The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 25, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 25, 1937
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER op NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI nlylhevllle Courier Blyihevllle Dally News VOL. XXXIII—NO. 203 -myiheviiic^iei-ald Miss!sM]>pi Vaiiey Uwier ULYTIIRVILLK, Alt KANSAS, THUUSDAY, KHUUUAUV 2. r >, 1'Ki? SINGLE COPIES PiVU.GKNJS BORAHPROPOS Damon McLeod Announces For City Council Seat 1 The Courier News has been au| Ihorized lo announce the candi- | c!acy of Damon MeLeod, West end merchant. Tor the office of older- : man of the Third Ward. Mr. McLeocI formerly held the post, serving for ten consecutive years. He was never defeated for iv; i i i r- i I llle office but withdrew several Would Impose I' Cde r a Pycars ago in favor of TUTIONAL CHANGE 'ami Leiulej's See Rotasevrh Penal lies on Officers and Communities candidate. another WASHINGTON. Fsh. 25. (UP>— A federal anil-lynching bill, similar to that sponsored unsuccessfully for several years by former Senator Edward p. Costigan iDam., CoU. was introduced in tta ssnate today by Senators Robert K Wi«- j r.t'-i- (Dem. N. Y.) and Frederick , m BILL IN LOWER HOUSE Lop an Co: Rcnrcscnlalivc Holds Floor Throughout Morning Hour 11TTLE ROCK, Feb. 25 (UPt- progrcss the- bct- tlie be- "I am for the town's and will always vote for lei-went of the majority 'of Subject of "controversy in the hist} n !° llle '" " e £a , M ' " llllt "°'A I we- congresse-s. the program in the "^f ,''!LS','','^ the t!UIX1 past has usually t«un south.™ con- ! V fl . W ,,°, ' ly ' • , Hressmen lined uo' almost solidly [,,"'' ', ^ eotl °" e ™ les « 6'' 1 - UKalnsl sucii legislation. =™°,, at "«- corner of West Main in a joint statement Wagivar tin J '"" ' n '«nty-Hral street. Van Nnys explained the program would provide pimishment for any le'^al otllcer "whose negligence laads to Ihe lynching of a p:rson en- trusled lo his custodv." It wiuld levy a line of from $2.000 to $10,000 against any political subdivision "which fails to protect and give fair trial to those suspected or ac- disrd of crime." Tlie bill was the first anti-lynching measure introduced in the' senate during the current .session. Mor? than 30 representatives, • however, have introduced' such bills in lhe lower chamber. "With unremitting regularity, lynchings have decreased under every threat, of federal legislation upon the subject and Increased whenever the hope of passing such legislation seemed dim."- the two senators sriid. McLeod pointed to his record in the office in which he opposed' extravagance in the management! of the city's financial affairs This!,,., , , , , ', --.-..— tame policy of economv In the Elrcrls ° f (tl " y k ' adm '" {IK "° 11 ^ municipal government will be Mr I f , ni>r f C " ll) \"'' cs ,™' e f^nitcd McLeoci's object if "he is success-1 ,. ny '' " Ul " e in Hie April election, he said. w ' ful when I Logan comity man fillt'.ister this ep.. Ruy Btnir oi conducted a one- aud prevented (he DELWlS SMVOTE Measure Will Come Up for I'urther Consideration on luesde lay ; to with- JEFFERSON CITY Mo —After i D ' V ' Wlllkcr ' Grant county, am two days of debate ''over amend Ca '' Cd for the emp'MymrV. J o menu to the administration bir "sncultural experts to direct til, of'l , Wednesday doubling the state sales tax Per cent, Ihe house afternoon delayed further - action on the bill until- Tuesday morn- np tp Ship 50 Cars* -bf Radishes frbih Manila ing, when it will i> t take,, .; again as a special/ order of busi- ther amendments perfection:'" MANILA, Ark.—Lindemann and Hammerl, of Chicago, who have lipen shipping radishes from here for two seasons, report thai ihey have signed up over'300 acres in this section for this year and expect, lo have. 400 acres by planting lime which will begin in about a week. Uist year tills same firm signed up. over 208 acres but frost and sand cut the crop about 30-per cent. In spite, of this, however, they ship- l»d 24 ears of radishes as against eight the previous year. With fair wcnther conditions they expect to shi]) fifty cars from Manila this year. They have also bcqun contracting in and around Ilayti. Mo., and ev- pect 200 acres (here. an.a "• - ; -- : ^'" takin'j of a vote on the emergency clause cf the Vesey liquor repeal Wll during the morning hour. of "personal privilege" after Rep. KuineUi CoiTelt had scivlu by I parliamentary mcucuveriti" '-' send (lie bill, to the senate out the emergency clause. Blair talked until notified by Speaker John Bransford that the moaning hour had expired. Soil Conservation Approved Fc 1'owlng the expiration of the morning hour Ihe house voted down by a ballet by 50 (o 34 an administration measure thai would have created a coordinating as;i!cy In the state comptroller's-'office. The measure, said to have had the endorsement of Gov. Carl E. Eililey. was Introduced by Rep. and i /of Takes Own Life in Grief at Aged Mother's Death HATKSVILLK, Ark., Pel), 25. (UP) —l)t>|ire.«c:l because his Sll-ycar-old mollisr died. Clyde Mohlke. 60- yenr-old tarmrr, living eight miles from here, shot. hlmsen" lutally today. Mohlke ihrealencd to kill himself upon liclng informed his mother, Mrs. Kllziibelh Mohlke, had die-:! of pneumonia last nlghl, but lilcnds thought they had lalked him out of the act after hours of persuasion. lie slu>l himself whlls alone and died before mcdlcnl aid coulcl reach him, Hodlss of tile inolhcr and son Resolution '<vi Rooscvell Confers Willi House fvlernbeis Mid-western and southern farm" Veprcjentallves nimired at the White House, discussed with' Prcslrlenl. Roosevelt his Judiciary reorganization jiroumm In relation to the administration's proposed agricultural legislation. Left to rluhl. froijt, row: u c. Trousdalc, Houslon, Texas nice Growers- Edward A. I O'Neal, president American Farm Bureau Federation; N. C. Williamson. New Orleans, president I v i m Louisiana Cotton Co-operation Association; J. E. Wlnslow. Raleigh, N, C., president North Carolina I ment Farm Bureau Federation; Ace p, Lucas, .Brown wood, Texas, president Texas Agriculture Assn.- I ">" was si in back: George T. Chance, •qqltjin Growers of T;xas; Harold Young. Cotton Growers of AI*.IIKI>.C- I d "5'- cllllr ! Warrant Is Served on Cody Eaton in Death of Gladis Duncan Cotton : Growcr-ij of Mississippi; R. E. Snort. Brinkk'y, Ark., president Arkansas Furm R. E. Bureau Federation; C. G. Henry,.itemph's, Tenn., Trl-State Cotlon ;' • ', North Carolina. Growers of Arkansas; Association, and Clarence E. p'oc plant! li; and marketing of crops on the various state institutional far ins. .. - ! The -soil conservation measure, passage of which was blocked by a filibuster two days ago. was passed during the morning; horn- by a vote, of 79. to 3^ "•The* 'senate ,: today"- -vvent -'into House leaders explained the de ' ex ecutive session to confirm lay was to permit laking up per- """" "' '"" "" ' ' " fection of a bill revising'tlie 7 old- age pension law, as a special order of business today, riml-fo perriiit reprinting of- the sales »ta.\',' bill with such amendments .-as have been made so far. -.The":amendments make no extensive charges 111 the measure. . Administration supporters were confident the bill would be perfected by a substantial majority based on test votes on amendments. Two amendments were . adopted ... T ' ...^.fc. ^ i.llv/JJlcu Wednesday afternon. They : restore to Federal Judo;e Senlences •" Kafisifs Gly'' ' Officials Child Labor Amendment ! Is Ratified by Kansas bers of the board of finance which! will seek lo refund the state's highway bond debt. Wlille -."oiiiciai 'announcement will be withheld until tomorrow, convicted of conspiracy to commit reliable sources at noon rtiscl-sert vo 'e fraud In the November 3 elec- the following' persons had been lion, lo prison aiid jail terms rangnariied: ; . \ m S 'rom six months to three years. ' First district. W. W. Campbell. | Four psisons who pleaded nolo KANSAS 'CITY, Mo., Feb.'25. *Ul')—federal Jmlge Merrill E. Otis today sentenced seven persons. Kans., Feb. 25. (UP)— Kansas' today ; be<iame the twenty- eighth state to ratify the child labor amendment to the federal constitution. '.•.'. •••.Legislative action on tlm resolu- ^hjrr.was^compleled' She'll tlie house ',: formally voted, G4 lo 52. to ratify the amendment. The resolution received one more vote than lhe «-' rmi'red constitutional majority. : Forrest. City, banker. ! con I end ere government i bation for one and testified for the were placed on pro- year. Fifth district, yet to be named. McCloy, Pennsylvania Archers U7 i. II • n ^'ation of the commltlM Want Hunting Preserve s "uiie wn. } The house defeated the bill provision for a. sales tax on newspaper and billboard Advertising and transportation : of passengers and freight for hire , Ihese classifications now arr> <iiih Seventh district, yet lo be named, iect lo the 1 «-.—i—\L....:_•-, ... mder Second district, John Brinkley, banker. Third district, Tom Huhtsville, a" banker. . ! Edson Xf. Walker, Democratic Fourth district.- Stewart Wilson, election judge, two years in prison Texarkana. • ' . . ~ _ | Sixth district. F. p. I Pine Bliilf,•'• a banker. .. Representatives 'from the Fifth 1 per cent sales tax' «<=l>rcsenHUiycs troi the existing law, - but were' fllltl Seventh - districts 'named at a conference tomorrow . existing iaw, but were I " taken out of the measure In pre- '' \vill be IIARRISDURO. Pa. (UP)—Mod- rrn exjionents of Ih^ bow and ar- low would liave the state set aside land specifically for archery limiting of deer. The Pennsylvania Archery Asso- dalion is allempting to gel 10.000 •signers on a petilion asking for a stale-owned land to' bring (leer with bow and arrow. dowii !'UT€LL representatives nent by Representative Clymer of Crawford County, Republican minority floor leader, prescribing specific apportionments of the •ales lax- proceeds to various pur-i poses,.by n vote of 90 to 48. Clyrner's amendment would have set up a special earmarked John H. Drumniond, Democratic precinct captain, two years in prison. Lome E. Wells. Democratic jutt^c. two years in reformatory. Frank H. Adams. Republican judge, three years In prison. Joe R. wells jr.. Democratic clerk, one year in reformatory. .lohn A. Luleran. Democratic pr:- fund for sales tax proceeds, which ..„„ ?o Into the general revenue fund. in regulating elections, was pas sed with an amendment ottered D >' Senator J. L. Shaver of Wynne. rr,, T" 6 amendmeni dlminated cent of the proceeds for payment! those sections which gave »V of old age pensions, 7 per cent for j most dictatorial powers to the payment of deficiency claims, of j state's, chief, executive. of senators and of those districts. .... _ _ , r .. Tlie remaining fo:u- members of cmct - captain, three years in prison. lhe 11-man .board will be thej iso B. Roach, policeman, six governor, state bank commission-1 m °riths In pl'atte county jail, er. comptroller and one member \ Those who pleaded" nolo'conten- Icre were: Mrs. Tessic Mcars, Re- ^righl. Republican clerk; Mrs. Cal- overnor I !i " Clt "' It ' Democratic judge, and Miss pearl Spsrry. Republican dork. LflSl EREIIT Fp[ ' .OF m Selassie's Sonin-law, Captured ; and Executed STRIKE SIMl I McGrady Cites Statistics lo Show Few Are Involved Workers of the highway , commission. The Wilkes-Gathings pure clec- j lions bill, which would have vest-| ed wide powers in the WASHINGTON, Feb. 25. (UP) — AssislantSecretary of Labor Edward P. McGrady declared today lhat the "best figures obrainable" show lhat 45.001) out of 27.864.000 workers employed In six great industries arc now on strike. Upon those statistics he based a conclusion thai "there is nothing abnormal in present situation." "So far as lhe number of strikers and man hours lost are concerned, .-.HOME...FSU.-25. (UP)—Rn i sbn-ln-law'bf Emperor lliilh aelas- 'sic and lasi of the great Ethiopian chieftains opposing the Italians, vvas captured yesterday and summarily executed, an official dispatch i.froin/(jdfc.i Ababa said today. :•'. Desta : miirned the emperor's oldest daughter Princess Tannaghe. and for years he was a favorite,of Haile Selassie. Under .the emperor he was governor of Stdamo anil Bo- rama prc-lnccs in the lake region south of Adtlis Ababa. When he was killed he was Icart- Inj a smull lorcc of warriors, remnants of a great army, northward toward the capital. mn le bond for his up li teim of cli- ;|compan\ uucun's let! H Mlt'd !t the time it WASIIINO1ON, leb 25 (UP)— Senaloi Wllllum U Borah (Rep, Ida.) Introduced in the senate' to- daj a Joint iesolutlon deslsned as a .compromise maasurc ilo effect some of the alms of Ihe judicial} isoi^anl/atlon pioposal without gr>- «Ins as far us-President Rooscvcll's [orlslnni plan. j liorah dlrccled his proposed compromise al lhe fourleonth aineiid- mcnt or the eomtitullon which he would lediaft lo "give Ihe sl.itrs full po\vei to lieat iheh so:ijl^,ni(l economic proWems vUtiiln eich stale.' In cfTed It would pievent "lhe supreme court from Invalldaltn;; state laws u.ider the due piocess ol taw' clause of this amendment and wou'd take from the jmlsdlclion of lhe couil such Issues as lhe Ncvv Yoik minimum wage law, recently dclctl upon, >rah's pio|>osul was submltwd President Roosevelt was con- vvllh a group of liine mem- Ihc house on [he judlclarj ,and \vltlle ihe house lUelt ;ed In bltler controversy I ftn T * • pUliU_Jll, Memphis h< was ctiiiiiict! a truck (.ollii left lhe sceni •eT'tlfS 'cTviK Mid-West and Enlon ' Enlon has evade scrvlc rant, 1 which,li house suicu bill was' vole' RODNEY DUTCH Fit iHINOTON — Discussion ,«t, lhe Roosevelt plan for 'Judicial' j(<- form Imi broughV Into the'spolllght a wide \aratlfln, of alternutt\6'su"- Lat- agalnst hicls company the driver, attempt to bench war- 'at the court- bd juiy true 'until served today, SJ, persons now on the "old age j)en- sion rolls; 1 3-10 per cent for ad- I ministration of the old age pen jsion law; 12 1-10 per cent for general relief; 5 per cent for state eleemosynary institutions, and 33 1-3 per cent for public schools. A dczen other local In nature .the senate. Srnati; Cuts The senalc voted day to reduce the bills, principally were passed by ,,, " ll " exception of lhe ntnomo- bile strike we arc riinnih- a lilile below normal.'' he said at an interview. McGrady warned, however, thai "we are not handling our labor relations in a constructive an:l intel- Jigent manner" and that the use of "elaborate spy systems, gas or gum paralyzing industrial operations, odern so- E . -..^.....^ 1111111.111 lit] U|)i should have no place in mo •ciety." His observations foliowe< Immediately after the 'tombing attempt at Adclis Ababa last Friday, strong Italian and native columns were sent fan-wise southward from Addis Ababa to seek Has Desla. This was because Itai:-m authorities blamed his followers, principal- REI.5 HE-flPE Renew Attack On University City; Loyalists Resist Under Heavy Fire MADRID. Feb. 25. (UP)—Rebels gesllons Each alternative thai Its' supporters who Insist li's'tiic bvsl 1 and safest \vay,to change ThS MI prcms cpuil : And each ulierndflve -, is iTWled ril^by Vimiibhrfel tfh6fn»*i of the /jupporteis of all lhe othei plans. Here arc Ihe chiof pioposnli, other than the president's v\l!li.tlie objections most, comiuonlj voiced against them. Court Majority Increase 1 Increasing the court majoilty to Invalidate legislation pose that a 0 to t advers" icquhed Scuatoi Noil Is of a,anjotlierssay7to2" Ihli :v eloped out of several 5 la 4 is'on vital measures.:The .rie- against AAA was G to 1 cKon loflhla^rs^iat lovvei .1 courts and stale v courts power to declaje lift, invalid le supreme 'court, m,us| liivo \ ,vveV to reverse such •de'disi&iW bt ,ny majority ot tht ,lx))\er would uoiely be delegated 'Also, some crUics don't relish the piospect of a majority of justices, InsisMiaix a law Is liiicoiistitutional, while.m'mj 1> two 01 three justices are ablc| lip^ uphold It lhe plan doesn t hitSal^ the question of judicial power; It ly army caclcls, for the bombing dr f whleh desperately wou.uled G,^ ^ probably would require a coiistllii renewed Iheir offensive on the Ma-! tlonal amendment because few bc- , i-j Proceeds.of the sales tax for thel'' 1 * flom five cents lo three cents! biennium of 1937 and 1938. if the'l >e1 ' Package of 20. . C .^", c ;?L.i P »neer Resident Succumbs, at His Home in 20-11 slate ytstcr-j cigarelj rate is doubled and the increase can be put Into effect by July i " "- ' at $42,000.000 to •ire eslimated 541.000,000. New York Cotton There's nobody I f ec i 50rrier for than these so-called sophisticated' NEW YORK. Feb. 25. (UPI- pecplc that'vc been all over the! 1011 closed steady. Senator Ellis of Bentonville, an- Ihor of lhe bill, led the successful floor fight against strong opposition. He said reduction of the tax would bring a large increase Reece Community Funeral services, were held this afternoon for W. M. Lsndennic. 73, pioneer resident of this section, who died at his home in the Recce com- 'cd vigorous criticism ol the sit-down strike technique by Sucrctary of Commerce Daniel C. Ropjr. Roper indicated in a press conference lhat lie hoped court action would halt the spread of such demonstrations. •It was learned from sources close to Ally. oen. Homer S. Cummlngs that -he, too. considers sit-downs "patently illegal." Aurello Llotta. chief of the Italian air force In Ethiopia, and less seriously wounded General Rodolfo Grazlaua, Ilalinn viceroy, and the Abuna Cyril, head of the Coptic Christian church of Ethiopia. Closinf/ Stock Prices A. T. and T ns 1-2 American Waterworks 253-4 Anaconda Copper 64 1-; day with an aUack on rsily City. At the ''zero hour" before dawn they, opened fire at the nortlnvest- lieve the courts would accept it as , constitutional gress. if enacted by 'COn- .Veto by Congress ern sector. Morlars Tind machine 2. Overriding the court by Con- guns laid down a heavy fire. Artil- : grcss. This proposal which would lery on both sides was brought into] require a constitutional amendment. play as the tide ol battle swims back and forth In lhe battle to gain the salient. would empower Congress to ov'niv ride-a supreme court decision'of unconstitutlohality by a two-thirds. The Insurgents spread their of- j.-^or,perhaps even a majorlly—vote tensive across to west Park at dawn 1A variation would call for n popu- bul the loyalists threw them back lar refcrendiirn after repassage of and their iM»itlons were reported Beth. Steel 93 3-4 j ""changed. Low clouds and ,cold world and seen everything a ,,dl done everything. T, lerl ,. s 110lhin . j Mar. .. left for 'em lo get a kick out of Ma - v • • That's the reason why the people Jul i' •• in a small lown are so much hap-1 Oct - • pier because they can get a kick! 020 •• out of the simple things in life ' j!1 "- • • I'll never forget the time a travclin' salesman cor.ic down home and he had two hours to 1:111 before train time and h c wcn t ni> to the. station agent and he says, -YOU got a show in town?" The agent says "No." The salesman says "Have you got a pool room or a library?" The agent says "No.'' Then the salesman sas open high . 1284 1285 . 1265 1265 . 1249 1240 . 1197 1197 . 1191 1192 1191 1191 low close 1280 1282 1260 1260 1242 1242 H87 1189 1183 1184 1184 1191 in the slate's tax revenue by in-' ""inlty. three miles southeast, 'of! Mother Dies After creasing cigarct sales. " ' Dlythcvillc, at noon yesterday. R' fl f T ' „.: Senators Non-ell of Monllcelloj wN ' r ' ^"""f «'as born at De, DinilOI 1 Win Lot - and Shaver of Wynne, fighting the r" ;«;';;' ^os. and moved to bill, charged lowering the tax| Mlsslss '!>J' 1 ™'"ty at the ago of 18 would lower the bond contracts and some - col - 1B1 . In- 188a. he married Miss tutlons of higher"Saton" 1 '- ^ ^ nm ' w "° s >'"'^ "tm. . He is also survived by four sons. Spots closed steady at 1320. up 2. Virail. two IrptCl wnu ^uni.m^;, t,ume -CO!- fOwlT r^lllk Ahn •leges have^ executed for building daugl posed the bill IrtudJc'n andT^lf''^']^; pmy Oppo-c fclcclion Bill i Bett.s, all of Blythev-lllc. Biller opposition balked final ao- i Funeral services wen- held at the j tlon yesterday on two other contro- 8 inch! verslal matters, the Wilkes-Oath- New «,\y e ^ f . what in lhe wo rld do you do here! lo amuse- yourself?" The agent Mar M« "Wen )^ g ^ alely (yprj-body Afay .... / Spot Average Is 12.91 The average price o; -: middling colton on lhe ten desig-!in«s eleclion bill and the Fa°an- nalcd spol markets today was i Thompson chain slore tax 12.94. according to lhe Blytheytllc Senator Shaver led the fight I against the Wllkes-Oathings bill. ,, i i charging it would have centrallz- C 01 COM" 1 n " Primary election authority 'in Ihe slalo committee, thereby 1 Board of Trade. church willi tile Rev. Mrs- Eupha Beaslcy ornciadng terment was made at says open . 1268 1259 hl^-li 1273 1259 and in- Elmwood cemetery. The Moss Funeral Service was In charge of funeral arrangements. Tom Jones. B. H. Caldweli. Leland Svvc-att, Ira Crawfoi-d. nen Darby and Monro; Wilson were . IQ W c i osc 12G8 1239 125* - r » ._. v .^ ^ , ^, j -~^.j _, --u« JiiJT liOO »- town lias been going down to July .......1241 1243 1231 1237 Henry. Pabcr's grocery store—he's Oc! 1152 1182 nsr nisi _ grocery slore- ffot'a new bacon sllcer." , I ntn. 1197 (Cnj>\rlght 19:17 Esquire , Features, Jan , 1190 Inc.) 1192 1197 1190 1183 1183 1188 UBS 1183 1183' Spots closed r.leady at. 1235,-up 2. destroying majority rule In any county vvhtch might be opposed fo the stale administration Senator Mtlum joined him in opposing the bill. After Mr. Shaver's sharp attack, Mr. \VUkes withdrew the bill from third road. (Coullni'.ed on Page 3) i.Iul Clricaao Corn open hljh low close IM3-4 1067-8 IMS-i 1057-8 1021-1 102 1-2 1001-8 101 Day-old motherless twins. and a boy, were admitted Bir! the , Blvtlicville hospilal today. The mother. Mrs. Mart Rose. wife of a WPA worker, died yesterday at the family home. 1507 West Chickasawba avenue, shortly after the twins were born. Chrysler 125 Cities Service . Coca Cola General Electric General Motors Int. Harvester 104 McKesson ,t Bobbins 13 5-8 Montgomery Ward 62 1-2 N. Y. Ccniral 44 1-8 Packard U 3-8 Phillips Pelro 53 1-2 H.ldio Corp 11 5-8 St. Louis-San Fran 43-4 Simmons Heds 52 1-8 Standard of N. J 72 Sludebaker 18 3-8 Texas Corp 51 5-B U. S. Smelling U. S. S'.eel ... Warner Broi. . court invalidated law by Con-, grcss.. Objectib'ns: This Is cumber- __ = _ _ _ I winds terminated the spring-like j some and takes too much th'ne> 4 1-4' wealhcr of the last 10 days. ] Tivo or three years may elapse be r " 138 i At mt d-day Gen. Jose Mija. in j fore a law is ruled upon by tha 59 i.j (supreme command of Ihe Madrid! court. Tlie process of overriding 65 1-4 ! forccs . sa 'd: . | would take Additional lime The "Our forces at University city t court might again hold a re enact-' blew up a rebelamlue early'toslay.! ed law unconstitutional on other Tlie mine had been laid by the in-j points ju'Other cases, and could kill surgents to surprise loyalist advance I off similar laws in the meantime. parlies bur it was discovered. Our | And Congress could hardly repav. men laid n counter mine which was .stale laws, over which the court set off this morning, if the rebels! has jurisdiction. '* have an abundance of arms and | More Power for Congress materials we have right ,md reason on our side.' 1 92 103 5-8 j 15 ! 7 5-81 Livestock Fire Causes Damage To "Rental House, Contents A rental house, owned by J. T. (Alford and occupied by Bob Malone and W. W. Martin, was seri- •lously damaged and household their father will adoption of lhe twins persons. They were placed in the hospital by the local chapter of the American Red Cross until further provision is made for their care. Roseknd- Baby Dies Cecil Johnson, Jr., Infant son of: Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Johnson of thej I Is be-1 PAST ST. LOUIS. Fob. 25 (UP) | agree to' —Hogs: Receipts, 9.000 j by .other i Top 10.40 • 170-230 Ibs. 10.00-1015 Light weights 6.75-9.65 Bulk sows, 9.40-9.65 Catlle: receipts, 2,200 Slaughter .steers (nom,) S.00-12.50 Mixed heifers and yearlings 1.00-9.75 Slaughter heifers. 0.00-10.50 Beef cows 4.75-5.75 Cutlets and low cutters, 3.50-4.25 Roscland community, died at 4| o'clock yesterday at the family < home in the Roscland community. I .; funeral services were held and 1 May ^burial was.made today at Manila. | Jul open 132 115 Wheat high low close 1321-4 1287-8 1301-4 1151-2 1121-8 1131-1 by practically destroyed-' by fire Mils morning. Tlie blaze, stai'ting about; 10. o'clock, vvas said to have been' Caused by an oil stove burner when' the flame flared too high. It! | 3. Broadening the congressional I power. Various amendments are . i proposed to effect this. One would I eni|wwer Congress to promote tlie 1 general welfare ! by Inns which It judged best calculated to effect that purpose. Another proposed amendment would say: "'Congress shall nave power to regulate industry.- labor and agriculture within the several slates." Tlie great difficulty of getting any large body ot opinion to agree on the wording of an' (Continued on Page 3) WEATHER Arkansas—Pair and somewlnt by r», r °l ' on 'sl:t. Friday Increasing cloucti- - as llttle -;ne£S. if any, Insurance coverage on the liousehold goods. : Boy .Scouts, -acting as city, officials and employes today, became "smoke caters" 'when 'they .Memphis a»d \icmlts—Bolder to- nlsht,. Idfttst' tCniparalure 20 to 24 Krid a'y^ fa i r and coUL ,', swormed ,ln(6 the house to help'yesterday was tcmpcriture heie S3. minimum 30. , . . remQve furniture and assist reg-' clean-according lo Samuel P Nor- firemen. |rls, official \vealher observer.

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