The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 3, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Friday, April 3, 1931
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAl'EH OF NOKTHEA ST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION VOL, XXVIII—XO. M Blythevllle Courier, BlytheviUe Herald, Blylhevllle Dally Ne>vs, Mississippi Valley Leader. BLYTllKVIU.K, ARKANSAS, FIUDAY, APRIL 3, 1931 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS PEfllU II Bermuda Grows Lilies For Easter In U. S, Wilkins Proposed Under- j Water Journey • to North ] Pole Fraught with Danger j BY ADMIRAL Hl'GjI HODMAN Written for MIA Service \ WASHINGTON.—AH the worl:! i has thrilled to Ilic daring and ro- j mantle plans of Captain Sir George Hubert Wilkins to make a .submarine passage under the Arctic ice ; pack. Cut it should be just as will- ! Inj to condemn foolhardiness. p'.ir-, llcularly when the results are unlikely to add one io'.a to the world's I benefits, and little to the sci-.-ntifi'-- : 'information that ,is no', already] known. j Sir Hubert plans to cross trom | the vicinity of Spitsbergen via the North Polo to Em-ing Strait in the North Pacific-. Of this distance about 1500 miles Mrs under the Arc- nre the heads of Ilic nposllcs Peter and Paul. lie ice fields, unless open water be ' found, which 1 believe is not at all | likely. 1 The N'nuliks is the former V. S. \ S. O-12. one of our elder type sub- i marines. 175 feet in length, which lias been reconditioned for chi 1 ; special work. Commander Sloanc Dancnhower, a graduate of the i Naval Academy, who ri-sisned in | 1911, will be her commanding of- , fleer. _ He is experienced, capable and resourceful in submarine work.! The Nautilus will be In '.he Imiis | of an cx|XMt. Much Rcmcilelins Duii2 ! In her original condition t h e : conning tower and other deck »rcc- . lions required no special protection; ; Bermuda, famed for its Easter Sillies which' grow beneath sub-tropical suns,, has outdone itself this year, 1'arls Church Bells Sllcnl PAHIS. Apr. ' 3 (UP) — Paris awoke this morning without the clamor of church 'tells, for tliere is a myth thai all the bells of France fly (o Rome on Good Friday to stay for two days. When the bells "come back'! Easter morning it Is nlso believed they are filled with chocolate which they scatter all over the city for the children. Priests went about "washing the feet of selected par- ishoners. Maryland Land ol Plenty Says Hank Mencken, Who Offers Sample to Editor BALTIMORE, Mil., April 3 (Ul 1 )—Kditor W. B. Sorrolls, Jr., of the- Pine Bluff, Ark., Commerciiil, mid II. L. Mencken of the Baltimore Sun and the American Mercury, seem to be on the way to a beautiful friendship. The Arkansas editor \viis touched by reports of an un* employ til demonstration in Die chinnljer of the Maryland house of dclcgnteH, and to lencken \M> telegraphed the ollowiiig: "We note with profound tfrct that conditions in Inryland are such as lo prcclpllste riot in your stale capital bulking. Through you Arkansas sends (s deepest symathy to those unfor- unate persons who are suffering vith hiniBer imlns In your slat?. "When Arkansas was In distress 'our own stile among others was 0 kind as to contribute through the fled Cross. Hence we feel not to reciprocate would be ungrateful. Therefore ve offer. If you Ihlnk auditions Justify II, a shipment of our surplus food to be dlsiribuled by you personally. Tills Is a splendid chance lo plncalc yourself wllh your own people." Editor Mencken replied: "In the name of Ihe Christian [ people of the Maryland free slate 1 offer hcarlfcll (hanks. Fortunately the report of famine In these parts Is groundless. Every Marylander Is not only adequately nourished but also satisfactorily litiuoi- JFailliful Attend Solemn Ceremonies While Others Seek Vacation Joys ROME. Apr. 3 <UP)-Good Friday, was soleinly celebrated In nil the principal churches of Rome today with the. "Mass of the pre- I sanctified" the singing ol the i>iw- i Elcn procesMons Inside various ] churches to Inner the relics of the I Uue cross, and the sinking of the ''. passion of the Tepeblae." Numerous old churches In Rome •which arc only opened once a year were visited today by hundred.'!. ..The principal ceremonies occurred In St. Peters and In the Basilica of SI. John Latcran, In which are MANAGUA, Nicaragua, April 3 preserved a large piece of ll'o cross (UP)—American women and chil .&nil T.-hal. according to tradition, ulrcn who had come safely through American Women and Children Removed from Nicaragua Disaster Scene. ish island colony to the United Stales. I'essel under water to examine in-; [ft^ee CKurcllCS End of Pre-Ea ?elical Effort. juries or make necessary repairs: „ , . n .-, p nn elevating conning tower shaft I hnd OI rre-baster tvan- 28 'inches 'In diameter for drlllln and penetrating 20 ft-et of overhead j Ice, to afford access to the surface. | There also are an air tube and drill > Sunday will mark the close of the but to fit her for cruising under ice • as thesc pf( . turcs sllmv - Almost tl)j u cr raiscd Hamilton, all these have been fitted under a i rounding "sled deck." Pore and afl j runners have been added lo this.. " so that the vessel may glide alonz ; (he under surface of the ice. Other changes include remodel- ; ing and strengthening the bow to : stand the shock of impact, and the ' addition of a cushioning project- j ing spar; removal of the old tor- • pedo tubes; a diving chamber for- . ward to enable divers to leave the was exported from the Brtt- Joe Loses His Jungle Beauty and $500 Cash for penetrating ice 100 feet thick, special services conducted daily this a similar tube for exhaust air and ! week by the First Methodist. First gases. ' and a flexible trolley toy' Presbyterian. and First Baptisl "feeling" Ihe ice oxurhead while running submerged. LOS ANGELES, Apr.' 3 (UP) — Jonn',? Ubangi, circus "wild woman" with lios .as big as saucers, and Galvin Bird, 27, "wild man" Ttrm Carjthcrsville, Ga., have eloped. All meht tc well but for the fact lhat Jennie left her husband, "South Sea Island Jce." and took Ihe famllv savings of S500. . churches with services comme'mo- | Joe told his troubles to officials Vacation Time In England LONDON, Apr. 3 (UP)—Thousands of employes and office workers 'eft their desks today to spend four days in the famous countryside they love so well. It —as the first public holiday of Ihe new year and although Easter is onlv ce'ebraled for two days In most countries, England takes a four day rest from normal octlv. ity. :hc horror of the. destruction ol Managua by earthquake and fire were evacuated to Corlnto by airplane today. Tlie group totaling about 200 was taken aboard the transiwrt Chau mont at Corinto. It was nnderstCKX some would be sent to the Cana Zone and others transported dlrec to their homes in the United Stales Farewells were said as the wlvc and children parted from husband. nd fathers left behind to carry on he work of rehabilitation in th nincd city. Most of the boys an •iris who said goodbye to the! alhers were too tired to be exclt 'd. They had had little rest an nsufflclent food and water sine heir homes came tumbling dow Tuesday morning and they »«re "urccd to witness a city reduced to •Hins by quakes and fire. Fathers could only smile wanly when they were asked by children 'Aren't you going home with us?" Falhers went back to the work of seeking bodies, destroying ruins New York Youth, Rebuked for Idleness, Strangki ' Mother to Death. NEW YORK, Apr. 3 ,D«-A 54- i rating the death and resurrection Since four days submerged with- , °' JC5US cnrist out fresh air is the ordinary limit i Tliere will be services at these of endurance, it is hoped to "extend : churches tonight at 7:45 o'clock, this to six days by the use o; except at the First Presbyterian chemicals and improved appli-1 church which will have a cantata onces. , ! given at 8:15 o'clock. Can She Stand It? The pair of Diesel engines, on; : for each of her twin screws, are used for propulsion and the charging of b; • This morning's services were well lions to the church. There will vision and the r? n" 1 " >•" '••^ *-««i i-n. *.n^n, » m u^ atteries 'while rlin . - a surprise prayer meeting and sac- nlng on the surface. But they can- ralnent of su W er at 6: ?° . not be used under water. When the '. °' cloc ^ Sunday mornmg and ' The craft is submerged, motive, power, > Crucifixion" will be sung by the lighting, heating and all other pur-; clwir ar ' d vlsum " musicians at o poses arc entirely dependent upor! :p - m the storace batteries ! Tlie book, "The Ideal Church" When These become exhausted ' was completed this morning at the it is, imperative to come lo the sur- r>r « b >' t e r - ar ' ch > lirch - Last ™Sht the face at once to recharge before an- pa5t ,°, r ,' " a ±, & J; C * lia ™ y ,' StP=ke other subsurface run can be ma:i» on What Wl " Yc Do Wltu Jesu5 The fuel tanks of the Naulillus who Is Called tllc christ? " Nu ' ' of the Al G. Barnes show with which the three principals In the E'.iangc triangle case arc connect- Jcnnie is n dusky belle from the Ubangi tribe of the African jungles. Bird, who played opposite her in the show as African wild man. was raised on a Georgia farm. II is a strange match. Kissing Jennie is a man-sized job. Her lips are greally dlslended by the Insertion of wooden disks which in Africa I« on a par with the bright red finger nails of Hollywood. give her. a surface cruising range ' mcr0115 wo11 kno *' n vcrscs of scrlp - Build Warehouse for D. Canale and Company The Frisco railroad is completing construction of n warehouse building, 80 by 100 !eet,'; property soulh of the local freight office, which, it is understood, will be Canale and corn- produce and gro- concern, which a few months branch Takes Week's Recess After Returninq 66 Bills: Night ' Riding Trial On. Trial of Dan Akers and Merlin Ray, younic Bandy Ridge farmers, on charges of night riding, was under way In criminal court loday. The trial whlcn opened early this morning will probably consume the entire session of court today. However the case of Jlmmlo"Jones. , charged wllh burglary, has been placed on call subject lo trial.lo- day If the Irlul of Akers and Ray should end suddenly. The grand jury adjourned yesterday afternoon until Thursday of nexl week after havlifg been-In session for four days. When the Brand jury adjourned lale ycsler r cliiy 13 additional Indictments-were returned bringing the lolal.num- ber of Indictments returned .at this term of court, to sixty-six. . . Had Threatened Negroes ' The state rested In the trial of Akers and Ray ht 2:15 o'clock. this afternoon. The charges of night riding against Ihe two defendants were b.ised on an alleged attempt to threaten and Intimidate the J. Rlchnrdson family by shooting ed. Tlie great city of Baltimore is 1 Into their house the night ot overrun by hungry and remorseful Hoovercrats from below the Potomac, but all of them are being cared for. "Tlie so-called riot nt Annapnlls March 1st. However the 'state succeeding In introducing evidence purporting lo show Hint the defendants were Involved In 'im.efr fort to frighten negroes from the that threatened to topple down and attempting to repair the water supply system after their families were taken away In airplanes. Several looters were shot during the night. All men working In the ruins were armed, and the marines had orders to shoot to prevent pll- ingle drop of while, Protestant, [ordlc blood was shed." Confidential to editor: "I am ending you 10 cases of 15-year-old laryland rye, marked 'Hymn Books. 1 " Fxlltor Sorrels was touched hi- eed. He replied: "Well done. Damn the riot. Rush he hymn books." of about 3000 miles, but by fi!lln-: turc were quoted os v - m! for ths j the ballast tanks, normally Jus i J stat « ment s expounded by the In diving, with oil. this would be s P eaker 1M llls interesting message, j extended to about 6000 miles. ; "Lost Opportunities" was !h? [ While oil may be used for bal- '. theme for the morning service at j last as well as water, still it is well tt;e Firs t Baptist church with the find employment. He admitted, police said, knocking tha ICO-pound woman down and strangling her with a clothes line. Porzelt had been out of work for nearly a year. His father, Harry, 55. who has been employed steadily as a cashier, awakened his son before going to work, gave htm S3, and said, "Now Joe, really try to get a job today." As soon as his father left Porzelt returned to his bed and did not arise until 11 o'clock. He ate hearty breakfast his mother had prepared and departed. Instead of seckng work he went to a speakeasy. When two hours were exhausted he returned home, presumably to get more money. Later he slagfjer- Into police headquarters and [old officers "I killed my mother She kept nagging me to go to work. . I knocked her down then got a May Be Reached : ^ ts n ™ Rlld Stratl8lcd ter wlth al Meeting of Business i Men Tonight. ' !P«nbct County Credit MANILA, Ark.—An offer by J. A. While no slatement has been made by the company, which has its headquarters In Memphis, it is understood that when the new warehouse building .here Is ready the Jonesboro.branch closed snd the company's, customers in northeast Arkansas, and southeast Missouri will again he served from BlytheviUe. Corporation Gets Loan within the range of possibility that Rev. Alfred S. Harwell using I King : Kilian,Marshfield. Mo., president WASHINGTON— A loan of SH the tanks may bo needed in an 20 and Ezckial 31:1-8 for his Bib- or the K illian Canning company . 5go to thp sl(x . kholllels o£ the Pom- credit corpara- Hospital on Approved List of Medical Ass'n. The Blythcville hospital, under the management of Dr. Paul • L. Tipton has placed on the registered list of hospitals recognized by the association. The local hospital Is one ol twenty-five hospitals In Arkansas on the association's registered llsl and has n>2t all requirements o the association. A training schoo is operated under state charter in connection with the ocal hospital The Blytheville hospital was re cently placed on the association' approved list of approximately 6, 000 hospitals. . emergency, so that the oil in them heal Deferences. Tn his message he which operates factories at Black j bcol ..... " " ""'" ' "' " '"""" " would have to be sacrificed. ; urged his hearers not to trifle wi Caraway. Monotte. and else-;. car u thersvllle. Mo - ntls In her original design the stor- their opportunities and cited their whcrc in northeast Arkansas, to > npprovcd by the department of ag- age batteries gave her a subnicrg- se( ™ u5 f responsibilities. "Are^ vx \ establish a tomato canning plant . r | clllture _ TI^ ] oan ^ for t | le pm -_ 60 mill 111 A-.^. lu (t .J^V.HV.OLJ llu.^v.r Lll lllv lltxt llnr/l, c IHP-CTI-O n«,^T n* ^fl-^f ,l ^[ M IIIL— LIHE. ui ..... ™,i catteries gave her a submerg- se™us responsioiinics. -Are we i establish a tomato canning plant . rlclllture -^ lc Ioan ^ for t | le pur . cruising radius of from 55 la .willing lo jo and to say what the ; nt Manila if adequate local support | no _ e of cnab i inB lhe C0 rporatbn to iniics. at a speed of two knots. : Lord wa »*s us to?" he asked. , !s finished for the venture, will i ln c rcase iis capltftl stocki ana thus Arctic (emperatures. -howevjr., In his last night's message he] bo discussed at a meeting of Ma- -p,,,.,,^ it to expand its crop financ- Now Mrs. Family Must Scrub for Family Family DENVER, Col-. Apr. 3 (TJP>— The Famllv family's family wash lun? on the Family clothes line today, even. If the Family famlly'i washing machine was out of com miFsIon. Jack J. Family, head of thi Family family, reported to polici the electric. motor of the FamlU family's washing machine had dls !>pi>eared. Family said it was pos siblc some neighboring family ha borrowed the motor, but there alsc was the possibility the Family fam lly had been robbed. He added the theft nccciiitRt/ hand scrubbing of the Family fam lly's clothes, and that the moto had disappeared while the Pamll family was away from home. IS as staged by evolutionists. Not a | community. The state strove to Kentucky Jury Indicts Tennesseean in Banco- ken lucky Case. IXDUISVTL-LE. Ky.. April 3. 'UP) —Three men, including Rogers Caldwell, Nashville banker and president of Caldwell and company. Tennessee brokerage house which collapsed last fall, were Indicted by a county grand Jury today on charges growing out of a transaction between Caldwell and company and the fiancokenlucky corporation. ' Those indicted in addition tc Caldwell were James B. Brown, former president of the Brtncoken- tucky and of the National Bank of Kentucky, and Charles P. Jones former executive vice president of the Bancokentucky. Caldwell was charged specifically with misrepresenting his company as show thnt. this formed a niolive'for the shooting as Richardson saw ons of the defendants. approach the negroes' house and overheard 'a conversation between them, he tcs- : llflcd. The stale put on evidence to show that Richardson (old others of the incident and the defend- • ants attempted to frighten and intimidate him as a result. Richardson told, on the witness stand, how In company''with a guest at his home, he had pursued two men from his yard the night his home was fired into. . He Identified, them as the defendants and test!- ncd-.^hat he chased them'o.. ; <";j: house of ort6 of the 'defendanlK. '-.'.-, ^ Alters took the stand In his own. defense this afternoon.. He denied any. connection wllh the effort to Intimidate the negroes .and the shooting. Cross examination of Alters had not started at 2:30 o'clock. Holnlcs Acquitted Thomas Holmes, charged with" selling liquor, was acquitted by a Jury lato yesterday afternoon. He was charged with the sale (if In- - toxlcating drinks while nn employe of a lunch-stand on Highway 01. north of Blylhevllle. operated by his sister, Mrs. Constance! Westbrook. A motion to sustain a plea of former convicllon was sustained- in behalf of Reg Hughes yesterday aflernonn and a felony charge of assault with intent to kill dismissed. Hughes was convicted of aggravated assault In a lower court for the offense Indicated in the indictment. His twin brother, Rex Hughes, was fined five dollars .on uted to Commander Danenhow.-r is a g'reat task and a great sacri-'ton. and If She business men of lhe that the Na-.itilus can traverse in . fice. according to his words 41.GG hours nt Hire? knots, sub- Kicried, 125 miles. Buf from the: 'here, bcsl araihhl? sources of informa- (Conllnued on p.-^e Five) of Memphis, and of S8.500 Hold Banker's Family Reviews Results of Anti-Malaria Prisoners in Own Home;^ ; town will furnish a building and pay ' for the Mad fc on county Agrlcul- ; the cost of moving the equipment tura] Credit COTporaUo ,, of c <m- ? rc - ! ton, Miss. Applications have besn The mailer was discussed at « j recl >i VM | fron , a number of other meeting of the Lions club Thurs- finnncc corporations, and addltioti- anlla men Craig- ; tlle April 3 tur,_ . . . A review of mnlaria control work *"'• cor.d'.icteci by the Missouri Pacific '. ° ners "" rallrcad during lhe past seven Molt, cashier of : Mundclcin Stale bank, last! , , ln!ormMm c ™ c " ni "S tlle k !" d ot establishment that Is proposed here. '« A. W. Fuchs. sanitary cnfiirper; ""'""• rcprcr.ertina the United States' ~ Public Hcnlth Service. . c . ,,,, Furhs is accompanied by Earl A.!» HSOP.ers WtlO Henry, unitary engineer of the railroad. The survey will extend throughout Arkansas and in portions of Louisiana and Missouri m/thifm^ng^'foKed Two BcroWim Today in St. Louis Area Fire P.«ady for Death COLUMBUS, O., April 3. (UP) — r- and will require several months. Anxious to "gel It over with as i Fuchs said. quickly as passible" two convlcls *i Tlie raiiroarl has expended ap- who have confessed starting the I rroximatcly 51M.OCO In the throe fire In the Ohio state penitentiary " stales in malaria control work and last April in which 322 prisoners has cooperated with the Public were killed, said in an Interview Health Service In fighting the dts-jwlth newspaper men today they (-•,.;(-. I want (o ilie In the electric chair. EAST ST. LOUIS, 111.. Apr. 3 (UP)—Tito plant of the Shoppers Guide, weekly newspaper, was bombed here early today. Eight persons, four of them wo- loans will probably be made shortly. The 1< Memphis and Canton organizations arethe first to be approved since loans lo finance corporations at BlytheviUe. Ark., and Andalusia. Alabama, about two weeks ago. Prince. Divorced hv Pola, Will Wed MarvMcCormack Twenty-Four Hours of Deliberation Fail to Produce a Verdict. solvent In the deal under which » dmr s e of "Shting. A felony Caldwell and company was to re- cnar B e ° E ossMilt with intent •- to celve 900,000 shares of Bancokjn-1 km was reduced to the mlsdemean- tucky in return for half Interest In i or *arge. The young men were Caldwell and company. alleged to have assaulted I,. F. Caldwell, the Indictment chnr<- (Moore r.ear Huffman a number 01 ed, represented Ihe half Interest In I months ago. his concern as being worth $9.000.000, knowing at the time the firm was insolvent. Brown and Jones, both tndlded previously in connection with the collapse of the Winter Rainfall Here Below Season's Average Biythevllle's rainfall for the first three months of 1931 Is considerably below normal, according to the official weather observer, Charles Phillips jr. Marc'.i It rained 3.36 Inches lota', rair^all was 3.48 Inches and it rained 2-13 inches in January. The average for January Is six Inches and one inch less for Feb- ...- - - , ruary and March, last year In j pared to remnln in his chamber all a ct j™ March It rained 2.74 inches which i dav If necessary to await * verdict. b0 ™' tha shows that this year's amount Is: Doors to the Jury room had bien Bancokentcicky. were indicted on charges of dealing wllh Caldwell and company while Ihe concern was I known to be insolvent. CRIMINAL COURT. Chicago. April 3. (UP)—The jurv deliberating the case of Leo V. Brother's, charged with the murder of Alfred J. Linglc. Chicago Tribune reporter, continuous session since 2:24 p. m. yesterday. Believe Slain Kansas Memphis Woman Weds Local.Druggist Today Hen H. levy, well known druggist and for many years a resident of this city was married lo Mrs. Irene Payne of Memphis, Tcnn. this afternoon. Justice Ed Walker performed the Bandit Arkansas Man i ceremony which was solemnized at the Levy residence, 624 West Wai- KANSAS CITY, Mo.. April 3. nut str « l (UP)-Polloe believed today a b*n- 1 ' dit slain in n drug store robbery here Wednesday nlfhl may Invc I c ™ 1t . . ° r ' he , fmarrt , a f£ , e otf ' cc ° r , th , h=re ' ^Tra Broom as " Judge Joseph Sabalh returned lo i b « n Stonewall H. Smith of Slloam \ the courtroom this mornln? ore- \ Springs. Ark. more than In 1930. unlocked only twice since the Juror* springs, his fatr. ' retired, once for a meacer sunncr casD of accident. in the man's pocket j p n Ul, bore that name and It requestsdl r " K " that Oewge Smith o! Siloam ( Springs, his father, be notifted In : Caused Rockne CrESll Ban Aople Selling On New York Streets ilast night, and again for breaVfis 1 this morning. On orders from Jud°e Sabath the Jury continued Its dc- LOS ANQFXES, Apr. 3 (UP) — Prince Seree Wdlvanl. divorced hv m »n llvrd "above the plant, werol p ° Ia Nc ? ri in a decision handed ™ lntl Paris yesterday .was set ' n ' ce " le matrimonial high dive ! Odain today, this time -with Mary McCormlck. grand opera singer, as hurled from their beds. None was In lured 1 fr ST. LOUIS, Apr. 3 (OP)— Three rcs-.dences were damaged early today by a bomb which was hured into the yard of cne of them. None o' the occupants was injured. No rtason was known for the bombing, his companion. Prince M'dlvanl admitted he probably would accompany Miss McConnick to the license bureau today or tomorrow, there to file nolicc o f Intenllon to wed NEW YORK, April 3 (UP)-Apple selling on the stroets of New York will be banned in shopping districts after Police Commissioner Edward P. Mulrooney ruled today. Tlie business was started as R liberations sleep. without stopping for in mldtown p» | f\ . i/*ii r Apm is, |Girl Courtroom Killer Appeals 5-Year Term moVrto™eVp"ummp:oyed"but'has| DeWITT. Ark.. Apr. a (UP)- h«.™n» niie^i n-ith rarketMrs. Mrs. Helen Spenre Eaton, court- Two companions in the attempt- ! WICHITA, Kans., April 3. (UP) ed holdup, Charles Lon? and Ralnh i -Ice formation, the dread of all Hetcher, were captured. They said I airmen, was assigned today by Anthey hud only recently met Smith I ton >' Fokker as the possible primary and knew him as Jack Smith i cause for the plane disaster near ' Bazaar, Kansas, in which Kmite Recline, famous Notre Dams foot- Vivian Duncan a Mother ba " concl1 ' and severi olher mn become filled with racketeers,! merchants claim- Argentine Feels Quake BUENOS AIRES, April 3 (UP) — Earth tremors of 20 seconds duration were at Tucuman, Salta and Santiago Del Estero, the National Telegraph reported. No casualties or damaaes resulted, ttary. Speno room slayer of Jack Worls, 22. who . °lle?cdly shot and killed her father, was at liberty today under bond pendine disposition of an ap- ueal notice filed late yesterday following l'£r conviction of second degree murder. The Jurv findings embodied a recommendation she be sentenced to five years In the state penlten- PARIS, April 3. (UP)-A daughter was born lo Vivian Duncan. ' American actress and wife of Nils ! Asther, Swedish cinema actor, st I WEATHER Augsburg, Bavaria, was learned today. March 26, it: ARKAKSAS-Cioiidy. colder tonight; Saturday probably clcudy. ! According to the official weather ORANGE, Mass., (UP)—A deer i observer, Charles Phillips Jr., tho and Dr. H. R. Mahar's automobile i minimum temperature here yester- were in collision n»ar here. After day was 62 cV-grecs and the max- the accident the deer ltd, aparent- Imum. 73 degrees, cloudy. On the ly unharmed. One mudguard of! same day a year ago the minimum the automobile was broken and a | temperature was 44 desrces and door badly denied. | the maximum, 67 dejrses, cloudy.

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