The Weekly Sentinel from Fort Wayne, Indiana on December 24, 1902 · Page 10
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The Weekly Sentinel from Fort Wayne, Indiana · Page 10

Fort Wayne, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 24, 1902
Page 10
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« ·"··- i-rfT 1 /r ;^'wr ,'DEC. 24, ·tirt and Sweet are the Skin, Scalp, v aid Hair of Infants Purified *nd Beautified by -II M ILLIONS lisa CUTICDRA BOA*, assisted by COTTCURA OINTMENT, for pressmng, purifying, anJboautify- Ing tbe skin, for cleansing the scalp, ar.d the stopping of falling hair, for softening, whitening, and soothing red, rough, and ioro hands, for baby rashes, if chings, and chafirifs, and for all purposes of tlio toilet, bath, »ud nursery. Millions of Women use CUTiotRA SOAP in baths for annoying irritations and inflammations, for too free or offensive perspiration, in washes for ulceratlve weaknesses, and for many sanative, antiseptic purposes which readily suggest themselves to women. Complete Treatment, $1. CcTiccHA SOAP (25c.), to cleanse the skin of crusts and scales and soften tho thickened cuticle. CPTICOKA OINTMBNT (80c.), to instantly allay itching and inflammation, and eoothe and heal, and CUTICURA RESOLVENT PILLS (25c.),to cool and cleanse the blood. RESOLVENT FILLS (Chocolate Coated) are a new, tautelens, odorleis, econom. leal futatltutefor the celebrated liquid CDTICURA RKCOLVENT,«B well aafor all other blood purifiers and humour curew. In oorow.oap vials, containing 50 dbws, price 25c. ' Bold throughout the world. BrllliH Depot: 27-29, ChuttrhouM So . London. French Depot, jRuede kPttX,F*rit. F6TTKB DlttJO AMD CBEM. COItf , Sol* .S.A. « All about thiSUn. n fiM. ·* * Has No More Fits. 11 Orono, Me. My daughter 19 years old, in the last 3H years had fits of some kind she would drop without any warning and would work in them from 10 to 20 minutes and then for 24 hours wonld feel v e r y dumpish and sleepy. She took about IVi bottle of Pastor Koenig's N e r v e , Tonic and has not had a ' fit since June, 1893. A, J. HOGAN. Kiss. Hogan. Montgomery City, Mo., April 4,1901. 1 was a great sufferer from nervousness and insomnia for the last 20 years. Pastor Koenig's Nerve Tonic has done more for me than any other tonic which I have ever taken. It escolls till other nerve tonics. It does all that it is is claimed to do. It has been worth its weight in fold to me. I was confined to my bed and Could not sleep, but to my surprise I fell asleep ftfter taking the second dose. MRS. M. J. REED. , L .Dayton, O., September 8, '91. I hare tried Pastor Koenig's Nerve Tonic on a great num,ber of sufferers, and found that in wch instance it afforded relief. BEV. C. 8. KEMPEE, Chaplain, Ohio National Military Borne. pfAfct-if-.ii. «i.uiiuie itootc «n Weivoas If Ulf If Disease* sent free to aaynddioss, f H i I and poor patients can also obtain I Ilk·· this medicine free of charge. TMi remedy has been prepared by the Reverend Ptator KoeniR, ol Fort wa.vne, Ind., since 1SI6, and Hnow prepared under his direction by the KOENIQ MED. CO., Chicago, III. Sold by Dnjjrsrists at SI per Bottle. OforSC- tarce Slsc. »1.75. 6 Bottles for «9. IrV , Good Resolutions. are in ortl»r on the eve of the KfiW Year. One o£ the best yon can make is to start an account in H aound savings in- tti^ntion ouch as the^orl Wayne Trust Co., and adJ to it little by little from time to ttofl. We pay 3 per cent, interest on deposits. Parisian Swindlers Placed Under Arrest in the Spanish City, MADE ATTEMPT TO ESCAPE Perpetrators of the Greatest Swindle of Modern Times Now in Limbo, and instead of containing great wealth, as had been supposed, they were found to hold nothing of value. MUSIC AT WAYNE STREET. The Linden quartet's program at Wayne street M. E. church Sunday evening will be as follows: "It is the Lord's Own Day"...... Kreutzer "Silent Night"--German folk song "It Came Upon a Midnight Clear" Dow "Hark, Those Holy Voices" Mascagni MPT TO Madrid, Dec. SO.--Madame Humbert, other members of the Humbert family, and M. and Madame D'Aurignac, the brother and sister- in-law of Madame Humbert, who became notorious in connection with the great safe frauds in Paris, have been arrested here. They had been in Madrid since May 9. Later it became known that the polica made a clean haul of the whole family, Madame Humbert, her husband, Eva Humbert and the three D'Aurignacs, Eomian, Emile and Marie. The police suspected a house on the *Calle Ferray. Some time yesterday Romain D'Aurignac was seen to enter the building, a search warrant was obtained and Cracksmen at Loogootee Are Frightened Away Without Booty, Loogootee, Ind., Dec. SO.--Four masked men made a daring attempt to rob the White River bank at this place last night. They robbed a hardware store of arms, ammunition and explosives, captured and bound two restaurant clerks Wno had at« tacked them with knives, and then proceeded to the bank. They had knocked the knob off the Dank safe and were about to insert a charge SENT GIRL IN BOX OF Mysterious Case is Being Investigated at Michigan City-Indiana News, Michigan City, Ind., Dec. 17.--An attempt was made Monday night to murder Matilda Baker, a servant in the employ of Benjamin Ford, with poisoned candy. At dusk a boy called at the Ford dwelling and handed the girl a package, saying it had been sent for. She ate a part of the candy and was taken violently ill and lay in a stupor for twelve hours. Doctors who resuscitated her found that she was a victim of arsenical poisoning and that the candy had been saturated with arsenic. The case was placed in the hands of the police. It is believed that the package was sent by a young man who was jealous of her and who had made threats against her life. There Is Substitute. There is nothing just as good as Dr. A. W. Chase's Nerve Pills. No other medicine can take its place. It does not stimulate--it rebuilds and revigorates by resup- plying exhausted nerve force. It acts by its power to nourish the nerve centers---no other known" medicine does this. It is the only reasonable, sensible way. Don't accept a substitute--g % et what you ask for--Dr. A. W. Chase's Nerve Pills--a medicine whose excellence is vouched for by your fellow citizens. NO. 16 MONBQE ,ST. Mrs. John Irwin, of Fort Wayne, Ind., says: "I used to suffer from good, hard nervous sick headaches-headaches that prostrate and leave one nervous. I was advised to use Dr. A. W. Chase's Nerve Pills and got some at Meyer Bros. Co.'s drug store. The medicine has been a great boon, the headaches are gone and with them the attendant nervousness and depression. I think the Nerve Pills particularly good." ANERVEToNic NEVER EQUALED NO. 143 BROADWAY. Mrs. J. M. Kress, of Fort Wayne, Ind., says: "I think 3)r. A. W. Chase's Nerve Pills are just splendid. I was badly in need of a nerve tonic, as I was depressed, weak and nervous. I got some of the medicine at Meyer Bros. Co.'s drug store and they built me right up, gave me strength, energy and made the nerves good and steady. I am very much pleased with the medicine." PUTS BLAME ON BEAKEMAN. Indianapolis, Ind., Dec. 17.--A freight brakeman nmning over a road on which there was a low bridge that had already killed nineteen brakemen was held by the supreme court to have assumed the risk of being killed by it in case he should fail to lie down when his train passed under it. Suit was brought to recover $10,000 damages for the death of William A. Francis, who was knocked from his train by the wagon bridge over the Monon railroad track at Putnamville when he was sitting on a brake wheel on top of a box car half asleep. The supreme court affirmed a judgment for the defendant. MYSTERY IN SUDDEN DEATH. Laporte, Ind., Dec. 17.--Coroner Bowell is making an investigation of the death of Peter Gunness, who died early yesterday morning. Gunness' widow said her husband arose at 11 o'clock Monday night to go outdoors. He went to the side of the kitchen stove to get his shoes. A minute later he was bleeding from a deep wound in the back of his head, which is alleged to have been made by the falling of a sausage grinder. He was able to get back to bed, but offered no explanation of the affair and at 3 o'clock yesterday morning died. NORTHERN INDIANA NOTES. MME. FREDERIC HUMBERT, SAID TO HAVE BEEN AT THE HEAD OF THE GREAT FRENCH SWINDLE, the house was surrounded. After some difficulty the police wei » admitted and arrested the long Bought for defaulters. The prisoners protested that they were the victims of infamous proceedings. They threatened to "get even" with certain persons in France and said they had come to Madrid direct from Paris. Mile Eva became hysterical and Madame Humbert clasped Marie D'Aurignac and her daughter in her arms, pleading with the police 'Tor the love of Gtod not to separate :ne from my daughter/' The police made an inventory of the contents of the apartments and found a*parcel of jewels valued at $2,000,' a couple of lottery tickets and about $1.15 in cash. Seals were then attached to the house and the whole family were removed to jail and were placed at the disposition of the French ambassador. The police suspect the Humberts of having disposed of important papers in the lavatories while delaying t2e entry of the officers. The family tried to escape by the windows, bul ] failed, as the house was cordoned. of dynamite when they were frightened away by citizens who responded to the call of the two clerks who had escaped from their "bonds. Two of the burglars lost their masks in their flight. CORNER MAIN AND COURT ST. ' The prefect of police subsequently Ll/ JWTANTED-- 5,000 free keepers to call Mid tavpect my stock of bee ·up- pHft« at 88 old number, or 188 new )uxnlb*r, West Main street; give ft U aid be convinced th»t I the beet Mva on tbe market. D. NlWrottiper. wl4-tf JUk lav Green tone. TTnel* tain (Trading Stamps wt DREXBR18 2RTTG STOBB. 1-tf MONBT TO LOAM OK BIAL MTATB OB PUBttONAL KBUUJUTX. 0, V. PFMFFBB, BOOH* fc-7. BAM BLOCK. 17tf Dr. Hlatt's Germicide cures sora throat, enlarged tonsils or quinsy. A specific for croup. Quickly relieves coughs and cold?. One dose will convince yon. For sale by drug-gists. 11-12-w-tf A. W. Favinger, a young Kendallville business man, died Friday aft' eraoon. had an audience of King Alfonso and reported the capture. The king congratulated the prefect, saying: "I rejoice that our police have been able to render service to France." The prefect said he had known of the presence of the Humberts for a week, but delayed taking action until he was assured that he had the whole party caged. The Humberts maintain they are innocent, declare they themselves have been victimized and say they desire to return to France and defend themselves against the charges. 1 Madame Humbert is the French woman who it is alleged was r*t the of the most daring and successful swindle of modern times. By representing herself at the ^heir to a fictitious American fortune of many millions she and her husband were able to borrow from French bankers the enormous stfm of $10,000,000. When suspicion was aroused against the Humberts they disappeared from Paris. Finally the safes in their apartments in Paris were -4 opened Experts believe oil in paying quantities will bg found irt the vicin ity of Kingsland. Gen. Eeub. Williams, of Warsaw, will soon begin the publication of a series of reminiscences of the war. Ernest Scholz, of Huntington, serving with the Nine fa enth intantry, was killed in a skirmish in the Philippines some weeks ago. Henry Bates, a carpenter, fell from the fifth story of the Hammond opera house and the only injury he sustained was a fracture of the arm. Mrs. Lydia Probst, a pioneer resi- te SHAPED Box- No OTHER Seware of imitations. Signature and portrait of Dr. A. W. Chase on each box of the genuine. For sale dealers, 50c a box, or Dr. A. W. Chase Medicine Co., 257 Washington Street, Buffalo, N. Y. dent of Butler township, DeKalb county, is dead at an advanced age. Arthur Covey, of Laud, Whitley county, was arrested Tuesday on a charge of contempt of the Huntington circuit court. He is accused of having ignored a summons to appeal in court during the last term. A reward of $900--5500 by the Be- tail Merchants' association and $4.00 by the county commissioners--has been offered for the capture of the three negroes who murdered Grocer John Koonsman at South Bend Saturday evening. Fred Beacon, engineer at the Gas City waterworks plant, was badly hurt in the machinery, but managed to open the valve of the big steam whistle, which sounded an alarm and brought persons to his assistance. He would have bled to death but for timely assistance Josiah Bstep, living near Leesburg, has filed suit for $3,000 damages against Anderson B. Stookey and his son, Claude Stookey. Estep alleges that the defendants viciously assaulted Mm with clubs in April last and that his health has been permanently injured in consequence. The throe years' gas rate war between the city of Wabash and the Logansport and Wabash Gas company was cdmpromised Tuesday. The people will pay 36 cents a thousand for gas during the six winter months and 19 cents per thousand for the other six months. Mrs, Emily Bills arrived in Auburn sixty years ago last Saturday, Dec. 13, and claims to be the only person in the city with the record of a continued residence of sixty years. At that time there was not even a ·village where Auburn now stands, but the cite of the county seat was located and the county organized. Harry Williams, who has a job in a restaurant at Marion, took a lay off long enough to return to Wabash, pay a fine and "lay out" a jail sentence assessed against him last summer. At that time Williams escaped from the marshal and his deputy while being conveyed to jaiL Wow he returns to square matters, fearing tLe ofiicers might gel him some time when it would not be convenient for him to play an engagement in jail. TRAGEDY IN ROYAL CIBCLES. Genoa, Italy, Dec. 19.--All Italy was shocked yesterday at a double tragedy, involving- the deaths of Prince Beggio and Countess ITboldi, both of whom are related to royalty, whose bodies were found in a room in the Hotel Lombardia here. Appearances indicated that the prince had killed the countess with a revolver and then committed suicide with the same weapon. The tragedy i^s belipved to have been a deliberate tryst, with death as its purpose, as Prince Beggio and the countess were both married and gossip had can- nected their names before. Their elopement had been, a national scandal. It is thought they feared separation and resolved to die together. Coroner Bowell, at Laporte, is investigating the death of Peter Gunness. Gunness arose from his bed at 11 o'clock at night and went out of doors. When he returned he was bleeding from a deep wound in his head and death ensued three hours later. I'oley's Honey and Tar always stops the cough and heals the lungs. Befuse substitutes. Sold by Dreier J3ro. and Pellens Polster. PAPE-- COBNEILLE. At 8 o'clock p. m. Thursday at the home of Bev. Buhl, pastor of Salem Beformed church, occurred the mar-. riage of Miss Lucy Corneille and Alphonse Pape. The bride is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Corneille and the groom is in the saloon business. FOB THE JrtOLIBA'YS. Lowest rates by way of the Nickel Plate Boad. See nearest agent for fidl information or address C. A. Asterlin, T. P. A., Fort-Wayne, Ind. 9-ll-16-lS-22-25-30-w4t Drank Cedar Oil Mistaking it For Carbolic Acid, But Live, Bichard Hosier, who resides with' a married sister at 323 Chicago street, tried to commit suicide Wednesday evening shortly after 0 o'clock at that address and drank a quantity of cedar oil, mistaking it for carbolic acid. Hosier became violently ill, but after a severe attack of nausea, lasting nearly two hours, he recovered. Hosier had been drinking Wednesday and had quarreled with his sister, who had ordered him out of the house. He went back again, however, .determined to secure a bottle of carbolic acid and end his earthly troubles, but in groping for it in the dark he got hold of the cedar oil bottle and drank about half a pint of the contents. Cedar oil is good for exterminating bugs, but is an unpleasant beverage, and Hosier soon became very ill. Dr. Lomas was hurriedly sent for, but when an attempt was made to insert the tube of a stomach pi£.nip, Hosier fought desperately and it required the efforts of several men to control him until he could be pumped out. Officer Cheviron was detailed to investigate, but Hosier denied that he had attempted to take his life and insisted that the cedar oil was taken by mistake. Hosier is about twenty- five years old and served in the army in the Philippines. Dr. M. H. Thomas, Huntington, Indiana, is the only specialist in the U. S. treating APPENDICITIS exclusively and guaranteeing a cure WITHOUT OPBBATION. Consultation free. All letters 'of inquiry cheerfully answered. I2-2-eod-dl3t-w5t -^ Extensive Lum'ber Yards of Cline Zimmer Wiped Out Friday Night, Bluff lea, Iiid., Dec. SO.--The extensive lumber yards of Cline Zimmer, located between the Studebaker and the Lake Erie elevators in this city, were totally wiped out by firo which started early Friday evening. The yards \vore heavily stocked with pine lumber and shingles, and the blaze wap discovered shortly before 8 o'clock, but the local department was totally unable to cope with the flames. Practically all the stock, together with the office buildings, were destroyed. The loss v/ill be about $25,000. It is believed' to have the work of an incendiary. CATABBH AND HAY FEVEB. Liquid Cream Balm is becoming quite as popular in many localities as Ely's Cream Balm solid. It is prepared for use in atomizers, and is highly prized by those who have been accustomed to call vpon physicians for such a treatment. Many physicians are using and prescribing it. All the medicinal properties of the celebrated Cream Balm are contained in the Liquid form, which is 7b cts., including a spraying tube. All druggists, or by mail. Ely' Brothers, 56 Warren St., New York. There is no cough medicine so popular as Folry's Honey and Tar. It contains no opiates or poisons and never fails to cure. Sold by Dreier Bro. and Pellens Polster, ers i You can't lose if you do; you do if you don't. 1 4 Great Concentration of Christmas Presents. We always make extraordinary efforts to meet the demand of our customers for articles of Furniture to be used as Christmas Presents. oir ovei the list given below and seo if you cannot find something that will please a friend or some member of your household better an iiythin^ elso you cou!4 select: / BUFFET. CHINA CLOSET. EXTENSION TABLE. DINING BOOM CHAIBS. 100-PIECE DINNEB SET. FINE CUT GLASS. DINING BOOM PICTiJBE. FINE CUT GLASS. DINING BOOM PICTUBE. PLATE BACK. STEINS OB PITCHEBS. PAELOB CHAIB. PABLOB BOCKEE. PABLOB SUIT. PABLOB COUCH. PABLOB DAVENPOBT. PABLOB TABLE. MORRIS CHAIB. PABLOB SECBETABY PARLOB PEDESTAL. TAHLOE LAMP. NEW CABPET. PvOOM BUG. LACE CURTAINS. DOOR DBAPEBIES. CABPET SWEEPEB. FBAMED PICTUBES. PYBOGBAPHIC OUTFITS. ABTICLES TO BUBN. ABT BOOM NOVELTIES. OEIENTAL BUSTS. CUBIO CABINETS. WBITING DESK. BOOKCASE. OFFICE CHAIB. OFFICE DESK. GENTS' CHIFFONIEB. HOST'S ABM CHAIB. NECKTIE HOLDEB. NECKTIE BOX. PIPE BACK. SHAVING STAND. BEADING LAMP. LEATHEB CHAIB: LEATHEB COUCH. BATTAN BOCKEB. DEESSING TABLE. BEDBOOM SUIT. CHIFFONIEE. TEAMED MIBBOB. HANDSOME VASE. JABDINIEB. JABDINIEB STAND. FOOTBEST STOOL. BECEPTION CHAIB. DECOBATED TOILET SET. HAT BACK. HALL BENCH. HALL CHAIB. HALL MIBBOB. CHILD'S BOCKEB. HIGH CHAIB. GO-CABT. BABY CABBIAGE. TOY COUCH. STATUETTES. MISSES' COUCH. Select Your Presents the Rush. PYBOGBAPHIC BUENING OUTFITS ABE THIS YEAB THE MOST POPULAB CHBISTMAS PBESENT. Foster Furniture Co. eading Furniture House of Indiana. LESSONS IN PYBOGRAPHY TUESDAY, THUB3DAY AND SAT- UBDAY AFTEBNOONS, BT MBS. FEANCES WILLEY. WWVWWVWW^^

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