Lincoln Journal Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on November 26, 1965 · 16
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Lincoln Journal Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · 16

Lincoln, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Friday, November 26, 1965
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16 T.fncoTn Evenfhg Journal Other By LARRY DENNIS Gene Cagle, a slender 19-year-old sophomore, was speaking softly, clenching his teeth against pain. "We played them tougher than anybody thought," said the Oklahoma quarterback, who injured both shoulders, the right one severely, in the first half of the Sooners' 21-9 loss to Nebraska Thursday. "Nobody gave us a I WHIIIIIIIIWI Says MM ft. There aren't many folks who are not prone to over simplification. And Nebraska quarterback Bob Church-ich is no exception. "It was all Harry (Wilson) out there today," Bob said following the 21-9 victory over Oklahoma. Churchich, of course meant no slap at his other teammates, but instead was paying tribute to a great afternoon by a great football player. Most would agree it wasn't quite "all arry." It was "all a lot of guys," among them Bob Churchich, the forgotten man who lost the starting job to teammate Fred Duda in the third game of the season. - These two guys have more saves between them, all for each other, than a Coney Island life guard. Hiving these two guys on the same team is better insurance than an old candle in an electric storm. Will Soon Break Up Once the Orange Bowl is over this Duda-Churchich (or is it Churchich-Duda?) tandem will be broken up as Duda is a senior. But it will be long remembered by the Husker faithful as a better one-two punch than Joe Louis ever had. No one can forget how Duda, the starting quarterback as a junior last year, went crashing into sidelines in the third game at Iowa State, and was carried out of the stadium with a shattered leg. All Churchich did was come in as a rank sophomore, greener than a landlubber on a tossing sea, and lead the Huskers to the Big Eight championship and a berth in the Cotton Bowl. The question then was would Duda ever comeback? And if he could would he ever be a threat to this upstart from Omaha? Fred did comeback, so well did he comeback that when Churchich had trouble moving the ball in the Iowa State game in the third outing this fall, he took oyer and kept the starting position. A Sputtering Machine Thursday, it was reversed again. When Duda was having trouble moving the fumbling Cornhusker machine coach Bob Devaney sent Churchich in. And he led the Huskers back, throwing a touchdown pass in the process. "It felt great," Churchich said of getting his feet wet again. "But I know what Fred feels like. Some days it just doesn't pay to get out of bed." There was no time for Churchich to think back to that afternoon of over a year ago when he was sent in. In fact ; things happened quicker than Churchich thought they would, Devaney sending him into the game sooner than Churchich figured. . "I just knew Fred was having his troubles like I had in the Iowa State game and it was up to me to get the team going again." The Good Stuffins Churchich showed what kind of stuff he's made of this year by maintaining his confidence despite losing his job. "I knew I had to wait for a chance to show the coaches . what I could do," Churchich said. "I got the chance and ' I had to do it." t Among the first to congratulate Churchich was Duda, who has proved he's made of the same stuff time and time again. Fred was feeling low and a stranger could have interpreted it as selfishness since his team had won. But nothing could, be farther from the truth. Fred only felt bad because he had thought he had let his teammates down by not moving them in the first quarter. There was no need for Fred to feel badly, but he's a competitor and for him there was no other way. It brought to mind a remark made by assistant George Kelly last summer when the conversation swung around to whether Fred would be able to stage what turned out to be a great comeback. "Last year was the most miserable year in Fred's life," Kelly said. "When he wasn't able to play he felt like he was getting something (his scholarship) for nothing. And Fred doesn't like that." Car Care OFFERS Wash and Wax, Interior and Engint Cleaned 1250 , 1800 Fi-m pick-up ond dtlivtry 477-5565 9 a.m. 6 p.m. CONFUSED? Jott what M is good Mud t Snow Tire Boy? WALKER TIRE 9th 8t PCerjrasta State Journal Injuries n jured chance, but we went out there and stuck it to them and got ahead, 9-0. "If we had played them at full strength, we could either have given thern a better game or beaten them. When your three top halfbacks are out, it's k i n d a tough. And we had some linemen banged np, which didn't help, either." . Which pretty much repre- May Be Wrong iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiHiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii By Curt Mosher Journal Sports Editor Fights By The Aisoclited Preu CARDIFF, Walei Brian Curvis, 1 Vi, Wales, stopped Sammy HcSpadden, 1AA 1. bvitlDnit 19 r rc A MflTTT E"Q Jnv Orhllto. 1A7. Wilmington, Calif., outpointed Billy Ste- pnan, 1B5 va. Hollywood, iaiu.. iu. BCE - f Ui LIC SKATING Mod Plant Now SUN., MON., TUES. NOV 2. It, 30 SEE US FOR THE ANSWER BEFORE YOU BUY CHECK OUR PRICES 177 SEIBERLING COMMUTER MUD & SNOW Premium Deep Tread full 4 Ply Nylon Full Road Ha lord Warranty & M 432-3388 Friday, !Tot. gff, P.M. ou sented the consensus in the visitors' locker room. The Sooners were impressed but not awe-struck by Nebraska, and they felt a long injury list cost them a chance at the year's biggest upset. Despite the wounds, this may have been Oklahoma's best game in a 3-6 season to date. "For the circumstances, it was our best game," said Cagle. "If we had been at full strength like against Iowa State, we could have played them better." Mike Ringer, the Sooners' standout safetyman, thought so, too. "I think we played a lot better than we have up to now, especially on defense," he said. "The boys got together more." "We had a lot of effort, but we had a lot of guys hurt, and that was the trouble," said fullback Larry Brown, who led Oklahoma's rushers with 36 yards in 12 carries and scored the Sooner touchdown. Ben Hart, one of the injured halfbacks who played only briefly because of a badly-bruised instep, declared, "I think we actually played as well as we have all year, considering the injuries. Had all the players who were out been playing, and if we had gotten the same effort from them that we did from the boys who were going full speed, it could have been a different contest. "Nebraska's team is good, as everyone knows. But I would -have enjoyed it more if the injured players could have played. It would have been interesting." . Carl McAdams, the all-American linebacker who saw only limited action because of a badly-sprained ankle which was stepped on Huskers Got Both Kickoffs Oklahoma kicked off to start both halves of Thursday's football game with Nebraska. The Sooners won the toss before the game and chose to take the 10 miles per hour wind and defend the north goal. Nebraska, with the option at the second half, elected to receive. Devaney Setting Fast Win Pace When Nebraska coach Bob Devaney completed his first unbeaten season in his collegiate career with Thursday's win over Oklahoma, it boosted his NU record over the .900 percentage mark with 48 wins and five losses for a .906 record. His career record now stands at 73 wins, 15 losses and five ties for a percentage of .812. Janik, Solich Are Injured Len Janik and Frank So lich suffered injuries in Ne braska s victory over Oklahoma Thursday. Janik suffered a badly bruised hand, while Solich re-injured his knee. 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"I'd have to be happy with our deftnse. I wish we could have moved the ball better. We moved it fairly well, but we couldn't take it on in. We needed the big play. "But all I know is that we stayed in the game. We got some kids hurt, and we had some kids hurt when we came up here. But we stayed with them all the way. I'm real proud of them." Gomer would not compare Nebraska with Missouri, which shellacked the Sooners two Saturdays ago. "They're both fine football teams, as their game indicated," he said. His players were more specific. "Nebraska has a real tough defense, 1)ut I'd have to go along with Missouri on offense," said McAdams. "Nebraska is a big, strong team," said Brown. "They've got a lot of depth. Those backs impressed me. And they've got a good defense, all right. They're real big, and they just try to wade through you." "Nebraska is a real solid ball club," Ringer declared. "I don't think they had quite as good an offense as Missouri or quite as good athletes, but they seem to have the poise necessary for champions." This quality also impressed halfback Stan Crowder. "Nebraska had good poise as a ball club," he said. "They never got very shook." Crowder also was particularly impressed with Lang-ston Coleman and Jerry Patton, the Huskers' defensive ends. "I ran into them twice," he said quietly, "and it's kinda like running against that wall there." Follow the "Fighting Irish"! only KFOR RADIO 1240 6:40 P.M. SAT. NOTRE DAME vs. MIAMI of Florida PRESENTED BY THE FOLLOWING B. F. GObDRICH TRAILMAKER DEALERS. GOODRICH THE SNOVTTIRE, WITH MORE "TAKE OFF" TRACTION. AVAILABLE WITH STEEL SAFETY STUDS. . 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Gain Loss Net Duda 7 26 4 22 Kirkland ... 15 72 0 72 Wilson 19 168 8 160 Solich 4 7 1 6 Churchich ..2 16 0 16 Winters .... 5 40 0 40 Gregory .... 1 3 0 3 Tatman .... 7 15 2 13 ite 1 2 0 2 PASSING Player Att. Compl, Intc. Yds. Duda 3 1 0 16 Churchich .... 9 2 0 61 Kirkland 1 0 0 0 PASS RECEIVING Player No. Yds. TD Jeter 1 16 0 Wilson 1 38 1 Tatman 1 23 0 PUNTING Player No. Avg. Kirkland 1 37 PUNT RETURNS Plaver No. Yds. Wachholtz 2 10 KICKOFF RETURNS Player No. Yds. Solich Z 39 Kirkland 2 67 PASS INTERC. Player No. Yds. Vactor 1 0 Sunday Football Nebraska v. Oklahoma films, 12 noon (3), 10:35 p.m. (10-11); Bears v. Giants, 12:15 p.m. (6-10-11); Oilers v. Chiefs, 1:30 p.m. (3); Packers v. Rams, 3 p.m. (6-10-11). Bowling 12 noon (7). - driving man Wlii V V. . X 4. 1 , v, .wT- I I lKJpfe- Statistics Oklahoma RUSHING Player Att. Gain Loss Net Gagle 6 28 8 20 Hart 1 1 0 1 L. Brown ... 12 36 0 36 Hammond ..8 45 13 32 Kennedy ..12 25 0 25 Crowder ... 11 36 10 26 Shotts 8-16 0 16 PASSING Player Att. Compl. Intc. Yds. Cagle .7 3 1 27 Hammond .... 8 4 0 46 PASS RECEIVING Player No. Yds. TD G. Brown 6 67 0 Crowder 1 6 0 PUNTING Player No. Yds. Ringer 8 34 , PUNT RETURNS Player No. Yds. Crosswhite 1 49 KICKOFF RETURNS Player No. Yds. Crowder 2 42 Hammond 1 15 NEW ,f 1 . A T 1' Jx Below Mowbray's offer all our new 1965 Buicks below our cost this is an outstanding opportunity to own a new automobile at an extremely cheap cost to you. We have 17 cars left that we must let go immediately this is not a "Gimmick". Just an honest to goodness once a year "Bonafide Sale". Listed below are a few examples of what we mean. If you can use a new car, don't pass this great opportunity WE'LL PROVE WHAT VE SAY! TAKE A LOOK! 1392 4 Door Wagon, Bronze, Automatic, power steering and brakes, radio, white tires, air conditioned, back up lites, washers, convenience group, Deluxe wheel covers. 1335 2 Door Skylark sport coupe, Blue, Automatic, Power Steering, Radio, white tires, Positive Traction, Air Conditioned, Back-up lites, E.Z.I. Class, washers, convenience group, bucket seats, custom trim. $3051.00 1355 Le Sabre Sport Coupe, Beige, automatic, Power steering and brakes, Radio, Rear Speaker, White tires, Dual exhaust, Safety Group, E.Z.I., Washers, Remote Mirror, Deluxe Wheel Covers, Custom Trim. EASY FINANCING HIGH TRADE ALLOWANCE 113 421 No. 48th 3 si "i ?s ft tn Nebraska JTtri . . 1 J Two Records Set in Finale Nebraska set two season records in Thursday's 21-9 win over Oklahoma. The Husker's total offense figure of 411 yards gave them 4,040 for the season, erasing the mark of 3,666 set by the 1950 team with All-America Bobby Reynolds. Nebraska's 18 first downs Thursday gave them 204 for the year, wiping out the record of 187 set by the 1962 team, Devaney's first at Nebraska. Top Tacklers Get 14 Each Linebacker Lynn Senkbeil and middle guard Wayne Mey- lan led Nebraska tacklers in Thursday's win over Oklaho ma. Each made 14 stops while Bill Johnson and Mike Kennedy each were in on nine. Larry Wachholtz was in on eight stops. ealers $2933.00 $3053.00 OPEL INC 1 The Lineups Nebraska OFFENSE :; LE Jeter. Casey. LT Carlson. - LG Allers. -v C Peterson. . : RG Osberg. RT Brown. RE White. Richnafsky. QB Duda. Clwrchich, Weber. LH Kirkland, Winter. RH Wilson, Gregory. FB Solich, Tatman. DEFENSE LE Patton. LT Cxap. MG Murphy, Meylan, Stroh- meyer. RT Barnes. RE Janik, Coleman. LLB Kennedy. RLB Senkbeil. LCB Johnson. RCB Thorell. '.' LS Mueller, Vactor. RS Wachholtz. Oklahoma OFFENSE LE G. Brown. LT Hall. LG Vardeman. Goodwin. C Carlyle, Craig. RG Butts. RT Riley. RE Kalsu. QB Cagle, Hammond, LH Hart, Shotts. RH Panell. Crowder. FB L. Brown, Kennedy. DEFENSE LT Wetherbee, Burns. LG Crutchmer, Base. MG Burkett, Poslick. RG Liggins. RE Roller, Henderson. LH Crosswhite. RH Stephenson, Robinson. LS Ross, Haynes. RS Ringer. How Sweet It Is N O How Scored Time Left First Quarter 03 Shotts, 21 field goal 0:22 9:59 6:29 Second Quarter 09 Brown, 3 run 69 Winters, 29 run 79 Wachholtz, placement Third Quarter 13 9 Wilson, 66 run 10:14 14 9 Wachholtz, placement 20 9 Wilson, 38 pass from Churchich 4:52 21 9 Wachholtz, placement Nebraska 0 7 14 0-21 Oklahoma 3 6 0 09 Statistics Oklahoma Nebraska First downs .... 12 '18 Rushing yardage 156 .334 Passing yardage 73 77 Passes 6-15 . 3-13 Passes int. by . . 0 1 : Punts 8-34 6-37 Fumbles lost .... 2 3 ; Yards penalized 33 23 BOWL TONITE! There ore. open lanes at the SNOOKER BOWL North 48th & Dudley 434-9822 BRAND NEW figyF game Cost 1084 Le Sabre-4 Door Sedan, Creen, Automatic, Power steering and brakes, Radio, White Tires, Safety Group, E.Z.I., Remote Mirror, Tilt Wheel, Deluxe Covers, Exterior Chrome. $2970.00 1254 le Sabre 4 Door Hardtop, Red, Automatic, Power Steering, Power Brakes, Radio, White Tires, Positive Traction, Safety Group, E.Z.I., Washers, Deluxe Wheel Covers. $3106.00 1165 Wildcat, 4 Door Sedan, White, Automatic, Power Steering, Power Brakes, Radio, Rear Speaker, White Tires, Air Conditioning, Safety Group, E.Z.I. Glass, Washers, Remote Mirror, Accessory Group. $3503.00 WW 434-5976 1 i v 7H t7) f? ti tu I

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