The Central New Jersey Home News from New Brunswick, New Jersey on May 27, 1905 · 6
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The Central New Jersey Home News from New Brunswick, New Jersey · 6

New Brunswick, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 27, 1905
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s , -s.-.'i "Jni'" . L..,.V i ...........-.. -- w.-" " -.. " " -n SATURDAY. MAY 27, 1905. NEW BRUNSWICK HOME NEWS. SIX SA'HT.DAY. MAY 1003. SUBURBAN NEWS ' Cra.nbury. : irlipn. k f . . Infante 9nri I V I MBIW C'axtorla N a harmless snbHtitu'.e lor Castor Oil, Pare-irorie, Drops ami Soothinjr Syrups. It is Pleasant. It , contains neither iiiiii, MorpSiino nor other areoUc Mibstanee. It destroys Worms :iml alleys 1 everishness. It eiire IMarrh.ra and W ind CJolie. It relieve ''-in-- TrouMes and eures Constipation. It regulates the Mornaeh Howels. jrivingjy.iealt hy and natural sleep. Tlio Children's Panacea The Mother's Friend. The Kind You Have Always Bought , m x A i iiears tne In Use For Over 30 Years. niuwtav." Ty-r ri n rm i r n r i r " - " " m ,w 1 Imps H.Van Hern,'" IwrgiNGE aim! fi UN g y WE STARTED in a basemer.t-to-day we're running a 5 acre store, a growth that tells its OWN good story! If you want the fairest squarest treatment, a s we1. 1 as right goods, you COULD NOT FIN D a better place than ours! Call this very wefslc while all the Spring lines are "FRESHEST'." PAY CASH OR USE OUR ACCOMMODATING TERMS. IT'S A REAL ICE KEEPER." $4.49 is all we ask for strongly built hardwood golden finish upright refrigerators department stores call same grade cheap at $5 to 17. .. Zinc lined galvani r:d shelves, solid bronze trimmings, removable drip pipe and 4ba:board big enough for he ordinary family. Other makes, all sizes , all guaranteed. Ice chests for $3. 49 up. The "Opallte Refrigerator" Is a marvel see Itt Sideboards that were $17'.noW. .V Bed Room Suits that were $28 now 12.50 18.00 Folding Go-Carts ? QQ up from yO Adjustable Go-Carts C QC up from.. J,y All uave the newest running gears ; wheels and upholstering. tfllp mm AMOS H.VAN HORN, Ltd. No. 7s" end I 73 t PAYMENTS . L TELEPHONE 680 Be .are ypu sea "No. TS" and fir.t nme "AMOS" before entering oar store. - oSL8; 7Q MARKET ST., NEWARK, N. J. cio M Near Plane St.. West of Broad St. sVMARK OF QUALITY m. wr w - -m SURGER.Y FurRi-ry Is ill riglit whon It is npces-pnrv. lint It is all wronB when It Is unnecessary. Ostcopaihy has restored many to liealtli without surgery where un cpruthi!i had been advised. I"or literature explaining osteupathy, address Jr. G. T. Coffer, 8 George street, New JininswUk, N. J. Consultation and tx-pjuiuaUuu- tosu t"!hi!dren. - - - ' aignaiure oi mmmmV y &y 'A COMFORT ROCKER." $1.45 will buy this 12 00 rocker-high rattan back, large arms one of the most popular chairs in the Summer line. Full line of Settees, Arm Chairs and Rockers low prices all through the line. Dressers 8.49 that were $12 now Parlor Suits JQ ff that were $35 now O.UU GET AN Acme Washing Machine A child could do the heaviest family wash and not "feel" it with an "Acme" to help. Come in and See Why! All trwt trmmn U Jtm U ALWAYS TO THE ' r; FRONT I - BALLANTINE'S NEWARK ARDER from your Grocer or Bottler. If they do not keep it.-drop us a postal card. On, Draught and in Bottles Everywhere. BALLANTINE BREWERIES, NEWARK. N. J. Home Slaughtered Beef, Mutton, Lamb and Pork. Prices and Service aieltlGIIT. C. W, Schroeder. Phone 2 1 2-J. H2 Somerset gt rn.vun!V. Mv To those seek- inK amusement on Memorial lay, a ball same will lie played on I he gcuool Kroumls at 10 o'clock between the J. A. i". team, of 1'rtiiceton, and the Cranbury Club. Mondav cvenlnB the First Presbyterian Sunday School will hold a struwberry festival. The Methodist Church 18 being wired for electric lights. Miss- Kmmii Hue will be principal of the Monmouth Junction puhlic school in the Fall. Miss Jennie Ilutton will ulso teach there another year. Mrs. H. Johnson droves Is visiting her brother, William H. Hfidaman at Haga-man's Mills, near New Urunswick. Mr. and Mrs. Georse Fly, of Cranbury Station, have purchased a new upright piano. The Misses Nell and Annie Voorhees entertained the Corona Club on Thursday evening. Mrs. Georue Applepate, of Princeton, la visiting Mrs. William H. Hersen. Mrs. . Mary Horton ,of New York, Is visiting Mr. and Mrs. K. J. Gulick. The Ladies' Reading Circle have closed a very interesting winter's course of meetings. They have taken up the study of Knglish history and literature and are now as far as the relpn of Charles II. In the autumn the study will be resumed. The society will hold one sui ple-mentarv meetlnir at the home of Mrs. Ella Stlilts on Wednesday of next week. The program will be entirely of music and current events. Svmmcs and Frank Perrine have had their row boats newly painted and were this week put on the lake. Work has been started on the new brick addition to Silvers' Pros', mills. John Pullen Is now cutting irom m to 50 bunches of asparagus every day from his patch. A large number from here attended the rrinceton-Pennsylvania baseball game to-day. , The Farmers' and Traders phone companv at their recent annual meeting, re-elected their old officers for another vear. The company now has over 350 phones in operation within their system. With the advent of warm weather Middlesex Creamery Is shipping large quantities of crea mto Ice cream manufacturers .In New Brunswick, Trenton, Asbury Park and Prineeton. ' A .S. Cole is having his house painted. James Harkness Is visiting friends in South-Amboy. Mrs. Klise Gordon figured In an accident with a bie automobile one day this week. Mrs. irdon was driving home from Hightstown when . the auto overtook her' and atjomrted to pass her ear-rhtge. The man operating the machine, which was running at a high rate of speed, did not null far enough to the s:de and struck Mrs. Gordon's wheel. The car- riage was nearly upset ana the wneei badlv damaged. The occupants of the automobile did ijot stop to find out what damage they had done, and clouds of dust following the machine made it impossible for Mrs. Gordon to see the number of the automobile. Mrs. Gordon conducts the Feeble Minded Home here. South River. J SOt'TH RIVER. May 27. Since the re- moval of C. H. Manahan, to upper Main street, the office of the Penny Provident Fund is now at the home of Miss Mary SMldler. It is open every Saturday after noon at three o clock, and is doing a good work, under the care of Miss Ptadler. It is an excellent plan to teach the young to save their pennies. Mrs. A. Levy and sister, Miss Kotn rosen, of Brooklvn, spent yesterday as I tie' guest $ sit ' Mrs. if. D.' . Mart in, of Rhode Hall. Mrs. Ryan, the new milliner, will occu py the brick house of Marcus Wright on Martin avenue, where she will reside with her familv. On account of Tuesday being Decoration Day, Stonehouse's Express will not make any trin to New Urunswick. The superintendent of the Methodist Sunday School would be pleased to have all the scholars present, twenty minutes before the usual time of opening tomorrow afternoon. Rehearsal of singing for Children's Day. Rev. Bruce V. Redish', who has been enjoying a ten days' vacation at the home of his father in Springfield, Ohio, has arrived home and wiH ocupy his usual place to-morrow. A, delightful time was enjoyed last evening at the clusing rereption given by the dancing class m Allgalr s Hall. Many .out of town guests were present. The Daughters of Liberty will meet on Monday evening. Rev. G. H. Gardner, of Southington, Conn., formerly pastor of the Baptist Church, of the borough, will preach at t'ertn Amboy. Alex. Shack has broken ground and started the erection of a building on i pper nitenead avenue, which when completed, he intends to utilize as a grocery store and dwelling bouse. Miss Myra Devoe, a student at the Normal School of Trenton, is now visit ing at the home of her parents. A num- ner or ner tnenris gathered at her home last evening and were verv Dleasantlv entertained by her. iMlss iusy Hatter has recent v return. ed home from a visit at the home of her sister, Mrs. Edgar P. Woodman, of Car teret. Services at thp Germnn Prltvlarir.n Church, 10:31) a. m. Preaching by the pastor, -Win. J. Kern. Subject: "The Christian's Heat I'raver." 7.30 p. m., English eervle. Subject, "Paying the tare. bunday School. 8 a. m. Milltown. MILLTOWN. Mav 27 Rev. William T Barney was installed nastor of the Ger. man Reformed Church at Milltown, Thursday evening. The church was crowded. Rev. Dr. Geyer, of New York, preached the sermon. Rev. Walenta, president of the Classis, read the form. Rev. Qual. of New Brunswick, addressed the congregation. Rev. Stier, of Savre-ville, and Rev. AIIert Wirth. of Elizabeth, and other visiting pastors made short addresses. Sunday evening the confirmation class will be examined and the next Sunday morning they will tie confirmed. v Rev. J. E. Shaw will preach morning M evenin gin the Methodiut Church. TucV'ay afternoon he ha been asked to umpire a "all game at hayrevinc, to be ni,mX between the married men and unmarrif'd m''n Sayre & Fisher's brick yards. , ,.. , PHWtCir S'"1" n i""i'"'i c?i iimi'J 'jr. niidW f I3iiriinV)n' laS keen visiting him a ff w" fi ; i v s Clarksoii t('lle has been fiulte sick with tonsiliti"- , "'' is improving now. The Veterativ sioeiailon OI iUlllinwn will attend 'dlOiJne services at the Mill-town M. E. Chiir''h' ."V nnday evening. May 2Mh. at 7?,? o clock. Rev. J. E. Shaw will preachX A11 arc cordially In-viteTl to attend. ,, . . . On Decoration Da? "e s eterans asso ciation will go to V-"1 lj,"w, cemeie y at 9 o'clock a. m. In A special car. I here will be addresses maoe oy me nev. j. E. Shaw, of the !,"' unv w Tt it-irr-ey. of the German Re formed Church. Al1 are invited. Anyone desiring tc Ko to tne cemetery can o In the special car. If stormy there will lie spea ing in 1'nlou Hall. Julm Adams presi-dent: Geo. Roeiler, seeretary. Ti...,.ft wii be a strawtM-r;y ami ier cream rest'1 , "l T. ' . . " ' Vj"' .. ,v,leig OI i ii-i'unn urn i 'ay. r.n- iruni' fi.f- Be There will be an cut tainmen as well as refreshments served. MA'tfCH CHUNK EXCURSION. The New Jersey Central runs an to Mauch Chunk on Deeorutlon i,"v May lih. round trip. speelal Ir'nlr't at 9.S1 a .m., from Hound Hrook. "It was nlmost a miracle. Burdoek terrible II looil l.lllers eureu rne 01 ueakitiK out nil over the body. am iv giateful." Miss Julia l'llbridge. Wtel Coiuwtll, Couu, .J. 4 "BUYS IHE J- C. MoCOY PLACE- METI'CIIFN. Mav al.-C. C. Campbell, the wideawake real estate agent, has made two imixirtaht realty hales tins week. He has sold the McCoy estate lo A. C. Case. f New iork. James C. .McCoy purlicased this place fr.m the Cuuderis. Tins pmr'riy is estimated to lie worth from tM.t " and Mr .Case, who has a position with tle Caniigie Company. Is tlmunht to have p;iiil a figure near tins. At the present time Mr. McCoy is travelling m Kurope and Kgvpt w it ti his latnily. What his intentions ale regarding his future: residence are not known. The Maurice T. Ward flace on ( hest-nue avenue has been sold to Mrs. l-.hza-bcth Burr, of New York. Metuchcn is booming. , Augustus R. Jennings, a capable yotlng man ,of Newark, has u position in the MetMchen National Hank. Metuchen Coum il. No. W. Jr. O. I . A. M., will attend the memorial service at St .Luke's Church Sunday afternoon, at 4 o'clock. The mcmlnrs will assembla at the council 'chamber at 2 'X. MET1THEN, Mav Si. A patriotic ser-vi-e will le held In St. Luke s Church, Sunday afternoon. Americus ldvision, S. of T., will attend in a body. The Hoard of Kibuation had a special J. A. Edgar. Clmiies MMk and P. G. Craig have ln appointed a committee to visit Bellewood Park to-morrow to see If it is a suitable place for the Keform-td Church txeursion to go to. Henry De ilotl Jias returned from Europe. The Presbvterian C. E. is planning a trlu to Chimney Hock for .Decoration Mrs. John V. Kent was in town yesterday. lenrge K. Thomas and familj: are spending 8unday in .Millstone. Da.yton. DOES DAYTON NEED A NEW SCHOOL BUILDING? To trm Editor of the Home News i: D-ar .Sir The ju.eiit need of a new school building in Dayton is conceded by all, fair niiiided Koile. Many years the present buiKliiifr was built by the Pennsylvania Kailioad Company on ground for which the cotnpjnr paid one-half,' the other half beiiiji given by a public spirited citizen, the late 11. II. Griggs, of this place. The building lias long been an eyesore and a cause of many severe colds among scholars and teachers,,' caused by the lack of any means of ventilation and the extremes of heat"and cold. The primary room is greatly overcrow tied, and in stormy weather the children have their garments hung around the room, there being no provision for cloakrooms, etc. It is true the cost of the new building will fall on tjie entire township, but the cost to the taxpayer is so small (lieing less thaw five cents" on a hundred dollars of ratable property,, each year for ten years.) and the necessity for a school is so real 'anil urgent that it would seem as if "the" Correspondent from Deans could employ Li iime to better advantage than that of trying to defeat a worthy cause FAIR PLAY. One hundred gjd ; newspapers, lOo. Home Newa office. " tf ., . , . He Kepi Up in" tie Race. 1 James S. Barroii, President Manchester.- Cotton Mill Keck ' Hill, S. C, writes; ",'1110183 I fainted ,my residence with L- & Jll. It kitikse better tlian a great many ' houses paMfciJ three years ago. Don't pay $1.30, a gallon for linseed oil. which you !'Io in ready-for-use paint. ' Buy oil fresh from the barrel at GO cents per gallon, and mix it with Longman & Martinez L & M. Paint. It makes paint cost about $1.20 per gallon, . f Wears and ,covers like gold- " Every church given a liberal quantity when bought from and merchant having the agency for' the sale of the L. fc M. Paint, or direct from the manufacturers. " LONGMAN & MARTINEZ, NEW YORK. AVOID CONTAGION AND INFECTION Disinfect Freely with Piatt's Chloride. Contagions and infections diseases are prevalent. The use of a reliable disinfectant protects the household. Dusty or damp corners and cracks nooks behind plumbing .. ,l ait ibuf. r-un,t V.a reached bv the B'Tubbing brush, should be freely sprinkled with mixture ot one (l) pan i inn vmo-rides and t-.-a (10V parts of water. Tu't dilution tt le Vain 5 tents a qmrt. Use it freely in the waste-pipes, sinks and closets and do not neglect alibeml sprinkling of the cellar. To remove objeetiounblo odors where sprinkling is inadvisable a cloth, wrung out of the dilution mentioned, should be placed over or near the article. A little extra care just now may prevent much sickness and expense. Piatt V Chlorides is an odorless, colorless liquid which instantly destroys foul odors and .disease-breeding matter. It lias been freely sulv initted toPhvsicians; Sanitarians and Boards Of Health f'or iiS.yearsi and. over jifiX K) written endorsements have been received from them. It is sold everywhere in fall narts bottles, and is prepared only by Houry B. Piatt, New York- '."'- , mm CHICH tSTER'S enCLISH Pennyroyal pills S tr.. Orlcl mmi Only Genuine. is KM) ifif l.niti nmii)e bow araiwa with biar ribova. 1Kriit Hrfit Dmirrtiii HttHtlttliM mn Imlte-Auj of yor Urngfimt. r txI 4-. t wimnym tor Pnrtlalnr. TetlBttnlala ud "Rffef for l.dt.M Uti0r. h r tmrm Mali. 1 0, Teiirnnitr. flniii bf 1 1 4 HmtUmm ftr. fUli.A FA. ap4-4w PARKER'S HAIR BALSAM r?ffUM6 tod butific u.e hir Proniutc. . lnrurnnl rrowth. tirtm Fll. to Btor. OrT Hair to it. yoctbful Color. Cure iip ft hir Huai apl-w Carriage Painting, Good Work Blacksmithing and ndB Wheelwright Work. Vsed. WOBBB BROS. (Old Wobbe Stand.) , . C0H. JOHN AMD MORRIS STREETS. mm wywmmiw$mm b YU wm la W u The'Torceof If erpicidle, wmmwwwh tmwtmtmmmmt mm mm , '"""""".- 1 mi, ... I ' ' 1 ' ' i ... .. . ti tven the iirsi appiicanunui iww" v kills thl dandruff gLrm) shows the hair-saving and satisfying "fores" that is in it. This force" is the sum of two characteristics that are united In no other hair remedy. Herpicide has the ABILITY to destroy the dandruff microbe," and the QUALITY to delight those w ho wish a dainty hair dressing. It holds the secret of popularity and pleases ev;ry on who is discriminating enough to have a preference. It is not sticky. It will not stain the hair. The curative effect of Herpicide is sometimes little short of marvelou, for after the dandruff germ is destroyed, and kept out of the scalp, the hair is bound to grow as nature Intended, It stop J itching of the scalp almost instantly. "l"was trouble.! A Healthy Hair PRESCRIPTION FOR INDIGESTION.. How Scores of New Brunswick People Obtain Relief. If it really were known how many Xew Brunswick residents have been cur ed of stomach trouble a-nd indigestion by Dr. Davis' Prescription, it might perhaps surprise you. but what is more surprising is the fact that any one will continue to suffer with heart burn, wuur stomach, water brash, sick headache, mental depression, nausea, and other distressing symptoms of dyspepsia when there is a remedy of such great merit that it, almost invariably benefits every one that tries it. Pepsikola Tablets are the prescription of Df. Davis, a. physician who devoted a lifetime to the study of stom-achtrouble, and if your food does not agree with you, if yon are tired, nervous, worn out, low spirited, and your energy at low par, it may interest you to know that no other prescription in this wnrH has a greater record of cures behind it, and there is nothing more certain to give you relief. Mr. J. F. Bradley will tell yon that although Pepsikola is sold on the fairest kind of a money-back plan, not more than two in one hundred ever come back for their money. This is the surest evidence of its marvelous curative properties, but so that there may not be the lca-st doubt in your mind as to what Pcpsikalo will do for you, Mr. J. F. Bradley will hand your quarter right back to you if you should fail to receive the benefit you look for. CONTRASTS ON THE DINING TABLE Tea, with its poisonous tannin is doing lintold harm in thousands of cases; Tea-EUe, which is tea of the choicest flavor with the tannin extracted, is rapidly taking its place. i'EA-ETTK docs not effect the nerves or injure digestion but invigorates and satislies, and the people who are using Tea-Ett you could not coax them to give it tii it is pure and nutritious. - If your grocer does not keep Tca-Elte insist on his getting it for you, or on receipt of 3ae. we will mail ton 1-2 lb. of cither Oolong, Mixed, English Breakfast or Ceylon. , ROYAL TEA-ETTE COMPANY, Brooklyn, N. Y.. . Ward & Company. New Jersey Agents. 104 McWIiortcr Street, Newark. N. J. DR. LaFRANGQ'S COMPOUND. Sftfp. upMiy rwilatnr; Kwitg. Dmfczlitu ormaJL FINANCIAL. PEOPLE'S NATIONAL BANK New Brunswick, N. J. Capital ....L. $100,000 Suiplus and Profits 100,000 Safe deposit boxes t rent, BENJ. F. HOWELL, President. T. E. SCHANCK, Cashier. t NATIONAL BANK of New Jersey Offers to depositors every facility that their business, balance and responsibility warrant . Issues Foreign Exchange. Rents Safe Deposit Boxes 52.80 up. Solicits accounts, large and small. Capital $250,000 Surplus ; 250,000 . V. M. W. STJYDAM Pres. H. G. PARSER, Cashier. Ill J.i! fc rt.rnl'r1 AFTER USING TWO BOTTLES. . with invfiair falling out t an alarming im. two Lot ties 'of Newbro's Herpicide in connection, vith the Herpicide. Soap tMs was overcome. . , Signed, EDWARD A ALBRIGHT. Reading, Pa. j ' ' ' "HERPICIDE IS THE ONLY REMEDY FOR DANDRUFF, "llcrpieiile .has completely cured mc of dandruff and itching of thef scalp. My hair now is nice and Huffy and not a hair is falling out- Herpicide is the only remclv for the cure of dandruff." , Signed, J. II.' LAXGE- Butler, Pa. . . . ' '' ' . ' -'- Send 10 cts. in stamps for sample to The Herpicide-Co., Dept. L, Detroit, Mich. J. F. Bradley, Special HOLIDAYS COMING ! SATU R.DAY, the 27 as usual SUNDAY. 28 -as usual MONDAY. - 29 in Atlantic Citv TUESDAY. " 30 Decoration Day Sieiitl them all at C H.AI F O NTE Atlantic City, N. J. WRITE FOR. ILLUSTRATIONS AND RATES -TC . THE LEEDS COMPANY FIHET-ROOF ALWAYS OTEi have Your Carpets Ww guarantee our wor let assure you against injury to pur cnods and kill all meth that dare to live. Send vour orders C5 , . , to the Express Office, we pay Our Prices: Ingrain, 4c yd.; Wilson's Steam Carpet Cleaning Works, CHARLES L. SALATIIE, Prop, . Elizabeth, X. J Successor to M. D. Wilson. I Chas. R. Dey, Tinning, Gas Fitting. 'Sani- f tary Plumbing, Steam,-Hot ".. A" and Hot Water Heating, also Ventilating- All orders given prompt attention. T Office and residence.-, 1 , . 19 Bayard Street, Phone 212 J. : - ? i ? 1 90 Per Cent. of Headaches Come from eye strain., .Avoid all headaches by wearing perfectly fitting glasses. Examination free. STILES cV CO., 9 V! V rilll.ADELPIirA EYE KPECIALtSTS At Parker Building, 381 George St., EVERY MONDAY, Hours 10.30 to 4.30. .tie examination and all work guaranteed. DO YOU ? NEED i MONEY We loan monev at a low rata nf In. terest on watches, diamonds, jewelry, guns, musical instruments, clothing, clocks and personal property of every ueBciinLiua. OLD GOLD AND SILVER BOVGHT Kruegcr&Brcitkopf 110 Churea street, Opp. Telephone Offlt. Main Offict. 'Trtnton; A 6X r - . - a r e i in i pa il KsPT.'wr1 THE ORIGINAL REMEDY THAT, rate, but after us- Agent ah unhealthy hit and Rus Cleaned By Is " charges one way Brussels, 5c yd.; all other, 6c. yd For drive ways,' walks, concreting and all purposes Is Not Expensive Call Telephone 65 j JOHN II. ROLFE "Building Material Office - 181 Burnet St. ' New Brunswick, N. J- N. B. HYGIENIC MILK CO. . Telephone 269 L 169-173 Church Street Do You Know It? The only place In town where the Is pasteurized. Well What's That? Pasteurlzliia- Is heating: to a t does not effect H taste or (Mt kills all souring and disease -are in milk. Wc Sell r-i!t.'r rastetirised milk nnd crenm, f,Ci buttermilk, skim milk. Put tn " .: at usual prices, t ri Y r it Mi i i" 1

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