Buffalo Courier from Buffalo, New York on January 5, 1877 · 2
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Buffalo Courier from Buffalo, New York · 2

Buffalo, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, January 5, 1877
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- 1 ' v , .J&T 93 m , ' --v- II I TT 11 I I I I I T" T 1 i i w.v . . ,v - . .... .r t.a . ...i ii i 1 1 .lit irnnii m mwr inn BUFFALO COURIER ITIJuT flUli Jaaa. A. IBTA. Buffalo Daily Courier, ? ASHTABULA. Statements of. Some Of the Bar- ttrera. The Fatal Bridge Opinions Experts as to the Cause cf the Aooident. The terrible prayer and some witn lelrllpe. Borne were c woodwork , eng. own writhed in the Inner,! wee eaneat in me iron d while the Semes THE COI'BIES co.nr.4XV. OFFICIAL TAPES, or THE CQV1TTY. - - icttl own all toptee of local to total. Time, of comapoMtonta sr. rwalied, w none fr.pnMie.tiaa, Intel SBBSBAse of le n . .,.,,, in oblate Tire Coneira 'n est lft.lro4n. or Assst, in wAteAII U wuaHy MM will cW eor.6 W"'"0 ejjlee e drcumMtancA. TO sr7BSt7BrtAJsA-.lW luAen-UsrT not twrasewts pPr promptly Oil tArflrtt mjatl 50 oor f"" y notifying the JYvprtetorm. 1 toad VER Tl8Ea.-rmt wmti Oorarta Beeiaa a oreettaWe In Ifesatm JV 1-ora, ortfcwm wwf " awl. adarr IA raoil Hreel eiisetawaeiV .V I t ...... .-.-i,.,,; vi.iirroArpl(tmml6reeetoa! stalements of greater or lew Interest oon- itvMlw lo laswre em rwy j untie to be made to the newspapers in various " I nsrts of the c ountry, b-y the survivors ol the The CCUTiei at ROChBBter. ixnia wrecked at Ashtabula a week ago to night, ana aitoeuga buiug .... the eeneational, It is only from the testimony ere upon thera and Tbimed them in the very SinthbeatiwertTn.anl lay r..t .frenToni mass of ruin, to . I. . Klnnrf , It another, llckuw up The Latest IntelUgenee from the Scene of the Disaster. THi. DAn.T CIM-KIEH. fcKlodtag BMW' awee, eea b. r.iua th. S11W8 ST AND IK TBI M. T CENTRAL DEPOT. KUlllKBTKR. LOCAL DEPARTMENT. mailer. IB Brief. - The annual meeting of the Buffalo II istcri t cal Society will take plane on Tueadey evening t next. The aeoond aoclal the Tint Zouaves la armouooeu te come off at McArthur's Parlors Tuesday of next week. -The sixth reception of the Independent So-: cialUub will he held at McArthur's Perloi VYu Jnesday evening, the 27th Inst. guhllc installation of the newly elected; ofli.-ers of Eagle Lodge No. UK, KnlghU ot; 1'jtUJaa, wtlUlake plane thil evening a theln Cattle Hall, corner ot Main and Swan streets. The public are Invited to the ceremonies and accompanying musical and literary entertainment, i Kili.KUlU JCCIOEHT. Witch Engine Colllelon In tile Erie Yard near Black BocB-Four eer-one Iniared. Shortly alter lour o'clock yesterday alter, noon a collision occurred between two Erie. ltallway switch engines In the Black Kocs; v.r,l. N. 7 switch, between Bird and Dela, ware streets, and resulted iu greater or lee, injuries to a number ot ths employes of the road. The circumstances oi the accident are as follows : Engine i'.f.t had a baggage car and pasenger coach attached, and was going to Black Kock lor the Grand Trunk connections east. There were on this train Joseph Perauit, the engi, ncer; Ueo. U. Davia, conductor; Michael Kiiduff. brakeman ; Edward Kelly, brakeman, A. E. LuddlDgton and Patrick Conklin, witchineu. . Cnglne 41)7 bad no cars attached. The engj neer was Mr. Thompson S. tVhite.and tbe M man Mr. i. has. If'rauce. The first engin mentioned was ba.ktng down and collide with U7 which was moving in tbe opposlt Ulre.Uon. The meeUng wa a violent oni : Mr. Peraull's eogim: was badly smashed ar Mr. WUlte'E. was somewhat damaged, but net seriously. Tbe tender of l'ejault's engine wiis crowded in upon hlni in such a manner that he was pressed against his boiler and sustained ria iniunee. One of bis ankles was broke, the other -was badly bruised, and there Is leesontohtlleve that he inhaled the steam -ob his own boiler In snch nuanUty as to rei-,ti his condition critical. Conductor Davis was somewhat bruised, t t his Injuries are merely-nominal. Michael KIlduB, brakeman, had one ol legs uadly lacerated, but the physicians do anticipate any permanent Injury to the limi Patrick CoautUng. bre.se. men, had one ot hands smashed, hut amputation win no. e necessary. . A E Luddlngton suffered a dlaloctlott,Of tbe blp. Euginefr Whlte.Jhe flreman, Mr. France brakeman, Edward heliy, wre .mew hat, but their inju.-les ere of the survivors that a history of the disaster can be gathered. 'We could not assume to give apace to a twentieth part of the statements made, and as for the speculations and infer- W- tenses, they seem to be without limit. .!tu. I a conversation yesterday with MB. GBORUK COVY, agent of the Union News Company, who was on the train, and in the smokiog car, talking with Conductor Ilenn, at the time or r dent. The flrst intimation of trouble he had was the snapping of the bell cord, and then followed such a seuBatlon ol lading as one would have in a dream. The car was checked in Its downward motion, and then succeeded another fall, and then a crash. He escaped from the broken cat-alter some trouble, and immediately bad his attention called to the perilous condition of Mrs. W. H. Law, of Kocbester, who was entangled in the debris of the sleeper " Oseo." She was a considerable distance above him and he extricated her with considerable difficulty and igot her to a place whero she would '."jpe comfortable. What he most dreaded after'the accident was the Erie accommodation train, which he thought was not far behind the express, and which he ex-pecltd every moment would make the latal .. ..... i..,.,.,.. n..n .hnuMl self- plunge, tie sajs uouuuvlui pos8lon and courage or matters would have been much worse than they were. He remembered seeing Miss Mixer and Mr. Bal-nard on the "City of Buffalo," but trom the moment ol the accident be heard no cry of distress trom this car, and thiukB that its occupants met with instant death. He says the railroad authorities and people oi Ashtabula, and those of the survivors who were able, worked splendidly for those who were in danger, and the iU,llon of putting out the fire was not talked ofln his presence. HIRAM ClIAMHKRLi-V. Mr. Joel G. Morgan, editor ol the Cuba. N. Y., CVMrier, calls our auemion in a note, to the fact that illrarn Cuamberlin. ol that place, is not reported anting tbe missing. lie says that be started tor Kalamazoo, Mich., on the ill-fated train ; and all effcrts to rind sr.y trace of him have tailed. Tbe missing srrntleman is a brother-in-law or tbe writer ol tbe uott. TUB STORYOF A DI.KBl'EB PORTER. Mr. Jerry Stewart, who arrived in New York on Tuesday night, was the porter on the New York sleeper Palatine." and he tells his story to a representative of the New York Ttmes, as follows : u i vaa standing by the state-room at the front of the car when the accident occurred. nested along, and crashing ojre PaBBU ' i t- . t curled around lives as reu. -. . - ,h t. , ..Ti i in crawling through a ..,XtalouTd TpuU hta wife and ehlktren alter aun- 7T" " rsiiing. The eTwaa al!jmned and the ladv and Th . iiTttii, t In the Ironwork ol SeT s" tdth. WI T'tJerenoet 'the dTrTTor the stov " were there. One lady was pulleTftom a window and ataasst every stuch of clothing rPPr1, '""ia" they were taking her out the 2(PE2 could hear tbe screains of women sndMrat i?nc'wSSfUrsS .holly ugalx-.le J f l'"1 rleeTl on. Borne of vucjr - . htimud Utet the unioTMuisMw , Mv to ashes, end In tome cases only ", . , .,7ri.rt .on mt human caicmeu cones wuiw -"vr ,utron beings had ever been there. Of the 6S lelwn rom the wreck, all were more or e injured, and about 41) of them dangerously, It lv. I don't rememoer auj bil, shaken up and bruised and 11 think there , . aa little hurt as I was. There was a arengine th but there was i i..i.hnlWIincrwu in .Si 3xZmvm this enan (157 la not long compared with bridges in rauroaa useiurtijguoui Associate JPrees Dlepaten. wiHm.i. Jan. 4. Several were examined at the Inquest to-day, but made no new developments, simply testifying to the fact that no water had been urera the fire because ordered not by Station Agent Strong. They also expressed the belief that . ii.-.. ,-.,m ham been saved by the use ol water. m A. 0. V. W. Public Installation el the olMeere of Butfalo Lodge Her. B-The Hesl-.. i.itsrsn Entertainment aaaes Installed tU Mt. Vernon Lodge Last Evening . above charge, were Issitsrdes: niilee esj mitte.1 to the work-oouse lorsixty uaj -aacu. THE POOR. hose. I Udnkthe fire lasted about an bour. i ,,u ,isa the cars were uuiucn. Establish ment of a Sou P Uonse I'nder lbs SnnlMSnf the RL VlBCSBl d Fatal society An Appeal-Trie Belief society and Its Latest Contrite lions The poortnaster'e Department, Bte. OBIT! ABY. Ttseistte Fhlneas L. Trevnri Balavla. and til brui,e,l slibt. elv after tbe accident Dr. Slacer s .uumioned from Black Itock. and accom-pMiiird u,c lured men to the Exchange street pa-sena. r u K.t. where he received the asaltit-nc- ol 1" l.w. l'-. :ind holh prDSiels-ns gave BU, h attention to t! e wounded as they found neicssarv. Both engines were V, tLlCATTISti under instru, tioau. lo look out for each other, a-,, then dun in ibis business ol switching. While's num.' was engaged in sorting out cars at the nine of lue accident, and It Is difficult to determine who is to blame for the collision. Mr I'erauit, who -usUined the most serlouB Itines. is one "f the i., -'. engineers In tbe employ of tbe road, KaIL.RO.tD 1B. Effect of the Decent Bnow storm n icoe.ee and William streele. Since Wednesday afternoon no cars have been running on Michigan or Genesee streets owing to a war between the railroad men and citi zens. It seems that after the recent heav,)an ol -sow the lormer began clearing the tracks with snow ploughs. This resulted In the ssow being packed several feet deep on either side of the tracks, making It Impossible for a sleigh to get within a tjen-venieut distance of a store front. The business men and people-men, women and uil' dren-livlng on the thoroughfarea nryied were not contented with the work ot the rail road authorities. -Wednesday auernouu turned out en earn to protect their intertBts. With shovels and brooms the snow was pitched beck upon the tracks In a lively manner and as rapidly swept off again by the ploughs. Matters continued In this animated way fer some time when tbe army f sbovelers and sweepers was reinforced sie worked so sctiv.lTtbst ttelr formidable loe abandoned the Held and has not attempted a renewal of the bailie since. &, -Obeeonlee nf Oeor.e A. PnrlnBtnn. Thetuncral ot the American Express Mee- air. iteonn A. Purtngtou, who wTiLi h. , "i draaatar at Ashtabula, took place on Wednesday sftemoon from the reeldebce of ., i-i.,. .1 W. Watson, MO. ou cveu"i street, and was very largely attended by fflends .,i .muriates of tbe deceased, inciuume a .. ,ii-.iion of the company's employes. Tbe caaket In which the remains were enclosed . ..r.vere.,1 with bcauUlul lloral oueriugs, ,o Eluding one of rare beauty from Wm. (1. Far- St-n The ro owing gwnueuicu, w - ess Moasengers and among the Oldest or uie npany, ofacate,! a. 1'AI.L I1KAKE1W. V iBrret' (icorirs weeu R E tt. E4aVo Wltleg ptni , rr...l M. Thompson. he remains were Interred at forest Lawn The first thing I heard was the bell-cord snap, and then the forward trucks struck on the bridge and were knocked off the car, and the carcame down on the bridge. My car was the first alee per and ths eighth car from the engine. As she struck the bridge It broke, and she went down through. The cars forward went down first, and tbe three sleepers followed together. Sly eir strui k on top of the parlor car, aud the other sleepers followed right afier. The parlor ear tell on her side, and my car, crashing through It. killed every one in It. There is no trace of any one evei coming out of that panor car. 1 be sleeiiers behind me fill separately on their sides In the parlor dsr were a miin ano. his wile and two children anil two more passengers tbe sleeping car conductor. Harry asner, ol Syracuse, and tbe porter. Charley Kane, Cleveland. In my car there were 2.5 pa-.engers. I don't know ari7 ot the names. After we struck. 1 sang but ai tny passengers, net nut ot the uoper windows.' 'I bey broke the windows, anil all succeeded in getting out so far as 1 know. 1 tot out ol a window, and helped '.out an old gentleman and a lady with a broken leg. 1 then went tie the bank. As I went up the bank I lookc-i back al tbe ...i it was then on tire. I turned back alter helping the woman with the broken leg up. When 1 got back I helped out the old gentleman. Tbe Arc had caught in ?,.. .r nart ot my car, and the whole train was burning briskly. . ,. , -n-iu-lv erawtlcc oul. nor did 1 -ee anyone lying around. All that were saved bad been saved then. Al last as the passen-taken out they were taken up the r..o v-rm the lime I helped the woman out until l got back must have lieen about hve minutes, and in thai lime the flames hail run ri.l ,,k r the ira,n. and tuewbole wreck lue "euf. n tifte-r. was ou ore. aii wuu oie u. minute, were never saved at all. Tbe wind blew fiercely, ami there was no hope ot putting the hre out. It burned for an hour and a hall or two hours naarer two hours, 1 should think. Sonne could gel near It because of '-lie heat, and the crowd stood around on the bluff waiting tor tbe fire to burn out- I think ail the pas-'-ngers in the coaches perished, tor i he sleepers fell on them and crushed ttieni The last sleeper was the Louisville car, the ' (isseo ' There were four or nve people m it. I naw only one who got out. it was a ibuj. but 1 don't know her name. The next was he Itoston car, tne cn oi -rried a large load. I can't say how many 5n","'r 'T a.7Tknoat .live after trie fire I am learful that all who were not saved beroreToe flamee got headway perished lu the general connagTauou. TBS FATAL BRIDGE. Tho most Important quesUons growing out of the terrible casualty have reference to the . of the accident, and these so far al we have any knowledge, remain unanswered up to the present time. Did the train or any portion of It jump the track? Or fld the weight of the train and the effects of the frost com- blned produce the destruction ot tne orruge. The strongest Impression has been that the bridge was borne down by the weight ot tbe train, although several of the passengers testily to having experienced a sensation such aa would be uroduced only by the bumping of the cars over the ties, which would go to show that the tram or some portion ot it bad jumped tbe track, some experienced engineers who have advanced a theory upon the sugject, are of the opinion that the second engine or some 01 the forward cars got off the track and produced the catastrophe. The Chicago Times reporters have Interviewed tome OI the civil enVneeri of that city, and we quote Irom their ateinents: MR, L- U. CLARK, chief engineer of the Illinois Central Railroad, Slid " The first dispatches of this disaster led us to believe that tie train had jumped the track. In fact that was explicitly Btated. Now I am not going to pass any opinion whatever upon the bridge as a bridge, for I really know nothing about that particular bridge, and 1 should say that Mr. Collins, the constructor. could build as good a oriuge as ae man in me country. But If it Is a fact thai the train, or auv portioD ol it, jumped the track, that would settle it with me. If the traia lumped the track it would bring the bridge down : would cirrv down most any bridge in the country; and "with that fact established in my mind, and 1 tbink it is. it would entirely dispose of tbe question ol whether it was a good bridge, fo- Ir would be. to me. a sufficient cause. 'That would be your opinion if you were on a jury of experts lo this matter, would it, Mr. Clark r ' ' Y es, sir, it would. I have been Inclined to think from the first that this disaster owed lis occurrence to purely local causes, occurring ai the moment. Now. if the second locomotive jumped the track or any lorward car jumped rack, or prose an a.vie ioi uiiwu,, b idge would be siruck at some point not calculated to bear the strain, and down she would go. You molt understand that we build rail road bridges to bear an tne strain anu iuuctu ad weigni tnai cuuiu possimj f,-. -u -m V, nn calculate the strength of a bridge to a nicety; we know exactly what will be tie strain and weight upon it at a given rate ot speed ol even the heaviest train made up. Knowing all this, we build witn an lanlt margin. Our margin is so great that we feel perfectly safe, tor we know tbat under ordinary conditions, and Indeed, under some extraordinary conditions, for 1 have known a heavy train on sue uaoa "-s r,- " whole length of a bridge salely, as I siv, under unusual conditions, then we feel we are ale. But if an axle should break, tor instance, jvnh a locomotive or car suddenly jumping mlo the edges of the bridge, or worse still, eto tbe centre roadway at a point perhaps not ticngthened by the panel work, dowu the rain would go and would carry the whole bridge with her." vyouiun t irosa uave a umw .wu. n.v- Mr. Clss?" Yes. sr. me thine, out a great deal depends upon the quality oi the Iron and the eharaeter of tbe pressuro urougui lo mm upuu .... While experiments have proved that eofrosted iron will snap with a sharp, direct blow, ,,.n-llv well authenticated experiments prove thai when iron Is subjected to a tensile force the frost will be pressed out ot it." You have every reason to believe that the bridge was a good one, Mr. Clark?" " Certainly. It la a young bridge, only 12 years old, and as for Collins, the engineer, he stands as high in bis profession as any one in the. country. But under sny such extrsordi-nary circumstances as I have referred to, socb as the breaking of an axle or the jumping off the track from any other cause, no bridge In the country could be assured aa safe. We might multiply our strenginening iu,wu uur-aud then It would be mere guess-work to guard against such a disaster. When a train goes off she strikes a blow somewhere that comes with INCALCULABLE FORCE. It is lmnossible to estimate it. It isn't the weight, but the momentum with which It is given, and the force ot the strike." ANOTHER CIVIL aSOIHBER remarked: " II she jumped the track and I i. maw trie Kail, corner of Main and Swan streets, last evening, the newly elected officers - n,,-i , t.rahje No. 9. a. o. U. W., were duly Installed, the ceremony being preceded by a musical and literary enieriaiinu. augural oJ the first public Installation held by the Lodge. The hall was completely m-mhee. of RntTaio Lodge visiting brethren, and their lady Mends and relatives, the ar rangements for a comfortable seating or being well managed bjjjuiotner TUB BXSntCIHES ware i qq 11.11111 with the " Opening Ode, snag by the members of the Lodge, which was fn! owed bv divine invocation, fv"""" B. F. Atkins, P-. M. W. A welts was grsce-iuUy played by Charles E. Almendlnger upon the zither, and the gentleman was io"j -r plauded and responded with another selection. The Misses Helens and Isabel Coe sang with good effect "Moonlight on the Lake," end appeared again in answer to a peremptory call from their auditors. Tbe address, " History of Buffalo Lodge, No. 9, A. O. U. W., by Dr. D. Macnetl Is condensed as lollowsi ADDSKeh BY D. M'SSUL, M. D i , q loaeitnted DSfattUWT Si. ,tj s- ivish.t rsnstt fliand Master K. o. Wood, assisted by District Depsty H. W. De Witt and etnas ... ,i. t;.th...n f,.,m lAHflffsark LOOirt 1 111 . .m ,1,-fnnrth floor trf t&S AjneriCSO blOCk, sot rauw At a meeting of the St. Vincent de Paul Society, held last evening, with Mr. Timothy Corcoran as Chairman, the question oi stai ning a soup-house under their auspice. , similar to that of two rears siro. wsa thoroughly dis cussed. It was unanimously decided lo estab lish a soup-house in tbe basement of tne ouue-Inrr adtnhntn? St. JnseDh's Cathedral tbe quarters being the same as those occupied be fore. It was also decided to BBOIH OPERATIONS on Monday morning with Mr. James Franklin as Superintendent and Treesarer, and that gentleman was lnatrsyeted to perfect tbe neces sary arrangements accordingly. Tbe hours of distribution will be trom 10 A. M. to 12 M., and the plan the same as formerly. The Institution will be non-sectarian, and all worthy appUcante will receive prompt and necessary aid. The society Is not a large one, and this action of the few members is sU the more commendable. Two years sgo this winter the times were considered hard and many poor nennln were iookinir tor dally sustenance. In dited, alone toward the close of the season it became necessary, in order to meet the demand, to distribute as high as 200 and 300 gallons ot soup and about 600 loaves6f bread per day. This being the case, now many rnoie destitute ones will apply for aid this winter, and we have no doubt the facilities and purse strings will be strained to cope with the emergency sure to follow without liberal outside support, Tho Superintendent and Treasurer has now ts his possession BABJELV arJEFIClBNT FUNDS to nav the expenses of the soup-house for a week, and the Society! appeal for substantial aid ought to, and we believe will, meet with the hearty response it so richly deserves. From an obituary article In the KepuMtean ABoeal we learn that Hon. Phlneee L. Tracy, who died in Bataria on the 22d of De cember, would have been ninety years oi aw had he lived until Christmas day. His funeral took place on the anniversary of his birth. Mr. Trsoy was the son of Dr. rmiemen Tracy, and the surviving brother of Edwsrd D. Tracy, for many years Judge ol the Supreme Court of (ieorgia: Lir. men- Tracy, and the late Albert H. Tracy, of this city. Mr. Frank Tracy, eon of the last named gentlemen. Is the only male descendant ot the I ami I y now living. Their common ancestor, Lieut. Thomas Tracy, came to Salem, Mass. In 1636. and in I860 removed to Norwich, Ct, of which town be was one of the original pro- nrietors. Hon. Phlneui L. Tracv graduated from Yale College In 1808, and was the sole survivor of a class distinguished for many eminent men. In 1811. at Utica. he wss admitted to the bar. and after practicing In Madison county he In 1S14 removed to Balavla where he resided up ward of sixty-three years. As a lawyer Be established a high reputation. In 1837 he w elected to Congress to fill a vacancy, and for two successive terms wss re-elected. In 1840 be was chosen one ol the Harrison electors. and In 1841 was appointed flrst Judge of Genesee county by Governor Seward. Ol the personal and moral worth of the deceased gentleman the iSepuofican Advocate asysi us was no common man, auu uis im and commanding form and benignant coun tenance, which have been so laminar in our streets for so many years until within a few days, will be long remembered. He was be loved by ad ; his Integrity, bis pure Hie in aii his social and nersenal relatione, his noble ex ample and Christian virtues, endeared him to a community which he adorned, and In which be had lived lor more than elxly-inree years, and he will be mourned as one tbat has been gathered like a ripe sheaf of grain Into the garner.' Blessed be bis memory." than is now knowr. respecting tbe work- bags, otB, of the " apparatus," which will ns given In StJWDAT'S COO BIBB. BUSIHBSB doeent appear to be sspseUUy lively these days, owing mostly, no doubt, to the snow being so deep In the eensrnry as to put an entire stop on sny sort of navigation. THE XBW DANIEL BXBYATOB en Market street was first opeeed for business to-day. It Is by all odds the largest concern of the kind in this county Bad cannot but be ef maoh benefit to the city In tbe long ran. i hre oncer, cltr Lodrre formerly met. UsieeriaovarKiatthelaMFSof lsstMiymoarl FMklin hi, services grstultously. present location, where new tUe ana vigor I Nardin charges nothing for the use Se oSer in nature errwlwre, d xh t. ben the rived from the sale of tackeU would not 1x111 tost ot Buri-Ai-o uoo mo, 9. I ULn the enterprise tor even a day. It must get hi, bexaa wtth ctvrter memo.. The tie pport Irom our cUarttawy Qispo firet office elected ia the Lodge were the following: Fast Mikeier Wttfkniait, "Win. W. Wee.; Uaeter Workman, Stephen Barker, General t'oreman. liJaxrtsXMi f:iui- fv.srwsaa-r s. V WMhbarTJ : Kecorder, A. A. Franklin: Financier, D. MacNeii; Receiver. 1. Wil son; Guide, J. M. Green; WaKivman. Henry Bin; Pr.w-ii-.r Ti. A. Hal lev. At the end of the flrst nil mooihi tbe membership of the Lodge had increased to I'KCkit i on.: of tba -ireaU-t of evil, being tbe eabtle drr rot of Kxlal aad conunerclal ltte. An aampte ef thiaU fonnd in the varioaa Beented toilet oapa. B T. Babbitt, the aoap ii.anaTac.arar, amm lajc-iitiy profiiKXtl a wiap iwrfcn y -..arc, :ir: aaraira- bly adapted for old and young, an iMifpeBmaie - unci to touet and batb room WeVan ooce novra. la kutm aa It. T. BabblU'a Toilet Soap. B.O. P.U the ftrorlte brand of a great many people wherewith to Mfraah the Inner man. Bat a different kind of eoaD. - It. T, Babbitt's Beat." U that which ke?D both the outer unci maei man la tbe beet order, and praeetrea the health. 1 10ta Babbitt't Beet nave an onTailtng panacea, tor it made of the fine at rnaterlal, etSd works like a charm. A. G. KICK, Attorney aud (Joansellor at law, BTirALO, H. T. Over Bans ef aisles. CHAS. B. Attorney and a nsetor at Lew e COB.BAGILB ASii f HAUL ST.. BUFFALO, B.T LEGAL NOTICES. Bj ,1a. seatsa, IskaB Ocean Dining Hall. The Largest and Beet Appointed Bestaurant OF HEW TORE CITT. Ganie! Oysters! All the Deliwift of the ! OCEABi affimim aanvt. Watafwaiit A. Ce W4MUM From J. H Jatkaon, Saq., of Crotoo, N. T. About air yean aince. mv wife waa attacked with a dlmcalty of the langa and atomach, apittlng of blood, etc., accompanied by great aoreaeaa, and waa moucm by all to be m a danseroaa co&dllUBu. She waa nnder tne care of a akllfat pbyatcan fee more than a year, and faftenrard tried many of the meat popolar coatcb reml-dtea, but aba received no psnrna&ent relief until Wia-Tsva'a Bauan, waa aaed, a few bottle of which restored her to her oaoa) baalth. I would add that this Balsam has been ased by other members of my family, and 1 can truly my that I know of no other cuogh remedy In which I have so much confidence. 1 would racommsnd Wteraa's BaxaaK or Wild Cbbblkt to all in need of a safe and reliable cure for coughs, colda, or any other dlatases of the throat and longs." 00 cents and f 1 a bottle. Hold by ail drngjrtsts. COUGHS, Cold, Croup, Whooping Cough, sora TliroaU and ail affecUcra of the Lttnga eorad by oaring liir itL-y-sCo'j.;b Byrap. Price BOc and 1 P I COI-KT.-B.Jah 0. Ttffu natfi- I lasssa nay ee ai.. aim sBsassam vll .U III I lailH 111 thmt ftbOT CDtited. entered m ttM hMSd flay r Jar.r.ary. im ,.'.".',',,.- .. i fi I 'Ii ii mil I II biiiIb stein ib Ins asll temthday of rebraery, UTTJ, at tea o'cloch tn the forenooo, the following dsaeilbiid fiissshss, or so sanca tastaoT sa smu. :t aaasLiBBii w ujj aae aponaua joeigsBe, w wii; . Vrt.lt, tl esatatlet BfrtFABtaa In that a-, f . i-.t j k the. i v of Jsaa-Va faFasi Ptafa of Hew York, boatded on the tiorti. by lasaOs awaa4lonaariy by Allen e.Wh.1, aUty-one cbaiaa and taay-Bve links, east ky tot mtmber tfty two eight alxtaes llasi.soeth by ths land Issdsd to ltMp Ktrley sixty-one h, ,!.;! twenty five links, on the west by laiid now trened by tbe party of the rat part. KigM chains and rateen links to coataln tny scree of laad. Also aiioUKr piece or Lane ntnatea m van jwb am Brans, County of Brie, aad Btate of Sew York. btag a Lievri of lot QS) sevsnty two, m tne naneta nrul ninth B-SBhSSSB nt th IfallsVInfl Comoa&i ana ooorsQes !".. " oj t-.j..i usn. 'IT7Cr wswraty two-Bilrty three elalns aad arty-seeea Uln, imm by a line parallel r. o the wast Una ef said kt srventy-two st the distance of twenty ehaine s-sd tenty two Hnka, west therefrom faearteen ehama and fanyL Links, north by land deeded to Martha A. Ikmmtiut twenty-four chain and Uitrtj -three llmka, ina nonnwesteny THE POlelOE COURT. ALL rCONTBIBUTIOISS OF MONEY may be aest to Mr. Franklin, and other donation) will be received at the Boup-house to-day aad on Monday. CASH CONTRIBUTIONS. Mr, A. AltMno, Treasurer of the BuiTaio lie- thirty-one. ind sii montiu LsJer to After gooiety, reports the following money do- entering Its new quarters, m May last, Bu2ak lodge nf4liong to date: No 9 bean to show aigns of new life, there being i trt is inemahr. In Jane last, aud at the present AprevUMtaly ackrwled ......... Ul time there are one hundred and fortv-four Master Workmen la the Lodge. cn is tne lncreaa" m uui . Totai - Lodg, anprecedented as it ti hi tie history of secret I WA8HJNGXON sr. rklIKV ROOMS. orifiniTstinns ... rssriawmhhi work was done at the rellet Mr. and Mr.. J. A. McUoffie, witn the itu WuhineiAn Ntrast rMtenhT violin and piano respectively, uccdJ ln tn. BUmber of applicants by no means de-charming the audience and were obliged to crefcMd (rom previoUl( davs. The more recent pla, a second time. Miss Helena Coo's spirited doMttOBS w given below . renderiog; of " Shamus O'Brien" wm evl- Jha Wianftt 100 10.vesof bread; W JI. Bow on. dentiv aupreciated; it wu followed Dy an sh 5; A Friend, clothing; ueorge Mann soota, ucuns s.uvinsar , . va u' f t) lVui i nt hfvf Aiiisther Friend, a nice address by Hob't F. Attins, r. m. w., upon i "'"jaj -'m rnd Bhlrt(.the only bed clothes that hare been recelred; John l.aje. tiar- rels ot O, K. flonr; Kmpioyes ot tne . i R. freight depot, . Inavee of a-u,J; FeTris. h loaves of bread; Supervisor Michael Loebig, 0 (aa lbs. eacr. nour, j. nice packjaarr of etohiiig; A hncod. tdothlng; Fraelick Shermao, 20 loavea of br ad ; Mrf. John -m .uirbsuv nf rl..nir: A. W Htrkroan. packaire ot illce cloihtng; From Klk Street, tW loaves of bread; Aiarrey iroa i omivv. ui sunt wu . POORMASTKK LEVEL reosntlv discovered a case of extreme destitution not one minute's walk from the City Hall. In a frame buildine he found a hu Beeord of the ttnalnea Trausactcd During the Tear 18T. rmv-r James F. Hill yesterday morning anb- mitted to Superintendent Byrne his report ot. the work done In the 1'ollee tJourt, iooin d. King, Justice, during the past year. We present it to our readers entire : HI SB EH OF CJaflBg. Aacaalt and battery jjj Vctit lsrt eny Intoxlcatiou - 4S VB4rrancy Malicious mischief Mallctous trespssB - Cruelty to animals i Misdemeanor ' Vtolsttng the excise law " (lamhllng - ,J CnifUv to children " Selling liquor witboat license J Fast drivuui Larceny -J Total 18fl N ATI V ITT. Trailed States IreUund -- uennauy Rngland , Scotland... L France Uaaada Other nations.... Total The Ancient Order oi United Workmen, which was as follows: ADDKaSSS BY ROUT F. ATKINS, F. M. W. Intfcln enlightened aae. mankind la conttnua lly be in? trnuRvd. morally, wnysicaliy ana inuuiectaiuiF n rMtt- nvidBiicf: of this fact can b irtven than Lhe pid increaeie and heallhy owtn of c liar 1 1 Die benevolent Orders. No longer doe- " man a InliLiman- nun makM count 1 eea thonaands moorn, otH man e chauity to man maiiea Uioaaaoiia oi tne leeuie anilimptjverifihfd of our race rejoice with excedin8 r'adneaa. Amonii the nuraerooa. noble) and beneficial cittifM floorwhinc at this time, the Ancient Order of whoee teet were both lrozen, a wile, i tinea v Qiiin.en, euinos proiuty r"" ftn iimi. ,-hi d and ft baby. There was now- r br a 110 Derails! with a One of the B. A U b. B. K. eighteen chains aad stghto-fstea ltakf. Ruovxjoed lo contain forty acres of laad, be the ssstwa 3aore or less. Dated Jaavnary 8th. 1K77. JOS. L HAaVOTBO. Bberifl. ji. ii- UATCUMLU ridsr SneriBL THATKH .JaMiENKDICT. Plaivtnn Attcewsya. THE BEST REFINED Petroleum Oil IN SHE WORLD. From tlx foDeW.af OOdal Bacons ef en Mfa ef A warns u a, warn esnslssrsalF that ran Slat in sns; ow tow all otarr .1 "-rt imiai.i) Ta j-. . - to- r , ma CnlnMal xASo. prv -'-:, r . I ' "' n' i VlwlW OOt lO M Sks 1 1 ',' ' .' i nwi 1 .... uroar priorily of color and THE 1 Exprct sly for Family Use, 1 will bora longer and jIts m than any other made. AMUSEMENTS. XTMRrBODTS CORNER. Rtl MSTA. J -II-AIT I B - asnanss s fansTi asm ( BbW au I nr ti W" Help Wm.attd--Femmj0. wi,r, ..-rs-Situ a u ;: VV.i :. : - ,:-?eaaJl wgsgTBJ-MBsssn JasssaWssnsassB nwanraas, . , - ACADEMY OF MUSIC. lesnsss ssat sssasssss, BL sLAsnwv a . B. SnBaswasa TrlBBF ii i a Jsss. a, iin, . F" T " j wntwe ' For Sale h - fen an. at assess sns iii sail anssfn. OaB nsl - alii al . as n. , m ewW Saav S mm - - H-tr t-eeot; lertatjS. J F , ' 1 aWB tj, ertOl all sa Bftttrs iivjbf n.. ssfav WWl saft; wary I W ea? Wll . wu-TsSW) V- "V M. la. . : - -' f I tv bt ookiM. ntlisisaw rp a- J53 II w . .jtm fc, aajfyaaS . I f ' ' " L T JiB .. Wit wS wsaw n! '21Xm T- saawatwawm S aa-w a Bre tm-i "2 (XesBt-Mt I t- . tSSBS 7V WtTa k taomt a ifaav IAItOUWE. MUBQAT. Jasl Sm. kin. br-.. , --. '. ua. in, ?. KC a OqWn . laafr Sea. Wit racaear, h. iSBr- l"o AtXBai A vsr" cawasaB, i is rut nwriim. FraiAla aaat ircsaf awBBWs tm a astnarata rr AMiUai BCaTss BUTBtrar. SHELBYS A DELPHI. THIS STBHC LAST BrBSBrFB er Ttn sbass irncrictJi i T, ' ' , " ' ' waaira B.i. mm Ntajar. arfwna ST.! " '. 5 . i-uj. ram n at a -. u. "' anssn. ASinns,wi.. .!. I t ..... r. a k rw I.-- a. nailXT. r.JnwZ2L Wr. . a. N.,- ,w is T nea. A. J'-lf VI tWS of etu t I . iOt cos rrsBAaail tm. KaV rwaeiiat rw fw pwsfts, aom rw. litl Try St. Fua Sets for Holiday ra-SENTS. Besi, Mink, Otter, Martin, Lynx, Chinchilla. Squirrel. at low price can be found at WIPPEiTTB, Btl Main Peasb'u Premium Oil w not kept or soW 6 proeerr or dealer- FAMILIB8 SHOULD OB DEK DIRECT FROM US l rUBmi. WHtfni WILL BE PURNI8HBD ORAT1S FOB THAT PTTRPOfiE ANT) KECE1VK OI K OfL AT TUB LOWEST MARKET PRICE, llluaVSHAi' ai TUB DOOR, TBI CLIPS a "Ceytmlc ii3 i.u: Caret" New. th r coUBXKii CO. RBDUCriON! LOOK AT FRENCH'S ADVBBTlSEMJCfT. 19.9 Hales Females. Total Married Single. .18 .1044 aocia.1. "T AgllilNl.. ukrin the front rank amoiu. its elder staters solely from tho fart that It had their example to proal by and improve, and tho; w&o were CQarjrea wiui iiwuiiui. the rode of laws and the scheme of loeorance, were at- isv-Leii from members well Terscd iu Kindrou orani TiAwifiTLa. That ther oerformed their work well 1 evi denced by the aatonlahing aocewaion to oar ranks of men of every tirade In society. Brain woraeiw, sturuj artLzaiitL thrifty delvera of tbe sot) cation, aad of all shades of rellgiofie and poliiical belief, Hock to onroraer, ami all are welcome provided they are m ievlly and physically sound ths (.RtuT rBA.TtrnEOtr rsnt obdxb & ltB ssanting to the families of rbj members at tbelrdece.se the sum of 13,000, thus enabling every wot thy arotber to depart from this nubiinary sphere wlthuiiL the remorseful feeling that be has not done bis duty in providing for hie loved ones white iu th. potiseisslon of life and health How many families do we know at present straggling throagh this vale of tears, helpless and impoverished, to whom the'tom ol (3,000 would be a fortune, inasmach as that la many Instances would be aunecient to satisfy some mortgagee or other creditor who. bytock-like, would have his pound of flesh heedloea of the toara of the widow and ornuan. Let no one in sound ot my voice to night hraimte fjr a single day tu Baaaanf; an APTT-ICATIOtI TO BCTeJ,o LODtiV MO 9, it . fMirism nfthti centra! nart of the city. There are seven other Lodges situated at diSerent puinu la the and entertaining enough for one erentng aad city, so ;hat ail caa be suited as to location. Aside tbe favorite burlesque actrett should have a from the insurance reawre, gtiarantees weeaiy uene- aut)8tanUal benetit. fiw to sick and Pea I The ,lvorlie iri8h comedian, Mr. Joseph :ZZyuuT Murpby. eommencas an engagement at the roi of trueiir linear earned It" '. IlSfor Academy of Music on MonJay evening, open- aasewmeriu aad $1 for yearly does This astonish ingly cheap rate of Insurance Is ceased by the payment log in tlie room to sleep upon out aa eld Idangv. The occupants were pincnen with hunger and would gladly have gathered about a good comfortable fire. Steps were immediately taken to relieve their distress, and now they are well provided lor. The following donation, are acknowledged : Grave., clothinz . A Friend, do; UJtcn.i. a; Rl.hv. 1 nfaitra.. .liw. and ciisnliirt. Ausustns SImaaona. SO loa.es of bread ; Eagle UkI'c, 1 00 loa.e, doi Jacob t nee, ao loave, no. a- ik-iliu., a. , u., 100 loaves do; E. HeBcrls 10 loaves do. Joat-pli Smith, 1110 loaves do; It-;(l Jacket Lodue, lo sacks AeadesBy of IHnelc -' Evangeline." This evening is set apart at the Academy of Music lor the benefit of the leading ladv of the Evangeline Combsuatloa Miss Eliza Wealh- ersuy. The composer ot tne " e-vangeune music Mr. JS. Kice, will direct the orcties- sna in nsssen. and Mr. Cleaver Goodwin, the anliior of the extravatranaa. will impersonate the eenduetor In several of the seenea. In addition, Mr. ?'. C. tioodwln. Jr., will appear in his popular Imitations of the noted actors ot the day. The entertainment will be varied got out. don't know how many passsn- A .tempted anlelAe. Patrolman Uolmlnnd, of the Fourth Pre-elnot, iirestsd a cigar-maker named John Lenny wed forly-nve years, on a charge ol drunkenness, about six o'clock Wednesday evening. The man waa locked up In a cell, and about two hours later Doorman Karbach discovered Btato'ssrewassiir Be"was imtnedlslely relieved lrom bis uncomfortable position and during the Bight sheared no disposition to rfjpeat the attempt Us had Improvised a rope vlth his suspeaders and scan. Yesterday mo! lag the watch-house Justice oned him Hve t lars for intoxication. m ifanirnsT. Coroner Almendlnger yesterday cenduded an Inquest In the case ol yM0' Rhem and Conrad Smith, the two men air. by the engine of a passenger train on the Erie Railway at the Cheektowaga crosalrgE on the Via ot December last. A verdict lo accord-rui.e with tho facts was rendered, theory ad-ding the clause, "the accident happening without the ii'.mpany being guilly ol carelessness or negligence." Police court -Yesterday thoay Secklor was convicted In t. Court of an a.sault and battery Apke, and fined live dollars. ElUsbetll l"1. arrested on cht n,n, the rssrsoo. waived an SX ner appear an o. lor trial at -lAuf'.- FoBEflTKK f ' 1. 1 it ELRoiTOSf. A4 the annual meeting of the Buffalo Kr"eejter c:ub. held at the rooms of the organlseries, v Me Arthur blouk last evesteg, the- followlog eBcers were elected for the ensuing; year Prsalsenl cir . B.V Htrtl. Viae-Pre.td.nt-"Henry R. Jones, ; lerlarj--tlnle Htnlth. Treasurer Frank Kiathrrley. jaw UBLfJCKV KIDB.-AS a grocery man nasMfl Charles Ullbsrt, hi. wile sad bsby. were riding oat last evenlne the slelh oelild. ed with another at the corner of Lake View avenue and Jersey street and was damaged. On Prospect avenue sear Fargo taeeaelgh wss overturned and Mrs. Gilbert aad the Infeit sutaloed slight Injuries. is "fv -raBiTOL Aooidsst. Joseph Mcfeely, a .e , i . t, ma n la the smrjlor ef the Xake Kbers A Michigan Sosthern Rsllroed, Bad ale left srsi beslly crushed while coupling eats at the Els street crossing yesterday lorenuco. He was attended by Dr. Miser st his home, jfo. DUO South Division, street. Sers there were, nor now many were ,o-i, T . .,. numli.r tltie engine trut 1 tuiua a i. , i i remained on the liank. Tbe other engine fell and turned completely around. Then came the bsggsge cars and tbe coaches, and the smoker, ana son panu, au - mixed In one Indescribable mass, except the three last sleepers, wntcu ieu wun. . - no one crawling around, nor did 1 hear any scream.. The porter of the 'Oaseo' was named James tioyie, or .sew .o,a. u ..... porter of the 'City ot Buffalo' was named WeDO. BOtU weie iiuiu. . .. ... mv passengers afterward up at the station, and one or two were fatally injured. 1 he rest were badly, but i don't .think dangerously hurt-" STATEMBUr OF MR. J. E. IlL'BCIIELL. Mr. J. E. Burchell, ol Chicago, makes the following sUtement to tho JViiune of that elt. The nrst thing l uearu was a cracaiu u front part of the car, and then the cracking In n,, .uilhar rd,'l,lnir lO the the rear, iiauuiu, . - front louder than the Brst, and then came a aickentng otrclllatlon and a sudden sinking and I was thrown stunned from my seat. 1 hoard the cracking, and spllnlerins: and smashing around me. The Iron work bent and twisted like snakes, and everythint! took horrid shapes. 1 heard a lady scream in anguish, -Ob: help me; i ueo i -., n,. broke a window. and I DUshed the lady out who had scresmed. 1 think her name was Miss Bingham, ine tram , in mo the water, our car a little on Its side, both ends broken in. The rest oi the train lay In every direction, some on end, some on the side, crushed and broken -a terrible, but plctur-e.uue sight. Below were tbe water and broken Ice seventy teet above was the broken bridge. Miss Bingham sank down in tbe snow and I went back alter my coal. Securing that, 1 went to her and tarried her, with a dozen stumbles and falls, up tbe bank. The snow d-l VHSl oW oVe'y wdlS ty. The wreck waa then on fire. The wind waa blowing from the east, and whirling blinding masses ol snow over the terrible ruin. The crackling of the Dames, the whistling wind, the screaming of the hurt, made a pandemonium of that little valley, and the ing in Msreden's new play, written especially ior him, and entitled Kerry Oow." The Cincinnati Oommereial, arjwsiklng of Mr. Murphy in this drama save: Mr. Murphy's personation of the Irish btactxsmith is a characterization at once hu morous without the least taint of coarse news. and vigorous without overstraining. He presents a very pleasing and truthful study of tbe hat rharju-.tpriiitiRS of the Irish Deatuintrv planted in the space of three years, forty of which have flaggng good humor, a wit spontaneous and been organized in this, the (ntteniuai year The keen, an imperturbable Belf-eouu'lenc, not un-roethoc of distribuung the assessments of 1106 frequently amounting to a somewhat ludicmtM roufth the various months of tne yeai is a commenu- t egotism, ana a Strict sense oi nonesi principle AEh benefits from tbe rarire sarpioa runa which is cooatantly accrnirig, tn.s absence eipensiTe offices, ealaried officials and ,fcommiilone to acetita. The ueoer nag truij ar-eiuosc rc-u, wudma- ering that it has been but eight years Lt existence In the United State, in uus. tne jsmpire oiAie, mere ua been OVBK rirTY i.OlisWt.a CoiaitOt read and write Total. WAHBANTS. N timber of warTanta Isaned Number of warrants returned Number not returned N umber of acquittals and dlschariies CAS as SKKT TO lilOilatB COCBTS. Charges. Aaaault and baUery . Aiaevilt with deadlj weapf .ijBriauli with intent lo nt'rinh--- Aaeaait wtth intent to kill - - - - - - AtsBsiuM witn Intent to do hodity navrm Asaault wiih dareJXtB9 weapon .- Amau t with intent to rob Attempt at Brand l-ceuy Attempt at artsuti Arnon - - - - AbactnK cntltlreii - Attompt at buTKtary - Borslary and larceny Burglary and larceny after a lemony Hurglary - B'atamy - Carrying BJing soot. Coaispirsvcy . - -- Defraud tntf hotel keeper K,mbculcmiii lireU-rjjBs-" -- tjranfl larca-.t.)- after reluaj Indecent exposure . . LaArC. Uf tlXlDLl Uass pMSOU. Ml-edem.-f.iior 1 MaaalAucbter FeimtUlns; a prifainfr lo rcaje Ietil larceny , second cdleuce Peiit larceny ferjury Hecl.lng stolen property Robbery Kobbery after a felony Ha ik - aellinB liquora without lteetiae tksdnctlon under promise of marriage Total Total number cafe dlSofeeas of tn ltTT For number t-f caees diapctsed of ln 1875 ..1744 ItM ig An-Fclioe ft of 1T-jinatitn Veil fnr "V "f 'ifiyHsPg prpt-at was red with biood then know n.t yltve7bl ten lost" KB, had 'escaped alive, though all were braised or bad escanew air , a h(J Ifsck injureu. "--, -., .a." ears were all in flame.7 The ruins covered the entire space be-?w?the two piers, .Jd'''r SZtuSralts bre.th.ng e.m and nrl I carried Miss Bingham to the nouse near by, and which appeared fo be engine-house. 1 was com-i...i. eThausteil. and remained there Itblnk there were 52 brouttbt in alive. But ' t". s4tAhH -fier their removal to the wtT where they were wbeequently uhen. TtTwn wMtbout a .)Urter of a mile distant I dW not bm tt! the wreck, but from v&ZTnni 23 from out the froaen valley -?irrt-o flame. There were crowds of menTOr$uW5. .I7 tb.m back, and rhey could do nothing. The wounded were lying around in tbe snow, or were laid on -treUhen, or taken on the backs of men and was' triebtful. tnossT wWThMf orfe to inteaM heat. They .W!1. could be rescued, and tuen wm w f""f for the flami to subwde, so that bodies might i.- takan , a a ffAt as the iniured were fe- curedtfcey were tajten to Ite hotel. That was -"uijtv osaorw asiywieJV). isiwu .- inlhlrtt mMitm SW the fat) it WW ropoaaj-ir'gjtnear it or ..Ittgf ttgg that a Seat many were rtrLM aad !cetc in tbat way The hotel waa 0l iuaxter of a mite from the creek, and aa the inn" Una of sireu-hers and stoat men bore the aaArerf amg, the stormy air was filled with moanings of angoish. At the bote! the as,...l eeasa larl.T-iw oanad ft U K vesjnisansi mmA ssawwaaasssa wren earl v on hand. tm! swsSaTW effort was made to relievo the aufferew. Ooe lady whose toot had baysm uruaheU, WM carried shrtekin in labor pains to the little hotel, and during tis night she nave birth to a child. From the top of' the blutf to the water's eLre It is, I should tbink, from 70 to 80 feat, aad along the blniT there ranged lines of excited men looking down oo the buralDg, hpleet agony below. ; see the engineer of the first locomotive says that he put on the valves full on his engine for he felt that something had got off b.hind U bhe jumped the track, and 1 believe she did, uotbing could have saved her, and the bridge would have come down as a matter of course. All these bridges are made tbe same way, aud accidents iii sometimes happen, and they are due to special causes. They calculate tbat ii thev build a bride ot so many tHisse. each truss to bear a certain weight, that the bridge is aoinn to "bear, without extraordinary strain, .-t-rtain seffrecate weiaht. Over and above this a certain margin is allowed, but no pro vision eouHl De made iot aisasters uy running off, simply because no one knows where she is inim to strike. My opinion is." said the gen tleman. " that the second locomotive went off; that the engineer of the first locomotive ktiAw it. or sue Dec ted it, and opened his vtaivaa fu.i'to dratr her on. That the locomo tive and one or two of the lorward cars plunged and down they went, and that the fter cars came along and went down by their own momentum. 1 think that this sudden Jump into the centre ol the toadway broke away the lateral bracing at the top, and tbat their the truss tipped right over. With the lateral bracing gone there woold be nothing to support the truaset trom top to bottom, distance of 32 feet, ano this being the caee, the truss would just tip right over and the train go down. This theory tbat the tnifs lipped over is borne out by the lactthat the care were thrown fully J0 teet eMtie trum tne paraiiei uu ua mo ujw nnon the bed of the creek below. t vVe have been Informed from residents of Ashtabula that the bridge bad a lateral tendency for some time, and swayed s good deaL "That could have been prevented by the main rods (the upright lines!. These make a bridge as nearly as can be a perfectly rigid .structure." MS. A. B. ST ON a, formerly President of the American Bridge Company, and who passed over the bridge twelve hours before the aocident, says: "My theory Is that the second locomotive jumped the track. It was a two-truss bridge, and laid with two track,. I think the locomotive jumped on to the Inside. The truss would then turn over. Tor there would be nothing to support It The sudden fall of the engine on tbe lateral bracing would break that bracing; It might, too, have struck a oord. I understand that the line of the cars, when fallen, wa- fifteen to twenty feet off lrom the line of the ttrlitge. anu mat wouiu coanrm my ira-presdon that tbey broke through and that the truHtt tiDocd. The bridae was a regular Howe truss, in iron, instead of wood. It was not double braced. Tins bridge is always considered a verv strong one." The Tiirw thus refers to a discussion by the Engineers' C4ob of tbst city, which will be read wita interest in this connection: informaJly dUcotSjied the ffiatteT aOTer -ti.i oi anmlr-rfl VtaIP.IfiaV IU IE I UlrVU . Viltn- brough, the City Koghwer. swaed whether vi- hr-tiot, rmuld not be carried on almost mdetf- nitely , or, so to speak, UaUl the struciure gave aMe featore. as it places the payment within reacn or the poorest brother, and becomes a mere bagatelle to the alttnent. It 1 certainly criminal neglect iu any raeraon not to heed the dnty of making provision for hit, funUy when the means ars placed within his pow er. True, many are unable to pay the exorbitant pro mi ami demanded by life inaorance companies, and manv nave teen deterred from tasking out policies ow ing to the many defalcationa of adnciary offlcers, but there can be no excuse, if the pertmn la physically Bound and between the awes of 'ii aad OS years, lor re- maiaiifg outside the pale of this beneficent Order. 1 trust -Jiat the ladles will bjecom oar most earnest airentfi and induce their male relatives to join as In oo' task of ametiorating and benefiting the condition of human society. SSAL SaCQTjas, I offer tne EC-at elegant nd stylish frrnenla In the market. Prices low. wu. HAM WIPFBBT. m Main aowxaa. THB Leadies are respectfully invited to call and inspect the fineat and most compleLe a'ock of Winter Millinery Good ever ahown ln BaffaJo al prices that cannot fall to plaae. Iltkniti UlUUla.T, 2M Main street. Uppotdte the Academy of Meslc. The Kvkwxwo UapnitLic contains all com- m-rclal reports pobUahed In l as t'oumaa with latest to the hour of publication. 42c per month, postal prapaid. Ssax Cape and Gloves, A flee aaaort- metit of all thelseadlntt Style can be found at WIP PfiUlT8, SSI Main street- lJrjKLAP'B CKLEBaaTETJ BATS. 8ilk, Stiff and Soft Fell Hata. Can he had only at WITFEirrB, Sole Agent, 921 Main sweat. Umbrellas. Ladies and gents, a full aortment of Bilk, Alpaca and Q tag bam, can be fonnd at WIPPKH'Td, Ml Main Garr the BeeT. Humphreys-' Witch Haael is one-third Sttanger. Purer and Better, and gwe the toiwiimer more for bla money that any other prcusvra-loa of Kx tract Hamamtla. or Witch Davsel. eer aold. Uumpbreye' Witch flatsel tvaa no equal aa a FajsHlt Mmnn, for Accidents. lnuiia. Bcjalda, Borna. Braiaes, Neuralgia, HnenniatVsrn. Plk. bore Tnroax, Catarrh. Vartaase Veins. Uld Borea Corns and two Ions, while for every form of Ilenaoriiiagt-s or Bleedings It Ishe Pilnee of Remedies, jot Kidney Complaints and Chronic Diarrhea it Is unfailing. Ask for Hi arHHJiTS Wirca Haziu and take no other. Price, full meaanre, 6oa , 80 cents, Pints 9 1 ; tittarts, 11.7ft. swam by all deaiers. No. 6 Vsaarr rVraar. Naw Toaa. Agtmts, POWKLL a PLIM1TON. BnOalo. TMsire la iiairn in CelJetaal, And UM Tar of JC&ie'a Batanma, or Bainl of OtsWaad Tre. , comMnad with i : -r. y m. I the Sst.ra-L of Btw boncfl. in ihe form of ILaLss Hostst o Iloaaeoc-?ti .u Tab. Is the meat noUut remedy for Cold a Coatrhe, HosrMDfas, and Iuflaanxa, eer sflmlnlateied to this or ana eSkwr eotntry. Pike's Tocstfajacbe Drops cores tn one minute. St I It ,h ."I l! ( Ol II I .. . s i t A - : . . . tin. aBzatasC Tahtmias J. Brennaa a aaU DefesM- aats. By vlrtne of :i -udgmeat to tbe above smtatlad actio, tnterad on the i : i : :-" day of Oeesamber. 1TS, 1 tbAvll expcMe for sale at poblVc iftada at Ikte - 2 -oa.ee, number elghU at the City and County Ball, OB the Twenty -firth day of January. 18T7. at Un o'clock In the rorenoon. the foil owing deawbsd sassatawa et ao mnch thereof aa ball be snfflcrent to pay the !: 14 East nnnn Aallii ' -id .-tt-. s , t lo wit : Ail that certain piece er i arc,-: of land fltaate In the City of BoSalo. Counts of K- , and twava of New York, and being part of the east part of farm lot nnm-ber nineteen, ln the Bteventh lcfWTAshlp Sttsl sigisth rang of the Holland Land Company's snrrey; sad ts a certain enrvey of said east part of said tot number nintleen, maue or eorge void iieraTe, duivi7ui, blhtva In tbe Clerk's offlre of Kris Oooaty. sad reemrded therein it. Liber SS6 ot deeda at page 416, is distln-gnlabed aa aub division lot numbers TtdrtfMTi A Plf-toain (13 a 151 In block number Twelve (H); said lot number 13 la sHoaied un the west Kilt- of Clark street, ninety nine and TO 100 im t north from Curtlaa ncrr- t. and cootains forty and e-10O r- front ud reao t-:frhtj-nine ani u-ioo tee in oepin , auu mi uuua- ii ta situated on the northtiiy tine of Cortlsa street thirty four -H feel weeriA?e,y from Ctar tresac, and rouiajnA ujun y-itui aim tv ion ntssj. bbuu tldrty (5C) feel In rear, and on hundred and eighteen and a-10 feet east line, aad on hundred uurty-etx and S10 feet weal line ln depth. Jjfeled January 41a, ICTi. Ji.- L. HAbEBSTBO, Sheriff. N.B GATvHaLL, Under Hberiff. P. A. MATTSBON. Plainttff a Atlstjarney. StJPRRftlK COUitT.-C-harles A Sweet, PlaloUfl, against Malblaa liicker et aL, Defendants. By Ttrtue of a Judgment In the sborre eotitlad action, entered on ine twrnty nlnth day of December, IS7 I evnail cxpoa for reale at public vendue at the HhertfTs fTice. namiM'r eiRhl, si the City and Crjeaniy Bail on ihe twenty flfih day of January, 1STT. si tern o clock In tiu' fLirrn-jan. the folkrarlng dswrtbewJ tirtmlM, or i mueb latraof aa ahall b assfBclent to pay the nrTwmiri due upon aald judgmenL to wit : All that certain pveet or part W of land attajsate In the City of BuiTaio, County of Krte and Btale f New York, and being part of the cast part of farm lot nam ber nineteen. In the glevenUi township sod eighth range of the Il'iland Land Ci-mpeny enrvey, ud in a certain purvey of said east pari of aid kx number nlne-r.n msiif, hv (ii'iiru-n Vum BcT't. harreyor, fi od in IWfXJTOsVU aucirin 'PEASES PREMIUM" OIL, Hlgh4W rtra TeaK than any Vases anlewfjallal ifli expressly for PsvaaUy rwaaesg power. aauUyUas). THIS OIL IS HUT KaTT OB SOLD BY GaaXmata uit u fcii j ,a arv PEASE'S HEAD-LIGHT OIL, High Fire Teat for l;. i Bmd lmgtt. asalhoa HijjiiaiA, Av kk1 Mvfrty. cxiacBj and bril:taiK-T. PEASE'S KEROSENE OIL, VATUtBSl LADUH wmd CB1LDUS 1 SLaTLBaB T, ' Tasetj Bi A nf is as. ( nmw BT BO A ATI KB. Iss .lassie Claire, Lee, Orwsre. eTIsMere A I ek arf BLBTXTB STABTJET TBIls a -.. . BTBea pnsli, Ma IiiiHl r. VaBAJ3B Last BOBA I-ilE a IK) .xasasraaaa J ABLEB MOOxraTT, a. se irral. BSnlieiswl ( P MJ"?'- ; srf a- fXJ w, rav nasi UW ew tAt aw;.r. -bt bssbsb UfTl l: Malt SMS I - fft t- ' -rtLSTEW WABBiT A HACK..' rls -esflQTi7w at ai V r-tr ' m guasBl LataraX tV 'SsrBT AJC afK.ier , ater aJac a. - .iasel-tk ha.n . a. ,- Iirssasss aTSal esssTT aa raeBAJB VBaBfJf east ta aa W rlt ft in. MttUr- rx,;- . it.. ,.; as, ,,l aua LMW XTfj Masta screwM tv H- M He. araa wa Tt.. V i MM. Wssf te 1 ewe- ??mmmaam u,v-re an r-.W BOC twr latt, .-i la. -v aj.r saJaw a I i- 1 ST. JAMES HALL THEODORE THOMAS A BP HI? Unrivaled Orchmtra! A UCTIONS ! pus air Bsaa aaasC -T;sr-, " . i.n usr. Ha-, ! " C xBBBX net tbe frew, rBL, . ' t s-libjw bjjuC - Jal lav ii asisn Lat- ' aa ml raaw l.aV' it -mjw asV-lA BSTaMI JSafFED sSK Twp watt hrtr csww t am ama : ri n 4. Bj j SUsaj L tBsejasaaiar Hr--i aj, - mi . fst aw BsV T" stwawn cwaLiaaB ...A.w..r .ITT:.TZ ZSZ MT. BELLABLA BBfaBKBL' 'TT "" " ' " '""' "' ' ' A sa'. and sopervw utlcl for bamtaji ts Ei neari. 1 amp. TI! . Hi, KM HP rtKALBBS WHO THIS OIL WIU. BE FT." KM IS USD OB APPLICATION. WEBEIU1T IllM'il., JAB. If. TH L'BtSa A T , BTBHIBS JAB. II, THEODORE THOMAS' Only Qrud sand Popaiswr QiiijsmU, WITH KSrW Alp STTII 1 I tTT .a BULB. 1 OKB DOU.AJL IT Ban 1 City A . Henasa, OS WmtyW BU. ' lMM.' FXCKMBIM sa OO. By (BIS C. IBtl BkavTCMDAY JavM wrm at S A- St lu-gm. . of c Ba. ! WB tvAUk ! Jeir. t ; 4 trTsrTk T-K J Cf' 1 FIRST CLASS I UKfc. number ik. C.a.rw'a nMi-s- 11 arte rj(UDt and in l.ibar SSB of deeds, at page 416 ii dlaUtigiilahed u!viiTllan. lot cum oar aeeeTtfern la block l.r,t nlrnalaail (Wl tflK Ts-sTtb W-JSt CajsTTjer Of Pi slid Cark f,UieUi . roniAUnmg thirty feet front oo feasd north line of Pijckham atreet and In war by one hin-aresd one DO-1LW fessi Qfo tne west line aad ooe hundred anal one A A5-IOO feet on Clara arl la deptS. Dated January 4, 18T7. JOS. L. H ABKICSTKO, Stverlfl. N. B- GATC11KLU Casdes anerlfl. F A MATTEttON. PLaintifl a AUsgrsay. TTCXBTB of j BaatS : t Tbe sale of mwrred v - "ariin nsllTTS I DAT MORM.1G J AUT ABY tta. ss Oaaate A Dwa toa M State Stoea. wear ths prTiarsaaasa ttm cabb certs mar be obttlswd. Dimss epwa at 7 Js to c tw. on. rssva) vw iw, , , tha laisThaet c.i - i ' : h PW-aos mants of the Fire Wortds' Fairs, sad th Ot! a ye to 1 1 be prodticed that can sqaal or apfaoach Uwrsa ta any ; f-jX. JAMS HAl.t., it'LdflF Kvcnim, Jassan -ia, isti. ry. h a t iisA a PT HP' r. T ElJKIhBIXtfal ' iTVIJ Au : W KL-LJ . rt-htVA:S rjne . -.--T,l rrsf anLlTTtlx. CtUaOeaalat TW eB -erS rtf i- a a.. ' - ' r-tMgm. Ckaastnat Wasra "AL f( wars ea swawl! n i 4 W Uat avast r LUA Omt a. OKQ B TO RAi S OBDXB DIBECT I'HOK TJ8. MADE OKLT BY F. S. PEASE, Manufacturer of Oil, a a El Hals SL and EL si a BUFFALO, atatlaitee st, IV. v GBAJfD COJK7VXT BT THE YAUD J sUIJ jb : Fur las P i iSl ea las TAXB kVT. A CBOICB FstOnRAMME OOTOaSTTW fTFOOL LB?, M SOritiS, FAatT SOSwS WAJtatLBr) A D Bale I SAA-SAjijri tocs. or 0l Pa.nttiu;, Mirrwri tb bSa-b-- c Uat lat-'e I a' J W-"tAi Lav H II pBal ,es traaa.Tsral (B t. iia ..to, VJ. ts rrnrt-A. rnrri ' un:'. Ms '. n ftilSTT i.iKtBSS f iVTtii SI PEBIOB COCBTOF UlfVi AI O Louise c. Wavn-en. plalntifl. agalast Loo's Towa-faend. Caroline W. Townsend. wife of Louis Town send, Oeorge TowTieend Blla Wersstarr. Kdward a. Webster r.mmor u sines, aumi umutn uu uvxir K Haines, defendants. SuinrMsa Uatief. Costs Jetsat aannil To the defendants abers named Ton ars bereb .nw.M.e1 in iMwir ths corn Dial nt in this settoo asrre A rnm of rOOT SUSWer OS US, St OOf ft.- . in 1 city of Buffalo, within twenty days arts the sser.ee hsreof. exrlnaireof ; he day of socb service; and if faol to anFwar uat rouii'is,:,. au iniwnn, use plavl titlff will applv to ine tool. lor Ue reuei usBaAiweswi in the tatd comolajnl, which iOTplatnt was aUed In e osaes or tne t tera tn lu cymm vi. u, a lu mi ssaiil t ity, on tbe SUUi day of tivtrmttl. 1S7S Dated Buffalo tSe-pt 2Hh, iA n. 1 . MsaVTIaOa. Bocuty iVofieei of " Heelings " publutied under this heading for 50c. each insertion. ar.Ann fAraite (7rxTiinnnli- altnti nf OneSD lodirt; No 16. F. A M., TH1H Friday ! BVKnifrti bj 7 Si. o'clock, in Blue Wsorn, new Masonic llall In rSStk Of OtTlCei' WM. ua.iur.unrv. aaew Miss Isabel Coe sang " Not Before Pa,' which amused everyone very much and brought hr an unmistakable round of ap- nlauie, to which she respoudea. ine Anon Ouartette, 'consiating of Messrs. Tanner. Brown, Little and Brlggs, then sans for those present and were twice called out bv the in satiaole deslrt; of the audience for ' more of tbe same." Mr. Frank Kuhn accompanied the soliBts upon the piano, during the evening, in a most acceptable manner. The following newlv elected offlcers of the Lodge were then duly installed by District Deouty Grand Master Workman, Charles O. Rano, abated by LV D. G. M. W., Wm. M. Bsanett as Grand Guide, and Robert F. Atkins as T. G. M. W.: deviated from onlv under circumstances arhirh In thf notmlar mind more than justify tbe deviation. Uis careful study ol the char acter is atrikinelv exhibited in tbe admiranie manner by which he enlivens the most cou monpiae inciuentsoi me hkji y itu nai m tr i -istie touches ol his own-ts, during the forge scene, when a broken conversation is carried on while shoeinir the horse, and the young jnckey is made a but for good humored jokes. in everv gesture, too, laugn, wuuu, iue tstlc effect of bis Impersonation is perfect, tbe result of a conception artistically wrought out iu the most minute detail. The Irish meiodieaor 'Aiieen Aroon, i ti Mourn tbe Hoies tbat Leave Me,' and other songs, were very pleasantly rendered by Mr. ntirpuy, sou auaeu greauy w tue rucci v auc BIAwell Foat lnatallaUon aodCanii Fire. Poiaca Record. Fourteen arreau were made by tbe police during the twenty-four hours ending yesterday morning. Four of the prisoners were charged wtth disorderly conduct, two with drunkenness, three with assault aud battery, three with vagrancy, and one with larceny ; one wss arrested on suspicion, five cases were asaigned to the Polios Court. Fines to the amount of seventy dollars were imposed by the watch-house justices. Twenty-one destitute people applied for shelter at the stations Wednesday night. MAH HIED. c; -' "' v AN HTTLIR In this Citr. on the 3d Inst, by 1 te L. J FleUher, D D. . Mr. Joss Si.tuB m.AH, ot St. Lou La, and Miss Nblxib Bi.Ti.aa, of tuf faio. VICIMTV C0BBE8P0NDKSCE LOCKrOUT. A nan Bheole Hlmeelf In a Dream -He will Probably Dle-TAe Canal Intereete A Pnblle ?ic etliig tn Be-terenee Thereto Tbe Belli Bteeas Bieatlna Srelene, Bte. i . ... . ,.f ..irin, ant. Mr. Morehoose. SeareWrof toe club and ...... ......i ,.s with tbe Illinois Central liallroatl, a.i.t ,k. i, harf Imh desnnstBUssnd that vibra tion upon an Iron bridge Wild be kept up almost InUennltalr, thsl Ts if that vibration did not create a strain oeyona a ctjt,u iwwv. that once exceeded, a very little vibration mlt'tit serve to imash a bridee. B. i hiaiiMii.li nsnreaaed biiiiMU as ot ihe opinion that the train or a portion of it bad lumpeu tne usee. The reneral teaor oi the discussion of the iJ,,h mav be renresented as follows: Very likely a car ran off and the shock was felt bv tbe engineer. This caused him to open valves Uj puU through, arid this of !Ulfusecj an addjdonj shock. This action, slthongh it saved tte engineer, undonbtedly Blade It worse !"m& MMrthotiae, in answer to sjuesUon course a great seat uepenoea upon the quality of the Iron. Inn with a great deal er ptuw- phorus in It will snap at once with frost; that wntcn nas out nuie in it wui not. ui course we always asspme that the very best iron Is used in bridge bitlldtng. If It Isn't, It misht." "What about crvstallzation f" said the re-norter. "What is that caused by 7" "Continued vibration will) create solidification of the lertieles, or or7ollaa.iuu aa 1. SrTOd. Tbli ail depends upon a continuous ifSmbuk this detor-tion in tJse iron caa be detected r Yes. there is. It Is by catting a piece of tin i roa out and subjecting It to excessive in mas way tue qonT ,"Jt OFFICERS r8TALLBZ. P. M. O. F. R'UR. V. P. Bjme. M. K. &eebe. -R. F. Atktris. J. Kenny. -a. A. vanaenDQrgo. The installation of tbe recent ly elected ofB oers of Poet Bldwell No. 0, Grand Army ot the Republic, took place last evening, and tbe meeting was very largely attended. The tot- lowing were installed Post Comjasader T. M. Johnson. 8. V. Com. James A. Roberts. J. V. Com. William M. Smith. AitiiiLant- It. K. Strickland. Quartermaster Edward La, Cook (ihanlatn 8. H Wort man. Officer of the Day Giles B. StlllwelL tmicer ot toe unara w u nruion Sergt. Major 8. T. Wheeiwngnt. WUal oerge- a. v. hu.bbilibv. jotor otirgi- ubv i n- Dimrt, I. S.-E. M. Chamberlain in (rate to Dniartmnnt Bnc a moment J. N. Mc- Arthur, Alfred Lytle, C. W. Jocoy. At the conclusion of the regular ceremonies one of - those festivals peculiar to the Grand Army, under the name of "camp fires," wss in order, and a very enjoyable entertainment It proved. In a short time the hall was cleared of obstructions and long tables improvised, at sarhtfh ths raiTTi nan v sat down to a aubtita&tlal INSTALLATION AT KT. VBBKON LODGE. Wtra the while diSCUSSinaT SX- The iollowtng newly-elected offlcers of ML I M,nsMlt mnmut. After the renast a season ot Vernoa lxxrge A. O. U. W., were duly in- rAentiment and .9004 was ln order, eloquent re-stalled at the Lodge-roomB over No. 41ft Main gpies various toasts being made by Messrs. street, last evening, by D. I. G. M. W. Wm. A if red Lyth, T. M. Johnson, Gea. Wm. F. aa. uennei-, asaisM uj a. o. usiuuh 1 Rogers, J. 5. HcArtbur, G. hi. MiUweil, Ueo, Grand Guide and C. K. Porter as P. Ci. ai. W. I rown. G. H. StowiU, Charles IL Dobbins, OFF1CBR8 inbtallxd. c. L. Hedge aad J. A. Roberts. P. M. W. George Wonhington. M- W. John D. Clark. G. F Wllrlam Waite. .s. b. Bancroft.' The Brienoli Concert at SL James Hall this S:MaSS evening should crowd the haU. It seems a rNK. rancisT. copplns. I long time since we have nad tne atsimguisnea L w John AjTOstrcmg. tenor with us, and there arc those who claim a, riT that he sings as well as ever he did. The con- Kn-arhta of st. JoseTjh. held in St. Strepheiir best ot tnewivrvaA Vtfrv- n the very Hail last evening, the following omcers wen 1 encourageu m iuvv wu tiuios. also jjiu O. Lafayette Hill. R'YJL J. H. Meech. ti. W. H. GoikL O. J. R. Dleffendorf, Tho Brivuoli Concert. elected for the ensuing year : fO,laf Hie K.lirrht. Wit lSTD Wtt TS. ttepaty tJhlef Sir Kn1&toseph F. Oommsne. txrand CorTffjJpcdlng ecoider--Ihui. iHorrtgan. Grand Keorder J aim uiaJms. Grand Financial ItocardsrGeo. U. Mills. Grand Banker Walter J. Miner. Bfjard of WsrdetsSMartin Crowe, Thomas Brixey, MrChael Krawiey, uaniei voiuns, refn mumiuij. Grand 1 mnrf" un ut. Ptist Ass t. Commander rhomas Brtier. Second. Ass't. ComiBAnder V m. Frawley. Third Asa'L Commaiuier John Mokltr. gramme Is aa excellent oae, and Is as follows fas rtasT. Piano Solo Grand Polonaise " E major ...Liszt Mr. S. Uebllng. Dnet " Vlenl si mlo Sen" ...Millard Mrs. Belles and Miss Cronyn. Tenor B0J0 "Amo ". Tito Mattel Composed expressly for and song by Big. Brignoli- gopaaiio solo Qui la voce, " Parltani " Bellini Miss Uxaie Croayn. Duot Uae BOtte In Venecia Arditl Mrs. Bolles sad 81g. Brignoli. FAST BSCOND. sU80sic.-At a retftilar communlcaUon of T-" ''a -i.; rMo Piano Bolo la) Fairy Dance . 8. Lieblleg Erie Lodge .No. 161, F. and A. H., beld at Ma . I see oily of tbe iron can be surely, and intelli- geui-iv Bsteriruncw, ine engineers ui iu, .- eel Central Bailroad took out some nieces from ruin f their iron bridges not long ago just test this very thing " present thought that the tendency of modem . ... .oriic Hall last evening, the following newly elected and appointed officers were duly In stalled! W. M. B. B. Paige. H. W. WtllUm Coristiar,. J. W. 1 bomas A. Laud. Treasurer James BcCredie. BBcretarj O. J. eweglea, Cttapialn John Hrigira. . i).- M. Tbaa. . J. P. F. A Hotclikiss. B. of C Thomas Pierce, R. Flnsessiscdt. Marshal Courad Vetter. Urgsnirfe-Bdwani Taornton. Tiles J. B. Saates. amuaH OF PVTBIA8 INSTALLATION. At a regular meetlni ot Acme Lodge No. 137, Knirrhts ot Pythias, held Wednesdajr evening, at their CMt)e Ball, the following officers were Installed i P.C.-r-''Wft C. C. Thos. K, BiLijiaore, V, C Oeo. O. Wrdner. B. A. Dsntsl Wvtr- , E A A t-Wo r. BevenhiE, P. The.. Q. QrAhem. h. a. DleiKtiolf. 1 mates LooU t. Bejer. Vaobahct. Brnst Feupr aad James Sullivan, arrested in the First rreeinct on the (b) Nocturne, V sharp maj e) BaJleVln.lA flat insjor 5 sar, a. AaeDung. Dttet Parlgi o Oara, "Trsvista "... Verdi MisF Cronyn and Big. Brlgaoll. Bng'.lsh Solo" Good Bye, Sweetheart." Hatlon Trio "Attila " 1 Verdi Mra-BoUtJs. Big. ihlgnoll and Mr. laaka. . m'UJtit- AsJirifinK works of art, mirrors, etc., Is offered by the chattel mortgage sale now being conducted at the store or tbe late Sira of Fay A Hubhell, No, MO Bain street, The stock of chromes, oil painting, etc, la very elegant. Ths (ale opens at 10 A- 11. end 7.30 r, M. dally, and will he eondaeted ttnlll all Is said. To;mor, row forenoon at 11 o'clock a fine assortment of mirrors will be sold without reserve. Hunawa y. A team of horses attached to a sleigh were caught on Seneca street, near Washington, about two o'clock Wednesday afternoon, having run away from a point sear the foot of Main street. Tbe owner, name was not learned. y Corrtwpondence of the Courier. jLockport, Jan. t, 167". This morning about 8 o'clock a man named Marvin N. West, sged twenty-eight years. his board Ing-house on Last avenue, shot him- seU under rather singular circumstances. At the hour named tbe lady of tbe bouse beard arroans issuing from West's room, and aiter some difficulty nucceedeu in toreing open tuw door. On ths bed lay West unconacioua, with blood do u ring out of his side. A revolver lay on the floor beside the bed. Tim neighbors r failed in. and Dbvsiclans sent for. It was at first supposed that the wounded nian' hours were numbered down to a pretty close thing, but finally tbe medical gentle man' skill revived him to oonscioua- ness sufficient for him to make the statement that during the night he had dreamed that he was having a desperate encounter witn Dur glare, and that a miscellaneous inelee was being Indulged in. The first he knew he was awakened by the report of a pistol, found that be had been wounded and soon tainted from loss of blood. He always slept with a re volver under his pillow, and there Is reason to doubt that tbe shooting occurred as he says. While flourishing tbe revolver about in his sleep It probably became entangled in the bedclothlng and went ofJ. The hall en tered tbe abdomen and, It is though L lodged ln the lower part ot the stomach. The chances are largely, the doctors say, that the wound will prove fatal in Its results. West is well known, and a large etrws ot friends regret the unfortunate accident that has befallen him. THB CANAL INT KB SUITS. Like most places on the Canal Lockport is becoming somewhat excited as to what Is going to become of tbe canal and interests thereon dependent if matters with tt keep on going from bad to worse a tew years more ss tuey iju.?rwwaJaw. What are we going to do Involved, and this, according to a call that has been published, is what a large number of prominent citizens will assemble at the Ope ra-houae to-morrow night for the purpose of answering as satisfactorily as posalble. Kvery body will give his views ot the subject, what he imagines ought to be done ln the premises, etc, etc, and the probability Is that the meeting will make some suggestions that may prove Valuable. Tbe gathering bids fair to call out a large attendance. MR. HOLLY'S STEAM Ii EATING APPARATUS. Sufficient block bus been subscribed to war rant the formation of a company and to-night those interested meet, elect officers and take the other necessary steps tor commencing work at an early day in putting into execution Mr, Holly's idea of using steam aa a source ot heat on a much more extensive scale than has heretofore been attempted, m This project wu re ferred to at some length in the courier few weeks since, and has created not a little oommeDt, in most oases it being spoken of as m u-v - -degree ridiculous, the Rochester Union especially diun.L'uir- self in so treating IL Absurd or not though. the enterprise is bound to go through, there being amply enough firm believers In lu feasi bility to furnish all the required funds lor the purpose. If these believers' words are tq be credited It won't be more tbsa two yean at most before hair the towns and cities In the country will have adopted Mr. Holly's apparatus for keening up the temperature. Wood, coal and everything else ln tbe fuel line, except for cooking par poses, will be entirely done sway with, sad be a saving of at least thirty per ceuL over what tt now costs to keep lrom being congealed. This meeting will slso mati likely dsrytiJop DIED. ALMY At LeRoy, N. Y., Jan, 2. 1K77. Dt. smb . Alst, aged 78 years. t Tbe rrmaTna hare been taken to Cincinnati. f . for Interment, aanaUADTin iKis. etUs- si- No. ISS Canal - : January 4, raraa U. ttataiiABT, agon ao rears ssau ins. ie Itinera) will be announced hereafter. NEW AD VER TISEMENTS A NEW LOT op those Cheap Dress Goods, RUGBY and WAOJiEK PLAIDS, The Very Beat Fabrics ever Bold at 12 l-2c per Yard. FLINT & KENT, Main and Washington Streets. AJ)MlBSIO, BTrti fVrr Orr for Its B4 of capea aa aa after TTttDAY. J AJCCAKT CJTT1RH A LiSaNTOIw-g MUSIC 9 rOBX r Is lo US' A tioTOerr. Bnflaki, r cofsST or mrrri,o- raairr, bjiab as Bda0nBSttetrU of Ueorge tsjg. !S i nomas Brown against Baej A-fwaaarr. (sage, iuLAa (eagf ,-sls-i1 Ann El y, (Jags. SumoAOos- sit isi. Ylh: art berehy snnuisooed and retailed to saewer the rompiatnt in this act ton. smisa wss nxc in me rmre Jt ta t-lers Ot inis 'mi. lu uae sh aae. . , , ar nf Wr,.- at I MssIS 111 rliB I OTA. UBB IW IIJurkAl if rWptember. 176, and scrre a copy of toot rr oo u, Al ocr ofSre, m tks aaM city of BuBaj- ., Willi n iwi-ntr day arter tne aerrice asxreoa, tAi iua.m rifela -f baatIi "acnlc ara ti yon ran 10 anawc b CBssraptaesq as sJv-resaid. tha plalnt'.fl will anftj tare Coon lor Uaa rtiitU ...-sns.--.tti ta aaa ease PEAOOI. aa. tfraa uvaY'HsiET a lociwihid PlatctlflB Attornejra, co. atain anal Conn mux-cKs, PRIZE MEDALS AND Diploma of Honor CFNTENNIAL, 1 8 7 6. W E N C K S' FEBFTJME8. SOLE At, EST?, O, L. FRENCH & CO., 270 and 273 Main 8 tree L. IIKH.Mil.l CONCKBT. ktf. BBJtiBOLA. ta. N.xl rrlssj Evialas, laa.arr sta. AT BT. JAAxEB HALL. Assists bgr Bra B. 1. BOLLBa. Baa L1IIIB CBi I STB, Br UABUBli. seal Br DBAIA TAcEeti tor sal. si ta. Heek Mrs sa BesOTte ssat. at (XTTTItB A DIHTUSA fl (s j AArewskwiJslwta THE MISSES HILLS ABB HAfTT TO DTEOKB mKCBAHOCs nta-Bcte or , MR. U 6. SELLSTEOT, Tsb. as wrm cre a Course of ILiectures on Art Al Me. AtJ BVslaware atreet, OS MOM DAT EYE! SK,. bastaalnf .liuniar, - , eat M O'CleCk. TK-ABTS rarar tx teas at ta Awe SM. i r. XtABTLS TATLOA aad al 111 DELA W ABE Savw- . . a. A .-ESIHABLS IWUJJX, r K SA-L. , OXI vie 7 fjaa vai, - ana .i .. JOELS OTTO. BVaal i . -a. 1 1 - . a. Wee. MM. 0 Ktmi, Om. P.arl Be. .. r raALA 7 iiesiaiie, tr--. t i .-.w - ..,, :..r. -,. .1 oea. a t- .. ,,. q laxuittiixriii totiuB j: "J ' " 'i A I. a. Hi. e -TfJ-.'-v rr wa. . A r , .rija T.sj, , j- aasBBeaiaassi.A B aaa;a r a Aa.-, r. . J, a all IBB w.. w-wl si i. ..awAA B J 'aLZZ.'.'lJLT 3 Savsaa. wSbSsbV. fraiat t- nun a - f,. : ,, -i.,, sf i i i a - asxaSSSSSSSsa , ' a-e, ftw AS.. ya."lfar-l-r-- -1-ssfAslj. if-- ui i A spmcull notices. ;r3c;T VaJuabie aTsvrrn for Bala Cheap. ' f"':''. - - .a tj V 1 f rioe Sj tea- , XL . 1 a.--e tjc saaSSaSS i .--wssa v, fc,- sc'w-. a : etui-- --l.b. m-u J . AA. la- - llT- , ,Ut I S5-arrsiBjfr T -raPiA sf, r. rvrr w: -vwv. a ; sto - un. lmMaaw ts ,ir I f aS3t HlTfl e. 8-VBFOaa llffNi was v Brsst asftj Tfcri mr x Opt; t. tra-rr cjA ih,. Ua ' Tta : " a r. '-- .' -a. . ,u S. -.' -,-easw; k ". .n ,- L ran.. j.r ! ata Bta-Be (sr.s I ai.c tu- : If I' CVIIX ISS -:i'-a S. j "At"' Lrr-xA.. 1 t Hi KM -i Ttiir,la(; "i eri ff.ir-n L'li SMSSSsB Ef rm. ".' -S V. ft BSst aajlBafTSl ItAt. fr. . F rex mr as- Bfi hv. II NrHtiera IHstnctof ?tew York. IN BAWKJtri-TVT. fto. 4111.-1 A ut in A. taAjWevrd, a Iwmkrapt. The andtrrs.jn.-i, Chsartss a tierTMin, of Boffaio, Brie Coanty, W. Y herebr fiTse baCtee of bir ar wmWSBSBi n- awwlgrr r f - " ' who ass bese sfljudlcated s lsjiknip( anon bis own partition, b y tbe raited mates trtstrtet Coart of isiti dkslrtct- Dsted BtiSTaeo, Lv eta-tin, i-, CUAKLEB B. GEKMAIK, Arsnenee ot aatttln A Howard. HOLIDAY Ar3I. OHNAlEITAI, USEFUL, CIIEAI' AKD BTJITABLI FOR ALL prejie corsmx ooui-ty or mbje Sila Sbot)ivivf-r saralnst HBitriBh E- BopStna, Dora Scbooi.oer, Omar (hoonoTer and CnmpcT tbenas :(. abort? riaincd defendsjots, Haanan a. UopaUM bchiaonosst-: retJT rronirvd to ans-wer the cosnpsatat of and Cas'-ser tvc.ru wm.w rireliv n Oi :laln'lll In ihiB adlou. whlcb wis Sled with ta on are t w nf Lfas. rtsontr of En. al Bwflalo. New York, on .he smut sfih ilti nt Norembtrr. lrTJS ared s cixit of joar answer on as al UawanSa. Jiew York, wttnin twentr dav fter tbe serrlce hereof apon yoa. eir aslve of lb daj of aerle. If too fsdl to so answer ski coou'lalnl, ibe platnUfl will sVpoay x Um Coon tor tne rei'ei oeaunaea is un? "uii""1- TOKKAT1C1 a AJaLsLN, PWnttsT AU'ta, - . . N Y TTNITEm STATES DI-TBICT COMIT , IwOaTibern 1'aSUICsFOl ilfw I "- IS BASKRrpTC'Y. No. 441 - la tba jrOiw. H Vin H ike and others, BssAkranis. lo all Crodliora of salil BeaiikrTapU : Take aotics f,S' a aecood yeneral meeMinjx of tbe errsntews af saad banlmipU will he beld at tn orrtce of jomtrpn a- rair at-. Bcgister ln Bsjokruptcy. Ln tiae city of Bof Aid Dlatrvru on the Stiii day of Jsnoary, 1977 aifctt f.L,,. tn ai ten o'clock A. M or thai (Ui, for the ; : - : Uooed In the z7Lb aerllori oi tae nsAarapa avca. TWihI IWember SS. 1876 K. C. PATTISON BUFFALO Chemical Works BUSHWICK CHEMICAL WORKS GRAND OPENING OP Holiday Goods. AT Barnes, Bancroft & Co. Tuesday, Dec. 12th. AS USUAL WE SHALL) HAVE OUB BJSPABATB COUNTEB8 rOK We Intend to display tbe most desirable and cheap eat lot of HOLIDAY GOODS trrer sold by as. BARNES, BANCROFT & CO. CASH AND ORE PBIOB, sm, m, , e in sin st. Holiday Goods? LACE DEPARTMENT. Barnes, Bancroft & Co., 260, SSS, 364, 366 Main St. CASH AND ONE PRICE. IBBBOmiRBO SATS m FAHCT BOXES, HINDEJaBCHIKFS IN FANCY BOXES, BUS TIBS AND BOWS, SHETLAND SQUARES AND TUB, INITIAL HANU1LBRCH1BF8. Barnes, Bancroft & Co.! ass, Ms, sea, see Main si. ssssaaT eeaat-. a; il. . . . .. " ' ' """ "W " BaSSiksir ax. iaV. J-i, s..i ; aval, - ..--i. iu.- r srSBssasL. iw i a.-..- at "V" ' .; '-'"- ' - r-.aea .it .-i ' - - , . rr. u v-v eaiuTiur : t-' 'I PROPOSAL'- F0K CITY PRINTING. RllsBkl BlMSk! KINK "Golden Lion.' Spiendifl Sheet of los. OPEN DAY WD EVEN I NO. SATraiiaT Evrtno. ha so. marr gbam PA1XE BAaqrABADB AND FAUC I DRABS AA BIVAL or THE BBASOB I Besjssl FTtsss as Ou tssa rp rtXRA-s HP SMI I - tmmm! m ,-'"..'- a., I B hwS. r a,-arf i"' . .m: a. I M. KKm 7 :i. ,iit.a. 7. tua- C,. I j,, ... ,apar I 1,-ItA. SLaim m. t .7 -t. M,-7,7. .a, Um arw eay.w '- - jVsaB, a..- BSSSB feSBS. 17.-V R. FERGPSOJr, I J-Li-, aa ai- BAASA y-l. ll BA-S At J SAss-.-r cr n. . n ri-vA br-wa, 1 1 I Wit he tlBljaC rwsa. mmU .r-V.run,LA asWfaS, Wilt A BftasMtl.t uv StU. H , A snaes-asalsl IsSTTA 11 i fWl TsSHTBI JaS aAlrwaB. M i t -r W.-.I, ix U.-BS- nu ir-ns saw t. - I ll ' SW-JaATt. W WSAa-tB-L HESS Ltakl . n W '- l" '' - i mm t L, l.a I !1 II t-a . i I Buy Holiday Presents MARTIN TAYLOR'S, and Stationers Store, 263 Main Street. lll.IMH.tTID BOOKS. STANDARD WSBBI la (IBS Uind- IssaTS. JI VEKII I ARB TOT HOOKS BIBLE ARB PRATES BOOSE. PHOTOS Biril Al.SfV MB. AI TOI.BIPII HOOK. THE I AOUS' TISITINU i I ST BIBB station t li v la Cl reel Variety. IAAUBA BOB HIT. A FULL UNI OF HOLIDAY GOODS AT VERV LOST FBICES, stS MARTIN TAYLOR'S. 263 Main Street. 1M BalsaWaBtB . ... t. tetst SUtSBatr BS ' r ' fresa I to SSS P m.. ta kr wm Uarr b -- - a TAsatii taao P SL BtsBSBBS rsat i ti. CrmKnmm w a-t-j w glrmm osat frSss at fSBaaa-f ebsm S BSBBSSSssj natsjB- Pllsil OB Siaw?aOSl BS ta KeSaS- Guard of Honor Cornmt Bsv&d A-fteir-: ; . : . snxl . . c-:. . r. a . sV CsTTTSBa, Mstaiassr. f ASH HN A Hi K DeiaiKWa Mr. A. H. Cwrkirti s &cml nmw TBsSffi, I At McaJtTHL'B S HALL. Mstra SSrwa. srtil ewa -TH1TCSUAY aavl PaUI'ST, Jas. StS sss. KL, WT, e. 1A 1F7V UrSA - l. ssass aasv a.-. - y . - U. U.-.w ASfit-ies, nr. I Sr. u-l.A la.i It "U H A HAPPY THOUSHT rf-r re.-.':r , 5 rtiir tea- n::- 1 SJA-- THAT lEil.1 LJIIlXSwO S. iiS PrAAa. Ill STJew-l Ur .Iati,; "- " saAfJ rr-VcA la. .1 est avjHenaCIf- ti-i.a.i ; " AI.HEHT K-t", "ZUT-ZJZ ES. Te--. ..,V .IS.7.. STboleaale Confeeucner, SO a. SLALN ,-Taar is ;.-r-- arJ iSa 7- ,, o a.-, fmm.: CLJAalTi:- li i-.LAM' MUSS tX)l(.H t.ADT. ' ' A. 'La-"sr. "al"' as. aa a nal t.-n t-'reiwr,, . i " 1 ' u. .b muu. ii. tfo a ir. w 1 1, r s a t. .1: , iai- SXartln KalbfielachA Bona, BaBtirxcttrzsa ef OIL OF VTTHIOIi, fllTKIC AND KOBIATIO ACIDS, AQUA FOHTIS. AQUA AMMONIA, MURIATE OF TIN. NfTBATI OF DXOB. TIB CRTBTALB, BLUB VITRItlL, ALUS. BODA ASH. Aa. ROOKLTH AS a BE FT A AS, H. T, Impencn of aad Osaless ta ClaailrsA aaa Ofa S--.IH. OfAce. SO Bala BsL. Baffass ana H FsA en atreasa. cor. Cll. W.w Tet New Goods for tbe Holidajs. Jast received a large aad t French ArUflcUl nowers MAtjoliea, UvmMSt Wture. Farian Bronzes, Bohemlu Ytfee, Silver-JPla-teU Ware I and FANCY QOOD8 of every desert ptlce ln oat line, new, rich and no Tel. We make a mm laity of John Haddock & sons cele- K ft'Trtfilt! T"i .'.'iii'tw Haaann.lar. the BCnnLOC Prices to snlth the tlmea Call and sTtwjn aj fig Bain atreet, MATTHEW O'NEILL. Christmas at Benson's. GREAT BARGAINS. Fine Eiisr;iTini;s, Fhotoipaphs, PAINT LNG8. PAMLOB BABELS, BU8IC CABIN ETB, ROGERS' GB0UTB, Framing ln All ths Htrw Patterns, JAPANESE WARE. Aootbor oonKtgiiTaeQt of TURMISH AND PERSIAN BUGS. Good, marked tn piers Bsbr. rB.AOTICAA INSTK1 ITIOX HIVES A bj coreprrtent sa4 uissrleBCed isMaeia la BeeA Keepleb Swasas. Arttkaaetle, Orsraraerrlal lew. Braa-nw. and Oraasaeatal Pt-nmaa.-tin,, "l ,i .. L.ri.r WrtOw aad -IV.v.r.ph-iiTa. BtJvats car! , ,nu a: an, Bsa. EVENiN.; from Oct 1st to BsaeB lw. CkU st ass Basaaa eaess . Bass a.. -- Artificial Teeth at Prist to Suit the Times. . 11 number. oSl..-,- and lesaaseee, t Bast aesassesl. M. H. Birge, Sons & Co.. Hare received a Urge assortment of the new EngLUh Han(ng which re now M mnch In taror In eoa- MetiOB with the popular English Getssle or FsTlfc Stjle of later ir IratamtsSB. The patters fare by fSaCk fAmoas df8l(rBers fat Owea Jasajas, Dresser aad Soirlav They BAre also a choice gel ee tion ef ta neat Amerieaa Farer Hantringg, both OriiiiAla aad Copies of Foreirii Patterns, tbe will be pleased ta show same At their store 348 AND 250 MAIN STREET S wsa;.1 a' -1 I BaSASMWBBBBBB ssr , M St ta ! 'sawt'in' ld aautj a ut m-n sssm e .. -. st :r-utu'.X , r attstl PIANOS. ETC. BUFFALO FI if B aBTSACAT FM YOU3SO SK3S AS:CUTICw BTIUIWOS STB AarT MAUaSAaTT Wll. fee) srjsw r day ,siaBasara sjcipasaj trttm a a -: ) -Ai EwSbbbs T fasaay tsrSare. gooA al. Jan 1. Ian. IS sta. P IANOS! orajerrr svr aj abb snLAKa. DECKER BKOTHZES, 4 a asBasjfsaasa 1 ' jj eaa er a,,, SO I WJfcl B KArs-sV. rsBfASB saa sa'' " ' ,; ' '' a" " : S? w'B1 -? 1 , " ,rnia.,Vlf;-.rrw.ir iiayaars a bach. tSsaC h " sawawk .rwiseiKja c?iajr TS-A-i raaBK.r.'irra cxi HAG Ait, fc CO. ST.JAMKS HILL, Ces. ef WaeAlaetea and Baejle C. G. FLINT, Fie PRATT & CO., Hardware Dealers, TERRACE square. i Blr-eet, -riAJso bdubb w canrrrwA nm. fl esstllALI Diillll IB sa BaSLLEB "1 WINES. LIQUORS. piANOS. n 'tit'' H.d.oA,..t Rocs,, in IS. City, Bataria Ale and Eagax't! saz. SBWAAaAvAA A vaa wa ABA auaea ei BtlliU BAITEL EBEAael. OLD HARDWARE STORE CBsrseAUaheA 1818,1 Headquarters for Skates. WEED & VAN DEY BNTEB, a. e-jo, ASA Stain Street, Corner of Swan butfalo, jr. r. ASABBBT A BEHRV'S I I I B, Hi INK, ALL OsVABJLP MR ATI'S AtlS Sleigh Ball Of All Varieties. DfOLTSH POCABT CXITK, TABLE CUTLSBT BODGEB-rl CAHVBBS IN CABAS, Ac A lan. TarVstj of TOOL BOIBBJAc, Ac, walca we offer al lb. VKKT LOWEST CASH eBJSJ. EXHIBITION VIENNA GOODS ! ooBBinTDea us Pocket Books. Work aad Jijwei BfiriSB, Rasketa, Card aad Cesxar Cast, ete. OBDABB TAKEN FOB CSBJBTBAA rSLTOH a BatOwW aMsStTeaS DR. J. SEAL, DENTIST, assBjSwasef TwsBaw lis. Teretee wtA CAM warH-r "' '' Offleo o-wear -Af fS fisaooeB B t., Pl..a. 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