The Ogden Standard-Examiner from Ogden, Utah on July 19, 1962 · Page 5
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The Ogden Standard-Examiner from Ogden, Utah · Page 5

Ogden, Utah
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 19, 1962
Page 5
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STRICT LY B U SIN ESS Briton Will Request Mercy Killing For Tots Deformed by Drug Intake LONDON. (AP)--A British legis- 1 thyst to safety after it was at- j tacked by Chinese Communist iforces in 1949. lator and navy hero has urged the mercy killing- of babies born deformed and limbless because their. mothers took the sedative drug thalidomide during pregnancy. Conservative member of Parlia- r-ent Cmdr. John Kerans is to ask.-the government July 30 to pass a law authorizing doctors to apply euthanasia in such cases. Kerans/ father of two children, sailed the British frigate Ame- In the House of Lords today, Lady Edith Sunimerskill expected to ask the government .to permit doctors to end pregnancies where the mother has taken thalidomide. ; 'The tranquilizer .was removed ! from the British market seven and a half months ago. It is only when taken during the second month of pregnacy that it is likely to damage the baby. By August ,an estimated 800 babies will have been born in {this country with missing or deformed limbs. Many more have suffered from the-drug in West Germany, Sweden, Belgium and Australia. · ; , . In the United States, a skeptical woman doctor in the Food and Drug Administration was credited with keeping the drug off the American market. The Washington Post said that 47-year- old Dr. Frances-- Oldham Kelsey regarded the drug's safety as unproved and kept declining an application by an American firm to market the* sedative in the United States. The firm withdrew its application in November, 1961, after it learned of what happened in Europe. Thalidomide was developed by German .scientists and after exhaustive tests , was introduced in Britain in 1958. Administered in tablet form it was accepted in medical circles as one of the safest and most .effective tranquilizers yet devised. But health authorities were shocked by its totally unexpected and grim side effects. Commander Kerans, the father of two children, said of his mercy killing move: "The decision would be up to Hie doctor, but naturally the parents would have some say in the matter." x " "If a child is born with no arms or legs, no drugs can help and he is not much use to so- icietly. I am.not putting forward a case for euthanasia generally, but these babies are an exception. "If we cannot have euthanasia for them, then the state should look after them for the rest of their lives. "What is the use of producing children who are. already deformed? Few parents would wish it in their heart of hearts." Nearly all doctors in this country .are rigidly opposed to legalized mercy killing and the gov- OGDEN S T A N D A R D - R X A M J N E B OGDEN, UTAH, THURSDAY EVENING, JULY 19, 1962 5A ernment is almost certain to turn down Kerans' plea. ' Doctors point out it is impossible to define a "deformed baby" and some for whom, life seems hopeless turn out to be highly intelligent. The Anglican and Roman Catholic churches also have denounced mercy killings. At the request of Britain's Health Ministry doctors are making a census of all affected babies to decide what special measures need to be taken. The British Medical Association also is expected to set up a body to supervise the introduction of new drugs. Lot of Bull 1 : From Officers MAYFIELD, Ky. (UPI) -- Police Capt. Floyd Stokes and officer Rufie Wyatt told how they restored the peace here by bringing down a malefactor in a hail of bullets. "That's a lot of bull," another officer commented as he viewed the carcass of a 1,200 pound bull that had run wild near the farmers stockyard here. - 1 "W*'r« reshuffling fwrsoniwi, Argyl* -- unfortunately, you're th* jok»r in th« n*w dtckl" WORRY CLINIC Gift Books Help Child Get Ahead ;· By Dr. Gtorg* W. Cran* 7 Eileen M., 25, is a school teacher. Z. "Dr. Crane," she began, "my ^children are 3rd graders. But :;most of them are poor readers. "Despite the emphasis which we teachers place on good reading, I am wondering if the parents at home are doing their part to cooperate. "When I ask my youngsters what they do at home, they tell -me they, watch television. Few of them read any books and very ,few have mothers who read stories ;to them. "What will happen when Americans become so ear-minded that ..they ignore the printed page?" MOBS USE EARS As a rule, mobs are spurred on- "iward by spoken words. Whether it was a western "necktie" ,party for hanging a ^.thief or a propagandized crowd in Pontius Pilate's courtroom or a vast group of Komans at the funeral of Caesar to hear Marc Antony, mobs are ear-minded. By contrast, people who read,, whether newspapers, magazines or books, are eye-minded. And readers tend to be far more independent in their think- Thus, readers are not easily regimented or stampeded by silver- tongued orators. . So we must emphasize better reading on the part of our chil: ;,dren, not only for their educational sake, but as splendid in\ surance for the preservation of cthis republic and those wonderful : 'freedoms written in the Constitution. Remember, too, that Prime Minister Gladstone of England, described ,our Constitution over 100 . years ago as "the greatest document ever struck off at a given time by the brain and purpose of man." And Thomas Jefferson added: -"Our peculiar security is in the possession of a 'written Constitution." EMPHASIZED "WRITTEN" Jefferson emphasized that word "written," for our Constitution is not a mere bit of folklore, passed along by word of mouth. Being , "written," it demands ,'lthat our children learn to read so they can fully appreciate this unique government. - And unique it is in the annals of mankind, for . Daniel Webster says: : "We live under the only government that ever existed which was framed by the unrestrained and deliberate consultations of the people. : . "Such a government, once gone, v might leave a void to be filled ;" for ages with revolution and tu- "mult, riot and despotism." :/ If^you have children for whom .: you wish to purchase most ap- ,;!;i:propriate gifts, then select books. · And when your pre-school young^ sters ask you to tell them a story, "·-suggest that you 'will read them ·'.; a story, thereby linking their : -; pleasure with the printed page. ·;';' ; For when you tell them stories, - -you become their crutch and they 7, look to you instead of to the print"ed page for entertainment. . ··"···· After youngsters reach second /grade, tactfully coax them into ·the reading habit. ';-"" And by the time they are fourth graders, be sure they have de- j veloped the library habit. '*-:.. For readers go far in school. V^.And they become our most inde^ '-·.- -pendent thinkers, thus safeguard- ;: ing America from mob hysteria ' -created by silver tongued orators. · · · · . (Always writt 1« Dr. Crant in can ·f this ntwiBtper, tnclosinf · long '"'··''* 4c itamM'r rtdrcssed tn*«l«M ami 20c to cover typiitf *;i4 printing costs ' " ' whtn you wit for ono of Kit book* lots.) Fund May Return EoyY Eyesight EL DORADO, Ark. (AP)--Nine- year-old Billy Bradley Jr. of El Dorado was blinded when struck by lightning while he was playing baseball. · That was 2Vz months ago. Now he has hopes of regaining sight The El Dorado News- ss has ssked for contributions , x ,.,, _ proposed $3,000 fund to pay *·-· .for two operations for the boy. X... /His doctors say Bill will be able - t o see if the cataracts · which -formed over his seared eyes are removed. You are inviteck to the of another great brand at The Bon . . . I THE MM on display Friday, 9:40 a.m. ft/la of o £»! 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(Model 624). , only 279.50 · ·/ Danish styling model with six speakers including two 15-in. bass,; powerful ; stereo amplifiers. Precision; noise-free FM^AM radio. Stereo FM optional. The Symphony mbder 657, in sable; walnut or natural dark walnut. only 398.50 magnificent Magnavox stereo console models as little as 149.50 . . . THE NEW 1963 complete line of Magnavox television, stereo, phonographs, and radios . .. . and Magnavox offers you so much morel BIG PKHI TV · Fully automatic, twice as big as 19~in. } 20% bigger than 23-in. 0 Less cost per inch than the cheapest 19-in. portable ONLY FROM MAGNAVOX-FULLY AUTOMATIC TV ... just select your program. Revolutionary Video-matic gives you best, pictures day and night because critical picture adjustments are made electronically--perfectly--always. Magnavox VIDEOSCOPE 260, 50% more picture to enjoy Magnavox quality throughout--in picture, sound and dependability. 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