The Ogden Standard-Examiner from Ogden, Utah on July 24, 1962 · Page 3
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The Ogden Standard-Examiner from Ogden, Utah · Page 3

Ogden, Utah
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 24, 1962
Page 3
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COOLER WARMER LOWEST TEMPERATURES am! ClOUO FORECAST W E A T H E R F O T O C A S T THUNDES STORMS' FORECAST TO 7 A.M. WEDNESDAY--Considerable .cloudiness with scattered showers and thundershowers are forecast for .Utah today'and early Wednesday. It will be a little cooler.--(UPI Telephpto.) X Utah May Get Cloudy Sky, Mild Showers TELEPHONE TIFF Partly cloudy skies are forecast through Wednesday for pgclen and Northern Utah, with widely scattered thundershowers. Wind will be light and variable with minimum relative humidity 15-20 per cent. Following are temperatures: Ogden Billings Bismarck Boise Boston Butte . Chicago Denver Las Vegas Logan Los Angeles ... Miami Minneapolis ... New Orleans .. New York Omaha Phoenix Pocatello Portland Provo Salt Lake City San Francisco. St. George St. Louis Seattle Spokane Washington -W. Yellowstone Max. Min. Pep. ..86 60 ..84 58 ..83 54 ..96 ..70 64 .25 ..83 49 ..71 64 ..80 50 25 ..105 73 ..81 55 ..82 62 ..89 83 .. 67 58 ..93 74 ..77 61 84 ..81 63 ..107 82 ,.90 54 .-91 .59 . 86 60 11 . 86 63 . 58 52 .100 . 84 64 .87 56 . 95 61 . 87 68 . 82 40 Bay Area Fight Digit System SAN FRANCISCO (UPI) -- A voice our protests and we plan to Prayer Ruling Wins Backer ' SEATTLE (UPI) -- A Catholic professor of law at Gonzaga University has sided with the) Supreme Court decision against prayer in public schools and at the same time attacked "the radical approach" taken by Justice William O. Douglas in his concurring opinion. In a speech at Seattle University, the Rev. Francis Conklin, S.J., said the question of prayers in the public schools is strictly a political one. He agreed the government should not compose official prayers "because it is not the function of civil government to tell me when, where or how to pray." But Father Conkhji, a visiting professor at Seattle University, attacked Justice Douglas' opinion that the federal economic aid to religion would be unconstitutional. He said "the radical approach taken by Mr. Justice Douglas in his concurring opinion belies the American tradition of impartial justice under law." Real Estate Loans Hit $1.9 Million LOS ANGELES (UPI) -- Real estate loans in Utah during the first half of this year were $1.9 million, the Prudential Insurance Co. said today. Of the total, $1.6 million was for residential purposes. San Francisco- housewife picked up her telephone, dailed the operator and said with a sly smile: "I don't seem to be able to dial it. Would you please get me number . three billion, one hundred seventy-six million, four hundred twenty-nine thousand, six hundred eighty-two?" If the operator was left confused--and who could blame her? --the housewife could claim another victory for the Bay Area forces who are in revolt against ANC, the All-Number.Calling system that Bell System companies are gradually substituting for letter prefixes across the nation., San Francisco Bay Area residents have developed other guerrilla tactics against "Ma Bell," as the Pacific Telephone. Telegraph Company is known, in their battle to preserve suph colorful exchange prefixes as YUkon, SEabright and JUniper. EXTRA PENNY The telephone company understandably will not reveal all the indignities it is being subjected to, but they are reported to include the payment of bills with an extra penny or two, just to snarl up the company's bookkeeping, or the punching of random holes in computerized cards. Today 18 million,of the 77 million telephones .in.' the United States have ANC. The total will climb to more than 160 million by 1975. Booming growth is rapidly using up all the available letter combinations for name prefixes, the company contends. In the opposite corner is the Anti-digit Dialing League (ADDL), a newly incorporated San Francisco organization dedicated ta, halting "creeping numeralism." Prof. S. I. Hayakawa, noted semanticist and a league founder, put it this way: "We have all numerals for our Social Security accounts and all numerals for our bank accounts; but we don't have to memorize our own. "A telephone number is different. It is an address .and we have to keep addresses of friends and business contacts in our heads. As psychologists have shown, the seven numeral system goes well beyond the average person's ability to memorize." LEGAL CHANNELS Carl V. May, another league founder, said it's opposed to such "juvenile" means of protest as harassing telephone operators or overpaying phone bills. "There are legal channels to Warning System OTTAWA (AP)--Canadian civil defense officials are studying a proposal that would permit every building with electricity to have an individual nuclear attack warning system. Electronic alarm boxes costing from $5 to $10 could be triggered by special signals sent over regular power lines. use them," he said. "We are getting a hearing before the state public utilities commission and we will tell them that the company is not being realistic in expecting people to react like machines." The phone company takes issue with the memory objection, declaring that in the short period of time between looking up a number and dialing, it's about as easy to remember seven numbers as two letters and five numbers. But it concedes that it may take a little longer to memorize all-number numbers, By switching to ANC., the company is able to use all 10 numeral openings on the telephone dial for the prefix instead of the eight on which letters appear. "This means that hundreds of new prefix combinations can eventually be made by using numerals instead of letters." The Anti-Digit Dialing League said that it's possible to get 912 million different phone numbers with letter prefixes using present telephone company arrangements, and an astronomical 4.75 billion under future plans. A telephone company spokesman brushed off the claims as incorrect. The Anti-Digit Dialing League challenged the phone company debate the issue,, but the latter stiffly declined. The league reports new adherents flocking to its banner. Founder May said new chapters were Psychiatrist Eastern's Pilots Face Discusses Job Retum De adline 'Dead Rof By Delos Smith NEW YORK (UPD--One'' psychiatrist's view of his "noble profession" is that its members work hard to root out a particular evil in their patients but cultivate the very same evil in scientific dealings among themselves. Psychiatric patients, said Dr. Joost A. M. Meerloo in criticizing scientific meetings at a recent scientific meeting, are burdened with "the dead rot of compulsive metaphors and out-mpded thinking." It is only good sense for a psychiatrist to replace this dead rot in a patient with life. But when psychiatrists get together to advance their science ;hey themselves indulge in verbal dead rot. Cultism and the craze ;o be ritualistically scientific are 'two of the greatest dangers of nodern psychiatry," in Meeiioo's opinion. "Publications of schools differ- nt from one's own are usually lot read," he said. "Original opin- ons are committed to oblivion. If don't pledge allegiance to the cachings of specific masters, I can be ostracized in special circles. If I use a term the wrong vay, I can get 'slaughtered'. We lave too many shibboleths and meaningless passwords." STRANGE RITUAL M a n y psychiatric scientific meetings "have become a strange ritual where the need to absorb wisdom loses out to the need to be seen and heard and, strangely enough, actually to 'be bored," he continued. "Indeed, a ritualistic need to be bored plays an important role in our repeated trips to the scientific lecture room. Boredom sends us straight back to archaic feelings of deprivation. I have discovered this same yearning for ritualistic boredom in some of my patients. Long-repressed feelings of deprivation, rooted in an ancient hunger for magic wisdom, seek somehow to be gratified. . WASHINGTON (AP)--The deadline set by Eastern Air Lines for its striking flight, engineers to claim their jobs or face the loss of them comes up today. Another effort by Secretary of Labor Arthur J: Goldberg to settle the dispute failed Monday night when Eastern's president, Malcolm A. Maclntyre, rejected a new proposal. Goldberg had proposed arbitration of economic issues dividing the airline and fche Flight' En- gineers International Association, AiFL-CIO. .He also had proposed that the two parties settle their differences over the complement of jet crews on the basis of points they had agreed to earlier, but at different times. Goldberg contended they overlapped in scope and could be the basis for an agreement. ' The flight engineers made no reply to Goldberg. Eastern previously had set today as the deadline for the en- OGDEN STANDARD-EXAMINER OGDEN, UTAH, TUESDAY EVENING, JULY 24, 1962 3A gineers to claim their jobs on an individual basis in an attempt to bring an end to the month-old strike. The airline resumed limited operations Monday and said it would continue the same schedule today--two flights each way between New York and Miami, Fla. 1,424 FLIGHTS Before the 575 engineers began their walkout June 23, the airline had 1,424 flights daily. The Federal Aviation Agency announced Monday it is considering a proposal by Eastern under which it would reduce the type and amount of training needed by pilots or others to qualify for the FAA flight engineer license examinations. The agency cautioned that the examination itsey would not be changed. Main, point at issue is whether an engineer or a pilot will occupy the third seat in the flight deck when jet airlines switch from four-man crews to three. To Serve Africa PORT ELIZABETH, South Africa (AP) -- Two Nationalist Chinese freighters mil begin serving African ports early next year. ·H 8 Siii :'!* m II in the process of being formed in such diverse centers of revolt as Washington, D.C., Carson City, Ne'v.; Phoenix, Ariz., Bloomington, Ind., and Yakima, Wash. Not Fingerprints LONDON (UPI)-A laborer was freed on a charge of breaking into a fruit store when an expert tes tified that toothmartfs on a Dear identical with the defendant's might belong to another person. Toothprints, the expert testified, are not as unlike as fingerprints. "Such people like to be bored and to be regressed collectively toward the phase of old infantile frustrations. They expect wisdom and are disappointed every time. As scientists they seldom read, and when they do read, they fail t'o verify the literature. They use the meeting ritual as a substitute for activity and deeper inner awareness." He saw psychiatrists and scientific students of man "in general "chasing after fixed formulas, certificates, credits/points, marks and official labels, because they believe that if one is to have professional significance one must set up a certain sophisticated .facade backed by diplomas and membership cards. "On order to become an accepted adept, people are prepared to undergo the most impractical course of , training or conditioning, and thus are in danger of losing their intrinsic ability to apply their skills and talents." 'DECODE' WORDS \ Listeners at psychiatric scientific meetings "decode" the words of the speakers in their own private ways. They listen to the speakers but they listen much more to their "own unobstrusive and unconscious perceptions -you may call it intuition--about what the speaker is communicating or neglecting to transmit.' $;$ HI m li il Tilt; MX (III open arm ^ special $ $ $ $'s . . . OGDEN .. .AND YOU! .NOW . . . due to Ogden's growth and the hardness of Ogden's water . . . RAYNE CORPORATION, one of the West's leading Soft Water Service Organizations, will install a RAYNE Plant in the Ogden area within the next few weeks. This is a splendid opportunity for a local executive to own and operate a fine profitable business of his own, one with continuing income, run along the lines of a public utility. m II! m in ·*.*.'w, ; .*:·:·:·· ill complete portable and ease SOFT WATER SERVICE Lightweight, full size NecchiEMa straight stitch sewing machine that combines modern, attractive design and easy- thread operation. Complete with all-steel carrying case. guaranteed used ii sewing machines On July 26fh 27th, Frank W. Read, RAYNE Vice Pres., will be at the Hotel Ben Lomond, Phon« 394-5761, to explain the growth and profit potential of a RAYNE Franchise -- your key to business and financial independence. Or, write RAYNE, 2310 S. W. 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