The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on January 24, 1974 · Page 18
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 18

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 24, 1974
Page 18
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FINANCIAI.REPORTOF THE TOWN OF MALVERN. IOWA JANUARY I, in;:i THROUGH DECEMBER 31. l!)7:i MUNICIPAL REPORTS Fund General Street Public Safety Sanitation Municipal Enterprises (Except Utilities) Recreation Debt Service < Except Utilities). Trust and Agency (Exceptutilities) Road Use Tax Liquor Profits Street Lighting All Other (Except Utilities) TOTAL RECEIPTS .$ 6,026.00 $ 1,249.13 . 10,002.74 1,240.49 . 15,281.62 2,132.01 1,024.68 834.18 . 11,000.59 23,522.04 . 3,840.56 16.84 . 14,674.77 112.40 «j $ 7.035.04 57.897.50 21,666.54 3,195.34 5,597.72 736.52 57.19 19,107.04 4,743.08 8,087.25 $14,310.17 11,243.23 1,200.00 18,613.63 2.000.00 61.756.36 34,522.63 25,523.94 14.787.17 3,931.B6 10.107.04 4,743.08 5,654.91 8,087.25 .$70,644.02 $29,900.80 $21,666.54 $96,869.91 $3,200.00 $222,281.27 FINANCIAL REPORT OF THE TOWN OF MALVERN, IOWA JANUARY 1,1973 THROUGH DECEMBER 31.197:! MUNICIPAL DISBURSEMENTS Fund Capital Outlay 304.75 4,372.05 325.00 73,345.91 974.04 38,185.64 Other $ 4,571.61 7,851.87 10,167.43 3,060.58 7,502.09 1.036.13 Salaries and Wages General $ 3,708.17 Street 691.25 Public Safety 6,439.40 Sanitation 2,770.48 Municipal Enterprises (Except utilities) 5,987.57 Recreation 1,024.37 Debt Service (Exceptutilities) Trust and Agency (Except Utilities) 3,565.05 Road Use Tax 20,979.73 Liquor Profits Street Lighting 5 708 90 TOTAL DISBURSEMENTS ..$20,621.24 $117,507.39 $64,443.99 RECONCILIATION OF MUNICIPAL FUND TRANSACTIONS JANUARY !, 1973 THROUGH DECEMBER 31,1973 (Does Not Include Utilities) Warrant Issuing Officer's Book Balance, January 1, 1973 Plus: Receipts for year ending December 31,1973 . Total to account for : Less: Disbursements for year ending December 31,1973 220,553.87 Warrant Issuing Officer's Book Balance, December 31, 1973 Plus: Warrants Outstanding at December 31,1973 16.00 Less: Petty Cash and Charge Funds, and cash on hand at December 31,1973 0 Less: Investments Held at December 31,1973 78,581 12 Depository Cash Balance, December 31,1973 $ (6,055.53) REPORT OF MUNICIPAL INDEBTEDNESS JANUARY 1,1973 THROUGH DECEMBER 31.1973 (Utilities Excluded) „ M JT |>. 0* « OS 1- « — Total Principal Transfers anil Interest Out $ $ $ 8,584.53 12,915.17 16,931.83 79,176.97 14,463.70 40,246.14 14,781.25 3,200.00 $14,781.25 $3,200.00 14,781.25 3,565.65 20,979.73 3,200.00 5,708.90 $220,553.87 .$ 70,782.19 . 222.281.27 . 293.063.46 Iowa Power & Light, 1 Matt Parrott & Sons, board supplies, School Form & Supply Co., ace. supplies — System Sales, Inc., office off ice supplies, Admiral Craft Equip., office equip. Inter Collegiate Press, diploma certificate,.. Malvern Leader, publication expense, Malvern Postoffice, postage, Malvern Activity Fund, prepaid postage, Malvern Postoffice, envelopes, Davis Publication, book Stephenson School Supply, supplies, The A.N. Palmer Co., Bonds: General $97,000.00 $10,000.00 $87,000.00 Total $97,000.00 $10,000.00 $87,000.00 UTILITIES FINANCIAL REPORT OF THE TOWN OF MALVERN, IOWA JANUARY 1,1973 THROUGH DECEMBER 31,1973 Waterworks Receipts: Sales $23,587.22 Non-operating Revenue: Other 316.10 Total Receipts $23,903.32 Disbursements: Plant Operation $12,060.26 Plant Maintenance 3,656.63 Accounting and Collection 1,775.00 Capital Outlay 10,788.67 Sales Tax to State 666.80 Total disbursements $28,947.36 UTILITIES FUND TRANSACTIONS JANUARY 1,1973THROUGH DECEMBER31,1973 waterworks Warrant Issuing Officer's Book Balance, January 1,1973 $24,325.14 Plus: Receipts for year ending December 31,1973 23,903.32 Total to account for 48,228.46 Less: Expenditures for year ending December 31,1973 28,947.36 Plus: Warrants Outstanding at December 31,1973 0 Less: Petty Cash, Change Funds, and cash on hand at December 31,1973 0 Less: Investments held at December 31,1973 0 Depository Cash Balance, December 31,1973 $19,281.10 Official Minutes of Brd. of Directors of Malvern Community School Dist. Regular meeting January 14, 1974. The Board met on the above date. There were present: President Washburn, Directors Blackburn, Boyer, Hansen and Sinner, and Superintendent Jones. Absent: None. The minutes of the meeting of January 3 were read and approved as read. The following bills were allowed for payment: Malvern Bank, bond interest, Schoolhouse Fund, $ 87.50 Iowa Des Moines National Bank, bond interest, 80.00 Payroll for December, .$33,692.81 N.W. Bell Tel. Co., services, 170.56 paper Music Activity Fund, prepaid music sup.,.. J.S. Latta & Son, art supplies, Collins Drug, office supplies, Pontow's Grocery, art supplies Jean Krapf, prepaid art supplies, Malvern Lbr. Co., art supplies Malvern Lbr. Co., music supplies, J.B. Lippincott Co., paper, Triangle School Service, supplies, Ginn & Company, reading masters, Macmillian Publishing Co..testing sup., Houghton Mifflin Co., books, J.S. Latta & Son, math supplies Malvern Leader, music supplies, Sportsman, Inc., playground equipment,... Metropolitan Supply Co..window sup., J.S. Latta & Son, sup.,. Gamble Hinged Music Co., A-V sup Litton Educational Pub. social studies books, . Lyons & Carnahan, books The A.N. Palmer Co., workbooks, Ginn & Company, workbooks, Laidlaw Brothers, workbooks MacMillian Publishing, workbooks, Wederquist Variety, office supplies Nebraska Scientific, Biology supplies, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, reading tests Houghton Mifflin Co., ,718.82 21.00 93.00 103.61 31.90 28.80 110.97 8.00 31.00 92.40 10.19 28.74 7.54 5.69 335.99 5.56 5.90 11.5ft 9.82 47.20 30.15 56.91 44.95 89.43 17.68 36.04 4.00 141.20 39.72 61.42 40.23 199.42 87.92 28.80 310.82 44.18 238.91 1.19 42.27 25.78 1974 AUTO LICENSE DUE JANUARY 31ST Avoid waiting in line — Order by Mail. Send your check or money order to MILLS COUNTY TREASURER MILLS COUNTY COURT HOUSE GLENWOOD, IOWA 51534 Include 25c postage for each vehicle. If you have moved to Mills County from another Iowa county have your previous County Treasurer send your records here at once. F. M. ROBINSON MILLS COUNTY TREASURER guidance supplies, ... 9.59 College Entrance Book Co.. health textbooks 9.24 French-Bray Printing Co., Voc. Ag. books,.. 2.30 The Perfection Form Co..books, 80.75 Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, sociology books. 176.54 Scott, Foresman & Co., geography books, — 42.05 Goodheart Willcox Co., gas engine textbooks 42.84 SkellyOilCo..gas 9.93 Mobil Oil Corp., gas, ... 373.06 Blackburn Oil Co., gas,. 12.02 Blackburn Oil Co., labor and tire repair. .. 85.59 Ford's Conoco Service, tire repair, 5.50 Amoco Oil Co., gas 7.30 Mobil Oil Corp., gas, ... 5.44 Saf-T-Liner Bus Sales, bus parts, 30.01 Cross Koad Garage, labor and materials,... 60.67 Poort Garage, labor and materials, 267.49 Powles Ins. Agency, workmen's compensation ins 152.00 Kiersch Welding, labor, 36.40 Larry Kerr, boiler repair, 39.00 Malvern Water Dept., services, 120.41 Airkem Omaha, Inc., cleaning supplies 54.00 MOKAN, floor sup 386.00 Jon's Service, equip. & repairs, 357.25 Triangle School Serv., A-V supplies, 174.81 Mulholland's Grocery, art & Home EC. sup.,. 56.80 Hospe Music Co., music supplies 15.90 Malvern Body Shop, wrecker service 17.50 Iowa State Industries, tire retreading, 359.40 Larry Maynes, boiler repair, 40.00 J.S. Latta & Son, dictionary & stand, .. 81.75 The secretary reported receipts for the month of December as follows: County Treasurer, Schoolhouse Fund,.. .$ 214.24 County Treasurer, taxes 1,344.60 State Comptroller, Foundation Aid 19,897.00 Mr. Fran Biskup, architect, met with the Board and discussed several proposed plans for the addition to the high school building and the cost of the various plans. Mr. Biskup was to meet with the Board on January 21st for further discussion. Mr. Don Lawhead of Dexter, Iowa, discussed with the Board the matter of lighting the football field on the high school grounds and the proposed cost for doing same. Mr. Preston Grissom of the Soil Conservation Service submitted to the Board a sketch as to the elevations at the Chantry school and made recommendations to help the drainage on the north side of the building. Mr. Sinner'reported no particular transportation or bus problems. Mr. Jones reported on the following: The checking of the water in the high school boiler by the Mogul Corporation to determine the cause of malfunctions of the boiler and stated a written report would be submitted later. The National School Board Convention at Houston, Texas, and that flight reservations had been made for three persons. The obtaining of three estimates of the cost for football bleachers which should be received by next regular meeting. The IASB meeting at Oakland which was postponed from January 10 to Thursday evening, January 17 at Oakland. A verbal request from two families in the southwest part of Malvern for kindergarten transportation following the one-half day classes. After this request was considered and discussed by the Board, it was moved by Sinner, seconded by Hansen, that the Board officially approve the drop or pickup of kindergarten pupils at the T & N Park corner commencing January 15th. Motion unanimously adopted. The damage of the northwest doors at the Chantry school due to an automobile accident and the bid of Omaha Glass for two aluminum doors at a price of $1055 installed. It was moved by Blackburn, seconded by Boyer, that said bid be approved. Motion unanimously adopted. That the Luv milk from Roberts Dairy, which was tried on a temporary basis from January 2 to January 14 at the Chantry school, was accepted by the children at Changry as a replacement of their regular milk with no particular feelings for or against the milk, and that since said Luv milk fulfills all federal regulations and is endorsed by the Hot Lunch Program it should be accepted by the Board as a replacement milk at both buildings for the remainder of the present school year. Said new milk to be provided at the same price as the bid for regular milk in August, 1973. It was moved by Blackburn, seconded by Sinner, that said Luv. milk replacement be approved. Motion unanimously adopted. The recent on the site visit by Mr. Ronald 0. Huff of the State Department of Public Instruction on the District's Title I project and Mr. Huff's recommendation that parents of children participating in a Title I activity should become involved in said project. A discussion of field and fan bus trips during the energy crisis. The matter of a collective bargaining resolution. After this matter was discussed the following action was taken by the Board. Director Blackburn introduced the following Resolution entitled "Collective Bargaining Resolution" and moved its adoption. Director Hansen seconded the motion to adopt. The roll was called and the vote was: Ayes: Blackburn, Boyer, Hansen, Sinner and Washburn. Nays: None. Whereupon, the President declared the following Resolution duly adopted BE IT RESOLVED BY THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF THE MALVERN COMMUNITY SCHOOL DISTRICT: Whereas, the Malvern Community School Board of Education has for several years voluntarily engaged in informal, locally structured negotiations with the employees of the Malvern Community School District; and, Whereas, said Board feels that its working relationship with its employees has been very good, and the negotiation process is now working without a collective bargaining law: and Whereas, collective bargaining is, by its very nature, an adversary relationship in which the two parties at the bargaining table give and take (i.e. bargain) until an agreement or an impasse is reached; and, Whereas, an adversary relationship may be conducive to the process of forming contracts between unions and employers in the private sector, the Malvern School Board is of the opinion that an adversary relationship will tend to destroy the teacher- school board team effort necessary in the educational process. NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE MALVERN COMMUNITY SCHOOL BOARD OF EDUCATION that the Board go on record as being opposed to Iowa Senate File 531 of any form of mandated collective bargaining law. The filing of a nonfood assistance equipment application with the Department of Public instruction for various items to be used by the Hot Lunch program. That the Certified Student Enrollment as of January 11,1974 was 241 elementary pupils and 209 high school pupils. The various adult education classes which are to commence shortly after this date. The knitting class has already commenced. The approximate class sizes in high school. The meeting on January 18 with the Iowa School Budget Review Committee on the application by the superintendent for additional state aid due to unfor- seen expenses. The school calendar for 1974-75 to be prsented to the Board for consideration at the March meeting. The finance meeting of the MEA to be held shortly. Upon motion and vote, the Board adjourned until Monday evening, January 21. Woodford R. Byington Secretary NOTICE TO BIDDERS Mills County will accept bids for furnishing one (1) 1974 Model Motor Grader, meeting the Specifications attached hereto. Bids may be filed with the Mills County Auditor at his office in Glenwood, Iowa, until 10:30 a.m., February 4, 1974. Bids will be opened by the Mills County Board of Supervisors at their office in Glenwood, Iowa, at 10:30 a.m. February 4, 1974. Bidders or their representatives are requested to be present at bid opening. A Certified Check or Cashiers Check made payable to Mills County, drawn on a solvent bank, in the amount of $1,000.00 shall accompany each bid. The Mills County Board of Supervisors specifically reserve the right to reject any or all bids, waive technicalities and-or irregularities, and accept that bid which in their opinion best serves the interest of Mills County. Specifications and Proposal Forms may be obtained at the office of the Mills County Engineer in Glenwood, Iowa. All bids must be sealed and plainly marked. MILLS COUNTY BOARD OF SUPERVISORS By Glenn L. Johnson Mills County Auditor Date: Dec. 11, 1973 35-2 NOTICE TO BIDDERS Mills County will accept bids for furnishing one (1) hydraulic dump body meeting the attached specifications. Bids may be filed with the Mills County Auditor at his office in Glenwood, Iowa, until 10:30 a.m., February 4, 1974. Bids will be opened by the Mills County Board of Supervisors, at their office in Glenwood, Iowa, at 10:30 a.m. February 4, 1974. Bidders or their representative are requested to be present at bid opening. The Mills County Board of Supervisors specifically reserve the right to reject any or all bids, waive technicalities and-or irregularities, and accept that bid which in their opinion best serves the interest of Mills County. Specifications and proposal forms may be obtained at the office of the Mills County Engineer in Glenwood, Iowa. All bids must be sealed and plainly marked. Mills County Board of Supervisors By Glenn L. Johnson Mills County Auditor Date: Dec. 11, 1973 35-2 Hastings Happenings Mrs. II.A. Dunbar AREA FARM BUREAU LEADERS officially representing their county at the American Farm Bureau convention in Atlantic City, N.J., Jan. 13-17, were: (from left) Tilford Peterson, Shenandoah (Fremont county) and Duane Sell, Glenwood (Mills county). More than 400 lowans attended the convention. HENDERSON Mrs. Howard Allensworth GUEST SPEAKERS AT FEDERATED CLUB MEET Nishna Valley Federated Club met at the home of Mrs. Clara Olderog with Mrs. LaDonna Stephens as co-hostess. Sneakers for the evening were Supt. Jack Jones of Malvern, who spoke on File 513, Collective Bargaining, and Mrs. Jane Scherle on their recent trip to the New China. Some committees were appointed for the County Convention to be held at the United Methodist Church in Henderson, in March. The traveling basket was brought by Mrs. Gwendolyn Hendrix, Judy Magers and Helen Frink. Next meeting will be at the home of Mrs. Donna Neppl. Mrs. Eloise Steiner, Mrs. Susan Deitchler and Laura, and Mrs. Nellie Fickel were business callers in Red Oak, Friday. Mrs. Fickel called on her sister, Mrs. Ura Feeley, in Highland Acres. Mr. and Mrs. K.C. Nickels and Miss Ruth Scott of Omaha were Sunday dinner guests with Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Jewell. Seventeen couples surprised Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stevens and family with a housewarming party, Saturday evening. They recently moved into their new home, in the Box Elder neighborhood. Senior Citizens are holding their Pot Luck Dinner at the Legion hall this Monday. Mrs. Dale Bolton held a cooperative dinner Sunday, honoring Mrs. Emma Crisler and Mrs. Vera Dittus, there were seventeen present. ' Attending Rainbow installation, in which Miss Mary Jane Steiner was installed as Worthy Advisor, at Emerson Sunday afternoon were; Mr. and Mrs.. Gordon Steiner and Phillip, Mrs. Susan Steiner and Laura, Mrs. Steve Steiner, Priscilla, Steve and Richard, Mrs. Barbara Stille and Kathy, Mrs. Edna Butterfield, Mrs. Nellie Fickel, Mrs. Mae Wight, the Arnold Williams family, Mrs. Grace Bowen, Mrs. Helen Winchester, Mrs. Jane Paul, Kathy and James, Chris Neppl, Dianne Frink, Mrs. Neva Slump and Debbie, Mrs. Joy Byers and Bambi, Mrs. LaDonna Stephens and Lynnette, Mr. and Mrs. Scott Killinger, Mrs. Cora Lewis, and Mrs. Ethel Phillips from Griswold. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Ricker of Blair, Nebr., and Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Jewell were Sunday evening visitors with the Mike Ricker family. Miss Beverly Jewell of Ft. Leavenworth, Kan. spent the week end with her parents, the Kenneth Jewells. Mrs. Beth Johnston of Trimble, Mo., spent several days this week with her sister and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Parker. Brenda, Tammy and Scott Allensworth spent Saturday night with their grandparents, the Arthur Allensworths. They all went to the Doug Allensworths near Red Oak for dinner Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Loth and Linda of Omaha were also guests. James Paul of Morningside College at Sioux City, Kathy Paul from Iowa State spent the week end with their parents, the H.E. Pauls. Mr. and Mrs. Lester DeBolt and Jeff were Saturday supper guests with the Don Sowers family. Ronnie Skidmore spent from Friday to Sunday with his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Allensworth. Craig Allensworth of NWMC, Maryville, spent the week end with his prents, the Arthur Allensworths. United Methodist Women served dinner to the relatives and friends, following the funeral services for Mrs. Velma South Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Lester DeBolt and Jeff were Sunday dinner guests with Mr. and Mrs. Dave DeJoiigh at Red Oak, and they spent the evening with Mrs. Mathilda DeBolt in Emerson. Mike Frink and son Michael arrived home from England last Saturday, after spending the last three weeks with Mrs. Iris Frink, Kim and Jody. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Allensworth spent Sunday afternoon with Mrs. Pauline Nagel in Co. Bluffs. Mrs. Allensworth and Mrs. Nagel called on Mrs. Pollitt and Bert at the Eppley Care Center in Omaha. Bert is presently in the hospital section, suffering with pneumonia, and they found him slightly improved. Mrs. Inez Colvin of Carson spent Tuesday with her sister, Mrs. Alta Jensen. Carl Christensen and Randall Byers have employment with Uni-Royal in Red Oak. Mrs. Dale Bolton attended L.D.T. Federated Club at the home of Mrs. Mable Bisbee in Macedonia, Friday. Preparations are being made for the Annual Ground hog supper, to be held at Methodist church basement, Febr. 2. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Coppock and Mr. and Mrs. Richard Magers called on Jud Coppock at the Nishna Cottage in Malvern Sunday afternoon. Funeral Rites For Velma South Funeral services were held Tuesday, Jan. 15, 11 a.m. at the Henderson United Methodist church for Mrs. Velma Evans South, daughter of Elmer and Jennie Asell Evans. Her childhood was spent in the Henderson area where she grew to womanhood. Dr. South, a young veterinarian, had established his practice in Henderson. He joined the U.S. Cavalry, and was stationed at Ft. Sill, Okla. He sent for Velma, and she boarded the train in Henderson, arrived in Lawton, Okla., where they were married on Oct. 24, 1918. Following his service in World War I, they returned to Henderson to make their home. To this union one daughter was born, Barbara South, who is now a civil service employee, serving as an entertainment director for the Army, stationed near Kaiserslau- ten, Germany. Velma South was an active member of the Henderson United Methodist Church, the Legion Auxiliary, Order of the Eastern Star, and the B.Y.K. Club, a local social group, of which the Charter Members were mostly old school friends. She took great interest in all community affairs, but her main interest centered in her home and family, she was a natural homemaker, gracious and unpretentious. She gave loving care to her parents in their last illnesses, and to her husband after his health failed. His death occurred December, 1955, an only brother also preceded her in death. Left to mourn her passing are her daughter Barbara; sister, Mrs. Juanita Melindy, Co. Bluffs, nieces, Mrs. Patricia. Holt, Mrs. Joan Bolton, Mrs. Betty Wright and Mrs. Virginia Nebola; nephews, Jim and David Blauvelt, sister-in-law, Mrs. Lela Blauvelt; brother-in-law, Levi South. The Rev. David Nolle officiated, with Miss Mary Jane Steiner at the organ, as she accompanied Mrs. Wanda Williams as she sang, "In the Garden" and "Jesus Savior, Pilot Me." Mrs. Morris Harbor was in charge of the memorial book. Ushers were: Russell Asell and Max Stonebreaker. Caring for the flowers, Mrs. Leo Boileau, Mrs. E.N. Brown, Harry Paul, Glen Brown and Herman Coppock. Interment was in the Farm Creek Cemetery with arrangements by McKee Funeral Home. Relatives from a distance attending funeral services for Mrs. Velma South were: Miss Barbara South, Kaiserslautin, Germany; Rev. and Mrs. Snow, Ellsworth, Minn.; Mr. and Mrs. Levi South, Harold Nobola, Massena; Mrs. Juanita Melindy, Mrs. Joan Bolton and family, Mrs. Betty Wright and family, all of Co. Bluffs; the Jim Holt family, Knoxville; James Blauvelt, Kentucky; Mrs. Beth Johnston, Trimble, Mo.; and a long time friend, Miss Martha Artist from Omaha, Mrs. Nina Phelps and Mrs. Rhea Sowers, Red Oak. Mr. and Mrs. Roger Burrington and Dean of Red Oak were Sunday dinner guests of his parents, the F.H. Burvingtons. Jeff and Joe Courtier, Imogene, and Trent Good, Glenwood, spent the week end with their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Roily Good. Mrs. Rose Campbell of Glenwood was a Sunday guest of her son and wife, the Toby Campbells. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hall called on Mr. and Mrs. Warren Can- of Glenwood, Saturday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Courtier called on Merrill Crouse and their son's family, the Gene Courtiers, in Council Bluffs Saturday. Mrs. Crouse accompanied them and spent the day with her husband at the Edmundson hospital. Ben Vanderpool had the misfortune to break his ankle in an accident last week. Mrs. Paul Taylor was released from the Mercy Hospital Saturday, and will convalesce at home following surgery. Mrs. Margaret Courtier was a patient in the Mercy hospital last week for tests and x-rays. She returned home Saturday. Mrs. Grace Irvin and Mrs. Lois Hodge, Glenwood, called on their sister and family, the Russell Kindigs, Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Charlie Hall spent Wednesday in Clarinda with her brother, Fred Hunter, who had sustained a broken hip in a fall. FOR ACTION Uat; the CUinnif i< •< In' The Malvern Leader 8 Malvern, Iowa Thursday, January 24,1974 Straights in Emerson. This Sunday the Richard Straights were supper guests of the Wortmans. Rozella Wortman, Mrs. Gerald Nuss and Freddy and Elmer Livengood of Pacific Junction, spent Friday at Mercy hospital while Andy Livengood underwent hip surgery. Sunday Roger and Rozella visited him and found him feeling pretty good. David Swett of St. Joe, Mo., came to spend Friday night and Saturday with his folks, the Harold Swells. Salurday afternoon the Larry Swett family of Omaha were visitors. Sunday Harold and Marjorie called on Mrs. Ada Swett at the Good Samaritan Rest Home in Tabor. Cathy James who was a pretty, sick little girl, spent four days in the Edmundson hospital with a sinus infection. STRAHAN ITEMS Mrs. Pat Pijanowskl Weather like this makes you think of places like Jamaica! And that is where the L.B. Reeds spent four glorious days recently. The trip was sponsored by Co-op Oil and Supply of Shenandoah. Marvin and Bernice Wood/ill had Sunday dinner with Mrs. Maude Wilson. Mrs. Hazel Summers and Mrs. Mona Pace were also guests. Pat and Joyce Reed met Joyce's parents, the Harrison Sells, at Eppley Saturday evening on their return from Las Vegas. Later they dined out. Mr. and Mrs. Guy Jordan of Emerson had dinner Friday with their daughter and her husband, the David Anguses. Saturday afternoon Bob and Helen Blunt took in the Recreational Vehicle Show in Omaha. Then Monday they visited Al Lenhardt at Murphy Memorial Hospital in Red Oak. Joe and Joanne Cheney, their children and Mrs. Leo Cheney drove to Neola Saturday to see Mr. and Mrs. Albert Nelson. Sunday evening the Cheneys enjoyed a chili supper at St. Patricks in Imogene. Mrs. Cheney, who just can't seem to stay put, just returned from a week at Sargeant Bluffs at' Jim and Barbara Cheneys! Lorraine and Guy Grindle visited with the Jim McDonald family in Essex Sunday. Lorraine's dad, Carl Olson, was also a guest. Melvin, Michael and Fern Irvin attended the funeral of Melvin's aunt, Mrs. Blanche Petersen, at the Epworth Methodist Church in Council Bluffs Thursday afternoon. Saturday evening the Kiers celebrated their 34th wedding anniversary by dining out at the Sundown Supper Club with Joe and Doreen Bateman, Dean and Katharine Sayers and Mr. and Mrs. John Perkins. Then Sunday the Kiers hosted an oyster supper for the Guy Grindles and the Virgil Curtises. Pat Maleom has just returned from spending nine days at Nebraska Methodist Hospital with an asthma attack. Fern McCain had dinner with Mrs. Hazel McCain Thursday, then both ladies attended the Morris Woodfill funeral at Petersons in Glenwood. Mrs. Bertha Mahan, her son, LeRoy and his son, Bobby drove down from Omaha Sunday to visit with the mcKinneys. Mr. and Mrs. Everett Stouder spent Saturday in Glenwood caring for their grandchildren, Bret, Chad and Susie Stouder, while their parents attended Mrs. Joe Lybarger's funeral. The Eastmans had a dinner party Wednesday evening. Invited were Ken Curry, Lindee Raymond, Judy Weindruch and Larry Gibbs. Last Sunday the Merritt Wort- mans had dinner with the Joe EASTJJBERTY Mrs. Josie Stotts Mrs. Phoebe Goodell entertained at dinner Friday for Mr. and Mrs. Leo Raszler, Council Bluffs, and Mrs. Antoinette Lewis. Her granddaughter Janet Vermillion of Shenandoah spent the evening with her. Her caller Sunday was Karen Coy of Randolph. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Tackett spent Sunday with his mother, Mrs. Harve Tackett, Tabor. Mrs. Gladys Williams had dinner with Mrs. Mae Williams in Malvern Sunday. In the afternoon they called on Mrs. Mae Wiederquist. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Parker observed their 40th wedding anniversary Jan. 17. They were entertained at supper by their daughter, Mrs. Galen Hunt and family. Sunday they were guests of honor in Glenwood at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Evans at a cooperative dinner. Others present included the Gary Parker family, Bellevue, Nebr., the Galen Hunt family, and Floyd Brammer, Malvern, and Mrs. Harold McCain, Glenwood. Mrs. Leonard Parker was in Glenwood Saturday afternoon to attend the wedding of Rosemary Hoffman and Dale Sargent in the Glenwood United Methodist church. Friends here have learned that Lester Henderson of Glenwood is a patient in Mercy hospital in Council Bluffs having submitted to surgery Friday. The Hendersons resided in this community prior to their moving to Glenwood several years ago. Mrs. Kenneth Henderson who had been home from the Nebraska Methodist hospital in Omaha only a short time, re-entered the hospital last Tuesday and submitted to surgery again on Friday. Joyce Stephens, student at Ames, spent the week end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Emmett Stephens and Chris. Mr. and Mrs. Morris Stille and family of Red Oak were Sunday supper guests of the Richard Henderson family. The Hendersons went to Omaha Sunday afternoon to see his mother, Mrs. Kenneth Henderson, in the hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Springer, Council Bluffs, were dinner guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Stille. The Stilles' were among guests at a party at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Herb Stephens, Henderson, Saturday evening. Nancy Maynes of Malvern was the Saturday overnight guest of Renee Pearce. Mr. and Mrs. Bud Shenefield and Diane Cooper of Russel came to the home of his parents, the Charles Shenefields, Sunday morning, then all were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Dick Shenefield and Troy. Services at Primghar for Mrs. Longstreet Services were held Jan. 18 at Grace Lutheran church in Primghar for Mrs. John Longstreet, 66, whose death occurred Jan. 15. Mrs. Longstreet had lived in Malvern for some 12 years while her husband served as county extension director. They moved from here to Primghar in 1947. She is survived by her husband, three daughters, Mrs. Dudley (Ann) Schodt of Sioux City; Mrs. Sam (Kay) Wasaff of New York and Linda at home; and a son, Jolen, serving in Korea with the Air Force. NOTICE TO TAXPAYERS OF TOWN OF MALVERN ELLSWORTH SMITH Fieldman from the Office of the MILLS COUNTY ASSESSOR will be available at the Molvern Community Building Jan. 28, 29, 30, 31, Feb. 1 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Feb. 2 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 Noon Applicants for dog licenses must present a certificate showing rabies vaccination, valid .1

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