The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 25, 1937 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 25, 1937
Page 2
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- \PAGE TWO fo Become Bride of Vatican Envoy Caiutheisville Meichanl Will See fell ihplaccAfl- ei CARUTHERSVILLE Mo — Plilllp JIamra'sr., one of CanHliersville's oldest merchants, left this morning to his;birth place and cliildliood hone in Sjria, which ho lias not r ten fcr more tliaa to \eais ' Mr Phillip,'' as lie is fiintllnrly knonn he)?, will celebrate his fjOlh birthday Februaij 28 He came to America hi 1895, landing In Nc« York City with what he wore -uid AVhal.Meager possessions he could cany TAP jcari later, lie came to this county Caruthei sullc tnen , was a mersldc hamlet of sonic 500 .person.!, and the tola! popiilatlon of PemlEcot .county w'as not over 3500. Gayoso, the county seat, north of. here, has long since been engulfed b\ the Mississippi rhci s slilfting cuiT'ent. , Tor 14 \enis Mi Phlllu cairicd a liack -.on his back from house to house sslllns pins, needles, thread nnd similar small it°ms. He tame to knon practieallj ciery resident <"f this county and his trips often carried him as far south as Blvttie- Mlle, Ark and north to Neu Mad- nd and PoitageMlle Tn 1000, tlnouph diligent elToit mil! careful saving, he was able to: oj'"" the <irv goods store heie whrh has smcc boine his name mid winch Is one of the oldest cs- ( tablishments in the county .Mr Hiunrn accompanied bv a nephew, Rlch.ird' Honirn and (he lattorN ten-join-old son Albeit, both of Senath will sail Mnrcli 2 -from Men York citj /or Beinit, Sjria whence (lies will jonin»v 75' miles inlamt lo judcdcl air philips' buthplace and the home of one of his two surviving brothels A Hntu»> ra Another brother, N Hamin, liy* in Brazil -' 5 =* Tne brother .it Judedi tned Syrian meichaiit, 1 Judcdel is onlj a trc Sea ot Galilee, the Rivci Jordan Jerusalem rue < m..«, 1.011 ndniy b»twe*c.n pa' the rS~ .. and Icbnnon ?nd oO miles frfm Da' mascus The party vull ictiun to Amcilcn the laltei part ot ne\t August jflasons Meet Tonight j *>> i — — - CiHfk.ijfl.KbT r_0[ls,e'No HI R and ( A Hr, will meet tonight 730 c'dort. Mr. and Mils. Tom Mrs. Joe Somford nnd vv ^ Ike, and Mr, nnd Mrs. Don Lilies »» • •- • . ••-.••• if niylhcvlllc attended-'-the fu- '' Mrs;.Orvillc Sleins and icrnl Friday of Henry Jackson or. S'LJTT lcn ? f Cnl ' nwn >; 'A'' k - "re sr rti Mo " vvli ° UIKI ot hm ' 1 K*n-ss. paiwlvMr -'' tui Miss Nina Brooks was removed 'Mr. and Mrs. Russell Dcvore of Jlvfiix,, Mo., nnd Miss Hazel Co- lioon and Joe Cohoou of Capo i ••••«, x^njj i'l\slJHJIl\.l JlflS. .„,.,,,» wh'n «;ffnV»,r'V'"-V.i """ Coll °p"', t ed from u vlsll with•• relatives In wno .suffered a relapse recently. Mississippi He was removed Monday to Mem- lilils where lie will be- untler a doc- icr's c-nrc for sonic lime. Mrs. Arlle Robinson of Slkeslon « visiting Mr. nnd Mis. Ernest Robinson. Mr. m,d Mrs. M. rt. Bailey, who ""> been In Memphis visiting nit Mi-s. C, T. Tlipmnr for lioldct (if lliu tnghosl liomn ihc l'o|,c un h(,jlu\v on .1 woman Mis Nicholas Biaily or Manhns- sot L 1'iy iluiRliwunitin and papal duchess, announced she .would rniin-y William Ma- c.iuJcj Insli 1 ice blolo unvov in the v'alk-iin. The 'wnldlna will t '- minrd ' in Hv siirliv; fttes «t Manila Today for T. J. Pierce, 80 MANILA, Ark.—Funeral service;, for T. J. Pierce. 80, who tiled rncsday night lit Die Ulytlic'vllli; insplial, were held this afternoon it (lie Methodist chin Lh by. the paster, .the Rev. J. M. Hn.iTls.on.. Mi Puite, i mliic of Oblon jiounty, 'Icnn mn.dc his seventieth I"-*--",,, cotton jcuip hst year. .... - lcss*H]i in he ,—'«-*' to H "Hi!, Wlfl 1870, i>r« (evv \ei }f (h= them. 1 The; branner, _' Don'Tallin Pierce, .nil and Howaiijj* aj,c of six. Un years old ! 'nist crop, lie to t , - _ _ The fiiraffe « said to Ir HID only animal tint i.icks a \giie i Rev. Ho| r ^? e *' 'lite ireacli .. church Sngg m n-Av" 1 ""'ri'icd i shfm in death yjving n'rc c en boni; is Ed Ashn, Wilflil,' Mrs. _ . T. nnd': Jess ipa, nnd Ernes - -rj 01 Fllllt ' Micl1 Pfeo ,-• ^Wili *Iew Liberty >jv t ind King wll , f* Liberty Baptis flight niitl llnee weeks, have Ihclr JIOIDB. , . ... Miss Nellie Lester returned Sal- from , several weeks visit jii . Friday night from her . home to the Melliodist liospltal, 'Memphis, for i. treatment. . have ightaCold? ~ help end it sooner; throat and cheat with VISJSS ICE MARKET Ask For Them «,*'> VANILLA Fia\ 0 -, <fr~ JG-Oz Botltc IZC ROYAL GE) ATIN, All r l-b\ori. Ho\ DC SPAGIIL1TI cr o •>I*CAROM K-\ «>C SODA CKVCKEUS, Frcsli n 2-Ib lio\ loe, Lb I/C TURI IARD flj-s i n s ibs NCI «i>i.iy COR.N, Sicl,cl>-s Counin-ln Gcnllcimn 15 cz cm 1UC STACt PIANK T\KLS C 2— =c I'kgv for DC MIJK, Pet or C'Tfmlion ^ r 1 Sm-ih or Z Till Cans IDC SLiFH! bliDS -I -i 7— IOC P'ngS ffll 11C CAXOVA COFTTL c,^ T 11)5 8Cc, t b 6 / C CANE SVKLP, Turc pn Ixiuisiina Gal t)t/C TEA NUT nmTi-R 1VU ,,, <!jart - ., )C COti.VIKV fcGGS e-r OC BUTTER £DC SALT n - ICO-JLb Sart »5C JIEAt, FAtra I-cj. Cream Of' Zl-'h Sa«k 00 £ CAT-s LT , n H-07 Botllc lUC MUbTAKB -, ft Pull p Ka ri . |UC ^ LOUR, Guarnutecil o r W or S K. 24-lb Sk ODC CAHLK PEACHES t rt fn 6>rup, IS 07 ctn iUC TOfTt R'IBBON IM i n S»IOajpJNG v 8,Ibs *1.1U tors, spcthi 1A il*h IOC r 1 "*f4oOMS, Siiccnl or Each iJ5C CAN!)!, Cliocolitc -, n Ponnrt JOc CHU.H f>ALJIO\ -i n 1-lb C»n IUC 10IIFT SOAP, 1,H\, or P.Kn oluc C.\nm\ 4Bir>,'iDC PICK! I S^ t rcsh CiiciiniOer-i r finmcunl J n IDC rui( c , VGG NOOI>U,h i C l«e. X.b Ila r IOC COCOA, 1'iirc 1m l lu.!,]| i r " lb Bo\ 1 D C OLLO, »url,ci: or Dixie nn Pciind Llit. OS'ION PIAMS All 71 Vanclics IVr 100 «j.C C.MHHCL I'l.lM-.. Ijo^l^j I'lotf Ilunrh of -.0 t 'I STI \KS 7,'sl Iv f 1 oniQO if Itoinul Ih i5/£C BLU KnVjlb ShuuMcr Clod, 2;;,. Tf-irk (til), I.h 19,. ITU, SIl AhS loin cror Kcund lb i£DC i-OKIv '•ifOlil.I)!.!! «jo ROAST tb iOC PORK CHOI'S, fdirtcr nr «na l«n i,b liDC Hf\b, Ianr^, Full or Dressed i,b t,JC bPAUI KIBS. lols of nl Meal n, 1 / 2 C Cured Ham Cudahj's Purilnii Center Slices. Lb. (Op Fiul Slicc-s tb , -;;c TRtfell PIG UVLll t i- Pcimd IOC , FANCY srjCLD BACON Rinflless, Lb . , Jjc" tthiu-Oil, LI). 32 C Visit BlytheviHe's New mn Used Car Lot Opposite kvcss' *Ve JJclicvc in F;ist 'f yuii want to Ifade for a . l-ulc Moiid Used Cur, and wrllc .vour ou-ii ticket, dri\'e by anil stc iis. l-'oiii- One ;:i5 Chevrolet Coabhcii ',10 Ford Co;uH\ :> ft 10c Store , aiiti Quick Turri-Ovc'r' -34 DODGE COUPE ... W "K, Two 'its.. Kbrci Coupes \ • i'«-o '35 I'lird DoT.tixc Sedans Wr arc ., .(d|i-lii<avj- ojj l.-ilo model Ohcvrclftts uiul I'nrils and HP hro rcil-hol In ilo some 1 1. 'Hi inc. $113 Ocml CouiUl'lnn •2!) i-'oun i'unon. i.oi* «f Sf ITlcc . ........ '35 '1'F.lnSAPLAtii: SUDAN. N'nv Car Ap- o o A o n. o i c n n -..- TIlrouRhoul ......... S"5 ri<;K-(/i> TRUCKS ' FOIli), ''B" Mortcl. >i- Ila's ''37 License, New ; Tires ami ! Thorough- i ly.. Ucconrtitloliccl at Only .-. .......... !.. 5215:, ii JlKHKilv. A (ir.ori- ' '•. /i 1 ' I.t ckiii» S'isk-Ui: and ... in'Ciooil Conilllton. A , Ilaigaln n( . ... , — 5M5. INTKIIiN/l 'J' I O V A I, I'ICK-lll', u.icar,. Gocil Tires. Hoesii'l . ; Show Any H;ird Use ¥:iti5,. -i OODUE ruik-ui'..- :-lvI| IMolci- A-l, G odd '' 'I'ircs .............. $S75- Phone 111 |1|lu " clii| ; .. .rnunc Broadway Sales, Incorporated U«cd Car Lot h, (| lc JOO-Uloi-k on West Maiiv Decorated SALAD BOWL Here's a salad bowl, delicate— dainty—prelty as a picture. Delicate in the softness ol its pastel colors —dainty in the grace of Us curves and fluted rim. It adds the touch of cool, pleasant color lhat so often transforms a plain, table .into a charming one. Stop in loday and see it! TWO TO A CUSTOMER NG NEEDS AT FARMERS PRICES Bright IX fin. Soldered inside, including rivets. Heovy wired lop and sanitary handle. Full weighi, 12 quart size. Heovy galvanized'ileel. Weathor proofed—will lasl for yoors. Has signal flog. Meets U. 5. specifications. Cofton FILTER DISCS Made of good grade cotton. Designed lo filler with both speed bad accuracy. 6 , inches in diamet-ir. Carton of 100. Carbon Steal MANURE FORK $1 .19 Steel tines, polished, tempered. 4 foot ash handle, sqndecl, waxed, polished. Will rji've long hard service. •ENDS SATURDA Y NIGHT Shouse-Henry Hardware Co- "The Progressive Store" • v•'. .- ,:. J. W. Shoiuc . W ilson Henry nioiie 35 LOWEST I>RICKS IN TOWN au W. :MA1N ST., BLYTHKVILLB, ARK. SPECIALS FOK FRIDAY and SATURDAY BACKBONES Mi. 5 SALT MEAT "" -,.„. VEflL CHOPS" BOAST PORK MELTS •Si" Fancy. Sliced 24 1C Gold Coin. Sliced 30 C CHUCK, Lb THICK RIB, Lb: SHOULDER CLOD, Lb . CfiULIFLO^ER 15 I With Tops Kuiifh 5 C DOG FOOD ''"" "• |« PfljROLLS RYE BREAD Ljoiif WHOLE WHEAT BREAD Loaf Texas Green Each 2fl c 24' ; Cftnipbcll's ' ZBBOX 15 Cook's Best "2-Lb. liox All Hranfls Small . Large. W. No. 2.1/2 Can '^ 19 1 ! -• *..^-^.?f«li ! .Can large 2JCan VEIL CUTLETS SALT MEAT Host Grade 1 1 [ 1 ,1). ,lj. J). ,1). IT 21- c 12i c 16° PBGTftlLS WEINERS ° FRANKS CHEESE Wisconsin Kull - LI). Lb. Cream 14 fc 19 C 25 C MIXED SAUSAGE 10 PURE PORK SAUSAGE PORK CHOPS Standard No. 2 Cah' , AjCC 3 •••for fi Puts 25:<imes more soap • right on dirty spots , Giant i MMUI . Bir 0 A ; P Speedy I vr f'TJiftr SEIOX 12 STEAKSAUG HEINZ BICE FLAKES 9 l Hcin/. Conked Can IT I3 l GRAHAM CRACKERS ],b. Itox VANILLA WAFERS . hb. J5ox 15' SPAGHETTI ;!". Itoics Shifcleys Best; Plain or S. R. 90c

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