The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 25, 1956 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 25, 1956
Page 6
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FACE SIX BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COXJKIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 28, 1956 Ike Apparently Unwilling To Fight for Credit Curbs By JAMES MAR LOW Associated Press News Analyst WASHINGTON CAP) — Buying on time is more than an American custom. It's one of the props ofthe economy It can be dangerous if it's overdone. The Eisenhower adrmmstra- n»t up more last year than in the previous two years Auto buying was a big part of it. of President Eisenhower's term Elsenhower didn't come right out* and ask Congress to pass a law givin* the government authority to slap curbs on credit whenever necessary. Instead, he suggested Congress" consider doing it. But credit curbs are unpopular with businessmen and with Congress too in peacetime. So, unless Eisenho-a-er is willing to fight for standby—ccr.t--j:s, he-If """Vf'y '" Anti-Trust Judgemen Forces Release of All AT&T Patents By JACK ADAMS I phone and Telegraph Co. patents. WASHINGTON Jfi — Top Justice The patents, held by AT&T and officials today.foresaw: its manufacturing affiliate West- get them. He didn't seem ready to hard when he brought up the problem in his economic report to Congress yesterday. He handled the subject gingerly. This is the way his suggestion was made: "It would be desirable to Increase the influence the federal government can exercise on consumer credit . . . Consideration should be given to restoring the government's power to regulate the terms of consumer installment credit." During Korean War The government did have such controls during the Korean War but suspended them in 1952. Now it has no direct controls on .credit buying, except for stocks. Mostly it can only put a brake on it through interest rates on govern- ... r __. ment-backed home buying and) for glasses, pushing banks into tightening up on' their lending. Through a control called Regulation W the government, during the Korean War, required a one-third down payment on automobiles and 18 months to pay. A 15 per cent down payment was required on most household goods, with 18 months to pay. And through another regulation, called X, the government exercised controls on new homa buying. 39 Months In contrast to the Korean War days, some auto dealers now let a customer have 38 months to pay, with small down payments. The following figures are taken from a table in the economic report: 1952—Consumer credit, $25,827,000,000. Of that total, installment buying amounted to $18,684,000,000, of which auto buying accounted for fresh'competition in the electronics I ern Electric, cover every known field as a result of an anti-trust' -' -—'-'— '-» judgment releasing American Tele- as a result of an anti-trust I means of electrical communication. They represent the fruits of 70 years of research In AT&T's Bell Laboratories, The judgment was entered yesterday in Federal District Court at Newark, N. J., after government- company negotiation. Some 8,600 of these patents will be available to any other U. S. concern that wants to use them — and without any royalty payment. Under the decree all other AT&T- Western Electric patents, now or in he future, must be made available the general public "at reasona ble and nondiscriminatory royal Eye Exams Help Locate Brain Tumors LOS ANGELES (SI — Eye examinations may serve to locate 50 per cent of brain tumors, Dr. David O. Harrington of San Francisco says. Dr. Harrington, University of California eye specialist, told a group of 150 of fellow specialists that in a single month recently he found evidence of pituitary tumors in four patients who came to him Dr. Harrington said he has developed a screener that makes it possible to examine both eyes for signs of brain tumor in four minutes, whereas such examinations have required more than half an hour. Tire Pump Saves Life $8,099,000,000.1 1954—Consumer credit, $30,125,000,000 with installment buying $22,467,000,000, auto buying $10,396,000,000. 1955—Consumer credit, $36,200 000,000, with installment buying $27,80,000,00, auto buying $14.80.000,000. So, while consumer credit went up over four billion dollars between the end of 1952 and the end of 1954, it shot up over six billion In 1955. Installment buying rose over 3'A billion in 1952-54, five billion in 1955. Credit buying of autos went up over two billion in 1952-54, almost four billion in 1955. FIRST KILLED Colonel Elmer Ellsworth, of the New York Zouaves, who was killed in Alexandria, Virginia, May 24 1861, is reputed to have been the first Union officer killed in the Civil war. At the request of President Abraham Lincoln, his funeral was held In the East Room of the White House. TERRACE, B. C. Ufl — An automobile tire pump was credited with saving the life of a motorist who had been left for dead in his car. Royal Canadian Mounted Police reported a passerby thought Graham Whatman, 34, of Prince Rupert, and Mrs. Ann Ezilda, 36, were both dead of carbon monoxide fumes when they found the couple in a car stalled in a snowbank Monday. They hurried to notify au thorlties here and Mr. and Mrs. William McBae, who lived near the scene. The McRaes revived Whatman by forcing air into his lungs with a tire pump. His woman companion however, was dead. Wild Horse Pays $3,000 NORTH PROVIDENCE, R. I. «P) —A horse race track paid off $3,000 on a wild-running horse yesterday Town Solicitor Michael A. Abatuno said B. A. Dario, general manager of the Lincoln Downs Track agreed to pay the town 53,000'be- cause a frightened race horse smashed Into a fire truck las spring. The fire truck was responding ti an alarm in the track stable area. However, Dario said the paymen was neither for legal nor mora reasons. He called the money a Six Children Die in Fire BRIDGETON, N. J. Wl—Six children were burned to death in a lire that destroyed their home on a rural road three miles outside this southeastern New Jersey community early today. The blaze, believed to have stalled in a defective oil stove, destroyed the two-story frame |iome occupied by Austin Pitts rnd Hazel Pierce, whom police said was his common-law wife. Both are Negroes. The two adults and the youngest child were on th' first floor when the blaze broke out about 1 a.m. Pitts grabbed the child, Andrew Pitts, 4 months, and brought him to safety. He tried re-entering the home to save the others but suffered severe burns to his hands and was forced to stand by helplessly listening to the screams of the other six children all of whom had been asleep Those'killed were Margaret, 18; Thomas, 11; Perry, 10; Sheila, J; Harvey, 3; and Paula, IV,. Pitts and his wife were both reported in a state of shock. Read Courier News Classified Ads. Are All Cold Remedies Alike? No! For .inmple, 668 i. the wld.- activity medicine, which ccmbmM 4 of tha molt effective, widely-pr.- .cribcd drug, known, to relieve alt cold miserie. sooner. 666 l» mor« potent and give, pputive, drarnaUc, rapid relief from rniienei of all kindt ot coUa. That's why 666 li un.m> passed in efToclivenoM. Try it. No other cold remedy can match 666 liquid or 655 Cold Tablet*. DRAMATIC RESCUE AT SEA—A U.S. helicopter rescues crew members from a floundering Japanese fishing boat oft Hachmohe, a port on northern Honshu island. The Tanda Maru was whipped by a severe wintry gale, which ripped through southern Hokkaido and the eastern coast of Tohoku. Some 200 fishing boats sank or were washed away in the rough waters. U.S. Air Force planes and naval ships joined Japan's Coast Guard in rescue operations. Captain of Ill-Fated Pleasure Schooner Faces Prosecution BALTIMORE Wl — The Justice 'Sending an unseaworthy vessel ies." Where there is disagreement iver what is reasonable, the court will fix the fee. In granting patent rights, AT&T ind Western Electric, will also be required to furnish "at reasonable charegs" the technical know-how or the most efficient use of the de- aces involved. Included in the freed patent list are such modern-day miracles as he tiny transistor and the AT&T solar battery. In addition, the companies have developed a compete color television system which IBS never been offered publicly. The consent judgment terminated antitrust action brought against the companies in 1949. In the settlement, the government dropped its original demand that, Western Electric be divorced from AT&T and dissolved. However, Western Electric will be restricted in the future to services as the manufacturing arm of the Bell Telephone system and to work for the federal government. It will be required to dispose of its subsidiary, Westrex Corp., which makes sound - recording equipment for the motion picture industry. The judgment also prohibits AT&T from engaging in any business other than communications subject to governmental regulation and rate-making, plus such other services as the government may require of it. Department lias been asked by the Coast Guard to proescute the captain of the pleasure schooner Levin J. Marvel, which broke up in Chesapeake Bay with a loss of 14 lives. The skipper was John H. Meckling of Annapolis, Md. Meckling said last night he would to sea, thereby endangering life. "Neglect of duty in taking an un- seaworthy vessel to sea in the face of known displayed storm warnings. "Negligent and-or reckless operation of the vessel so as to endanger life, limb, or property. "Destruction of life through neg- have no comment on the Coast I Hgence, inattention to duty, and Guard investigation board's findings until he had examined them. The slender, sandy-haired Meeting a onetime Coast Guard enlisted man, was one of 13 survivors when the 64-year-old Marvel rolled over in the rough seas which preceded Hurricane Connie last Aug .4. The vessel was pounded -to )ieces off North Beach, Md. Ad. A. C. Richmond, Coast Guard commandant, yesterday made public the board's report. He said the inquiry turned up evidence of probable violation of maritime aws by Meckling. He listed these as: Castle in Air Is Unwanted LOS ANGELES (IP) — A widow's nine-room house partly resembles a castle in the air and she isn't happy about it. Because of landslides and erosion, the home of Mrs. Editli Taylor now hangs 18 feet over Por- tero Canyon, 300 feet deep. Municipal Judge Ben Koenig yes terday ordered her not to occupy the house .in nearby Pacific Palisades because he ruled it a "menace to life, limb, health, and the public welfare." When the $75,000 house aws bull 18 years ago it was 70 feet from Sleeve in Soup Provoked Punch CHICAGO tf>— A dentist testified yesterday that he merely reached for the salt at a restaurant counter when "this policeman slugged ie.' Whereupon Municipal Judge John T. Zuris fined policeman Mil- toi; Brooks $25 for assault on Dr Elliott Small. But Brooks protested: 4 "He reached across me for the salt and he dipped his sleeve in my soup. Must a man put up with that?" Judge Zuris suspended the fine. misconduct." Plenty Tough, Even at 100 LOS ANGELES ffi — He's 100 years old and Jonathan D. Voris retired mining engineer, continues to confound medical men by his ability to survive pneumonia. Voris was discharged from Queen 01 Angels Hospital yesterday after winning his third bout with pneumonia in two years. "I'm still pretty tough," said Voris as he took his grip and left for the home of Mrs .Blanche Rig- Eead Courier News Classified Ads. the precipice. Now the back door is in the wild blue yonder and the: kitchen floor has fallen out, dumping a washing machine, steamer trunk and other possessions into the canyon. Mrs. Taylor claimed that the city is responsible for any trouble, saying the erosion was "an act of God.' The judge denied her claim. Now It Is Possible To Own Your Own Home Yes, now it is possible for you to own your own home for a reasonable price. Delta Home Investment Company is making that dream come true for the people of this area. These homes are complete with all fixtures including bathroom, kitchen sinks and hot water heater. They have been completely .remodeled inside and out. The size? Two, three, or four bedrooms depending upon your family's needs. « • s > Another feature is the fact that you need NO DOWN PAYMENT, if you' own your own lot. Ail you pay are the moving and closing costs which ordinarily will not exceed $300. And your monthly payments are less {han what you are probably now paying for rent. We urge you to come out and look over the opportunity of a lifetime. No obligation. Our office is open from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Delta Home Investment Co. OPEN WEEKDAYS AND SUNDAY 7 A.M. to 6 P.M. •lythavillt, Arkantai Air Bate Road Phont 3-3369 Attention Farmers! Now is the time to have your cotton seed delinted and treated for best results in your spring planting CALL US NOW FOR APPOINTMENT Blytheville Delinting Corp. S. Highway 61 Phone 3-6258 Wells -2" to 16" Irrigation - Industrial - Municipal - Domestic WATER is our BUSINESS W« Drill For It Pump It Soften It Filter It Cool It Irrigatt With It GINNERS- TAKE NOTICE: Let us furnish your water needs for fire fighting pow.r unit cooling, for gtatifiers. HOME WATER SYSTEMS 3 Y«ori to Pay Complete iron removal, filtering and softening systems built to fit your needs. We have the answer to your needs for greater water volume and pressures. McKinnon Irrigation Co. Phone 112 or 190 — Manila, Ark. 'VIEW THE OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE OF THE MOST POWERFUL TRACTOR IN ITS FIELD ... ie lew lernauonai 300 WITH UNEXCELLED DURABILITY, VERSATILITY AND ECONOMY. The OPERATION of a COMPLETE LINE of LIGHT INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT INCLUDING Llioct, oLoaderS, Blade*, fflowci-6, and the Cleclralt f flaunted. on 400 WILL BE DEMONSTRATED WITH THE 1-300 ON THURSDAY AND FRIDAY, January 26th and 27th From 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. JUST SOUTH OF BLYTHEVILLE ON HIGHWAY 61 IN THE FIELD LOCATED NEXT TO THE JOHNSON BLOCK COMPANY BE SURE TO SEE THE TRACTOR THAT WILL DO MORE WORK FOR LESS COST Will v5e Served Use the International' 300 Utility tractor on dozens of industrial jobs for bigger savings! llg Cotr-CuttInf FMtumi • Over 1,000 nxtra, built-in pounds over similar type tractors assures both sure-Joottd traction and stamina for the LONG PULL! • Torque Amplifier drive matches speed and power to th« job ... boosts pull-power 45% on the go without Jobs get cheaper by th« doztn. With the 300 Utility do more work on more jobs at lower cost per job — lower equipment investment. One 300 Utility with proper equipment will dig . . . load ... fill ... level . . . mow . . . complete job after job in your strictest requirements . . . and do them faster! This powerful 300 Utility is one tractor that really produces when the going gets toughest . . . setting new standards in the utility tractor field. Over 39 drawbar h.p ---- Torque Amplifier driva . . . New Hydra-Touch hydraulic system . . . Fast- Hitch ... all big cost-cutting features that mean bigger dividends. We'd like to show you with a demonstration on your job why your best Investment is th« 300 Utility. Stop In or call, today 1 «hlftlng gears , . . and there's ten speeds forward, two reverse. • Switch equipment In seconds with Fast-Hitch Just Back - Hitch - And Go to Work I • New Hydra-Touch hydraulic system for fast, exaci control of three, two-way hydraulic cylinder!, Delta Implements, Inc. 312 S. Second St.' "StiV/ce Holds Our Tradt" Phont 3-6863

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