The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 4, 1944 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 4, 1944
Page 4
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P^GE'POUR _.. , THE BLYTHEVILLE COUBIEB NIW8 IHB OOORDBR NBWB oo. . .. -' aw. HAIN1B, PubUiber . ; - v • BAMOKL t. KORBI8, Mltor UMBB'A." OATTN6. Adtertutai Hauler 801* Nttion»l Advertising VkU*c* Winner Oo, New Tort, Chlj»«o, D«- AtUnU, Uemptti. Pnbliihed Ever; Afternoon Kictp* Bundftj KDWred u wcond clim m»tt«r at the port- offla »t BlythertUe, Artanwa, under ut o! Oo»October S, 1817. B«md by the United Pre*« t SUBSCRIPTION RAT18 By carrier In.the dty of Blythetlil*, 10* wr Wtekj or 85« per month. ^y mall, within « radius of 40 mllw, W.oo per year^.12.00 for tix months, »:.00 for three month*; 6y mall outside 60 mile' rone tlQ.OO per fe»r payable In advance. Business as Usual ' ; The function of American newspapers in the settlement of the postwar jobs problem was spotlighted in an address before the American Newspaper Association convention in New York by Frederick C. Crawford, board chairman of-the National Association, of Manufacturers. Lack of newspaper information on this problem, lie (old delegates, isV "one glaring deficiency" in a good wartime job by the American press. A.Mr. Crawford complained that he could not find in any newspaper the fsfcts relating to "the secret of it all— life production of wealth which is the source of jobs." He told of seeing 1 "entl- . leSs scraps of speeches or statements" scattered haphazard through the papers. But these, he said, were usually opinions and seldom whole truths. £'Thc opinions, he continued, were those of ••'•"teachers, preachers, politicians, theorists, Socialists, crackpots, business men and labor leaders . colored by prejudices or propaganda or hale or hope." He defied any reader to find in (he,press one set of facts on which to build his economic'future. .* We all wish, with Mr. Crawford, th^it there was one simple set of facts t£ solve' mir, post-war problems. But completely comparable situation has ever confronted this country, aYready-made solution isn't easy. . -c Few people will.dispute that production of wealth is the source of jobs. Bjit the'rtMs'nIso'ii general feeling that tjtje pcppcr,dislributi6n of wealth is the SQiirce'of 'prosperity. What constitutes pjroper distribution is only one of many snaes, ;• y;; : .•••.£ The-.teachers, i preachers, etc., that Mr. Crawford mentioned represents a •'. pretty good cross-section of (he people ^yho will; have to solve the problem. "•Theqj'ists" like Bernard Banich and John Hancock, "Politicians" like the Senate .Post-War Committee, have already•'''.offered.' valuable suggestions, ijaturally these suggestions arc colored b) r prejudice. But what opinion on a controversial subject isn't? J K Mr. Crawford were to define the '(whole truths" he mentioned, he would nrobafjiy.f'ind himself vulnerable to the same,_charge by those of different economic philosophy. t But how is the American press to Remedy its "glaring deficiency"? By gating together nationally and choosing "one set of fads" for all readers? That would bo not only virtually impossible, but inconsistent will, freedom of the press. - The function of the press in this situation will still be to report impartially,, and observe, comment and suggest editorially. And, if this be '"glaring deficiency," to plead guilty. Plpsmo Champs ? We hope that there will be no strain Oh iMisso-American relations as a result of the very understandable pout dial Edward (Spike) Howard, ex-wrestler and strong man, is wearing. Mr. Howard, who claims to have given 1102 blood donations in 15 years, read where Tass, Soviet news agency, proclaimed a Moscow railroad man the world's champion blood giver after 141 donations. Since Mr. Howard is a modest man, he can't blame Tass for never having heard of him. But a hundred or a thousand, they arc still magnificent; htimnnilariaii contributions that few of us can hope to approach. All we can do is remember them as we contemplate our own record of donations, and remember too that (he need for blood does not stop. __ BLYTHEVILLE. '(ARK.)' COURIER NEWS! No Sideshow There have been few more impressive rovalalions of America's productive power (ban the statement of Artc- mus L. Gates, Navy umler-secrelary for air, that "we've been having 1000-plane raids in the Pacific." In a "beat Germany, first" war it has been evident that the war in the Pacific is no sideshow. But it is a pleasant surprise to know that while our European striking force has been built to unbelievable proportions, the Pacific arm has been strengthened to an extent that seemed miraculous not long ago. SO THEY SAY )ur Boarding The nvcrngc GI will l)c disciplined, but. he won't, submit lo blind regimentation. He's tot lo know the why of llilngs.—Rnbbl UarneU.'R. Brichncr, nfter warfronl tour. • • * Tlie socliil conditions fnvoriiijj democratic development In China are present, We arc nlll- mntely hciujeit for democracy because bnslcnlly tlie people believe in individualism—Dr. |T. P. Tslang, Chinese cabinet, member. • * • . II is no exaggeration lo say Uiul today Die Navy Ls capable of striking with a thousand carrier-based planes—and more lhaii a thousand planes If necessary—nt nlrtmsl nny suol In the Pacific ocean.—Rear Adml. Arthur W. Bradford. • • • » U Is fiillle to think thnl nil of the evil In this world has come as Hie result, of the philosophy of a few bad men. The tearful loss of reverence for law and-oilr 1 materialistic Interpre-" ' t.illon of life have all contributed to the present chuos.—Methodist Bishop Arthur Moore of Atlanta. • * • . Certainly we shall play the pail of a good citizen In the community of nations, mil, good will cannot be boiiflil wltli fold. Good will flows to the nmn who successfully manages his own affairs, who Is sclf-rcllnnt and Independent, yet considerate of the rights and needs of others. —Gov. Thomas E. Dcwcy of New York. • • • ' The public has tnken one word, jobs, as a single package containing higher standards of living, physical well-being, and all the hopes and fears of tlie future.—Frederick C. Crawford, chairman National Association of Mannfncltirers. » • » The empire of Chamberlain. Kipiing and I/ml Beavcrbrook is dead. Our new empire Is part Socialist, and the other part is rapidly becoming so.—Capt, Jolin DiiBrtalc, Uritisli Laboritc M. P. » « • The backbone of both Cicnimiyy's world wnr.s lias been (he Germnn chemical industry, which made all (lie explosives, amlim' simple proposal Is that she shall make no more explosives of any sort.—Lord Vansiltart. • • • There are no simple national problems today. They may have started out as simple ones, but they have been surrounded and obscured by so much academic theorizing nnd inexperienced Buessing that it Is a tou B h Job to get. through tlie incidentals to tlie buried hear of any prob- lem.-Willtom M, j c(fcls , forlllcr rubbc| . a(| . minhtrator. V « , I have been in the Army since 1917 and I nave never heard „ shol fired In combnl.-stli Army colonel In Italy. Copyright, 1911,, N1SA Service. J:ic; THURSDAY, WAY -1, 19-M ,t/-,c*i=— corr. ;?•• Bv >.u SEtwict.ujc. T. M. REC. D. o. P*T. orr. "You used l<i rave alioul how YOU enjoyed long walks with me—1 suppose it makes 'u difl'emiee al'lcr you're • . married!" THIS CURIOUS WORLD HOME IN .SAIGON, IMDO-CHINP 3200 M/tes Away IN JUST NAME THREE BRITISH ISIANOS NOW LWDER GERMAN OCCUPATION THAT ARE FAMOUS FOR THEIR. :: BREEDS OF (CATTLE. \ .'. CLOTHES COST THE uMfTEO ;,T,vn: t: i ZO. OOO, rc )• At::-. • : ANSWER: Jersey. Ciiferi. In Holly wood HI' EKSKINE JOHNSON I. NEA Staff C'orrcsnonrtcnl Behind the screen: Wartime ccn- orslilu Is playing more havoc with notion pictures these days' than vVIll Hays ever dreamed of. .Uncle jam's scissors arc taking an"cspc-' WII .^.t- , v . ,lally heavy toll before films re -' • "*> 1A A jctvc export licenses for distributor! in neutral and Allied nations. Government censors all but ' elim- .. K outside his coal. Jancl lihir takes one liink, .stuff,,- (hem hack ahd says, "I've been wanting tu dp tin's since tlie first fimc I siuv you." .,,,,, r- a 1° 'j c :' c ™^ 00 <l 'coins de-s- l ! " hcnt the screens dalflcst mated Linda Darnell's Indian B lrl'L' --• • ..... - h -W f ?! alnct1ei ' S Iu her last two was. rps|iectivel>', Fanny . , Wily mid Lctitm Proiulfoiit. In her, "Three's a Irma Doliwritiiple. Family," she' ICarmcn Miranda cd to her new' lead (.'omo. nil the set " lc By J. R. Williams Uoople Out Our Wa, EGAO.TvMtG6S.' I'lAUST IfiLU 60MEONE ~AW SECRET IS 6URSTIHS WvV CHEST/ PHOTOORft.P(4£R TOOV< MN PICTORE FOR tHE P/XPER. -^~ THKT MUST ^AE^^i IAV \NiMrtER. OF trt£ POETRN PRIZ ' I WOULDN'T HJXME ..,,. WCN60 TO THE KM.L OF FfW£ TILL THE LAST IS OUT NMTH, MAJOR./—, AS FOE? THE BOKRDERS TUEV U5UW.LV RKLLS BEFORE COMPLETED THE COOKST LOOK AT THOSE MUSCLES, GOSH. THERE'S MOTHIM' IN THE WORLD MAKES VOL) AS . HPOPI.E A<AttoR SE role in "Buffalo Bill" before the film could Ije shipped out of the country. The scissoring was done <m racial prejudice grounds. Nearly a third of "Where Arc Your Children?" landed on the government's cutting room floor before It couiri be sent to foreign soil be- for cause of the juvenile delinquency theme. Uoth pictures, if left un- « mc Coimi an censored, would have become great "*"< remarked, "l ' t'cciik propaganda, in Axis hands, against nccctiire have wrong name. Kcl the United States. , should be called 'Somct'ccng for i • ' Girlt. 1 " Leave U to M-O-M. wlierc only ... fupcr-colossal Wens entitle you to Rear Admiral Frederick C. She hold your Job. A scene In tlie "inn, hrroie'"5klpj)er of the Knlts\t "Zlcgfcltl rollics" will feature a Icxlngton. visited the set of "Qnpc merry-go-roiind ivltli REAL horses, of the Flat-Tops" the other day ' ' * He was high in his praise of I'imiiy scene in "Once Upon a the technical details until he cai Time," in which C'ary Grant, as to the sick bay on the movie air- appears with shirt collars craft carrier. On one of the snow (white sheets he caught sight of was introducing man, l'rrr> uf "Something With characlcrislir candor, she Rave the hand- approviiiE; once- ilcc.s ai: MOMEMTS WE'D LIKE TO LIVE OVER- BEFORE THE DAYS OR VRAMIMS. ,., liny mound of cigaret iishrs which had been 'accidentally dropped b> I one ot the film sailors, with characteristic Navy training, the admiral brushed away the offending ashes, turned lo Director Henry Hathaway and Mid: "You're a lucky man. Mr. Hath.nv.iy. In the Nav' you'd be doing a 10-day stretch i the brig." , ' SI Chen, exotic daughter of China's foreign minister. Or. Eu- pcne Chen, has tuvncd film actress. She's playing a dancing role in the A. J. Crontn story. "Tlie Keys of Hie KiiiRdom." SI Lnn was lrnlnr<l lor the Iwllct. ernduntcd from tlic Moscow Bnllrl School and made her debut \vtili HIP Moscow Gnuirt Oficrn. A 20lb Century-Fox- talent scout s<w her nl ;i dnnce recital. WAN'TKO: Ar.lI.K KI.DKKS ' Add cnstlng worries. Mononrani's search for Uvo dozen Jitterbugs nlth a touch of grny In their hair to fill :i cnll for nrtnlt ru? cuttr rs til "Are These Your Parents?" TJIB XTOIiri OilKiiln Atnrnnkl r.iiniiiMiiJiijil of jvjji j' t i HC)ll j,; Yokolitmmi C'tiiHiitn lluldtvhi , y f fill- HAJ-% IlrfMUmiLllI}- JlltlTIII'd Illll 1 nrluaUy a Jnpniu-Ni' it^rntt "n«l Tlldn CourfrlKltl, Amri-lori/t ml*• l.llltir}', mrc [ ,l nc II rnu,) of name Hart. Tliclr |,!ul Invi.lvi-n I.lrul. J.lrik ll,.|( „,„] .\, ln ,, t , ,;„,,., IMfriieil AmvrlriiiiH. t'ourlrlglit JH inkl?)!? no rJut)i<>rM nn<J retaken nr- TRniCfJiifjlU ullh .Mnnk, n IKIii'r- miin, ro tfp| onf of iliu country quickly If iiOiTKMir)'. « * * NERVES X 'PHIS morning sun came up bc- yoncl Yokohama Harbor. The early rays splashed over Saku- r.U'icho Railway Sl;ition. The ears al (he commuter trains for Tokyo clanked and bumped Into each other as they backed in from the Tnkaslilmn yards. The noise spread over the city, the background being the sound of shoe clogs on Hie sidewalks. In Niji Prison, a bugle aroused (lie war prisoners. Lincoln Jielt dressed and stood in line with the others. He marched to the door, to show a Japanese checker his nrmbancl with his name, nationality ;md identity number. This was the morning formality. j Link felt much heUcr this :morning, lie was stronger, not as .lislless, certainly not as depressed. ;The good rneal last night had .made that improvement. ! But he was worried about what jhad happened last night, it was !a queer tiling to happen. Too !<|uetr. The Japanese just did not :take prisoners out to their homes ;for dinner. ! Lin!; had the strongest conviction that there was a plot afoot, and not the least idea what ii 'could be. When he .(nought, of Novma Grcer, lie had a much dillerent •feeling. It was a sensation of gratification, of pleasure so strong that he was ainazecl. He could not recall that meeting any other girl had affected him as much. I'm in for some kind of trouble, and I'm worried, but I feel good too, ho rellccled. Some combination! * * « pILOT OFFICER BALDWIN frowned at him. "You do not seem very chip-in-the-air this morning, J must say," he said, The morning checkoff was over and they could talk, providing the hall guard was not inclined to be ugly. "You remember yesterday al language class?" Link said. "They started treating me decently for a change?" "Yes, and rmile a change it was, old boy." "Well," Link said, "I think something is afoot." The hall sentry shouted for silence. This was one of tlie mornings when he was going to be ugly, obviously. Link got up ;ind went (o the barred window and looked mil. He thought about Norma Grccr. Immediately he felt more cheerful, lie grinned al himself, at the effect that merely thinking of her was having on him. He turned away from the window. He looked at Baldwin, saw (hat the Australian was drawing, and went over to watch. Haldwin was drawing a rabbit. It was a startling and arresting rabbit. You looked at it and immediately forgot that it was drawn with homemade materials. Jt had a sly, lewd, devilish expression, a very interesting emotion for a rabbit to be having. Link had an impulse to tell Baldwin about the dinner last night, and the rest, and get Baldwin's idea about what might be back of it. I Cut there was an interruption. The cell door opened, and a noncom and several soldiers entered. 'THE Jap" rfo'ii-com" struck the" usual stance with one hand resting on his bolstered revolver. He eyed a paper in his other hand. They always had a paper for everything. "Pilot, Onicer Roger Baldwin!" said the Japanese loudly. "Oida iiassainiasu Ita!" "Bless our boots!" Baldwin gasped. "What did ho say in Japanese?" Link whispered. "Wants me !o come with him," Baldwin said. He looked up and there was a twisted expression on his face. "I don't like this." ; Link didn't like it either. Ho watched Baldwin limp out of the cell, favoring his foot which had become infected. : Baldwin was taken upstairs in! the elevator, in style. Captain Azaraski was not in his ' office. But on the big walnut desk stood a tray of hot food, thick bean soup with bean curds, boiled rice and a bit ot sponge cake. > Baldwin immediately sat down .' and attacked the food with chop- ' sticks. ; "Alsukamashii!" shouted one of the soldiers. "Thai is the Cap- Iain's breakfast." "Go away!" Baldwin told the soldiers and the officers. "Toddle off. Achi ike!" They ignored him, and gave him looks of displeasure. Captain Av.araski came in, sa- lulcd fhe officer and soldiers then dismissed them. While the so'ldiers i were leaving, Azaraski addressed Baldwin angrily, saying, "Hereafter make your report before you ent! And that is my breakfast you are eating!" When -the soldiers had gone, Baldwin eyed Azaraski and made a vocal clicking noise. "Nervous, ehV" he said. "Feel it necessary to put on a show this morning, do you?" Azaraski laughed, hut it was an uneasy laugh. "You get my goat. You are supposed to be only an informer. I should naturally have been angry, so 1 was angry." "Nervous," said Baldwin knowingly. (To lie Continued); •'.* : While House will figure anil the sliJilin hopes t» turn a neat (irofil liy renting U to other studios. Save 50% On " TRUSSES . Steel and Elastic STEWART'S Drug Store Main & Lake I'hone 2822 Spring and Summer TUN k- UP Save Gasoline . . . Save Tires: Gel 1 All-round Better Performance! T L SEAY MOTOR CO. Chrysler Dealer Parts A Service 121 W. 4«h S-ten- 2122 REFRIGERATION SERVICE Repairs On All Makes Ky Expert Workmen. T. F. WARREN Phone 3310 CLOCKS REPAIRED Electric or Stem Wind. Work Guaranteed. A. B. FORD At l'»l O'BrjEnr. Jrwrlrj THE TERMITE AND PEST CONTROL CO. Master Exterminators Allen Biildlc, Manager Free Inspccficm & Ksliiiiafcs tf JOB w«nl in -,isj ui»r« Wn Uontti SO.l. US THR FUKNiTLKK lOU ARf. NOT USING lor oMhl Also liberal iniHe-tn Allowance for old lurnlture'«n new. AlTin Hardy Knrn. Co. !01 B. Main ebon* ZW1 J. LOUIS CHERRY Representing NEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE CO. Blylhevillc, Ark. Mrs. DALTON C. FOWLSTON, B.A., M.S M ORGANIST and TEACHER PIANO - ORGAN and VOICE Former New York Organist & Teachei „ *T Appointment Write Mrs. Fowlston HOI ChlckBMWb. or Phone 2MI Try our "Own Made" ICE CREAM Ole Hickory Inn Acrosi from nigh School Let Us Help SAVE YOUli EYES!. ."» W Main ^i Phone 29T? WE FII.I, AIJ, nocTons- PRESCRIPTIONS AM) SAVE YOU MONET S T E W A R T' S Drug Stor t M»ln A I,mk« Phon« ISZ DRS. NIES & N!ES OSTfOPATH/C PHYSICIAHS RECTAL DISEASES a SPECIALTY (EXCEPT CANCER} OFFICE HOURS: 8:00-12:00 and 1:30-5:00 Clinic 514 Main Eilythevillt, Ark. I'hone 2<J21 FOR SALE CONCRETE STORM SEWER ALT, SI/.KS najicr Than Uriiler t.mnhrr Osccola Tile & Culvert Co. I'hone 631 Osccoli. AT*. They're dismantling tl House at 20lli Cciitury-Vox aril fil- I»K It away for use by future film jiftsidcnls. ISuill al a cost of S«0,- C00,tp. rerve In "Wilson," the \yiiilc i ironrn is aiillicnlir Ooivn lo Die l,ist ,M!!,-.T!i;re will tie n lot of ntlirr Ijilolnres In Hie fnliirc to which (lie 24 HOUR SERVICE Vulr.-vnlilnr - Tlr* «ind Tube Tr»clor TMT.I Our H|,r-,|.,il5. Ml Work Go.\ranlrc<l WADE COAL CO N. Hwy. Gl Ph. 2!!i| "SQUAiti: DEAL" Xo. 10IGSS Minnesota State Champion 1012, Senior Hoar rijf All American Champion, 1D12, Senior Boar Vig FOR SALE A few choice FALL BOARS sired by SQUARE DEAL. Thick, smooth and well grown out, with plenty of quality. JOE T. CAGLE S. Hwy. 61— Phone 3390— Rt. 2, Blytheville JUST RECEIVED! 2 Carloads of 6 Foot CLIPPER COMBINES On Rubber — With Motor RED TOP GIN C:\ll 21-12 or Write ISox 79!).

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