The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 26, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 26, 1934
Page 5
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MONDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 1934 BLYTIIEVlLTiB (ARK.) COURIER NE\VS CLASSIFIED SECTlON^oDirgctorii of ' ' ~ "' • ~ ' '• • PHILLIPS' USED CARS I'ICK THE BEST USED CARS Record Breaking Sales of Ford V-8 Are Brlnglnc the Best Cars in Formers! For $6.50 and the coVtbn we will iiake you a Good MATTRESS. 'Trade With a Home industry" UPHOLSTERERS J. W. Jenkins & Son Cars—Cars !n Every Price CUse. All Offered at Barg.iln Prices for Quick Sale! J 30 FORD COUPE $195 <n CHEVROLET COUl'E .... S1C5 '32. FORD .COUPE, "she Lux, . Ruiiible Seat ;...';.. 3325 '33 FORD Tllb'btt SEIiAN. A-l Condition .:...... $445 '33 CHEVROLET COACH .... $435 "iZ FORD TUDOR SEDAN .. §335 TRUCKS ami TRAILERS '32 CHEVROLET TRUCK. 157 Inch .Wheelbase; Dual Wheels. A Real ^uy .... $279 '30 FORD TRUCK. Closed Cab, Dual Wheels, Slake Body $185 '30 CHEVROLET TRUCK. Closed Cab, Dual Wheels, Slake Body •.. $KJS KlX'GHAM TRAILER. Dual Wheels, New Rubber .. $195 NABOBS' TRAILER. Smelt Wheels, -Large Body S 19 WE PAY CASH FOR . GOOD USED CARS PHILLIPS' USED ; CAR LOT Comer Walnut & 1st Streets 1'hone Sll OPEN NIGHTS TIL 9 P. M. , — — — w«-uv^»j»»»«ju **tu*i >. TUU isiuuiv Ull A511 olILUl, oJlliUl A COMPLETE LINE OF FANCY cash |)ayment, easy terms for bal- -, — & STAPLE GROCERIES, FRESH mice, also, brick business properly riAnixo r>nnn rwi A i Y>/~i MEATS, VEGETABLES, PRO- on Main street, •located ill the 100 i' AKKb B1<OS. COAL CO. DUCK. FI.OTIR. MS? AI I. CTTTl fl>irl 9flrt l\t/U>l- TX.-lor, mill Km ,,.. n l n .l ! 11TIS-.%m nnr* r,,^r* • . , Position Wanted Wilt do STENOGRAPHIC work at night. Reasonable rates. Call 906 or 792. Automotive "WINTER AVW SPECIALS" Trcstone, Alcohol, Heaters, I>e frostersi Willard Batteries. LET US PREPARE YOU FOR - " WINTER; -,. '" ""HubbaVd Hdw? Co.~~ AUTOMOTIVE DEFT. Phone 416 Phone P1X YOUR OAIi. FOB WINTER Cheapest Prices I'aint -jobs, Ktpairibj: bodies, SI monizlne, Changing Transirits sions, Washing & Greasing with Marf»k Grease & Quaker Slate oil. John Ilearn—JImmie Binkley BAH.NETT AUTO SALES CO Phone 888 HAVE YOUEt BATTERY RE• CHARGED BEFORE COLD WEATHER J. Ben Clune BATTERY SERVICE At Tom w. Jackson's Station Ash & 2nd Phone 8— Kesfcience ZTT-W Business Difectoiry | Keal Estate SEE OUR DISPLAY OP Arkansas Pottery Lowest prices—Lovely gHU Parkhurst's RITE PRICE GROCERY BUY GROCERIES RIGHT DUCE, FLOUR, MEAL, ETC. In Old P. O. Bldg. Phone 234-—We Deliver WE CAN SAVE YQUJipEY ClRCUUTlW HEATERS WASH1NG~MACHINES Gas and Electric AMMUNITION Quail, duck & squirrel loads HARNESS our stock is complete IMPLEMENTS and repairs for AVERY.MOLINE VULCAN & BLOUNT Pay UB a visit and be convinced PAULBYRUM East Main "TRUE VALUE" RADIOS Battt-ry & Electric -Sets Best Value Jor the Ptice .' Oberst Store Co. Factory Authorized ERIG1DAIRE SERVICE Factory Trained Mechanics '•> Day 67—PKont^-Nijjht 382^ 407 Main St. E. B. GEE SALES CO. Chitwood & Weidman ELECTRICAL WIRING Sheet Metal Work Metal Flues SPECIAL PRICES (Between P. O. &, Crevrolet Bldg I Phone 266 Eggs, Poultry Buy FRESH EGOS the day they are laid. At PICKARD'S Store, 1044 Chickasawba, or direct from our hennery. For Sale FOR SALE '34 Plymouth 2-Door Demonstrator '34 Ponllnc 2-Door Demonstrator '33 Chevrolet. 2-Door Scrinu ' '33 «. Ton International l?ick-U|) ^.-ce-Coppedge Motor Co. BARGAINS In Used Healers, v. Co. 2 GOOD 1100 po. -Xj^MULES. SCO Starllii Duncii, Vi., lit). IDc k2(j EAT THIS'. IS - THE PLACE WHERE YOU CAN GET ANYTHING YOU WANT. , Fresh Crappie', From Reclfflol Lake • Oysters High Grade T-Bone • Steaks Fried Chicken Roasts' of All Kinds Cold Plate Lunches CHANGE OF MENU DAILY GEORGE WRIGHT, CHEF HARRY BAILEY'S State Line Service Station AUTO GLASS ARK-MO LUMBER CO. PHONE 40 Cobb Undertaking Co., Inc SERVICE & QUALITY AMBULANCE Flume 26 FOR BEAUTIFUL FLOORS RENT OUR FLOOR SANDER ARKMO LUMBER CO. TRUCK BEDS PANEL BODIES TRAILERS OP ALL KINDS BUILT TO ORDER BAJRKSDALE & PAGE 200 N. Second MODERNIZE YOUR COUNTRY HOME WITH A DEM1NC3 WA TER SYSTEM. $10 UP. HUBBARD HDW. CO. SAW FILING ot all kinds With automatic filing machine BARKSDALE & PAGE • 200-N. Second COPPER WEATHER STRIP Saves fuel at Email cost Arkmo Lutpber Co. Personal $25 REWARD For Information leading to th« arrest amt'convfclfpn.or parties who smashed Guard's window Monday 'Nov. 12, v. E. Tomllnscn, Chief of Merchant's Patrol.' 13c kl2-13 FOR SALE MAIN ST., STORE, now occupied, Coal & Wood My Caul is~ilhnk'imnirSTyoii Whltr, Vlll up new. •-..., .j*. ^jiv^nu, iiwn \,i.v"i"iv<, \> niu', mi up now, between 1st & 2nd Streets. Had JOHN' IIUCDANAN - PHONE 107 nil of S50M , . - oan of $5.000. $3,000 CASH might buy il. VEST MAIN St. STOKE & 5 J-ooni COri'AGE oil same lol. Vlll sell for $1500 on EASY nonthly. Thomas Land,. Co. Hardiu-BaiTon Coal Co, Yards nt SlernlicrB Glu I'lioiio 11D Business Properly For Sale Seven brick store buildings iuj 00 block on Ash street, small 1 HIGH GKADB KENTUCKY COAL, nil stes; ALABAMA EED ASH & QUICK FIRE ALABAMA. WOOD, KINDLING, COKN, HAY If you aic tlown In llio nioutli, think or jonnli; lie cumc out nlrltjhl." FillingStation^ Southern Service Station Sleek,. Mo. Plillupi, dtl j'nxlucUi ANTI.KNOCK OASOUNE TAX PAID 21 iUnir service n Slioe> Repairing ot KEYS bru Wooclburn." for return to City n« Cict Your SHOES re»d>- Cor winter, Newest iiuclilnc just nistat- Icil. Every job guaranteed or money rclmiilnl. E. E. RutdiH Across ironi Huwbanl Hdiv. Co. lid 200 block, price will be quoted I 5 those irtio RI-C interested. You an buy a business home and pay ' iiosl like paying rent. W. M. Burns Agency . Phones 2-13 & 2i2 \Vaiited Attention Farmers! WE BUY SOY BKiUJC AND COW PEAS Fanners Cash Feed & Seed Co. J. W. PARKER, Prop. PIIOHB 13V 1'HONli 071 FOR "Hi-/.<> Alufiiima" "Energy Illinois" !;ick Koyal •Kentucky" CLEAN COAL—LOW i'UIOED Sec Us Abuut Your Coal Blytheville Gin Co. PHONE S<34 "Ktnliant Alabama" "Premium Kentucky" CAM, 214 ' Simon P. Lee Oldest shoe ninkcr In county " Wllli A Pioneer" ill S. Rnllioiid Jry our 3000 mile SOLES-prooI ol Hie pudding is the eallng. When you get a eood tiling remember wliero you tot it. PHOGRESSIVE SHOE SHOP 103 SoutU 2nd St. (Ntnt DW.^1. 0»11-»W Or 06».-. . OLABSrs, U-hit* gold rim, kit' ni«iy FURNISHED BEDROOMS, -rtiodcratcly priced,-Mcs, E. A. Fisher, 101 E. navls. 21-nk-23 cnsc, butwccn high school 4; OnlckHsnnbli HEWAHD. Quinple, at liiuy Kirby's Lost . WK* k 814 Hazel Often confmul nitii •swills »rt! ncuv-i-elativos to (ho ' birds ' tm> imnied, liuvlng been clocked at , „ mllra im Mom , u ( , Help Wante MAKE MONEY 'copying 'name, iicldicsscs for mall order flpn 110 ctmvawlng Write United -Ac! vcrtlslng, iu4 ueKalb Av«nw BiooU>n, N. Y, HOOTS AM) HKK HU1)I)IKS Canada hRd only JJ1 ^n )u > ickslng auto accidents' In 1933 as'' computed wltli 529 in the peaki jcni o( 10JO j W. J.KNOX Having iniide nil klii'ds of shoes for ABNORMAL feet, cau repair shoes to 'correct ABNORMAL fee*,. WINTER IS HEItEl ' Till your bins now with the; Famous Manic Jlcd Ash Coal—hJffh • in lifiit, linv in usli; or Majcsliu tjuality Circle Illinois Coal, twst quality from Western Kentucky. WANTED—Rugs—Must lie free of buttons. No umlcnvear or old panls accented. Courier News. For highest prices on. I'ccnns. see \yolf Arinn, 12« E. Main. Me kl'l WANTED: Men roomers and boarders; twin beds. Cull li'M-J. 09 Holly. . (i-ck-tr.' 3 noom KUHNisitED Apiirtmcnl, with Bath. 1013" W. Wnlmil, Cull 200 klf DRY WOOD—KINDLING We solicit your palrmmse on the basis of lil[;h c|iiallty products, low cash prices, prompt service ami honest dealing. Yon got whul you pay tor hero. Fanners Cash Feed & Seed Co. J. W. Parker, prop. Phono 127 273-W. UEDltOOM, steam licat, garage. Men preferred. 911 w. Ash. Cull 560. For Rent 3 room 'FURNISHED APARTMENT, garage. 1315 W. Main. Call 335-W. 2-ck-tf UEDUOOM; suljolnlng bath. Men preferred. UI3 W. Kentucky. 'I'clc- lilione 086. : 8-cHt 4 llooms and Until, WARD Apart- incnt on W..Ash. Funilshcd. Va- ALLEY OOP DECLARED • 1'HEl'AKING TO MAKE , GRiNO f- MOO/TODAY KING TUNK, MONARCH OF - , PRINCESS .WOOTIETOOT. THE MOO- VIAN COURT IS IN A FURORE. PREPARATIONS. FOB IMMEDIATE INVASION OF LEM APE UNPEG WAY /2/^aV."- IT IS THOUGHT THAT THIS MOVE MAY THKCWSOME : 'LiGHT.ON THE MYSTERIOUS DISAPPEARANCE OF OOOLA.WHO PROPPED OW .OF SIGHT A SHORT TIME BEFORE THE PRINCESS VANISHED. (~M AS MUCH AS WE HAVE ESTABLISHED TiV THAT KING TUMK y OF LEM, INSTIGATED THIS CRIME AGAINST TH'CAVE OF OUZILC-, AN'TH ; LANP F MOO,.TH£RE REMAINS ONLY ONE COURSE OPEN TO us. VVAB/GENTLEMEN; ' - WETAKETH'FIELP AT PAWN' ,/ BL)T,VVHA-T'S COMMA [ABOUT MV LITTLE ,-POOUA.? fSHE'S /ppW'TCMA I'LL TAKE CAJJE ATM^TrfC M'SELF,' WASH TUBBS TRUMPETS ANMOOWCE -THE Of HIS ROYAL. HIGHNESS, P«IW£E PHiLBERT, AT LILVPAO 'CASTLE. EVERYOME IS BREATHLESS WrTH EXCITE- ENT,.EAGER FOR A GLIMPSE OP THE NDUTHFLIL PRINCE. SALESMAN SAM WHAT AN ARKIVAL! H'MM-6EEIN'ASHOW I'M WAR tOCD OF MOO, 1 $££ WHERE I'M COMMA l- HIGH UP ON t,EOGE FACIM& THE MOOVIAN PALACE —, T. MHIO u. s. f«T. on*. ?LOWLV, THE CARRIAGE DOOR N •'OPENS. A HEAD PEEPS OUT..,. By x Crane .... THEM OUT JUMPS HIS ROYAL ,S, BARKIN6 LIKE A DOG. fS)RINCESS JACA GASPS. 6VbRV8ODV ,,. . PRWC6, STILL BARkING, GALLOPS OVER'• -- AMD eires HIS BRIDE-TO-BE^ ' OJHOOPIE.' TWINS/ flW FINE / HE'S SURE HE- HAS TWO! : HERE vfl ORE / TH' CIGARS ) .. ON MFJ—OR, I MEflW, /TtOO-ONJE PER WJZZf _^~ - 'BV TH' toflV, WHAT ARETH' U]B£ OMES, BOYS By Small OR, MEeee IT% THE 1 OTHER WfW APOUNV Kesiauraiits Ifcut •»«(«> * River Ctl Fish Chlcnn Dinners Eycry D»y Jimmif! O'Brien 105 S. Second WELL, WELL, WELL ' ™^ mppy, HUHF/ 6RAT(JLftTliWS, OL' -FELLA ' - I'M SO EXCITED I CAN'T THINK ONE'S fl Boy «N' THE OTHER'S A filRL TUB Sl'OT! {JO TIM£ To.*TELl. 'r&U-WHr' < VTHA1M(. BE JUST-PyT ON ! A;lfOOTBAI-t-SUIT; • AME>;c3ET.PUT.ON'THAT FIELP HOPJMQ OKAV, BETTY;.. GOSH ...OH SURE HE DOES TVJO WEEKS ASO i SWPBD A COPY OF: THE ONES WROTE, AWD HE'S FPECXLES.'A KISS, IF YOU SCORE.'..,REMEMBER THAT,, .A BIG )fll GRIEpf AND I THOUGHT, SOMEONE' EISE IboK /WD I CHANGED 'PLAY*.... \ s FRECKLES'LEARNED THE WRONG SIGM4LS'.'.', THEY'RE P/V3IWG ME.'. 1

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