The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 31, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 31, 1932
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Y'' 1 ' '•''••'. ••'•'••'•^^^ ! ^ ! j^^ Served bit the ^ I United Press VOL. XX1X-NO. 193 U&JXK3BER NEWS Blytheville Dally News. Blythcvllle Herald. ^Ilsslsslppi Valley Leader. Blytheville Courier. — h l .j'WWAY. OCTOIiKU 111, HWa SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS' 'London Police l (1 i.uhl: monstVation In-| crease in Relief Funds, i ' CHICAGO, Oct. 31 (UP) — A Ehoutln;, singing, booing army of| 15.COO men, women and children I inarched throush tlie loop today i in a hunger march. | Despite red banners and launts I at Mavor Anton Cermak and President Hcover, mere than 1,000 po- licij marshaled the parade without violence. Tn three armies the marchers converged on the loop from north, west and south. There wero ragged men with drawn faces, well dressed men who parked their automobiles before joining the line, women in frayed clothes with a baby on one arm and a red umbrella In the opposite hand, and women' in fur coats. Pasij tlie city hall the army moved. 25 abreast, shaking their fists, shouting "we want Ccrmak's Ecalp", or singing "we'll hang President Hoover to a sour apple tree when' the revolution comes." More than l.OCO police were „, massed about the parade and ac- I Charges Grand companied it to Grant park. A delegation was left behind to clicose spokesmen to present demands of the unemployed for more relief funds and better conditions. A. clash was narrowly averted when the marchers swung off Randolph street into Michigan Chicago Loop When thousands oi 111111501- marchers advanced on II de mobs from the slum districts of London who stoiril ai Bitter fighting followed in which 17 were injured, includUm a score of did not participate in the rioting. Truncheon swinging police finally Iliis cabled picture of the rioting mounted and foot, palkc may be seen driv llley e guard near |>ollce. The hunger subdued (he •iiiR tack Ihe I'lvnaten Furllier Tr Unless PcvmiUcc! Present Pditions. Statistical Bureau Puts Crop at 11,531,000 Bales 1 ..— , NEW YOliK, Ocl. 31. (UI')-Tho IiitcriiRtloiiul Statistical Bureau (o- j day iViUmalcil thn inuioii's co'.iati ei-op m 11,531,00(1 bubs cf Mil pounds i«r»ss wulijhl. j Tills comjinria with their Si'<)- ! | tcmber 1 e.illmiile ol ll.lOU.OOO IIA!.'.-. ' i and the last govcriinwiu rsllmslo i ot 1| ' Till! t 0 "'ere this year armies and Jury to Incur No Unnecessary Expense This" Term. avenue on their way to. the park. 'Police had--orders to send the marchers down the sidewalks. A policeman stood w!th pistol aimed but the marchers ignored him and walked into the street. Will Again United States in Production, Gin Figures Indicate. . Mississippi county promises to retain this season the position it won last year as the leading cotton producing county in the United State. While it is still several month; before final ginning figures will be available the latest report, giving output prior to Octobjr 18, show? this ranking with the leaders, and the general opinion is tl-at consi ; - «rably more cotton remains to be ginned here than in the big cotton producing counties of and Texas. Mississippi . Among Arkansas counties the October 18 report shows Mississipp' county holding mors than its customary margin of leadership. This county's total of 85.005 bales is followed by Crittenden wito 37,384 and Craighcad with 33.911. The total for the state was 752.375. Following are ginnings prior k October IS this year and last in leading cotton producing countisr of Arkanras: ' Melvin Downinj, .Manila man. was the first to go to trial at the fall term of criminal court which' opened 'at the courthouse here this morning with Judge Neill killough of "Wynne presiding. Downing faced trial on appeal from conviction for illegal possession of liquor and a S30 fin; in municipal court here. ' The grand jury retired to begin investigations at 0:30 o'clock after a brief charge by Ji:dge Killoujh. The court stressed the necessity of eliminating as much expense as pcs- sible in the court term and painted out the advisability of the grand jury confining its investigations to felony cases cxeep: in insianc£.s where It was felt misdemeanor cases might not be receiving proper attention in the lower courts. Florida Night Riders Indicted by Grand Jury JACKSONVILLE, Pla.. Oct. 31 (Ul'l— The Uuval county yraiul jury today returned 2) indictments against nine men charged with conducting a night riding reign of terror, allegedly flogging some ol whom were their Uctims women. The jury's report was made to Judge A. B. Long of Gainesville. ISTIIIIIFOI Department Hopes .to Get Blytheville Building Under Way in January. Bids on ihe construction of a new post office biilHin? at BK-the- vllle will be opened Nov. 29, Postmaster J. H. Elkins has been ad- vked by the ollicc of the supervising architect of the treasury "«i-:ment. A set of drawings and specifications of the building, to be erected n i on tlie southeast corner of Broad- rrosecutor .Carries Case W!ly m<i Wnlnut . is now in Mr. EI-. A • . n i ^ ' !;ills ' nl?s - Contractors desiring -to ftgamst rreJaie fO LOUrf M on the project may obtain of Appeals. ' ' IS' 5 froni lll: su ""™ lsl »g nrcni- WASHINGTON~Oct 31 (UP)-' i ^"l Washington "• lias been D „,. , .. ... • .learned that the department hop"S Political activities of Bi-hop .Urn" lo award the contract some time In Cannon Jr.. against Alfred E. smith December, so- construct-on m the 1928 presidential cninpaicm', < v °v* can be started immedlaielv again to-Jay came under the scru- "' --.-.• .Tfce-prttt jury pane, which con- ""I* "L e C ° U ?' . listed of only 21 men, includhi" e ollice Ol D)5l nct Attorney! alternates, after several had b"eii ' ° A ' Rover u asking the D!s-! excused, received the court''; chare- !trlct of Col >i m w"a court of appeals 'to rule that the indictm?nt re- after the first of the year. for Fr court had been day, Nov. 4th. Other will remain on call thio'ughoutUe term. On recommendation of Frcsecut- i vu" 1 mg Attorney s. L. Gladish, whos- t w | In term of office expires In ~ ' IN TRIFFIP IN InHrMb lor' The indictment, containing len' roughs. y = sen;ltc ".»m ui uuice expires m Dec"m-i/./>,„«•.. . , , J " "• tar. appeal of Charley Estes from • 'r^'Sr^^C^ a lower court conviction on a charge of transporting liquor was dismissed upon payment of ihc cl ,,, „„. ^ S st^iekert """"" "* 51 °° "»= | «lU.' _ t^n^rc^Glad^rand^ii: Democratic Expenses 5 Penalty for City Violations Will Take Effect Tomorrow. The cost of violating traffic res- 1932 Asnlc y 12.498 Chicot 13080 C'<|V 19.443 Columbia 1812 8 Ccnway , 2517 Craighead 33941 Crittenden 37 384 Cr0! =s '.'.'. 11,136 Desha 12231 Faulkner " IR'IO^ 14.497 16.328 30,692 1U82 15.708 1331 12.315 14,607 23.10? 12.5T! 24.03P 31.Go" 10 m? 12.M5 !1.3S r ............ . Hcmpstead ........ • 7 '-* : °n ........... .' JefTerson ........... I-^fayette .......... Lawrence ........... ............. . Lonoke ............. 25.M9 Miller .............. 12^23 Mississippi .......... 8.5,086 Phillips ............. Sl.JCG Foinselt ............ 27.BW Pulaski ............. 9M3 Randolph ........... 10.108 SI. Francis ......... 23.462 White .............. 17.003 16.-172 27.639 12,561 0,467 12.277 13,243 2fl.Gl? 10.528 58.48? 13005 20.25 ,' 14.673 6.7R1 19.073 Tells of Quarrel' Dawklhs, according to Sheriff Ferguson, said he and his wife- left the party after Evans and Miss Kirtpatrlcfc .starte/J n healed argument. He admitted there had been "som« drinking," —•"«—•« tl't^i l.VU.11- «1 for Tr.urman Clsmons. the latter agreed to pay a $10 r me Iov rc-cKe^ driving and costs in that case and another of driving whib with a S100 fine in Ihj ing to report faithfully" a SG3,OOC —•- — .^...>.,.« ., t .mu it contribution ma-Jc to the Cannon "totions in B!ytt:cvill is going up cause by E. C. Jameson. New York '• Poli =e Chief A. D. Gvryn an- ardent prohi- """need today that r.e had been advised by Municipal Jud»c C. A. • Cunningham of (in advance from one dollar to five dollars for thr i TL " 'mt-n- US " al trnfflc violation fine. Less /han a MllltOn Otlenairs halted info court ove Oct. 31 (UP)— •i period of weeks hp.vo been fine:' one dollar but the court inrlcati-! latter case to goodVlm-ior .... .^..M,....,.,. national commit- r ° m llmo to lime that tte finr icn todr.v reported to the clerk ftns to !ui ™ nc «- The five dollar fln^ '! the house that it had received *° lnto effec ' tomorrow, Chief iSI.CG5.C54 for ils campaign Ecttv- G "' v >' n S!ltt ' ne was told. amrmca'l'n Ih Im "" elp * 1 court wa s '-ties from June 1 to October 22. i Pol'w have brought a number o' former ManlH^-b 30 r° • , Cla -'' The C0!nmnttc "Ported expcn- foffiiidants into court in the pas l M xvUr obstair'l? ? V 11 " 3 " d ' furcs of S926 ' 208 during the I m <>nth for making "U" turns !„ ^,,"..™ _ rir , lns , n " °. f!iccr I" rl "nc r-ericd. (the prohibited area on Main m forme ed with obstnieting an officer Tn performance of his duty. Clay was fined $5fl in municipal court. J. W. -Watkins of Leachville was enrolled as a member of tho bar. He recently passed the slate bir examination, it is understood that Clarence Meactos. also of Leach- ni.e. has p.issed the bar examination. Three Die As Plane Crashes in Carolina MOORESVILLE, N. C., O-t 31 (UP)-Threc persons were killed In-' hn« "ere morning. cvnsh The dead were Edward. By ars J 5 Charbtte. N. C ., automobile : dis-' trlbutor and pilot. Earl Padgett 42 nnd his daughter Eailc-Mi Padgett' 19, of Lincolnton. ' flying from h!s h omc ton accompanied by the Padgetts ,t« Cr.orlotle where " , . . business. The plane its course and „, the prohibited area on Main In (ne busir.ers section, for failure tr observe stop sl^ns and for st>e"d- f lir "rni-Vi" '"'• Dc " ial Uiat tho rc «ntly i n - lor Vvomen and thildren I nii e""'<;<i campaign is a -driv- I but a year round enforcement In- Will Discuss Night Work NEW YORK, Oct. 31. - Nielit employment of women ami children in the colton t;xtile industry, temporarily abandoned last atoler by most mills, will be discussed November 15 In Sp.irlm- bur?, s. c.. by the bo.ird of directors of the colton Tentile Institute, It was announced here today. stead, has been mace. Museum Robbed COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo (UP)—Cliff dwellers museum, at Manltou, Colo., known to hun- d'eds of thousands of lourlsts. was robed and three valuable Indian bracelets stolen, recently. Bean Shooters Barred MENA3HA, Wis. (UP) — It Is dangerous to be found carrying a little tin tube here. Police have had numerous complaints about slight but maddening injuries Inflicted by boys with bean shooters. Jonesboro Postoffice Contract Is Awarded WASHINGTON. Oct. 31. (TJPl- Aj contract f<fr consi-iicilnn inr" remodeling of tlie jonesbaro, Arlt., past efllcc was awnrderl to:'ay bv the treasury lo William n. T,nvell iflnncapolts. Minn., for $82.155. The building must be ccmpHed within 3GO days after the contractor receives official notice to b°sli- conslruction. Dove Homr ts T"'rfo* NEWPORT, R. r. (OP)-A 16- room is belne errrtcrl on fashionable ncllcviie Avenii" in this society resort. It will shelter the scores of imported ulgeons owned by Maxim Karollk, Russian artist, when from the (he .linnles yield p:-.,-••. at paiiiuls "gainst '201.^ pounils, tl:e :ictii:il [ liljnrc In 19:11, ami 150.4 ixiimd'i. • I 11 '! 1 10-yciir avcraiji;. LONDON, Oct. 31. (UP)—The I Ciiimlngs ure estimated at ! -m - •limiKer army" invading London'COO bales for the period October lit presented an uUtmalum u> liowrn-i' r ' Novt-mtm 1, nnd in KiJOoOOa niMit and municipal authorllle.s to- lult-s for 111; wason tj Nnvr-inb:-r 1 ' day llircntcnliig serious trouble unless Ihcy nrc allowed to present, their iKlillons for relief to the 1'oiisc of commons. The Jobless _ngllalors whose presence licrc inis led lo serious doling threatened lo rcimiln in 'Ion Indefinitely, r.lage repented demonstratioiK lo enlist public support, nnd hold (hell- present Icm- iwrary lodgings by force. If necessary. The marchers spent Ihe day Invading various boroughs nnd participating-In HKISS meetings so tlml iwllcc were rcenforced and put on llw uteri Ihroughout greater London . Poslponp Departure Originally |hc mnrrliers wen- scheduled to tegln their Journey Komcwnrd afoot an:l by rail alier omorroiv. Since police .served notice that none ol them woulil b= allowed to approach within n mile of parliament, their original objective, the organizers decided that the marchers should nssemblc en Clerkenwell green an:! choose 30 leaders to accompany elected representatives of local trace unions in a march on the commons. , .Organizers at headquarters of ihc marchers said: "If the police balk the deputation we cannot cay what will happen. It is certain that some ol (he marchers n-lll not b: intimidated since they have already prov- ed'their metnl and behaved with discipline better than that of the police." Palace Threatened Mounted and foot police saved the king's palace and official residences on Downing street from attack: by trousand.1 or unemployed ami huncer mnrchers" nfier n tor- fine battle Sunday at Trafalgar Square. Eoccd to the cch.D by an angry w>-,vd D f unemployed and sympathizers, British "bobbiss" «-ere forc- c d to retreat as the mob attempt^d to .warm streets lenrll,,,; lo Buckingham Palace ant! Wcstmin- -ter. Thev nnn , |y werc foreo] taci into Trafalgar Square where the "- Mt voices of British Ooiiimiin- and unemployed leaders wm- condemning (| !n t'overnmcnt, PcrtageviHe Youth Held in Cape Grocery Holdup | _ CAPE OIRAHDEAU, Mo.-Chnrg- -•> of first degree robbery were filed baturday by Prosecuting Attorney =>• P. Dalton against Clclus Ellis, ft, Of Portngevillc, accusing lilm ol *"'"" one of tlirec bandits who the $1542 holdup of Manager Cline T. Hope of the Economv grocery. 701 North Main street, on s had been in the city jail Wednesday, held on charges or stealing an automobile here on Pa m frCm JOC Davls - 113 South Pacific street. Ellis waived preliminary hcartap before Justice Schultz and or ton",,' 0 , . th ? ^n'y J afl '-«• Jack- ""al" Case Will P ro |> a bly Bo I-ICIMT) .«( Flarrisbiui' This Week. Iiiimeillnlc Irlnl of Senntor H A elxon's action tDjucstliin 1)13 '_-lcr- l!on of J. Fred Parlnli as l-c De'ri- t ocrallc nominee for i,emuo r ot the • Mth district was nnClclpatal icdav ! wllli aiinounceiniuil from Lilllc I Hock tlml the Male supremo conn had ri'vcr.sod n Ucelslon of the Poln- seit coimiy circuit court and remanded HIP cnxK la iniirlslmir (ov trial. to Hear Cue Find Spikes fulled From Rails--, Where i lis Special Train Passed. ATHENS, O., Ocl. 31. (UP)— Aulhoritlos today learned thai B7 splke.s had i :C en removed from rails on n hiijli curve of the Ihltlmon; and Ohio rnllrond over wr.lch Prej- l<lcni Hoover's special lialn passed early Saturday. It was not known .spikes u-ere removed ,.„ , rails, whether before or after tin president's sjicclal passed. Tlie spikes were pulled from n section ot Inside track op Ellison's cro.wlng, nboiit four miles west of Athens. Two miners founi the spikes, which were hurled down a 40-foot embankment on which the rails werc elcvitcu. The track curves nt the crossing. Railroad officials said analc irons apparently hold the tracks together until tottny. preventing poislb'i disaster. Had the spikes teen pulbd from the outside track the president's special might have gone over (he embankment-. Sheriff Wayne Wlncjcll, Athens i Tl:e supreme court reversed the decision ot Circuit Judge Neill Kll- loiish who sustained a demurrer to Iho suit on the grounds that It an- not ricxl Reports .Findings in Jackson, Miss., Bungalow De-iths. I JACKSON, Mitt., Oct. 31 (.UP)— IA coroner's Jury tlii's afternoon (Indilicl <hi( ."imvslcry- ;ieat!f,". cf Miss liuih I<lrt:patrlck, W .1111! II. M, 1 Evans, '10, Jncfcson oil mill, wrrc causnd' by suicide. • Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Dawkhis of Mcniphls, held as niat:i-hl wllnestEs, were exonerated of any Warn? In the double dcivMi.. Hawkins and his wife told tho Jury they were in Miss Klvkpat- rick'B liungalow v,'licre thu death's occurred when the double suicide cccilrrrd lain Himdiiy. IW.r Had (Jiuirelrd 'I'iie tivo had niiai-rclcd most tf Hie day when.Evans accused her ol Illicit relallous with another man, a former resident of Memphis, (lie Dawklra said, "finally Miss Klrkpnlrlck Jumped from her chair In the llylnj reoin and rim Into her bedroom,'' All's. Hawkins related. "My hus- biuiil und I were In another bedroom, we heard her door slammed and then a gun shot." Ei KM was found standing over Her body nnd Dtuvklns quoted him "s sayliiB, "Oh, I'm ruined." - Dawk Ins said he w res led - from Evans i;ne pistol but Evans found anolher revolver and shot him- froi]l _ rested at the Illinois Central -s'ta- Hoii ready ( 0 ^, ar(1 a lmln [or Memphis, The slnln woman r.:i:l h -r com- • ' panlon were found m of blood ' connty, anil railroad detectives «>ugiit a train rider who was arrested at Cliillicothe last week on suspicion. Tiic rider was qiieslioned and released. Isaac Van Dy>;e, miner, and n companion, made the discovery of removal ot the spikes. Twenty-six (rains hail crossed the rails since ihc president's special passM cant- ward to Washington on \ts return from Indianapolis. bond on (he robbery charge J-;as fixed at $3000 and on the car tr.eft charge at $500. A'ew York Cotton NEW YORK, Oct. 31 (DP) Cotton closed barely steady. open high low close Dec Jan Mnrcii May July Oct 012 615 622 632 G44 CS8 614 618 628 838 648 664 --- vv , Spots closed at 615, off 604 610 621 620 641 655 606 610 621 630 G41 651 quiet. Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Oct. 31 <UP>'Otton closed steady. open high low close Dec Jan March May July Oct 605 611 621 630 639 612 627 636 646 605 609 610 629 639 CM 610 619 629 641 654 b Spots closed at 611, off 4, steady >aighead Bar Will Not Hold Vote on Chancellor JON'ESBOnO. Ark.—Tiieri- will Iy no elimination voting by mcmbei of the Cralshead County assc elation to select ono alicrney as their candidate for tho office ol chancellor, leading lawyers of (he county stated today. Three prominent Jcncstoro attorneys arc mentioned for tho post, b^ng former chancellor AreV- Whenlley, Attorneys Cordon Frierson and Jce Barrett. One of the attorneys In to query in regard to the p'.iblishc: reports from Osceola telling ot the elimination i-otlng in .\fUslsslppl county in which V. G. Holland ol Blytheville v/on over C. M. Hue!: of niylhcvillc and wrlch article stated tlml counties over the district nrc holding these diminution."!, stated that no such request, had been made In this county and that he did not know of any oilier county in this dislrict, besides Mississippi that was following this p.-ocerhirc. Governor-elect Futrell has told attornej-s that he would appoint his successor that the bar of this district .--clccieJ. Stock Price* A. T, and T ........... 103 6-8 Anaconda Copper ...... 87-8 Auburn ................ 41 1-2 Caterpillar Tractor .... 8 Chrysler ................ H 1-8 Cities Service ............ 31-4 Coca Cola ............ Continental Baking ____ General Eleclric ...... 153-8 General Molars ........ 127-8 Mlddlcwesl Utilities .... — Montgomery Ward ____ U 5-8 New "fork Central ...... 237-8 Packard .............. 2 3.4 Radio Corp ............ 67-8 Simmons Beds ........ 8 Standard of N. J ....... 39.1-8 Texas Corp ............ 13 1-8 U. S. Steel ............ 35 6-8 ...hlii the 10-day pe- allowed for county contests Judge Klllniigh held that charges In Mlsslwlppl nn ,i jnckson coun- Mi's were not snincienl to consll- (utc causes of nellon In those counties ami the case coulil only b' cousldernl ns n. I'olnsclt comilv contest. "" UIIM - 1 »L;vuivrF anci snot hhn- Judgc Killough, who opened a two -'elf. The Dnwkliis 1 ndmillcd flee- coks term of criminal court T:ere 1no ft- "'" *'-- »-—-today, awaited the official mandate of (lie supremo court to op:n (rii\ of the elccllon contest. While the cxfcct scoix! of Ihc case could nol bo determined pending a complete report ot the higher court's decision it is believed that actual trial will begin tomorrow or Wednesday In order lo make o^'ery "eilori -to determine fully the nartv's nomhion r „ -.1 ,.—..«« mu H lau u;u«i belore the general eleellou A ' ^Jg* S?*?* f"- Wgh scj.qt elal judge will serve In Jiiil™ K\\- £ , ' Sllc had bc ™ opar.iting-a lough's place here ^""^ " arlor »»« 'or the last year. . May Cr ca t e Vw.inry .^ blo(ocl smwrcd bodies were ' in the event that a .belsl™ in 5 Sed on the°'^r bTohiSI' %™,SL N?ll 0 "', T 1 ,1"° rney f rn » kli »'"^oui = ^l° ah g:'' returnee! nftcr (1,2 gen- ton Oil company, Jackson: Erans-' was manager of Ihe cotton oil com-Ji any. ; >• •. Mr. and Mrs. D»whlns. mo .tak- H in custody by Sheriff Ferguson niter they gave nu account of fee week end party. special election would be necessary to fill the post. Senator Nelson's action contest' principally ihc vote in Polnwtl county where nboul 2,000 more vous werc cast in the Democratic primary than poll tax receipts were Issued to .Ipth while nnd n":rrf residents of the county. Nelson challenges the legality ol tho entire Folnsctt county vote nnd should he be upheld Parish's margin oi less them 300 votes would be overcome by the BIylhcvlllc lawyer. W. L;on Smith of till- c!:y i< counsel for Nelson. Warrant Charges C. C. Creon With Drunker Driving, ''Recklessness. C-SOEOLA. Ark.-Funeral services for Mrs. Arthur Arwood, wh: "•^s Itillcd In n motor truck accident on the highway south o here Frltlny night were held a QDrdcn Point cemetery on Littl' Rcvcr. B. T. Moore, BconcvlUe. MLss. 'armcr. Injured in tho same wreck was reported Improving at Baptls hospital. Memphis yesterday. H? has a broken hip. A warrant \vn s issued Saturday from Justice G. L. Waddcll's cour! fcr C. C. Green, driver, of thr 'ruck In which Mrs. Anvocd w-v 'Wing, chan?l!i^ him with reckles^ drlvinj anU driving while inloxi cated. It Is understood here that the warrant has not be«n served pcnd- tnz Mr. Green's recovery from serious Injuries which he also sus- 'niricd in tho accident. He is at his home here with broken ribs vhlcli penetrated one lung and "Hhcr minor injuries. Tils condi '.Ion fs not regarded as critical s oo Rbout 10 M:t apart. Th= d'ath room .howed : signs O f - nghtirl?, . shonllng and.- drinVinrr -.' -- -•- ' v Confirmation of the report from : Jackson, Miss., that Miss Ruth Klrkpatrick, victim of a double kill- in? there, was a graduate cf the Ofccoln high scho;;, could not be obtained at Osceola thi 3 afternoon. • Residents of Osceola, however recalled a Kirkpntrick family that moved away seme time a so in which', there was a daiigliter of nbo:it the slaying victim's age. Garments Red Cross Cloth Work will start tomorrow to convert into garments for needy res'i- * n . ts of , fhfs vicinity 810 yards of cotton cloth received by the local ur of the AtnjrtM/Bcd Cross naltonat headquarters. -T"? c '?, lh wn - 5 made from farm ard cotton given [he Red' Cross °1' act of congress. Mrs. E. E. Alexander is chalr- " '" charge of the garment prc- gram She ond a small groiio of asslsionts will cut tl le cloth - and nler church groups and O f=er wo- nwns organizations will - 0 . invited to assist In the sswin* Dre=s^ ° !h ° r garmcnt3 wil1 ' S42 Forpry Case Cos«s gl.SM BOSTON (OP)-ThauBh It cost the government $1,600 to prosecute the case. Uroy Rich was la- ten from here to San Francisco recently to answer an Indictment charging forgery of a govirnment Mayor Neill Reed h a s given the h '* ?. ros ? f , he ^^ of the room in he city hall formerly occupied by M Rsd ^rpss ofnce for this work. Tombstone Maker Holds Fire Sal* SALINAS. Cal. (tJP)-Whcn flro ncstroycd the bulldlnj housing George A. Johnson's monument works near a cemetery here, Johnson decided lo dispose of heid- tones slightly chipped and crack- "rt by heat. "Be prepared for tin emergency. Attend our fire sale and buy vour irnil-stones now. Prices amazingly iMscr.aWa." read a sign in front of his store. WEATHER ARKANSAS—Partly cloudy. coM- er, probably frost In riortnire?l portion tonight. Tuesdiiy generally flitr. . ..<. .••> :•',:

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