Lincoln Journal Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on September 15, 1957 · 14
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Lincoln Journal Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · 14

Lincoln, Nebraska
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Sunday, September 15, 1957
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I: t-B LINCOLN srXlAT'JOntXAL AND STAR j y , I iff .- We received a note from a coward the other day . . He signed himself "L. Skragg" without an address. There i3 no such name in the city directory. - It is usually best to ignore this anonymous-type letter,, but this one stirred up more than a normal -, armwnt of disgust. L. Skragg doe not believe in aid to footballers, nor the methods of giving such aid. He said, "A hearty "congratulations . is in store for all the men of the Big Red Club (alias such . things as the '0 Street gang,' and ' the Century Club) who had their Erst meeting of the season last Thursday.' Again, our state is to, be rewarded by a gathering of these public spirited citizens . who meet each year for the purpose of giving illegal financial aid to the football coach and the team of Nebraska University." For the benefit of our mys- -terio-t-.-. itiudslinge)--. wih ..... the sneaky prose, the Big Red Club was in existence just one year. It was formed by the Nebraska Alumni Association for the express purpose of helping finance the new football scholarship program. This was done through. University officials and was entirely legal. The Century Club no longer exists. It was not a part of the University, but was a groiipof "Nebraskamnrtro helped athletes entirely on their own. The group has be"en disbanded. The meeting L. Skragg is mis- JnfQnie(Labouiw.a group of " University boosters who had dinner with the football squad, to welcome the boys lo Lincoln. If was held en the campus. All outside help for the athletic department will now be chan- " ncled through the CorhhuSker Touchdown Club, which is being formed. This group will have membership for all interested " Nebraskans: " It will be intror -porated and under the direct supervision and control of University of Nebraska officials. University Boosted - Another shot from L. Skragg declared that "A few prudes always raise the old objections that the giving of this money is illegal, against all rules of the Big Eight Conference, and what is perhaps more important inimical to the best interests of the University of Nebraska and its students. But of course it doesn't matter to these gentlemen" how ":: many educations are ruined on the professional gridiron or how Omaha Soulli, Central Iii Bis; Power Fight By JIM RXCLIN A crucial ciasSf ot umaita'povbers ...highlights the upcoming prep ,oot- baE week. t Omaha Central and Omaha South mix in a battle that could i see the winner emerge as favorite An the Intercity League Central- opened crashing Lincoln .uT"i' turned the tables on Creighton Prep and won by a touchdown. City Loses, Gels Skalc Iiistruclor ' Lincoln has found one and lost one ice skating instructor, New addition to the City Auditorium ice skating ranks is Ron Evans of Lincoln, who will direct the beginning and intermediate ranks. Leaving is Megan Taylor, instructor since the program was started and teacher of the ad vanced group. She has accepted nas oeen settled. i BOSTON Wl ' Gene Stephens a position as chief instructor at! The 1957 football brochure for Was declared lost to the Boston the Casino Ice Plaza in Asbury the Lincoln public schools lists the Red Sox for the season Saturday Park, N.J.I ! I game as a home tilt for Northeast j while teammate Ted Williams si- "Lots of progress has been made ami the site 85 Wesleyan's Stadium ; lenced reports he was througn for in Lincoln and I hate to leve. on Nov.-8, the final tilt of the the year with a 50-minute workout. There are many potentially fine ' season for Dotn teams, , i Stephens, a fleet 24-year-old out- skaters here, especially in the' Earlier lhe Board of Education ; fielder, was lost because of a hair-youngster classes," Miss Taylor had broached the possibility of line fracture below the left knee said. She added that she expected : Paying the tilt at the Lincoln High ! and a severe ankle sprain. He was interest in ice skating here would '0val even thouRh it was North- injured Friday night when he pick up considerably during the winter months. Awards Lunrh Today An awards luncheon for the Jun-im- liftys' Cl:b Golf Tournament winnfrs will be held today at 1:30 pm. at tht Lincoln Ccin-Ury Club Club officials also announced that an iron derby is scheduled lor Wednesday- with awards being j presented for the club champion- - aiD.and the nrrancino ni rtta. for' the nrha d c-o'to Installed FREE : o on oil make cars , SIUFFI.ERS'1- Immcd'iott hila'lation SINGER -BOYST .Una v - V-rll A Adamt 1 May Be Wrong By Dick Becker ' SutUy Sport (MuuM much an educational institution suffers because of a great, emphasis on football. On the contrary, the only really important thing is that these men are entertained in their own selfish way every Saturday afternoon." .. As has been explained, all money spent in the athletic pro -gram is spent completely within the rules of the Big Eight and the NCAA. The wielder of this blue pes does not say what . harm ia caused by football. If he thinks football is the ruinatioa of the sehooifr,- luuW check- with I "sonie of the most successful institutions which have had and will have excellent football programs. You ca hardly say schools like Michigan, Michigan State, low a, Oklahoma, Notre : Dame, California and so many others have been ruined by a successful football program. As far as the ruination of edu- .-cauonviaoihalL players. axgh.eldj pass waS thrown. That's some sort to as strict, or stricter, account- i of rworaibTKr'Kolars.. - ' ing in their studies than are most ' But Sutherland says WSC is go-students. An athlete keeps up fg to move the ball on the ground ith his studies or he doesn't, as well as in the air this fall. Last -Btav-'-i r - ToucmiOM 11 Chin No, contrary to L. Skragg, college football has done much to put its house in order. . Culmination -of plans for the Touchdown Club will see another step in the right direction. I'm sure that Nebraska's athletic department is working closely with the University administration in all matters pertaining to aid to athletes. And fans of Nebraska, contrary to L. Skragg, can be extremely proud that their athletic department Is not dependent on tax funds, as are so many schools, but runs on a self-supporting basis. And if having loyal backers who put their money where their mot-th is, is bad, then L. Skragg and I disagree. We've got too offer no better solution, no better program, and don't sign their letters. Meanwhile, Omaha North, defend- : ing champ, was not impressive m ' fjouncri Blilff-, Id other standout tilts Friday are1 sJaled. These include a MicttJast , battle : between Lincoln Southeast and! Hastings at Hastings, Lincoln i I Nqrtheast's trip , to Grand Island i last week, by a 7 North PJatte to Lin- .i-k e,,(h'con Hiffhr. 1 . .LZ.:. Alliance at bidney, Plattsmouth nt Tt,.rir..' rr,l..mhi. -1 TrolP Fairbury . at ..Beatrice, Fails City j at Pawnee City, Fremont at Nor-: folk, Cozad at McCook and Tor-ting ton, - Wyo;-,- at Scottsbluff are . other battles involving Class A schools. Phi X of l.lnul i hostircirand ! IsTSnor'T' r. I KrV.ra v T Fridav find. the nther pamM - fnajy lUKli Wiese OHier games. I Central City at Fullerton Min-- den at Genevaurira 8tior,-j Ijivrnwrrm . WaaitifU- Curtist David City St. Mary's at I 'a::'cii.ii ri" ri:r-i?:rr ocwhiu, nuiiiiiuiut ai oyracuse and Deshler at Hebron. Links, NE Tilt at NWU The issue ' of where the tradi- j tional Lincoln High-Lincoln North-! east football game will be played easts turn to "ost the-game. ; Northeast has no field, but uses ! Wesleyan's for most home con-j i tests. Slockers Hoar A I Speedwav Stock car racing continues at Rocket Siwrf. tanUrht .-itu h. first race starting at 8 p m The --point standings have' been discontinued and all cars are given -it: .l . . , . ZJTZ, lfte'l The full prografti of seven races iu ue caroca ai me Lapitor Beach strip. A 25-Iap feature race , concludes the program. ' I ...:m 1 i. .1 . .. rEBR.-ARr.1Y FOOTBiLL ONLY 7 RESERVATIONS LEFT by PLANE Of TRAIN AS OF THURS. SEPT; 12 I LINCOLN TOUR & TRAVEL . AGENCY September 15. 1S57 NU. Concentrates oh By DICK BECKER Staff Sporti Writer Twoa-day . drills are over for Nebraska' Cornhuskers and thev now have several important duties, one of the most important being to rest. Coach Bill Jennings gave his; the mj boss wanted to take t squad Sunday off abd - prepared i day off. Th injury list Saturday to begin one-a-day drills with the j showed 14 men sidelined with var-starting of school Monday. j kms ailments. Another three have "They need the rest," Jennings j been kept out of contact work be WSC Has Ground Scrimmage io Pass Throicn In Cougar Drill WASHINGTON STATE COLLEGE WSC Coach Jim Sutherland is determined that the Nebraska Cornhuskers won't be the only team that can run with the ball on September 21 when the Cougars meet Nebraska in Memorial Stadium in Lincoln. Washington State scrimmaged fofW5 mffsherand"iiary a ryar. although thpyrjdJctl. j in passing in the Pacific Coast Con- iferene. and ...seL a new all-time passing record at 2,06? yards, WSC j was last in rushing, The Cougars gained only 1.232 yards with their infantry m-1956. j On Orottnd Scrimmage Coach Sutherland scrimmaged I me IITSIS alia sctuiius agautti wc I third and fourth strings, and it was all on the ground. Both offert-sive units moved the ball well, and ! the Cougar, coach said he thought the running game was on the up swing, Don Ellersick, sophomore - left halfback from lone, Wash., has been catching the eyes of Cougar coaches with his hard running and fine defensive play. The tall, 180-pound blond also Is shaping up as a fair kicker, and Coach Sutherland says he will be pushing for the starting left half , tt i :. 1 Jim Retif ro, the letterman end j turned halfback, from - Portland, j j Ore , a'so has been impressive in! : practice sessions. Renfro moves i from the wingbak to end on de-v Uense, and gives the Cougars add led strength at ther flanks.-- 5.iaii;d plans: ta caBti&t i driving practice pace through this j week and then will taper off and , wish bis Dlieiuse. betore, tne oug - '"Ye x-uui-u o oxmw lor m e ir otie wan uie oi-: Atolv'ld KllCCS , .,.,....'..,... S I i t r,lt is pwrl ni t Thursd :.. . .... .1. IL.1..J . . pVJVv 7,Tri rV Vrt wrt rare, aoun awux .ny, 4veu t wwt an e eht race card featuring some - " . " WTSe. WU over Soil at this meet, Racing j Secretary-Ralph Stubbs predicts ' - many well-matched races.. Nam nmrwn Racing will continue daily, ex- .0tranky, i)a. oro .. , , , ., Schriner, Gelje, Seward CCpt SlUKlaj'- and Monday, untllTlvan. C'hurk. Seward . October mh-with 2 p.m. post I iuj?: nLur": w.kT" 1 ' 'Holfman. t.ary. Wahno time.-There will be-a daily double j -Hrrri- Ok. Harvard , , 1 ' - , . .The . Nebraska Racing Coinmis-1 . - . ... slon wl11 he represented by their pecretary U uirMuuiE Mtwaiu a.isnM by Llnus PierT? and M- K- Thomp- son-. '- 4 George Paulson, President of Atokad Racine Assn., states that I ... ... . pvery nas Decn none too assure the public of having the best accommodations found at any track in the Northwest. Stephens Lost; . Williams Oka v tripped over first base attempting to beat out a bunt. Williams, the American Lease's! "4U" UrtVVC - f;0iiM4i 1 UiUJfv. U C 1 Will 1V1 Hit JU k-liClU X11U played a pepper game with WiUard Nixon in a pre-game workout., The .19-year-old slugger, sidelined with a severe chest edd since the first of the month, re- Parted his legs were "rubbjry" b,lt otherwise he felt pretty good, " Biff Paddy. Wilis 0 . SALEM, N.H. - Heavily la vored; Big -Paddy churned through a muddy stretch for alength and half triump in Saturday's $10,000 Keene Handicap at Rockingham park. . ' declared. 'They've been going 'very day for two week and starting to' catch them- iselves coming selves eominr and toinz. Thev i . . ... neea a gooa cnance to rest. ; . 14 Me Injured It was not bard to figure why W . L lZiy . i t V . I J : , , v - ' i : - - i .- . .' . t ? Jerry Brown . . . All-Big Seven fullback leads Huskers. Tlbsierljsterf Shortage of nebraska. . westNaf: unrversii. footbatr ioa-hrHt wtfprr s tt-mim varsity tootball roster tor the 1957 season Saturday night Saturday night at'KanSas We'ky- an of Sahna, Kan Head coach Kieth- Skogman said 17jettermen are included on the t .u:l. l. J-.lj ..i.,. iuoici wiucii uuucu wmi ircsn- 1 man performers VU-j-WfTFT n -(Til Skogman again pointed out the shortage of experienced perform- fe.t,, - ' y h lv at the-tackle snot who-. T,m f 7 , e-.van. "mm. hward . Teeum, .... Carter. Don. Atrhimn. Kan. .fmiand. Lowell. Kasie loinn. rrank. Linetiln Haey, T, i:ti - iwim,ciMi,.' Hrrty. lica . lf(mnn, Chui k, -U jhio . LJam";. sew,d Henniah. Tom, unsmont, Colo. Ford. Rrvon. Aurora. 1 jiln. Trautmn. Charles, BiK Spring .. Gaines. Fran, Ashland Lund. Dourlan, Allen ....... Herzinaer, Morelle. Beemer Sell. Ilean. Lincoln Schliohtemier. IHm. SctHtsblufl .. Zehrtna, Dale. Lincoln Tompkinj, Gift, Omaha Tlavn, F.verett, Seward Rexroth. Lynn, Humtxildt Govoerts, Kpn, Sarjtent Ktnney. Gary. Council BKlffs. Iowa f'laua, Paol, Lincoln Swanaon, Larry, Wahoo Pollak. Rohert, Seward ... Wiberf , James. Lincoln . . . I'lrich. ' Frefl, Lincoln . . Kruachwitz, ' Stan.' Lincoln Olson, J, V., Lincoln ... Cook, Larry. Cnenter ... Nirhola. Larry. Lincoln ... F.hlers. Tom. Rlar . Strackbein, Gerald, Elwood Lidicatea lettermen. Braves Tnking Scries Orders MILWAUKEE (A The Milwau- kee Braves announced Saturday , I Za.c7.1- CTZ lis tji HUI 1U UJ mail only, on Wednesday Any application bearing a post mark prior to Sept. 18 will be returned, the Braves said. - Provided no playoffs are needed in either league, the Scries is scheduled to open Oct. 2, in the American League park. If the Braves win the National League pennant, games 3 and 4-and 5 if necessary-will be played at Mil- waukce County -Stadiunv ATTENTION SPORTSMEN AT YOUR CHEVRON DEALER FOR EVERY 2 BOXES REMINGTON SHOJGUM SHELLS' PURCHASED 12-16 20 GAUGE, f WE WILL GIVE $1.00 cause of bumps and bruises. But this lengthy list of ills isn't worrying Jennings too much. "There is i good chance everybody will be ready to play by Saturday," Jennings said. "Most of the hurts are minor ooes and we don't plan any more- game scrimmages. Most of our contact work is done." Work Passing Jennings said the Huskers would j. x i Line Vets wibert nf nennp - the inne - vmrr ni n -n.!i aa,u "S'i Lund has been Shifted tO a tackle ! ' the line- Don Keller, ho plaved,'hemti), &odr houfax, am Ne'pife4T--.wr,Ti4'---f . 1 al iajc iwsiuuu iasi. jrci, been siyfted to a guard. Skoeman said spirited competi-i ... , , , .. , , xion nas aeveiopea among nis enasi W lUl Dean Sell Of Lincoln and Dean Pederson of Hardy holding the top positions at fee present moment, . . w,.t, . - wmui ros. a(;k (,t ik;t. yfb t)B 19 l.i I 57 .Soph. K !S H:. 5 10 Kr.. JIB . .11 . Imi 5'9 a Jr. t)B l1" .) 5't Simh. HR ! -! S Si. . J: H ? I - r. - Kl: MR I : V5S - - Fr. HH -w i,ir:' HR !S 4JS.. ... 61. . Fr. KB 20 IS 5'- Sr. G 19 H2 fi Jr. B 2fi n; Jr. UH is i.',7 Sinij Fr. - r n f-r s Jr. Vi 1 ikl .' . SaA. . K 2fi 171) Jr. XV II. .:?(! .A ..... !. ; n ihn :vf, Sr. FB IS 172i i 5'11'i Soph, C, IS IfiS S'8i, . Fr. T !S W, fl Fr. KB 17 1M (i'lij Fr. f 11 201 S'9 Soph. fi 2.1 m 1 Sr. Fl 18 1.J 5 Sonh. F: ID 174 !'! Soph. K 21 !"0 .I'll Sr. T 14 2!1 l Fr. O 20 lSTj 'l Jr. C-E 1 1S2 vr- Soph. F. IS 1S4 n Fr. K 17 171 Fr. T V7 - -. Fr. T 22 H0 5'U Soph. O 17 ISO 6'V.i Fr. G 20 . ISO ,V8 Soph. G 19 . 155 S'S Fr. T 19 230 6 3 Soph. K IB lfS S2hi Fr. E T IB 185 6'3 Soph, KB 19 175 'l Fr. FB 20 2o T2'4 Jr. HB 17 US S- Fr. C Jl 20S 6'4 Fr. T II 205 t'2 Fr. T Breen Ureaks World Record j . HAVEN, Conn. Wl George Brcen of Buffalo, N. . Y., Amer ica's foremost distance swimmer', set a world for the mile Saturday, and picked up a flock of other records enroute, - -- The Cortland, N. Y. Teachers College graduate did the mile in 19:22 in Yale's 50-meter pool with about 20 official and unofficial i timers checking his race against j the plock. He broke his own world record of 19:40.4, set In the same I pool April 195(1. - Resting work a lot on their passing game in the next five sessions. "We caput in a lot of our pass offense without contact work," Jennings explained. "We will have a great deal of work to do, too, on getting ready for Washington State." The Washington State contest at Memorial Stadium next Saturday sends Nebraska into the 19571 season under its Jhird bead coach in three years. After the Washingtoa State game the Huskers are on the road three straight weeks against 'Army, Kansas State and Pittsburgh. - Led by All-Big Seven fullback Jerry Brown, the Huskers will be out to better last year's 4-4 record and fourth place finish in the conference. Shy on Juniors Nineteen lettermen and many promising freshmen will bolster the Huskers squad which is shy on juniors but long on seniors and sophomores. One of the biggest battles right nov- is being staged,at, Jeft halfback where it is strictly a scramble .for the starting assignment between Bennie Dillard, Jim Hergenreter and Carroll Zaruba. The injury list, which has reached all-time highs, is not concerning Jennings too much. Those disabled Saturday were End Roger Bredge, Center Mike Cocliraner End T?av Fnee! Onar-f Chucr'SmithrQuartwback ClydeT? from the- broken- limb Haskins, Halfback Jim Hergen-I suffered against Ccus- reter. Halfback Bennie Dillard Incidentally, only two touch- Fnri riarerw.. Pvv r-.r km downs were scored against Okia- PeteT5eTirt--rr-Klein, Back rw. p,. tv TKm,. v.a-t - wug .iivaifl- I and Guard Dave Swartz. Series Elimbles c Announced NEW YORK if! Here is the list cf World Series eligibles as announced by Baseball Commissioner Ford Frick. CHICAGO WHITE SOX Luis Aparicio, Ted Beard, Jim Derrint-lon, Larry Doto. Die Donovan, Walt Dropo. Sam Kspiisilo, Bill Fischer, Nelson Fox. Fred Hatfield, Jack Harshman, Millard Howell. Jim Hughea. Bob Keeian. Paul laPalme, Sherm Lollar, linnie Minoso, Lea Mom. John Phillip. Billy Pierce. Jim Rivera. Gerry Staley, Earl loreeson. Jim Wilson. Manager Al Lope. Caaehea Bay Berrea," Joha Cooneyr -'Tony Cuccinello anJ Dob Gutterid and Train- ex Ed Froelich, NEW YORK "YANKEES ! Hank Bauer, Yoki Berra, Tommy Bvrne. 1 Andy Carey, Al Cirotte, Jerry Coleman.) j f olltns. Art Ditmar, Whitey Kord. t Huh jrim. ejftfofl Howard.. Diarrell Joan- , ! win. lonjr Kubrk. Jnhnny Kurka, Don Marn. Jrryv lamnet il XrtXtaaM icte(v 'ManMe,- .ntf-tveedwis , Sirhby 4 I r.noa Mau!er, Tom 'Mnrdlvant. Bub Tur- J I lev. Manager Caaey .Sleniel, ( oarhcj ! fmHr- rnMPttk'-4rH-:rUM aMt-jiaU. tr.r? 1""er -" - OnKtY! T)OI6r!- Sandy Amoroa, Hon Besaent, Bov CW J anella. Gtno Cimoh, Rowr - Cri, lnt ' f ... I. ,. ' t" .1 . . t , . ..I . t uanny Airueviu. (.name .eaj, ion acw- j rombe jhnny Ponrea, Pee Wee Reeie. tMdit Roebitek; John - Roerjoro.' Doke m r'JT..t r, ,,.. ,.:- ,... ,.,:. """"'""l "" JC"-'" ! Wendler. Podre a reinutel NDSplayer not J"' ""Ji"1"' e Hnrr Aaron, . Jre Arlcock, Bill Bruton pub Butt, " lw - BiarrMstle. fit,; tW-WS.' Wes Covington, Pel Crandall, Bob Hazla, hrnte Johnson, Dave Jolly, Nippy Jonea, John Logan, - Felix Mantilla. I.ddn Ms Ulcus, I,n McMahon, Andy Paflto. Tavtnr Pnnlipa, Juan Hiarro, Dei Rice. Mel Kriach. Cart SrwatMcii Ht6 SchoemlJrt, Warren Spahn. Frank Torre, Bnb Trnw-hridfip. Mannfier Krel Haney, Coaches Fob Kelly, John Riddle.. Charlie Bout and Cnnnie Ryan, and . trainer Bob Feron. (Rnach a relocated NDS player does not count under plaver limit. ST.- Ifll lli RD1NA1j1 Tom Ateton. Iloo Blaintame, Ken Boy - rrr "WalkCT-Coeperr-.- CMniunftbagAJ vin Dark, IV1 Ennia, Larrv Jackson, Sam Jone, Eddie Kasko. Uobie Landrith, l,in-dv McDaniel. Von MeTanrel. Lloyd Merrill. EMte Miksia, Hilmer Mizell, Wally Moon, Stan Mutual, Irv Noren. Willard Schmidt, pick- ScHnfleld. Bobby - Gen Smith, Hal Smith, Berm Webmeier. Hoyt Wilhelm. Manai-er Fred Hutrhinaon. Wan Hack Ai -HiiUinaawtirlh... and Terry Moore and Trainer Dr. Clarence Rauman. Swoon's Son Wins Handicap CHICAGO -E. Gay Drake's Swoon's Son scored a nine-length triumph over Hasty House Farm's Kins Bruce II to win the $27,850 Midwest Handicap at Hawthorne. Ridden by Dave Erb, Swoon's Son covered the 6te furlnogs in 1:16 4-5, and collected first money Of $18,750. Son's earning to $713,982, seventh among all-time winners. Native Dancer is sixth with $785,240. IS'DFA Meeting The Nebraska Better Fishing Association will hold its first Board of Directors meeting Monday night at the Fairview Motel at 14th and Cornhuskef Highway The meeting "is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. with all Board of Direc tors members, urged to attend. BONDED FOR QUALITY EVERVESS "CUT" 51 In Sparkling Woter REXT PARTY Fall ! . IWiUe IJ-j ALo Hdy f . Brttif t 2SS i PPSUQLA Bomm CO. um.,- naii Washington State College's football team pays & visit to Memorial Stadium Saturday to open the 1957 season for the Nebraska Cornhuskers. And the situation is loaded with many ironies and memories for NU fans, Only once before have the Cornhuikers and the Cougars met on the. fields of battle, in 1920. But Nebraska coach Bill Jennings is no stranger when it comes to tangling with the Pacific Coast Conference team. In- 1938 Bill was a sophomore at the University of Oklahoma and the Sooners played the Cougars, lacingUiem, 28-0. Jennings remembers t game well be broke his leg. Bill won't say anything about it, but he might feel that broken leg prevented Oklahoma from winning the 1939 Orange Bowl game. The Washington State game was the last of the regular sea son and the all-victorious Sooners sailed up against Tennessee in the Miami classic and were whitewashed, 17-0. . Bill Absent It's significant that Jennings who alternated between wing- back and-nd on "the- great- Sooner team was absent, still I homa that yegtolheloss ! to Tennessee. The Sooners eked out a 7-6 win over Rice in the opening game and Tulsa tallied once in a 28-6 loss. Otherwise the Sooners were invulnerable,. blanking Texas (13-0), Kansas (19-0)', Nebraska (14-0), Kansas State (26-0), Missouri (21-0), Iowa State (10-0), Oklahoma A&M (19-0) and Washington. State (2W. . On that Nebraska team were sophomores who two years later would carry the Husker colors into the Rose Bowl against Stan-ford. Adding additional interest to the', upcoming Washington State . game is the strange quirk of fate which tosses twO-debutir.g coaches against a common foe in their respective openers. " Pete Next Jennings bows in as Nebraska C0aCh also u his " flad COachirg L--:--:.v;- .,-vri-:--w - deDUt against In COUgar?, tTUS weekandPeteJElliottL whom Jennings succeeded, will launch his career at California the following week in the Bears' first game. Two "Cahlomia scouts will -be S&stemdbmj TEAM BATTING Topeka : tat " TJ7f J31 SB' ".! Puemo WS TOt 13M n 4 -.27 ' Colo. Sprinta H7 835 Tim 133 .Z79 T Xes Moiiwa .mo -1J3S 7'- 'LiaralB 4 lib - ISM 111 M .-7S : Sioux City 4Mt 79S l.H 128 43 .268 team fielding G Po A E Bo Pet Amarillo ... 147 3767 1 521 171 1W . 147 3B41 ISM 193 147 .945 Sioux City. .. 147-. 3651 M24 7 141 .2 Pueblo .,. 14 3766 J51S 207 144 JHit TJea Moinea 148 3777 1527 221 15 Topeka .. . .. 146 37B6 im 232 164 .959 Linda . , 1W 338 14S3 M! 147 . .957 --"iVDIVHVl'AL BATTING"' Ineladei all playera eaeept pitchera hitliaa brloa .304. Name. Club Ao . R . n Hr R6I Pet. Crmine, DM I Miley, Lla Pinkston. Amar Bean. Pue . i Riale. Alb. ... I Kiinich, Top .. . f-.ii. nit 83 159 4 77 l37 525 lu. 198 23 125 .377 a j 3 375 28 4 18 I .357 413 mi 1 31 103 .354! -SO 106 169 Jl 114 ,,352 1 Attd. Amur 2M 37 92 2 M-''.m - ftl - . - Al... i.ia.isr.:jt. miit .'awlrn. SC 142 - t - 5 3 15 M Shields, All) .... 5B9 122 193 12 89 .328 Hunter. Amar .... Sia 113 179 11 .326 Goodcll. Amar .. . 41 80 144 II 91 .325 MeDaniet -ToB, ,, T4 12a2 M Hi .Ml Handle, DM 1V 41 57 4 26 .32 L. Wihlama. Top , -17 119 If 11K-.SI Landenbrrier, SC 3m (i2 123 19 48 .319 Vo-Wf-l.t ..n,,-m-4-Vt.t--U Mi rarie, Alb 587 M im t 52 .317 WiIkh, Lia S14 lirj iu 11 afi .317 Smiri.1 !.- 43 72 146 . M .313 Tanner, Top 4WJ 101 144 18 72 .3 1 4 Powell, t'S .... 176 3 55 i 32 .313 Almenarea. Put ., 555 173 19 11)2 .312 Sheeta. CS 509 158 19 98 .310 Elaer. CS S 7 157 4 tl .309 Maness, Pue 34R Ml liM 7 50 ,3n5 Hitcher, Pue . 328 7R llifl 1 38 .305 E. Johnson DM . 5M 77 171 8 W .303 Walenaa, CS .... 499 98 151 22 98 .303 TracewsM, Put .. 542 81 13 4 (7v.3il Cihrx-ki, Alb .... 337 49 101 39 .300 Cooper, CS 408 5 122 11 74 .V Cuitti. Amar-CS . IM 41 71 IS W .299 Dalrymple. Amart 424 65 126 17 80 . 297 Brennan, Lla .... 2M SI M I 44 .297 Melrndei. 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(Pa) Schulte later to win fame as a track coach as bead football coach. And he departed on a sad note as the Cougars nipped the Cornhuskers, 21-20. Washington State rallied for 14 points in the final quarter to overcome Nebraska's 20-7 advantage. The Cougars were sparked by L. Gillis who tallied three touchdowns. CUl'u " was tabbed at the -time -as -'great line plunger, end and off-tackle plunger as ever played on the Nebraska Geld." Husker touchdowns were scored by Fred Dale, Leo Scherer Sr., and Ernie Hubka. Capt. Bill Day kicked two extrapoints. Members of the starting team . were; Clarence Swanson, left end; John Pucelik, left tackle; Wade- Munn,-left- guard; .Day. cent"' ,?ful?D' n?' guard; Adolph Wenke, -right tackle; Scherer, right end; Dick Newman, quarterback; Verne looreTTefnraTiDabk; DaleT right-halfback; Floyd Wright, fullback. Dale scored when he intercepted a pass and thrilled the crowd of 6,000 with a 75-ya-d gallop. Scherer traveled 40 yards " arid" Hiibka three. Sub Scores Hubka, now a Beatrice attorney, came off the bench to register a TT). Other subs that day- were Bub Weller, Chick Hartley and Andy Schoeppel, later to become governor of Kansas and currently U.S. Senate? from that state. PS: When you talk about the "dumb football players of the old days," skip the 1920 Husker team. Success in later life was commonplace for these fellows. The list includes a state supreme court justice (Wenke), governor and senator (Schoep-pef); two attorneys (Hubka and " Wright l,a -dentist f Pucelik prominent realtors or insurance "men (Day7ewrrnannd Scher-er), successful businessman (Swanson), bank examiner (Wade Munn) and college science 'professor" tUaleJ. Cottier. T( 57 B 19 !0 I! .Wl ii tww.j Mt.-U.m- .IS tt- .K .', ' ft. Staarf, tl -: . ;' -?4 - M-1 & ' lloswy. Top M U 17 1 .2- iirwiaM, Lia 4S S-rlI 4 .BS I mbricW. Top 121 17 !! - , Hallsren, Top ,;-.'Sne 41 79 I 34 ,V Snyder. DM 28 33 72 25 .So shoe. 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Alb ... 4 Blantnn, Amar . 19 Lamaae, Lia . . 14 Sheehan, DM .. 1 SatdnicW, Top .. 7J i .400 80 63 3.04 8 . 704 68 127 3 M 7 .667 83 itj l.U 0 1.0110 23 15 3.2 1 .831 87 148 -J.34 7 .6 7o 92 3.40 .5.(8 34 88 3.44 . 3.J27 ..S8..., 59 X51 9 .500 87 108 3 5S L mbnclu, Tup 1J 7 Prinele, Amar . 7 6 J. Johnapii Ama . ..3 Plktuzia, DM .. 9 9 6 Buxhariil. DM , 3 4 Slenhouse. DM 12 12 Wegner, pue ... 13 t W. Rrll, Lla ... 11 4 Sheeta, Lin . .. S Yoke. Amar .... 20 II .600 60 99 3.64 .429 29 53 3.65 .500 118 170 3.69 .511 61 133 4 06 .733 Wl 151 4 0 .625 411 58 4 1 .714 90 129 4 27 T0NIGHT-8 CHIEFS vs. TOPEKA . Player Appreciation ftitt Ceremoniei 7:40 Dial 3-2351 for tickets Gates Open 6:30 T ' " .worth of GA.mif.F rcrr V 'Si - j L ,Vi.fjwV-:T" ; y r aL"AJiiciwlSl,J.w.ll,, .uflBcsimt

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