The Ogden Standard-Examiner from Ogden, Utah on April 8, 1962 · Page 39
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The Ogden Standard-Examiner from Ogden, Utah · Page 39

Ogden, Utah
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Sunday, April 8, 1962
Page 39
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ONE MAN'S OPINION Youth to Dominate Oscar Awards ram for 1962 By Bob Thomas , the acting nominees, star and sup-. Since the late '40s Hollywood has HOLLYWOOD (AP) -- The old i porting, are postwar products. I be en fighting _for survival as the order changes, and the 33rd Academy Awards on Monday night will signal .the arrival of a new generation in Hollywood. No one knows the winners (only a foolish few would try to predict them.) But those who collect the gilded Oscars 'are likely to represent a distinct break with the fading glitter of Hollywood's past. Only two of the nominated stars --Spencer Tracy and Charles Boyer --date back to the movies' Golden A new ning this year, not the WyJers, Wilders, Stevenses, Capras, Fords and other greats, mos^t of' whom I date back to the silents. Oscar is T.OW a third of a century old--the span of a- generation. The statutette symbolizes the ma- ! film capital. Just about everyone j now realizes new troops are needed. Many of the bright stars have disappeared--Gary Cooper, Clark Gable, Tyrone Power, Enrol Flynn, Humphrey Bogart. Age has dimmed the lustre of other greats. Changes in movie tastes and .markets has Decade of the '30s. Nearly all of head by the upstart, television. turity of the American film indus- r !^ de . red .J?. a °y o£ ae veteran - But the industry has not been I allowed to grow old gracefully. It Jem ^ can only has been poked in the ribs by foreign competitors and hit over the ! rectors obsolete. The answer to Hollywood's prob- new stars and creators. On Monday night at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, the 2,500 voters of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences may well bestow instant stardom on a new crop of performers. Here is how the major races appear to this fearless reporter: Best actress -- Audrey Hepburn was charming but miscast in 'Breakfast at Tiffany's." Piper Laurie made an impressive comeback in "The Hustler," and Geraldine Page showed her vast skill in "Summer and Smoke." NARROWS DOWN But the race seems to narrow down to Sophia Loren ("Two Women") and N a t a l i e Wood ("Splendor in the Grass"). If feeling against "runaway" filming runs high. Miss Wood is likely to win. Choice: Natalie Wood. Best actor--Boyer ("Fanny") and Tracy ("Judgment at Nuremberg") seem out of the -running with the accent on youth. Stuart Whitman ("The Mark") is a dark horse. It's neck-and-neck between Paul i Newman ("The Hustler") and Max- imilian'Schell ("Nuremberg"). The latter had the advantage of originating his role on" TV. Choice:. Maximilian Schell. Best picture--"The Guns of Nav- arone" was the most enjoyed film OGDEN STANDARD-EXAMINER OGDEN, UTAH, SUNDAY MORNING, APRIL 8, 1962 BEHIND THE SCENES BOBBY DARIN and his jazz combo give co-star Stella Stevens a chance as a vocalist in the-film, "Too Late Blues." Others appearing are Bill Stafford, Seymour Cassell and Cliff Carnell. 'Too Late Blues 7 Gives Darin Non-Singing Role Bobby Darin appears in his first non-singing role, in the modern drama film, "Too Late .Blues," which starts at Theater today. the Paramount creative musician -- sparkplug of By Alice Pardoe West Remember 'Steve Wilson' of "Bigtown" TV series? Guess that's about the best way to know exactly who Patrick McVey is, unless you also have been a fan of the series "Manhunt." Pat is another actor who got his start in stock companies and Little Theater. He was a young attorney when he became interested in acting in the town Little Theater in Indiana, and appeared in numerous plays. Later he and his mother took a trip to Hollywood and he decided to drop his career as a lawyer and go into the acting profession seriously. He took all sorts of odd jobs including a position on a newspaper, to support himself while he worked with the Pasadena Community Playhouse. "That was a wonderful experience," he said on the Screen Gems Lot at Columbia Studio. "I was in j 50 plays and that decided me after I served my time in the army, that I wanted to go to New York where his "combo"-who plays what he \ inco $ d eventuall y reach Broad- wants to, whether anyone likes it and listens or not. He and his four friends, comprising the group, have tough sledding because of Darin's Co-starring with him is Stella j refusal to compromise his art. Stevens, who Paramount Studio is! Later he meets and falls in love opportunity of singing and dancing, that he hasn't missed appearing in movies so much. "If Hollywood wants me, a good movie is always welcome," he told me when we visited in London, "but I'm surely crazy about these London audiences." "The Music Man" has been filmed here and it stars Robert Preston and Shirley Jones in the top roles. A National Marching Band Festival is to be featured in Mason City, Iowa, hometown of Meredith Willson, creator of "The Music Man," June 19. Thirty states will be represented by their leading high school bands for the occasion. Robert was starred in the stage version of the musical on Broadway, as well as in the picture. On thr strength of his performance he now has been asked to star in the musical stage production of the Broadway hit, "Dodsworth." OFF THE GRIDDLE Clint Walker "Cheyenne" is one of Hollywood's most avid hobby men. Not so long ago he was so enthusiastic about prospecting, that PATRICK McVEY He came up from stock experience he even had his Geiger counter on the Warner Bros, .set with him. Shark fishing, motor bike riding, camping, skeet shooting and water- skiing all have had their top spots in his enjoyment. Now he is going out. for skiing and is c-r-a-z-y about grooming for top stardom. Others appearing are Cliff Carnell, Seymour Cassel, Bill Stafford, Richard Chambers, Nick Dennis and Everett Chambers. Darin depicts an independent, with a girl, who has a haunting voice, played by Miss Stevens. Things begin to happen that affect Darin's music and life. The picture was directed and produced by John Cassavetes. Mickey Doesn't Mind Losing Out on Film, He Saved Money HOLLYWOOD (AP)-Actor Mickey Callan, who was signed to a Columbia contract from Broadway's "West Side Story," was a little de- third ('13 West Street'). "Then ' my business manager called me one Friday afternoon and said he had a chance to cut way. After Pat went East he joined j several stock companies before finally getting a part in the successful Broadway show, "Detective Story," which starred Ralph Bel-, Then came others such as of the Union" and "Bus Stop." "I did a lot of TV work while I was in New York, too," he said. "That's how I happened to get in the series, 'Bigtown', first as a live show and later on film. Those live shows on TV when we first did them were dillies. They really gave an actor a workout." Pat enjoys his work and is a : happily married man. His wife is \ the former Courteen Landis. "We live in our apartment in Los Angeles," he said, "with our pet dachshund, Clarabelle. We found her on Malibu Beach about TO THE YOUNG . . . Hollywood's top prize, the Academy Award Oscar, casts its reflection toward leading contenders in the 33rd annual voting. The post-war generation predominates this year. AP writer Bob Thomas' choices for the top prize: Best actor, Maximilian Schell (top left); best actress, Natalie Wood (top right); best supporting actor, George Chakiris (bottom left); best supporting actress, Judy Garland (bottom right); best picture, "West S i d e Story" (center). -- (AP Newsfeatures Photo.) while "Hustler," "Nuremberg" and "West Side Story" stressed artistic values. Choice: "West Side Story." Best supporting actress -- Rita Moreno ("West Side") has a good chance, Una Merkel ("Summer and Smoke") and Lotte Lenya ("Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone") less so. This is one race that narrows down to two veterans. Fay Bainter 1 was the great strength 'of the other. wise u n s u c'c e s s ful "Children's ; Hour." Judy Garland was less impressive in "Nuremberg," but the drama of her-comeback to films is perhaps too tempting for voters to pass up. . Choice: Judy Garland. Best supporting actor--George C. Scott might have been a winner for "The Hustler," but his much- request to race struck in Hollywood. That leaves Jackie Gleason of the same film, Peter Falk ("Pocket- j f u l of Miracles"), Montgomery pressed that he didn't get in the me in on an oil well already drill- six years ago. We're not too much - - i n g i n Mississippi. But I had to act! on night life here, but have most "I tested for it but was told that I looked a little mature to be the leader of a teen-age gang," he said. "Columbia soothed my feelings by casting me in one film ('The Interns') and loaning me to Walt Disney for another ('Bon Voyage' right now. "I wired an investment counselor in New York but. got no answer. Then I started thinking about 'West Side Story', and realized I was acting too mature. So I rebelled and told the business man- of our fun with our friends.' Pat is a likeable person with a quiet personality. Good to be around. He finds himself plenty aad then putting me quickly in a | a S er to cut me in. · I'm young enough to take a gamble, no matter Producer Hunting For Trained Dog That Eats Candy HOLLYWOOD (AP) -- Producer Ross Hunter, up to his ulcers in trying to cast humans, now is barking for help. In "If a Man Answers," a scene ,,_ calls for Bobby Darin to drown his i teIevision's""The" Cheyenne "show with his "Manhunt" series. IN NEW YORK Van Johnson, who has been packing them in for the stage show, "The Music Man," in London for what the 'West Side' director said.! the past year and a half, is now in "On the following Monday came New York to go into rehearsals for a reply from my investment counselor advising me not to invest in j the oil well, I was glad he didn't j answer me right away--for the oil ; well came in Sunday .afternoon." Steeplejack to Actor HOLLYWOOD (UPI) -- Before Clint Walker became the star of a play with Carroll Baker. . Van has been so enthusiastic about live audiences and having the Doin' One Wsf Jumbo HOLLYWOOD (UPI) -- At an age, in one scene for the movie, he where many people would retire settled for a losing foot race. ! Clift ("Nuremberg") and George easy thing to find a dog that will eat candy, but not in Hollywood. I was among other ·jack, river boat uty sheriff, and cowboy. D ; UlSCOvers and move to a senior citizen village, nozzle-nozed Jimmy Durante is looking for a job. "They're sticking pretty near the called up every dog trainer in Chakiris ("West Side Story")." The !l he business Most won't let his, latter film seems likely to domi- °°| s f a t candy--ruins thejr lives--! HOLLYWOOD (UPI) -- Singer nate the awards, hence . . . . f nc ! "J 6 otners^have dogs so highly j u i; e London was discovered by Sue turn up their Carol, agent wife of Alan Ladd, Choice: George Chakiris. Best director--A close race between J. Lee Thompson ("Nava-j noses at candy," says Hunter. Hunter so far claims he has given layed a Stanley rone"), Robert Rossen ("Hustler")/ the gumdrop test to 100 Hollywood while operating an elevator in a Hollywood department store. *» P-sed if. i press agent," Durante said. "In the j movie 1 play a circus owner. Durante has been kicking around I "They must have taken part of show business for about 50 years' the movie from my real life. In and won't disclose the exact amount j the picture I'm engaged to Martha because of threatened anniversary! Raye for 14 years." celebrations in his honor. Durante was jokingly referring to Nor is he content to relax by the his long-term engagement to Mar- swimming pool at his hillside home gie Little. The couple, married last and take life easy. In fact, Durante year, recently adopted an infant is trying to sell the house. · j daughter. Ask Durante about his age and j Durante winds up work on "Jurri- he'll puff on a cigar and answer: j bo" in a few weeks and hopes to Federico Fellini ("La Dolce Vita") j and Robert Wise--Jerome Bobbins . ("West Side"). i Choice: Wise-Robbins. "I don't even know myself. The way I feel, I might be 20 years younger. Some people age quicker' than others." . . Out at Metro Goldwyn Mayer Studios where he's working in the "Jumbo" circus movie, Durante keeps up with everybody except the elephants. Recently, Durante had a race with an elephant on the lot and came in second. "I didn't know any elephant could run so fast," he said, his brow wrinkling and head shaking. Durante worked in the Broadway version of "Jumbo" 27 years ago and was under the elephant's paw COUNTRY £LUB "Batehelor in Paradise" Sin In the Suburbs was Never So Shockingly Funny Bob Hope -- Lana Turner Shows 7:00 -- 9:00 p.m. start a new teleivsion series. He's looking around for a sponsor. "I'm gonna do a television special with Danny Thomas," Durante said, and you couldn't help think that there isn't a television screen in the country that's big enough for those two noses. "Danny owes me a shot and I'm i gonna use him as a selling pernt. | But I hope to have a series on the | air this fall." Whatever sponsor is smart enough to hire Durante had better not bother the little guy. He has definite ideas about what television needs. Join a Summer League See our ad on Sport Page HILLTOP LANES a new kind o~f love-story! (OTffiA ROTES HEMS CHARLES HFElDMAIfS' And Strictly for Laughs-"WEEKEND WITH LULU" "Wild Side" at 2:35, 6:10, 9:45 p.m. "Lulu" at 1:00, 4:35, 8:10 p.m. No One Under 18 Admitted Unless With Parents NOW PLAYING ^RIVE-IN On Highway 91 North of Layton AUDREY HEPBURN BREAKFAST ;·. . *.. * TICHNICOLOR AL503TAfl»!NQ ;V; GEORGE PEPPARO AliO CO-STARRING MICKEY ROONEY MJIOUN7 InrAlf "Breakfast at Tiffany's" was nominated for Academy Awards for: · Best Actress · Best Screen Play * Best Color · Best Song X15 ACTUALLY FILMED IN STAGE! HIES BBOHSffll Box Office 7:00, Show at Dusk JKmiHEAIRE "THE PLUNDERERS" Jeff Chandler -- Dolores Hart A Great Adventure Picture Open 6:45 p.m. Ph. 825-0904 All Over 65 FREE Sunday ^GERAIDINEPAGE Academy Award Nominee BEST ACTRESS OF THE YEAR! Feature at 1:00, 3:10, 5:25, 7:35 « 9:50 Four Leaf Clover Cafe 303 Washington Blvd. NOW OPEN SUNDAYS YOU MAY BE A 4 LEAF WINNER If Clover comes: up on your check, your meal Vi price! 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tenderloin Steakette Dinner with Mushroom Sauce $"| 80 and Fresh Strawberry Pie... The World's Most Famous I WORLD'S MOST FAMOUS STRAWBERRY PIE. NOW IN SEASON ACADEMY AWARD NOMINATION SHOW NO. 1-BEST ACTOR-BEST PICTURE OTUA LOGAN starring LESLIE CARON- MAURICE CHEVALIER CHARLES BOYER.HORST BUCHHOLZ gfcl TECHNICOLOR'frcaWARNERBROS. W NO. 2-BEST ACTRESS-BEST STORY AN EL!A KAZAN PRODUCTION WRITTEN BY WILLIAM INGE WDREY CHRIST^ TECHNICOLOR 9 WARNER BROS. ONE SHOW ONLY EACH NITE OPEN 7 P.M.-SHORTS 7:30 FANNY 8 P.M.-SPLENDOR 10:25 MOTOR VU HEATERS If Desired TAKE-HOME a Bucket o' KENTUCKY FRIEDCHICKEN with Hat rolls and a pint of real chicken gravy ONLY The Best Dinner Value in Town. 1 Srjndiay Special! 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Open Friday and Saturday 24 Hours Bcfc and Ray's SrsenweSi 36th and Riverdalc Rd. A MQSySTeS-STATUE OF BRONZE... WENTY STORIES TALL... ASTRIDE THE GREAT HARBOR OF RHODES! M-e-M^RORYCALHOUN THE COLOSSUS OF RHODES IN BLAZING COLOR .· in SuotrtolslScooe and EASTMANCOLOft YUUWffi CO-ariffRHQ EUWAUACH mmm "Colossus," 7:35, 12:10-"Magnificent/' 10:00 Sunday Special GRILLED PORK APPLE SAUCE INCLUDES: Soup, Vegetable, Potato, Drink, Roll, Butter, and Dessert Sunday Special Dinner served in our cafe only. From 5 p. m. fo 11 p. m. Daily FAST HOME DELIVERY SERVICE Just Pick Up Your Phone and Dial EX 2-6J24 or EX4-6148 Special for Our Customers, FREE PARKING After 6 p.m. park free in the Orpheum Forking Lot, Pay when you park -- we refund your parking fe« when you pay your meal ticket Best Food and Service in Town, 1 CANTON CAFE 2550 WASHINGTON BLVD. AMcRICAN AND CHINESE FOOD

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