The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 26, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 26, 1934
Page 6
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SIX MilUIL II Ml U I ... ^i •. .' """^ ^<»^VJ vr Fast, Big Ten, Soulh Ahc West Coasl Get Two Places Each .; •BY HAIJRY GRAYSON NBA S'ervlee Sports Editor ' From a' toinl recommended list of 224 plnyers submitted by n bonrd ot coaches, NBA Service 'today announces Its 1934 All-America fool- hall team. Represented on Hie first eleven fire two players each from the Big Ten, generally considered the toughest 0! Uie football leagues, (lie cast south nnd Pacific coast, and one each Horn Die Jiprky Mountain, Southwest, and Big Six districts Care.'ully sifted from a monumental maw o( opinions, I believe this leniii^ could lake the field against any college or professional aggregation In the country aurl chalk up a clccislie Uctory. j The NBA Ail-Amenca has size weight, speed, brilliant punting, and field goal kicking, with an exceptional lot of fine passers in the backfleW On the first eleven, two nicivrc- •celveti.the unanimous vote of every football coach and official contacted These v,crc Prank Larson giant I end of Minnesota, and Georije Barclay, Nortli Carolina guard Fol•: lowing' close on their heels in favor •were Bobuj Crayon, witched to quarterback anil j[ m Moscrlp, end or Stanford, and Mllinid Howcll Alabama halftatk Orayson Ofli . Quarterback Vest In only one instance has n p)ny- er been moved from his normal position to bo given a place on the team. Grayson, at quarterback lias been moved from the fullback post, where he ordinarily played, to make room for I/zic We Ins took/ of Pitt, who had too many sponsors to be left out ' ' Even here, however, there Is lit- POS. FIRST TRAM !>. E.—MoKcrlp, Stanford ,. . lj. T,—cif>nliy, Oklahoma.:, j-fy li. Cii-fiarclay, North Oaml'l/m 0. — VVnrd, Ulnli Stale R. G.—Monahaii, Ohio State' • ' .Ii. T.-Ciiller, Navy ... .K. E.—Larson, Mlr'irpotn' (C.)' : Q. n.—Oinyson, 'Stanford L. H.—Wilson, Southern Methodist •R. H.—iloivi?!!, 'Alabama •• V,;.. P. n.—Welmtock, I'l.Usljlirfili, ,,, Coaches Pick These ns Class of Land TEAM ten, -Forclliam , .. -.-...—, VVashlneton State Tioyr-r, U. G.' 1,. A. Robinson, Tiilanc 'ilnftwlg, Pittsburgh Reynofils, Stanford. Goodwin'; West Virginia Borrles, Navy ( Lund, Minnesota • Bcnvnnjjer, Chicago Purvis, jPiirdiin THIRD IhAM JTorhln. Nnvy Mnchit, WashhiEton Kalbaiigh, Princeton nevan, Mlimrsotn, Alabama , Unison, Alabnnm Heynon, Illinois Army Buckler, MlckaJ, Ko.stka, Louisiana State . . . MKNTrON hlgan; 'Te^lv^S ; ^ r r Went.. Duke; mipnrt, Kentucky; ' Morse Or gon-' Frdlill TACKLES; Husk,,.,, ii^' "W ™* T «„£ ' Kansas Sta!e; Be,,U,n, Arkansas; Taster. Iown; Galbrea „, Brooke, Colgate; Sabo, Pprdham; Scott:' Yale. GUARDS: Gun 1 |laeli r ,-a r vard;.Gryboski; Illinois; Burns, Nnvj fatncv nvi i I'ltl; Man,,,, Holy- cm.«;r GrawaiiV.'Yalo- Rado DUnuc,,,,. iL,™ f °W»l"»'m ' Syracuse Minpl.y. if "' RUcktr IT' ' ' M , ei, McJCen/li- A "*IWK. Kawnl. Welch, Northwtste Anburn; Wetsel ""'"""" Onntoto.) Colorado Sanders, ix^yola of i« Angeles; ! Hearing. San ' Praneo QUAnTBRBAOKS; William,, ,,C a l,r 0 rnla; notarts, Georgia Telh SeMel, Minnesota; Hardin,: Colorado Teachers- Munjas pm • MIII . . homa; Leemuns, George Wa.h.ngtbnr Bronlnskl and ar. Il U>n; Ry M , Ulah state; Ifeek,n,:'ohlo> S tate; Undberg, ,H(no to- w Chrlsllan; Simons, Tulanc; Cornelto Duke- Dlxon v,,n » hii'i ,, C. L, A,. Nfohelin,, Sa.nt Ma^s; Mell^k i'ch ttn ° d'pm ^ So Donough, Colgate y ' • c D M«M U I«, M f™ ley M , n. " icc Baylor, " ie: wrence. Texas C ' leShlre ' "' Mlnncsola- Me- Formidable Opposition Ex- pcciecl From Team That Scored Twice on Central With only the ThanksgiviiiR n<iv uste with M*«ick JJIg ,? 0 /V^ Plus standing between them and , iicrfect season's record, tho liJpli' ischool champions of noitlieas ! Arkansas, . Blvtheville'.s chicka- -Wivs. were [ 0 ;,( nrt preparation today for their final game With FiWnys iral,, excursion, lie longest many l,ad ever "en- 1 Joyed 1 , and the .(!', to 0 ti-lumph over., the WaH«(l-,.Hhlgc -llotaSS tock. nf them,, the chicks still ace a formidable obstacle bnfo " they mis down a \e curtain' ' Messick high ,l.s crcdltot with scoring two touchdowns- against he .sensational Memphis Central (cam, winch is said to - be tlie ThUKKteyk ..••game,'' ;lt'•'•' is", believed According.;io reporU young M/llllWl • Illfn . «i ~~1,1. »_ . • . & "• n room wanned • only hv » charcoal stove. The,shock or lljp cold plunge ana the fumes of (lie slovc are. believed to have con Wn K | and caused Krioohs'olnmnw There w a,s some, possibility It at an attack of Indigestion mlghl hlil!?? "?¥*• •-*'««* '««" where lie wits' parently little worse u,, , or ),.• experience. Some of lite olliefs are still noi n the L-est. of sl'iape. Eddie Sal - st»l ( ha. a bad knee To cot «..J wltli and Bnill Locke' snf fereiJ a bruised •'_ arm fti rridiy most on the any ,quad has scored best eleven central has - sctms record _ p ..^,^, t V u t n; ]a I1L- tie oi\t. of chnractcr play for Grayson, for the big coast smasher has Been calling signals for Hie Ciir^ dinaLs from the fullbick iwit since his sophomore jear Here Is the team" Quarterback - Bobbj Grajson, greatest bnl] carrier on Hie Pnclnc coast Weighing »J jiouncls, Grajson Is rated by LOU uttte, head conch of Columbia, as the "fastest thing in e football unlfprm today Bearing out Little's assertion is the statement of Dink Templeton Stanford track coach, who had Bob b> undci his wing as a trackman in nls freshman jei\r Dink sajs the cardinal flush Is the 'fastest man in the world In eitliei a sprint iace or the hur dies" ^ All co-operatlug coaches \\ho saw him in action state he Is the most vicious line plunger thc> ever sav. Forced to the second team is Pred "Buzz" Bomes, lanky triple-threat nian of the Navy Next in imels little Jack Besnon the dead-eyj fpr- llllnilj tc'arn" sucli' a Jong' \vai -.tills year. Halfbacks—Bobby Wilson, Southern Methodist, and Millard Howcll, er end from behind. Prank made N'EA's Alt-America last year and, In recognition of his all-sla^ play again this season, I am taking the liberty of making him captain of the first .team this season.. . ,- ;'.'.'• . Less..well known generally but coming in f or sizeable support were Borden, Pordham, and Goodwin West Virginia, second team ends-' and Dornln,- Navy, and Hutson,"Alabama w.lngmeii on the third team 1 . * = ° * Culler, Heavyweight Chami), Can Box Those Ends Tacklcs-Slade Cutler,' of Navy .Gentry, of pklahoma. ' .Barclay, North Carolina; and Regis Nfonahan Ohio State. •'• .', '.' Barclay,. with his signal calling running of -Interference, and all- around play, W as the outstanding guard or-'the country. Last year, although a lineman, he scored more ouchdowas than any back on the tea niexcept one. Monahan, -key- team except one. Monahan, key- was a strong offensive guard, and added to his talent with an excep- lonal. record of kicking points after touchdown. Charles' Harhvlg, Htt,' and Ver- <HBoyer..U. C. L. A, rate the sco hce - 5 ' , Wilson, several prominent coaches have remarked, is the 'greatest ball carrier in the country, bar none" Ho«ell was the • spearhead of the attack that cairlcd i^nink Thomas' Alabama Tide to the top of the southirn heap. He docs everything superlatively. On the second team come Jay Beraanger, the one bright spot in the ordmarj Unhersity of Chicago team, and Pug Lund, the Minnesota master After them nre Jack Buckler, Army nnd Abe Mickal. Louisiana State The Jailer demonstrated his courage OR the field, too, when he ignored Huey Long's attempt to make him a Louisiana senator Wtlnsipck— He Can Crack A Line-and Kick! bi J IJ ' lb!lck -Izzie Wctnstocl,, Pitts- Here was a typical fullback if there was one m 1934 A u nc . smashing fool, Wcinstock ihixed his po«r with the deftness of a half back, u * as hls threat bcUecnntah ' «nds that made Pitt's attack what in" S t "1 d .^ *" lhc P Uot man In Jock Sutherland's surprise lat- line. His 200 po.tnds was the olg reason why Navy, had such a .successful season. He did yeoman service for the Middles as « otar.. kicker. v UCL L^' U . r 5',; s tlM only triple-threat inckle in the country. -- , or, and Then grains, Washington Slate, camcn, for .second team recognition ,, o *» to his repertoire. e Purvis, of Purdue rates No 2 at fu! He is a starln every department, and if it hadn't been his «. misfortune to be kent out of the Boilermakers' first two , - ' - have ousted Welnstock from the first team. Next in lin Rf n^i K(ng Kon ' of thc grWlron, Stanislas Kostka, the NDnriesota ffmroller. He'does nothing r^ »*« '^-but he need to do much eke MOSCrf P' Stanford c Larson, Minnesota. • n * a . l « rror on ~™&r blocktr, is one t place lacker^ in the {<et plars a smashing opposing nd Cash .Gentry, of Oklahoma. •' ona tetm\ choices, and Bill Bevnn .ciiltcr, heavyweight boxing cliam-1 ™f«-headed Minnesota g^rd . and •-•' ••'•.'•:• • . Murhn. \\fas\itnnir,r, *^»._ j, ',. . . Coaches who co-operated in the selection or NEAs All Amcr lea were Jock Sutherland. Pitt Lewie Hardage Oklahoma Har- rj Mehre Geoi e in Bill Spauld- u>S^ U C l A, Percy ,Locey, Denver Raj Morrison Southern Methodist tarl Blalk Dart mouth, LOU Little Columbia Clautte E Tliornlilll Stanford Bill Ingram, Callflrnla Llciil Tom Hamilton Navy, Francis Schmidt Ohio itate Dltk Han Jcj Notthv-cslern, Dr Clarence W Spears Wisconsin Plmer C Henderson Tnlsa slip Madl- gan Saint Marj s, Jim Crowlev, Fordhjim, chick Meehan Man hattan Benny Frletiman, c C N. Y.- and that grand' player io,still Is carrying on, Red Orange. , Plon n the Naval'Academy, was of those aggressive tackles and mainstay of that light Na'vy but o punt, run and pass Reynolds, Stanford, He Is an are called bart and Then and •*.• -. i,, ', ~ ~ ' BkltUM,' UI1U Miicha, Waslihiglon, tnfce (he third team i posts. u^'Stf' mer >Benr " 1Var * Percy p Loccy ], ea d coach of the va OnlverjJtj of Denver report- '1 '±' "["S is onc « »>e sr^st route U '° The German disposed of, Buffalo " Joe, not out of thc nnes- ,», hat the Mcssick team nilght fhlrki ir vf ?" B l ° top > llc -nicks if the l DEPOTS HIES eo Liritzenfch Scores 3 And 2 Win, Advances ' To Second Round Leo Llntzenlch, defending champion, deposed of Harry w Haines in the first round'of the annual club tournament yesterday at thc Blythevflle country club Linizenieh eliminated Hamcs by a margin n! 3 and 2 over the 18 hole route at match play W. A "Jimie" Dow ell North east Arkansas-Southeast, Mlssoml -iinatetir tourney champion, toured me 9- hole course uvire yester- Iny and turned In the test card of the day for 18 hoVs He hat) ?, ^-stroke card. 2 below par He Is not, playing | n the club although a member of He may meet, the win- ner in ft match evenl ~. lcl Others who advanced .through thc first round Included j, p Lcntl with a 3 and 2 win 'over G. O.i,Ca«(IUJ: C. M. Buck, with a, | iifVvvin over .-Cecil Shane and U: s. Branson ..'.with,: a 3. ahri 2 win over Jnf.v,\6nafd;./;,R p Klrshher won river.'R/.jj.••'Bant'sinr hu .ftttfallll «nrl '. OVII - '. . Vri, ' : . - over Bollard Aftntea\:Bi'?Mrt*adteh 2,'up, B, ; A. Lynch'advanced to the second round, replacing Byron Morse and W. T, Barnetl who did not play. In first night matclies Farmer England defeated J. w. cart- wright, 1 up Floyd» dc/eatcd loin Floikla. 0 up, j A Io( , c |, defeated C W AfTIIck 3 and •>. E B David Defeated j DeLtmev, 1 «P C Z,'; Llntzenlch and Jet, Roland did not play, Piarik Whit- vorth and a G Hubljaid did not play, Russell Pan and a E Keck did not play No second 'roiihd'.'matches were played; Tho following adrar.c.1 were .made; D .- F. -Taylo/ oVj Marsh Callaway, default;, Charll Crlgger over Dr. Cm) Neh a, fault; Riissell- Phillips over Jainrt Driver, default; Max li. Reid oil W. M. Scruggs, •default. The fol invylng did not ri!ilj , : a|)|j no , J clslon on; -the- advancement h. been .made:-Charles-Coleman v| Sain Non'-ls,, Lloyd wise vs.'Jajii, Terry; c. B. Driver, vs! Oodfrl Wliite, C. R,. B.abcoek vs. J. (I n the third 'rilght'the folio _ defaults were'i-ccoi-ded- C n Cunningham over, p.. u. Lemonll ' ' ^ -Warix-ii^bvcr P 13. .Joyncl •> w Coppedgc over Bill-'chamljl n'n'n i {^, F J ce '"nii over Sheldol r^rsssass^ tw Cald^i ; The following '- 1 lot play ana no advancement Mnounced R craftft, and w " Wundeillch, j Tu.nei and Bll Hggla-on did not, -play WRESTLING ARMORY, TONIGHT •Speedy Shaeffer \s. Ed Kanlho East S( Louis Germany 2 out of 3 falls, z hour lime limit Mrpo Emil Firpo vs. ScoUy Williams • Arsentina louisvllle 2 out of 3 foils, 1 hour lime limil or inain event with emir Ph-po, the fcouth American, and -Scotty Wil- i.ams, mixing. ' : . Rockies"" 1 ''^ f P 'T d ' :i " '^ , Two Robinsons were other can- d dnt^s-onc front Tulane nnd tl,I other from Notre Dame Th e Tu Wiie Robbi is gl veu the c(i . Placed on th e second team vHh Kalbaugh, tbp Princeton captain spotted third en antic's Williams Return* Here Witli Trhinipl, Over "Blacksmith" Kanthe, The two win meet tn thc foa- »«, two out of three falls match ... --. ..-junior" : middie- tltle claimant, "rif Caruth- last week. He Is one of the^ best performers to show here the group of wiestlers np faring in matches In this sec "on He trestles on occasion b«t devotes most of his time in the TJie rhnk.s of chick fans were noil" ""o consternation yesler- S'^vvith the report that O'Neal bactc, had i« in a bath- combin.don-oT-e^uSnces" 1 ^ ^-irr^^f ^« After - • - ° , - ia " wi the referee or his>opponent the other end of mast of his At .- rhone 177 Nltbl-^anjmy Qolck ud Wrecker Service Motor Co Second Now Ixx-attd at 10! North co ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWARDS, P«priet« ROXY LAST UME TODAY Matinee & Night—lOc - 25c WALTER CONNOLLY, nOIJERT YOUNG and DORIS KENYON 'WHOMTHE GODS DESTROY' Comedy Novelty Reet Know You're Well Dressed Tues.-Wed.-Thurs. WATCH THIS BOYI last Ti « Today Helen -Hayes ill BRIAN AHEftNE: MADGE EVANS I Tuesday > Weds. • • ALL THE WMLD LOVIS A MUfeMYSTERYl . mift a miHtrte mtlo-, nd thk 9<>i*»» I *,«(X8Xe h» took (9 «ol " GIRL SCOUT NIGHT TUESDAY, NOVBMRRR ?7 lh . BOY SCOUT NIGHT WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 28th. RITZ THEATRE . HEN. This is ^H^ report ^"Gu w sulable for children adokscent.s nnd Sundavn. Al- M, C^hen tnRes , he Part of a wn as being hone S , ? and during his A ENTERtAINSSRNTh- - Paramount News Comedy—"Three Cheers Face the Mirror In a Hart Sehaffher & Marx . that's style That's the quick, sure way' to pvove their better style and fit—give them the Mirror Test. 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