. There is In Spanish no flat O; there Is no "Oh, Gee!" and while there is our sound of dou-ble-E, It is written with an I. It Is upon this special boggle-pronunciation that the Merry Widow mind predicates its sorry Jest of "City of Lost Angels." Other pronunciations current even here besides the "Los Anjeloss" practically confined to a few unacclt-mated persons are: Loss A n gle Less, Loes A n-eiesr Loss Ann-htll-ees, Loss Ann haylaee, lxice. Ann Jell-eex, Loce An-jell-ess, Loce Ann-hay-lace, Loce Angel-eez L provldonceThat no one yet (so far as I know) has come to "Lost Angol Ease." But an eastern paper, sitting In Judgment on our attempt to clinch the fit pronunciation, solemnly and editorially (If this be not tautology) assured us that the accent of the chief word must come on its second syllable; and that It is "Ann-hail-ace"! So It is onlya question of time before some Abnex. Dean., of Angel' shall "raise his point of order, when " As this city was founded In 1781, and then christened by a name already ancient in a language which Is one of law; and as that name has only one correct pronunciation, It seems to be- time- to establish and make official the due concord of sweet sounds. The ' popular difficulty lies For the Summer's Cooking No kitchen appliance gives uch actual satisfaction and. real home comfort as the New " Perfection Wick Blue Flame Oil Cook-Stove. Kitchen work, this coming , summer, will be better and quicker done, with reater personal comfort for the worker if, instead of the stifling heat f a coal Are, you cook by the etnetntrated flame of the MW PMCTON Wick Blue Flame Oil Cook-Stove Delivers heat where you want it never where you don't want "it -thus it keeps the kitchen cool. Burns for hours on one filling. Instantly regulated for low, medium or intense heat Has sufficient capacity for all household needs. Three sizes -if not at your dealer's, write our nearest agency. - ' AT!r T A A P never disappoint ' a wonderful light giver. Solidly made, beautifully nickeled. Your living-room will be pleasanter with a Kayo LampP A H 1 V-" If not with your dealer, writ our nearest agtncy. STANDARD OIL COMPANY (Incorporated) A sublectcd to a ereat many iibes during tho last six months on account of his 1 cMefly with the G. Spanish G before abstemious habits. Jimmy sat In a E ha i no pre ,lse equivalent in Engnsn CREDIT. Although for several years past (her have been reports of organisations of f'credlt men," and within a week there ha been a national meeting of credit men In a western city, It Is doubtful If enough has been said of the meaning and use of "credit men" to give the non-commerclal publlo much Idea of what they stand for. The growth in Importance of the credit man Is one of the significant accom paniments of modern business methods, ft has come with the dis covery that commercial intercourse Is hampered by the necessity of using money In connection with every trans. action. The more business can be done on credit the more conveniently snd efficiently can business be carried on. Onoa on a time It might have been necessary for large business houses to keep an expert to pass on the soundness of th various kinds of coin or paper that passed as money. Today such an expert Is ndod to pass upon the aoundnes of the credit that Is offered Instead of cash when goods are transferred from one owner to another. And so there has grown. up the coin-merical agency, which makes a specialty of discovering the debt paying capacity of business houses and dis seminating tha Information among . those concerned. , This Is Inquisitorial work, but business men understand that they must have credit, and that they cannot obtain It without letting the condition of their business be known to those who must extend credit. The work of Judging of the hundred families In luxury. . All this has failed to bring hupplnes for, according to unverified rumors, Frank thinks more of race horses and other swift propositions, than he fioe of th folks at home. And bare 1 -another exemplification of the doctrine that the' money ' of the criminally rich doesn't buy much, It Isj my belief be wa -horn -to-grlf;. J'or .he hd it from first to last; lie had felt no Joy as a little boy, For wherever hi lot was cast, II could understand there was, no de mand . ,f'"' For hi presence, among tha bunch. For his shape waa bad, and hi face wa ad. And he needed no second bunch. big rocking chair In front of the Paddock after the 'races on Friday and laughed at the fellows who were trying to discuss the events of the day witbout . anything to lubricate their talking nachlnery. "Those fellows have ' been offering It to me and making fun of me for a long time," he suld. "They wanted to know why I was getting good all. at once. I told 'eni I had to do it be--cauiie so many of-myLfavoritflJiebra8- ka town were going dry. Here I am a comfortable as1 you1 pleases nd Homo of my friends who tried to tempt me are running around with their tongues hanging out half a mile." He was rather late reaching man' es tate. . For his body and brain were slow, And he gained renown In his nstlv town For the things that he didn't know. And the girl that he wed wasn't much ahead Of himself when It came to sense. And the people thought that the two were not Of a great deal of consequence. He was not too atrong. and to get along Wa a wearisome task to him. For he felt th curse of an empty purse, A iid he never wa in the swim. Now bis poor bone lay In the house of clay, For the toll of this life Is done; And t think somehow he' a rich man now Ami as happy as anyone. Opinion l.s divided, as ft usually Is, on the effect of prohibition upon business. , ttomo of th' .merchants say they don't believe they see so tnurty farm ers In town as they did under old conditions. Their theory Is that ln- stead of coming a long way to Beat.-, rice the farmers go to the Bmaller towns for their necessities, and turn back home. They believe that some trade: drifts up to Saline countywhere there is always plenty of beer on tap. tin the other hand it is admitted that business la very good, considering the weather and all other conditions, and this Is attributed to the ability of the people of Beatrice to buy more useful goods now that they have had their outlet for spending money In the saloons cut off. A good many of the bars remain In place, patiently waiting until the people of Beatrice grow tired of their experiment and are ready to allow them to open again. But this can't be for another year, at least, and the supporters of the civic league say that they "might as well move them out first and last, for the town has gone dry for good." THIRTY YEARS, AGO TODAY. It Is almost exactly the German cli In "buch." Those who call the name "Ann Hell" are less outlandish than the "Angle" people; but they are still far from the fact. Quite as bad are those who give the two E's the "day" sound (which E In Spanish has only been accented) and call the ' last - word" "Ahn-hay-lace." Thls is Indeed a commonplace of the two-bit, "Spanish-ln-twenty-four-les-sons," vocabularies; but is as offensive tirThe crttic- a s t he-jabber-Ji Despite nutablo geographic differences, the E sounds are identical in "Heaven," " "Hell," and Los Angeles. The nearest that can be asked of a busy American population, Is our hard O as In "Anger'Vand it' near enough. For precisionists It needs only to Hdd a certain nasul to the hard Hi. bringing It to ward th German ch. The O Is long, and the first word rhymes, with "do." The E's ,are almost exactly llke-.E, in "bed" and "yes." ' ' There Is an attempt locally to secure an official pronunciation of this honorable jiaraH historic Jto this city for 'more than a century; "arid of course of fame long before Porfola picked and named the site, and De Nevo founded this particular pueblo. The following local Jingle covers the case reasonably well: The lady. would remind you, please, Her name Is not. Lost Arpio Less, ,or AiiK: anytuing whatever. She hoiKs her friends will be so clover , ' To share her fit historic pride The G shall not be Jellified-O long. O hard, and rhyme with "yes," And all about x Loce Ang-el-ess. CHAS. F. LLMMINS, Librarian., A big Fourth of July celebration was advertised to take place at "Palace grove," fourteen mile north of Lincoln. Match trials of harvesters were popular in those days, The men In charge scrapped like sewing machine Agents, and usually carried their rows into the newspaper. TWKNTT YKARS AGO TODAY. A monster republican ratification Th Oolumbu Telegram (democratic) "eetinr was held at New York, pays a tribute to the memory of Grover t There was still an enormous Cleveland which reads tike manv of the ' "Hunt .of fuss over the sidewalk. meer.ntne .i.n. on th. t,i..ine.. hi... ' ffndcs In the center of the city. The In London. ".Th Ivrson Company coiincllmen who had adopted th Dong and story have always lauded tho farmer's life as the acme of health and longevity, but Hie new column make It plain that It la not without It peculiar dangers. On Friday a credit of a business concern, of all Nebraska farmer fell from a stack of bay, alighting upon the prongs of a pitchfork. Ills death resulted. Pretty nearly every day wo hear of a farmer's Injury by the kicking or running away of a horse. The corn Sheller, threshing machine, harvesting machine and disk i,h arrow each has Its - way of wounding, and the sharp homed bull occasionally gets a life. Rufus Gib-bon of Bt. Louis I to make hi five hundred and eighty-first balloon ascension on tho Fourth, In pursuance ot a calling pursued since 1M3. Had ho been a fsrmer the chance r he woutd have been butted Into the well ty a playful calf and drowned long go. . perhaps, though, tho fact that there ar so many farmers iflve undue prominence to their mishaps. They ar by no means discriminated sgalnst the elements entering In, the property resources, the skill In his peculiar business, th temperament of the business man, whether Inclined. to b over sanguine or not. ha developed a special class of talent the credit man. To supplement the-work of th commercial agency moht large firmn have special credit men of their own to determine tho amount and kind of credit to be extended to each Individual patron. This system Is being extended alo to retail trade. In msny cities, probably moM, there sre local agencies which make a study of the debt paying habit and capacities nf heads of families, selling the Information to retell store which may be asked for credit by these Individuals. Even la retail trad credit I 'beginning to I "IlilinU'llMI1 trrg , In" U' a - a .nnmnir) (Minted). Manufacturer of Soft Soap." t ithout limit. The property owners There, la a sampl that fits the rase ex-j roared In a futile way for a long aeiiy. nai me leiearnm says or ,-ur. Cleveland I eulogistic enough to satisfy anybody, hut stops at that point In th i great man's career where he hud small opportunity to display what he could do. having a 'congress not In harmony Wlfti hi desire. It says: , "The Amerlrun people mav point through all the years to rlnh heritage when they point to that page In history wnereon are recorded me words or wis. : dom snd the deeds nf rlgtit as spoken 1 and performed by Groter Cleveland ilur-inif hi first four resrs as nrealdent " i It Is msnlfe.tly unfair to th dead as I mmirea in tne order ana it was well ., th. living to Ignore the later . L ' Jill . ".I "kJTL. " " . -' """II II, I, T 1 1 t 1 Q ,1V ,., .Not Fair. "Look here, Abraham." said the Judge, "It's been proved right here In court that Instead of doing something to help support your wife and children, you spend your whole time hunting 'possum!" . The old negro hung his head- "Now, Abe, you love your wife, dort't you " "Ah suttlnly does!" "And your children?" ' "Yas, suh!" "And you love them both better " "Better ev'ry day, jodge!" Abe broke in. ' 4 "better than a thousand 'possum?" "Look hyah, Jedge," exclaimed Abe, with widening eyes, "dat's tnkln' a coon at a pow'ful disadvantage!" Bohemian Magazine. New York OS l Oil Bill Central Lines to ieturn Every Thursday Until Septs 24, inclusive -From Chicago S2 VIA "LAKE SHORE" , '". V:' 4;' or:-;:':;;;: -;;' "MICHIGAN CENTRAL" From-SHools '-$33- ' ; via-' 'Y:'. "BIG FOUR ROUTE" Good for Return 30 Days CoarcspondiQgly Low Fares to Canada, Adirondack Mountains and St. Lawrence River WARREN J. LYNCH, Passenger Traffic Mgr., CHICAGO. "WELL DONE OUTLIVES DEATH." EVEN YOUR MEMORY WILL SHINE IF YOU USE time, but there whs nothing for them to do but conform. TKN YEARS AOO TODAY.; Advices from 'CJeneral Shafter Indicated an nssnult-on the city of Santiago within forty. eight hour. Th enemy were gaining in numbers. Private John (. Maher of the Second regiment, who wa on trial before court-martial, for sussing an officer, was the subject of consideration at the meeting of th Tribe of Ben Ilur, of which he wa a member. H period' when real achievement was possible and there wis something doing to tha credit or" discredit of the man who occupied the presidential chair. If Orover Cleveland was honrit In 18X4 was I he any less to in If he w a ' the army. Mr, Drinn'i Help, No Kiceptton. The maid Do you believe It's unlucky to get married on a Friday? The' abominable, bachelo. Certainly, 'Why should Friday be an exception? Hlack and White. (Hartford Time-) Is .Mr. Hryan going to furnish the .i 1,1. . ... ' business men of the country with a .......i. uiltMI. , III. I- I 1,1, mi IIP I . I ., anr lets a statesman when crowned, with added year of experience and serrlce? lrt's hsve th record all complete; Was prover first term sound. And the man a fraud nd cheat When next on rams around? It doesn't seem quite clear to m That on whose heart Is right, . In four hnrt year can g"t to b A rock-rlhtd blatherskite. Pq In his first lerip liifr-r ' Its did wfII. fur rot, Hei ause he had mini II i lmnce to err Kj- any (Pvertart.. But when he hid the rlaht of way lie broke hl party fist. And 'Kdgar Hnwant rl'trnn't y ' A word (Oncernint that- ' fresh argument, every morning, from now until November, for voting for William H. Taft for tha presidency "Ills proclamation of Haturday and Sunday, telegraphed everywhere by the Associated I Ton, are plulnly of thnt character. It Is known that host of republl. cans, men of great weight and influence In their aprty, served on th republican commute on resolution at Chicago Inst week, that they would not support the ticket If th platform contained any declaration that could be construed as pointing toward the weakenipg of the federal Judiciary. Mr. Hryan gives to these uncompromising republican hi distinguished assurances that there' I no attack upon the federal Judiciary In tha Chicago platform. Of course, he Is looking for vote In another quarter. But what EFFECTIVE POTATO BUG KILLER There's nothing eqiiat to Pari Green for the destruction of potato bug. Unfortunately many g t hold of some of the poor grades, f which there are many on the market, and result ar not satisfactory. Our 'Pari Green l pure and can be depended upon, ' 1'rlce always the lowest. SAPQLIO All Loos-Wlles Products Comply with th Nebraska Pur Food Law BATH POWDER 1 RICE POWDER A Perfumed Luxury for the Balk I Best Toilet powder, AnbjepbcaHy Soften Hard Wsler. better I pure, Kebeves lunbura and than Perfume. 25 batht. 73 Z3 cent. -AT ALL rffmrs A CAN ' m MAILIO BY UV A CAN JOURNAL AND NEWS 15" WEEK JOURNAL AND NEWS 15 WEEK .1 i I,

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