The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 26, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 26, 1934
Page 4
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iFQtat ;• COUB1EB • Entered as tecon<r uiiu mttier tl the poet office at BiyUiBvUle, Ar- Ma"*, under »ct o! CoofrMc.• qc-' ^ Stma py MM Dmtrt SUBSCRIPTION By carrier ic me oay or ayou ruia, !tc p*r week or «.50 per year In Unoie. By mail wtttiln a nutlua of to milet, |3.00 p4r jt*r, 41.50 fur aix monilH, 860 for (tree month*; ft?, mall-In postal tatut two to all, Sndiulre, 16.50 per year, In zone* seven ace fight, aio.OO per year, payable In adranc*. Those who rmulc the trip to lliu football game at Walnut Ridge week will no doiibl read with micros!, thc lotier from Mr, ,1. V. Bland, publisher oil the Walnut Hidge Tiinc.s- Dispatch, published elsewhere ou this page. Mr. Bland, of course, expresses llio viewpoint of the great majority of the people of Walnut Ridge, who feel just as we in Klythevillc would feel should similar disorders occur here. There an; thugs and hoodlums in every community. Some of our people came home last Friday with the idea that Walnut Jlidjro bus llwrt . tj,. !n ;t, s share of them. Thai may be so but •Ve, imagine the truth of the mutter is that it just seemed that way because the police failed to keep' Ilium .in hand. 1 In -any evuiil le.stiiiiony of Ulylliu- villo players and spectators alike [ H .11)at the Walnut Hidgo team was made up of «s dean ami sportsmanlike' a !,'roup of young atlilotos as may be uiicounlereu'j^Tiy^V^ere. Jf they come here for a game neyt year let's take particular pains to see that they and tin: spectators who accompany them receive the beat of treatment,. l>leta confidiuco that (Jits work ia being (Jone the -way it- ought -lo be ' Good fob for a Good Mariner ^ " It is good to read tliat dipt. George ~~ fi. Fried,/retiring , from tlfir SBII, i b promptly given oiiu'of the" biggest jobs the federal government can jrivi) a mariner—supervising inspector in the important second inspection district fur the Federal Navigation Bureau. .. Not often does a merchant. Bailor . attain such widespread public confidence as Captain Fried has attained. lli.s cool, seainanlike, and daring rescues ut sea are almost legendary. Any man who could perform as he performed in the famous Autinoe and Florida rescues must be a pretty broad- gauge sort of man as well as a (\rsl- rato sailor. Captain Fried, in other words, is loo valuable a man to be allowed' to slip into retirement just yet. His new job is one of vast responsibility. The safety of many sea travelers depends on it being handled properly. And with Captain Fried (iliing in, . ^tho American public will have eom- A fjtemisfihere Apart Tho great gulf that separates the occidental.. :and oriental viewpoints could hardly be illustrated nioco nMr\i- ly than )Jy' tho recent attempt : of that Tokio traffic jwlicemaii to commit sui- cidQ. • ' , This o/ricer wus detailed to route Hie 'Bmixiror ilirohito's e'nUmnige tliroijgh « certain stretch of country. Somehow he made a mistake, Tplfic Ifot tangled, and the emncror's car was delayed ao minuteH. So the iwliceman felt that ho could redeem his honor only by killing himself. Suppose President Roosevelt travels l),v auto, from Washington to Philadelphia and runs into a traffic jam en route; will the traffic cop who should liave prevented the jam put a bullet through his heart' out of sheer chagrin? The mere fact that Ihe question- is uflcrly ridiculous shows iiow greatly the Japanese attitude toward duty, the government, and life iu general differs from our own. Scraping The Botlom of The Tax Barrel Tlie House of HepresentalivKi of Ohio hits voted n retail sales tax with the stiff rule of three per cent and applying lo all sales except those direct from the farm. This tax Is not proposed in )l c u of any.-existing levy H would be in addition, to live present liix burden of the people of Ohio. The'bill which Uie house Ims sent, lo the senate-'imposes a Sjilos lax only, dui-hin lh c . yclu . 1035 ntllvss the legishlurc extends . (I. But since it Is part or a new taxation program to raise money for schools, old «gc pensions and state aid to political subdivisions, II Is ue.U door lo certain to slay If;it. is once built into the revenue structure. The country Iras Men Illinois lUKi Missis^.,,,! which rcsorUxl lo- "temporary" and "en'er- ' Hoiicy sales luxes, lake action which virtually makes HICKS levies permanent, iMciili-iiLiilly. in bull, stmcs. r lh<M' 0 has been pretsinc lu increase lhc rates. It would seem that the general adoption by stales of sales (axes HS= important revenue sources would-end all hope of u 'federal sales (ax (o finance .a' government, old ago pension " (he public schools" of- Arkansas could "bi" Kept, open oilier way, we mlglil n,, Vov to' iiibmlt lo n sales tux.: wo did, we should realize Hint U ivoiilri-be a iwriua'neiit and not an emergency levy, and Umt it wou irt take the last, of our untapped sources of revenue just as passage, of the Ohio bill would be' scraping; tlie bolloiii of the barrel for that stale. . — Arkansas Gazette. •Oh, [feel fine, yes, r feel swell. -Samuel Iiisull, ciHcring trial in OlilcBt-o 'on charge of usliij! niails to defraud. . - * * * The functions o[ a and of „ wWcr are indivisible li, lhc Fascist state. -I'rcmlcr Beiiito Mussolini of luily. • > * Tlic sUBjjcslloii thai the bureaucrats of Wusli- limton l,iwc saved us from' revolution b c - littles Ihe common sense of lhc .Amcricnn people, -col. Henry BrccklnrldBC, candidate for U. S. Senalc frojn New York. Diphtheria Germ Causes Croup in |is Worst Form 'II .Is' csliuialed that, the -Means I.'.the world' would" 1 rise 150 reel 'ere. the ercat, Ice-caps of Grcen'"d and Antarctica to' melt 7™ n 7,500,000 vals. In Georgia, Texas and Alabama bclwsnn Dec. 15 1833, and March 23, 1034. The E<fit»r> Letter Box •from Walnut'Hideo ( To the editor:)'.. ... , • The.cbntluct'or:some i-iti- ens -yesterday -was M , rcprelicusi- le that • I hasten. to send yen a niblic' apology on-'behalf of lhc ood .ciliiienshlj) of'walnut llld»c or lhc Conduct or ihe oleiiifnl wJio Hsgraccd >llic city. .-.I : w'as iipi, uptown last, iilgl,|,, !,„(, earn that revelers'rocked; the train ind otherwise nilslrcatcd'Our elicits Croin; Blj'thcvillc. :-..-•• •-.--.. — VValnnt, liiiW «in irarlly send- tt>: the 'schoiil-.aulliori-'Blylhcville a Teltflr :ul apol- °sy v tor^thl'; .ahorlcoi niii gs i * f • both He offenders , and:, the.; jwllcc cic- wrtmciit. '-It, 'will-bc^nccoiupanifd by • .statenientvof:'J,ho< punishments uclod 'to,guilty:parties. ;': ; Ttll Mr v FrIcnd.tlia;t'thc 'iliamiger of the po,H'er,.compa'iiy i s -"gcltint; long, from 'today ..'oh without Hip orvicc of .the, man who':-further isgraccd us' ; by- aUackimjV'Fihmil vlth" a- wrench;•'.'"".'.' : ;-.--, And/be •assured that the B00 ,i :«Ple of, this-town do iiol/.cbjnilc- lancc -ucls'ori discourtesy :or ; yio- ... I'ubllshciv VValnut; -Ar|y ! 6Cla, ihe The citosc lhai ua'd to ue c , ul . ed croup nowadays is likely lo he called acute laiyngiu, or occasionally slrcptococcic sore throat t represents au inflammation Ol , llc nrynx and throat in whicli wuly ihe slreplococcus is involved Ij ,1 occasionally a gerir, called' tho .laphylococciiK may be the cause The most, serious form of' infection in the throat l s lh a d e o the germ of diphtheria. In lhc other types the tissues of u throat arc usually swollen and red and Ihere is K good deal of thick Eiiminy, mucous material so tha( ; the voice Is hoarse and breathing occasionally difficult. •-"•-•»•* In diphtheria a thick,-adherent membrane forms in [|, e throat and in certain severe forms of streptococcus Infection a membr aile will iXSM^^liS!*' U'.frfn. " * - 3 * Occasionally the swellin K in the throat may be so largo as to cause srent clifflcully ,-„ breathing, vviu in other cases lhc swell- lit' may spread rapidly from the threat into the bronchial lubes and pneumonia .may follow in Ihe worst forms the fever is high, (lie breathing rapid, and (ho palienl is very .ill. Such cases, do not .occur frequently.!!, lh c summer months, but with the coming of cold weather, children often ire affected by this disorder In the-simplest cases of croup, t he. doctor usually advises that the child be put promptly to bed. given Plenty of fluids and occasionally relieved by the inhalation of slc:im which nmy or may not be medi-1 ':iUccl, according to lhe : doctor's oiders. When (lie 'coue'liliig is severe, the doctor can prcscilbc sedatives which will i-eliere H. If (he tiu-oat is sore, nu Ice-puck around'it'will In severe cases in which (here may actually uu obstruction, the immediate attention of the physician is of tlic greatest Importance. He can arrange for the breathing of oxygen if lhat Is necessary even giving the oxygen through tubes passed through the nose. lie can arrange lor introduction of.-a tube .into the throat which makes certain thai the air will . s suitably through the larynxx. In the.most severe cases it may even be necessary to make an opening into lhc windpipe from the outside 1 so thai the breathing may t'O on until Ihe patient has a chance to overcome lhc Inhiimma- lion. • . .. Any case in which there is great swelling in the Ihroat and difficulty in breathing must be considered serious, because breathin" is necessary lo • life and even a sudden blocking of a few minutes may result fatally. .HAVRE may voll JUOK io, ; au cargo of 840 tons of cbt'toi" lived from 'French . Edua-i Africa, it Is the first time sue 1 Important, amount of it : ,<jve r < arrived in Fiance. It i s cons'- Ura French spliinlng copipiiiyj French spinners are beginriji 'P realize the value of the class 7 ! quality, of tlw cotton fumishc big African concerns to .p during the past three or four . Tlw production'• reached 'i bales in 1934 so far,' and JM' (o surixiss 3,000 bales in in effort, to brigheF its Great Britain is using : a scheme to iialnt its "riiachil Green .is used lavishly becau is restful to the eyes. Dogs Die in Sympathy After Master's Suicide . ,. O. (UP)^A blue tick scttcr.'cidg,. owned by Clarence c.. Judkins, 'late county auditor of starvation 17 days after its nasler committed suicide. The 'dog: refused both food and water after Judkins' death. After railing to break his himgci- strike nembers of the family' took him « a. veterinarian. He also failed n •efforts to feed the dog. Almai drw/en oat. I rsfc street. railway in. Amexuc opens irvNew\&rt 1%4-NewYorters ^TTIAW taono "• ©19S-! SEA SERI/ICJ me Couhfcr Mcyre want Ate Vji Game'toBloM OIJT OUR WAY By Williams GIMME TWO BITS/ HAMD ME OVER THAT • QUARTER f COULD ANYBODY DANJCe UP AM' DOWKJ, LIKE .THIS, JM A PAIR OP SHOES, IF THEY DIDN' FJT? PU r THAT QUARTER IN MV HANP. COME HERE, MA? H£ BET ME A QUARTER THAT HE COULD WEAR. MY SHOES 1 ASK YOU, DO THOSE .FIT? YOU SETTLE THISf YOU SET I'LL SETTLE THE OF A PAIR OF MEW, six- DOLLAR SHOSS- THE SHOES AREN'T ' husbsnd other » u Wa5 branded .100,060 -badser proE,cution la th9 at U,. WMV MOTMEPS GET fi B ^ . . U'hcn S,,rnl, a«^, AnB ,„ . h ™,nif^'™"" A "" "'*"«. She "?l! i, *'" *^"l n f " llk Tnl "" "»* IT I, nwir mldtitxKt irfci-n »l, r „. Sffi ,"lt ''""' ""«>»«"« Ihe «'lrtr,.», ,,t lhc nc.v innirlimiil. MIW GO 0,\ WITH 'J'lIE STORV CHAFTKIl I-'' "JON'Y said, "Y-iu'll liavo to come over to my place." I'll give you Iho guest room, which Is all tlie room I have, and I'll fold up on ihe ntg oulsido the door" •"; "Gallanl. of you ," 5 aid Ann, mil I have a betler uUm. 'Let's call iaforma.tion." ."Bright gai. N OW> , vl did , t j "imk of that 1 .'" ' ,,:'; lley «<"* '"I" a fl".g store ani AI n waited ansicualy , v |,i| 6 Tony I'slicd a nickel from his pockot anil made the call ' 'twas 2:30 when Sarah, with a urcssmg gown draped about her opened tho door nm l 5 t arca wll]l Eluc|>y eyes at Ann and T on y ' ' 0 ^ > ,„-," Vos ',. 1 hltow - T eH uie about it owe- other time, Ann, I wouW ,^ve called poiico but, knowing W were with Tony, I » as am l notliing could possibly happon." J.o sarcasm, nlen 5q ," put Jn ,,"">'• ,' GM(1 '"Slit. Ann. It any, body asks me, 1'H tell 'em you're . a. good gal and swell sport." "You've a nice disposition, your- sef. Anybody else would have called me a dumbbell for not having Sarah's address." "You W ere Just ji alll goo ""ere, here!" from SaraU. "if «?," , ," r ° 8<lins lo 111!lke l<>™ u > » doorstep at 3 o'clock I .1*0111 slay to hear yon." ,.'„. s !'° O i' enc " the door Blie oar rony say, "Belcha you And i ,"7. A "" " for 'An '] 0 . m ta "so<l behind Sarah. . 5 or lnat , ine sho 1.0 one to bi amo but herself." • day, a month later, Ann , was summoned to ilia private bniMaS " " riffi "' Ul ° chle[ "' • "Sit ,!ow,,. Mjss Hollister," Us began formally. Ann waited, wondering. Per• naps her work had not bec-u satisfactory. 1'crlujis the economy ax was being n^d and the was lo "c dismissed. "Ever hear o( ihe Kendalls?" Mr. OriBiii asked. • ' . "N'o."' . , ." H 01S . long h, lve }. 0 ,, been here?" ' . ; "^oul two inonths." . "Well, of courEe you couldn't have learned much about our cily i" tliai Icnjib of time. " The Ken- nail -Uj-uaily has endured avound tsu fur umre ye^i-5 tliau most They ttcnl I'rito « drug . Kendall, lie. lircs at Kcmtallwood where liis main factory is located. "We are planninjr to open a branch tliero, bcBiniiiug in a small way. As we arc not in position to build at present, wo liopo to use space in one of tho buildings (liere. We have found a location that is suitable but Mr. Kendall lias refused to rent it." "Why? Doesn't lie want his em- ployes to have advantages!" "Yes, he's rallier a philanthropic sort. Ho wants them to have ait- vantages lie can jive them. And as lie didn't happen to think of a library, ha isn't cnlliusiasllc about Ihe plan. He calls it 'interference,' ami saya when lie's ready lie will build and equip a library lo suit liiinself." Ann wondered what she could havo to do with this affair. Thn chief librarian read Uie question, in her eyes. He conlinued: "Atis3 .Dean \vill open the branch. But first we must persuade Mr. Kendall lo let us open it. fug favors. Of course there was ''Ann mailed anxiously while Tony made (/re call. '"ucli like ask- home. This uas a big, old-J ioncd slone dwelling'. . -„ - „„ .,.,„ .... „„„ „„ -* 11 "' 3 ri "S was answered interest in others. That gave it "! a " servant mho ushered) into tlie liall He took her [ had and said, "Will here, pleasa,: I'll see if MI Kendall ca'uj yoii T " He opened a door and sh| beliind -him. Aim .lieard growl; "Ask lier what In I :be wants." Tlie words cama ] ly tlirougli tlie open Ira difference. This was'something reiiiiiring courage and wit and an interest ' dignity. Tho ni|bt before Sarah told Ann about the Kendalls. There' was Mrs. James Kendall, dnirgliter-fiHaw of old I'eier Kendall, whose only interest seemed to be keeping tlie Kendall traditions inviolate and the Kendall fortune inl.ict. Tlicre wag iMilll- cent Kendall Heath (Mrs. Jerry Hc.itl!), n fair sort and .1 frequenter of lively parties, and Ihere were Carol Kendall, current debutante and her twin, Don. Then there was Peler— ran Bar- "Tho little rabbit that aboiit in Mr. M;icGregor's den," Ann hatl alovu (lie door, The servant returned Kendall asked me to find o_. you wish to see him about." Ann hesitated. After ;\ | ineiit she said, "Tell, hinj about the branch'library'." •Tlio-servant went inside, spoke .to the occupant of ,- .^, „.=.„ ™ m ' An " """I: "Tell 1 much up lu the air. With all the • °" cnr ® '° ^ ls etiS3 Iho m. -" 1 -- ' - -" '-- "" tell her I won't discusa i 'Mr. Kendall 13 very Snrah bad said, lhai sort." Wliicli bail "-\'o, he isn't left Peler pretty other members of tlio family j'n- „ --------.---.--- ,••-.. .11. dexcd ;nnd catalogued Peter re- \ou've been Selected to go out to- malnctl vague. He was nebulous morrow to see -him at his home,.unsubstantial, walling' tor imag Hos visually .retired from active ination to give him foVm and Sun- business and spends most of bis - q • time at his residence. 'What could 1 do,?" Aim asked, amazed. • "SaraU" Kent lias a very good opinion of- you. she Uiiuks u la t after iMr. Kendall talks with you ha'll end:by endowing Hie place." stance. llien, Pclfi'r," Ann thqnslH as she drove leisurely along, "you're big and brown and rugged, with a shock of unruly dark liair and eyes lliat are red rimm^l from reading so many cynical tilings about CHOnTLY Rafter 2 O ' dock . , . . —^v.i next ntjeriioori Ann was driv- glad I you haven* jchatler." ~p She drov the whlcli. frou in? along tho highway that ICoudaUwood. leii to In her nm n4Vb!,3b her "i-l'bl ortunate lortunate j li-l. w,,» •, ' ' M,. ' " > ir 1 i ! ' ' ^ " ke nif^rte 11 ,™ 1 ^: f ° r - Oi ?. s '! n ? te Old uTail lo rJmfJ li!,^ Klio went outside. Ills roadster naA ^C0>? 3,way| H was because «Ue 3Url« in a rallier reciless borjl ! speed, anxious lo P4t dlslancf drove pasl a large estate, tweeii herselt and old 1'el^l fm,,, ii,. .1 :..,.„. „....- rt ,]|V 5 loujci, that she alm.9»i lidtd with" 1 another'car coni}* a swift clip also.' Afterward she .^,. 13U quick thinking ou (be nart u driver of the other car.hiil ably saved a collision li« t, sharply to one side as AnS'lJ tlie corner, narrowly mIS dilcb; i Ann halted a siioit ,d(l away.and looked bacV 7h :I the next IP ru|' e s lltid stopped also »ud uo\\l ,. ...... u_^r car i CACK'IIJ .'is cji lo Aard liti, (.'out cf tiis factory, ear'sJ. (To u = Continued)" whicli, from Hie description, must be Mrs. James Kendall's home. Iti was about 10 in'itcs from Uie com-j miinily. The house slood deep in! I 1 "" a " Sl °" B "° sun like a Xhlte Jewel " -ibbou of he area.; . "i cove miss," Uie butler .reported, 1 . lio wilt lie unable to discusi matter with >ou " / ,1 "But—" Ann began IndigaJ "I'ni" very sorry, mi33, of would be useless to iik h Ainu's face crimsoned H pid to stand here arguiijs , servant, sending ^niessagea to| terrible oilman!

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