The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio on January 4, 1900 · Page 5
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The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio · Page 5

Cincinnati, Ohio
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 4, 1900
Page 5
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hitnpy Interests, ,.:.r. ViloAble Heat ind Light Franchises: il Muddle famx. Bj Gar. IUTf It Actios. -i:trt:oii ConfroBtl With Srl-j'im Financial Dan-r la th Nar Fatar, '--a lOOrt .nas.rt I to ri i , i Yon, Jni' I f t h a g a. -no if ' nUllwl w'tn '"h 4 a.h !a.r i)itu --1 r rr, .f a ' haw r . ' 1 h --C ' r 0 .orp.r a - . o h a r,'Hifh' hi 'n-v . ii ' I- T : y i how , -r-t y r p't-nf n ! T-1- !! f , 1 n II. -av ', ,.-' t. f - . - .1. t r irtmaii'- i vi - w h i ' ' i rrm v u Itn c w 1 :a nt ( r- .1 1 tji i lut) -fl Iffl nn M- h y rmtttl.,n - 'A' a. I a infr 'if K. k '-i.-r Mr A Hi ' T rr . ' r ' 4 i i v i n - ti a: - -ir' " r l nc ' r rirh rt . nit. lH Vf -tr poll - M l..i I ' m pa r I 1 i ' rim ih-r 1.1 v 'nn 1 1 j i ail a a a h p III' , ..I hi. ' ,r-a f !- moti pkiln irv a.r -OlVl a 1 Mi 1 aan I 1 -ftji FT1 r 1 -v 1 .T1ay n.. - . M-n. -1 - ro m m ... T..,4I.rv .. - ! ah t na- -n n..o ... , . , . ,a..rv r .ft- -a . , ;... rft. v, , n 1 1 . -.f rt ..... (, ,n- , . ff,.,r ha- w - s..r . .-i ah..m Vf r A In' ev - . ... . ,.. h .ff-r ! w i 1 'f 1 tm ' 1 " ' f ' , , . , -i , r(r-'M ' ! n in -, hMaai -lv inia.1 " r ' n -7,4. " ,,r Mrr- f m ''"1 . 'K.a -f r- in.l-r' n ' rv,0 -.- :. . n - tht ! ' , howr - r a I ' I n w h 4Tira li n. h..f.. ah' ,.,..n U m T will m:n wi'h '.c" - t . h UK".'-' -a. ha gU'i ' .Mt p 1 - "! i1ara a n l i ' rtnir K i i i ni - p m y '.r r a un. i i :n . ? i h h i n vry "-i'h m -Can. "rrr . r mn -r H it r nam h vif 1 "' fl n a n ' -,1 h.-r-a. ! .--- 1 p M ' ro a..,- 1j - r .-w y a . l -tf " t n.l C . !l r -x . f ft.n.J !a iaa ii ; ' of ti t a -T a ( r- ny n.!- Vfr ' in if 1 - v a it la ."ii-tal m -om l 1 , inlt.- 1 1 '. n 1 n -war '- un fhat aa-p r fa tl y . 'n W f ta i. mi ' r m a-rt a: n ' n i f h -r- h.r oil kC-a 1 i n r w-: Laat h... - '-,:nv fcaa. .t-1.1 r " IIIn -ha'.- -oifr -r--'r'- '. .h an.t : hfl Ira Tha VJ r "A htT ny nt n " raat1 rha.i h In hta -ir nofn aa 'ha j la r r talf I'iffl- . whi.-h hava It tht 1 t. par with hi i .1 P V HI ' . n n rum" ra i-nmt'- -.nahiiiiy a o'ar it waa 1emd to -a a.1 an aat" no- n-.rsst. In-n. leal -lat -1- R .'kfllers. 1. mrm -ompainy aHntl ' nT con-.1.1 oNaln th malir ty Intsrsst In -ompany The le-tr'. .-ompany - rrt Tlanlla'lon. H-im of Its ago were I n.nt-i little over a y iant tn a few weas v th tnaet Mart Ship. It ortsln.1 antral of I tha .lee fir light -i.iarti f Man!sttan. impanlea tn wall aa the r.-ol of ins autiway and partlaj he rsmajn.nsj one tt ' hla bor- n. rsasavit Its -apltal to STUI. 000.1.10, purpose as rportl. ryf buying out -1. storage battery -orporallon of pnia. and l male a contract with railway .-orporadtm with which a ller!fle. ti fumlah to It Ita . i.iwer tt was in posit. on ultimately n ail tae gms -ompanles .f tbia etty. -1 'hey could b" obtain.! at fair . rt it la tn al' pr.ooillt y lu. to tbla hat Che corporation have paeaeil - -oretrol of 'he gas ompany wltb n. RocKefellers ars identified. Tbla ir a ia of the giant orgaaiaaUena T-wb. It has nearly tsu.lBeS. iKM af and waa arraalaet Id ysevra age aian of t1navnrlng arnrtlar ta almost ail af the i iaa t liieti-taas. It tank B sis cosnpanlae. irvfiusalksnavbly aimed ahanlutaly to i 'ha an tire eiarkat Pvr gas. not only isKtasw bnt ba tba aattre city of .H sw ly that which aaAy Hbntltted t ax pent ed to ip aaT aalllaft gme ta y a. vary Mt- I damaging ana aanes Ulnar ry eassstlna; ee ret east have baaa fcl pre gr aaa ft tbs onrporarlon and) other gas aa.' and ail tbe strsxegy that -i aaa. gent is. can suggsast kaa -d by bratb atdea m tbla bartla, and) yet . sade as tfta ncter. nasi atavga a aVaftanx. aVrTssoaagrft M k. aal rt a ekrasr naana for tba. quaUsty tax mt i f 'he seal u am rhsvt thm otber - 'titl a la 1 1 axon ef bsa easaapsvay 'aaiaebsft Jm i sftftiL paA Ba aasta - wXUA I ' Ita parpnaa as. t n i- which ft attar ta day. M P" aaa abearate a-enaajal a .rr. tSsaX renresasita xsaoft laaft sftsva -si rsduav No WmvTJ aSarasst afsMtaft bt -rr irungn la asf saora vashaa mnaft Okaat mt "I -st, bt ttbac ana aVeaJ tm 'My a aMrea at tas pare. tltft KnOev in tbsa atrasaft mast flat b air rs a uaa tsas teen janjaas fta wexft atfter aa w 1 '. it fl . m.t anl at The -.nga Th. were IZi gold Phil and srtll anea Parma Use Um wail, ara aaoft all a a ptaasta. 7.. a set Br. - t al rha) tan m Crw tmttmatmlatlnm, rlanaaflct. taap Waaa a n a t Mm. , tih m n4 irmi pi iwlmt, , our flna- M so I HPtr -Va h f twtka. With tha ChWAaSt O-m T iflon. cem- otn of nearl y a jr.,.f ytrrr whom thl. ... t t , h. -tt. mt.lyr f tlw hlrH., Court rT r-wa or a i-ofwf.f a(trm4l to lt with th forirt of API-. I ht If rha rkn4tf r lAfffH XHm 4- hxtmtnmm ihm ourt TH Court im tm j hhln1 m If htitvtnMi. an 4 rnf!r uih-r1 th ovrivr to appotnt thr J j 1c- ! in Mlnt It In I h rir1n up of rjalt.n-, Th -onttttjWni amrvlmnT l n ( m ' -rr n 'la rt u r. far u It (i fr. m I " - y'"m fhat has always prvall1 in ih a j mi' f Htjv- )u1lrUry Th roun- 'i i-tin Mr R-r1 and Mr M-irnhlow-1 -r f-r rvUt B Hll'. wou'd nw rr m of X ha Au Drm 'rwirt r.f rh .r ,rr -M' i 1 w-r- tn th mMat of th - :: '' -r- ' fh-.r Sn-fB. whn J'l't - at u i i was ini iiu !-. rn -vra-r -,f th. '"oirt of Appeal a , rm 1o nf know a.-'tly what ' i i 'r "A rnr will - ftjlly KfiM1 h n ''.-(irr of Arila work. anl yt -r- 'a 4 rii Involvlnf vfy Lara auma of r. .n-y from wMS h la ai!i to hia t hiahr ' 'our If ! n unr---'l4nf ai rnn-l'- 'l'-n. and lh winr1r la whthr Iva H?l-iiranta wit) h . ' wlt -jntil W-r-! n-r wt-tH In h ,,,rf , A ppHi a la - arl J -rr th'W -v will - 'o rr th-' aa- a'l 'vr tirain ah'T h J-ia' h f h 'm '-r ri"i"f' via That h la wit:, a j hlr f , .(Jf ,, Kfl r,n wlh inta f-a I T1 nw y r ofina wirh & nw -- ri I f a Mlh 1 -1ay in ' h-a ' 'l-r ntr H'mi .t.i htnfM w-f) lrivar f-fji''" ' Ti f1ar'r" !.- n..' jilt r- -n h-wcr im rk a : tn r ' r-rll. h-ir 't 'a vtv ! --)n'1 T a"'a hiwvfr 'aTr-a: o-r1y J" ' i Mali an! -iit maka r'-or! Hlo r nr irt Ktritai ia. I n a.J protw hilify 'h-r w'l! wm 1 rrrit f jol-1 ' i I if.-.n oci ft ir! iv ' hmf. orl v ' ' ' f ""T - ' f , f r-nn r t-1- a 'h- - ' . i ' .. n"i' (! o ' i ' " 1 -m. tl m " .fi'o wil v --'i'ii v -n ' - ri! .! ' 1 ha i h j n 'nfl r'-iir i ft. t . r on -1 1 ' kn n - ' lifUn' t j n t a rw w - - t - - I r (j , i H i S- ;. T i n 1 an 1 h - - - ' - f . n ' 4l f k v C ' a - - "- li i j r i ' . i . 4 . , i , ;-ri.tpa 11 " ' i ' r f ! , I jr 1 - - -.-;-r-.' r ' I na " - r - 4 at ' ' I y ' t ! r ' ' - N - w n tn - -f n an m - T 1mlnt-ii ration M ai a 1 - rrt - , a fi'lon hr'T" ' n - , t T 1 -.Ma-va -' - f -1- 'ftrnra;i- ,f Inari' la l-. - rlaa 1 m I M ! t F t r . m - 1 --a-tf ina rTlllaar fa-ar r A T T ' Oa- m ; I Iar1 'O IrUT r ' h tn la" orlar '.f it'.n Ti'it' r-m ha (afl -- 1 -am 01 i a In w a U h 1 ' 'j ata at h 4 r 1 a'ria ' v i - In n1a 1 aT - --- t- v f Hrnr Till- H f Urtff I'll . r 1 o a; a Tn w ' I r 1 1 ' 4 I'l-C 1 a n 1 !. -f w w- tn ' i I lympn'hr w'h h if h la n" f aJ r ! y A 1 mmiat r r 1n ty aam'l f wht la i i.Tmar K' rv flna-- T n'.'f fl" hia i uh :- .f rri r m-han i.n hr i')-af1n 1 v r : n1 ! rrf 1 v wl " h i y " h i p ; n n .r . r -ibm !n n" r an. T 'a ' mnf !n t h l try h-i t 'a f a 1! t fl m a n :a ' mafh.xla or jr Jrn-'V am Ti? pr-ral ..p(nln hr :a alao hat in:; .-. Tftaar normal ri rflatlona a nxi iovrnmnf hav han aatahltart! wl! b unwiaa for n - x pt In In r"" what ia ' ! 1lr-tona whra ' h txpi arr aom--ln trf '-rtn c w1fh hual naa w h 1 1 at t m- Mm thv yt--Li mpartiivf ly M r-'urm to Th '"iovrm mn t FOR OTHHR COUNTRIES Phlla.l.lphla Mint Has Coined Millions of Money. PHii.irii.fHii. Jamrary X At tha CnKed S-at.a Mint in this rty t22.THO.JOI coins mad during 'tie y-r MUO. repr.eent- VUU0 or i:ilie m-ir. man ew.i.w,'.. in j addition tn tha cotnags for rftka country I m-iriL waa lone for Costa Rica and San Domingo. Tha totaU number of gold coins .xecuted for the L'nlted ntates was valued at 54.3.3il The sliver plecea coined numbered W.07J,.U4. rapreacntlnft a : value of M.J1 .-. ; Th coins of Uva baser metaJa. nickel and copper, were tseu.d In bun.lanc Five-cent pieces to the value of Sl.jri4.43l JR JB.ITJH. - i 71??- m m7eT " f I For' lhan I Kxnlnn 24U14 stiver pesos minau. r or ' iwa mnu .i ow-j , .iaai i a n t y -colonies pie-aw, i.n- coloriee and loil.nnn ove-coaortea ptecesi, au coin, with a valuation of !, u3 jrl TOBACCO PACmiS nil Plth n National f H- wnnlantioaa To Osvx Loarts la t toea. arartsa iMsearcn to ra. .aaacimsm. Darrosi. era to. JsuMaary 1. The packers af Moo'gooaery. hUamt. nrsstby and Preble Court ties aast tbla afternoon at the tips Hauea to affect an. orwaa ta uu-esparaa-a wttb tba Clgmr Leaf Tb-haco Board of tba Unseed skntna. ft avtion- assdv. l ialari" i favorable to maack be rssrosasaaii daal. one of tba afttswta soug4M hs the aavtfnrsa psaesunw af tfsa V f-Msaiaa sale to Ciaigi mj seas-s circm a red f -ae tae a.lp1on of liglshatton wltb l arai - to ef welghiaag and) drawtavg. irlnlnxiaai prlbtlaftbaiaa afnotson on greee by rali.ra wtil bo daan mncx A QUIZTJL ssvpavetry of wbkrft tn Major Bought faraa. It to tba bargeex k bare stsvos Lbe and la not yea BLocx mm? vzxinx BaAin, Ixm.. Jwaaary ft Tba xaVeeft af tne aigrft Inatrtat asaad an ftO-sny i bare ba day. I rued ba attend ba bald aa Iadlanapaika an lbe Utb. wben aaew nb arfU ba ad lint Tba aslsyat.. THITlaLAIf IS TJXZILLTT. Ta IHaarbta Limited. Qweew aa-d Clamant boo l hero hr and. i '.ant yt?- w i. ..,: IS a ves'l bailed Uaall- .rat- through ta fTorlrte wuaout cbsaar. rvTclTbl a.ulei. H d '-I-' ""Y brie. Low ra ee sow u. - JUva. X -st a :e. -i Vvmujlt Oasx Jaaaary ft A gave nan. Xeaarta, Jannavry ft-Tba nananj eee-tlsab aaT asnoera af the) Masjftaft -gchaPfta rVartda ftasrt Oata. - w-,rti,Bl whawe h , ' i " I r ' O 'f f a N W th l I h 1 h In Do ha the the U I ture ture sueei been be The rhe 'Ion ail On rbe ta tsva Clftft aast B. anal pee- on t ha. a ti W. Bl C baaa, fta ana im raten Bj the Sear Trait in ri4oriu!; i2 Salt. SaJef Whisklw Br ta . , w, General Tra4 w,.t ,.T.1, rt,f Mw r K Jnr- T- SieW sr of aW of ih, the j ai.m f tu-i.T r.wu shirk k K"'1 used for ,frj v-j-.r. Thi Utter sy-'m mas ad-t'--1 ,i tin -.t-itati-ja ,r ttor n ! to -uiiiu :n f.r-u-- It fill.J i., A --"mllh IhU. n.l it tl.ani..iini: wa ny InportAfit br1nic u(n ti wusax wr rl'" rw.w KuiMUr.iul!.. cUlKv ;v ai ih r.'inn mai re: ml "m r ul.y i to .11 ,.Unl A r rm jn ri ruitinc I" th lwitru U rn I .i.l pr .!r i la ijh 4,n It w Ml t r to prt-ur.. t BIO WHIBrY SALE. "K" Tomt. Jarkiiary il "r1- ar W a r n-f K-h .h in' A-mr1-.. !o-av rrc" nt:r r-j la i'.a 1 'vmiifi) mi hrn V nf Kri'ii- E J -ury tft . of l.-in.-i. oi oY ,t rran1(i ar i. I" a,rrla j1 Tnia ; -fi 1t-n a a.rl :n1 .- of W 1U a LEATHER MARKET FIEK. rPi r Y H at .ia nyi rax-Vi-'! ha polr ' f . !a iooi a 1 r m on I rt t " J--itv.-r!- .1-1 ma :- a f- - n-ra. y T" inara r '1 h WT3T VISaillA CHAHTT2. -ha r -r. r nti r-a- n.l N .rt rt - o ' rn Kajrua l ii. 1 a -aui -b. h .. h a - r. afiota VI a? 1 li M Th- r. r;ai '-"n "i ' ft n i .a. .-r 'rntjakw.1 AJOTHER 3CaPiJC6. t a-o iaa r y ' rm o 0-w1 vr - AIRo5 WAS 9 3CIT -i i A a a a i m rrrrv I I- -h "1 riftl . Jfla! -f ft - fc, ' FAtTTS AND FANCIES. ' -1.1 1 a; f ha T..ra. Waft.-W". tfi- 'l-Va-T haa i li f. ' unar-ar u mrk -.r-iar1 ' ' w it ) -i a . a fh ? rui:") a r nun try llmir-M pun hv-l o r i a I .14! huyara r .-ra ' i't -r n- m:iar v rta :-.rr- 4j0 ,1m-r a means -'. - ,f -Hnrtf si. - - , ir-.i. -wi --r nr t h. '-re ia. v w ud tv. s-os f . rm -1 y M rra In ot her fp.w.rt had hy oil i --r . r nr . ' al of -n. TV. it'-; time r i-lng -if th. ' h. am i: ii ' hy Ijgae'- the hohl o: for that oor t cvsrr par v wou Id he u t fl -.t.n- a formcrl but of totm . piirrhijird In l.--d 'o the asma it amount u n t n- wou M Ne lraltl t hla It Is estltr.ated that the torvareo i 'he country la anout eo. that bouerhf heretof.ic. Ir.sdv nought a t ! n I'dini ".y 1 :.l';t at t t'lta.-r-i mare-the Ml.n' of ir has been ' ngs thnt pn4nt My.ra. and rhla leads lf ueem. n to belle . 'hat Miuntry buylnc fr the r reached There are t(vr thl? same way For .xampl.. it big warehouse that was la stateil that to hav. heen . built at Ripley to hold th Brown County tocsao-o that smald h bought la rx.t t.i b raullt. Ground has he n turvhase.J ami the jumh.r a d41vered for fhe warehous. an 1 would be a matter of aurprlse ,f the .tru - should not be built It would b. t IrsrflcaUori that th trust had d mined aot to buy In the country It has derrsonst rated that the beet reeults can obtained from buying on the breaks, and trmxia mnfte by the Continent al Toacr-on I a Is . I rtorhlnsj of the additional advantage os having alt grxvdea ta c boose from on the be-raks. the other band, the prions realised y farmer on the breaks are better aad aura asm t aaa on tdViavor-o sold to buyer, the nurrtry. As a 1 1 eult of all rxretrm- toajether. tt looks very mark aa if moi puod of borb the btg tobareo 7 and tba vannousw would cesapauiy to rely on tk B-ratbcaally all their leaf t Al tne last ai sating af tae aUaafartarara' as-eermi coaasnjrtses were anthmlaail. tbey were appntntad by Praatdaut T. B. kaa a a Q a aast In a itobes-t Laxidlaw. T ft Wloasrft, ft- M- Bteavo. OraVe Muakrlpaal ode O. B Meavrftaaa. W Carpaeitsr. Uenrge H DsOoiyer. Fred A Qesar. Waller Lakdiaw Uaaaw an syxustft t efTectrsa ihasraary Tu Tbw Mass. are both csms-troisas) by tna Ilhaaaas Cewt rmi. eaaa exiaaa- t he cenpaay ut a-srt. laat. txnrft tae sisn lei. at that band Iota are mav smrtafty ailiaasiail . jTog snraanprr fbe rale baa ill id poacera ava car insvt luxm irom Hariaaati ie Maras Terk bt 211 rente. lb rate I .as than car mast auca as oa-msscea. irorx .e-israi aa. Ihtrd el IS. UM Ii em's, an advance of IP, ccttte par bniwrreai. Thin Is m red by tie wk sme-n to be a atrs.cM arnrniniUaq kdalrata t-J ftL Vrwalt Av Lass, Gaorga peck. Oeortrs Ai n i aft, it-. Oeorge ft Baity. Itekart M mj ansa n - X- sOng "urr r Agssst af tha ratsraBsM bavd bawa bar fan SUsftasw- aim ee ax leaancx avsve aaonns, ill IU. - txnpuitabl biilkt eg tha larft lar arw- ana rmbaliiai Panlaisr I aaa ., Inline bead j sal.i ilsy at my bar h th aaniter ,n " ssaft tb ftstasupB ba tna frssarbt an that awwererx asT ttaa paLk.ia. By Uu serfaew. bnt baaa tna an 1 - - h- -e ' as ,J Ht W- ' 'sv or-1 TJIE EKQUUiEIL CIiCI2XA!XI THURSDAY, JASrtfATTS -5 MONSTER ?al By the Standard BUSINESS. Irs orsisvAiioia WELCOME CHICOET.CEOP as" fMtlra an attar, it.. Radical Chants Sti !JtL,tSnS.T with which dpsak.r ItsSe) Extended To Capital foe oaa as? fho retlcavtlng parties. wee das was mi aaai eisoe baa MflrM leolria wrnriuii, arkvia-h lor rrmaimmwml Ma r- s aatat akaataaaa t lies CCLruxa aas m n m m aa .Oilers Secure the 1 1 aMMf Abbs taM last tves He a ae ante a ba-rrta of wtaMtv - b- The r b HMO, LaarKanB T W gmaiQfltaj V Kecru-crt' ikmara; a9 kod . taM) bv-a rW BtTT tB Ttlta l OJaC f U i JTaj vittaaay daatts i otor aeataxaa ooatdr ; " "ai ii n laaii ill by ti croac rerenl) a4. aai far aa l It aavKt f tow pratan faf e An taa W the DCfcWc by tba lUKOflll Wf tad 7fi ANeo ,-iafttf '-".vaj riori'ioM tea ( tarisna!! antj ;o if-" ' anniaX t aaw from x hr orfntra- ess 't. niTfl fc jlter-t The rwnmMCr M Mil. h.a '-ik-n o -tth r-jfitnr.: of rJf oaw Thf foto-nf-y to (ret co the prtraa ojq :try uim t Murine tha lai'er cnan v ft-i ,rm that y rnrt.u nraJ on Th? tn o-o ;t I , 'v r 'fit i.r 05: nBm. bruuta ' -: tiv rir.l- on a-hu- t tit- uvftrfrlr. of -r.i1 v 11T. rnr ir. ;.rl . 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' 'a not : r. 1 ! arvi itl . n . . m f M af al ' haf i mao- :r Thi n aa--n( rf i r lor-J nrva li mat nr1--T for ; :.a ' it u LafxvJ 'ha : waa j i-r' a-t t ntn4ran ,m ' '- '! r i r f m ark I'Tia- ' r: r-a-ai .f mnr . rt. mr haa -r r.m-rt i.j f r - ui it i rajt - KrwrMah aii'-t' am- aaLli- hit ana'. aar lra. tt la I -tja arm e'ata"i ' fv T ha ' h- a aa parrwJ j-v!"-a - :n th nly h- w--tI1 th.t Jil turn tha-m vm i-a Hut t h nt ract wa-a H jt' htnaja "f h- ir-t W -al tn;..' y i ,Tnll "A Lnmi pa ; n if J -n f - of q ui-.- - . K -l'!Wv wa t hju th avi taWH ua-nT im ' a - -rvt r;tt to -nreaTTai !n . . Hi a, a aa ! n mind aul th r-. -r a-i r.t--' t Irar ..f h rrmtnu-t rf'knna ' 'a m ' r- : '"ompany o,f '"un-a rl i inri 'rv n irr. ! n I it, a r1 t M-a! Thr-ar xr -n -i'.p ' i-runic t ' i- -qvJi-- ., j o l H '.r-l n N w Y rk , - ip oow-U.jt ' t - r.a-atr 1 m : i i h- B -' : J. 1 fav-4 ! 1 1 ' for ' urn ; r a -rii hf-r v rr. ..vetn.. r. .f vast Imports' oo-l " ia u rated hy ' h 'oinm.t- - p- -riahly no on. .rr ;.romln.ntly Jurt at thla rf -rra ha: rrsul'..1 .n th. of in. iii-) '-'iill.y Improve--ion Th..i asao-Is-tlon. rom- iu' n '.an ' r. h rr -n ' snlli m.n ' A -m of way ' r im .irrr,ll. work for as a wafi -jr.e.n ' : n K nt.resa all t hilt. Itiurf to ilru has. sine n ilni'lniiil Une a s. r.rm.nt if 'h. Ohio f rem t Rlv.r y The ae- u-irg ai-proprtatlons fir ! fi. ona"-u--: i. n of lama on Ch. contiguous .-onTm--' syt.m 'h.-- f-.1ng of '.he Monongahela an.l 'he prov ton of a survey if ti.ihlo xrr all things a ourapllahed aad k. fr.h lr the minds of '".ncmnatl m.n to n.1 mor. than reference now Th. assurance is now given that the work Is psst its hsrlest stag, that h. 1e:red com-p:'t. improvement of th 1 'hio. making It na .gabie th year rfunt . now wrthln realisation Th. appropria on therefore, hy th IHrectors of the ' "hamtier at Ita Tuesdsr meeting of a sum of money for ai ling in finishing the good work waa ictlon tha' ts appreciated now. nut not as tnor oua'hiy so as when the tults manlfesvt. The resignation of Captain enable from rh poemon of mapector and electrician for the Hoard of Underwriters took effect on January 1, llsTO. and Mr L tj iJlley baa he-en appointed to fill th vacancy Mr. Van-able has gone to New Turk city to accept position offered him by the National Contracting company, of which General vreene President and Colonel Young la Vice Pree dent Captain Kugene Kiopp ta alao Identified mlih the company, so that Mr. finds himself among t be best of friends The last fw weeks of his stay ro nncinn.l1 tiave enabled Captam Venaole to see the publication of b: "History of the Second united States Volunteers, " which hs. just come from the press. The edition Is limited to V.) copies, which are much sought after Many bavs already been eoid. both to members Jt tne regiment and to others. BEAD'S BClXLTlJia. IW Toag January a. npecaaj came area Kirope. decrease. LWfW bsaan. Total augv- ulv. iteneaat 1.141. ISO auan United Stakes and Canada, seaat of Rock lee. daLiensa sekl.iaa) bsjan. Oat. Verted Skntea and Canada, east af Rorklea. decrease 4H.OOO bush Anoaf the aware rssfjartaat In re i sees reported, not gives In tna orAclel visible sup-pty atatemsM are Uanae ef laun.rkri bxasb at North weet Interior seevatora .148 i no baeb at 8ai Falls and b.OUO bus at Akron. The principal dimae.a are those of lb -aal bueb at Manttoba alorage potnta, sft-00 baasn at Portland, kfaane. P4.0no Tuisft at LoalavlUe. 73-ut smash at Minneapolis pri vets esevnior-a. ai.iiw esssn at ti and saUaat bosh at St. J as spiv Tha. atock of w beast Porrtand, Ova.. Taeetaa and Seattle. Waaav, tWLraesai aU-tsxi aa arnax weea 80LD THS rtrUAQE. 4 - Tna sfrttea H. SrwKb. PTi.ij.n( af lie and raaabvllsa. ml at. of rtaaw Tart, were vas tne rsvxrrtiia BIS BvileS OT EOCP. q tiaorioat. Kt. Jaaaary X. B. T. Baota ta-day aasVfl lftOB parooda of hla new erop wf bnaip ttW.l Iag2nge ai S3 per htra- vy.iartaTt.ei." J.raiary 3. To-day ' ytate-at of . the -cotadition ot tbe Treeurarr alumtc; Avails.!) 1 raah balavoca. eS3.77S.9tl: w!tl, rrarrve, Jti3ft3T.2Sai. ' v :kob GOLD GOUf 0.'. Nre Tone Jaaaary ft Mailer. Be ha 11 Ca will ship IL50.OO0 gold oo tha Cerxaaa aM fMaafaMU La trm I few Hi tAa a ttwiv tMvmi i Pi wMiH Jflteo II aatnittw -1 rr , rr-.- - a-arv 1 i r: . y , t a r r ' 'a- rnm M - tlafi A rw y " --t- ! n rv,f vr-' rn ; ar m- a fvaj a P'1 am.1 n-1 . r. aarvoar -a '.ir - -an -aft r- a--" ! ' fv ' 1 ' r r ' ' rr -a- iry avJ aair nyaraaa saae a Tt a Ts raa ssssi'iaan Ct-aft ssi. Tstsrs . January HHaa Iron rwrnare of tbra city taaa baaa aaad ba the IWd Bi.a. Iran Cissn amy, wsstrsk ft IBS tuai per any psant. Tba prlee wma. sat ' 1 ' ! ' ' a It la I . the the tta ta njf and of the Lbe an delsl tftey log Una doata year Sor ad tmrtaflej I j h InnaifttiB , ' 1 , re- ti Uatrtrr anrl 1 I I au a ' ' I ' I I 1 j baaa froax cant an ta , Ooeapany are known to have shown thta teiesrrmprJc oocmnunvcetlons to Brad street msvlntvance of buyers in the cuntry. j ahow the following rhangaa In available ezpsanse of warehousee. the centralism- i aupptlat r.ora last account: and assorting of the toeaveco bought. I Wheat: I'mtad Statee and Cavnada, sset make the coat of buying In the country ' of Rorklea. Im I aaa. SSftOit) btasfi. Ltvssr-rraaater than buying on tne breaks, to say ! potal Oram Trade Nawa) afloavt for and In ii i im ail Ma aiBajaKrwaa a aakav fMkaat M I aj J a aaaBaaa - - i i i j -, - - - -1 ' r .1 rraaH s aaaaW aaT rvatr PaMrM. ! aa w af IM U.-Ua9 aa lar j -Tv 'Ma 11 mi 1 atf axtroaav aal 1 arkack 9 STB aaM awlatiaar larjataartaV aw aa j an a aM of bmwT era aaaatt mo are 1 1 II a faw Ml - l.tfca funat- awaaB. ai wail aaavaaa. kaviaaolrtaa. . - - - . - . . - af.iua- illal a roa. i tfaaan lawamrv a aal ilMs Maat IwM H uap r-al 1 "" Ba a frnaiaa' uaaaai aaarw i tm ami r oa. a uaw I r" 'EL" rg: I ,u , t , I 1 ! i r 2r CHOCOLATE Cofiauuipttun Incrftttiot KtMatmoaslT In ' Nw Tnrk Tnturir J R Tha nanuf wtur of f'fu.-o!a,t," aau1 J Anao. of HraxJi at thr HoJkavrvl Houm. i 1 a rna: tmlLjaTrT Of all tha '--h-oraav I fara tmpor-tM Into hia r-unrry wo tirtr'ia ' I g, t T) lrm tn Bowr. anal t h ulhtr thlrvl j tijn nbm 4-l imoni ha other tnanufaur- j ra Trtat tvo a-f ao'l aarv of vmj-ioajp ' K rn1 -a Ta ' arar-aji ffvfoarf 1 aiaap; a-l 'n- h t-a' If vou aku- tha ariu crl r.nrnall p;-'-wn t tha- 'ara- aa Krnrh r i-rmar anwi a . on a,fl tait r ,f fai h a n A I a' r tji-m In t pan nf irnirT arvl ailow hrm Uio' tnv k r. will 'ail you whj. o ta Lh f-at ffi-a Th ha-- tr rav lea wl.l v no avli mr! Th oth-t-a w;i: Tv,'.a In ip'i r-! h h fa rha: in ' h- haiaaar (rravl--- -.h- h--l m ru n-1 up aaiit a a flllaM Tv Ijrh i-r t ha 'h'K-'-;at 'n o-ttrr th ftrad Tha- rrt- ,a-r (m, .vj- lnrk nwmf t th-rr"wrv! ii . ah-1 ' ! i . urarr h i rT n fv ut 'hnnvlitf -onumptl n "rn-r- ar- rh -- ata 'VfrvlP luat 4 ' h "- ar- .'ura flarwla. 'o- m a an-1 liq urr aia--a i ranno u why r :a hu 'f ;--;.- S-fclr t a h i a i ti Shw trrm-m upon them I irn ' 'Mnlt any inxwn' ff chrw--lata hir any rron i f xjra5 th tiha r rrad-" f rho .far ha v a ra yararrt axe of auaar tr 'fwrn. and aiirf ' t( a f.rtin 'ot Injurtotia ttit th h-'rilat Italf I lon't rMna any n a.' Mmurh to hurt htm rTtamtM-miy In fiai r I fxtt Inti t fti ex- tiUaratin of al.'otll' rlrtnka. crroco4a.ta awmj " a wtar fran who are n.r---.'ja at! IruM. Irn! ; a id rat tn way .-aim arwl i'tfuw and aatlani-a trtrrt i Tur hut n Is tri iruUi. Thf t-on-aiimpfaon of rtyr. .lavte t 1 rHrai nf enor-rraoualy tn th T'nitixl 9tmtai " BIG FIGURES Neeafled To Hbow the Orowlh of the .National City Rank. .Near T o-k World,) The rise of the National city 'Standard ili i Hst.k to Its preaent controlling P"""0" a mialter of ..niy four and one half yeaxs Its statement of May lfK. gay the following figures of Its degioBlta. Individual .lepoaita subject t he k rJl...3 S7 l'nlted States depoalta . ... 2"0 OOti Ik) in ihht. tn. Kocgereuer interest, became Identified with the bank, and its growth year by year la snown oy tne roilowing record of deposit. August. ia3 S 32..Ofa Auguat. lhW7 . M.fKin.ori Auguat. lMiei vl.2rsl.iS( August. liS' 146.otJU.iakJ The deposit, for August. K3. were presumably .welled by the subscriptions received for the S7.V(kkD.otk of stock of the Amalgamated Copper Trust, which waa financed by the bank. Its depoalta In J&nu- ary. lSSXl. were at the normal figure of 1103. - OOO.tskJ, and laat Saturday s weekly bank statement shows deposits of line!. J06.40U. This Increase from 2i.fkaj.OOn of depoalta to more than one hundred millions represented comrilnatlon of the Standard Oil Interest a with the Sugar Trust, the Vanderbllt Interest and the I'nlon Pacific, senile the profits of the bank had been swelled by the financing of the Bpanlsh payment and of I'nlon Pacific settlement In Its laat statement of December 2. IMS. connection with the Government appears the following Items of Its liabilities: individual depoalta subject to check 71 flrat,ei5 i Demand certlftrsJes of deposit 3.1 a) H87 511 United Statee deposits liTtM.257 Ol United States bond account . . . 8.O30.000 (10 The Item "l'nlted Statee bond account" la Interesting aa showing that the bank ta a borrower of bonds. Of Its total tesom us tl'M Ikal nnrl mar than one tenth la furnished by the United States Treasury tbla statement an t edat es the decision tna Treasury to make this favored bank sole depository of Internal revenue re- MANUFACTURERS Dr-cede To Adi aoa ilea Price of Knit Nr Tone January ft Tba Knit Underwear Assr. rlarlon. com prising principal fleece-lined and. facturers of tne State of New Torn. executrve meeting In this city to-day and nalnaad to raise tha price of knit gooda After tha meeting W. Frank Ho! lea note. t nf tba Union n-nit uooda Cons- of Hudson. K. T . stated that tt had to aftennoa tna prsce ttafte: a aat at M dnya, with 1 laat at BAmS JJD OOSTLT APPLES. I Waa. Terk Cor. Plttstmlg IXspsseh. -laatarfl applrs- are la tho show wto- f tba trppar Broadsrsjr fruft gTf arrpkea are new ta thin city; and many parnona wiio pans tbe (store, anttare are on (xiiibtnan pay no particalar anantlon to thrm, brraoss rnear t. oat tltalr sornreat point They tjromm and have raaurh. langb taak . akin. They are laeo aaa asvssmtaw. an Arnertcan atpaae. ama ua aawar b ejurnmelr arumata. asm; assr seen x aaa ssasaassasv AmriunmenarasX Kft. lSkft aarsmirst tn tha or tha moaxift of ts an tocrease of STXeftT a aim tbe of December I, anal of fas aft I ami t he eiu- j faeaara. I Uve whevie year. Oa t oa eaowiavjj sens are ' ir tha ere 1 iisa af a a. ' m v w wiaai a 11 1 j aaas , a) iv. ,a ,3 ale,' la - r i o aaUT mjmr rtmammmmn. ? I?,SW. faaa- md, jb a sa ' ) ! v "Vi iaaani W b S M 1 Ii j 0 4-wakr ?D0Kto ! S V 1 ri !, Irataui 1 oe SS tfl 1 ft V 1 - . Sage B ft 1 - a- team eLJL'!,Lf rrt-Pnai n laiiiiini 11 ini mi la hi m: a a H ft. I s i-i 11 kaa u all 1 do afi m A aal aw T1""!!. I ao 1 ad 8 . trkv u vmm . . as . as m ft It al m ae a ae S I a unan-iu cuxn n.m.ji, la oa m as s W ' bkm a as 8 if 6 : s . as- 'Maii c ja i m 9B 9 e at o :aaaft itm-gT at STAja? aaafl "" m m Xt w "a .-f " ' liam II ' T" 'n a e f-wr taater 9a aa a aa W f . i A f w-atr Pfetrt- . al M W ' rnnajMM a ii a 11 'a Abilene a 14 M 9 R ti ttmn urn a aa im aaa o m.BTHTBaT "Aileir-. ! - " A aair"" W'i Afra-I M 'aaai ;rtoly Moa :r7i. " paay. agreed ilnain im aia Octuaar par limn and that there abeala anosresvoea for fl algtit- Tba pabtaa ba advanced aa yarns aad ethnr i ai antsrtng tela tha prodatctioa e.aoa Itwad knit sods. I i , la tt be rate at BP par LtiJZ ITbsi- ra? , prodaiciioa af , mo le a tarfto Tla M.aua of ataa4 aarv hr tn tr aal ra aawa naw axaa prooaauir aM aiaaj Ii 1 aa aaar Man aaatt la law v-i4 are tnas roar ar 1 Ii - aarvl(g In ttee a a oty ate nnt is faiWlaHi anjiaai to ra mhi'w aiiaat nf iimk. tM9 taa7 am a Kmutj taa Two vaav laaft vll nara a aa thaa n aamrt aM wl.l armw a aa a ( H or I: ar -aai m nwtooti . art -tar nw 1 r raaar. !T par aaa.akjo oa!l rv3EtiKj avirnut f jai.aaai Tt-.e 'jan o f ar ?k cnnHBaj year apars ;c Ka a-y cnr..urt(:tig Th U-oaj fot-tottos I a. ar jn a-ii7c- . .w t ; :n ajvrtris ctwis ttmr 4 . at ri tCJ M.-. of r"i all p.r:lo-i of iMi r-oniKtt i largciv acl IK'.f jlttTly to rVji"STTl taU-B3. JOPB M AU.BH. PURCHASE Of Bonds Not Authorized Bj Sinking Find TrnteMi at Mrtia? Yrstrrdar -Maj larfst $300,-000 Later Ua. . All th "Id r.ffWrn of th Board of Trua-im ..f th Hinkuia Kunrt wiTr r-l-tl va(rrdRk aa f.Iiiw ("harlra P Tafl. -mi.l.-ni. Th .rnKn St Ulnkle Vic Prt-ai- Vrnt l.u Oarroi: SxrKary, and I Wl M i;..hti. Aiuitalvtnt rW-retary The doblM hi.l a lona- iuii.r-. aftr iht oraniaAtlon. a.rw1 trnnaart.l a lara amunl of roulln-tnjainaa ''..r-trary in s nt at lona. ho'-- r ri" iir hHAr. of b-'na Here author-ll T7i pam-:it .f 4V. 1 for rnda n1 --opona raaturlna In January aa pra- ld-1 fr Elihit-lh'- tnouMnd dollara trf thla la f T l-.nala. m.-atty fundlna da i!xa. nii.1 th. r'atafl' f la f..r th paym-tll of r-dUpon Kiln all-y in. ally ajnd ZHtnarr alrt ij?".jm.-f t-.n.l In th. aum t :t 7.'..: 4.i a.r. t.ik-n from th "lry Auditor In r.ajntna. U' a rur.l miV'T. ty J' T.f Ji'r.iar I'mt-toI' utmttt-d th. fol-i..wliit rsnmatr of T tv. r--l:'ta and .xpndl- iur for lM rU.jpxa Tlr. . ....... llnnnntll Railway Awbiti.Hw ( -tlmaat Ad i . . Watt-rwork I n I vrrl y H of r a I ra m-har k N-v! . .... Iirawtaaxk .m-raJ tntirt . . Iirawhmck trft lmino'fiaant bond, and tupona l.r2s.5ii !. i.(i 2u,v'"w 12 5-4 last 44 liia.wv.' e3.fj33.8TS. Cash In fitnl l Vl.l'IU Ki 737 M5 K x pe tarM f u res -Interest general bond H-iuli matuiirst Ilonds called Street lm( coupons Sl.wa.fat3 ; i . 15X500 T74 71 ; bonds and rj..4.l.-JB4 j . . l.iwtta S3 .7TT as.- I Balance J anu&ry .Sl.eM.Cl 1(1 pny-menuti .... kP.l I 860.021 fo75.ikki Bond, subject to oa.ll in l! -r-,,. bonds subject to call In 19TH are all four oem. There are S2nn ism of er works bonds. 43u.ikk additional pavement bonds and .T23.tski City Hall bond. While the eattrn&te presented by the Secretary was under dscuaelcm one of the Trustees mentioned that the hoard might Invest about S300.0UO thts vear and srfll nave enough left to take care of all Lheae bonds next year. But the Investments made thl. year will. In all likelihood, be of new Issue entirely The Trustees take the ground that It W better to bold the surplus which they now have and get '1 per cent on tt and use It next year to take up these four per cent bonds, lhan to go Irate the market now and purcraias threeand -a-ha If s at a premium. TTve board ordered the payment of the Jud-ment secured by the David Fois As phalt t ompany against tne city in connec t Ion mrtrh the lmiimvemerat of Baymliter street. In thl. case the city used the 10 per cent retained under the contravct to make retmlrs on the street, and the con tra- tor sued and recovered Sl.ntki The B. of C A. still has a balance of the 10 per cent on hand amounting to M79 fl. This will be turned over to the Sinking Fund Trustees to help pay the ludjrme-nt The letter from the B. of C. A referring to the collection of rental mom John slacker for the use of the wharf at the foot of Wood street was referred to the Sec retary for rn veeclgat ion. 1 s BIG BREAK la Besaap Frirea. Patcd after PhlW tpplne lxsrta Are Opeiaeinl. Nrw Ton a. January ft Th annoance- ment that Secretary Root bad cabled Oen era I Otis to open tne aoathera porta ta the Philippines rn order to break tha eorne. baanp waa recesved with abounded set-kxanrion by tha nrjrdaga aisn la Ibis city. An otBcfaU of tha Aniartcaa Mannfartaring Company, which aanpioya about LSOO hands. predicted that tba price sf Jstanila hemp wousa nraaa mntnin nrica of Manila ba week. ."The aormaU coots, and Mexican sasal S caata. bsursro oa tne anlnaaeata ot nasnn Soutbera Philippine porta baa resulted the prosMsctiaa baxag ooraaraa by sxxarUiaUoc-s. and the lariea ta-day la MS cents for Manila aad tHs cents far Mexican sisal far twassediate delivery To ahow that lower prteea depend absolutaHy oa tha opening of tba aoaubera porta of tha Pniappinea as aaoiy ua rosea ry tn any that tha .ami ErCTOTS CaZDIT0S8 OBICCT. s Albert B. HlHan. HBton. applied Casxt-t to-aVay Ba flssd of MP lal. Has ama oppaa.d by two aawdtUarm. Sara la 4svira la wtoeft ta iua ajvsc.., alkSTMi mandlnsT 1- cestta for Hull, bemnp tor I GLMCmATLtn tTOS. a asmma aiwa.i aaa tmn n 1111, tb CT tALTi taTtnT -tf Aataar Baaaa aft tfta Seuthuu f aanku Com paay. of auser TTayw. wmftch la owned hy Ctnrfnaa-I partlea, waa daaktar by tba Eoiacky Cot-rt af AppaaJa, Tha iirtmtuu of ir-OalnLvn vaXveat waa H .. The pbvau w-maco eta- paeys aboot lux) bandav wtti now lanuane op- er-Uo--' . , jtrf TPV fbTrT-rvW VTTT I "11!-- Jaa-a- m-xax. 1 .ui. ry av-ubft dsMtot siaajammaaa ftf licre djhosasabrasstmai of ft gdaas mjftlaegin i I I ' i 1 ! ; Is be Kew Order of Things Doan in Mississippi. Qsesoo of Expansion Figured ib Senatorial Contest, And a flun-e of Sntiaeut Has Berome MieiffSt Cettsa Raisen Laaarurate a MeYeant For tha Taralsf Oat of th Flfilabed Prod set muBranari or rn arasrraaa Jaraoa. Utaa . January 1 - Thim bS tfco atftmalaalppi Irarlta ur will Bal ponaatt (or tar waaunt. Lha Oral a ta tlsavt tr. Untied tavtaa trsaun ara le be corneal rt. and tta iaeual toat iciata. Una ta aarnanrawl avttrli will ralavoa th -ta. veU upx tba roaal i awaith and inJIaaavoa. Tbta can b acaruraxS otur tarooan S ar-axtxBcasl of taara rftau will glva u pit a .ata alr eltov fer tbatx mnw y axd aooour aare Isvesiisetkl In DsuiufarturiDC r n t.r- Fsa. Thn, ts co doabt of tha ejortjoo of fjny- trror M cjiurlii to ttt H.mi t a lor th iorr lem. rtk&( bi. frcm the Uenrre rmlim. teelnalnaT alarch. 19l. hut ttlrr Is rona l- erab!e 4rrouA4 for apaamiation aa :.i arhat wtu banMBe of Mr. Su 111 a n. th p-an! t!K-umhetit( au arms A4notntwl by Governor MrIMxrin to nil nut th. unrxnlr trrm at dte late Benator Gom. Thla appolnt- raaK wttl bo raJlfla-d or ratedad it ttva lef1aEB ur. It araa as unoop-ilt- an jp- p:ln Lron t aa waa rr mad by a Ooern.x M UalawitppC but Vlr BulUvan Kava crown aronilarfuUy tn thai aaUmaJloo at tba nvpl' at Ma a tax ato a Ma advaot at Wiih-lnaTtn. and tn apttai of th maladlrUou that ti hapd upoti tba havd of th Orfmor fur aprintlnc him. bo proved a nan arorrtiy of tha a trail of rat. oppo- naMrt. ihvarnor Iwr (1 urinf tha ravro-paum laac aummar. and aa a o 'fiaw.j iwiwa will gn hfor tha Ia-lalat or with about aa many In at rue Led vntM aa will any othar man axiokan of In thl. rmTinav-tlori. and ihrm-hy hauura a ta.a that la well worth matntlorrtnc rv(iD nriXHOn Mr Butilvan waui perhapa th flraf man tn rh at-at of Mlaalaadppl who 'iprrward h(malf In faor of "exrMaraaaon" and tha ptnllon of th PrJllpfitnea. M . waa tha only member of th. Mlaalaalppl dl(ratlon tn rnnrrwi who voted for th rattftcati m of he Spmnlah freaty. and nun. In for a very larare and warm atiar of abuae at the handa of hu oociatituenui thereifor Thla rote waa mavdei the haala of vltrorou. attark. by ht opponent for th senatorial short term, so ably rhd he defend his position that he come up to the Ieartslmt ur. wtrh as many K mrt more Instructed votes than does O v-enir Iowry . wTxi Is violently opposed to the rw.lloy pursuavl by the fivfmtnsnt inenl th. Philippine question Messrs. Bulllvin and Iwr- went before the people on this ;lu.atlon the Intt.r sstlsn.d and f the lnd-ri saaisrnt of ntn. tenths of the muntles o-f the atata lut he did not grt mnr than. If as m inv as. one half of t hem Mr Sullivan defeavV-1 his position on every stump. de sarins his vote raiifylna the j treaty with Biwln In the Interest of the cot-trtn plarrters of the Bouth aa they would In rvnirse of time he-om. th chief bene, notaries of wider trade r.Iatlona wtrh tha Orient r-HAxae m At 'bat tlrrx-. six months ar-i. thla poUry was not popular In but somehow 1Tr r frulitr-in -onvlncel the voter. ha was on the right line, and since that time there has b-en a genuine revolution aa to Industrial development Never before waa lhaTf auch a demanJ that la wa Pa rrr- able to capital should be enacted, while the clamor for mor cotton mills has oeejm second nature with the average man. There are now and have been for sever il years about rtx citton mills tn this state, but before the end of the year Just begun a (Jon or more new one, costing from ,1o '! to S2?"i.ii ecti will b In operat on. Charters have been granted for a .till larger nunsber. and other companies are telrur . - , n-.rtiiin of the atale in fact. the Mlsslsaipcil town that la not either building or preparing to build a cotton fac- tory la the exception to the rule. aarw olt or thi was Tnia smrueLrlaJ emthuelaem seeroa to have been horn of the Spanksti-American War If rt existed prior to our aqutsltlon of the Phmppwie Islands rt waa in the chrysaMa state, and few. If any. suapected Ha pre The buatnena men first became tm- h the poeelblll'Jes of cioaer iraoe relarttona with fne million, of The Pacific. and the contagion baa spread till the farmers and the pramera of Mississippi seem convinced than fortune awaits those w-hoee ourderi'' tt may be to clothe the -Tval devil and half cirlld" of our new ruaaseaslona. It as, pernavps. thta conviction that ha given such an am pet us to cotton factory building In the mate The thV-keet skulls seem Do have been Impressed wtrh Tne Idea that to seal cotton to beat advantage tt must ba converted Into tne fimebed product. After navlnaT the freight boTh mraya from bare to New Ensrhvnd or EXsrooe for nearly a century, the men who produce roe cotton, the one great money crop of the RonrJl. nave begun to find oat that a pound of aevecv-cerat cotton, when converted lrrto clajrh. nails for from frve to tan times more than wtten ta the raw state, and tbey si rooty propose to arrange to secure rMa pnraH to themselves, s a vi so nmn urarw rrrrn. Tba trme Is corning, and that soorxly. when saved cotton, fresrh frota tha field. wfM be dumped tn at one aide of th. ordinary gin. and rolled exit on tba other aa tna fbrsstwd product thus earing packing, bal-tng. tying, several haxUnmrs. c Only two weeks ago the first of what has been named rbe "plsratakton conifa-eee," waa pttt ta op- at Tcivoia. Mies. Waeoa loads of seed cotoo,were dilsan direct from ahe field to rha gin, "asftecT" to tne pper floor, aad la a few xntnurea rolled aot the other side, baled and maiuiri aaisi kata aocts TlaMaaslma. fhmt VM strvtrVa car. It la bat esse at that, to gixmtag. I'naiiprtaaliis;. cloth me king aft l TO McCooL Spanker of tha durrnc ioa past pate oandlimlo for Oowernor. and af sm J. baBdinft Tia.l ta Iftwrno ft mtrtsxt faatjon ma n lifer, ar-tna- srtsvie. anal arnesi an doea ana aril floop laft like the pswemtssU ftraasx bay tree." annsH or .Caihrrax. - . Jina4at lupott of fievrvvtary of State wnl ahow ttsat damrinsT tba pas, foar -snsssm . aj ism uuims tna paai yeeu-k. trnartera ftawa baesi granted to ft osxworxwMsns) xnsn F of tma acate, in narrb of Has a Tha aanxTvvrat OapitaJ etrrpioyed la ttkaaa new ta- teariaeo is .64-it,7'Si. of wiucai 1 avff.taa ta osvnaiiag. no largely mtrtastsl has baaa the? eeeical work la ts. Bo -sat -tae fveoreaary of aetata - Trust he has . been otvnvpeistai to err- -v.oy extra aaalstanoa, and wtil reranr.-'Kl tn tba Iawsistar. the aVtiaWlam ftX ft i - eaUol saamsft 2 easmsftaft af boat tm'' ftavftl HejajB asf Bapre. ssrer Isalma ta rasa Ilia I ai la , wi3 j iuti tn mill am Taataa a rkaa laaaav Aft aasaaa kmm rrrJ 1 ,r j awaasfiaata kaa yaasl i . ii n I a saal faar - 11 1 1 " aaajaav aast aa a TliTas ai-kiTi "tumtl"'.' m' " Vm" - Waaaaaa aaaft I fltaid at aectaaftV all aaf waaw a lata tally " aftftaaattayft aas fli in 1 M aa paid op asad ta ta tn I aa la I mHii la arr lafttet soO. llaaaaja a.-aanaaal aaaaft. K. MrVay. aai art Uaa aarvd S par aasM af rtas laaal la Ibaartjr Ooaawtr a y raaa Hy Ilka praparad for Uaa aazt ara. dltrhaa ara all doaz. iftiaail la ha aaasftlaaa psetstlfttl suaapty asf Wavier Is asajiarad. r ttaeaarw aa ta Uaa fuM . . Nssvr r'seaiaauas-, Harris Caaiaty. i aawky txmprasid of liaa I rsvaltailsts baa aa faraa af LOUS acres, artaaiaa rasracofora faatd u taa uasiuit a aaa ta a usil aJtsaystasar asvd a aw- r aa a f a 1 crop has tnaa gathered opasratessis to ba on a a&ura larswr aoala aaat ara- la 'oio-ado Coanty Cantata Dautovant. tba pioneer, has dasrlded to Irarraaas ata faraa to Z-tsm arraa. bM rruv thla year waa very aood one Hla sucrsws ftaa causaat a company oocnpisd of Wkarioa Caaialy rap-Itallsts to o Into the buslrarss al ICaatte Lake, near IHinoraar'i pla aaaaWaa ; tbi y will put In about ran acres tba ftrat year, aa that ta ail they can ha ad Is. aad will gradually snlarat Near t'oltuntra ssveral hundred acres ara also to bs planted to rV-a by local farmers Jeffararm County, on tha eastern border of tba stats, has baratofora baaa tba rtoa pro-durtn section, bat ths area suitable to Its cultivation ta very tllaasiva II Is prar-tk-aJly a aurs crop. comaBands raah as quickly as does cot ton and tba aauauat of profit I. much iarrtr ICiparlatsrw ta Ibe main point In Ita ruitlvatlua aad tha crop doea not reuulrs aa muck atlsnttun aa a majority of the caisb crops that are raised In this secston Thaars ara mills fur caeaavlnc tha raw aluff at Crowley, la.. wbb h la Ihe chief market Juat now. and ons at Bau-mont . others ara to ba located al tba latter point, when It Is quite nkely il become the urtndpai mavrket. The era and millers navs raa-ently f-irmsd a cooperative association, whose baavdquartera are located at Crowley, to prarvsol any oocn-blne of outside mills ty keep down the price of ths raw rli-e. the men Interested are rttlsens of T-aa and IxiulsUuis, and are Interested both In raislna rice and In lbs mllla They defeated ths reoamtly proaarted rke mlllln trust which ths New Orleans millers attempted to form MANAGERS Of Widows' and Old Mm's Homes Held Annual Meatlag aad Elect Offl-eeri Fer tha Tear. The annual raeetlng of tba Board of Manages-, of tha Widow.' and Old Men's Homes was held at tba InaUtutloa on Walnut HlDa yeeterd-ay ajHernoon. lion. John W. Herron presided at tne snooting, which waa opened by prayer by tha Cnapaaln. Rs-v. B. E. Bennett. Judge John ft Cxanner. tba Treasurer nf rha Board of Trwtsts. submitted bis report winch showed the Old Men" a Home In excellent financial condition, and tha Widows' Home to be in need or funds to carry on the arotat! work. Mrs. Thome a Morrison, Trnaaur-r of ohe Widow a Home, followed Judge 'onner with her report of expenditures and recelpta for the past year. Mlaa Annie Walker. Secretary of the Widow. Home. In her report stated that there were M Innaatea at the preeent ume and that there bad heen 13 desths and 1- ad nilaelons during the year. She reported that a an mortal of she late Mrs. Iasurs Nettleton, a nvemlMsr of the Board of Manewgsrs for many years, had been prepared by a committee composed of Mrs A E. Crvemiier lal n. Mrs. S C. Tatum and Mrs. Isxrmca Maxwell. Jr A hsvndsorne donation of l2.f.JO bad been made to the endowment fund In memory of Barah I Konrs. of naiem. Haas., by family The same fund had been lncr r .need Wolf. by a legacy of ll'X) from Catherlna M VIIm Walker mid that one of tb pi "a man t-eart duties .be had ever been called oa ta discbarge mas the report that the keeper. Mrs Fredericks Adler, had a free-artll offering of !.( to than Mrs.tlraoe Kadctlffe. ar inmate, bad also do nated v5i in gold and a lonatton of . 100 bad been received from Miss Oraoe Millar, of Crlf ton. In memory of bar mother. Mrs. Manuel J MIH.r Following the reading of Mass WaTkar report came the election of . Board of Managers for both Homes for the ensuing year. The new board consists of Mrs A. tL Chamberlain. Mrs J. W Jonohue. Mrs F H I-awson. Mrs. W. P Hulben, Mrs M. B. Ewlng. Mrs R. M. W. Taylor. Mrs. c. H. Oould. Mrs J C Sand ford. Mrs. Oliver Perln. Miss Annie Walker. Mrs. A. H Hlnkle, Mrs 8. C Tatum. Mrs J. K. Ster-rett. Mrs John W. Bailey. Mrs Matthew Addy, Mrs Thomas Morrison. Mrs fleorge N. Stone. Mra. Montgomery Rnchester. Mrs. J. T. Carew. Mra. Anna J. Sheldon. Mrs. Lawrence Maxwell. Mrs. Albert H Mitchell. Mra. Frank J. Jopee. Miss Alice N'eave. After the election an Interest log addraea waa delivered by Rev. Alexis Stats, of Christ P E. Church. Mlaa Flynn. accompanied by Miss Allen on the piano, rendered a number of eotee ta an exceptionally artistic manner. The report of Mra. C. H Oould. Treasurer of tha Board of Managers, waa then re d Mra M B. Ewing. Seerwcary of tha Old Men'a Home. In bar report elated that there were 30 Inmates at preeent and that there had been five admissions and no deaths d ur-, tng the year. The Old Men'a Hume bad come Into possession of the S-s0.f donated by Mra. Chartee P. Carnally In IM in mem ory of her husband and tne money had been added to tna endowment fund, Tbla fund. Mra. Ewlng said, had steadily grown to lis preeent gratifying proportions of f l-.0.kj. Mra. easily a donation waa to remain tn tact, tne income ornvsa from it to be applied, in making provision for five or alx additional Inmates. Mra. Ewing. In ro eluding tne reading of her. report, naid glowing tribute to tha worth of Mlaa Aa- brey. who, daring tne peat lo y. been tbe ore an 1st at the chattel without compensation A matter that waa touched oa la tna report waa tba advisability of devoting to get the old people In tha munlty to understand that tna main ob overt of the institution waa to get those of them who have no friends to make their tn It- MEN AM MATTERS. Mi mi W. H- Armstrong, of Cbicaujo, and H. B. Hawley. of Oev-eiand. were la Clncln- nsuu tastnil.y conferring with tba beads of tba Aolt a Wlborg Company. wMcti concern tbey rep res mac ta tbaxr respective dtiea The dlffereot 1 txsrisvsritsmives of the mm pany generally visit h en 00, .o iters abosst tba lisgliiiilns of tba year, osanlnft from ail Io Oarlona. and tbe 4TOUanea 00 aoch ft viatt. Btwtuft. Jaaaary tha ftashssty of w dssared so fta 1 aamlaall mat by pnxfto Judicial Ceetrt lo day ta a tent ease. Cfcbrf jBstica fiahotm wtom tha eaajwlfy Milan, aaa mi " a . bibbs ay im sax. scarred lft by Jadgsa Xasrinft- aaa IamsJarap. ;'TSSZ IvXaUOrSTJ CSiSCE. r. rrsftLiftrXA, MofmU. Jasrmaxry sWTno . ao- sa-ftBSBk bow in tba handa of tba Bank DaaposrUsra. tt Is H.lxaad. v51 toee bass, straft aaad aa prVax ra. aa ai ara ta t hi a a aa P iaa Iraa f npaaia tfta tea- tatraa. aaai aft Uaa w-eark la ta ba doaaa thara. a .la.ata aautt kav taai aM sr Uaa faa-iaa-aa I lll.UI n.B.lalai t bb aparft sal a ksrfra tft.n ftcawa Uaa krnarfttVsTai asaa ralail Lha raar. laataii It. af Uaa kaast: aara aaad aia. j praparattoa eavrteft tar Uva crop la lUamssaaS T - f aggmm, ijwu. sTisnlaako. aavkl: "Wa CSmasift aasaroay t-cseon rom ox -aa-tad tw. ameorn. gw o rai nMs CTc-cax. by Ce-tain T ft BOoyme, with wftieh ae xsgQd a eoftoa hsctory. and . tartdrft wmM xaad twica aa miirh maasry n wmf turf tha snght of the laat aay Ijj"1 " """ WU JZZfZ nmr. and yaat aboot tha rhaa Mtavt tha Mid off tlm swanftd-. ssaat raJtroad traeto ae M Oerasaa stork Beer ewer tha the sate, aad oar vsroer anr oho a.-iaaatj - . Mr Jartaa nililm ass brosvghc ft rjxntJnatory tma baaa fnrwardwd. Wo wtO , LL. hl M, pmnr-if 11 1 si pooh e wrorft: ftf taaasti iwtlrai fay afl wa or. llZ-rr!7a maimTaf sxftm aa aj .7 let Of July oext. Oapr jJ nrll la tasUPft- ar 1 1 1 lojejaot In the ataabia and) not ft J "-- . tba fttoea-ca tm f-Ma tJaataia ft s-nx A3T POTttoo. to bald oy.pPnM.MI C Osateraat. ToWsa atsaae. -nw aamaa asm gT-mx nr. TTgg ACT TAIID. -xaaml Cbag Mamraatncft fa daa-I Uaa rtaftat aseaatav la aaarfta aaal asT tasaaa Uaa irap. I aavd aary rrartf--waT r i ! taralar I aaaahsa. lasrttaaf east rfcasas bar! aaanr as? tias raraa laxaal aim ait a .alaMlaft la aasiaaTa atlaaat tlaatr wtn ttas eftimary M sassJais aas ta pa Uks lias acraav aaai I Ifclaft taaat a taw aa ara I arrsa anil ba las osl bsfora asaal aprtaft Ths. c-trax-ts ara artvssj ta fataa. r. a;l ttaa way "asnafj rUvsv aJad t ansa a ana ay .aaa acre lava faraa 1 1 , la , few will gmm Utrsa arrwa tracts have aas a given out 1 la Waviar MUl aa lbe aowtb arde af tne Island 'Th Henry French Compear wants tha output ef la una acres af rbsrnry every year, and will a glad ta have every arae of at growa on 1-avng lalanal. both aa asf tba superior eavatttr and tba c kaa a. a lee eat ! freight rales Tae contract price for aeat year-a crop ta ST par taaa. After lha grs-eft root ta market ed tb bayera hiladry It before It le la shape fer anetadxaat- Tbla aa called evaporating It. and If tha ventmre proves tba tucoesa that I predict far H aa tba laland a tag evaporator will ha araeted tn tbla piaos so t hat the rrep cava be treats on the spot "Will It pay to grow rbsroryT Watt. I am contracting to pay ST cash per tea far tba greea product oa delivery. Tha seed . rwets SO ravel a a pound, and 2 pounds ara reuulred fur aa acre The root ef the crop. Including seed and fertiliser, ta about 1 10 per acre. The average yield Is from Id to Lft ton a igreea) per acre. 3U tuna hare been grown, but IS tana la a good crap. Taking ths latter yield ths gruse return per acre would be slightly upward of I10U, which ought 10 Wave a very fair margla of proftt "The beet soil for tba gronrth af ehloory la a sandy loam. Just the soil that Lesnaj laland baa to offer The beet fertlllaer tar It la yard manure aad preferably It applied ibe year before growing- does not Impoverish tha aoil. aa tha rests ita deep Into the subauil (much Ilka clover) and pump up etexnssais of fsrtlllty that are lost to all shoal growing plant aad root crope. I found one root M Inches long In say fssid laat year, and II often ban roots o tnense In length. The chicory root of 1 n.lasisi 1 a looks much like tbe parsnip "As to tbe cultivation of tbe crop -tba seed should ba sown tn row. from 11 U II Inches apart, tba let of May. Tha seed should not ba planted deeper taaa about one third of a a Inch. A drill eurh aa to used for sowing turnip seed will do tha work satisfactorily. After tbe plants enaae up tbey must ba thinned, much tha aaaaa aa ta done wlia turalpa. There la vary lit lie work needed after 1 bat. for tha foliage aoon shoots ip. and by shading tba ground helps to keep tbe wsada down. The crop asat uree In the latter part of fteptambar ar early In October, and then It I barvsetad by plowing the root, out with an ordinary plow, or with a apectally cotsatrnotad rhioory plow, which dome tba work sore satisfaart-orUy. After tbe loose soil t. freed from tha roots Ihs latter ara ready for wetgntag and dell very They then go to tha evaporator, where tbey are turned slowly by ajvaebanei y and are gradually dried by the hot air earn I up from the fire below. After leaving tha evaporating room the chicory goes throstgh tbe various tnavt at it 10 go and take Its play e with eoffea oa breakfast table" world a FEDERAL BUILDING. Judge Thiaiaxssun yaanardaxy sxaaaxe aa entry In tbe case of lha Ohio aad ladxena Natural Oaa Company vs. Oscar F. Ban sua. Treasurer of Davrka County, thla at ata. Thla waa an aoUon for tha collect loo of Sa.IT 44 claimed to he due for tare. Judge Thntfi soft hokm that the tames doe am. ant to only IIJM, and that all above that la llkagai. Tba anscautmt ci aimed to ba due la for tha ywara 130ft, 1V7 and lMsx. Ttisra im quite a Job on band fer tbe onine forea of tba Firth I vision Railway Malt Sa iliift All of tha 1.434 postal etorka ara corn po Lied to turn In than photn aa have a new photograph taken, etaxr ottltsi a new book mi laauad to him. Tha b rank a aaa being sent In rapidly. Inapeotor of Public But id Inge mad ward Roberta waa a caller yesterday at fiastnillan Voigtrt's offlce en route to Padarah. Ky. Ho left Wasthfrurtna oa Tneatday and wttl inak . a trip throuarb tha Sotatbwaat on tour af Inspect If m Mr J A. Newton. Itaflway Mail Servica Chief cVmrtr, with headqaartera at Chat La wns a caller ysetamrday at axaioft The patent oaaa of tha Thiima.n Haustoft Electric Company vs. Tha Jeffrey Man tat ac- tnrtng Ctiaipaiiy was beard yewtsrday la tha Orvaxtt Caort of Am. aia. A uasrtloa of tha Court was mi uptad by ml nisi a. a aeoetiia etreet cars which are beinft aaad aa as- Ubtta. Sugvarlnxaasdaant E- Wetmer. of tha Sub-postal Card Aft-ency. has xaada his aaaraal iwport, whicb shows that tha ageta.. ana aboot SUJV0.0O0 worth ef 1 11 all n daarrnft tbe past 12 aaowtha. This city bs tbe die-trTburtng oenier for postal. apitti a for Obso. Kant achy. Wlaconatn. Michigan. Taanamaa. Mlsexeaippt, Loaislana, Alabama and XaaiV ASBtrS SALT. DONT SWIM -when (bertf m abridge. Dent experiment with your heAith. - 1 Xmti La. a a waa a V j the expe ABBETS rience of ethers. Abbey's Effer-crescent Silt has acted as aSfiir , cures mtfuf 1 prevents ConstipxtiotuX a bricje Car, many to carry ihesx orer slcs-ness.nd disease. The daily use ol Abbey's EHcr- Headache. Dyspepsia, 1 pfttfffffj r Herooas Depression, 1 J&iexzmatisTTU 1 vtacent Salt wiH keep you in rood health and spirits the year -"round. : ' V -, ;: -; - : : aAH DruzpstL 25c 50c and l per UxtlcJ iv - l I'l I I'Py aaa. 'apftba pay ' ' st 1 1 sLata. T, J,' j I' i' '.V " - "Mr 1 1 a. wsaa .. aaM kam a Iaa a a a aaarfta. raaU aa faaaft laaa taaa fasTI f sf tkvs Mar aaaTae aaasaaa as maamaal aacasa ta aajr trap. Tsary aval a raapraaaaacft. tr taara aaal las waa I aft4 Vaa aaj4ii. ts ftas ttaa. ika 1 1 p assaftd ka aa aa. Iiaafauty c-aattvwiaal aa Ln. Isaasal Tas k aftftt say eaasp al asaaa aaat i aal aa sal aas a as uaa raaatrarta aar a-a a iaa aft i a haft saaat'aaia. ara aadiaa taar aby xba .sw -iwim WV-""' n'TT i ii I I i , 1 J. ' i

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