The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 31, 1932 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 31, 1932
Page 3
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1932 HOVEACH DOLUQ»AIWNSA$ .„„. „, J/A5JPENTJURING THE YEAR 1930-3) "" Confidence of Victory Marks Candidate's Talk al Portland, Me. PORTLAND. Me.. Oct. 31. (UP) —Oov. Franklin D. Roosevelt, invading Maine in the final drive of his campaign for the prcsidsnoy. today predicted that the Democratic triumph I" the September state election u'cu.'d be repMt?d In November. The Democratic presidential nominee spoke extemporaneously to n cheering audience of S.OOO psr- j sons. He addressed them as "my, old friends and neighbors ol' ; Maine." "I drove. 135 rnlle.s too'ay to thank the people of this state. I tear tr.e message not on my part alone but •. on the oart of men and women of t lli3 party all over the nation," he ' SB id. Roosevelt attacked the Republican leadorshin nt'Washington. Hits Partisan Spirit "There is no doubt t'rat there i something wrong between the a<l ministrative leadership and th2 leg islatlve leadership." he said. "I believe n great proportion o our national questions can be 'solved, not with a spirit a! partisan ship but with a spirit of Ameri canism. "Although the next congress wil be Democratic I propose to wor! with Democrats and Republicans I reach a solution of our problems Roosevelt then read from a cam pnign utterance of former Presi dent Coolidge in which the latts: was quoted as snying that when : political party fails to express the will of the people it should be relegated to the background. "If that was true in 1920 it is doubly Irue as applied to the Re publican national today," he said. administration Raises Currency Issue EN ROUTE TO NEW YORK WITH PRESIDENT HOOVER, Get 31. (UP)—President Hoover toda; charged his Democratic opponent of sponsoring "one of the most glaring attempts to violate the stabilits and sacred character of the xia tkm's currency since the civil v.-ar.' "• Addressing a crowd gathered near the Mount Royal railroad station in Baltimore, Mr. Hoover returned sharply to the attack in his firs speech in a day's intensive campaigning through five seaboard industrial states. He said the Democratic house las session passed a measure whicl would have meant issuance of $2,300,000.000 of greenback currency. "The vice-presidential candidate in this campaign fathered tht« measure, and the Democratic candidate or any speaker in his campaign has not seen fit to disavow it." Mr. Hoaver quoted Daniel Webster as saying that "he who tampers with the currency robs laboi of its bread and panders to grecdj capital." The president denounced Governor Roosevelt's statement in Baltimore last week that the Republican party had gained control of all branches of the government, including the supreme court. He declared the court is trt "strongest buhvnrk of the permanency of our democracv," and added: "It surely would not be the will of the people of Maryland that the Independence of this.tribunal .•'hall he undermined or brought into question for political party purposes whether they 'be Democratic or Republican.'' the state's most important tions dustry— agriculture— Arkansas As may be seen in this chart , only n comp.iratlvciy sm nll fraction of the state's money is go- nterest of agriculture, ' The above chart. sixteen-lumclredllis . based on ihc report of the state comptroller's ofticc. shows the rel- . tive portion of each tax expended for various state func- tions, respectively. JILYTIIEVILLK, (AKK.) COmuRK NKWS Osceola Merchants Offer for 4-H Cash Club Achievement Dav. '^1'ixos Most Beautiful Co-od and "Weal" Man Expect Happiness PAGE THREB mil'-! ?| Osceola Society— Persona! A mil social calendar this week includes meetings sponsored b\ three prominent womens orRaniza- tions and scheduled for Tuesday Wednesday and Frid.ij- afternoons On Tuesday afternoon tlie regular monthly meeting of Osccila Womens Progressive club will be held, the Osceola Womens Dramatic club will entertain with a benefit bridge party Wednesday, the proceeds to go to the RTOS-- velt-Oanifr campaign fund, and on Friday afternoon members .-.] the William Strong chapter of the Daughter.", of American Revolution will launch their year's work w<[« a meeting at th e home of Mrs. W. J. Driver. Miss Willie Lawson of Blythe vllle. county superintendent of rchools, will talk on "The Chil- drcns' Charter" at Ihe Progressive club meeting Tuesday, when the progrein will be on' Education. Members will answer roll call with "how our tax money is being fpcnt in Arkansas", and there *'"l te a symposium on "Why Parents Need Training"." Hostesses for the afternoon will be Mosdames Hugh Craig, Brnxton Bragg, Stanley Carpenter. W. J. OSCEOLA, Aik.~0sccolu chants have Innugurated n trade week- whirl, win dose' next . Saturday when Natlonnl -1-n Mil!) i Achievement day will be obwvod ' here. They have do.siunalcd the veok ns 4-11 CU;b Trade week. The merchants arc offering cash J>ri/es io the •)-!! club turning Iti the best record for MIL- ycnr and to (he club traveling the i;re.ik>« number of pp«on-tnl!es [ 0 ulli'iv.i (he Achievement Day pragmi which will be heM Saturday inoni- iiiR in the conn house. More than 200 South Mississippi county club boys and girls are expected to attend the Achievement Day program, when diplomas fo:-' Ihe completion of four year's clui) work win r>* awarded forty member.? nnd oihws vainsrtelius anv, two or three yclu - s work w|11 b , Bivcn certillca'.es. The boys ami girls will be iMiest.s of t|ie businc-ss men ai lu:ichc::n . when sandwiches and drinks wUl be served, and In the afternoon will iitrtnd the picture show us [iiiesls or the Gem Theater management. A business men's committee cooperating r*|h county A^eiit S D Carpenter al ,d Miss Cora L?c Col-man, county home demonstration j agent. )„ promoting the joint [vad-- wcek and Achievement Day | s c ICT, one of (ho matt popular reMmien' cm ihn campiu, was a nt a gathering at Cummins' fraternity house. He became in- :rlBU«l. lie shocked n ctematc by iiinmmclnu he hnd n dute. lie was ;>'fn nt 11 hotel dniu-lng with Hie eleven- hundredths of a cent of each lax dollar Tor agriculture extension work and branch experiment sta- Fulian Friant Will Tour Arkansas for Glenn- Smith Measure. MEMPHIS. Tenn.-Farm relief advocates will launch a final drive to secure sentiment for farm tax- relief legislation prior to the election iu a campaign throughout Arkansas next week by Julian N Friant, vice-president and secretary-treasurer of the National Drainage Association. Mr. Riant will tour the state to consult with farm lenders drainage, irrigation and levee district officials and farm relief advocates in every section of Arkansas. A determined attempt will be made by complainants against farm drainage, irrigation and levee taxes t opnss the Glenn- Smith bill for relief during the December short session of Con- Eskridge and Jimmie Eskndge. Mr. and Mrs. Alvln Wimderiich and daughter Betty shopped in Memphis Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Ly! e Hoyd of Osceols and Mr. and ?,Irs. Ben Ccoper and children «- C re in Kcn- nett, Mo., on business Sunday'. Mrs. - S. J. Smith visited In Memphis Saturday. Mrs. Foster Yates and Misses of Con Butler, Natlian'wcln Louis Lnpldcs. 13. M j-ifl, n«d O. E. Miisseuglll. ' Woman Vag.ibumls nnvirtnl BOSTON «UM-Jcmi!» stein. SO, and hsthei Katz. 28, recently were given suspended sentences of six- months in jnll_(he first wom»n ever convicted in Boston on charges of being vagabonds, Read Courier :,-ewu Ads AT THE FIRST SNEEZE USE NIGHT ANO mo ,_,W1, Mai i\ « T - -m Mrs. Foster Yates and Misses'p^l ff •»*»_^« Charlie and Evelyn Scott motored i I". J UsSCHCe of MlSldl to Crira-fordsvillc Sunday as llie'il guests of Mrs. Yates 1 husband, who I is employed there. ON YOUR HANDKERCHIEF AND PILLOW IT'S NH» I'aul Ciimmins -in it Mt ss Hiilli Wrntcr. BV KUXAUETH H-.U.KKK , « O tlicr E lrLs may be able to make FAANSTON. lli.-A.i ideal v,cd-|a success of inurrlnec anil n cnr- wl hie Is what Rulh Wcnter. ecr, liolli." sne said "But I wed the most beautiful ,.|rl on wouldn't ,lsk It. 1 adore ' ll:c Noiihweslcrn University cam- " • • • ">""<pus. exjKds when she uuirrles Piu:l Cinunilns, voted Ihe Ideal man on the campus, But mi Ideal wedded life, :;he l.olnts mil, Is a 50-50 pruiMisillon wlicic (lie wlfu must di>vote her lime Io making the home and where the man must help even to washing the dishes occiisloimlly. Following mil (his Idea, sh e Is sacrificing n |M-ofltnblc sineliiK career to devote her life to lunr- rlagc. Bui I micro more the prosiKd of making a Jiomc for my husband,' Their romance approached tin Ideal, from the campus viewpoint Cnimntns, whose homo Is nl Cc- dai riaplds. Ta., In (hree years nt the university hnd devoted himself to alhlcllcs, class nfinlrs and fi\xr- ntion nf a iliident book shop to help defray his collcfjo expenses. He had paid llltle attention to (he co-eds. K LOU C One Sunday evening Mte Wen. Tlu'n she was chosen by her :lnssmali'.s ar, Ihu mo,;t hi'miti/ul :li'l en lli 0 rnniplLs and shortly iltei'ttard Cummins wns felci'ted as "Wi-.'il mini". t '•;. iwrore commcncemeiH MJ Wenler v:n-, wen wvaj-inj Cum- nlns' fraternity pin. \ n colloec life iirnnlinj ei^r.i:cment, and (his wns tollcHwl by ]•,•!• rrecM iiiinoiiru-e- ni'iil psnty ,,i , |V 1,] C ]| u became kmiwn tin- coupli' would marry thl<- whiirr nml .stun the "Ideal mnv- '••^•" in an Kvnnslon aparlmrnt. Cliurih Ilnnscs Kuur Srcls 1'OIITI.ANU, Me. iUI>) — Park Sim i ohm-eh lias been occupied siii-c<'A.-jviOy by MuthcdlsU, Unllnr- Complexion Curse' riiinir'i! ()fjii::oua n' Litlio, ljii,iML.icD:i<Ji]k (JtlX.Tl'1 jlllc, i\\\- \fMUl]3C COIH'C- livf. ,M:il| ilnj.. r.isU'—<inly25c. . d complete, tl |^ TO-NIGHT < J"' :cI: "''*' fur «w buitew- linn, iK-aillHirn.OriylOc. Amendment No. 20 TtH-: I'.ON'I) AJIISNDMKNT VOTERS - TAXPAYERS HOI-LAKS nnd CENTS ."S?££~ NOVEMBERS SHAM, THI*; TAX YOKK 1 IJKK G10NKKAT10NS —OR— WM^™*™™ OK MKANSAS CALL A HALT ISSUANCE OF BONDS THAT YOUU CONTINUED ON FU- i ,M",,!'™' V ''" ' Esm: Is Xllw '" "«• HanJ<! tf ll I'cw Men.) Qi-iw.n D 5l, KNT Nr °' 20 I'MIIWTS FURTHER IS- OK 'S Sx)|'l U ?' HWAY " ()NI)S WITHOUT A VOTE Atiiciuiincnt No."20 should vneoivc your serious consid- ini ?r,,' ls A '' k1 ' lll!itlfi> Honrlwi Debt is now Approximately 107 llillioii Dollni-H. Miirlt (he lllglK'..! ivr Cajilla Drtf in (|, c Natln,, HOW TO VOTE I'OU AMENDMENT NO. 20 KOR AMMNDMKNT NO. 20—YES AGAINST A m I'', i\ ]) in jij pi i ry 11 vido Stop Additional l!ii ; lnvn.v Honda Association gress. The is now pending before the Senate and the House. Supporters of the bill claim that farmers in every agricultural district are being 'ruined and deprived of their hoiix's by "confis- j calory" drainage taxes which the: farmer cannot nfforti io pay. i The Glenn-Smith bill calls for the refinancing of drainage, irrigation and levee districts. This, tlie bill's siippo.-lcrs say. will spread the burden of taxation on (he farmer more equitably over a longer period of years, prevent u continuation of the seizure of farm lands for fax delinquencies and give tile farmer a chance to re- jin his economic stability. The National Drainage Association is-the official sponsor of the 'egislation. Luxora Society—Personal Miss Maxine Brown, who has Seen visiting in San Antonio, Tex., i 'cturncd home Thursday. Miss Pattle Poison of Memphis \ns the guest of Miss Hoy Vcllmcr "Saturday. Marcus Hollyball, formerly cf his city but who has been vis- ting his parents at Marshall,. \rk., was the guest of his sis-! cr. Mrs. Clarence Grissby. Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Umfleet vis- led in Blytheville Sunday night. Among those from Blytheville vlio attended (h e Hallowe'en Innce given by the seniors Friday night were Hisses Louise and 'Irginla Bourland, Sarah Ann ions at 25 cents per -person may x made with Mrs. Mas^ey M,^ V. E. Hunt or Mrs. W. R.' D yess' Cecil -Shane, Blytheville attor- iey. representing the Dud caron i 'ost of the American Legion will peak at the D. A. R. mectin- Yiday on "The Unknown Avla- or , when (he chapter will launch v. S'" to . raisc fn«s for Driver, Jr., and A. G. Brickey. Mrs. L. D. Massey, who formerly lived In Uvalde, Texas, and is a personal friend of [he Garner he MfchiiiV.,^ "T 1Unns fo family, Is chairman of a steering Gride • M ^ t I f marker " committee of the Dramatic club rv of' T i<»i». n «• ,/V mem arrmtag for ' the benem party erf ll^S ^R-^ R«Mrva-.Wo;-ld War, - t -" 1 "- >n the I Wednesday afternoon. cross to make a Right'! THE HAIR FIJ5ERS AUK RAHR AND THEY'RE f'ACKED IN 25,1:11 TO THE [\CH! RA REP ACK Topcoats !>y HART, SCHAI'FiN'Eif & AiARX BETTE I!arep;;ck, topcoiitinu ' the liy r'amuiis Hart, '•M \ topcoiitinu l.y Hart, WM \ SclintTncr & Jliirx. is (ho -yi'^'-t t'ciisi'st tof:i'o:ii fabi'k' •'I'C'^/ cvci-u-ovci!.'That IIKVIIW 4W "'* . aiiiaxir.gly keen ahoiit .s));t|>c liot-iiiii!;. Kiirthcvmore, it i.-ayofl, silky fabiir, niK'i't IT look at, easy to wrar but lianl to wear out. Rave- pack \:- a rave topcoat buy. Af-k ll:e niiin wiio'.i Jiart one, two or tlin-o NEW MEAD CLOTHING CO, XlfiRE are entirely difTcrent kinds of tob»cco. nivml them anil you get u ililTcrcnt luslc. Cross-BIcml them nnd you get a Itcttcr taste. While Mending mixes Ibc tob.iccos together, Cross-Blending "welds" and "joins" their flavors into oue. Imagine doing (Iiis nitfi the world's finest cigarette toltnccos— mnny kinds of Bright tobacco, n great many ty|>cs of Hurley tobacco and numerous grades of Turkish (ofmcvnt What you have when you've finished is Chesterfield Itdtacco— belter than any one kind, )>cltcr than a blend of all kinds— really a new .kind of tobacco flavor that's milder, more fragrant and a whole lot more pleasing to the taste. (_Jiesterfiekl f Wherever you buy Chester fic!ds,yo'j get them iust ns fresh as if you wmc by our factory door CROSS-BLENDED for MILDER BETTER TASTE | tpctrt ft MYJM Tofttco Co.

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