The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 26, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 26, 1934
Page 2
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BLYTHEV{L.LE ..(AHK.) COURIER -NEWS will have .as 'their giiesls for Thanksgiving Misses Lr u. Limlsey, Nellie Smith, arid Clani Jaekcl, and Mrs. JiH'kel. of Memphis. Tuesday night there will be a benefit • card ' parly at the scout hull tho admission wiH Mfe » cent* per "" " dressed liens 1 > "JWBSPATB KVKWTS Yomn t M*tron» club meeting with kn 'Wley B, Jones Ure Chester K. Babcock h»vlng Tl|rf Jjj ' niM|<i rlurr ' ' *BDNtbDAY'B EVENTS ' Mus|o - department of Woman's club meeting wiUi Mrs n P -Pad- 3 p, m. \V. J. Pollard having Wcd- Brldfe club, , P, E O, »lll mtef^vllti Mrs 0. W. Ahlick'2 30 P.'M. country Thanksgiving 'danee at Clu». 9 P-M. ; if'Jjt jf MiUMVS -.EVENTS Woman's, club •meeting *2'30 P. M, dub house.',' ''J> BATUKtJAY'B EVENTS Cail meeting of tha Board of Trustw and members of the Womans Club »t Jiome of Mrs S. S 7.30 p, m. Country Club Has S»PP« rarty. The iirst of a scries of Sunday night supper parties last c\eni at the counity -club attracted a large number of members nlfh 60 present »nd a number turned away because of no reservations Included In those present were Mr. and Mrs Hugh Cialg, of Osceola, Mr »nd Mrs J R Cullom ot Wilson, f P Jacobs of Qrider, and Mrs chambcis of Jackson, Miss The club will be oj>encd end: evening until 10 o'clock foi caids, dancing and other entertainment, add (he next planned affali will beithc Thanksgiving dance Thursday, evening. « * » Haye Family Reunion The family of Mr and Mis J W Hardy, of Curve, Tenn, h.ul a reunion her* during Ihe weekend when Mr and Mrs Clarence koiwyck erilertalned with a dance Saturday evening and Mr am Mrs Alvih Hardy had, an aji day affair 'Suoday at their home, M' West A*h a(ieet ' The 25 present included Mr and Mis 'Sam Hardy of Fllnl Mich, Jack" Hardy of Memphis and >fr. and Mrs J W Hardy and family, of Curve CeUbalw BiriMay. Cafl Davis jr, celebrated his sec opd l( birthday Friday f evenini v ti; btivlnt IS,of hto.AtUe girl friend in to play with him In contests, Mildred Muir aiv Fe§gy Bujatoki* ^ on^prlies A grtta and .red color moll! was used in the decorations. A bblhda: cake was eerved with hot chocolad and the favors nerre Jo-Jo balls ' » • .* • Xarbro Warioiury Satiety ie Meet The Yarbro Missionary soclct »1U' me«t>, Tuesday afternoon, o'clock, Instead « OH regular tlm on Thursday ;rhe meeting is to b a\ the home of Mrs Zott Thomp son. !«' , , » t • Danthttr Born Mr - anc( Mrs Felix Cumberlaii announce the birth of a datighlc Saturday v morning at the Bl>the •ville hospital Before her mar mge Mrs. Cumberland was Miss Flossie McKlnnpri Woman's Cl«i Metis Mr? S S Stemberg preslricn presided at a meeting of the Wo man's club ' Friday nttcrnoon tM club house at wljjfh time wor dorie by the c)ub intho'past an plans for (he future mere take Zal B. Harrison and L. E. Tull e co-operating with llio club In gotiallng to obtain Mils servlco hlch is given by Ihe federal veriimeiit for the Iralnliig' of tl) while and negro, girls UIK| omen In llie nrl of washing, onlng, cooking and house clcnn- T«ntallve plans to be worked >oii were cllsniusscil In n .mcct- 8 of the executive board of llie onian's . club Saturday evening 'the home of the president, ~ ~ ~ ' Mrs.; E. M. project for * profcsslotlal trailing sjhoo!^ It Has suggested that Mio local rip- committee bo ^a'ske'd^ to re- »fr Hhe c)ub 'house' and it was oted lo use tlie club house for ie nie w tra inl ng scl lool. if Ihe ojecl iimler|alizes. Mrs. McCnll as appointed chairman ot Iho mimlltcc to • nppcar before the rip committee. Serving with her 111 bo Mrs. J. w. fouler.''Mrs. Bull and Mrs. Edwin Rob- rs.. S.- S.. Stcrnbcrg. teaII ,tol<t of Ilio ' M (son. 'aut liter iliirii'. Mr. and Mrs. Haymond Znchry momicc the birth of » 'daughtci aturday at the nlyliievlllo liospl- il 'Hie baby weighs six arid mrlh pounds. ; Bihoj Mostly Persona: Horace Grltnes, son of Mr. anc Irs. O. D. Grimes, returned home aturday from Fort McDowell, Cal. here he was honorably dlschai'gec •om the United Slalcs ni-iny itttoi iree year's , .service, lie, h^s beoi .fltloncd at Manila, 1'hUlpplnc Js- iiids, and- wus In Hie dctiiclunon «nt lo the Intenialloiml seltlcmcn t Shanghai, Cliinn, during. Iho re :nt troubles there, Harold Nunn, of Joplln, Mo., wil rriVc Wednesday lo spend Ihe ho! days wllh Mr. and Mrs, .Mnrvli funn. . Wngslon ami Mrs ' Mrs. .lafvinj Hunn '*lll go . ib (Oxforc ' ' E. Talc arc ;!n Memphis loday. flss Din|c McD.iiitcl, who has been lufcfttg her homo with Mr. : and 1rs. Simmons, accompanied them n roiilc (o her home In Tyler- own, Miss. . .-,'•'• Ffc(l Nolcn, of I,os Anselci, Calif,; Is (he gucsl 'of his; uncle nd aunt, Mr.-' and Mrs. .R. D. Nolen, for n few days. .Mr.' and Mrs. J. Hardy The club served dinner to election judges, a luncheon f tlie U D o convention and th canning kitchen, It was voted to write _....„ Zal B Harrison a lettei rcgardln a county fee for carnivals A le ter from the Forrest City font imlted club members to a lunc eon at Forrest City next Wednes day It »as voted that the club Wuld give no other financial assistance to other civic groups until the club house was paid for. A fetter will be written to the couii- cll of home' de'monstralion clubs tnanking the group for their kindnesses in the past,',. It was'voted to sponsor a Roosevelt benefit dinner at which time other JOM! organizations will be AttlM **. n^nlBf-. * , .--- ; Upoiv tlieli-retuh Wednesday'-they, will be accompan *d by ! Misses' Sara 'Slid vlrglnii Sunn 'and'- : Mlss.' Adclc : Langstoi: ttWents at 'the Ulilvcrslty of Mis Isajtpt, who will be here the res f~iii« week'./.' , , a :,..:•. - . f^tty r ,Philrijw, daughtei- o! Mr nd •Mrs. Russell Phillips, who hiu leeni'.'.qultc 111 from coiiipllcullon arising froiii 1111 Infected toe, is no\ greatly improved. Mrs. J. C. Webb, who underwent major operation kt Ihe, St. Ber- lard hospital of Joiiesboro" last Monday, Is dally improving. Her daughter, Mrs. Lucy'McAdams, re- 'urned home last night. Miss Bobblq Lee King, who Is 111 r rom a stiffened knee, Is how much mprovcd anrt it is planned to let iier: attempt to walk the last of he week. She: is bt the Hlytlieville hospital.' •'•• . ;.;.-. •• • • Miss Pauline sluart returned' Saturday to her home In, Memphis after several,days hero sis', tlie guesl of her fiance, Oscar Hardaway,' and Mr. and Mrs. Whit Goodman. Jmlgc : C. A. Cunnlnghum Is attending to business hi Joncsboro today. Mr. and Mis. A. W. Langwcll have as I heir . guests over the weekend Mr. and : Mrs. R. B. Calk, of Memphis. .'',:'; Mr. arid Mrs. Harry Kirby spent yesterday, lii Paragould. ' ' Soak Sanderson, of Dcll| spent the..week-end.lit.Wilson.. •', . .•; Joe. Pride, Jr., attended to - business In West, Memphis Saturday Miss nose Stacy, of bell, spent tho week-end with Miss Hull Meyers at .Walnut Ridge. .. Miss Cora Lee Coleman : Is .(it- fending to business In Wllsoiv today. ' ";- .i ilarnlon Robinson has returned to Dr. Hucincr's Clinic In Memphis Mrs. w. M. Williams and Miss Bob Williams were in Mcmphl Saturday. , ' '- . , Mr. and Mrs. Roland ; 'Grcei family returned to lliclr home n Curve, Tcnii.,>today after spend- HE Ihe, week-end :wlllv 'relatives, Mr. nnd :.Mre.; Sam Hardy, of flint, Mlcl>,j are ipcndlng' 11 wctk lore .wlt'lf. relallve/i of Mr', Hardy. Mrs. .T. H. Hiifncld left loday or. Louisville, Kyj where she' will visit Dr. Margaret. llaineld. : Mr, nnd Mrs.' ; A. G. Little have eturncd from a two weeks motor rip which took ,lhem to Nasli- 'Ille and 'Chiitlnn'cogn, Tenn;,- dii o Afihcvlllo, N. C., and Cliarlcs- on, S. C,, ; land .llicn oh Ihe citsl :oasl to pojiits of in Ptor- da, returning home along the west coast of Florida. -. • • ' Mr. and Mrs, H. C.' Blankenshlp, of Hallulah, La,, arc guests of Mr md Mrs..E. M,' Ealoh. Before hci marriage Mrs. nlankehshlp was Miss Arlle Eaton. . , Osceola Society — Personal The Junior department of Ihe Progressive club met Thursday night-at tlie club room at 7:30 o'clock. The meeting wus opened with a business session nt which reports were", made by lha vice-president, secretary, and treasurer. The constitution for the club was rend and approved. The members ol the club made plans to attend the opera, "Madame Butterfly," in Memphis next month. A prize was presented to Miss Ohrlslinc Turner for winning a contest Unit was held at tli6 last meeting. "Dance'' was the subject lor the program. Misses Ann Semmes Barbiers, Madeline Ellen Edrlngton! aiid^Zoln .Bratchcr gave a 'military lap dance./Mrs. L. C. B.'-Yoiirtg gave n lalk on the "Origin-or Inc Dance.". • .; ... , Hostesses for the next ineelliig are Marlon oromer.and Maryj'-.yir Steele-Cooter Society — Personal , . Is. The af- Mr. and Mrs. Henry Holmes, ot )clrolt, Mich., were here lo iit- eml the funeral of Mv. Holmes' iither, Edward Holriies, which was held Friday afternoon. There wo a number of friends from Brawford, Tenn,, also here for the fair Is sponsored -by' the'- high school girls ami' lite proceeds wil) go toward • the purchasing of sweaters for the football players. : Memphis vibitors for the weekend were Mr. and Mrs. Rcul Butler, Miss Ethlyn Howard, -Mrs. Ed- varrt Segravcs anil Mrs, Louise Mcllciiry. Mr. nnd Mrs. Russell Bowen will djslrlct having Ihe largest percent-' ige of presidents In attendance. • In addition to the featured's'peak- ; ers there will be the club litany Mrs. John Y. Jon^s'of For- •ett City, a legislative session, conducted by Mrs. W. F. Lake'arid Mrs B.'M. Pipkin, and n liarllaiiicnlary drill by Mrs. S. H. Mann,' of Forrest City, general federation.direc- tor, Arkansas. Federation of Women's clubs. uncial, Mr. and Mrs. Roy W. Weaver entertained a number of guests Friday night with a birthday par*,y. honoring James \, Whltfleld Mrs. Elwood Scott, of Biylhe- flllc, is tlie • guesl of her parcnls, Mr. nnd.Mrs. Charlie tlpsqo'ml). Mi and Mi b Hugh Mlchlc Ctiarlcs Michle, nnd • Mrs.: Jesse Burkctt hhoppert In Memphlii Fil rTn u > ^ (lay. New Liberty News Elylheville, were gucsU of Mr. and Mrs! Hunter Crook Stmday, • • Mrs. Loiile Ebcrdt, of Burdettp, spent, Wednesday wilh Mrs. Guis filferdt. ................ '.•Mr. and Mrs. Jeyel Wise, of. Yarb'ro, were guests , of Jlr. and Mrs; Wlieeler Eppcredn Sunday! Mrs. E. B. Walker and daugh- ; Mr. and Mrs. J. D, Garner and ainlly ^erc gucsU of Mrs. Gar- ler's.slsjfir, Mrs, W. J. Hardy, at "is^d .Land,' Mrs. U. 0, Marshall week end at Bnsselt with the her Thanksgiving day In Mem- family. daughter, Mrs. Waller Hill, and . Mr. and Mrs. Hu;h Wheat, of Ilylhevlllc, were guests of Mr, and Mrs. Morris Singleton Sunday. Read Cornier News Want Ads. phis • as Ihe gucsls of friends. Uuuence Little and MLss Ha^cl | DeBakcy were guests-or friends In Blythcvllle, Thureduy. nlghti ' Mis Homer Waters is visiting relatives In st Louli Mis Sidney Lipscomb wns hostess lo fitly n lends, ut a parts Tuesday, evening, lit Honor of the birthday ..of. her husband. Tho Slcelc Dcmooiatio Women sylll be hostesses to a pot luck tilnnn Mondaj night glhla Cronier. •"'•'• v « t * « ,'Mrs.'sifew Wilson _ tiler, Mrs. Lan . Willla'ins, • were Memphis visitors today. Mrs. L. C. U. Young went to femphls . loday with her . parents; Ir. and Mrs. C..S. .Stevens, nnd icr sister,'' Mrs. E. F. still, who s visiting her from Plymouth, N. "!., and Mrs. w. H. Baker. Mrs. Charles Rose and daughter, •lary Catherine, were in Memphis odny. . Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Young «crc n Cariithersville Saturday. Mr. Him Mrs. Raymond Carl- vrlght mm Mr.. and : Mrs.'Go<lfrc> While gave a dance at. the Coin- minity club house Prfdny in honor of Miss MUellar, of Green Bay WIs, who Is visiting ; here. There were guesls from Cariilheraville. Mo., Blytheville and Lltlle Rock. ifarolcl Sudbury and lils orchestra furnished the music for the' dance Mrs. Gcorge'Adams of-Lfttle Rock Is the guest of her mother, Mrs. John White,.and family. Mrs. John ninckivood••returned Saturday, tram Iilltlo Kock, where she hnd been visiting for the past two weeks!-; •"'••.• . Mrs. w. Leon Smith and son Luxora Society — Personal Mr. and Mrs. Hayes Gbwan, 'of Osccol.i tho lattei foimeily Miss Dorothy Brown of Liixora, are receiving congratulations , oil Ihe birth • ol n daughter, born in Mem- ihLs at. Oaitlcs Ramsey hospiLd Tuesday night. The little lady has recn nniiicd Sue Ellzubctli iir honor of her grandmothers, Mrs. Siie Brown of Luxora and.Mrs. Eliaa- ;clh Gowan of Carutlicrsville. Junior Crihfield has . returned from Memphis Eye, Ear and Nose hospllnl . where lie liiidcrwent, a Uiiisilcctomy, Mis Alaigarcl Segiaves > hoslesa lo-thp.two Uible contract club of which she is a membci Thursduj afternoon bl e entei laineri the following extra guests Mesdames Cross, ^Butt- and Cafes, ol—Blyllicville.-iaiid-Mfss '• Maxme Blown, of Luxora High scoie club pilze was woh by Mis J D HlrJs and guesl prue was awaidcd Mre Butt The hostess, jsslited bj hdi inothci Mrs Cross, seived a dell- Club Presidcnls Will Hold Forum At Forrest City Tlie President's, 'Forum of the Forrest City Federation of Women's clubs, lo be held at Forrest City Wednesday, November 28, is cx- irected lo draw a large number of club leaders of"; northeast Arkansas. Mrs. John w. Edrington of Osccola, president, will preside. Oiiuunndhig features of the nil lay program will lid o. talk, '"Slrue- urc of (he Federation," by Mrs. J. W. Velvin of Lcwlsville, president of the slnle federation, a talk, "My District," by Mrs. Edrington, a baak review, "So Red the Rose," stark Young, by Judge A. L.' Hutchins of Forrest City, and a discussion of club problems to bs presided over by Mrs. W. H. McCain of Cotton Plant, second vice-president of the stale group. . : This meeting will be one of six forums held In all of the districts to bring activities of the''stale and general federation to the"'individual clubs. Club presidents'arc,del- egates and members are also being urged to attend. A prize of $5 is to be given the civ Miss Hud, of Luxora, spent Friday with Mrs. p. B. Jan-alt: Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Tiller, of Quick Relief for Chilis and Fever enid Qtkstr EffissSa <s$ clon? salad plalc Wednesday night Mis Riisscl Bowen .was hostess to.the Osceoliii- Ltiroia budge dub of which she is n membei Twenty guests were piLMMit High scoie pike for ladles was awarded Mrs. S; Gladish, rlf Osceola The men's, piue waS won bj Jesse Brown, of Lnxova. Tlie' hostefs tciicd delioioils mcnls ^af fended. a Miss Em: home. Dr. nnri Mrs. u. A. Kimbigugjv vill leave next Tuesday for PhlU ulclphia, Pa,/ lo be tho guesls of heir son and daughter-in-law, Dr. Hid Mrs. Hob Kimbrough. for the Thanksgiving holidays. They win be nway two -weeks. Mrs. Delia Spnmi and Miss Florence Rush will have as llitir lucsts tor Thanksgiving Mr. nnd v5rs. Elmo Campbell nnd diiUBh- er, Lurellc, of St. Don't put, up witli Ine suffering of Malaria —the Icclli-cluiUcrlng chills and the burning fever. Get rid of Malurlii by getting the ir.- fcclion out of your syslem. That's ivliat Grove's .Tasteless Chill Tonic does-ileslroys and drives out tlie infection. At the same time,'' It ljuilds up your syslem ngalns'l/T'iiiv thor attack.'. • ""v" ••• Grove's 1 Tnsteloss " Clilil 'Tonic cunliiins tasteless quliiluc w'hieh kills the Infection in the blood. It nbo contains lion which builds >ip (he blood and helps ll overcome (tie effects of Malaria as well as fortify against • rc-Infec- i>enc« flelioioils leuesh- ftci- which the paity aC- i cocktail paity glvLiiilit ima Cos at, liei countis Hospital Notes Admitted to Ihe Blylhcvllle hospital: Harold Eubanks. Gosncll; Miss Maud Alice Beasley, Sleele, Mo.; Mrs. Raymond Zachry, clly. Dismissed: Billy Crook, Route 2. Read Courier News ^vant Ads. to asslft Miss Cora Ue Coleman lolct of the work being done in the canning kitchen and solicited old matailnes'tp be 'tent, to Djcss. The regular monthly meeting of *¥ C J*? fl» b* next Friday nt- «n>o6ti r i '-~ ' , board church and Jack, accompanied by Mrs. J, A Pigg; and daughter, Evelyn Jean of, Osceola, were in Memphis Fri day for the, Christmas parad.c, • • Mr - : arid Mrs. F. to.' Joync'r' am children were in Memphis Friday tor the .Christmas parade Hildrcd •'Smith ifes'' : . returned icimc afler three y&rs^spcnt In lie Philippine Islinds.' : Hc 1s at he home of his parents, Mr. and Irs, V W. M., Smith. Mr. and- Mrs. E: B. Woodsbn •id family were In Memphis Friday for. the Christmas -parade. Dr. Carl Nics motored to Memphis Saturday for" Dr. Edna Nles who had been the™ for' <, «- nn v Don't Experiment If you liiire tin ilching skin, set a toltlp of BHCWN'S LOTION from your druggist today; a liquid rcm- .cdy for ITCH, ECZEMA, 1MPET- |1GO, (sores, : .0ju' chlldrcnl ATH- '.•rtie *odwn5'club Is sponsoring gam for Uie wAblishnient'bf a Home .•'Matere.r school in Blythe- vlU*T which'(nay be the beginning °! .a-county tosiiluUon Judg FOOT, TETTER, POISON IVY, BARBER'S ITCH, MOSQUI TO or CHIGGER BITES. Itching and Infection arc checked-by application; • Don't use messy salves and bandages. BROWN'! LOTION Is sold by KIrby" Dr;i_ Slores-^60c and.'$1.00 bottle's/Firsl bottle sold''with MONI5Y BACK GUARANTEE. ' Mr. beeii there for' a week, and Mrs. Tom Love, of ^oneshoro, spent Sunday with Mr and MTS...W. A. Dobyns. y-: : -E..W. Simmons Turkey DHIIICV and Ba/aar CATHOLIC HALL Ihankhgning Da.v Supper 5 lo 7 Price Dinner 12 (o 2 EVERYBODY WELCOME — Adv s. Mre. Ciimpbcll wns formerly Miss Lnr- tl.lo Rush, sister of Mrs. Spann and Miss Rush.-. .1 !- •' Dr. and Mra. Thds. F. Hudson $10 Reward Will pay 1 J10.00 ' Cash lo anyone furnishing inronna- lion llml will locale for"me the present whereabouts of Charley Thompson, a while man who has for the past several years been working in tlie logging and timber business around Gosnell and Culumel. When lasl hravii of lie was hauling logs on a 1932 Model Ford 4-Cylindor l^uck nl "Wlscoivsin Cioss- In'g" in Missouri jusl iicross the Slalc Lino Dilcli north of Cnlumct. He is tail ami thin and usually wears a wide Texas hat. Write or bring your liiformallon lo Ihe Courier News. ConlUlcn- tial and no questions asked. t on. These arc the effccls you wiuil lor COMPLETE relief. Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic Is pleasant lo lake and absolutely safe, even f or children. No bitter taste ol quinine. Get a boitle today and be (orciirined against Malaria. For Scile al all drug slores. Now two si«s—SOc anil $1. .The $1 size coil- lain!; 2'.-; nine's as much as the 5i!c size nnd gives you 25% more for your money. —Adv. 10 OUR SPECIAL FOR iNOVEMBER A frcu Facial will he given to each patron purchasing $1 worth of ' JEAN^ NOEL COSMETICS Wo carry M cbmplclc line 61" toilet preparations Look your bcsl wlu;ii taking part in any social activities. ELAINE BEAUTY .': .SHOP ...I'liuiii! '-la For Ajipuiultncnt Jlr.s. Ik'n-ymau OTtL '.{( ' %7O"R V«W J.;e |o he»4*ck4, ftri>, J? colds, n<ur*l?!it «i>4 foe oou^Jllr • nd hint aehn. m« Optrfln*, Cfrt- . tint conl.l^, Hvenl I ttt Im.lktr to Bivt nuicVtr nM. Ask for Ciwdme I.U]ui<1 or the B«I! formula, Cnpudttw Biati<l Tablet*. APPEARANCE IS HALF THE BATTLE FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. INSURANCE DEFT. Strangers and new acquaintances instinctively judge us by our personal appearance. They appraise our other personal qualities w h.e n they know us better. That is why it pays, especially in business, to look our best. 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Whether it f is the family wash or the washing of the car . . .the filling of a ' steam, boiler or other home or industrial need . . . water is ready to do its part. • • •''••• '•'•••' .'.••• , i) I :-i '.,''. ;•• ,- / . • ...!--'. . • . -'• We hope we are-furnishing the best, the most de-.' pendable is humanly possible td,;rchder, at the lowest cost cori^istent with good business policy. But we are human arid'liable to make mistakes. Do—if you are not one of our. pleased\ customers, tell us about it. BLYTHEVILLE WATER GO. PlioneSto ''* • Itf'So. Broadway ,•'-•' .t. .' ~ Courteous, Personal Attention to Every Customer LlfefeMiX

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