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Lincoln Journal Star from Lincoln, Nebraska • 21

Lincoln, Nebraska
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niiiiiinnnniiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinniiiniiiniiiiiiiiiiiininiiim aaturrnvvCbu INIU seniors I i I I' 7- 1 1 'v i -ri I Eir Bob Jones Dick Callahan Dennis Claridge c7'Zi Monte Kiffin Saturday Doctors May Be in Injuries May Affect Outcome Key Rudy Johnson Spotlight tive game. This theory is that-nearly- all -champion ship games are played close to the vest. Both at these clubs- might do just that. Both are powerful with brutal ground attacks. They could choose to By CURT MOSIIER Don't be surprised if pacing back and forth in front of the coaches benches Saturday you see not Bob Devaney- and Bud Wilkinsonr-but ittead Ben Casey and Dr.

pfdare. Sports pages this week have more closely resembled a medical journal, but there is still quite an athletic event planned at Memorial Stadium beginning at 2 p.m. At that time Nebraska and Oklahoma, both with key players either missing or hobbling, will decide which team will wear the Big Eight conference football crown and represent the league in the Orange Bowl In Miami New Year's Day. This, of course, is assuming Oklahoma will defeat Oklahoma State next Satur Coriilmsker Title Hopes Given Boost Claridge May Start Nebraska football coach Bob Devaney, sounding as relaxed as if he were getting ready to pitch horseshoes instead of play Oklahoma for the Big Eight title Saturday, had good news for NU fans Friday morning. VI have encouraging news about Claridge (Dennis, the senior quarterback who has been Devaney said: "He was running much better Thursday night and if he continues to show improvement we'll run him with a unit." The unit would be the starting unit, Devaney said.

He also said that fullback Rudy Johnson's status was still doubtful. Ron Michka The passing games are not nearly so easily defined. Both clubs can throw better than given credit for. Butthe Huskers jw 0 ujd seem to have ah edge in that both Claridge and Duda show up better statistically than any of the Oklahoma throwers. But there is one' item in the Sooners favor.

Their halfbacks are strong threats at throwing and Nebraska has yet to use this weapon thus far this season. Lantz Rentzel is the leading thrower in this category. The similarities of the two clubs are endless. The most important similarity of alL however, is that each has lost but one game. The loser likely will receive a bid to the Bluebon-net or Gator BowL Vacation coln taverns and liquor stores to close after the game Saturday.

"We didnf request it or even suggest it. But we would like to know which of them plan on staying open so that we can adjust our officers accordingly aft er the game," he said. Carroll said that he will hold two shifts of officers on duty through night if the Huskers win, but will release one shift shortly after the game if the Huskers lose. In addition to the city police, Lancaster County Sheriffs deputies, state troopers'and 15 University of Nebraska police will also be on duty. A Journal check of downtown Lincoln taverns Friday exploded the rumor that many of them planned on closing after the game.

Only one tavern said it would close, and that will at 2 p.m., John Kirby this department. Nebraska's kicker early this sea- son was but since his injury Dave Theisen has been doing the booting. Their- averages are- identic cal and both have been better than 34 yards a crack. This is four yards better than Rick McCurdy. But Oklahoma has been getting much more mileage out of the punt returning department than Nebraska.

Assuming Jackie Cowan, the ailing Sooner halfback doesn't play, Oklahoma still has three players with fancy marks at carrying the ball back. The extra point kickers on the two clubs are all good. George Jannan of Oklahoma has missed only twice in 25 tries and John-son and Theisen have missed only eight times in 30 attempts for Nebraska. downtown Lincoln to the Governor's Mansion. Although the rally caught the Lincoln Police Dept.

a bit off guard, -Chief Joe Carroll said the students were "orderly and well-mannered, causing little property damage." Carroll said there were reports that some students had walked over the hoods of cars, "but there are always a few people like that in every crowd." The students, accompanied by a band, stopped traffic in the downtown area briefly on the march to the Jovernor's Mansion. At "the mansion, a learning that Gov. rank Morrison was out of the city, the students began their returnmarch to -campus where the procession broke apart. Also Friday, Chief Car-foil denied rumors that his department hasv ordered'or attempted to persuade Lin day in the Sooners final gamet If the weather is all right, some 40,000 fans will be on hand to witness it plus a lo-ajjelelsioji audience, and a couple of groups watching it on closed circuit televi- sion in Omaha and Oklahoma City. What they will see possibly will depend on whether Nebraska plays injured senior quarterback Dennis Claridge or goes with fast-developing sophomore Fred Duda.

And whether Rudy. Johnson opens at fullback" or not. And whether Oklahoma star Jim Grisham is at full speed. The gamblers say they will see a three-point victory for Oklahoma. That's indeed questionable.

But one theory on what they will see is accepted by many. That's a conserva (S-l) Nebraska CL Ht. Wt. Name No. Sr.

6-OVi 204. Tomlinson 83 Jr. 6-2 231.... Larry Kramer 75 Sr. 6-2 218 John Kirby 68 Sr.

5-11 204 Bon Michka 54 Sr. 6-4 269 Bob Brown 64 Sr. 6-2'4 245 Lloyd Voss 71 So. 6-2 203. Tony Jeter 84 So.

5-9'4 185 Fred Duda 10 Sr. 5-10 199 Willie Ross 21 Jr. 5-11 175 Bob Hohn 18 Jr. 5-10 198 Bruce Smith 43 So. Sr.

Jr. Jr. So Sr. Sr. Sr.

Jr. Jr. Sr. 6-4 210. 6-U4 232.

6-0 206. 6-0 213. 6-0 215. 5-11 220. 5- 10 186.

6- 3' 222 White 85 Jones 74 Dervin 66 Lyle Sittler 52 Bernie McGinn 76 Griesse 79 Callahan 80 Claridge 14 Mavnard Smidt 22 6-0 187 6-14 196 5-11 193 Kent McCloughan 32 Johnson 31 NU -Officials Silent But Students Are TheLiiieups line" uo and see which 'is the toughest. And if they do, the two things which will likely decide the issue are the kicking games and the one big pass play. Neither team boasts a great kicker, but the Huskers have a slight edge in those two days and that other professors said they will if Nebraska wins. The University administration twice in the past five years has dismissed classes because of major sports victories on the NU campus. The first time was after Nebraska's basketball win over Kansas University in 1958 and after the Huskers' 1959 football win over Oklahoma University.

Meanwhile, enthusiasm over the Nebraska-Oklahoma game Saturday at Memorial Stadium continued Jo soar Friday in. wake of a massive but orderly student rally through downtown Lincoln Thursday night. The rally, prompted by an epidemic of "Orange Bowl-His" which has plagued the Capital City, prompted students to march and chant their way from the City Campus through Eyeing-Early Thanksgiving Oklahoma (7-1) No. Name 84 John Flynn Wt Ht. CI.

Pos. .222 6-2 Jr. IE 77 Ralph Neeley .243 frS-67 Carl Schreiner 202 5-11 50 John Garrett .200 6-2 65 Newt Burton ..212 6-0 78 Glen Condren ..226 6-2 85 Allen Bumg'ner 204 6-0 18 Bobby Page ....176 5-11 35 Larry Shields ..197 6-0 39 Virgil BoU 184 5-11 45 Jim Grisham .211 6-2 Jr. LT So. LG Jr.

Jr. RG Jr. RT Jr. RE Jr. QB So.

LH Sr. RH Jr. FB Average weight: Line Oklahoma 221; Nebraska 225. Backs-Oklahoma 192; Nebraska 195. Team Oklahoma 210; Nebraska 214.

Alternates By DUANE SNODGRASS "If Nebraska wins, will there be classes Monday and Tuesday?" That's a question most University of Nebraska students would like to have answered. But Friday, NU officials remained silent on an answer. Vice-chancellor Adam Breckenridge said he a "nothing to say" when the question was asked him. A similiar statement was made Thursday by Chancellor Clifford Hardin. Since only two days of NU classes are "scheduled for' next week because of the Thanksgiving holiday, optimism soared high among students that in the event of a Husker victory, those two days of classes would be dismissed.

It was reportedthat some professors have already called off their classes for Bob Brown 4, Willie Ross pmk-f ft Dave Theisen Larry Tomlinson Lloyd Voss S-iS1 Hi Gene Young Saturday Local Football Nebraska v. Okla Memorial Stadium, 2 KOLN-KGIN (TV 10 11); Radios KFAB, WOW.KLIN, KFOB. 4 1 PAGE 21 LINCOLN, NEBRASKA FRIDAY, NOV. 22, Barbiers Boxers By JACK ANDERSEN Question. How many 0 you men can recall ever getting a haircut without also getting some vital conversation about sports? Probably not too many times.

And that isn't likely to change. But there may be a new topic among Lincoln's Associated Master Barbers. Chances are the next time you frequent the barber shop, the conversation is" likely to center around boxing, Thpr will he 9 PrptjyEggl reason. This group of civic minded citizens voted Friday to res cue Lincoln's amateur boxing program. It marked the end of a long period of frustration for the fighters who were 'orphaned several weeks ago when the longtime sponsor withdrew.

The announcement opens several avenues for the fight ers, the first of which will be to get a smoker program started immediately. Association president Jerry Rittenburg and his group thus become associated with one of the finest programs of its kind in the state. Lincoln has always made a sizeable contribution to the state tnd national Golden Gloves tournaments and will now be able to continue this project. Current plans call for pos simy three smokers prior to the Southeast Golden Gloves tournament here tentatively slated for Jan. 31 and Feb.

1, Winners of this tourney make the trip to Omaha for the Midwest meet. Omaha winners this year will then ad vance to the Natpnal Toum ament of Champions at Lou isville, Ky. in late February. At least three of last year's Southeast champions are in training at this time and pos gibly three others will be on the scene before the first smoker. Three boxing clubs are staging workouts at the train ing quarters provided by Roberts Dairy.

They include Gene Acosta, Larry Emery and the Larchick Brothers. Mayor Petersen Issues Victory Proclamation Lincoln Mayor Dean H. Petersen issued a victory proclamation for the Huskers Thursday. Labeled "Executive Order No; 1000" -the proclamation read: "By virtue of the authority vested in me as the Mayor of the City of Lincoln, Nebraska, I hereby order and direct that Nebraska Football Coach Robert Devaney and the members of the 1963 Nebraska Football Team shall use all power (both line and backfield) to the end that they shall be victorious on field of battle Saturday against-the Oklahoma Sooners. "I further order and direct that all citizens -of the City of Lincoln and its environs shal lend their support to see that this order is properly carried Rescue 83 Ron Harmon ...193 MO Jr.

73 Jerry Goldsby .208 6-2 So. 64 Eddie McQuar's 240 6-1 Jr. 51 Carl McAdams 208 6-3 So. 62 Larry Vermil'n 210 5-10 Sr. 79 George Stokes .223 6-5 Sr.

80 Rick McCurdy .218 6-3 Jr. 19 Tommy Pannell 170 5-11 So. 31 Jon Running 179 5-10 So. 38 Lance Rentzel 197 6-2 Jr. 40 Larry Brown 197 6-0 So.

LE LT LG RG RT RE QB LH RH FB Oklahoma 31 Clemson 14 17 Southern Cal 12 7 Texas 21 Kansas .....18 34 Kansas State 9 35 Colorado 0 20 Iowa State 14 13 Mssouri 3 Results 58 14 21 13 28 41 13 23 20 Kickoff 2 p.m.. Memorial Stadium Lincoln. Telecast KOLN-KGLV (TV 10 11). Broadcasts NU Sports Network; KLIN, Lincoln; KFOR, Lincoln; KFAB, Omaha; WOW, Omaha; Oklahoma Sports Network. Nebraska South Dakota St 7 Minnesota 7 Iowa State 7 Air Force 17 Kansas State 6 Colorado 6 Missouri 12 Kansas 9 Oklahoma State 16 38 Earl 41 MrNulty 41 Alter 44 Young 45 Solicit 46 actor JO Barnes) 51 Schaefer 55 Tulhlll 57 St roh merer 51 Bishop 59 Rudd 1 Pavorte a Cotemaji (3 McDermott 65 Drum 67 Dillard 69 Kennedy 70 Schmitzer 73 J.

Brown 76 Brlrhacek 77 Kiffin 78 Carlsos 81 Fisher 12 Doepke 6 Kotiuan 87 Haul 88 Love 88 Casey Yank Co-Owner Was Against Hoiik as Gfa Los Angeles tfl) Co-owner Del Webb of the New York Yankees says he was against the appointment of Ralph Houk as the club's general manager, but not because he doubted Houk's ability. "I was concerned with whether he would be satisfied with a front office job," Webb told columnist Sid Ziff of the Los Angeles Times. Webb said he thought maybe Houk "wanted to beat Casey Stengel's record" as a field manager. Oklahoma 12 Hammond 14 Mayhue 15 Rlncer 19 Pannell 22 Skidsel 57 Voiles 54 Bay lea Dodaon Jarman 70 Hill 75 Metcalf 12 Porterfleld 17 Brown S3 VanJeman Nebraska 11 Woods 12 Tucker 15 Lebsack 16 Mahlork 23 Theism 24 VuJevtch Ptwienwrer 87 T. Wrlfhl 25 W.

Johnsoa 29 Myilrnlki 30 Petersen 33 Psschall 34 Worler 37 Osberf Snake Dance Honors Gridders A snake dance to honor the Husker footballers was started Thursday night by members of Kappa Alpha Theta sorority. The dance started at the sorority house and wound its way throughout the campus picking up members from each of the organized houses. The large group ended their dance in front of Selleck Quadrangle by serenading the NU gridders. Mets Confident New York (Xl The New York eMts seem confident their new park, Shea Stadium, will be ready for the 1964 season. The club announced its home schedule Thursday with the date for the park's opener, Apr.

17, against the Pittsburgh Pirates. Hunting Gock Sunset Friday, 5:04 p.m. Sunrise Saturday, 7:23 a.m. Sunset Saturday, p.m. Sunrise and sunset times are etna for Lineobi.

Since sstn time itiaimai apeenimately one minute escsi 11 nules. add ont minute eack 13 mflaa west of Luieola and subtract en (Binta act Btllsa (tat at UacsO. Sayers Already Back to Drills Lawrence, Kan. (UPI) Halfback Gale Sayers, the nation's leading rusher returned to Kansas University's football drills Thursday aftef a otifMay bout with flu. "He is a little weak, but seems all right other thatL.

coach Jack 'Mitchell said? jf 1 -V. -'t i httfeatu 1 Bwaasi Nebraska cheerleader Sally Jones of 154 Crestline and Hank Lowenkron olf 827 So. 12th are, keeping close tabs on the Orange Fever epidemic sweeping Huskerland. The. thermometer will be near the explosion point by 2 p.m.

Saturday when the Huskers and Sooners of Oklahoma dash at Memorial Stadium. -r 'jf ra-r.

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