The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 3, 1948 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 3, 1948
Page 6
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,-u^ :"•<-:, BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS SATURDAY, APRIL 8, 1»4| Poland Raps U.S. 'Voting Machine' Ctaims . of Proposals WM B. BiBstf Jenkc Press SUM OKNBVA,- April ». (UP)—Poland kccuaed th« United Slates yesterday •( operating a "voting machine" to defeat Bastern European resolution! at the International Conference on Freedom at Information and the fro*. .Other developments in the day-old conference Included: The «ohferehc« steering Commlt- ts* 'unanimously rejected -an /ir- fMitine proposal to invite Spain i<5 •end' an observer." BriUln charged. Czechoslovakia »ius*led Its pre*s ; purged non-Corn' muniit edltora and siippre-ssed un favorst)l« . hews. Cwchoslovsla ft plied the charges were "slanderou distortions of fact." Poland's Witold Konopka attack •d the American tactics In the Com mittee on Reception and Publlca Hon of Information after It rejec; •d three Eastern amendments )' rapid fire fashion. K«M>pha Critical "Where are we going?" demande Konopks. "We are confronted wit this voting machine. "I want to know whether th United SUtes alwaya will be agalns the common agreement • whlc Should exist IB the world. Will th United SUtes always oppose a po ' litlcal system different from 1 own? Why don't delegates especta! Ijr from the United States vote f> amendments which . we propone ! the InterceU of the people all OY< the world who want peace?" The committee adopted a Bri ten resolution recommending th •11 governments, undertake not discriminate on political, personal, racial, '• -nationality, sexual, lane- Mage, or religious grounds in mak- hif available materials and factli- ittes for distribution of information. The vote was 1« to S with the entire Soviet bloc against because tts amendments had been defeated. The closest vote on an Eastern bloc resolution wax on Bulgaria's pro, exclude persons disseminating race hatred. This was defeated 39 to i with six absentions. Vandals Wreck Communist Home A gang of about 30 youths caused an estimate (2,000 tinman? to the home of Frank HasliniHll. 23, executiv secretary of the Communist Parly In Franklin county. Columbus, Ohio. The youths forced tfleir wny into In home and literally ripped It apart. At right, police Investigate the damages. No ancsis were nmde. (NKA Tele photos.) to ef . Aaeowib ft F.iecnlora V an4 Administrator* Filed Notice is hereby given that during *h« month of March 18*8 the following* accounts of Executors and Administrators have been filed for settlement and confirmation In tht Probate Court for the Chtckasaw bs. DUtrict of Mississippi County Arkansas, and that such account, with their respective Ming date •re as follows: No 1113. ftUte of A. Guinn, de •used. First and final report f Marrn* .Qulnn, Administratrix 11! •d M«Vch 15, IMS. Ho. 1187. Estate of Cullle Oosnel , deceased?' Third and'final repo > "«C Gypsie O. Hawkins and Kathlee O. Thomas, Administratrix file Kerch », JftM Alt persons. Interested In the se' :. Hejnenta o( , any of the above e Wt« are warned to file excepttoi s. thereto,. If-any have they on '':'• before the sixtieth day followin ; the filing of the respective i .^eounUt failing which they will barred forever for excepting to ths V;.accounts. . ••': Witness my hand as Clerk and : the seal of said Court this the tf* C'dar 0* :April, 1MB. . ' .ELIZABETH BLYTHE, • ,r. County & Probate Clerk* ;' By Stella Cain, D. O. Steps to Prevent Local Rent Board Domination Taken WASHINGTON, Al"'!) 3- (UP)-r- KoiisliiK Expediter Tighe E. Woods yesterday took steps to prevent either landlords or tenants from dominating local rent advisory bo:.rds. Woods notified Slate Governors, 10 appointed the local boards.thnl ider the new rent control Inw the iards shall consist of no fewer an five members who are "rep- sentatives of the affected inter- is in' the area." To be truly representative, Wood id, a five-mnn board should in- rest groups. He asked present board members i remain in service until he com- letcsa survey to 'determine whet- er the individual boards meet equiremcnt.s set out in, the Inw. h« l»w became effective trurs- ay. Under tin' law! the local boards ecommend decontrol of rents ent increases to the. housing cx- sediter. If he approves them, they re put into'effect locally. If he ejects them, (hen the cnse is turned over to the emergency court for K ieccision. Since last October, Woods has granted M of the 100 recommendations for increases or decontrol, rlent boosts ranged from 4 per cent !or Peorla, III., and Dallas Tex,, to 15 per cent for TEvmpEv, Fla.- Two Retired Farmers Die in House Fire Dewey Winds Up Wisconsin Drive For GOP Support EN ROUTE WITH GOV. DEWEY TO ALBANY, April. 3. (UP)—GOV. Thomas K Dewcy, appearing, pp.ssi- mistic but not disheartened, said today that he would press his drive for the GOP presidential nomination regardless of how he comes out In Wisconsin's primary next Tuesday. Dewey wound up a whirlwind llth hour campaign to win the state's fl ,Hepubllcnn convention votes ayalnst the candidacies of Oon. Douglns A. MncArthur nnd 'Harold Stasscn. As he headed homeward, the governor made no claims on the Wisconsin balloting but said he svas "delighted at the generous reception given me by the people of the state." MncAiihur nnd Stassen supporters both clajm a majority of the delegates and contend that Dewcy is running "a poor third." Dewey backers disagreed, "Tilings look very good," snld Hlckman > Powell, one oi Dewcy's top political.advisers. "I think the governor's appearance in Wisconsin was appreciated by his many riends." The Wisconsin primary vlr'flltilly decided the nomination four years ago when Dcwey captured 17 del- ccates ngninst four lor Slassen and three for MncArthur. The late Wendell U' Wlllkie was shut out and withdrew from the race. Isocson Charges U.S. With'Hiding Greek Situation jisis in Berlin toy Be Repeated Vi«nna Seen at N«xt Seen* of Russian*' Fr««z«-Out Tactics (By r»n>M J. fisnaaln) United Press SUM Correspondent) WASHINGTON, April 1 <UP> — tussian'efforts to freeze the.Wcst- rn Powers out o( Berlin may be fol- ut of Berlin may br, followed soon owed soon by j^milar Soviet moves Vienna, government officials aid yesterday. State Department and national lefonse officials believed the Sov et aim was to embarrass the United itntes and other Western powers. Tile Russians, it was said, apparent- y hope Co hunt American presltec n an effort to influence the crltlca April IB election In Italy. These officials'pointed out thai Vienna is the only other city in Hie world under lour-ix>wer control am n»:iy well be the scene of anolhc: Russian-provoked crisis. Like Bcr hi, It Is encircled by Soviet-occup led territory. Communist activlt; throughout Austria has Increased ii recent weeks. There is pratlcally no feeling 'i government charters that Rnssl will Intentionally overplay its nan in Berlin to the .shooting point. Bi the rapid page of recent events 1 the Far-East "cold war" does no rule out the possibility of real troub le these officials sav. The seriousness ol the Soviet act- Bring on the Grand Circuit Vic Fleming and his son. Bill, harness racing's father and son team,-wind up the training season »t Pinehurst. More than !3fl trotters and pacers wintered at th« North Carolina resort in preparation Jot the Grand Circuit which opens at Santa Anita in April and swings through tn« nation! 18 tr»ck*. «Je*» ing at Illinois' Aurora Down* in October. 6,000 Strike In India After Raids on Reds GOP in Pemiscot Picks Delegates For District- Meet ion was reflec Sec- 1 NEW YOUKT, April 3. '(UP) Rep. Leo Isncson,' ALP, N. Y., cha god today that the Truman administration apparently was trying ^o hide "the truth" about Greece from the American people. lie said that was the reason the State Department refused him a passport tt» attend a Paris meeting on aid to Greek guerrillas. "I am disappointed that the State Department apparently is afraid of people finding out the facts," Lsac- son said. "It indicates the State [ Department is apprehensive of the role wo are playing'in Greece," Tn Wnsl.iiiRUm, the Slate Department -stood fast in Its refusal to Rrnnt I he puss port which Isacscm applied for on March 25. explaining that his purpose was to attned an , "internnt.onal conference on nld to Greece." „ A department spokesman (o the capital to give his estimate of the situation to the leading congressmen. . .Most CoiiRiPKsmen agreed that the Berlin crisis was serious- hut said they hoped Gen. fcuclns Clay, U. S. commander In Europe, wouki be firm. ' BOMBAY, April 3. fUPi—The Indian government strut*; sharplj yesterday against the Communist party. The Communists reported oy calling out on strike some 6.000 workers in the Central Government Office in Calcutta. Reports from cities throughout India indicate that police had .•Jruck in a series of raids on Communist •s and had arrested hundreds of persons In an effort to smash the First to On Kelnw Water First U. S. president to go belov; the suvTace of the sea in a submarine was Theodore Roosevelt, who made the de-scent in a navy vessel. party. The raids followed a warning by Premier Jawaharlal Nehru of the Indian assembly in New Delhi that Communist activity in India was ptirfc ,of the world-wide struggle against Western Democracy. Among cities- where raids were known to have been made were Calcutta, Delhi, Bombay, Mardas, Poona, Ahnedabad and several other's. Which i In Calcutta, most workers ofi the central Kovernmcnt office struck I despite a direct wanrinp from Neh- that the strike movement- was Been j inspired by Commmiist-s as part of a country-wide plot to "shatter that the j the country's economy." In one large block of offices nun Nntire of Ne-w Estates i Administration Has Commenced Notice is hereby given following Is a list of estates of rte. ceased persons upon which Letters' dreds ol workers went on n "pens said j Testamentary or of Administration; down" strike. They entered the of- CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo., April S —Afc a meeting of Pemiscot County Republicans delegates were named to the ' Tenth District Republican Convention at Poplar Bluff April 10, nnd to the State Convention on Saturday, May 1st. The meeting was called by Leonard Limbaugh, county chairman. Ally. Ray Kiemp of Caruthersville was named convention chairmen and J. w. McCloskey, also of Ca- inlhcrsville, as .convention secretary. Members of the nominating committee were A. B. Rhodes and Mrs. Tom Markcy of Caruthersville, and Oscar Kearney of Cooler. Members of the resolutions committee were Lee w". Rood,and Walter Robertson of Caruthersville, and Isaac McKay of Cooler. / Those named as delegates to the Poplar Bluff convention were: Greck guerrillas have been opposing \ were granted during the month of | fices, sat at the desks, but refused the government which tile United States recognizes and no one could March 1948 granting of with Ihe date of such letters and | to work. At some offices pickets the i wcre placed by the strikers. Some he nccvcditcd to such a meeting. I name and address of the executor | pickets were arrested nud vrere'tak- " J " ' ' | eji to jail as they shouted Com- FORT SMITH, Ark.. April 3. (UP) —Two retired Oklahoma, farmers were burned to death yesterday ai Arkoma, Okla., just across the state line from Port Smith. They -were identified as William J. Reed. 71, of Arkoma. and Edgnr Nixon, 68. of Peno. OkhU Investigating, officers said a passerby discovered the flames In Reed's house, broke a window and attempted to rescue the men. but abandoned the attempt when the. flames became too hot. | Tlie bodies were taken to a Fort 6<ni(h funeral home. To ft Makes Final Bid for Delegates In Midwest States EN ROUTE WITH TATT TO ST LOUIS, April 3. (UP)—Sen. Robert 'After due consideration." the spokesman said, "the department lid not consider that a passport should be Issued for the purpose, stated." i Isncson said he wanted to attend | or administrator. No. 1847. Estate of Alfred Fcndler, deceased. Letters Testamentary Issued to Oscar Fendler, Blytheville, Arkansas on March 25, 1948. No. 1848. Estate of J. H. Smart. lialph Hutchison, Tom Markey and Donald V. Magee, Caruthersville; G. V. Workman and P. E. Fender, Steele; Pearl C. Holt. Braggadocio: Noah Graham, Bragg City; Dr. W. R. Limbaugh, Hayti. Alternates named were: O. E. Hooker, Tom Simpson, Ray Klemp, Mrs. Prerl Young, Bob Keirscy, J. W. Ridgley. inrt Clms Mchrle. all of Caruthers- ille; and P.oy Marshall of Steele. Delegates named to the St. Louis convention were: Ralph Hutchison, A. B. Rhodes, J. W. McCloskey, Paul Horner, Ray Klemp, Tom Simp-soti and Walter Robertson, of Caruth- the meeting "solely as an observer, \ Sr., deceased. Letters Testamentary to (-el information and learn the issued to C. M- Smart and J. -" munist slogans. Caruthersville Jaycees Elect New Officers CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo., Aprtl L —At the regular meeting of th« J Junior Chamber of Commerce her* Thursday night. A. C. Brooks was named president of the club for ths coming year. He will succeed Maurice Malin. Other officers named were: Cle* Allen, first vice-president; Marcus ,auck, second vice-president; Ray- lond BriUon, secretary; Charles Malin, treasurer; Maurice Malin and Paul Hudgens. members of the Board of Directors. The new officers will be Installed at the annual installation night, the ;ast meeting night in June, and will take over their new duties the first meeting night in July. Election is held each year the first part'of April so dial the newly elected officers can attend the annual State Jaycea Convention, held the latter part of April so that the newly elected officers can attend the annual State Jaycee Convention, held the latter part of April, as full-fledged officers and participants in the stat4 program for new officers. Irnth. 1 "The State Department action makes me believe that ^he criticisms levelled against. American policy In Greece iprobably arc true; hence the action In denying me a passport largely makes my trip unnecessary." He said he wanted to investl- fiate the truth of charges of atrocities by the Greek Army. He said reports from Greece "Indicate that the Greek Nationalist Army is guilty of brutality and bestiality that decent hujian .font?; of Blythcville, Arkansas on March 38, 1848. Wltne.s.s my hand a.s such Clerk and the seal of said Court this the 2nd day of April, 1948. EfjIZABETJI BLYTHE County A: Probate clerk. By Stella Cain, (DC) Marie Hanna Is Jailed On Charge of Forgery BUFFALO, N. Y., ADril 3. (UP) — Mark A- Hanna. Ill, scion of a prominent Cleveland family who was Indicted here for forging two checks of $30,000 each, was returned to Buffalo yesterday and itn- I mediately jailed in default of 525,000 bail. The 47,-year-old great-grandson of the late Sen. Marcus A. Hanna of Ohio was brought here from New Orleans where he was arrest' . cd March 18 after |>olice and' the Federal Bureau of Investigation had .searched for him throughout -the East and South for a week. William Reardo. U. S. Marshal, said Hanna would be' v arraigned Incr*a»ed fry AcMviiy The quantity »f blood which reached the lungs of a man at rest is from three to seven quarts every minute, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica, and may b« increased to 20.or 30 Quarts per minute during ersville; and Joe Cohoon »f Holland. Alternates were: Mrs. J. Thoa. Murkey, J. Thos. Markey, and W, C. Posey, of Caruthersville; Eutra, Matins T. A. Haggard, Mrs. Dorothy Hamra, SUele; T. A. McNail, Hayti; and Avon Jtnigtit, Portag*- ville, Route 3. ._... _- „___.., Ralph Hutchison was the keynote Monday before Federal Judge John 'speaker at the county meeting held Knight. . here at th« courthouse. A. Tall took'his presidential hopes 1 do violence to every to the Midwest again today in a fl-'l instinct." Re»d Oourter Rein Waoit Adi ' Read Courier News Want Ads. nal bid for Missouri and Nebraska delegates to the Republican convention. The Senate Republican leader concentrated on Nebraska. That Is the only state in which he has been entered In a presidential primary tercd In Nebraska's April 13 primary. Tnft scheduled three speeches today at St- Chnrles find St. I^nuis, Mo. From there he goes to Nebras- PROFIT By Reading tHe Classified Ad$ Every Day! other than his home^tnle of Ohio", i kn for three full days of haurt- He Is one of seven Republicans en- shaking and speech-making in a —^ , . I goo-mile tour by automobile. While Tnft, Went West, one of his chief rivals—Gov. Thomas E. Dcwey of New York—headed tor home after a .whig through Wisconsin where Uls named is entered in the presidential primary. But Dewcy will be hack to follow Taft Into Nebraska next week. Nebraska will send 15 delegates the Republican national conven- rm and Missouri 33. Taft is mov- ig Into'both states for the .second ime tn little more than three \onthn. PROFIT m\ m\\ By Advertising In Trie Clansified Columns When You Want To Buy or Sell Why Not Concede? Inside Story on. Liberty Bell I r Ad» Placed by 10 a.m, Will Appear Same Day All Classified Advertising^ Payable in Advance Phone 4461 Blytheville Courier News JanncUe Burr flashes a VooVli paste • ad smile after winning the Harrinian Cup and national <to\vnhill ski championship at Sun Valley, Ida. The Seattle miss set a new course record, for women speeding two niiles in *l:54.l,. \vhich is better than ;00 miles an hour. GcovRcltc fThiulicro 1 of Krance formerly the mark. Brenda Hclscr. representing the Los Angeles Athletic Club, was at Daytona Beach, Kla., to compete in the National AAU Senior Women's Swimming and Diving Championships. The Portland, Ore., beauty holds lhe ( outdoor 100-yard free style title. Former Premier Eamon DeValert o^ Ireland find* th« Liberty Bell is all It's cracked up to be ae ht squats down to get a look at the Inside. He visited Inrlepend*nc« Hall \vhil* in Philatelodia. Rocket-Firing Mustang Goes Into Action .j, , , Swooping down over Eglin Air Base, Kla., a P-82 twin Mustang fires a salvo of five-inch rockett. Tmlit 9t the rockel« CMI be see* With their luminous tails. The MusUng is firing at a target during an aerial demonstration. Ejliai Ar B»»e is headquarters for lh« Air Proving Ground. ——•—• ••• '. • ;•

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