The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 25, 1956 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 25, 1956
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 85, 1956 BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE FIV1 Army's New Redstone Missile May Set Off Fuss with Air Force By ELTON C. FAY WASHINGTON (AP) — The Army may be edging into a field where the Air Force lays claim to primary interest — strategic air attack against distant enemy war goods centers far behind battle lines. The Ah- Force has waged some long and wordy battles with the Navy over the same issue during the last decade. The impending development of long-distance rockets, which can be designed and used by any of the three services, has broadened the ground for argument. A weekend public showing of a scale model oL. the Army's new Redstone missile pointed up the matter. The Redstone itself, with a comparatively modest range of about 300 miles, probably can be considered a tactical weapon for the Army's traditional tactical role. But in offering the Redstone model Jor view, the Army suggested that it would be the basis for development of a mid-range, 1,500-mile ballistic rocket. Out of Battle Area That range obviously would car- ry a weapon out of the battle area. If anyone is going to bombard targets 1,500 miles away, the Air Force feels that should be the mission of its Strategic Air Command's medium and long-range bombers. Secretary of Defense Wilson has assigned chief responsibility for developing an intermediate range missile to the Army and Navy, working jointly. To the Air Force, he has given pflmaiy ity for developing an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) of 5,000-mile range. Primary However, these are "primary" responsibilities. The Air Force is not excluded I'rom development of a mid-range weapon, and the Army-Navy ' designers are not barred from boosting the range of an intermediate rocket to 5,000 miles. Air force designers are known to believe that it would be a comparatively simple matter to reduce the full range of an Intercontinental missile to provide id-lunge, 1,500-mile missile. All Force exponents contend 'hat there is no logical reason for going into a separate, mid-range missile project. Building Permits and Real Estate Transfers The following real estate transfers have been reported by the Circuit Court Clerk's office: E. B. and Rovene C. David to Milton M. and Gladys Howard, L16, B5, 'Country Club Heights addn. E. B. and Rovene C. David to William and Julia Hamling, L3, B2, Blmwood Gardens subdivision. J. R. and Mary Kathryn Marr to Cone L,. and Dorothy R. Boatwright, L9, B6, Country Club addn. Roy L. and Edna Koontz to Edgar L. and Erma Parks, 18, B2, E. O. Adams subdivision. Max and Annie Laurie Logan to Harold W. and Betty B. Henderson, 12, Webster addn. Leah May Johnson Barker to Boyce Moore and Mortis Moore Alford, L27, B3, W. W. Holllpeter, second addn. J. E. and Mary K. Stevenson Jr., to Howard P. and Bonnie Jean Kieper, L8, Bl, Country Club Heights addn. J. E. and Mark K. Stevenson and Harold B. and Marie D. Wright to Charles A. and Sarah E. Waugh, L19, E'/z of k!8, B3, Country Club Heights addn. J. E. and Mary K. Stevenson and "Harold B. and Marie D. Wright to Thomas P. and Joan Ryan Jr., L13, B2, Country Club Heights addn. , J. E. and Mary K. Stevenson and Harold B. and Marie D. Wright to Charles L. and Leona M. May, L6, Bl, Country Club Heights addn. Louis H. and Lillle Lee Salmons to W. A. and Elsie V. Trent, L2, B"P", Barren and Lilly addn. James and Mary Prances Terry to 3. R. and Mary Kathryn Marr, part of L5, B7, Country Club area addn., and LI, B9, Country Club area addn. Cordelia Nunnery to T. N. and Geneva Rodman, NW',4, SEH, S3, i T15N, R8E. . Vance R. and Loretta P. Dixon to H. B. and Ruth Shearin, S'/i, N1.2, SE'/j, SWA, S4, TUN, RUE H E. and Bessie Long to Vance R and Loretta Dixon, S1.2, N1.2, SE1.4, SW1.4, S4, T14N, RUE. H. B. and Ruth Shearin to Vance R. and Loretta Dixon, El.2, SE1.4, S2, T14N, T10E, except mineral rights. K-Van Machine and Tool Co., Inc., to Blytheville Tool and Die, Inc., part of SWVi, S15, T15N, R11E. Mississippi County Lumber Co. to Robert R. and Margaret V. Knoll, L5, Bl, Horner second addn. G. O. and Adele Langston Poetz to R. B. and Martha Stout, L4, Bl, Chicago Mill and Lumber Co. second addn. C. L. and Baneeta L. McWaters to Eugenia S. Higginson, part of L7, Bl, Country Club area addn. Eugenia S. Higginson to C. L. and Baneeta L, McWaters, part of L4 B5 B. A. Nelson subdivision. Joe and Lillle Elliott to Milton Bell, et al, L2 and 3, and W'/ 2 LI, B2, Daniels addn. Richard R. and Ruth Brown to Kemp and Mary Whlsenhunt, part of N'/ 2 , N'/ 2 , SE'A, S10, T15N, RUE. Kemp and Mary Whlsenhunt to Blytheville School District, part of NV4. N'/j, SE'/.,, S10, T15N, RUE. W. J. and Beatrice Pruitt to Bill and Betty Poster, part of L21, B3, Brawley addn. R. C. and Mabel H. Parr and W. S. and Dorrls Allen to Tracy L. and D. and Prances R. Weber, L3, B4, Dixie Gardens subdivision. R. C. and Mebel H. Parr and W. S. and Dorris Allen ~to~Robert P. and Merium H. Arnold, LS, B4, Dixie Gardens subdivision. R. C. and Mabel H. Parr and W S. and Dorris Allen to Theodore D. and Prances R. Weber, L3, B4, Dixie Gardens subdivision. H. E. and Bessie Long to H. B. and Ruth Shearin, SW 1J4, SW 114, S4. T14N, RUE. Mamie Tucker to Alice R. Waters and Lula Mae Taylor, L7, B4, Sunnyside addn. Mamie Tucker to Lula Mae Taylor, L14, B"F", Allison addn. G. C. and Bessey Manley to Henry L. and Mamye Cora Rosamond, part of SE 1|4, SE 114, S16, T1SN, RUE. ' ' Max and Annie Laurie Logan to Woodrow W. and Velner Brown Wells, L3, Webster' addn. Max and Annie Laurie Logan to L. E. and Grace Sheppard, L4, Webster addn. Winfield and Nellie Mick to Norman Shields, L4 & 5, Thompson addn. H. E. and Exer Irene Thompson to Issac J. and Margie Langley Jr., W75 feet, L6, B" D", D. M. Moore addn. E. B. and Rovene C. Davis to George H. and J. F. Perkins, L6, B3 ElmWood Gardens subdivision. John Hugh and Dorothy Irene Tyrone to Florence Peinburg Platt, part of B3, E. O. Adams subdivision. George W. and Delmoa B. Wiggs to Charles and Regina Lovelady, L6, B12, Elliott addn. Floyd and Sue Davis to Clarence and Ruth Davis, E20 acres, NW 1!4, NW 1J4 S31, T15N, RUE. Mark L. and Lucille Hay Anderson to Bruce H. and Ruth E. Edwards, part of L2 of Barren Lilly subdivision. Harold B. and Marie D. Wright to Blytheville School District, part of SB 1|4, S10, T15N, RUE. G. G. and Johnie Flowers to Charles E .and Sarah Prances, Wilson, part of LI, Bl, Harold C Thompson subdivision. R. C. and Mabel H. Farr and W. S. and Doris Allen to Joe W and Gene E. Germand, L4, Bl Dixie Gardens subdivision. Emmet V. Jones to Thomas Y Chiu, LIT, B7, Edwin Robinson addn. J. R. and Mary Kathryn Manto Allen W. and Helen Abbot •Gulllan, L2 of Wilhlte subdivision and L7 & 8, Bl, Jones addn. Ben and Mary Craig to Edwan and Jane E. Fisher, LI and Par of L2, Ben Craig addn. Ben and Marry Craig to Edwarc B. and Jamie L. Lambert, part o:~ L3, Ben Craig addn. Pherly Davidson to Jackie Raj Eddings, part of L14 in NW 1|4 NW 1|4, S31, T15N, R9E. Dalton C. and Dorothy W. Pow- Iston to John Gilbert and Margarei Marian Hutchinson, Lll and part ot L12, B4, Country Club Heights addn J, E. and Mary Stevenson Jr and Harold' B. and Marie D. Wrighi to Richard B. and Regina T. Abra- Its 66 for 56! Get Performance that's Years Ahead with It's Performance That Counts! Test drive Phillips 66 FLITE-FUEL. Find out how much better your car performs with this years-ahead blend of natural and high-test aviationgasoHnecomponents.Theonly place to judge gasoline is in your car, and one tankful of FLITE-FUEL will showyou—there's a difference in gasolines. Fill up today at any station where you see the famous orange and black Phillips 66 Shield. PHILLIPS PETROLEUM COMPANY DISTRIBUTED IN BLYTHEVILLE AREA BY R. C. I ARK & jUNj Distributor* Phillips Products LIGHT IN. THE DARKNESS—Caroline Purcell, 9, leaves school with a joyous leap on the fifth anniversary of her delivery from blindness. Five years ago, the little girl from a farm near Gumming, Ga., was said to have cancer, which was making her blind. Doctors said her "eyes would probably have to be removed. But charitable persons in Atlanta took her to Mayo Clinic, where re- diagnosis showed she did not have cancer and would see again. Today she is a normal, bright-eyed child, daughter of a tenant farmer of Big Creek community near Cumming. Half Way Wasn't Good Enough CATLETTSBUHG, Ky. (/P) — A would-be bandit turned down a mowicz, L10, Bl, Country Club Heights addn. Clarence and Nannie Belle Cain to W. F. and Emma Lou Fitzgerald, Sl|3, NW 1|4, SI, T15N, R10E. Jake and AnniebelLe Palmore to Walter and Sarah Shaw, L7, B3, Wilson's first addn. Bendona Huey and J. A. Thompson to John and Veonia Rupert, NE 1|4, SE 1|4/ S20, T16N, R10E. chance to get halfway to Cleveland yesterday. He entered the Virginia Restaurant, picked up some candy and cigarettes, handed the cashier 50 cents and, when she opened the'cash register, drew a gun and said, "This is a holdup—I need $20 to get to Cleveland." The cashier replied, "There's only about $10 here—you can come around and look for yourself if you want to." The man then ran out the door and jumped into a car which sped away. Copper is an element; brass is a combination of copper' and zinc an alloy of copper and tin. More Stable Home Life Greatest- Need of Today's Youth, Judge Says LOS ANGELES W) — There is I nothing Wrong With most kids to-j day that a little more stable home life can't cure, says a judge who has handled more than 100,000 children in the last five years. Two thirds of all the children who have come before him were from homes where there was only one parents. Superior Judge William B. McKesson found. While admitting that "there's no single cause and no single curs" for delinquency, Judge McKesson said one of the lines he has heard most frequently from children is: "I never see my mother and father together." If there is an attitude of solidarity in the home, especially around the dinner table, the chances are stronger, McKesson believes, that children will be more likely to develop a sense oT responsibility and not join a gang of kids out hunting excitement—and occasionally trouble. feid-3 of 105S are no than those of 1906 or 1856," the judge said in an interview. "They just have more machinery for get- Poles Like US Opera VIENNA an — Radio Warsaw reported the touring American company presenting the opera "Porgy and Bess" received "frantic applause" in its opening last night in the Warsaw Opera House. Many Patients Medical services to needy Americans rendered by the Salvation Army outside its hospitals included more than 8000 X-rays and 40,000 laboratory examinations in single year. If You Catch More Than One Cold A Winter Here's how to relieve suffering fast! Use Vicks VapoRub® -the proved medication that works two ways at once. When you rub it on, Vapo- Rub quickly relieves muscular soreness. At the same time, VapoRub's medicated vapors bring relief with every breath. Soothing medication travels deep into the nose, throat and large bronchial tubes. Congestion starts breaking up. Coughing eases. Warming relief comes, lasts for hours. So when colds strike, always depend on Vicks VapoEubl ting into trouble today." Judge McKesson, who is shifting to the civil bench after his long period in Juvenile Court, feels the situation has improved in Los Angeles. "We're holding our own," he said. "We show an increase in juvenile arrests, but percentage- wise we are well off because the juvenile population has increased much more." Not Convinced ijOUTSVlLLE, Ky. (/P)—When arrested yesterday, Jonathan Farii Parks, Fresno, Calif., told police ho was a writer carrying the tools of his trade. Police charged Parks, 31, with stealing a typewriter and phonograph Irom Radio Station WKYW. The male prairie chicken haa a wind sac on his throat, with which he makes a booming call. BIG MONEY.. IN A BUSINESS . BIG FUTURE OF YOUR OWN With the Sensational New Infra Red Sandwich Bar as advertised in LIFE Here's an amazing: opportunity to cash in on the tremendotu market afforded by this revolutionary, new Infra Ked Sandwich Bar (not a vending machine). Serves an appetizing: variety of piping hot, toasted sandwiches, sealed by a special process within sanitary plasticene bags. Unlimited market includes Taverns, Office Buildings, Drug Stores, Theatres, Restaurants, Bowling Alleys, Service Stations, and wherever else people congregate. This Is an extremely lucrative new business, proven In many major cities. Operate on a part time basis, if you wish, or devot* full time for maximum profitability. This company will aseiat you in getting started. To qualify you must have from $1,200 to $3,000 cash Immediately (which is secured), good references, a car, and the ambition to earn $5,000 to $7,000 a year, or more. This excellent opportunity is available to dependable men and women interested In a brighter future and who are ready and determined to make the most of it Age no barrier. You must be able to start at once. 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