The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 25, 1937 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 25, 1937
Page 3
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THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 25, 1937 (Continued Prom Page l) nendmenl already has been dem- islratcd. The advanc- I that any strong amendment, of it 1 ; typs would have grcal difficulty . ratification—witness the child lu- }f amendment. 'Hie court would 111 have the pawev of Judicial now, , botls)i Judicial Hcvlew 4. Abolition of judicial review, his proposal Is based on bellet iat Congress lias the power to (leas and regulate the Jurisdiction 1 llie courts and may, ctlher In \f, boily of a spacilic law or olher- isc, prohibit Hie court from hold- measures' unconstitutional. Tlie . reihe. court would almost cer- .inly reject any such reform nl- that on Ihe ground it in- 1/jged on l!ic powers of tlia courts Kl that some branch of the. gov- jjninont should determine whether V laws run counter to the. Con- itullon. The only feasible method ' abolishing judicial review prob- )ly , would ] K a constitutional ncndmeinV pi-eventing any court om Invalidating legislation on wstltutional grounds. r-\nv are llling- to support such :s radical reposal. TJio.w are the nial/i' alternative s now undt-r discussion. Reiser News udjte GladUJi Speaks at I'.-T. A. At the regular meeting of 111? eker p.-T. A. in the Home Eco- oinlcs building Wednesday nftcr- oori County judge s. I,, oladisli lade an address,on the effect, of ducallon In the prevention of rlrne and poverty. "For every boy on the county inn,v he asserted, "some one Iras U lit his duty. Any lielp Unit. he P.-T. A. or any other orennlzn- (o give these teachers i the performaance of their duty. j an aid in reducing the cost of epeiideiils Ut the county and tin tale." Mrs. S|>eric£ Williams and Miss fettle flush Aclanw were at llie Hireling, Miss plorcmv p,i\v- ell preside. . • i > t rlilj;,' III llanor of Mrs. fiair-s, Mrs.-J, T. polK-nild Mrs. W. O, Clillds wow co-lioslesses to six tables of bridge at, t| ( n home of Mrs. folk Monday nlgiu. coiiiplimPiitliiK Mrs. I,, l,. Gates. The members of ilie Krlser school 1'acuit.y. Mis. I,. M. Gresham of Wilson. Mrs. W. (). Walls and MIS. u. i>. ijinmvtuil wtf« guests besides the regular Thursday chili members. The Oi-o Washington mom w as carried out tlinniglioiit (lie ,n;niii-j. cilfts were lire.-x'iiU'il to Mrs. Gates at the close of UIB brittle games. Hj^n score prize was awarded to Miss Moorp'sFnrt. Iravi-ltng pri?.e to ,\frs. Crofketi. niut ,-uL pH»s lo Mrs Mr. am! ,\fr.s. s. 11. Jolimon of Collli'rvllle. Tenn.. were weekend guest.; of Mr. anil Mrs • W c Wai!. Mrs. l/sna Holt ami gran<M.iug)>- ter. I.uclle Adams, returned lo M:icon. Miss.. Tuesday. W. itf. Taylor and Kirk Chitits i-e attending to business In LIUIc R<ick for several clays. Infant Clings to Limb And Escapes Flood BANDON, Ore. (UP) — Thrce- montlis-old Richard Howell, Jr., •lldn't ne«l the rescue sqiiad wlieii ihe dam broke. l-'or almost two hours the baby cluni! to mi nider branch that kept him just out of reach of tho swirling waters "lluit p 0 urc(i tlu-ouiih the home of his pnrcnLs emerging hale and'hearty. 'Iliejiawct] residence, located in '.lie ram-swept region of the Moore hogging camp, was swept 2,400. feet from its foundation by the force of flood waters loosed frm a broken dam. The dwelling finally lodged against a blacksmith shed. The family was asleep in the house when the roar of the rushing waters awakened the parents They rushed Into the room- where ihe children were sleeping ami rescued two of them, but Richard wax lost in (h c darkness. Evacuating the shaking house, the parents diid the two children fled lo higher ground. Two hours Inter a rescue party round Rlcliard. His uriii was firmly damped around an alder limb lodged in the rafters, the muddy waters almost lit his /eel. BT,YTIircviI,T,E (ARK,)' COUIUKR NEWS II MR 'Continued Prom pa»e O'wi Ing and later In Ihe day It was amended to strike the oUji'ctlonal sections. Kfftipjis .stricken from' the bill would have forced county committees to Ifnw out Die vole fit any precinct in which election officials refused lo lesllfy rcgardlm; eligibility of voters; prevented *)U|jig !n /Mines of candliJnte.s oti allots, and given the state corn- nil be authority to name election flic'als in counties, remove county central committee members aiv.l appoint' their successors,• set isidc nil election returns In u :onniy und older a new election, ind to delegate all such powers to ;iu executive or sub-coiuniiute. The administration-backed driv- '.T.S license bill passed 23-G after 1 vigorous light against It, led by Hollowny of l.onoke.- The bill, fixing (he drivers license at 35 cents and providing for driving tests. now goes to the governor lor signature. Proceeds of the licenses will be used to .support Ihe slate I lungers. Two Negroes Held on Burglary Charges CliarJIe Ward and Ponsteln Pag,\ negroes, were ordered held to uwalt , circuit court proseonllon on elinrg- i es of burglary and grand larceny, 1 am! Dave Naslt and Guy Parsons, I negroes, were ordered held on | rJuirg«,s of receiving stolen projx>rty by Munti-lpal jiut^ft |)oy|i; ik-nder- .son tlj|. s nioriilng. A charge of driving while under Ihe Influence of liquor was ((orfcrlru agaljisL W. p. Wadh'y. 'Albert,- HrnUoii was lifted $'>fl on a /cmirge 01 n-i-kles.s driving. lilmo Diu-h.ina;i nud fj u jack- son were lined 510 on eharegs of public drwiirciiwss. Ni'Mllettoman Kxptrt al 7J CHEYENNE, Wyo. (UP)— A 74- year-old woman faithfully nttends night sewing classes here. Mrs Myrtle miner Is know as ono of thej most ade|)L needleworkei-s )n Cheyenne. Yet, after each sewing class nt iilglil school, she declares '"at she hns learned something •'Hf'.KN.Yl" KN1TTINO YARNS 1TIEK INSTRUCTIONS Nt-w spiring ami summer yarns latest Styles Ctossrs. Friday, i:30 P. M »HIS. I.KSLU; HOOI'Klt HOfl Chtckasawba I'hoiie 795 A Three Days' Couffh k ^_ u - , •?• ^^^ ^ - ^^ ; ' Your Danger Signal A cough, chest cold, or bronchial Irritation today may lead to serious trouble tomorrow. You can relievo them now with Creomulslon, an «mulslftect Creosote that Is pleasant to take. Creomulslon Is a medical discovery that aids natwe to soothe and heal the Infected membranes and to relieve the Irritation and inflammation cs the germ-laden phlegm Is loosenej and expend. Medical authorities have for many years recognized the wonderful effects of Beechwood Creosote for treating coughs, chest colds and bronchial Irritations. A chemist worked out a special process of blending Creosote with other Ingredients so that DOW In Creomtil- slon you get a real rtose of Beechwood Creosote which Is palatable and can even be taken frequently and continuously by adulta and children. Thousands of doctors now use Creomulslon In their own families and practice, and druggist* rank Crcomiuslon. top because In thla genuine, original product you can get a real dose of Creosote BO emulsified that It goes to the very seat of, the trouble to help loosen and expel germ-laden phlegm. Creoruulslon Is guaranteed satisfactory In the treatment of coughs, chest colds and bronchial troubles, especially those that start with a common cold and hang en and OB. Oct a bottle 6f Creomulsion right now from your druggist, use It all up as directed u»t if you fall to get satisfactory relict, he Is authorized to refund every cent of your money. Get Creomulslon right now. (Adv.) Gary Grant says: igkt siibke fates aces high : " ' - . • C7 • ' with my throat" "Ltickies have been my cigarette for five-years noiv. I rate them a 4 star cigarette. They're always good, to the throat; and taste so much better than other cigarettes. that ifYseems to. '.trie this -Toasting'pi'ocess is a 'swell idea. Yes, a light smoke like Lucliies rate.s' aces high n'.ith both my throat and taste." APPEARING IN THE NEW COLUMBIA PICTURE, "WHEN YOU'RE IN LOVE" r A .'j ', ' xVn independent survey was made recently : among professional men and women-lawyers, i doctors, lecturers, scientists, etc. Of those who said ;• they smoke cigarettes, more than 87% stated they • personally prefer a light smoke. Mr. Grant verifies the wisdom of this pref- } erence, and so do other leading artists of ihe radio, stage, screen and opera. Their voices are ; their fortunes. That's why so many of them smoke Luckies. You, too ; can have the throat pro• tection of Luckies-a light smoke, free of certain harsh irritants removed by the^exclusive process "Ifs Toasted". Luckies are gentle on the throat. THE FINEST TOBACCOS"THE CREAM OF THE CROP" \ A Light Smoke It's Toasted"-Your Throat Protection AGAINST IRRITAT10N-AGA1NST COUGH ' FAGB TBRES OBS'FORPIUQAY.AN'D SATURDAY Juicy Texas Medium Size f^l^MMMHHIMMMI Cauliflower Hcil Trinniplis I'otind Hoiul Peaches Avoiulnto r «. 2«/i Can Pure ('line 10 I'nunds I'resh 1'oiifid Sdtir or Dill FreshEggs ONIONS ,'( for 10 ( ONIOHS Y ' Tu. W SPINACH Pr -f, h . 5 C 'SYRUP ^-"a'art IT RINSO Quart Small, 2 for ... Ific Large 20c IVORY SOAP ONION SETS , 45 APPLES WintW1 " S Do/on SEED POTATOES MOTOR Oil M it 95 NRP i'kic. MADCU MAl ' 1 '0\vs nc mHndn ciimoiirc I/ COFFEE C. C., .. 2flt .'French,' Lh. .. 2Sc JoM'ol, Lh.' .. ait Jowel, .'( . Uw file Stcninhonf SYRUP 10-Ll). 1'ail . 49' CARROTS GRAPEFRUIT 10 SARDINES A Tt'tO u SOAP'e Himv 15«r OXYDOt CLEANSER Sunhi-He CO String Beans NO. e :t Mackerel Tall Can 2 fnr 'Argn I,SCc. 2'/i Ciin Little Ktntf •18-lh Sic. ?l.( 2.1-11). Sk. Pumpkin Country Club I.RC. 2'/i Can 2for15c J latoes Can Jch 12c CAKE Milk 35 TALL BOY 10 tomato. Barhara CC Ann. Can C 0 cdio nag ic 13 G RAPE FRUIT JWCE <AC 50-oz ran 22c; No. 2 c»n JV VANILLA U CLOCK BREAD Long APPLE iS'o. 2 Can 10' CATSUP """"" M-o/. liot. POTTED MEAT„ 5 BROOMS *",S rf ,25 ( CANDY liach Chocolate Lh. DOG Don Can 5 f FLOUR? c -"T£:15 t: MACARONI S '"f.ri0 c TOMATO JUICE', ^ MOPS Sllccift Wt, 10° MUSTARD in Oimrt IU VEAL ROAST Tender, Delicious Pound Fresh Jumbo Shrimp . . . Ib 23c Spanish Mackerel ib 23c Dressed Buffalo ...... Ib 15c Jack Salmon . ..... Ib lOc Catfish Steaks ...... Ib 29c Baby Red Snapper . . . . Ib 23c Bulk Peanut Butter Ib 12^c C. C. Roll Butter Ib roll 39c SMOKED JOWLS For Moiling Pound Stew IJj. Ut. Bacon Fnncv Sllccri Pound Neck Bones Fresh Pound Bulk Cottage Cheese Ib 15c Sliced Pork Liver Ib 12!c BeefRoast Thick Rib Po\md FANCY ROUND STEAKS Delicious Fried Country Style Pound

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