The Nebraska State Journal from Lincoln, Nebraska on October 12, 1890 · 10
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The Nebraska State Journal from Lincoln, Nebraska · 10

Lincoln, Nebraska
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Sunday, October 12, 1890
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10 DAILY NEBRASKA STATE JOURNAL SUNDAY OCTOBER 12 890 FASHIONS FOR THE -LADIES PROPER HEAD COVERINGS FOR OCTOBER. Stjllifl Hats and Ben set Wklch Cob-form to Other TTetrini; ApparelDescriptions. l Jt em CnJtom Waiea Basal to Clubs Girls Wit "Old Bachelors" Bum WlVS -luhioa Nate. (MoMr AUlHaarv. 2T2W Tore, Oct. 8. Special Correspondence. "Isn't this rather a new departure for jour firm?" asked a customer in Redfern's the other day, -at the tame time indicating with a wave of her daintily gloved hand, the array of very chio bonnets and bata carelessly' disposed about the large show rooms. "Not at all, madame," says Redf era. 'That is to say, it is merely making rather more a feature this fall, of what has been for sometime mora or less a branch of oar business. You see we found that manv of our patrons were just so much lacking in discrimination hall we eay? an to crown a coat or gown of ours, with an utterly inappropriate hat or bonnet. So we have now arranged to furnish a suitable headcovering for each costume and also furs, umbrellas and even shoes. Ah, you smile at that last item, but let me tell you that the whole effect of an elegant gown is frequently spoiled by baring the foot gear at variance with the general idea of the costume. It is not merely ill-assorted colors which "swear at each other but difTerknt acceisories of the toilet are frequently as antagonistic, though each one may be perfection when considered by Ittelf." All of which is quite true and rtraVMl lit nntnA VrtcrliohmttT, tit riA a master of his art, just as the following eketches show that be is as good a millin-' as tailor. Hat No. 1 is a biege felt, with the vel-, vet folds or-' the - new old blue which we . used to call mazarine and which, "they ' Bay," can be . worn by blonde and brunette alika The trimming consists of ! blue tips and little birds which shade I from beige to tan brown. Below this is a dressy little bonnet of smoke grey vel-t Yet whose coDToluted rim shows a facing ' of shrimp-pink satin. Loops of pick rib-,'bon brocaded in silver are set upon the - crown alongside of a large grey bird. 1 The turban on the last head, has first a roll of chinchilla, then a band of cadet blue velvet, and above these a crown of grey cloth, embroidered in silver and in -colored thetalic threads. A blue-grey marabout pompon with aigrette is at the back. " The first of these other figures wears a walking bat of dark maroon felt, with a band of garnet velvet about its crown and a garnet buckle in front A blackbird holds up the brim at the back and some maroon oepreys curl around his tail feathers. The other is a little dress bonnet of dark brown velvet with a fancy brim of gold braid thickly set with turquoise. A rosette of turquoise bhie crepe embroidered with gold and brown stars, trims that portion of the front which is not covered with a tuft of marabout feathers. Way Wives Object te Clabe. One of the most numerous clubmen of - Chicago, who is also a great merchant, , aaid in a boi party the other night: i "It is becoming the custom for dubs to liave what they call ladies' evenings. That is, evenings when the members bring in their wives, daughters, sisters and sweetheart. The - entertainments re simple, . A gfread not ejaboiateaj promenade, a little music and a little dancing, ana tne dear creatures are content. You see, women want to know what is going on. Remove the free-maaonary veil and they are- satisfied. I am a Mason and an Odd Fellow and a K. P., but I don't think my wife is as happy as she would be if I were neither. So when I joined several clubs in city she was almost on the borders of insanity. I have taken her to the clubs on ladies' evenings. I have let her eat salids, pickles, cheese and tongue at night a thing I wouldn't let her do at home. I have let her danoe and promenade. She begins to see there is nothing about club life in which a man might not indulge in his own house, and she is becoming more reconciled. When I say I am going to the club she says all right cheerfully, and I don't find her sitting up when I come home; or, if she is, she hasn't looked the clock out of countenance." " , Girl Baehklore. There are no more old maids. "When a girl gets to be in the demure and quiet shade of eight and twenty she at onoe does something joins a club, gets a mission, adopts a profession, goes jn business and becomes a "bachelor girL" The "girl bachelors" of the cities are numerous enough and a power strong enough to form a distinct class by themselves. Many of them live with parents or friends, paying their board or contributing to the general expenses of the household. Soma have learned, however, to combine and form households by themselves. No parent can fail to hope her daughter will marry the man of her choice and "live happy ever after;" that is the natural, foreordained lot of woman. But, in the course of human events, many girls are disappointed in this prospect, if, indeed, they ever choose it. For many girls, in these modern days of busy employment for everybody, build up a plan of life which includes no future lover whatever. Th Model Wife IB Kuula. Among the middle and lower orders of Russian society the model wife is she whose good conduct and slavish obedience to the will or whims of her husband, give him no excuse to lift hand or rod against her, and who never beats her husband when drunk. Wives beating their husbands is, however, a recognized phase of Russian social life. Among the cheap chromes that adorn the village tea houses and trakters, one of the most familiar scenes is a druken moujik on the ground and his wife beating him in no gingerly manner. Fashion Votes. The most expensive fur is the Russian sable, for a single skin of which as much as $150 is sometimes paid. ' Dark corduroy, in the gray, tans and browns,' are very pretty, and will be much worn this winter. Rough Scotch goods and . fleecy woolens are worn in very light colors, and trimmed m dark silks or velvets. Glace kid gloves have taken the place of Suede gloves. Glazed black kid is more popular for street wear than tan, which it has to a large degree replaced. Silk tissue with white silk dots the size of peas embroidered over the surface is a stylish thing for evening gowns, and is especially pretty for debutantes. Handsome autumn costumes are made up in combination with tartan surahs, and en suite are black velvet perelines' lined with the plaided silk and trimmed with a neck piece of ostrich feathers. Cashmere is a , fabric that English women never buy except for mourning. They argue that the material nas no reason for existence. It is too clumsy for house wear and no earthly good for the street, as the least moisture spoils it. Unusually light shades in cloth gowns will be the vogue during the coming season. Suede browns, silver gray and turquoise blue will be the leading colors. The sleeves and the skirt borders will be covered with dark braiding. The cloth used for tailor made suits and wraps is as carefully shrunk as though intended for men's wear. The manufacturer shrinks it, the jobber shrinks it, the cutter shrinks it and during the making the tailor shrinks it every time an iron ia rased. A stylish autumn gown is of seal brown cloth. The corselet and plain gored skirt appear to be cut in one, opening at the top, as a pair of corsets would look if left unfastened, allowing to show an under bodice of sleeves of broche velvet of the exact red of an unripe blackberry. Butterflies are to be the next victims of fashion. The new fans are decorated with the beautiful wings of these insects, which are caught in hundreds for the purpose, the body, antennae and legs being sketched in afterwards by an artist, who also paints in groups of flowers, over which the butterflies appear to hover. Evening dresses of velvet-dotted ecru net are fashionable over a silk lining, the shade of the figures, and trimmed with eora braid and tinsel gimp and jackets. Black silks made up at this time are trimmed with Bleeve and girdle of black guipure or black and gold; if a richer style is desired use the new jeweled pas-ementerie. A QEEER CAT. ' K Ska Could stand any Made bat h "Miserere" from Trevatore. Cats do have an ear for music, 'says Harper's Young People. A clergyman in the south of Ireland, a queer but keen observer of animal nature, some time ago described the odd effects of music on a cat in a friends house. His host in course of a chat, told him that Kitty was exceedingly cross and upset if a certain air from an opera (the "Miserere" from the "Trovatore") was played on the pianoforte, and that she would not even allow it to be whistled in her hearing. The clergyman could scarcely believe this. .fussy was lying on tne rug with a young family about her. Her master at once began whistling, -first one air, then another The cat paid no attention to them. Suddenly he whistled the tune in Verdi's opera. Immediately the cat stopped playing; her ears pricked up, her tail waved angrily. As he continued to whistle she ran from her family to his side, and at last, as he described it, began climbing up, with a sharp and piteous mew looked into his face, rubbed her head against his shoulder, and at last put her paw directly against bis lips. The clergyman asked if it w as not a trick that the cat had been taught. But his host told him no, pussy had started her conduct herself. One day he had been gazing out of the window and whistling that air. He was not thinking of the cat until suddenly she came up to him with mews and curious squeaks, and before he knew it was climbing up his trousers, and presently from his shoulder she laid her little foot on his mouth. The whistler made different tests of the matter and soon satisfied himself that it was that tune and no other that interested his pet. She came to him from any part of the house if he whistled or plaved it: and one gentleman put her into such a passion by it that she nearly scratched one of his eyes out and behaved generally u&e a uue uer. , IN A PROHIBITION STATE, . Wnea the Orlgrln&l Paekaa-a Float Isaad la the Coaflaesef Oar Easter Nelshkor. Buchanan county, in which Independence is located, is a prohibition county and has no saloons. But it has an original package shop, and the action within that caste ia truly interesting. It is a well known fact that there are several people whose practice it is to attend those races, who are not the most ardent total abstainers on record. Independence has fully resolved to become a sporting city and, as such, must, expect to have all the "extras" which (follow such a life. In the second story" of a building on Main street th joint is located. The room is fully 150 feet square and each day of the races it was crowded. " At the bar the bottles were purchased. "Ton will find corkscrews and glasses in the back part of the room," said the over-worked bartender - The men with bottles elbowed tneir way to the rear, where the tables were surrounded with bibulous hundreds. On each table were two corkscrew! securely fastened with chains, while glasses were burnt rapidly filled and drank. : lo - tne side were tube of water in which to rinse the glasses. The supply of cork screws fell short of - the demand, and many a thirsty pilgrim wandered from table to table begging a crooked piece of hardware with which he could extract the stubborn cork and satisfy the cravings. It waa a hard looking crowd. The - floor covered with beer and the room filled with dozens who were loaded to the muzzle. Never were such disgusting scenes witnessed in the lowest dive of an open saloon on the face of the earth yet these are some of the beneficent results under prohibition. ine Eroprietor of the joint in twenty-four ours sold three car loads of bottled beer. A car contains 800 oases, or 7,200 bottles, and three cars loads comprised 21,600 bot tles. At 25 cents a bottle, his gross revenue was f 5,400. The beer cost him $1,728, leaving $3,672 as net profit for the business of twenty-four hours or one day. The races continued for five days and at this rate he cleared fully $18,000 during the meeting on beer alone, not counting his profits on cigars and bottles of whisky sold. Dubuque dispatch to Burlington Hawkeye. MEAT BED ROCK PRICES, Good beefsteak, 3 lbs. f or 25 cts. Boiling Meat 4 to 6c per pound. Corn Beef, 4 to 6c per pound. . Pork, 10c per pound. Pork Sausage, 10c per pound. All other kinds of meat at the lowest cash prices. None but Nebraska beef used. Call and see us. Bohanan Bros. REPUBLICAN CAMPAIGN SPEAKERS. List of AumbmbubIi as Car as Prepared by the Committee. The following is the list of announcements of republican meetings as far as prepared up to date by the state central committee: All meetings to be in the evening unless stated otherwise. COL. T. J. MAJORS 119 HOB. 1 D. RICHARDS AT Fairburr, Saturday, October 11. J. L. 1MIU AT, Ashland, Saturday, October 11. SRI. L. W. COLBS AXD BIT. H. raESSOB AT Plattsmouth, Saturday, Hovember L (Afternoon. hon. s. r. DATicsoa Am bom. x. w. LAJraijro AT - Genera, Saturday, Oct. 11. BOS. 1. I WEBSTKB, L, D. RICHARDS AHD JOBS C WAT-OH AT 1 Weeping Water Saturday, October 25 (afternoon), BIT. BYBOB BS&IX AT ' Cedar Rapids Friday, October 10. Atkinson Monday, October 13. HOI. J. C, WATSOB, HOB. W. V. SDRIJET UTD HOS. F. f. ross, AT W fiber, Monday October 13. aurora, Tuesday, October 14. COL. T. J. BLUOB8 AMD BOX. I. L BOSS AT Hinden, Wednesday, October 15. BOX. OBO. D. MDXXXJOKH AXD COL. T. J. MAJORS, AT Fairmont, Thursday, October It. Cambridge, Friday, October 17. Bloomlngion, Saturday, October 18. HOS. J. I. CALDWELL AMD HOS. A. a HtmrB&ST. AT Chadron, Tuesday, October 14. Kushvilte, Wednesday, October IS. Gorden, Thursday, October 16. Alnsworth, Fries, October 17. O'MeUl, Saturday. October 18. OM. L W. LAXBIHO AMD HOS. J, R. FUICX, AT Oak dale, Monday, October 13. ' Norfolk. Tuesday, October 14. Long Pine. Wednesday. October IS. Ewing, Thursday, October Id. HOB. I. W. LAXSTJia AMD HOB. J. WBSLSY TUCK EB, Harvard, Saturday, October 18. HOB. QEO. H. HASTDTGS Alto A H. LOKQ, A Sidney, Monday, October 13. Ogallala, Tuesday, October 14. North Platte, Wednesday, October 15. Lexington. Thursday, October 16. Central City, Friday. October 17. Bchuyler, Saturday, October 18. HOB. 1. A. WBTTMORB AMD HOB. KDXS M'SBERRT. AT Endloott, Taesday, October 14. Chester, Wednesday, October 15. Dlller, Thursday, October 16. Kdgar, Friday, October 17. RV. H. PRK8SOB AKD HOB. QIO. A. ADAMS, A : Liberty, Monday, October 13. Burohard. Tuesday, October 14. Table Kock, Wednesday, October 15. . Dawson, Thursday, October 16. Sterling. Friday, October 17. HOB. W. a SUMMERS AMD DR. B. FRXSBOB, AT Btromsburg, Tuesday, October 14. Rising, Wednesday, October 15. Osceola, Thursday, October It. TJlyssea, Friday, October 17. HOB. W. 4. CONMBXL AMD W. J. BRTAI (JOIST DISO0SSIOB AT Lincoln, Monday, October IS. . Omaha. Wednesday. October 15. Wahoo, Thursday afternoon, October 16. " Papilllon. Friday afternoon, October 17. Weeping Water. Saturday afternoon, October 18. ' Tecumseh, Monday afternoon, October 21). Beatrice, Tuesday afternoon, October 21. Pawnee Cltv, Wednesday afternoon, October 22, Salem, Monday afternoon, October 37. Auburn, Tuesday afternoon, October 28. Syracuse, Wednesday afternoon, October 39. HOB. J. a STRODB AMD HOB. W, J. COBBKLL AT Ceresco, Friday afternoon, October 81. RET. J. a. TATS AMD BOB. M. M. BALDRBOR AT Ausifra. Monday, October 13. Pawnee City, Tuesday, October 14. - falls City. Wednesday, Octooer 15. BOB. If. J. BTRBHAH A!U BCT. J. 8. TATS AT David Citr, Thursday. October IS. Milford, Wednesday. October 17. RET. J. S. TATR, HOB. B. J. BtTRBHAM AMD JUDGE M. B. RRRSR AT : York. Saturday, October 18, afternoon and veiling ORB. H. C. RUSSELL AMD H. BADE OIXXIB AT , PenderTuesdaT. October 14. Ponca, Wednesday. October 15. Harttngton, Thursday, October 15. HOB. B. T. BAKLAB AMD HOS. J. H. A0KB AT Orleans. Friday, October 10. at 3d. m. - SOTRRBOR JOBS M. THATEB AMD CORORR6BMAH O. W. B DORSVT AT r Sidney, Friday. October '.84. ' Kimball, Saturday, October JS. Jobb C Watsob. Chairman. -Walt M. Srbly, Secretary. The congressional committee has made the following appointments for the hob. b. t, harlab: - Orleans, Friday, October 10. at 2 p. m. ., ; ' Alma, Friday, October 10, at 8 p.m. ; McCook. Saturday, October 11, at J p. m. Indianola. Saturday, October 11, at Bp. m. Hiawatha, Dundy county, Monday, October 13, at 3 p. ra. . Benkebnan. Monday, October 18, at 8 p. m. . Stratton. Tuesdav, October 14. at 3 p. m. Culbertsonu Tuesday, October 14, at 8 p. m. Arapahoe. Wednesday, October 15, at 2 p. m. , Edison. Wednesday. October 15, at at 8 p. m. Bearer City, Thursday, October 16. at 3 p. m. . Hundley, Thursday. October 16. at 8 p. tn. C. A. McCloud, 8ec'y Con. Cora. Local papers please copy. COUNT? REPUBLICAN MEETINGS. ' 4 The Campaitra Opened la Lancaster aad Dates Arraaaed. Meetings will take place throughout the county aa follows: In addition to speakers announced different county candidates will be present. All meetings will be held in the evening, beginning at 7:30 unless otherwise specified: . Wednesday. October 15, Denton school house Captain, W. H. Woodward, Hon. 1. B. Strode, R. J. Greene. Monday. October- ts, Ctty hall, Bprague Hon. Jerome sham.. Hon. J. C. Johnston. T. C. Mnnger. ' Tuesday. O.-t ber 14. Malcolm school house Hoa. C. O. Wh.-.ion. Hon. B. F. Johnson. A W. Scott. Thursday, October 16, R,,,-a hall, Boca C. K. Ma-soon, Hon. Jerome Shamp, Oliver P.Davis. FrklAT. October 17. iHwuJ UrrW Bin IT. Panama precinct Hon. I. w. i ...i.,, Hoa. G. L. J Hall, Ju4aC 1 a. rrer. 'Neetlot; Birds and Seent. ' ' In a former : communication -1 stated that a ruffed grouse had nested sereral years within sighf of my cabin. It was this grouse that attracted- my attention to the new feature in natural history. y Mr cabin Is in the ' woods, situated on an old highway, deaerted for a hundred years or more. . South of the cabin is a small brook, and just across it a path turns off into the woods, and it was near this path that the grouse nested, Several hundred people passed and repassed the nest while the bird "was hatching out her first brood. . Many bird dogs accompanied their, masters, and I thought it singular that they did not scent the bird. The second year I tried an experiment, The grouse nested near the old spot, and I borrowed a bird . dog of a friend, and while an easterly wind blew directly from the bird across the path, led the dog to ,and . fro. - Strange - as it may appear, the dog did not , take the scent, Afterward I went to a boulder,, the drumming resort of the male grouse, and the dog pointed the spot every time be passed the rock, ; Thinking that while his sense of scent was aroused be might notice the nesting bird, I tried him once more but with the old result, -. The path near which this grouse nests is a common highway for skunks in their nightly, visits to any cabin door yard.-Raccoons also use it when frog hunting in the little brook. The trtd tumble-down wall along the deserted highway affords weasels, minks and stoats a road through the woods, -and- what seems passing strange is that some of these keen-scented animals has not ferreted out and destroyed the grease before this. I have noticed since I have lived in the woods (six years) that often rough grouse nest near paths that are in constant use, and usually rear or at least hatch out the young. I can recall three nests so situ-atedfthis last season which were undisturbed. i- -t "--.-"; .,.,- After due and careful consideration of the subject I have come to this conclusion: That it is a change . of scent: that protects ' the grouse while nesting, and that it is an admirable provision of nature to enable the bird to rear its young and propagate its kind. Forest and Stream. '- -. f j - CONSUMPTION CURABLE. Since the fact that consumption is both preventable and in its earliest stage curable, it has lost much of its terror. If the first symptoms are at once recognized and the proper remedy applied, very few, if any one, need die of consumption, which is really lung scrofula, like many other diseases this formidable one grows out of impure blood, and this, in turn, from a diseased liver. Hence, we have the hacking cough, thepainaJn chest, the inflamed lungs, and all the symptoms of hastening consumption, all the result of depraved blood and a diseased liver. The use of Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery will arrest all such symptoms, restore the liver to healthy action, and send streams of pure blood : into every organ. Of druggist. - . - y . LINCOLN. ST. JOE AND KANSAS CITY. Through Sleeper and Parlor Cars. The day of transfers, ' changes and delays between Lincoln, St Joe and Kansas city is over, the B, & M having placed in service a line of ' combination sleeper and parlor chair 'cars that for convenience, elegance and comfort surpass anything heretofore run', between these points. '; The present 'schedule is as follows: Leave Lincoln,, 8:30 p. m. daily, arrive in St. Joe 5:27 a. m., Kansas City 7:50 a. m. ; returaing, leave Kansas City 9:15 p. in. daily, St.. Jos 11:45 'p. m,, arrive at Lincoln 7-50 a. m. ; ' . These trains run via Beatrice, Wymore and Table Rock and make close connections at terminal points. - - The service is really excellent and we can recommend it with much confidence. Further information can be obtained at union depot or city office, corner O and Tenth streets. ! ; A. C. Ziemer, a P. and T. A. CALIFORNIA, WASHINCfON. OREGON. Lov Bates and Quick Time. With the advent of cold weather comes the desire for a more congenial clime, where frosts do not abound and blizzards are unknown, ' v- V For this class of travellers "the Burlington" has provided both one way and round trip excursion tickets, good by all lines, including the Santa Fe, Union Pacific, Rio Grande and Northern Pacific, good going or returning by any route. The time has been very materially shortened, connections are prompt, stop-overs are granted, baggage is checked to destination, excursion 'sleepers have comfortable beds and clean linen, a convenient range for preparing meals, making tea, coffe, etc Families are provided with adjoining . berths, while ladies and children .travelling alone are assured of the careful attention and courteous treatment characteristic of the great "Burlington," . Parties contemplating a trip to the coast should correspond with the agent at union depot, or . city office, corner O and Tenth streets, before deciding as to their route, thereby saving money and avoiding vexatious delays. A,. C Ziemer. C. P, and T. A. HOT SPRINGS,- SOUTH DAKOTA. - The Fremont, Elkhorn & Missouri Valley railroad North western line) is the only line running to that popular health resort. Hot Springs, South . Dakota. A sleeper and first class coaches run to the Springs daily. Round trip tickets at reduced rates. ' For further information write or call at 11S3 O- street or depot, corner Eighth aad S streets, Lincoln, Neb. George N. Foresm an. J. T. Masttn, - General Agent City Ticket Agent. -, -, SlONCT.v All kinds of secured paper discounted and loans negotiated on real or personal property at lowest rates by Dorr tiros., note and money brokers, front corner room over First National bang, Liaoolr, Neb. -' - - :: , TEXAS LAND SEEKERS, ATTENTION. - Send 2 cent stamp to the undersigned who will send you a ninety-page pamphlet, containing fine county map and full description of the vast resources, agricultural and commercial advantages of the great state of Texas. Apply to - . . J. E. R. Millar, -. City Ticket Agent, 1301 O St., Lincoln, Neb.' ' - - ' . P. R. Millar, General Agent , DAILT EXCURSIONS TO PACIFIC COAST- i To Washington, Oregon and California via the Union ..-Pacific railway, combining- comfort ' .speed,, beautiful scenery and low rates, requiring but one change of cars Let ween Lincoln and Portland, San Francisco or Los Angeles on tneir first and second : class excursions, being the only line running the celebrated Pullman tourist second class sleepers and on through fast express trains to the above named cities, . These cars are fitted up with mattresses, sheets, pillows, blankets, curtains, stoves arranged for making tea, coffee, etc, , Uniformed porters in ct arge of each car. Cor reservation of berths and further information apply at U. P. depot or city office, 1044 O street . . B. SL06SQJJ. Ticket Agent TWO ALLIANCE PILGRIMS , Wis Personally Inspected MeKaighaa'i Record and Turned Sadly Away. On their way home from Red Cloud to personally examine the official record of William A, McKeighan while judge of Webster county, were two farmers and alliance men who stopped in this city last night, says the Hastings Nebraskan. Learning of their presence here a representative of the Nebratkan sought for the gentlemen and had the pleasure of meeting them. They were decidedly averse to gaining any newspaper notoriety in this matter, because they- do not wish to appear in the role of politicians. They are farmers and sincere- alliance men, who made this pilgrimage ou their own authority to know the truth about the grave charges brought against the candidate who is soliciting their votes. ' One of these gentlemen is C M. Smith, president of the McCool alliance, whose post-office address is McCool Junotiou, York county, Nebraska. Speaking of the records Kept Dy Mr. Mcis.eighan he said: "Why, a ten-year-old bov would be a dull boy indeed, if he could not find out a better way to keep books during the term of office. I cannot -believe it is due to ignorance, but to gross carelessness if not real criminal negligence. McKeighan's record is very bad and much to be deplored because it is too true." Frank Churchill, secretary of Ellis alliance No, 884, post-office address. McCool Junction, was Mr. Smith's companion. He said: "I went to investigate because I was in doubt I am now satisfied the charges are true." The Nebraskan is particular to give the post-office address of the above named gentlemen, so that any one may write them to know if we have reported them correctly. We took the precaution also to read the statements as given - here to each of the gentlemen who assented to their correctness. Committees and delegations from nearly all of the counties of the district have gone through the same experience. They are amazed at the disgraceful and criminal record they find. To send such a man as McKeighan to congress would be a standing reproach against the dis trict. , Bismarck's Jmlrnom containa . nnl. tnree pieces of iurniture an enormous wnfih nunrlatjinrl a acmull Mmn holar.an1 and a bootjeck. There used to be a couple of hair brushes. "Take them Bffnj, saiu bus pnucv a tew years ago; "a towel will do to part mv hair nowa days." WTOSg TESTIMONIAL IS WITH EACH BOX: ' III I .. DOES CURE CONSUMPTION In its First Stages. Beiurt yea get the genuine. aBiaaBaBSBa il tn TO BUILD V jim start rlftht Tbe first step should be an ex- Rmijiutl.iT, , v. cooppeu'B Dtmaimr designs tne only large collection of designs that are artintlo, practical and reliable. The estimates are guaranteed. Mr. Ehoppell's publications are aa follows : Price, fortolio of $1,000 Honses, 80 designs, i 00 S.MO SO 800 8,500 8,000 s,aoo s.ono 8,000 6,000 7.B00 10.000 SO S8 M ti SO f8 2 St S 00 s oo S 09 2 00 00 8 00 00 00 60 . ciwiw It M W . Trie first Portfolio oont-tns AmImi. that rest SB low as Siuo, emu. C7U0 and 800. Any 8 of tbe above Portfolios for $5 ; any T lot $10; tbe complete set (13) for15. Bound volume containing over 800 destgas selected from the various portfolios price 45, returnable if not satisfactory. Address K. W. 8HOPPEIX, Architect, 63 B'way, New York. ' Stables 19 MILTON E LTON. The "VVidb Arm Kern Dealer, and Subscription Agent, 1101 H street. Leave orders for any Newspaper, Uagadne or Periodical whatsoever and I will procure them for you at publisher's lowest price. J 5 CrV f Ladle will always And & I'-j a full line of Fashion Kae. v outta's Celebrated Flower studies at my sew location, 1101 N street, M. M. Lyon, Proa, Cosies ef the "Ereutxer Sonata" for taie at 25o, ter: aJao a full Una of MANHOOD RESTORED. "SANATIVO," tbe VToudsrfsl Spanish Remedy, is sold with a Writtea Guarantee to core aU Ner. oat Diseases, such as Weak Memory, Loss of Brsin Power,Head-ache. Wakefulness, Before A After Uso. Lost Manhood, Nery-PnotoCTaphed from Lile. oneness. Lassitude, SCOTT'S EDULSIOrj 0 e5 L trig sit drains and loss of power ol the Ueneratlrc yr-gans,ln either sex, caused by oTer-exertion, youthful indiscretions, or tbe excessive nse of tobacco, opium, or stimulants, which ultimately lead to infirmity. Consumption and Insanity. - Put up la convenient form to carry In tbe vest pocket. Price SI a package, or 6 for $S. With every $S order we eiTB a wruttn funrmntse to ewre or refund the sKoaey. Bent by mail to any address, Cir cular free. Mention this paper. Address , MADRID CHEMICAL CO. Branch Office for TJ. 8. A 417 iirrn Street. CHICAGO, IU. FOR 8A1B IH LINCOLN. NEB., Jjjr i. B. xiwter, Cw. O lereaUi Streaia, s What is L.,.,.,k,WlXN,J.,-. ' , , TT . , Castorla Is Dr. Samuel Pitcher's prescription for Infants and Children. It contains neither Oplnm, Morphine nor -. other Narcotic substance. It Is a harmless, substitute - for Paregoric, Drops, Soothing: Syrups, and Castor Oil. It is Pleasant. Its gnarantee Is thirty years nse by ' Millions of Mothers. Castoria destroys 'Worms and allays feverishness. Castoria prevents vomiting' Sour Curd, cures Diarrhoea and "Wind Colic Castoria relieves teething: troubles, cures constipation and flatulency.1 Castoria assimilates the food, regulates the stomach and bowels, giving healthy . and natural sleep. Castoria is the Children's Panacea the Mother's Friend. Castoria. ; " Castoria II an excellent medicine for children. V others have repeatedly told me of its good effect upon their children." . it Da. O. O. Oseooo. Lowell, Maes. . " Castoria Is the best remedy for children of which I am acquainted. I hope the day is not far distant when mothers will consider the real Interest of their children, and use Castoria In' stead of the various quack nostrums which are destroying their loved ones, by forcing opium, morphine, soothing syrup and other hurtful agents down their throats, thereby sending them to premature graves. Da. J. F. KixcHBXoa, Conway, Ark, The Centaur Company, T7 T. J THORP & CO., MAKTJTACTUElCEa OF Rubber Steps, Seals, Stencils, Baggage Checks, Etc. At Prioaa a Low aa the kijweat. 320 Protect Tour Homes, Your Lives, Your Property With The ' , ' ExcelsiorPortableBurglar Alarm Tbs pwatest Invention of the age! It can not be removed by brnr'tars, n can they tamper with it without staiting the bell alarm. Yon can maka 'yoo house absolutely safe with this wonderful invention. ,.-.. .. FOR SALE BY JAMES H. O'NEILL, 125 UST. 9th. St., Lincoln OSTeb. General agent for the following counties: Lancaster, Seward, Saunders, Butler, Fillmore, Saline, York, Otoe, Cass. , LOUIE HEYEB. (ESTABLISHED 1871 L. MEYER & CO.. , Wholesale and Retail Dealers in , GENERAL MERCHANDISE I03 and IIO North Tenth Street, C their own tailaing, Meyer's block.): ' -J HIGHEST PRICE PAID FOR CHOICE BUTTER AND COUNTRY PR8DOT Money refunded In all oases where goods are not as represented. L. MEYER. Notary Public. W. MEYER. Notary Public LincoLnJ(D. Paid up Capital, $200,000.00. Surplus $80,000.00 Off era the very best facilities for the prompt transaction of legitimate Banking- Business. Accounts of banks and mercantile firms throughout the state solicited, Careful attention (riven te collections on all points. j D, MAOFARLAND, Preet. OSCAR OALLIHAN. Cashier. a B. XJrTIrOOTB, Asst Csahk ' DIRECTORS. J. D. MACFARLAND. , JOHN FITZGERALD. OSCAB CALLIHAM. MoHINNIE v . EAS RECEIVED HIS NEW FALL STOCK AU the latest Novelties open for inspection. 805 South 11th St, Lincoln. JSTebraska HowtoSaveyonrTeetM DR.A.P.BURRUS. 120S O St. Beneath the star. Ho, 1, ai seen a fls sure; below it a white spot of softened den. Una, In a dyspeptic tooth, going to the serve or pulp. No. shows erosion of the teeth, with dark streaks next to the edse of the sums. bo. i. ' Killer where ffee mlcrobeB have pena. crated the pulp. We can fill the teeth, kill 1 the microbes, curs dyspepsia and rheuma tism and save your Dams, we have ail extracting teeth without pain. so. t. LINCOLN NATIONAL BANK LiisrcoLisr, nebeasa. CiPITlla SCEPI-CSL Sinn flfin 5i0Q0 Castoria. " Castoria is so well adapted to children that I recommend it as superior toany prescripHoa known to me. H. A. AaoBDBB, K. D, 111 So. Oxford St.. Brooklyn, N. T. Our physicians In the children "b department have spoken highly of their experience in their outside practice with Castoria, and although we only 'have among our medical supplies what Is known as regular products, yet we are free to confess that the merits of Castoria has won us to look with favor upon it." Vmitbs Bosprrai, asm DiapEBaaaT, Boston, Mass. Allan C Smith, Pre., Murray Street, New York City. So. 1 I th St.. Lincoln. Nab. Tel. 14 WTLI.TK MEVLri. T. K. MABQUSTTT. WM. U. CLARK. testa from acnes ana me anaesthetics lot I KATHAK . HABWOOD, IVMiaesS, 1FATB R. TL : C, T. 1 TAS MOORE. Viae President. BOOOS. Cashier. - 'RASS M. OOOJC, assistant CaahBA R 2 I T

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