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Orlando, Florida
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Pase 4 THE MOIININO SENTINEL, ORLANDO, FTJL, Friday, March 8, 1918. NOTICE EXPERT ADVICE ON MILK Agriculture at Tallahassee. Trusting this information will be of Of Application for Tax Deed Under Section 8 of Chapter 48S8, Laws of Florida some value to you, I am, I Yours truly, M. HALL. Notice is hereby given that W.

and Reams, of Winter Garden, Florida, Saturday Monday COWS SUFFER SHELL SHOCK purchaser of tax certificate No. 71, dated the 7th day of June, A. U. 1915, has filed said certificate in my office, LONDON. Jas.

Kendal plead- and has made application fcr tax deed to issue in accordance with law. Said By Dr. J. IIowelL "It's an ill wind that blows no one good." It so happens that Mr. Moses Hall, a man who for years has made a study of the cost of milk production is in Orlando recuperating from an attack of bronchial pneumonia.

Having seen something of the controversy pro and con in the local papers regarding the cost of milk he became interested. As I' had been of some service to him regaining his health he gladly consented to make the following statement. However, it is not in his interest to do anything to offend the dairyman as his firm is in the certificate embraces the following de scribed property, situated in Orange county, Florida, towit: southeast quarter of northwest quarter, section ed at a police court in a Kentish air raid area, when charged with selling adulterated milk, that the cows were suffering from shell shock and the milk he sold was exactly as it came from the cows. This plea did not prevent the magistrate from fining Kendal forty dollars with costs. TM if business of selling dairy feed.

He 12, township 24 south, range 2t east. The said land being assessed at the date of the issuance of such certificate in the name of Joel Riles. Unless said certificate shall be redeemed according to law, tax deed wili issue thereon of the 19th day of March, A. D. 1918.

Witness my official signature and seal this the 14th day of February, A. D. 1918. (Seal.) B. M.

ROBINSON, Clerk Circuit Court, Orange County, Florida. By M. A. HOWARD, D. C.

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Also the cost of hay figured by Mr. Hall is imported hay. If Florida hay was used the cost for hay would be reduced by half or more. His statement follows: Orlando, March 6th, 1918. Dr.

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Sows can digest twenty per cent protein and should be fed a light, fluffy concentrated feed containing that percentage of DIGESTIBLE protein. If fed a more concentrated feed, the excess is undigested and passes through the cow as waste. If fed-less. protein the owner is not getting best results from the animal. There are many good dairy feeds on the market, but the Alfocorn Dairy feed containing 25 per cent protein (20 per cent DIGESTIBLE) produces excellent results when fed according to directions.

That is, one pound of feed for every three pounds of milk produced. And this article is used in the following example of cow producing three gallons of milk per day. Daily ration for milk producing cow Is one pound of 20 per cent DIGESTIBLE protein for every three pints of milk and 32 pounds of silage or green grass or 10 pounds of well cured hay, consequently a cow giving three gallons of milk daily requires: 8 lbs. of Alfocorn Dairy Feed at. $3.60 per cwt.

29c 10 lbs. of Best Hay at $2.30 per cwt-. 23c Total 52c "This is actual cost of necessary feed to produce three gallons of milk. By substituting silage for hay this cost could be reduced from 23c for hay to 8e for silage. Basing cost of silage at $5.00 per ton which Is a lib-em 1 estimate of cost for this item.

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