The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 24, 1937 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 24, 1937
Page 7
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FEKilUAKV 24, 193? BLYTHEVtLLE, (ARK.) COtm&R. CLASSIFIED i ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate per line for consecutive Insertion*: One time per Hn« iqc Two times• pet Hrm'per_day .. 08c Three tones jief line per day ,. 06c Blx time's per line per day .. 05c Month rat? per llrfe' 60c Minimum charge 50c 7aMJs of ThVnlcs .... 50o'<b 75o Ads' ordered for three or six rimes and stopped before, expiration will be.charged for the number of times (lie tcj appeared arid adjustment 'of b'ili made. All-^Classified Advertising copy submitted by pei'sons residing out•Ide of the city niusi; lie accbrh- panled by, cash. Kites may lie easily' computed from abovei. table. .We'rUsirig. ordered for Irregular insertions takes the one time riite. No responsibility win be, taken for rabre ttiari one incorrect Insertion oi any classified ad. POULTRY WANTED We pay highest market prices lor • sill kinds, poultry. Fisher & Galhes at. Galnes Grocery & Mar<el. U W. Mnln. Business Ditectory Sporting Goods of all kinds Unifdfms & equipment for bnse'- balji liandball, sqftball, soccer ball. tennis, track & bbxiftj.- Best Prices Hdw. Co. MOST COMPLETE STOCK SrRA'Y MATERIALS and INSECTICIDES in this locality For use on all Fruit Trees, Shrubbery and Vegetables Shouse-Henry Hdw. Co. j. W. Shou se . Wilson Henry ;• Coal & Wood Alabama Lump Coal $8 per ton — Call -17 Kim's Coal Co. ir You Want •:. Woody We' Hav^ III vi,i Ash .&• Osk ;.;,.,. Kentucky ' Lump Coal, $G.K):.lo~n_ ,'; 'iEconoiTiy Coa! Co. ; " 225; >V. Cherry. ... plwn^.iif . fltlY CQA1 IS BLACK - BDT 1' TREAT YOU WHITE" I also Pay Best •: Prices for HiMris & Metals . JOHN BUCHANAN Phone 107 • COAt Poultry & Eggs BABY CHICKS ALI, VARIETIES Custom Hatching MARILYN HATCHERY Hwy, 61 North, FRESH EGGS 35o I>OZ. only' n(, Abbott-Johnson farm Young white Plymouth Rock HENS, $1.60 each; roosller free' with each IB hens or single roosters, . . . Abbott-Johnson Poultry Farm Barflsld road. $1.50. Seeds - Plants FOR SALE—ROSES. $1.69 dozen, p'rcJMtd. Hardy, two-year field evcrblcoming plants. Free descriptive (older. npSE.NUHSER- 1ES, Box 929, Tyler, Texas. 24p k3 Waited To Buy Real Estate For feile: My* home at nil chick-' nsavvba .on 2 acre plot. Recently remodeled. .All convenience:. Or villl trade for land. Ceo. E. SnlileV. 20-|>-k-27 FOR SALE CO Acre farm, newly decorated 1 room house, \\ell & spring. On mall roule In Ozarks foothills. Mrs. S. B'. Gregory, 717 Chlcknsawua. 30-pk-30 FOll SALH Two choice .ixcnnc • lota in Addition for sale cheap, city waler and sewer connection. l>ut no sewer lax. E. M. Terry, phone OH or 3-16. For Rent Nicely furiilsiicd STEAMHKATED BEDROOM, bath. Call MO, 2-c-k-3-2 4 room furnished apl., 1015 \v. Ash. Call 445-W. Mrs. Goodwin. IB-tf Furnished, sloiuhhealcd. Apartment. Telephones 197 and Gil. Oc ktf Furnished 2 room apartment, 3IU S. Division. 22-pk-2G SLEEPING RCpMS over Gem thciitre. Reasonable. 23c k27 HigKest Prices FOR SCRAP IRON. METALS. PECANS. HIDES & FURS AUIAN Al)TO TARTS " 128 E. Main—Phone 17fi WE BUY Wool & Scrap Iron Blytheville Iroh &" Mclal Co. Cherry & n. R. Phone' 448 WE PAY CASH FOR 2ND HAND FURNITURE Hubbard 2nd Hand Furniture Store Phone 1031 COAL We have ihe .best, prices, on all kinds of fjood coil. Phorib us Io' pritcs. HARRY BAILEY WE. HAVE THE BEST f Alsbam'a,- Illinois & COAL At the Best Price Kindling Top GiVE US ~A TRIAL e 1 Guaranty Hoheit Weight Shaver-Foster 27«', Chii-kaiiairBa A E. Shoe Repairing NEW DEAL SHOE SHOP . 121 West . Main 1 : .. j. 06 ! mon P^.Lco. In charge 4 Photos FREE with' Eacli Order , for Half Sdle Job Highest Prices Paid For Used Fviriiiture Wade Furniture Co. . 301-303 E. Mnhl Personal Jf GET VIGOR ! AT r ONCE * • New Ostrex Tonic Tab- contain raW oyster invlgora'- tors and other stimulants. One dose peps up organs, glands. It not delighted, maker rotunds few cents paid. Call, write Kirby Bros; Drug Stores. Unfurnished Rooms, adjolriln; fcath. Mrs. V. Al. IJrister, 1500 V. Main. 23p k27 Bus. Opportunities Beauty Culture :S THE COMING PROFESSION .earn this plea^iH work which pays well, •lew class opening—stale supervised .Reasonable Tuition Mrs. Wllliiuh Bcrrynran Elaine Beauty Shop PARGO. N. D. (UP)—An agricultural price situation more cheerful than lias appeared Ipr ssveval years is evident in the North D.i- 'iota 1937 farm outlook, H. O Anderson, slate agriculture college economist,- has announced. U,f,RY LICENSE FREE Oiily 5 .More Days To liuy 1937 License — Trade-'For a lieUcr ilscd Ciir iiml Gel KIIJJK! •35 CHiiyitpi.KT COACH. Wllli liuilio .... SH5 •31 'oH FOliD V-S COUrl ami lie •35 po'rin v-« «E i.uxii SEDAN '. $365 SI FO»» V-8 TU1HW 'M FOttli V-8 SEDAN ':«! A-1 i>535 '35 IMA'M'OOTH" COACH. Kcu'l '35 FOlin 1'TCK-Ui" '3'l FOlii) V-S CLOSED CAB riCK-ur itla'riy Others To Chose From' Eai:y G. SI. A. C. Time Payment' I'lJiH SALESMEN— Us Clnihbjtir, J. O. Biirliiiiran; Vcrdic ffiinurior'k; Frank Grigshy, I.ciiiliniiib Fowler Tom Little Chevrolet Co. Flithc" CM THIS GJRioUS Seagulls Anihvcr wiilU AHFRDBFN, Wish (UP) TiW , piobibly Alp. j pled by s?ah, became so knowing and limf they airhcd uromnUy at soiiml of a factory lunch-lime ivliistlj to tut thi'lr menls oul of ' workmen'^ lialuls. RHODE ISLAND, A r MONUMENT WAS ERECTED' TERRY ABSTRACT ilEALTY CO. Alistraets, laiiids & M, Terrs', Prt's, and Mgc, lilylhuvllte, Ark. SPOUT SKDAN COACH THE BIRTHPLACE OP THE BREED OP FOWL... so Fonu V-K (;I.{)SI;D CAB PICK-UP TliUCK ...... WE HAVE SKClJlll!!) lllh SEityvci-s or AN WAS THERE ELVER. /\ V-8 CLOSED CAU RADIO MECHANIC clou's Nurse 8G WEST MIDDLESEX, Pa. (UP)'— "Aunl Molly" Baird. who", nursed HUNDRED YEARS AGO, CERTAIN CH RONJO LOG, £RS TRJEX3 7D REFOX'.\ THE.METI-tOD O.- BV INSERTING A YEAR. A: D. O. BElWEEN THE YE>^ i BC AND THE. YEAR. A.D. 1, BUT NOTHING E. e * jf CAME. OF 17 In 1900, Ihcie uns consfdenibic- discussion as to uhc'tlier thai yuir was (he last of the Wth ccntuij or the beginning of the HOlh lto\\ jvcr, snce'lhcrc .vvaS no Intervening year "zero" between A. D. 1 and 1 B C It follows thai the fhsl cenlurj ended with the completion of Governor Alfred M Laiidon , l-irlli, lins ob^cned hrr (tfllli i>li- thday here. The goverhbr ' visited-', her last fall while he v^as cam- T the jpar A D 1CM and the IfltV ceulinj ended \vllh tnt compbtion 10GO paignlug. l!< >(i IVinl liiilt; caii be u^ctf as u c'.ikc of ••'••ip'' who will eumnntec to your radio lo Cvrt cln^s conill- Uhii . ] A Cnni|ili>ir ot Tllljrs uisil I'urls - - I!«l Trice* lluiilmnl Tire A li:it. Co. Phone 476 GRAND FOIIKS, N. D. tup)— mdctiualc ^nler supplies confront neaily n ihlrd of the 320 incorpor- alcd commiiiilllcs In Noilh Da- k6la it vmi rcpoitcd by P. w, Voedlsch, superintendent of the^ atato fcdiinl water project; Wrecker ScrUce - Gss&Oll OPEN All NIGHT Phillips Service Center - 810 Free Gasoline AT OUANt) OPENING LEFTY'S SERVICE STATION Lluo Saturday & Sunday ' Teb 27-W 5 callous Super-Shell Gas TfiEt; with every 10 gallons purchased. Visit ono of Iho most modem nsivlco .'.lallons in the Eouth A couileous start of attendants nt yom senlcc 24 hours n day. LBFI'Y ALEXANDER, Prop. \ All Now Lociitcd nl 101 Nnrt^ b'cconil ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU IION KlHVAKItS, 1'roj.rletov in HIM, at Itcliitlll l)[»!urltcri, Ad>lln 5 Msicblnci nn«J CalciiliJIors—Kc|j,-\lrli!R~rarL GAY & BILLINGS, Inc. Coa! - Feed - PTlniVTi! 711 Farm Loans $500 Up v'liSO" LOANS ON. BIFSINESE 3UII/DrNGS, ; RESIDENCES. FILL, v ING,. STATIONS. Don H.- Kassermari Room. 220—Lynch bWg. P. 6. Box 4'IC TlEE! If excess aci'd causes yp> Stomach Ulcers, Gas Pains, In- llgcstibn', Heartbu'rn, GET . frei ample, doctor's prescription, tldga t Kirby Bros. Drug' Co.' AUTO LOANS NO KfeD TAPE Borrow money on your car to paj ir,, your ,licenses n>ifl ^thcr bills Car' need" no( Be paid' for*. See' V. .W. SH.XtlN.S 'udblify Bld'g. Phbne For 1 Sale G. C. HawTiS, 300 E: Main , t CITV SHOE SHOP NEW EQUIPMENT-BEST PRICES We ask one trial WU.LMM FREEMAN 4^doors east j. c. Pcnney's QUALITY SHOE SHOP The 1 : house of (rood service and quality. Everything for your shoes ahct boots. Rubber heels 25c up Soite 50c up. Free Delivery.; - , r Phone 120 : H. B. Campbell, - 6wner Jattenes •FOR : Battery Service . CALL J.' a. CLUNG Jackson Service Station—phone B New Bargains! 'Ve nave some especially good bar-" •nins in cars, triicks and' pick-ups See Oat's Before You' Buyi '936 International '.'. Ton picK-O 1931 Chevrolet Vi Tor. ?ick-tjp 193.3 ciievrplct <', Tori Picfc-Up 1035; Ford 111 Ton Truck . .1929 Chevrolet, S»^ari 1931 Chevrolet Roadster 1930 oii&l'aml Sedan Delta implements,- Iric.' Beautiful enameled HEATING' STOVE for living r'ooni. : Owner liVovefl' a\vay. $30 gets it. Call 527. n-ck-24 A GOOD HOME AND STORE IN CONNECTION—In town', on Hy. 61. G room dwelling, front pdrt used for grocery storj. good pay- iug busincKi. will sell building aridi lot for 61,100. Purchaser, assume part in F. H. A. loan; Will sell stock of groceries at invoice, abdiVt $300, give terms for part. agency. W. M. Burns, Agency,- Phciic 243 . . , . 23p k26 Salcsmnn Wanted Board ^IXN WANTED ioi ; Ra'wlel'"h'roule' cf 80» families. Write - . CepC.' Tsnn., or, sse Crill Crawford tlVdville', Ark'. Taken Up $6- PER WEEK ^ c'bm'forfe of st'cani lieaf. SROAT, 3Vi ttMts V lint and cold'water, gocd food, all! Mile on route 3. for this low ijricc. : have same by reatody Holcl 111 K. Slain .B. Coleiiian. .WELL,'PER TlllS 15 QUEER! THERE AINT A THIW& MOVIN l,OOK,6')2" N —-^ NOWHERE' TNERE'S A COUPLE OP GUYS LOOKIN'OU) AT US FUOMBEIIIKJD 1HEM WOVV.I-l&TcW-THERES OWLV A FEW .OF US BOY.WERE X AGAINST t\IUR AN' ALL HIS ; LUCKY7HAT\ £,O, CUE DULY CHANCE TkWOCIi BO'W STARTED, I OFF \5 ' US TH VATTACK! HC%<) ABOUT IT, ^ SA(Dn -/ w :HAWC.E TO MAKE OUR ! WOW, COME SUM-UP? • .JTcvrT'/WITH OOPS teXS - HOW WE CAM! .fc /' /! HOAjEST, GUZ-VVE DOW f I-'WOW.' WL'«? THIS KfWG \ DISAPPEARED, AM' THEM.ALL AT JtC. K^Ck. 1*3 S. r\v tyc -.1.1' i r_i tiAi ic -n ir-i r x-, t i i* WLJR AW HIS THCM LEMlAM THUGS'' HOI.U RVEKYTH1NG! HOW ABOUT t6(b&?OO VOD GEE,CORA. WHAT' T..M. «EC..U.s:pAT.-OfF A RAMPAGtN I 6UCKAECO THERE A!NT BUT ONE / ' /A 1, WELL.' AT LS^ST J BLtvV'x'iO OFF A HEAP O 1 VSTEM/j.'. HERE.'BilDWE, \ HA.VE A ci'eXR. ^ 'SsLSf^aLw 193> BY «& 'Jl6v7ct:Ii<&.Trrk;. •..:.. r m or - SUf?ET HELP HIM TO P3RGET A THINGS THAT ABE . Hlfa ABOUT TOWI' ,1 HAVE A M ,BUT BEFORE 1 PJ5AO ASIV OF .IT TO' YOU, OR TELL >bU THC OF IT, I SOME THiWGS TO SAY.'.' ^ SWOT, MUTT^.'. SHOOT' WHEN I FJS CP Tri!S Book TOVCU, 1 HOPE oar OP IT .' "i I J.LL jpr-i', MUTIY V,-OS)'T TOWI I.SFT, 1VE BEEN so LOW I'D HAVS TO MAkE A BALLOOM AS- CENSIOW TO TICKLE A Tlii -SHALL I SMOW IT TO HM > V/EVE Bsew PALS FRe:c«....BLfr siwce you METTDWI 1 HAVEW'T SEEM MUCH CAMT >t>u FORGET I-IER? I MISS HA/M "Vbu AROUWD .' st of Owner may

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