Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 7, 1895 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 7, 1895
Page 3
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F. W, KINNEY, Slit BBOADWAY. DEALER Fish, Oysters, Fresh Butter-, Eggs and Game. dress our own Poultry and therefore have'everything fresh. r;:r.vi:xr JIAAIIM AND is Soao, BAILBOAD MATTERS. Cmnpmlrii and Tb«lr es—Point* of lucrri-at to the Pob'lc In Grnrrtl and Railroad men In Particular. FJIOM AT u CII.1FFI.VG. SOLD ONJLV BEN FISHER'S "DRUG STOR WANTED! REAI, ESTATE. W.iuttul. Uli'Mp ColCas •-•< Fo W,nc-il lints -in I Acr.« '•'jr 3ilo. Want«.| Smill Fiirrn.s Fur lulu. "\7an.-J rimlT'.Hi BlojKrf 1'iir -ialn. Wants-no KxchiiriuB iMinn.s for City Property, Wimtrtl vf-robiniH-M oTr <ln For Farms. ADD.IEJd.H. .H.iJOJl !>(>'/. Si)f. Umiilc Lo^iiii-ipurt, Indiana. II. E. TRUAX, M. D. Spwinl iitb-ntlnn Kl"«n to Nose, Lung, Liver •nUCnrotili; Dl.ifi.itw. Olllciiiunl Kttsidance ovpr State National Bank. Hours ID tj I'.! H in., '2 to •! y, 111., and 7 to 8 p. m, All wills promptly attonded. KROE'JER & STRAIN, Undertakers and Embalmers, C13 Broadway. JOSEPH GILLOTT'S STEEL PENS IS EXTRA FIXE, VlSK AND I1ROAD FOOTS TO SUIT ALL JIASDS. THE HOST PEEFECT OP PENS. INCREASE YOUR INCOME! • r i doing It why not you? tnvest $10.00 (n Dewmber w:i«nti Onr system InaoKurutetl for •Ihe D mollt or«ranll tcii<lOrn, .(rer.s yon itn. excal «nt ippjrtimltyto try It. Write ns tod y for full totormittlon. PEBKINS * CO., 94 KliLlTO lildg. Chicago, III. NOTICE FARMERS- iteMCM MsRtilro A Hulwron will bo nc J. W I^i'a li'otxl ->iort> on Niirtti scro«t Sa'urdny.s to inhibit H Mfir»t«ns Uln>oK Koiver on which ilioy Huve b«OQ iillowtnl a DR. F. M. BOZ&R'S DENTAL PARLORS. ^Over State National Bank, r Logansport, Ind. 0DAILY JOURNAL A Friend* Alvico. Somo Tour or tivo years ago J. A. G jodyear, a young: mm full of Ufa and vljpr, loft ths old f*rm 10 Calhoun county, for ibo more active lift) In the city. Drifting Into tna telegraph business, he secured a position on the C. & N. VV. Rulirond, at Republic, Mich. Io addition to old duties as operator, ha waa required to sell tickets, check bigiju^e and muke himcslf generally useful. Between the exacting odiijiiiU on tho one side and tbo inconsistent public cm tho other, be wiis worked and worried to suck an extent tbit his health gave out and one day ho wag carried to his homo, after having n. severe nervous spasm; ho grew from bad to worse unill he had to relinquish hie position, a physical wreck. Tbe doctor could not cure him and told him so, but advised him to RO to Ana Arbor and place himself in charge of th<U woi"ld wide Institution of learning-, which he did. He con. tlnued with their treatment constantly and faithfully for four long yf-ara, receiving little, if any. benefit. While In this condition, a friend g&ve him a bottle of Dr. Wheeler's Nervo Vital- izor, with an urgent request to use it. Not wishing 10 offend bis frlesd, he promised todoeo, but did not, because, as ho argued with himself, "What is tho use of taking that 'stuff' if the most learned nerve specialists ia the world can not euro mo?" But as time passed be would occasionally think of tho neglected bottle of medicine given him and his promise to use it. One day ho picked it up and mechanically pulled the cork, measured out a dose and took it; a change seemed to come over him, his nervousness abated, his mind became clear and ho thought he felt something of his old time vigor. He continued taking tho Vitalizor until ho was able to elt up, then to CALIFORNIA CCETH. Every railroad m*n that has traveled over the Eal River division of tbe Wiba^h knows ahoui; "California curve," where it is loca,ted and the little story connected with it. It la a harp b-od in tne track at Collamer, near S'juth \Vhhley, and scarcely a time does a trainman pass over it ibat be does not ihinfc of tne story connected with -it. Years ago when the Eel River road was being carried through the country through which it now runs, the official who was purchasing the richt of way for th" line, dtold'U wuuld be an impossibility iccross the farm on which the curve Is now located. Tne land belonged to Samuel Havens, who had some time before pune out to Ctdi forola *Uh everything he possessed tnude bis fortune and ramming bought the. large farm through which the •osd had to pass In order to be built at all. Mr. Havens was independently rich and the neighbors seemed to think ilm reserved iind of ihe disposition QtU always insists on having things to suit ihe individual view, and tbey told ihe «gea$ o( tba ro id he might as well mutto up his mind to have a time over getting his line through the farm. *Thus warned, the purchasing agent proceeded accordingly and arranged cntu.ters la a manner that be fait assured could not fail. He purchased tne right of way up to fllr. Havens 1 (arm, and skipping It, went beyond and finished his f urchaeeson tots other side, 1Q.IH leaving only the one link to ba supplied. Tatjn ho wout back to call on Mr. Havens. Tbe old gentleman seemed distant and juat in the humor, it ap. pearod, to refuse most persistently. The agent of tho railroad bigan by telling Lbo advantages the road would CAUSED BT HE1BT FAILURE. The Sudden DeatH of HCBtklah CMt ofUarrUon T.wn.lii|> TnexUy Evening. Coroner Downey vieited the scene of tbe sudden death of 'Squire Heze- klah Oat of Harrison township, yesterday morning, and after hearing t&6 evidence attributed the death to heart failure. Death oime to Mr. Cast Tuesday evening-, and his body was found by reJatireB, in the barn some distacce from the bouse. For one who had almost reached man's allotment of years tho deceased had been considered healthy. Had he lired until the 17th of tho present month he would bavo been seventy years old. He was the third of eleven children, and with his "parents who hailed, the father from North Carolina, and tho mother from Tennessee, and then from Clinton county, Ohio, he located in Clinton county, Tod., afterwards, in 1848. DJO7 lug 1 to Rash county. His marriage occurred in 1851, and in the same year the couple located in section S of HarrUon township, in Cass county, whero they have since lived. There ivero born 10 them five children, four of whom, John W., Leonard H.. Jamas T., and Gary C., are living-. Hrzeklah OMSI was a memoer of the Christian church, and waa held In high esteem by his ntighnors. THURSDAY MORNING FEB.. J5 The Ashley Times Is authority for the statement that tho Wabaah rail* . . ro»d, each month, disburses 112,000 to omployes »t that point. Of late ft eight business hag been so extensive on the \Vabaeh that oome of the passenger engines have been re. qulrtd to go out with freight. Tbe Journal has a few blrdaeye •flews of-Logansport lofL They can be bad In pasteboard tubes for mailing or preservation for fifty cents. 3. M. Cloaaon has a few hundred dollars private local funds, also Eastern money In any amount to loan on mortgage security. Office-No. 319 Pear §treot. • •• J. W. Armstrong, assistant foreman of the Pan Handle repair track who ba* bjen ykk and unable to work for * loog time, is said to be rapidly growing worse and it is thought can not live nmoh longar. His malady Is decay of the blood. The exposure to all sorts and conditions of weather that a lumberman is called upon to endure In the camps often produces serore colds which, if "nbf ; promptly chocked, result In congestion or pneumonia. Mr.' J. O. Davenport, e.x manager of the Fort Bragg' Kedwood Co., an immense » tution at Fort Bragg-. Cal, sajs sell large quantities of Chamber- walk a few steps; the sluggleh blood In his veins became active, color returned to hie flash and ho felt the need of more food. He eoon Improved so that he sought and became engaged in light labor and earned the first dollar In nearly two yea>-8; hope attained its long vacated position in his brain and his friends rejoiced at the wonderful change. Mr. Goodyear is now leading a thoroughly active and successful life which he says he is proud to attribute to Dr. Wheeler's Nerve Vitallzar, the greatest nerva builder ever produced for nervous proitratlon, spasms,fits, sleeplessness, mental depression, exhausted vitality, despoadenay and general debility. For Balo by Ben Fisher. bring the country; lhat it would really improve instead of depreciate the value of his property, and Daiilly that tho success of the oniire line depended upou hl.9 consent and lhat it could not bo refused. Mr. Hivens listened quietly to the story of tho agent, and then said: "Well, I'm right glad you camo. Here, take this cbeck. |Jand if there Is anything- else I can do to help you let ma know and ,1'H try and help you. Go right through my farm all you want 10." Tho astonished represractatlve of the road hardly knew what to say or think so great was bis surprise, having expected such a different answer. He toot the check. It was for $1,000. The road was built as it now runs, and close to Mr. Havens' residence is «, curve. The railroad men thought a name should be given it, and they called It "California Curve." A Rehearing: Oenlfd, A rehearing has b^on denied by tbo Supreme Court of ibo celebrated case of Ross vs. Bania. Tba court ruled that on a sale to sa'.ls'y a judgment, if the estate shall consist of several lots, tracts and parcels, each shall be offered separately, snd no more of any ieal estate shall be offered for salt; than snail be necessary to satisfy tbe execution. 2. No exemption is allowable on an execution for costs. 3. Toe doctrine of es-.opped iri pais has application where everything is equally known to bo-.h ponies. ARTIFICIALAlbTOTHE MEMORY >7itenu flara BMH la Ezlitenoe Since th D»yi of Ancient Egrpt. The art of rendering artificial aid to the memory by associating in the mine things difficult to remember with thos which are easy of recollection is sai< to have originated with tho Egrotians The first person to reduce it to a sys tern was, according to Cicero, the poo Simonides, who lived 500 years B. C His plan is known as tbo topical o locality plan, and is outlined by tho Philadelphia Times as follows: Choose a large house with a number of differ ently furnished apartments in it. Im press upon the mind carefully all that is noticeable Ln the house, so that the mind can rcnOily g-o over all its part Then place a scries of ideas in the house, the first in the hall, the next, in the sitUug--room, and so ou with tho rest. Now, when one wishes to recall these ideas in their proper succession, commence going through the house, and the idea placed in each department will be found to readily recur to the mind in connection with it. It is related that the mnemonic plan «-ns first suggested to the poet by a tragic occurrence. 1 [07111,7 boon ealled from a banquet just before the roof of tho house ielJ and emshcd all the rest of tbe company, lie found on returning that, the bodies were so mutilated that no individual could 'oe reeojfnizeJ, bnt by remembering- the places which they had severally occupied at the table, ho was able to identify them, lie was thus led to notice that the order of places may, by association, .suggest the order of things, .j COLLARS AXD CCFFS that nre zvctftr- proof. Never wilt and not eiTcctcd by moisture. Clean, ncnt and durable. When soiled simply wipe off with a Tret cloth. The genuine arc ui.itlc by covering a h'ncu collar or cn.T 0:1 both siJcs with "celluloid" a::d as they arc the only waterproof goods r.iauc with such aa interim!::™, it, follows (hat they arc the only colla:" -• ! -sirls th.it will stand the wear n::'. ;• • .- :. .'.isfac- iiou. Every piece is stamped ".s follows: From the Mpwpha Ga/.cUe: We learn from ihe latest, American jn:)il that t}"-. beloved customs of our ancestors, which the missionary element has been so opposed to all along:, arc obtaining .1 foothoKl in tho l:md of the Yankees. It appears that the republican and democratic tribes have had a fierce battJo in which tho latter were completely routed. We le'arn further that (.lie victors were converting tlioir foes into soup as fa^t as they can dispose of them.— Cincinnati Tribune. AfARK- iything cl~e is olTcrc'i yo;i it is aa u'.io::. Uclufo ::::y l:::l :'.!•; 150:111- :i:ul if your divilor ils-rs i:oi li:ivs ', you \v::ut si-::U uir\\:l U> us, cn- :;vj a:::oi:nt u::J :;t:i'.::;;; si.'.c acd v::cil'.or a ;.;:'.r.d- ap IT :;::-:i;-i:-ilb\vn !:ir is \vauu\l. Coii:;:o -.iO. each. •:,:;•.=; SGC. pair. Tlie Celluloid Company, 427-429 Broa.lv/ay, Kew York, fi»ln's Cough Remady at tho company's Tne Xotlco Oiau't Snlt aim. Editor French of tho Brookston Reporter was gvven a horse whipping Tuesday at Monticello by a son of the late editor Kothrock of the White county Democrat. The young man it now under bond. He claims that he chastised the editor because he was not suited with the style of French's obituary notice of the elder Rolhrook. Will Join lite Iieagu?. It is aald thai a bull lenai will be organizsd by Walter Moore to tako a place in the proposed inter state league. Free P11U. Sond your address to H. E. Buoklen & Co., Chicago, and get a free sample box of Dr. King's New Life Pills. A trial will convince you of their merits. Those pills aro easy in action and'are particularly effective in the cure of constipation and sick headache. For malaria and liver troubles they have been proved invaluable. They are ••tore and that he himself uaod thla /•remedy for a severe cold and obtained ] purely vegetable. Immediate relief. ThU medicine prevent* any tendency of a cold toward pneumonia and Insures a prompt re- For iale by B. F. puarantfled to be perfectly froe from every deleterious substance and jo be Tney do not weak- Tbe tremendous falling oft in rail, way earnings during the past year means vastly more than a reduction or leas of dividends and interest to stockholders and bondholders, Bays the Railway Age. Diminished earnings mean reduced expenditures by the railways in innumerable directions, all touching the interests of the public moat seriously. Employes aro dig* missed, wages are reduced, train service Is dimiolshed. and the purchase oF equipment and supplies of all kinds is cut down to the lowest notch. By these desperate measures operating expenses are made to show a decrease sometimes approximating the loss in earnings, but at wfc&t cost to the labor and industries of the country. Frank Kelly, who was injured in a freight wreck and who was treated in the Wabasb railway hospital, claimed to hare been the vioiimof tnalpraa- tlce, and brought bull for damages, which was tried In the DeKalb Circuit Court. The jury returned" $6,500 for plaintiff. Tne suit is specially im portant to railways with hospital systems, as it fixes the ^responsibility of the company ia cases of malpractice. An appeal will be taken to tha Supreme Court. The best organizad class of railway employes is said to be the conductors. Of a total of 23 000 conductors in tho United States 22,000 are members of the 0. R. C. TWO more P. F. W. & C. class S englnes were received yesterday at the Pan Handle round hous'o. In a, recant -euiiurml tho Salom, Oregon, Inlepandentsaya: "Time and again have wo seen Chamberlain's Cough lljcnedy tried and nevar without using the most satisfactory results Whenever we see a person afflicted with boarseaess, with a cough or cold, we invariably advise them to pet Chftnaborl»ic.'s Cough Remedy; and when they do, they nevsr regret it. It always does the work, and does it .well. For sale by B. F. Keesllng, Druggist. Iluo.kten'rt Arnica Solve. The beat salve in the world for cuts, brulsea sores, ulcers, salt rheum lever sores, tetter, chapped bunds, chilblains, corns, and all skin erup. tions, and positively cures piles, or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or money refunded. Price 25 cents per bor. For sale by B. F. Keesling. J>eath of a Former Kotldcnt, Mrs. Catharine Hughes, who wag a resident of Loganspart up to 1887. died yesterday, aged 86 years, at Dayton. Ohio. A son. M. M. Hughes the plumber, was called to Dayton yesterday by a telegram conveying the sad news. Chamberlain's Eye and Skin Ointment Is unequalled for Eczema, Tetter, Salt Rheum, Scald Head, Sore Nipples, Chapped Hands, Itching Piles, Burns, Frost Biteg, Chronic Sore Eyes and Granulated Eye Lids. For sale by druggists at 25 cents per box. TO HOB3E^)WNER3. For putting a horse in a fine healthy condition try Dr. Cady's C&ndition Powders. They tone up the system, aid digestion, cnre loss of appetite, relieve constipation, coned kidney disorders and destroy worms, giving new life to an old or over-worked horse. 2o cents per package. For sale by druggists A Comprom:»p. Harry Burson, wno was injured in a fall over a truck owned by tbe Adams Express company, and who sued that corporation for $1,500 damages, has compromised the matter for f 275. All Krcc. Those who nave used Dr. King's New Discovery know Us value, and those wno have not, have now the oppjrtunUy to try it Free. Call on '.he ucH'ertlsdd druggist and get a trial boule. free. Ssnd your namn and address to H. E. Bucklen & Co., Chicago, ao-i get a.sample bos of Dr King's N^w Life PilU freu, as well as a copy of Guide to KeaHh and Household Instructor, frae. AH ot which is gjarantodd to do you good and cost you nothing at B. F. Keesling's drug j3tore. Pan Handle engines 351 and 391 have been thoroughly repaired nt the shops and in a few days will again be put in service. The former is a passenger locomotive on the Chicago division and the latter Is hauling one of the short locals on the Cincinnati division. STATIC OK OHIO. CITY or TOLEDO, J „ LUCAS Coosrv. j™ FIUNX .). CHKKKV mikes oath lhat he Is the senior partner of the firm of f-. J. CUENKV & Co.; dol-ift business in tbe city of Tolwl'i, Cuunij and Suite ntoresnld, anc tnat said firm will paj tno sum 01 ONE H'T.VDRED-DULLARS for ea.-h and everjciiseofCatairti-that cannot bo cured by tbe use ot HALL'S CATAHRII CURK. FRANK J. CHENEY. Sworn to before me and tubscr'bed In my presence, tills 8th day or December A. D. itmu. ( «~*—N -. A W. G LE iSO.N, •j SEAL | Notary Public, bull'a Catarrh Care is taken Internally and arts d rectly on the blood ;m I mucous surfaces o£ llie system. S. naforte»tln>onlals free. F. J, CHE SHY A CO., Toledo, 0. ty Sold by druggists, 73c- . Sn:tl.-c tstiitisilcs In India. . The serpent appears to be est inennec which civilization has to. contuml with in India. Although tbo. liritish Kust Indin. government employs' several thousand regular "snake-kill-, crs," and p:iya bounties at tbe rate ol RO much pei- head for all those brought 1 in by tbo common people and tbe natives, the slimy creatures are increasing enormously. In 1303 bounties wcra paid on over 1,000,000 rcptUcs, and yol' during: the same year over 20,000 moil,' women and children died from snako bite, 7,000 of Uic.su deaths occurring- in the Madras presidency alone. TVoundod Forty-Elctit Time*. One of the most remarkablo characters in the United States is an old soldier known to the G. A. 11. men of Ibo oast as "Comi-ide Chase." Chase served iu a Maine bat.tery during tbe war, and tarries the scars of nearly 1 00 wounds, •iS of which were received in the singl« tattle of Gettysburg. During tho] "period of conflict" he is said to haW received more wounds than any other, man who fought, on cither side, and lived to tell of bis marvelous escapes,' and exhibit his numerous scars in proof of his wonderful story. ever passed by the congress of the United States ever dimiu-, ishcd our foreign trade so greatly a» the recent, democratic tariff law. — Toledo Blade. LILT.IAX RUSSELL always keeps a dish 1 : of boiled carrots on her dressing- tablfl,' which she eats instead of bonbond,' With a healthy digestion, nothinjr in more beneficial for the complexion. The Cdwo Unflalolicd. When court adjourned yesterday evening the $500 damage case of Mary Smoker vs. Joseph Gray, bondsman for acoustable named Connors, deceased, was occupying- the attention of the tribunal. • Taa case was called shortly after dinner but could not ba fin. Reeommenditloi From Lot lagetet. 632 Ca-uolar Sc. p LOJ Angeles, Cal. —After having Buffered for a long time from acute rheumatism without obtaining relief, I used.Chambirlain'g Pain Balm and was almost immediately relieved, I highly recommend this aa the best m=dicine known—D. M. Hamilton. For sale by B. F. Keesling, Druggist. Have Yon Kidney Tronble? Have You Throat Trouble? Have You Rheumatism? Have You Bladder or Urinal Trouble? TRY "SAN-JAK." Sold By BEX FISHER. Druggist. GODEY'S MAGAZINE. en by their aation. but by giving tone to atomaoh and boweli greatly inrlg. oraie tha system. Regular size 25 j Ished last evening. Judge McConnell oentg per box. A Sold by B. F. Kees- J la hearing the case and the matter Hag, DruggUt. | will probably be settled today. It is a fact thai nearly all reliable proprietary medicines were first used and thoroughly tested in, practice by payslciana of mora than usual ability, and yet some physicians sneer at such medicines. The reasoa is plainly seen by taking- Brant's Balaam for illustration, known everywhere as reliable and sura to cure every sort of lung and throat trouble, except last stages of -consumption. Way is it not just as good for your caae as a pbydlciaa'a prescription, which might cost tbree or four timas aa much, though no carer to cure? Large 9-5 and 50 cent bottlat of Ben Fuher. CKCAOO, ilarch 7, 18M. DR BUKHMAN, CDCAGO. MY DEAR -in— Mjiuwntlon was first called to SAN-JAK last year Iri thu case of Captain J. iL Broslus. BI Term Hauw. (nd.. wh > was attAcked In th s City w,lh acuta nepljritln and cystiUt (In- Mamnntlon ol r.ne Qlad.ii?r and kdlafis) After prescribing me u-,UilMm«Jlcs wlibout'aTaJ] Saa- Jak was 111151 -sled, imil kb< Improrcjm'no was no murKeJ uiu-r ttiefirs;dos-,aoa acurnplKt-, e.ire fuilonvd so ^p^«<JllJ•, tbat 1 at once commenced an Inves'lspiuo .ot us merits aim htve since pre- srrli>e.i It la almost nvery knovra forto nt Klda«y bluuder, urptnril. va'jlnwl ana dvarrhal troables, lonuwtfii Iv o .ch insunc< Dy tftn hapoi«sc rtsiult*. A oast oi i-naresb(ln70luniar) Ujw of urtno) In myo*u fa:nl y w<it »«ry ra.icb Impfovod by a few do^es. and radienlly cared In less tl;,-Vi a w«rk. Krom practk-al experif QLV In a Dii:uoer of aad cji es ol If ucorrtiuea I am free to My tout I hava found no remedy rtm Is -<ju tl to SAN-JAK. And wnilo i ntve never before ?lv«n a profes- slon;il Indorsement to n. proprle'ao" remedy, I say uniirjjlLdtini;!* nud - ithoot n-tfrive iliAt » cou- sw«-r iAN- 1 AK ,t I'erltible boon to ,1a:n;inlty und aficrapylrl isltto tuusurmt uro'e-iolojal t&nt, csi far wl S cotiilcle/ice, It U bittar than it Is recommended to be. i stiiil continue to prescribe It In aH cues ol genlto-urtnarror cauirrbai trouolea. In preference to al.. otoer kn'iwn remedies. Jnllrand rntlr^iy. The deliclom t-<ste ol tfte m«2hm« Is J*o In It-i favor. In prescribing it I.ir caildren. I amat orfetantuxligS^'-jAK ai aa alterative In sWn diseases, and in several cases of cur nlceczein-j have yielded so ratdiiy to iti (n- fluf'nothat I shall continue u> usa" it la sloulai cas«.-i,T«!llnK«inMenttnatlt wUmea: all toa YOQ.-J ulno-'rely, (Signed] t*«0. W. BXTIIBR, M. D. Cnlaago, DL Sold BEN FISHER, DRUGGIST 18SO. Volume CXXX begins Jan. 1890 During 1895 GOOKT'S MAirXZi>K will contain a eerie: o: articles entitled "FAIR WOMEN." wblch will contain half-tone rilrtarM M Ihh mas' baaut tal w irnen of tbn warU —of America. Knjlttiid, france, lu«M% S^dl'i and octujr coautclea. A series of articles on WOMEN ARTISTS OF THE DAY. IDC, tbelr work, beautiful lUontrat**. THE FAMOUS WOMEN SERIES In which Kill bo (Inscribed tb« famow womti'i or IQ» w.irld. piraciiiarlj tnojk ^h • hHT^ m^'j** hi.siorv. Thcrt: win ;iL-iO cw lilutfafed arttelftl on Art and rr*frl; sKBtcues: Snort Stories; dtrl<ils, Poe;r/, BooK Ber.eim. tic. THE FASHION DEPARTMENT which for rwir-i h\"i sf v>n tba \v#n f-*i anil f i.stilons, is of parclcuiiir Inwrous t» womea. 'Ust _ zlne. yet lt> fn.ita«ai are sues asio twal to all mf>mbew>f \b~ t>ml y. ai the ioir prla-Driacs It wiinjn ibe i ol all Sabscrfptlon $1 a year. Ten cents a number, Send tbrws two-cent lUmpt to It* PnDllJtters :or 3 sample copy. The Godey Co., 32-34 £*f«yette Pla««

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