The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 24, 1937 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 24, 1937
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS '^ Ironing Oul llic Jerk By Harry Graysou Italian Rookie Sensation Hit .323 Last Season, First In Majois .lly RICHARD McCAN'N ' NEV.Scnirr Sports \\nler It seems now that Signer-Quit •"!p;>e -UIMigglo satisfied everybody last.year but Signer Gius?p;« 1)1- Ma^gio himself. You of comse UIQ • uhj Slj-. nor. Giuseppe is? perhaps you may I know him better by the nima of V.Iain Jo2 DiMigjIo, but'to us he's dlii «>pi)j teMiib" h»s hull/ Ju, 1 , •mother guy nimrd JD-> iflei «!nl le (HI in hi, first s;'u<m in Ihc 1>U leagues List, yeai jou s*" UP jounj Mew York Yankee was one of Hi!most .sensational rookie.- the. mo jor.s bad s;c'n since a ) Ho k Islanders l" i'bi il'innMS to' Uommic is intent'upon'beini? the*third DlMauulo to crash the majors, 23 victory over the Eureka A. C. a few years tack .when Connie Mick was .> mere siilp!ln» of 05, fcr so. Despite, the while-hot spotlight ;of publicity which had withered many oilier blossoming stirs be fore him. the young -signoi 1 baited ,323. ~ pounded out 20 horns rims, collected 20G, hits', find hit for .346 in the \ o-ld s°rl;s Quite a lltanj of achic\cmcnl, lo be sure, and the expeus plijeis ind fans (except, of coi no th" Knockers of Knoxville) all nodded their heads satlsnedly and s.\id "Some hitter; eh? what a swing ' Swlnjf Is Jerk) But the young slgnor rtb:sn't Joe niMngiflo I'.nclic.s his. younger brother, Uomlnlc. the proper swim; nl IjOfty O'Donl's baseball .school In Snn M'tinclsco. '['tie bc.spcclaclcd cilhcr as a .siioi'tstop or (lychnser; An elder oiiKicUllug brother, Vince. rciiftits to the Ikiton Bees Ihls xprlng. On the Outsi<le—Looking In . -11V DUKE" WRDNRSDAY, PRRRUARY _2'J, 1037 liawlmll Rivalries Apparently the old rivalry, vvitii some of the bitterness .left .put, we houe, between; Blyttievllle ui|d own nev/spfiper, latest Journal to publicize Kerr, and ; Ills letiun to baseball. The issue of tlic paper carries n story Osccoln \s (joli)g to lie revived Oii.sjnnd picture layout similar to that The other ilriy lie untangled lilm"II from a few thouvind nillei »f bpaghetll, mopped his mouth ullh one of Col Jacob Rupp'it's contracts and belched forth the confession that lie thinks his b.u- tlny suing Is a hit Jerky "I've got i lot of awUtud spots in my batting" sold Giuseppe" But I hope to Irun 'em out this jeii —maybe before the season op"ns" Ami then the joung signoi rc- \ealej that he has b°"n noticing out practically ill wlntci Tin in good shap?,' he said I weigh about 200 pounds, \\hicli Is about nve 01 sl\ more tban I weighed last jear tut fts not fat —I in just growing bl»ser and stronger That 11 help, loo Hie added weight!! gi\c me moie power' Tills no doubt wilt b' gocl news to the pltchsrs If he gels his s«in, rorrec^cd although please don t get t'ie tdpi that «e think tils swfnjf needs am corrcctim;—thh is JM'S id'a all Ibn m\y Ihrougli—ivell as \\? «crD favlng.l If he gets his sxvini. cor- reot«I,|Joe s-vjs li"ll hit JoO this jCar 1 • •*• ' when Blythcvllle's yet , to be named Giant farm club anil the Indians start igunnlnff for the Northeast Arkansas league title. No.doubt the turnstiles will, click merrily when these two 'clubs comu to grips, especially if they're jVciind the top In trTc circuit. *'^t Ls golntj .to-, be a great pleasure this" year for Osccola to Heat Hlythevllle,' because we will not'oiily lie liliiniliiitini; our arcli enemy, (in sports)' but atso New Voik ' writes D. Pred Taylor, jr. I tlic Osceolo club.- Well Fred,. from ' what we've icard any players you : can get loin thef.St. Lovils Browns ought o tit In WeliLy well in, our Cluss 3. league. As for our Blylhevllle cam we may be wondering bc- "orc llic season ends how the Giants ever expect to win another lennant If , they're riepcmliiiB on farm clubs, but we believe Ihc invest infant of the Giant family will be. able to maul your Brownie <i(.tege.s — net. however! beyond ' re<U JFore at Home "I'm not meaning to b- shootlm o(T at the month or'trying to be tro optimistic, but I think I can do it—I really do' salj Giuseppe "After nil didn t I hit aiouutl 350 most of last, year? "I'll feel more at ho-ii" this s a- son 'I'll have more confiaenc; nl the plate, and III know moie about the pitchers and III be more usej to that bnckgiomid of white shhh at the Yankee Stadium—Hi, plenlj tough foilottlng the bill jou know —and most of all, I won't ba fleht nig thit presume I hud hn jew You knou, its tmi-h bsmg a rODk Yes, espsciilly i rookie like the \oung slgnor was He came out of the west with such brilli<mt ncti:es t>nt tnej couldnt l n \" bi-jn brighter if p -infd in solder inl' No uiHler hon t-ood h» D-OV- p be he couldn't be better tlm the picss notices had l d the fans to expect UndDub'cdly under Ibis pressure the joung signor must have worried arj shueied uith c\dtem»n inside de»p]l. hi- oiilanrt calm And jet he made goo-1 vxith i ban ? -o, r-ihsr, 200 bings for an average of .323 Chickasaws Win Over Keis:r Quintet, 33-19 The BMlicMllc libli srhool ChlcU«aus derated ~K>her 33 Io.l9. at Kelscr last nlglu j n one cl their final games before cnlcr- in" the Mississlool ccunh basket- Veil tourney Friday and Eatur- .c'sw at Osceola. The, Chickasaws inioni; the favorites fcr the couiilj lille held a decisive margin over their opponents throughout most of the game .. ... v . while we're helplnu to fun' the,i flames '(und make the iwsnntes smile) we might mid Hal the lilythcvllle-Jonesboio . rivalry should be .Interesting- this .. ninuiv The two largest towns in .101 tlieast:' Arkansas ure traditional rivals to ;bCBln with. Add to that Joncsboro's heuaUve vote the other -laj ayaihst uduiLssion of lilythe- V'ille to.fhe^leugne and, you've got the set-up for a nice 'little feud. Jonesboro's reasons for so voting mti'y . have . been good chough but that won't keep, the locixls from citing particular satisfaction out )f liouncini;' the Jonesboro club, Uilrti incidentally has a . first chliu on the name Giants having iswl the handle last year. fl'plienrlng in llie Memphis Com- nerclnl Appeal recently, inirt also uses KCIT as ths .subject of its Number One cdllorlnl. Track and world racing records are being clipped regularly, but horses aren't any faster. Indeed, .hey aren't as rapid. The phcnomeniil times arc made possible by tra'cks where the 0[x;ra- .ors have learned to combine speed :md safety In tlic same surface, No two courses arc identical, although they may be of the saine spccUlcutldns, designed by the same architect,-find built by the same contractor. Unlil now. architect.^; have . faced this dlbinma. They could sacrifice safety for get-up-and-xo by skinning ttie track tioxn to a siii'Tace as hard as cement, or they could sacrifice spu'd by deepening thins ilcn to the point whin It v,<)ulil safe even-for conllrmail cli!>- ples. Snatogn olw i •> ins b ^n in a«. omplo of i dccplj ci jhloiied ( nncl "•lov, o;al It Is neirly lhi-»c s c, onds slower than Dslinont 1'urlff for instance. lialnbrldge 1'ark of Cl'-'ve land has a skinned surface wliich Is lightning fast. lintVinahy :1 trainer has : refused- to risk' tlu limbs of his c ha ig2s there. That was one of the principal reasons why the Ojio Derby fell. t • - * Kpi'i'd anil .Safely Until recently. Belmont Park:\vas the one exception. But now there are; several other'strips which hiivc both sliced and ciishion, ciiot'ablv Hlaleah Park.-Santa Anita. Jaiid Uay • Meadows. ;ilinlculi is the iliest of the bimch. Thoroughbreds not fit tpy.Xvarm up animals like Man o' War/ poise, Twenty Grand. Discovery, etc., hang trucks. U finance, which Isn't'gvcir a •jrcat sprinter, can run a mile in -In ucneuil . and sixirts writers It) particular "nave a warm regard for llic hero of the wiuulnl Unit in the Ions run really uiiide 1:35 1-5 fit- I'lfllcnli, a fctccd of the caliber of I'V)uii> could shade It by two .seconds. And what Man o' War would have ilonc to that track record, had !i!^ itcd anything! In back of him to ulvo him n race, Ls beyond telling. Wlien Biiark wlii/xed six and one- btilf furlon«s in the remarkable lime of 1:15 4-5. it made the fourth wcrld record credited to llialcah. Ule.stcd Krent on March 10, 1034, set a world record of 1:48 2-5 for the mils and 0112 furlong. This lime was bettered by a Jlit.h of a second by Discovery at Aqueduct, June 22, IQ35. Hrevity ran the distance in the world record liuu of I:4S 1-5 in winning Ihc Florida Derby at lltit- leah, March 7, 1S3U, and set |irac- tically all the cxjwrls to telling the cockeyed world that there really was no in running the Kentucky fJerby if the only purpose was lo dalermlne the winner. This mark uas shattered by Indian Hroom at I inForan, April II, 10:10, in. 1.47 3-5. * * * Hors s lal i loe Hold 01 i eb i of this yoi °ii!l lie d thiLC fuilongs it Hii leah. in 33 seconds fiat-to lie th woi Id record held Jointly liy Air flame'and Ualkin^ Altoxcthcr this season at Hinleah record lias been broksn. one criualed, six new track records established, and four (rack records ten ik l The lightning speed of (he course Is causing na end of amazement among turf followers, for it has been pronounced by veteran horsemen as 0112 of the .safest strips in the world, and this lias been borne out by the fact that to date no injuries have been sustained in actual racing or workouts. • "The cushion of the track is- the obloln a toe-hold, so to speak, The iioiihd doesn't cup or sj've way i.ul- ler them." £l>£C<i and cushion sp?l! records. Steels and Deering Split Double Header STEELR. Mo.— The Stcele Itiglt Ecliool Hulldogs divided honors with the Dciii-ing tc;uu> at Uear- jjy.'n sebi-e orSO-Sa^iiLai^beer, ni!! boys won by a score of 30-23. <Irassfiop|if-rs Out Early STMJHGNVJUJ'VO. (Ul'l— The impi'ovidint liiasshopper in the liible cculd have lauahcd :at the am this winter. A resident of neaihy East Springfield reported seclni,' scvfral do/en itrasshoppers icajilnj merrily in sere field Brass. k.s : Uiy Hood Is "still, mounting, nearly n year after (he dis 1 a.ster. A three-story downlpu'Ht building, weakened by the flood In March of 193(1. rnxed. Drs. Wert & Wert or TOMKTRISTS Oei .1015 Isaacs'' Slnre MAKK 'i:,\i' SKK" I'h one deepest of I have .seen," up records; nl/;lhes3 John Kcegnn, Hlnlcah track siiper- ' "The track itself eoui|>oscd • of natural with sand pumpal out of Miami Utiy. , I attribute Ihc speed, to tlic very solid Foundation underneath the cushion. 'Horses are able to JiHl Our Opinion We don't know what the future of local soft bull icaynes will be wilh oi'ijanly.ed bnscbnll returning here after ninny years of absence. Probably the Birls' league can continue to function and possibly the boys' league ulso. But If cither of the league, 1 ; operates we really believe it would be wise, from a practicable stand- noint, lo continue use of Haley Field as the scene of yame.s In- stend of the municipal fairgrounds nthlctic field. . Aside from the mutter of making necessary arrangements with the Mississippi county fair n.sso- eliitlon on one.hand or the school board n (he. other we..believe' that Haley Field' is' much more centrally located ; fiud . soflball there would draw si better throi at. Ihe fair grounds. While most of . the customers who want to sec the Blylhevllle baseball club In action nilyht ride or wnlk lo Ihe fairgrounds we believe thai many who 'would walk to,Haley Field and''spend n dim 1 . 1 would hesitate to BO'-ns far as Hie [atrgrouhrts for Softball entertainment. '...;'*' Personal lo D. Fred Taylor, jr. -Our source of Information re- fened lo by you was United Pi ess,' from Paiasonld. We'd like lo have hook-up explanation. Hanks. ' _ |. ; I !J Dickie Kcrr's Return Dick Kerr. the pint-shed left- banded pitching hero of the tainted 191D World Series, who has ueen quietly working at the Fed- cral Compress here, has shot back liito headlines In inetropolltaii pail pages over the country, following n Courier News sloiy of his decision to return to organized baseball as manager of the Waii- sou club of the Northern League, i Wisconsin. Tlie Spoiling News, baseball's 'Gives Gol(..RaU'.Kide, Tun ARCADIA, Cailf.-^Soiuiy Workman is Just about ^Ihe- best golfer among (lie Jockeys.-' ; Flew. ti) Fain:: Mr.5. Eleanor Hoi m Jnrrctt beauteous backstroke star, learned lo swim-by Busing wnlci' WA NT ED Government Loan Cotton Phone 167 APPKKBAUM BROS. COTTON CO. Bertlj Bids. bijthevtlle, Ark. I , Thunderblrd Effigy Koun d MUNCY Pa (UP)—The WPA In conjunction with archaeologists I""; uncovered near Muncj in ancient effigj of a thudcrblrd Jndlan ritualistic s>mbol The Image had been charred by crrs- tnonlal fires. W'Open for Business Our New Service Station 24 Hour Service Tires, Repaired - Gas Delivered Wrecker Service Tom Little Chevrolet Co Phone 633 Notice To Property Owners I will have representatives at the County Courthouse in Blytheville, the Manila Banking Company at Manila and Buster Phillips' Cafe at Leachvillc Saturday, Feb. 27, and on every SaturcUvy in March to take your assessments of property and your poll tax assessments. Assessment for poll tax is an absolute requirement of a qualified elector in any election and the time to assess is NOW. SEE TO IT PERSONA L L Y THAT YOUR PROPERTY IS PROPERLY ASSESSED AND THAT YOU ARE ASSESSED FOR POLL TAX. R. L. Gaines, Mississippi County Assessor, Fiord's l-IItect I.iiv;er s JOHNSTOWN, Pa. iUP)— Thti both teams. The Stcele girls won sr "okes slow " '-owl too/ says E. R- ROBERTS, Prince Albert "makin's" fan CHAT'S K. K. ItobLM'ts at the rifflit. f lo'd like cvoiy "makm's" smoker to liv Prince Albert, the brand he likes for his own. "Then you'll know why they ciill it The NiUionalJoy. Smoke,'" Mr. Rolici-ls says. " I'. A. shapes up (|iiick and easy, and it's (Isivory and mild." NATIONAL JOY S MO K E mixed. THANK YCIB • ' : ., ' •"•*- .-4v^^-M-v ' :• • • , ' :• . ». ; -- i-J'At 1 *** *•:, ' ' ••'.'' \'-'" '^."'V*i*;'.< ' , Friends of Chevrolet • i. ' . -.".;;• f ' ..: ; ' >>-j,i; -.•'".. =' ' "-'"FOR YOUR " tpYAtTY AND WILLING PATIENCE > . "• in waiting for delivery of your new? Chevrolet cars and trucks Deliveries o? new Chevrolets are ngw Eieing made in ever T ihc'reasing numbers. Production;--in "the great Chevrolet plants is increasing with each passing day. • To more than 100,000 loyal buyers who have patiently awaited delivery of the new Chevrolets they ordered weeks ago—and to scores of tliousands of oilier people who are placing their orders now—our sincere thanks and our definite assurance of quick delivery! We of Chevrolet are deeply grateful that you have preferred Chevrolet even to the point of being willing to wait to get the car of youc choice; and we are equally happy to inform you that no prolonged period of waiting will be necessary. Chevrolet production is increasing with each passing Jay, and you can depend upon gflting quick delivery if you hare placed your order in past weeks, or if you place it today! Moreover, we can assure you that you will be amply repaid for insisting on getting a new Chevrolet, because of its extra quality and extra value. This new Chevrolet is the only complete car—priced so low. It has a host of extra- value features. It will bring you more pleasure and satisfaction than you can. possibly get anywhere else at such low prices. Thank you again for your loyal friendship and good will for Chevrolet—and you will thank us when you take the wheel of these better, more modern low-priced cars and trucks. For quick delivery— place your order novl •• CHEVROLET^ MOTOR DIVISION General Motors Sales Corporation DETROIT, MICHIGAN CHEVROLET THE ONLY COMPLETE CAR-PRICED SO LOW f NEW HIGH-COMPRESSION VALVE-IN-HEAD ENGINE - NEW AU-SILENT, Atl-STEEL BODIES-NEW DIAMOND CROWN SPEEDUNE STYLING-PERFECTED HYDRAULIC BRAKES-IMPROVED GLIDING KNEE-ACTION RIDE'-SAFETY PLATE GLASS AIL AROUND-GENUINE FISHER NO DRAFT VENTILATION- SUPER-SAFE SHOCKPROOF STEERING*. 'Kn..-A<tlTn and Jhockpr.ol Sn.rtaT i^Mi'mr D. t... *od.l. , n l r .

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