The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 25, 1937 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 25, 1937
Page 4
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FOUfc Social Calendar FRIDAY'S EVEMTS Executive board, Woman's club having luncheon meeting, l p.m., a club house. Literary department, Woman' club, having meeting at club house 2:30 p.m. Executive board, Woman's Mis sionary Union, First Baptist church meeting; with Mrs, J. G. Barnes. 2:30 p.m. Stated meeting, o. E. S.. at lull! P. E. O. Entertains (Jill Graduates at Tea. The 35 girls of the senior class li the. city high school were guests iv a tea given by Chapter "D" of the P. E. O. sisterhood Wednesday afternoon at the home of the state president, Mrs. B. A. Lynch. In addition to the girl graduates, members of the high school faculty were also guests, It was (Tailed a "C'ottcy College" tea, in honor of the school supported by this organization. Mrs. H. H. HoucMns, president of the hostess chapter, welcomed tho guests. Mrs.,Paul L. Tlpton, Mrs. Russell Karr and Mrs. George M. Leo sang, with Mrs. Murray Smart as accompanist, and Mrs. C. fl. Babcock spoke briefly of Cottcy College, at Nevada. Mo. Mrs. J. A.-Lseoll and Mrs. O. W. Afflick presided at the ten table which was decorated in jonquils and yellow tapers, arranged In crystal. •; The yellow and while colors used in the refreshments and decorations K ere those of llie-p. E. O. Clais Entertained. Mrs. Alvle Jarrctt entertained the yoting pcopb's Sunday School class of the Emmanuel Baptist church Thursday night with a candy social. The 31 guests assisted the hostess In making the candy with Mrs Claud Duncan Mrs Hiny Sh^nej- fclt Mrs Jce Polk Mrs Iia Mich ols and Misses Arlcne Port /£arlen° Richardson and Blanche Dackcr in charge Gmtim Union Has A Supper Party. The Grains' Union of the First •Baptist church hud a supper party Wednesday night at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Claude Stewart when the 42 present Included these euesli Mi nnd Mis Hauj nit?- 1us; Mr. and Airs. Tucker, Bert Stewart, Mrs: Carl Davis, Milton Graham nnd Roy liead. After supper there were game' and contests bstore a short business meeting was : held. • * i Chiirlian Women's Council Hits Meei Tiie Woman's; Christian churet the home of t C. A. Tant, Mol The fealuve of' a talk by Mtss _. economics instruct, high school, who d: rating the- home, upon the Iniporlauce- having a room and Ills which this room shouii rated In a business session .„ ,,„., ,„„„ to visit the Eist End nrist'chris- tlan church of Memphis, I QII the second Tuesday in March. Refreshments were served dumi" a brief social hour * » » 1-lccl Officers AI Promised Land The Woman <; Missionaij Society of the Promised Land met Monday afternoon at the church The following officers have been elected Mis Don Holnmn president- Mr w W wahl Uce president; Mrs r Hill seciehry. Mrs. E. Wilson, treasurer and corresponding secretary Mr* i, ciiuford social service; Mrs. J. E. Johnson superintendent of .supplies; Mrs. J W White supenntend"nt of studies Miss Lola Thompson pub- licitj superintendent Mrs L G Sartin and Mrs. W. W, Wahl program committee. Manila Society — Pcisonal Trump Opening Ki Chance For S BY WM. K. McKENNEY Secretary, American Bridge I-eajiir In whist days there was an ixicm, "When in doubt lead •rumjxs," In contract the force of the adage falls, but It might bo revamped, "When desperate, make a desperate lead." In today's hand, R. L. Henry, of New York, wns in n desperate situation, in n recent duplicate game. 4J10 • VJ80 i if' A 10976-1 A852 KI " A fi ') VKQKM w N r V9753 '• *9C S »KQ107 : *85 Dealer . ; * A K Q (1 7 -1 : VA I *K2 i Duplicate None vul Souili West North Kast i 1 * Pass 2 4 r>;,ss ; ! .1 * Pass •! 4, I'uss ; 1 * Pnss •! A |> :1S5 K* Pass PJISS Pass Opening lend— A B. 25 1 ! i fie had to lend ngnlnst n slnm ilcl, and lie felt that to open, his own long suit would be nsolcss. On the other hnnd, North, declarer's partner, had srown no To K six of c choi Sho nion fine. A n •> q» U i V88 • G 4 + 0 ' S( Eonl lend, E king a and hi well n hearts slain b Hem opened proved cslablb duiriinj All ho great enthusiasm for the ..'finally diamoi :hc£i'ii trump suit, although , With South, from hi., bidding, seemed iroiiid'- o hfuc it fullj controlled. : Henry Ur'-Eas elt lih own tiiimps were useless, a dlai foi he lind onlj n remote chancis snitcezc of a iuf[ > . j t , • 'JGamithersville et 1 *'? *^J jSpciisty — Personal J!O tl 1' r t ftt»»» 1 unchcon. Iheifetf o sisterhood of this city «ij}ojred i Colonial luncheon Uondf^ atitlie home ol Mrs. Curl- ner ,!3Wce Mi., George Crockett \\ns HSSlcss iXVr * J £-^ * * n & JfrOVrVfCIulj Meets. Mtsgjjertcudc rhonipson, wlio is In clujne of the fled Cross In this county/ n'ttjS^lhe guest speaker at the MfeUiigfJof the Business nml Pro fe wn4l(,> Worn en's Club at the Lftt 3U{U^2jOtXr 1 uostliw cvniinp of this |8aS**l3 lu " un i evening 01 SheJ»irttpi4short resume ot the ^oik^Hf^eined Cross had done hi eaJfETj for 'flood refugees. Over 'hteenjpons of clollitiig has bceii s hip|)«xlwifl from dllfcrent ixilnts In UpjyutolKi States, and Miss Tt-oiiitHOnTslilcd thai refugees In the county hnVr- been well clothed and some of the clothing is now being given to needy families in the dltlerenr communities In the county. During the business session, two new members, taken into the club recently,, were Introduced. Thev were Mrs. George Hortoh of tills city and Miss Mary Sue Rhodes of Hnyti. One candidate, Mtss Jimmie Grceiic of Hnyti, wa s presented for membership. * * 4 Miss Hat-tic Aldridge is confined !o her bed with an attack of influenza. Mr. nnd Mrs. A. p. Korscv have returned from several months' visit in the Rio Grande vallcv in Texas Mrs. O. O. Gill has returned from St. Louis, where she Jiad been a patient In the Jewish hospital for three months. Her condition is improved. Mrs. Ellen Smith left a few days ago for Florida to visit for a few months. Mr. and Mrs. c. L. Thomas and iMrs. Matcic Bragg spent ih~ weekend in Cape C.irardcan visiting relatives. B _Mrs. Iverson Mlchie returned and c had sp luisbai Mrs. from c about, t Hotvar< • Joe c Marlon rloii.' A his pin Cannoi return! Hot & cxmnUi aia tlur pointir he has Mrs. fined u (Ineii/a i • .'CIi Dog ii-oo Airs, to the slrnlion h6on \\ iiiembci one vl Victorln After gethcr, Carl C Mi-s. G num. g lion In bngs « Dagwel County discusse contest this ye It wa nccting night. Margie well ai appoint niltcc, and M frcslnnc The nt the March A lie Today's Contract Problem Nor Ih has the conlrnel for i six spades. Even with the loss | of only one hoorl, he has a I choice of plays (o win IS tricks. ' Should he depend, on tho dla- ' mond finesse, or try n double ' finesse in clubs? 4KQ10870 ; V13Z « A Q : 4 2 •VAQ10 j 4K1098 I 7 i 10 3 2 All vul. Oponer~))k 2 Solution In next issue. 25 i Bits of News Mostly Pefsonal Mrs. Anne Stevens Potter has as her guest, Miss Jean nussellvllle, ot Louisville, Ky. The Rev. j. T . Hood and daughters, Mrs. Pat O'Bryant- pud Miss Angle Hood, were In Joneiboro yesterday for the funeral of W. B. Broom, which was conducted by tile nev. Mr. Hood, long tline friend of the family. ' Mrs. Leslie Iloopsr and Mrs. C. M. Gray were In Memphis yesterday, going down cs|recially for a style show. Mrs. O. P. Moss, who has been 111 nearly two weeks, is now convalescing. She has been removed 'from the BlyUicvlUe hospital to her home with Mr. and Mrs J H. Elkiiis. Mrs. J. D. Atkins i s ill at the family home on West Ash street. She Is better today. Mrs,. Jinnnle-Smolhcrmaji returned last.night from Memphis where Siic ; Jias been with lier. riiothor, Mrs. J.Jc: prlner.'who Is ait the Metho- cllEt •• hospital.../The. : co'nilition of botlr.Mrs. ;.CrIncrvnriH •iier'bnfiy da'ughlfir, born,-Tuesday.'afternoon Is;very gocd today..'.'hie'baby, wlio weighs .three'. pbuhijs/'js in ah in- South felt that his holding or lend, South was defeated. " king and one of lite partner's suit and his own strong trump suit:, us well ns. first round control or ••--. ->; i~u,, M a..i» m an in- nenrbi nntl dlainonds, justified the ciibnlor.- ••.',-• * In " 1 w<i - !-•.-Mrs.'.'J. Neal G?sell' hns rcttirned Henry held tho West hand, lie from a two days visit nv'Jqnesboro opened the eight of spades, which N't." I'Cr father,-,Mi •M.-'Gilliam proved lo be n killer. South could- 'Misses.Margaret- 'Keck ''and Mary establish the club suit, but Hie s », nln Usrey, who Pattern!: Liiitleii- duminy lacked entries to run it w ?od•college, SI. ct" " \-r i • ' -B"^!!- tqj. \Wlh. any other opening South • Liiiden- T~""•"•""*•&'•( v^ vjmiitc'^,• • Mo., ar- -ivetl lioine this mornlrtg for the weekend- with thbtv parents. M.ISJ Usrsy, and hc'r.m6tne'r,.Mrs. M. -,O "i"; u«u iniimuiiu V s ™y- w '" spand>,a'!part of'.the - - — wqiild have ruffed tlmo ''" Memphis with .Dr. Usrey dlamoiiiJ in dummy find later «''><>.fs'lll at the Mcfhodlst hospital 'wzcd East between diamonds Judge. G,^E. Keck, has -returnod clubs. Due; to the opening fl ' oln ^^ Cjly, whcre'hc coiirtiict-ed' —^- • court.' ; ' "•...'• .:•'•'•",'•. Mr..aiitl',Mrs.'.Louis Laiisky aiid Mrs; Walter Roscntlial. have re- urnert-Iroih 'sf'touU where they bought'goods. "Mrs. Willie' Afcher, formerly ol here and now of North Little Rockis quite,ill. Her sister's. Mrs M o Hocggen. of St.. Louis, -and Mrs Eula --Rutlertge, O f - Jonesboro, have gone lo bs-with ,1101- and another sister, Mrs, Prank/Webb, will go somclmie befare Saturday. Her address is Route 1, box i6l>' ^Mrs. Russell Marr and Mrs. %owiile Wilson story m •„, Memphis yesterday. '•Mrs. c. M. Biick nnd 'daughter Pqllyiinn, plan lo go to Little Rock Wly next wock to suenci a week before going-to. the races at Hot Springs. .Mrs. fiuck, who has been III, fs now" inucli improved. Louie Story,' formerly of' here arid now of Greenwood,. Miss, was the guest of his daughter, Miss Betty story, yesterday. Mrs.. Ethel Johnson and grand< anghUiv , Shirley Ann Crews daughter of Mr. and Mrs w A Crews, have gone to osceola. for a had spent several 'days vkltin* her ' iisbaiul. Mrs. H. H. Brown has returned om Cfowley, Lji., where'-she spsnt about, three weeks visiting her son, Howard Brown, and family. • Joe Camion jr., who is attcndln» Marlon .Military Institute Bt Ma! rich,'Ala., has arrived home to visit his parents, Capl. and Mrs. J. M. Cannon, for several days. Before returning to school he will go to Hot Springs, Ark., for V physical examination and check-up in preparation for the congressional a p- pointment to west, Point, which he has received as lirsl alternate. Mrs. Wm. Swader lias been confined to her bed this week with m- DemoiistL-alioii •Club News Notes Mrs. VI. J. Faught wns hostess "ogwoocl Home Demon- club Wednesday arter- when 24 members, one hew ihombbi-. Mrs. w. a. Maxwell, and visitor, Mrs. M. Lynch, of TC presentee!, ling the collect to- womcn lienrd Mrs. Green give ti lc devotional. Mis. G. P. Scrape, poultry chairman, gave n report. A deinonstra- "— In the making ot knitting «'as given by Mrs. Charles _ ;11. Miss C6ra Lee Coleman, county home demonstration agent discussed (he "Plant to Prosper" and outlined plans for . - r's activities. It was decided to have n social S on tho leit Thursday of cnch nicmt-h and Miss Howcll, Afj-s. W. O. Max- nd Mrs. Ira Koonco were appointed an entertainment committee, and Mrs." Charles' Lutes nnd Miss Mnry Lutes as the rc- ommitlcc. meeting will be held nt the home of Mrs. Henry Lutes, flash lasts npprosi- , visit v.with Mr. and Johnson. . Mrs L ' Phone System 3Gth Service Year HERMAN, Neb. (UP)-Hcrnmn's one*man telephone company has completed Its thirtieth year ol business. John Johnson gave up farming; on Jan. l, ign, t p become president, general manager "trouble shooter" and !w,,dy mail for the exchange, which now serves 3aO customers. Johnson even handles the switchboard on occasion. Electrical energy worth $500 is contained in every fla.Mi of lightning, according lo calculations of an expert. Three Musketeers of Lent Howard and liirnen pierce of Flint,-.Mich., and Mr. and Mrs. A. T Pierce \iho ln\e b.=u vlsttuig in iHot Springs lor a wrk weeks, are in Manila to attend the funeral o f T J T'Tce wl o dic-1 Tir.s- cay night in tho Blytheville hos- ri^ai Mr, and MM. James N'ccdham ana small daughter left Tuesday morning for Dsirolt, Mich., where they will mafc their home. irs I, B Barcroft Mr and !. r r^ L'o»d Barrroti Herr-. 2nd Miss Ethel Barcrolt spent thi first' of the KTCk with Mr md Mrs Jim BarcroU of Mania Thej ire from An-.Informal dinner parly was given in the home of Mr. and Mrs. 7udd Harmon "of Manila, honorin" Mi<s Virginia smilh on h»r six- tsenth btrthdiy Gu°sU included s Misses Almcda Berry Anita Cow- Ji) Rachel Lou Cleicland of Manila and Ray and Elmer Lindennnn Of Chicago, 111 Mr and Mrs J-imcs Moore of this cilv are the iwients of twin boss bom Tuesday morning Tlic * Wns "vaighed fi\e pounds and scv- * fii and one-half pounds it is ret ported lha)£ oire o£ them is ill nicy Jiaye not yet joeen named Courier News Waul Ada For Beautiful Lawns useVIGORO See the difference! When the eleven food elements are added, and at such d sniall cost, so little trouble. CALL US FOR MORE INFORMATION Hubbard Hardware Co, Phone 32 Just a warrior of a dlsii^fnacaronl cheese and liy MKS. GAYNOR SIADIJOX NK\ Service Staff Writer Give a salute to the three'111115- ;elcera of the meatless days—macaroni, egg noodles and spaghetti. As a change from potatoes,-as full- sized main dishes, in soups and with colorful sauces, these valiant soldiers of variety con refute bore- lorn.from, (he family menus.- ;' ; •aracaronl With Piquant , ..: Cheese Sauce .' • _.;: (serves 6} • Pour cups 'cooked macaro'ni, l mc- liimi sized onion,i niinceti, 2.'nie- dlqni tomatoes; or 1>2 c up tomato nice, 2 . tablespoon/•"niinced greeii Pepper, 2 tablespoon's.butl«r 2hai-a cooked eggs, !#' ib. creamy, iriiid packaged . yelibw .cheese,' "1-2 'CUD domestic sherry''w| 115, Heat biitt«r--ji}'i saucepan. A'dd ..lion and green'.ii»pp e r. Cook'tintll horoiiglily heaiea.biit not broirncd hen add tom.ito. :::combine-- ; HhIs nlx^urc witlv Ih'f cooked- macaroni' \rranjc macafbni"and sliced''li'ard coked', eggs ':in • btittcrctl bakin" dish. Melt cheese in lop of d6uble, boiler. When soft, add sherry and nix thoroughly. p our . this cheese nisture over the macarohi. Bake n- moderate , oven •'(360 l deg p) ietter niake an extrai'ft'iouiit of his cheese sauce and'serve it in j-separate dish for. : lho3c:.who will be asking for mores"-'.,''•' 'Muslirobm Sauce ipV Spaghetti , . . • .' (serves '6)-. ' . .Six fresh mushrooms, l .small oh- on, r teaspoon choppy parsley, 1 • " ' . '. 10111, r cup slock made from mushroom slenis- and' skin, anil sliced egg in a mantle of rich wine sauce. And ns foj- egg noodles, plunge one package ol them into a large kettle of salted boiling water. Cook, uncovered and rapidly, for about 20 minutes. Then drain off about 2-3 of the water, ndct seasoning; 1 tablespoon butter, 1-4 cup cream' Cover,; .simmer gently until lha :cream 'and' butter have helped swell Jiip the r noodles. Then serve. You're .right, It is pretty smooth. Cottonwood 4-H Club Elects New Officers GARUTHERSVILLE, MO., Feb. 25 —CottoiiK-ood Helpers 4-H cliib has elected .officers folloiving reorgani- Mtion of tlie club. The Mloivlrij were rjamtd: Movalctn Crctts, president; ' Jiilla. Turnbok, vice-president; looijise Pructt, secretary; Jiianttn bixon. son? and game leader; -Hazel."Pnieli, 'reporter; Prances Hunt, treasurer; Laura , 'Baker leader. : ' -^ '- iTheoicw clib'-bas 17 iiicinbers' thus, far. ' - : : . nipper ,-, c aste y . ' sa Chop jnushroonw ancl onion. Heat -.butter in frying pan. Add ntishrooms; onion and par'slev and "mnifr 5 minutes . T i, en d il 6 t in Hour, 'mix a , 1( | slowljr ad{ , c musn-oom stock. When' smooth, slowly stir ln ivhl[c wilje -^ j grape juice, season, add I bav leaf ntl simmer until sauce thickens to desired consistency. Remove Imy enf before serving, with, a platter of spaghetti, a side dish of- grated (aliaii cncese, and this saiice-llfe ao?s have its better moments. TOO LATE TO CLASSIFY" FOR SALE r liorse wagon, middle-breaker mower, 2 bull tongue plows, Per-' y cultivator, large ice box, .wood «k stove. CHEAP, c. H. Collins, hone 302, . -FOR SALE CottonSeedl!! STONEVILLE — DPL HALF &•HALF BEST PEICES Blytheville Gin Co. 3 room furnished apartment, 606 .«• -Mb. Mrs. Crowrfcr. 25-c-k-tf Specials C All Day Friday, ' Saturday , & Sunday FHESH CHANGE LAYER. Ea. .... CHOI' SUEY ROLLS. Ea.f,... PECAN URBA1) l.oaf BRIDGB STICKS Ho/. ...'..;.•<,.; CHOC. NUT COOKIES.- Doz. . Specials for l?ulcreg Hour - 5 to 6 P. M. Friflay-Saturday-Sunilay MACAROONS 10° 17° ;-.r . s c 12 C 12 C 8 C 8' IVc Specialize In Special Orders - Phone 110 BLYTHEVILLE BAKING CO. ........ PECAN ROLLS Koz. .... DQNUTS 1)07,. '.... ....... CHOC. CREAM ROLLS. Ea. i'ARKERHOUSE ROLLS.' Doz. ... H ESS Has Just Returned From Market Yes, sir. lics« has rclurnctl from hidrkef with a fine col- Icclinfi of new Spring merchandise. A)l carefully .select- cd for quality at a price vou can afford to pay. Keforc you I'uy be surcjo sec these new Siiils, Coals', Hats, Dresses Hnri Shoes we bought cs|icc- iiilly for the pre-Easter Iradr. Don't forget we sell ihc famous Wohl Shoes, shown this spring in the popular Gabardine and Suede pal- feni.s. IT .PAYS'.TO SHOP WITH HKSS! Avross the SlrceC from Hie Uitz Theatre sM^^rVr Carulhersville Couple Marned at Lilbourn CAUUTHERSVIlZE, Mo. —Huth VIekers and Dallas Durham, both of this city, were married on Sunday, Feb. 1, at UVbourn, Mo., by the Rev. Dallas Killer, pastor of the First Baptist church there. The marriage was kept secret until this week. The bride is the daughter of Mr ancl Mrs. Claude.VIekers.:She attended the local high school and for two years ha s been employed at the Drown shoe factory. Mr. Durham is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Dallas Durham sr., of this city. He also is employed at the shoe factory. They are making their home in an apartment at the home of Mr. Durham's parents. i'EBUUAJlY 26,: 193 — ;.m About 365,000 grains o f polIM produced by a single blossom. : FR£F/\o sufferers o STOMACH ULCER! *£ HYPERACIDITY ..WiJfaiyl's Messaqeof Relie PRICELESS INFORMATION fa Biiffcrlne from STOMArii E^ UI-CKRS. nuI 9 ro A »y • — , , BAD WREATH. SI.FErLKSSK'Pc HEADACHES, DUE TO EXCKBS AC ExplaEns the mnrvclous Wlllard Trc KIBBY BROaDRlja^O KOBI^Iso^^ DHUG co 'i MANILA: '•' PEOPLKS DHUG STORE Memphis' Favorite Orchestra- HERMAN WALDM^N .'. AND HIS SYNCOPATK]) ' ; SWING'STERS •! . at., IjOTEL PEABODY Duie In the Brautlfu: Venetian Dining Room. Dance in the Samovar. '•Dinner Guests on Monday, Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday remain to dance without extra cost. Gala i Friday and Saturday night dancing LOW ilOOM m " lc •RATES: ^PACIOUS CONTINENTAL BALLROOM ,, on- Saturdays; it's smart to lunch at tin From ?3 p ;sou Single" From .52 peeper- , , son DoublcY ' 11; the K. SCHUTT, Vice Pres. & Gen. Mgr.'s as young as J • -. • O S IN THE NEW Betty Rose Juoats & Suits BETTY ROSE creates distinctive styles that 1 are different, steps out a'head with extra, hidden' construction features which you seldom flnd In other garments so moderately- priced. $17.75 Up Other oiilsiniiilinj values. Sizes la to 48. // ?7.7S lo Jjs.75 DRESSES Beautiful Prints, Navy, Blacfc and Brown Crepo in all the new novelty weaves in styles i are different. As young,' as fresh, ns Invigorating as a- sparkling spring morning . . . these new dresses will cause a purse - siring loosening- commotion. Spring Hats - - Saucy and Gay! The quickest glance will tell you how : smart they'll be atop your new suit or coat $L<W to S4-.95- Complete Liric 1'urscs - Glovts - Arrcssorics Grey Suede Kid l-Strop. Black Kid high front, cul-pul vamp. A bcauti- 0)10 of this spring's very *"••' ••*--- ri1 - 1 -''" N bbsl styles so reasonably priced. ful shoe with your bluer or grey outfit. Very reasonably priced. $5.50 • §5:5.0 ? Olher smart ncw.sprinf numbers in ;• Blue Gabardine, Bh|c : Ki(l, Beige Orv:< Clotlf,- Uggaije Trim. • •' S5.50 16.50 N e w ;: EcoH.omy -Shop ft\IV>... ... 1\\ .1,^ . **- ' fngrum Uldg. I'hune !)5I

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