The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 14, 1955 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 14, 1955
Page 14
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turn BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.)' COURIER IfBWI Collapse of Jordan Water Plan Feared By JOHN SCAM WASHINGTON (<VP) — The American-backed Jordan River development plan, conceived as formula for ending bitter Arab-Jewish strife, is reported on the verge of collapse. ~~~ "~~ Diplomatic officials fear that renewed Arab opposition may have killed the ambitious undertaking— at least for the time being. That raises the prospect Israel will go ahead to develop the river in the lace of violent Arab protests. Any such Israeli move would be virtually certain to add new tensions in the region already seething with excitement over Egypt's plans to buy arms from Communist Czechoslovakia. Still Has Hope Farm Land Values Show Increase WASHINGTON W) — An Agriculture Department survey showed today that if there is any pessimism among farmers over farm product price declines, it is not showing up in market. booming farm real estate The department said farm land values on July 1 averaged 5 per cent higher than a year earlier and 3 per cent higher than on March 1 of this year- — even though farm product prices have slumped some 5 per cent below a year ago. Compared with a year earlier, land values in 36 states showed gains of 2 per cent or more. Only three states — Maine, Vermont and Wyoming — reported values significantly below a year earlier. The department said the strength of the farm land market during the last 18 months has been unusual in view of downward trends in farm commodity prices and income. "Based on past relationships, one would have expected land values to remain stable or to decline slightly in the last year," it said. The agency listed four factors as contributing to the strength of the farm real estate market: 1. A strong demand for more land to enlarge existing farms so that mechanization might be used more fully to cut costs per unit of farm output. 2. More liberal lending policies by several classes of lenders, notably Insurance companies and federal land banks. 3. Favorable crop prospects. 4. A. buoyancy in, and bright outlook for, the general economy. Jutt Exercising LOS ANGELES (fl>) — Elmer the elephant was standing in the front of an automobile agency as a sales promotion stunt. Apparently bored with it all, he wrapped his trunk around a parking meter, twisted off the head and dropped it to the pavement. The City Traffic Department sent the agency a bill for (14.95. The Eisenhower administration has not given up hope that Arab countries, led by Egypt, will reconsider their newest objections. The American plan would have linked four Arab states, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt, with Is'rael in a joint 121-million-dollnr dam-building and irrigation project which would have permitted all to share the Jordan water: Eric Johnston. President Eisenhower's special ambassador in charge of promoting the plan, is scheduled to return Saturday from a visit to Cairo, where he apparently has been unable to persuade Arab countries to back the idea. The Arab countries asked for more time to study the proposal. But diplomatic officials familiar with the background said today this amounted to a thinly disguised turndown, even though Johnston said afterward he hoped difficulties could be resolved in the near future. Within Two Weeks What most officials fear now Is that Israel will resume the Jordan River development project within its own borders which it abandoned two years ago after Syria threatened to protest to the United Nations Security Council. With two weeks intensive work, it is believed, the Israelis could completely divert the Jordan Stiver from flowing into the neighboring country of Jordan. Ironically, Jordan is reported to be the one Arab country in favor of the Johnston plan. The apparent breakdown in negotiations has added to the growing alarm within the State Department over the possibility of a new outbreak of fighting between Israel and its Arab rivals. The hummingbird is bird that can reverse action. It is able to fly as well as forward. Commodity And Stock Markets- May July York Cotton (U:3« aartaUoM) 3249 3287 3240 3123 3150 3114 3073 3094 3055 2973 2995 2947 New Orleans Cottwi Dec 3243 3290 3242 Mar 3125 3158 May 3073 July .2975 3125 3094 3058 2985 2946 3275 3150 3093 2995 3273 3158 3090 2990 Chicago Wheat Dec ____ 204"i May .... 202:>B 204'i 202% Chicago Corn Dec .... 128!' B 128% May 135 202% 201 127 133% Chicago Soybeans Nov .... 234% 23614 231% Jan .... 237% 238 1 /:, 234% Mch .... 238:>'s 233% 236 July .... 2371/4 238% 235>/« New York Stocks 202% 201 133% 232"/ 4 235 236!/ 2 235'/ 4 SIIAWNEE QUEEN—Mary Lloyd Eifline is to be crowned football queen at Shawnee High School tonight in the homecoming game with Lepanto. She's the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Eifline and is a member of the senior class, student council, Future Homemakers of America and Career Club. Janice Shannon, Phyliss Ashburn and Pat Kimberlin are maids. IKE Poles Still Prisoners? LONDON (ie> — The Polish Ex- Combatants Assn., a refuge group, charged today that some 200,000 Poles are still held in Soviet slave labor camps. It appealed to Foreign Secretary Harold Macmillan to ask Sopiet Foreign Minister V. M. Mo!o- tov at the forthcoming Geneva conference for the prisoners' release. A T and T Amer Tobacco ... Anaconda Copper Beth Steel ... Chrysler Coca-Cola Gen Electric Gen Motors Montgomery Ward N Y Central Int Harvester Republic Steel Radio Socony Vacuum ... Studebaker Standard of N J .. Texas Corp Sears T^s Steel . 177 1-8 . 15 1-2 . 63 1-2 . 144 3-4 . 92 1-4 . 125 . 48 . 131 5-8 . 85 1-2 . 44 3-4 . 36 1-4 . 46 3-4 . 42 5-8 . 55 5-8 . 9 3-4 . 1?5 1-2 . 102 3-4 . 102 1-2 .. 53 5-8 He Really Lost INGLEWOOD, Calif. UP) — Some people lose their shirts at the races but nurseryman Ray A. Tarpley lost his car radiator. His car began to smoke while he was driving home one apparently swiped his radiator from the track. He told police someone apparently swiped his radiator while he was watching the races. Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, 111. I/PI—USDA — Hogs 8,000; higher; the only bulk mixed TJ..S. Nos. 1, 2 and 3 its win- 180-260 Ib. 15.10-35, mostly weights backward I under 230 Ibs 15.25 and above I mostly Nos. 1 and 2, 15.40-50 Florsheim Talk-of-the-Town Tassels Florslicira tassel slip-ons are very much in evidence wherever well-dressed men congregate. Correct for campus, sircel and busi'iiMi wear, they strike n happy •wnbinatioii of style and comfort. Neat tobacco ponch lacing adds a touch of elegance; soft, premium calfskin imparts a look of luxury. Available in a complete 917.0 range at The only exclusive Men's Store in Mississippi County (Continued from Page 1) been asking for one for days. 2. He waved his right hand from his elevnted bed on the sun porch of the eighth floor to patients and photographers on the lawn below. 3. Mrs. Eisenhower felt it safe to leave the hospital for the first lime, spending 90 minutes in a drive in the sunshine and visiting at the home of her mother Mrs. John S. Doud. 4. The President's cardiogram "now shows well-advanced evolutionary changes," and his "pro- thrombin time continues to be maintained at the desired level." The first has to do with the pattern of healing. The other means, Hagerty said, that the anticoagulants being given to prevent formation of a new clot are doing fine. Celebration Restricted Celebration of the President's birthday is being restricted, to the family. First on the program was the opening of gifts from Mrs. Eisenhower and the family, members of his Cabinet and other ad ministration cfficials. While the President will eat in his room, Mrs. Eisenhower, her mother and her sister Mrs. Gordon Moore of Washington, D.C., will have their birthday lunch in reception room on the eighth floor. The President sunned for 35 minutes yesterday on the terrace. And later he enjoyed a "quiet, restful afternoon," reading and listening 10 music. But before that he ate a small piece of steak, hominy grits, asparagus tips, beets, fruit salad, a whole wheat muffin, strawberry jello and a glass of buttermilk. His diet is limited to 1,600 calories daily. And there is indication it will go above that, even for his birthday. Truman Visits With Hoover NEW YORK (IP) — The nation's only living ex-Presidents—Herbert Hoover and Harry S. Truman—met yesterday for a chat. Truman, who is visiting here, mostly No. 1. some no. 2, 200-225 called on Hoover, who makes nil Ib. 15.60; 150-170 Ib. 14.00-15.25; | h 0me a t the Waldorf Towers. What 12,0-140 Ib. 12.50-13.75; sow.s 400 Ib.jthe two men talked about was not down 14.25-75; heavier sows 13.50-'(ji sc ] os ed. 14.25; boars over 250 Ib. 8.60-10.50; ; A Truman spokesman said the lighter weights to 11.50. | visit was arranged after Truman Calves 800, calves 500; steady;put In a telephone call to Hoover. prices; large proportion of high good 16.00-20.00; light weight utility oflerings 13.00-15.00; utility and commercial cows held 10.00-13.00; canners and cutters largely 7.5010.00; bulls utility and commercial 11.50-13.50; vealers good and choice largely 20.00-24.00 with individual head prime above this spread; cull to good 10.00-19.00. Breaks Finger in Fall Donald Battles, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Marshall, broke the ring finger of his left hand wihle playing near Blytheville Junior High yesterday. The 11-year-old Is now in Blytheville Hospital. FRIDAY, OCTOBER 14, 1WB „ - -" Charges Filed In Killing CARUTHERSVILLE- Manslaughter charges, which hav« a maximum penalty of ten years in the state prison, were filed in Pemiscot County Magistrate Court yesterday afternoon by Prosecuting Attorney James (Tick) Vickrey .gainst Warren Napier, Bragg City grucer. ' Napier Is charged with fatally shooting Robert Holmes after an argument Tuesday night in Napier's grocery. Napier has not been arrested ana ill probably be allowed to mak» bond, authorities said. A bale of cotton has a gross weight of about 500 pounds. NEW SLOGAN FOR IKE—Emanuel Rcss stands beside a portrait of President Eisenhower as he displays the automobile sticker he created. Reading, "Get Well Ike, America Needs Your Heart/' it is for use on windshields and bumpers. Ress is a New, York uity public relations man who specializes in manuiac- turing buttons Jpr political occasions. Catholic Bishop Freed from Jail VIENNA. Austria tfl—Hungary's Communist government says it is releasing Roman Catholic Archbishop Joszef Groesz from prison, but it indicates he. is being put under house arrest. Radio Budapest announced last night, "Dr. Groesz will take up residence in an ecclesiastical building to be assigned to him." Such announcements from the Communists usually mean the churchman is not allowed to resume his church office and is restricted to the residence assigned him. The broadcast said the archbishop's 15-year sentence for plotting to overthrow the Communist regime was being "interrupted" at the request of Dr. Qyula Czapek, archbishop of Eger and acting head of the Roman Catholic Church in Hungary. The announcement added that four other imprisoned Catholic priests would be amnestied. They were! dentified as Dr. Mutka Imre, Janos Horvath, Janoe Korpan and Joszef Bardos. Their terms were not specified. Local Student Cops Top Score Julie McCall, daughter of Mr and Mrs. E. M. McCall, has made the second highest mark in Mississippi Southern College, history in a comprehensive reading test, her parents have been informed. In a general English test, she was among 38 students of 1,200 freshmen who scored high enough to obtain a waiver on Ireshman English requirements. FBI Man Is, Speaker CARUTHERSVILLE — James B Hunt, of Cape Girardeau, agent for the FBI. was the main speaker at a joint meeting of Kiwanis, Lions and Rotary clubs in the basemen of the First Christian Church Mon day night. Hunt told about various crimes affecting the federal government. ILL-FATED First attempt to colonize New Mexico was made by Caspar Gas tano de Sosa, in 1590. Castnno later was arrested for making an unauthorized entry and returned to Mexico City in chains. NEW POWER! More horsepower in every model ... up to -6% more! You get rolling faster, have more reserve power, too. Result: more time saved, more work done. NEW STYLING! New "leadership look" in complete line of Ford Trucks from Pickups to 65,000-lb. GCW tandem- axle BIG JOBS! Styled to build prestigel NEW COM FORT and SAFETY! New Drirerizcd Cabs, new full-wrap windshields. New Lifeguard features give you protection not found in any other truck. New Ford lrac]ffiA56 More horsepower per dollar than any other truck line! Powerful *y«fvlf New Ford6>,j'-ft. "Ji-'on" Pickup. ONLY FORD giifs you proven Short, Stroke poiver in et'erv model from Pickups to Big Jobs —and al no extra cost! ONLY FORD gives you so many new features throughout for smarter looks and smoother going! New Ford Trucks give you the most power for your money—proved by comparisons of net horsepower and suggested list prices of all truck lines. Your new Ford Truck is a better Money Maker, right from the day you buy it! Ford's Short Stroke engines cut friction, get more usable power from every gallon of gas—and provide the best in long engine life! See the new Ford Tru«ks— at your Ford Dealer's now! N£WI 8-ft. "Vj-ton" Express for bulky load*. Al«o, 6}f ft. Pickup. OVW 5,000 Ibs. NSW! Deep-center Lifeguard steering wheel help« protect driver from steering column. Only Ford hu itl No e«tn coot. NCWI Lifeguard door latch** give added protection agiinst doom jarring open in »n accident. NCWI 12-volt ignition for better starting, better performance, greater electrical reserve. NfWl Tubeleo tiroa run 25° cooler, give Mtrs milM««! Standard on enry Ford Truck! HtWI Full-wrap win^wtd standard or, all cabs. New Mt-wnp war window at lew «<n. mrt. Ford Triple Economy Trucks PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Broadway ft ChkkaMwfca •roadway A CltkkaMwfca HMM J-44W If You'n iNt.rMl.a' in an A-l UM«* Track — !• $«M to S«f Y**r Fad DM!** LAND FOR SALE 80 ACRES Approximately 6 miles west of Blytheville. Fair improvements. Priced to sell. 424 ACRES Near Holland, Mo. Fronts on main paved road. Good improvements. This is a real farm. Don't miss seeing it. 160 ACRES .Near Gideon, Mo. Nice large 2-story home. 2 irrigation wells. Good productive land. 63Vi ACRES Near Dell, Arkansas. Beautiful $20,000 home and extra fine improvements. This is a show place. Don't miss this if you are looking for a nice suburban house. 222 ACRES Close to Manila, Arkansas. Extra good mvxed loam land. Priced to sell. 66 ACRES South of Dell, Ark. This is the best bargain we are showing for an investment. Look this over before it is sold. $225 per acre. 157 ACRES Near Reeves, Mo. Good land, a real buy. $225 per acre. 47 ACRES Near Steele, Mo. Excellent land in a-good location. $300 per acre. 94 AC RES On gravel road near Portageville, Mo. Small home, high quality land. Good location. MANY OTHER FARMS We have many other farms of all sizes . . . Excellent terms on all properly. We have insurance company commitments that will pay a large portion of the purchase price. Let us show you these farms before you make a deal. Phone, Write, Or See EARLS FARM & LOAN CO. Glencoe Hotel Bldg. Blytheville, Ark. Phone POplar 3-4562 J. E. STEVENSON, JR. Phone POplar S-«18« CECIL BARU Phone POplar 3-40.12

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