Lincoln Journal Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on August 17, 1944 · 9
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Lincoln Journal Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · 9

Lincoln, Nebraska
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Thursday, August 17, 1944
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M ackmen may hold key to American league race Jug five under par to down Coltart, 7 and 5, in PGA . BY KCSS NEWLAND. SPOKANE, Wash. (V Favorites, led by the tournament hot-shots, Harold McSpaden, Philadelphia, and Byroa Nelson, Toledo, O., crashed thru to one-sided wins Wednesday in 36 hole first round matches of the 44th National P. G. A. golf championship. McSpaden flashed the most siz-tlint golf of the round in overwhelming Bruce Coltart, Abse- con, N. J., 7 and 5 and the latter bad nothing to be ashamed of as 26 6 P- JSSS he also came in under standard figures for the Manito course. The Phfladelphian tossed a five under par 67 at Cottarl to lead 4 up at the 18th. Coltart took a 71. McSpaden continued his brilliant play with a third nine 33 against mi rival s 33, where he stood 6 up. Nelson, the No. 1 ore-tourna ment choice and medalist with a 36 hole qualifying total of 138. took the measure of Mike DeMas- sey, San Jose, Calif, 5. and 4 and he finished three under par for the day. On the first 18 he carded his third successive 69 for the tournament and held a 5-up lead at halfway station. He was 4-up at the 27th. U. S. Open Duration chamDion Craig Wood, of Mamaroneck, N. Y, breezed in with a 5 and 4 win over Jimmy Dangelo, Muskogee, Okl., but a former National open kingpin, Tony Manero, Greenwich, Conn., had a tougher struggle. Manero won from Clayton Aler- ldge, youthful Huntington Beach, Calif- player, 1 up on the 38th hole. Manero led 1 up at the 18 th, but was one down at the 27th. He went back into the lead but Aleridge evened it again at the 34th. Manero's par 4 broke the deadlock on the second extra hole. Other topnotchers coming thru for first round victories included Ed Dudley, Colorado Springs with a 7 and 6 win over Steve Savel, Schenectady, N. Y Sam Byrd, Redfor, Mich., defeating W. A. Stackhouse, Seqin, Tex., 4 and 3; Toney Venca, Dayton, 0., who eliminated Morrie Gravatt, Williamsport, Pa, 3 and 2; Bob Hamilton. Evansville. Ind., who conquered Gene Kunes, Phlladel phia, 6 and 5, Jimmy Hines, Am sterdam, N. Y, 7 and 6 winner over Thurman Edwards, Winston Salem, N. C, Major league box scores National league If. Tor, ab h o al St. Louis Tread way rt 4 0 0 II Bergamo It Hiuinu Jb 4 1 1 SI Hopp cf 4 11! Muiiil rf 4 11 Oleanders lb ' Set OiO'Dea 4 0 S 1 Kurowskt 3b 4 I 1 Oi ration as 1 0 9 II 10 0 1 100 01 0 0 0 0 Verban 2b Schmidt p ab h o a 1110 1180 4 110 4 1 S 1 i o o 4 111 4 111 10 11 4 0 14 Total 11 10 17 10 Kerr m Medwlek V Reyes lb Mancuso 4 Kucker ef Luby lb . VuiMlla p Sloan Allen p Total 11 5 24 11 Sloan batted lor volsell in seventn. Ntw York 000 000 0000 St Louli 100 001 OOx 6 Runs: Bergamo 1, Hopp 1, Musiai. w- ror: Rucker. Run battea in: Baoaere a, Jurowski. MuilaL Two baa nit: Kallon, Kerr. Stolen base: Hopp, iwuoi piay: Luby to Mancuso to Reyea, Varban to Fal lon to Bandera. Left on baae: New York 7, St, Louis 10. Base on balU: Off Vol-aella 7,-Schmidt 1. Struck out: By Vol-Mll 4, Schmidt 5. Allen 8. Htta: Off Volatile In 4 tnnlnsa, Allen 1ml. Los-Ins, pitcher: Volaelle. Umpires: Stewart, Dunn and alagerkurth. Tim 1:04. Attendance S.S87 (paid). . Schultx. Meaner. Two ban hit: Oalan, Owen. Sacrifice: Brown. Doubl play: Brown to Koch to ScbulU, McCorailck unassisted. Left on baa: Brooklyn 6, Cincinnati S. Baa oa balli: Oft .Dart L Heuaaer 1. Struck cut: By Dayls 1. Heua-aer 1. Umplrea: Bowses. Ballanfaat, PUMllo. Time 1:41. Attendaaca 1.40. American league Detroit (Cramer cf Mayo 2b Outlaw U York lb Wakefield If Htxxine 3b Rlcharda Orango aa uanlry p ab h o a Boatoa 3 0 OiCulbrrson cf 10 1 lIMet'vlch lb 4-14 0iKoxrf 4 1 liJohnson If 111 OlDoerr lb 41 4ITabor lb 4 11 OiParteee 4 0 1 tlNewaou aa 4 0 11 .Cecil p Bucoer ab h o a 3 0 0 0 SOU 4 110 1110 4 16 4 10 3 a o 4 o 4 111 1 ! i i IDIIIGi 384 NATIONAL IXAUl'E, w 1 pet I w 1 pet St. Lou la 80 1 .T41IN. Tor 60 01 .460 rMttsb'xh 01 45 .675'Phlla. 41 62 .H C'chinaU 81 4 .670 Brooxtya 44 7 Chicago 40 63 .471! Boatoa 43 44 AMERICAN LEAQCK. w l pet! w I St. Louli 17 44 .6931 Chicago 63 W Boston au 6a .b3i leveiana oe ei Detroit 6 52 .532 Phlta. 81 W N. Xork M 61 .U7iyaablng. 47 45 AMERICAN ASSOCIATION. W I Ml . W.I ull'iikaa SI 40 .472 St. Paul 04 M TnUnn TS 41 .SlOiMlnneap. L'ulsrtll 74 41 .4i7Indlanp. Colu bua pet I .472 43 T 43 TT M .HSlKss. City 34 15 .470 .491 .420 .174 ,S8 .2 Beaton ab k o al Chicago 4 0 S 01 Hack Sb 4 1 1 21 Johnson lb 6 3 1 0!Ca'rt lb 5 0 1 Oi Nicholson rt Jl I O'Dal'sndro U 1 UPafkocf 4 10 11 Merullo SS 4 11 II Holm e 0 0 0 0 Lynn p 1 1 1 31 1 1 0 01 ab h o a 6 10 1 6 14 1 4 18 1 1110 6 14 1 4 16 1 4 114 4 1 4 0 4 111 Holmea Drewa lb Mason If Ntemaa rt Kluta a Etchiaon lb Pbilllpa 3b W'tlman'aa Andrews p Rich p Workman Total 87 10 24 11 Totala 38 14 27 11 Wm-knuB batted for Rich In ninth. 001 000 OUJ 1 Chicago 404 000 01 11 Runa: Drews, wieteimana, men, nm, Johnson 3, Cayarretta 2, Nicholson 1, Pafkn. Merullo. Lmn. Error: Manilla. Runa hatted In! Holme. Macon 1. John son. Nicholson 4, Pallesandro 1, Merullo 2. Lynn 1. Two baa hit: Workman, Hack, Johnson, Merullo. Horn run: Nicholson, stolen baae: Pafko. Merullo. Sacrifice: Holm. Double play: Rich to Wietelmann v.ichUon. Lft on baae: Boston 10. Chi eaxo 0. Baa oa balls: Off Andrews 1, Rich a. I.vnn a. struck out: By Rich 8. Lynn 1 Hlta: Oft Andrew S tn 1 Inning, Rich 11 m T. Loelne Ditcher Andrews. Umpire Jorda. Raadon and Ooets. Tun 1:48. At tendance (actual) 4,301. Total 118 1T1S Total W t IT 11, Buchar baited for Cecil In ninth. Runs: Cramer, Torn, Wakefield. Gentry Detroit .....000 001 1004 Boatoa 101 000 0003 Culberson. Johnson. Error: Cecil. Pox. Run batted In: Richards, York S, John- Tabor. Two baa bit: Wakefield Cecil. Johnson.' Home rum York. Sacrl no: Mayo, doudw piay: magma 10 Mayo to York. Left en base: Detroit 1, Boston 1. Bas on ball: Off Gentry 4. Cecil 5. struck out: By Gentry 1, Cecil 4. Umpire: Bommell, Grieve and Waafer. Tim 1:03. Altandanoa 3,071 paid, 374 serviceman. Brooklyn Rosen cf Waiter rt Oalan If Olmo 3b Owen Scbulti lb Brown a Koch lb Davis p ' ab h o al Clnctn. 4 0 1 01 4 0 1 01 4 1 S 0 4111 4 111 111 10 0 4 4 0 7 3 110 1 William 2b Clay cf Walker rf M'Crmk lb Mueller Tipton It Mesner 8b Miller ss Heueser P CrabtxM ab h a 4 113 4 1 0 4 14 0 4114 0 4 13 0 1110 4 10 3 4 118 10 0 6 1 0 0 Total 33 1 IT 181 Brooklyn Cincinnati Runa: ualan, "Totals - 15 1127 13 100 002 0003 000 100 00O 1 Olmo, Owen, McCormlck Error: Walker. Runa batted In: Olmo, I nkKO-Joyi U bU friatvll C0ER1N0 'rj'fff - No.2.Gongiter rf ''V rw.r.irJMKks f cTy to prUd Itht W M M I I ; jfh 4 60EBBELS lf V W No. 3 Cangstef V V murdWof Hifler'l iwweartl v ff f i- -via? ;J'4'-m a - ' .a The Greatest Gangsters rmla. New York ibbll Stlrnweta 2b 6 111 Mrtheny rt 110 Derry It 8 2 10 Cleveland ab h o a1 Roc co lb 4 1 11 3 Hockett cf 4 110 See rev It 1111 Houdraaa 5 13 1 Llndell cf 4 110 Cul'nbln rf 6 110 Etten lb 6 1 11 1 Keltner lb 6 3 12 Hemiley 1110 Schlueter a 1 1 1 Croaetti ee 6 118 Reynold 0 01 Grime lb 4 111 Buses e 110 0 Donald p S 1 0 1 Pelera lb 4 114 Bomwy D 0 01 Kile man p 10 10 Martin 10 0 0 Having p 0 0 0 01 Johnson 0 0 0 0 jromek 1 U O U t urner p v v Post p 10 10 Stainback 110 0 Jsavert p u o u u Totals 41 14 24 12 Totals 44 19 17 11 Reynolds ran for Schlueter In slath, Oromek batted for Hevlng In (lath, Martin batted for Borowy in seventh, Stain- back batted for Turner In ninth. Two out when wincing run (cored. Cleveland 100 OOS 010 8 New York QUO W via 11 Run: Rocco 1, Hockett t, Cullnbln, v.iinar Kevnnlda. Petara. Stlrnwelas Methenv. LindelL Etten 1. Croaetti 1, Q rimes 1. SUinback. Error: Etten, Petara 1, Croaetti. Runs' batted In: Rocco 3, Bearey, Etten, Stlrnwelas, Metheny 4, u..i.. nrfmM rww(M Ctillenhrne. Peters, kockett. Llndell, Stainback. Two baa hit: Hockett Grimes, Beeray. Three haaa hit: Roc no Keltner. Hemeley. Lin dell. Horn run: Rocoo, Etten, Cullenbln, Methenv. Stolen base: CroaetU. PeUra. Btlrnwelea. Double play: Hurnweiee v Etten. Peters tn Roeeo. Left on base: New York 10, Cleveland 11. Bas on halls: Off Klleman 1, Foat 1, Donald 1, Borowy i, Johnson 1. Struck out: By Donald 1, Heving 1. Hlta: Off Klleman 10 In 4 (none out In fifth). Heving 1 In 1, Poat 4 In 3 1-1. Calvert a in 1-3, twnaia iu in o (none out m aixtn). uorowy b m a. Johnson 3 In 1-3, Turner 1 In 1 1-1. Wild pitch: Donald. Passed ball: Schlueter. winnina: Ditcner: 'turner, unni puoner; Poat Umpires: McOowan, Plpgrns and Stewart. Tim 1:67. Attendance 4,681 paid Wedneiday's tcoret AMERICAN LEAQVK. New Trk 11. ClereUa4 6. netrotl 4, Bewtoat 1. , CWeagw WasMstan 1. 4, SM. tai s. NATIONAL LKAorB. Phllaoelpblai at PHtabargk, poetpoaea. Bnwklyn 3, t Inclnnaa L ( hlran 11. Boeto 1. St. Leak S, Hmm Yrk (. AMERICAN ASSOCUTIOaJ. . T.l. II iBMU fitv 1. Mllwaakea tt iwemoai, p H Pan! at Indalaalpalie, uasipima. Lealaville 10, Mianeaimia . INTERNATIONAL LEAQl'E. RaMlmere at Mo-treal. playe P"vUwIy. TenmU 1-11. Jersey t'Hy 4-1. Bairato 11, Byrswuaa 6, KocAeete 3, Aewaim a. FACW10 COAST LKAOUE, Im Auees 1-S. 0isa4 6-3. Han IHe S, KaeraroenU, 1. 1 Hollywoeel 1, Baal Fnuielee L (10). Sealll S. Portland 1. AAA SAA tttA if Chicago XX ZZZi Washington Runs: Moaaa, Curtright. Hodaln, Tucksr 1, Trash, Webb, npence. r.iu. -..v.iL stun, batted In: Treeh 1. "J""'.H:. ..." a Tnrna innai wenn. awn. Ui .1 . 1ZLL, h- hit! Hodgln. Treeh, nenca. PerrelL Btolsn base: Hodgm. ae- rlflc! Webb. Double play: wo Schalk to Troaky. Kuhl to Sulllvant. Ington 4. Baaa on bail: uxi . " "? T n.w.w nut. Rv NlKKCllnl 11. Lopat S, lisreovra i. n-. In a innlnaa. laeieovre e in K.U. Tuilna nltcner: niKK"na. Umpires: Berry, Jones and Hubbard. Tim 1:63. Attendano ,duu. Chicago Moses rf Schalk 2b Curtright it Hodgln 3b Trosky lb Tucker Trenh e Webb s Lopat p ?1 I HITLER 4 No. 1 Gangstei i title hie ewa ' aUea-alova hla has! Msncfl ab h o al Wash's 4 12 OlCase rt 6 0 1 6Yost 3b 4 11 OlMyatt 2b 4 10 SISpence ct 4 0 18 01 Powell If 3 18 OiKuhel lb 113 0'Torres 3b-lb 3 10 2Fsrrell e . 4 10 1 Sullivan a INlKgeUns P , Ortil LeUbvr p Ibhtl 4 0 10 1112 10 0 4 8 10 4 0 10 SOT 4 11 4 1 12 0 4 0 11 10 0 0 10 0 0 0 0 0 1 Total 33 27 13 Total 34T27 Thursday, Angust 17, 19U LINCOLN JOURNAL 9 Tmila ah h o al Phlla. O'teridgelb 3 0 1 II Hall lb Byrnes ef 1 . McJulnn lb 4 S 0Eppa cf 8tei4es sa 4 6 131 h'.it.leila ef Moor rf 10 101 Hayes zariiialf 4 1 1 1 Slebert It Chrlstm n lb 4 0 1 II Metro If Hayworth 4 l l im Kramer p 1 0 0Kell 8b Chartak 1 0 0 0Buschs Zoldak p o v o i vfliwi' w Total. 11 14 7 ToUls 81 11 IT 1 Chartak batted for Kramer In th. ,. ooo pm ww a . . . UOXIO 00 ab h a 4 S 1 3 14 0 3 110 10 10 1 0 S 0 looo i o o 4 11 4 3 0 0 4 13 3 4 113 81. Louis . ... Phllanelohla . Run.: By, Hayworth Hail. vwihae Kell. Error: Kramer, Hayes. Run. battd In: Hayes, Busch, Chrlirtopher, Byrnes 2- Two base bit : ZarlllA, Buach. riZ ? bi. hit: Epps. ,.MiJ2So?: Stolen baa: K.U. OutterlugJ. f""?"0-oarriaon. Left oa baae: St. Louli i 6, ..L.I.J.I..V.I. -Us, on balli: Oil inrw- tophr 3, Krmr 1, loA . IK. T wm Cbriitoher . HiU; Off" Kramer In tantrigi, Jdak S in 1 Passed bll: Hayworth. I P ., . itmmi-o.! ftiinunrra. Rue aac Bover. Tim 1:07. Attendance 13,6T. aUPHshrdlu ahrdlo cmlwyp cmfwypppp BUrtlnit at NOON 6KEAT A3 ONLY SH CAN BE. IU If wr RAINS V ENMTKXt! TODAY FUN AND THRILLS! Three ace comics to keep you in stitches for one hourl A's hang 4-2 loss on loop leading clan Browns lead as Bosox thumped BY JACK HAND. PHILADELPHIA. (IP). Mr. Baseball from Philadelphia may have the last say In the American league pennant race, altho Connie Mack's Athletics Thursday were buried in the bottom hall of the standings. The old sent with the score- card, who recently celebrated bis 50th anniversary as a manager, watched the A'l put a 4-2 crimp in the Browns Wednesday night in the opener of a four-game series. St Louis boasted only a 9-7 season edge in games with Phil adelphia, with six to go. ihe Mackmen have held Boston even in 14 starts with eight to be played and lead Detroit 10 to 9 with three to go. Among the contenders, only the . New York Yankees had a decided bulge on the A's with 11 out of 17. Russ Christopher stopped the Brownies Wednesday night for the second time in a row and his fifth straight victory. The Brown ies"six and a half game lead was not affected but the loss served to flash a yellow warning signal of trouble ahead. Titers Win Again. Detroit and New York closed In on second place Boston. The Ti Ken took the Red Sox into camp, 4-2, on Rudy York's 12th homer with two on In the seventh. The blow spoiled the first big league start of Rookie Rex Cecil from San Diego who stepped out of a California plane to gain a relief decision over St Louis last Sun day. New York moved to within a game of second and seven and a half of St. Louis on a dramatic ninth-inning homer by Bud Metheny with two on that doomed Cleveland, 11-8. The Yanks came from behind to tie and a thunder-shower threatened to end the game when Metheny poled one into the stands. Ed Lopat hurled Chicago to a 7-2 victory over Washington altho Johnny Niggel ing fanned 11 in 8 innings for the losers. Ralph Hodgln extended his hitting streak to 13 games. In the National, tit Louis set a modern record for reaching win Na 80 on the earliest date by shutting out New York, 5-0, be hind Fred Schmidt who usually sees duty only as .a relief man Bill votselle was the victim as the Giants lost their ninth straight. Omaha Murphy cop four-state go YORK, Neb. Ml. The Omaha Murphys, Nebraska American Le gion Junior baseball champions, played their way into the sectional tournament at Grand Forks, N. D., Wednesday night by defeating an Oklahoma state championship team from Oklahoma City 2-1, to win a four state regional tournament The victory climaxed a come back for the Omahans, who lost the first game to the Oklahomans and then won a second match Tuesday night 4-8. Other competitors, eliminated earlier in the regional tournament were the Iowa champions from Mason City and the Kansas champions irom to-peka. Omaha W9 1 SOO 1 Oklahoma City 000 010 0001 S 1 Wlckeneamp seed Paxdsrkal Morgan. Carpenter and Bord. . ( Hillcrcst holds swim day for White Hall children Hillcrest Country club's first swimming session for the children st White Hall opened Wednesday with 60 children attending. The Wednesday swims will continue until the end of the season. Betty Vlosnik and Eleanor Oldfather are lifeguards and Instructors. 'May B ejWings nudge : ,wron o AL ' Apparently there's something left in the. ancient arm of Van Uncle Mungo. Wednesday night at Wichita m the National semipro tourneyr the National league i " i I 4 k : -V I I. aa, lft !" VAN MVMOO. New Yorkers in first mix Lincoln nine in 3 to 2 triumph veteran fanned 17 batters and permitted only two hits as his team, the Camp Atterbury, Ind. club blanked Perth Amboy, N. P., S to 0. Mungo had his ups and downs In the majors and at one time appeared to be headed for stardom but his temperament plus a sore flip per put him on the skids at the heigh of his career. t Altho the hunting season Is still little over a month oft we be lieve the following questionnaire may settle some of the doubtful points relating to the 144 cocie: "How many qucks can 1 snooi this fall," inquires a hunter. "Yes, I've read the regulations but I'm still puzzled by some of the legal terms. I want to clear up a few points." The duty of seeing w 11 mar. these regulations are enforced falls on the experienced shoulders of W. E. Crouch, chief of the game management division of the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Let's quiz him on the subject a. Dee the dally kai Usntt remain al 1ST i A. Yea, except that you may take an additional bag only of 4 mallards, widgeons or plnlsls, or any combination. (( thee three duck. 4. Rat sappea mat fin IS dorks war aU mallards nan 1 asMw4 nwre mallards for total si 1ST A. Yes. And tn answer would o ine me It you Sad asked about pintail or widgeons. U. Can I km S more knack dacha It I knew a sag Unit at 1ST A. No. The black duck la not k ma) lard altho often rroneously called I black mallard. t. Why llts antra bag oa these parUo- nsar nettST A. Beoaus they are now the most shun- dant species. They ar tn species must often concerned with crop damages. Frankly, wa nop to control their dtpra- datlona as muck as poesibl by allowing hunter a larger bag. Bear In mind this la only a temporary relaxation. The xtia bag might be cut off at any time, it rtalny will be when they cease to be a problem In crop damage. u. wnat a one and buflleaeaasr WICHITA, Kas. VP). The Lin coln (Neb.) Army Air Field pushed across three runs in the sixth, its only scoring inning, to take a 3-2 decision from the Jamestown, N. Y. Boosters Wednesday night in Its first national semi-pro baseball appearance. The Lincoln atrfielders got their big brbeak when Catcher Lou Brown of Jamestown threw into centerfield in the sixth inning. Two Wings scampered home on the error to give the Nebraakans the winning margin. Jacncetewa Rodger cf (KiMlnn If Carteon 2b Hhafer lb Pratt rf James lb ale 3b Nagla lb Brunei) ss Brown Roaean Rakar p Pubol N. T. ab h po al 4 11 Olr-mery so 1 0 0 0 Tatum lb 10 1 liBryant lb AOO o'Buialnottl rt 4 1 X 0 Kornlck It 1 ell 1 McBwalncf 10 1 , Ooniales s 1 0 0 0'8enoooow' 111 it""T Wing abb no a 4 111 8 1 S I Sill 1S0S 8 S S 0 4 110 10 11 1 0110 Total In tin. , ooo oioi . , ...000 001 0ox l Squlnn, Total 18 4 14 13 xBatted tor Carlson Jamestown Wing Error: Brow 1, Gresont. Runs batted In: Rodger. Tatum. Bryant, Kornlck. btolen basse: Bmery, Tatum, Bqulnn. t Left on bases: Jamestown 8. Wing T. Base on ball: OK Baker 8; oil Ore- srni 4, off Marsh 1. Btrlke-ome; By Baker S, by Oreeens 10, t Marsh x. Hit off: Baker B ror s run u in nings; Oresena 4 far 1 runs In T innings; Marsh 0 for 0 run In 1 Innings. Wild pitches: by Baker. -Winning pitcher: Orsesna. amebMks, redheads 1 0 T 1 1 0 1 0 4 115 0 0 0 0 Marahp tOOl, 00' 144TTS -B-- m. m w afsr mm a ms a NEaWE- TtNGLING Co-Hit! MAIN FEATURES START STUAKT: "The Hitler Gang,' 1:17, 8:21, 6:25, 7:29, 9:33. LINCOLN: "Home In Indiana,' 1:20 8:23. 5:26. 7:29, 9:82. NEBRASKA: "The Invisible Man's Revenge," 1:10, 4:01, 6:52, 0:43. "The Scarlet Claw," 2:44, 5:35. 8:26. VARSITY: "Mr. Skefflngton," 12.2:24. 4:48. 7:12, 9:36. STATE: "3 of a Kind," t:10 3:22. 5:34. 7:46, 8:58. "Voodoo Man." 2:20. 4:32, 6:44, 8:56. CAPITOL: "Presenting Uly Mars," 1:00, 4:22, 7:53. "The Rains Came," 2:47, 6:09, W:40. JOYO: "So's Your Uncle," 7:09, 10:48; "Kings Row," 8:20. A. This year yon mat take fun dally bag of 10 canvasbacka, 10 redheads, or to bufriehssxia. But not mora man ui u th aggragaU of th three kind. Q. What's the law oa weed cncksT A. You r permitted to take dally wood duck and to have iu more tlisn wood duck In your possession, except In MaaaaohusetU and North Dakota, wnere no open ssasnn la provided. u. lloea IMS k waoa ernca vuaa, sa dally bag Mmltt A. yea, it must oe inciunea. a. What la tm dacksf A. 30, and In addition yon may posse 10 mallard,, widgeon or pintails, smgly or In combination. Q. Why has tne aaiiy Rag n American , ana M-osaaeana baea beoatrd 4a 15T A. They have becom so nwnermi that trout waters ar being depleted by them. In soma places they are now a real menace to tieh propagation. Incidentally, there la no noasesslon limit on them. Q. The datly BanM aa eoete I also IS, isn't nr A, Correct. Coot com pete with duck for food. Hunters ought to take mors ooots; lesrn to cook them. We have a number of tolerating recipe Which will be mailed free on- request. Just address V. 8. Fish and Wildlife Bervlce, Merchan dise Mart, Chicago S4, III. . ( t). Wha toet gaae MfH Is T A. Them Is no ehang from last year on Canada geess and brandt. Th dally limit 1, possession limit 4. Thus may be all Canada geese, all brant, or any combina tion of th two. a. May I Irrally bes4 Bos wan or eranef A. Ho opsn season at any Urn, Q. Whet ahasst saewa. klaas aad wait- fswaled gessef A. Tbls call for two answsrsT in In the pacific Coast Stales 'the new dally bag limit la edect this soming waaon al lows you to tabs 4 mow geess, 4 white-fronted sense, but not more the a 4 In the aggregal of both kinds, plus 1 of Canada and brant singly or tn the eggregat. The possession limit Is two dally bag limit. til in tn rest ot trie country, witn cer tain exceptions, th new dally bag may In clude 4 snow (sea, 4 blue geeee, but not mors than 4 In th aggragst of both kind, plus 1 of Canada and white-fronted ess and brant alngly or In the aggregate, lasasstoa limit, two dally bag limits. I). What an th "certain rirepUaaaf A. No open soa la psovlded for enow la states bordering th Atlantic coast, In Idaho, and In Boavsrhead, tal- latin and Madison oountlea m Montana. Q, W hat tteaa be each day sf tse sf aeea ss watcrfwerl afeeottag ashnredf A. From half an hour before sunria to unset, not on exception : In Alex ander county. 111., cease may be minted only from half an hour before sunrise to noon. O. What els 4 I need To know ahoatt the rrgnlalksaa betara 1 go dwak Orawttng as I an i A. Don't forget to ha with ran. when required, a state hunting licence and federal duck stamp, Thee ere th fl two thing the nforewneat officer will want tn see. 41. Wkea la a teacfal am. falrear I. very waterfowl hunter over 14 year of ag must hay oa hi or person while hunting a Property stcned migratory bird huntlug (tamp of currant lawua. ti. When at a ataas ksntau 4rdT Host hunter In each Mate must haw hunting llcenssa, taowevar, this requirement Is different Ixt varloua atataa. Tm should consult your stale gam department u raaara ut axaia uccti. with John CuTsdine . Ge. Zueem Starts DOORS OPEN 12:45 40c TO 6 BUGS BUNNY CARTOON RUDY ;VALLEE MUSICAL - HIT STARTS TOMORROW 2 BEST E CAPITOL The Clrl Of The TMoment, With The Loves Of The Year, Inijlhe Picture Of A Lifetime! ' ek ' i U UUI IHJUUW 1UU IIULUaiU K I - -v-V umnR BfiXTtR iioa hull -.'-' la I ilk A Minx at Mbik with a yea far aim I In Tccrsiicolor H w0 Ends Tsalgbt The Ealns Came FSA TAOtTF "AVID BKUCI in MOON OVER LAS YEGAS Matt Palacio tops Hillcrcst golf go - Lt. Matt Palacloi Lincoln Army Air Field officer, took top honors ' in the Hillcrest country club golf stag Wednesday afternoon with a one under par, 71. His was the. ... only subpar score of the day out - of the field of 200 that par- ticlpated. Prize for this event was clack suit Young Don Spomer poured in a 75 to take second place honors. The stag under the---, direction of Hallie Bowers and. Pro Max Pumphrey was termed as one of the most successful u- fairs at the club. The foursome of Bill Sieck, Mart Lange, Floyd Mosher and Wllbert Everett walked off with -the low foursome prize at a total of 320, each player receiving a '', shirt Everett also was the lucky winner of the $25 war bond raffle " at the banquet - - . Six other golfers won shirts f or ' t their day's golfing. The longest drivers on holes one, nine and ten ' were Don Spomer, Terry Williams ... and Daniels. Winners -of the prize -'- for shots closest to the pin on holes eight 12 and 16 were ilow . ard Burnett Hugh Mooney and' '. Bill Sieck. Bufert Bell won the blind bogey ' t event with a 79, getting himself a new corduroy jacket Merle Kozer " and A. A. Olson were tied for - second with an 84. 1 The club is planning a galan . affair on Saturday, the Hillcrest -carnival. DANCE tonite KING'S SWIM! in th Cool Saltwater Pool Cuhhman'g win over Blues, 5-4, by bin inning rally -usnman's last Inning spurt gave them a 5-4 win over thel Lincoln Blues In an Industrial league tilt Wednesday at Muny. ! The Blues took a 2-run lead in the first inning and held lt until the fifth when Cushman's tied the score 4-4. Then Jerry Willis socked the winning run. Blue , 1 0 11S 04 Cttatimans 1 0 t 0 1 1 6 Batteries: Jama aad acrlaebj Wilkinson and Bodfleld. Gold's took its second victory In the current double elimination tournament, downing Cornhusk- ers, 10-6. Gobi ...o o t 1 1 is 4 1 Cornhuskcr 0 4 4 4 0 S 1 Batteries: llarlscal and Dlatx; Howell and Kortum. In Triple A play, Western Electric topped Lincoln Steel, 14-9 and Kaar Service shut out Water & Light, 10-0. Beatrice racing 1 FiRST ltC; Tim 1:01. Deep Red (T. Meats I S.M 1.00 1 40 . Oay Orltt (A. Winters) , 4.40 1.00 tmei v. u. Wilson) i.ihi Ala ran: Vega Laaa. Two HaeL Ada ,, Honey, Uoo Beyond. , , SECOND RACK: Tim 1:00 15. Kitty Carol (R. Nelson) 5.40 l.M 1 40 Junlex B lapel' 4. Ml 1.90 Inacolt (T. Llrats) 1.10- Also ran: jimiks urn. staysj asna, Matchless, Rouglsh Nana. TMIRI1 RACB: Tim M4S. Splk McAd'a (ft. Vald) 1S.O0 K 40 7.40 Try Mint (C. II ll Res I S.00 ( 40 My conn IT. uceta) -au Also ran: jack Monay. jjonata n, ate-. , joinder. ' FOURTH JtACB: Tim 50 15. Proanoatl (C. Mnllen) 14.20 5 40 I SO Oay Marl (8. Miller) 4.20 1 40 . - Mis Letllia IC. rlugea) nu Also ran: Consia Ann, . Marcn Bloom, Ilannicale. KlrTH KACR: Tim oa rn. v Omar Burton (C. Unites) 1180 S 40.1 M Mr. Hatter (J. Wilson) e.iw J w Umbrla Hriar (S. Miller) 40 Also ran: Honey koii, dooih tyuco. Dolt. y SIXTH RACE! Tim 133. Orimalill T. Ucnta) 10.40 8.20 1.80 Beach Miss (C. llugee) 16.80 4.80 Ouina ld (J. Wilson) 4.20 .. Also ran: Fortola mar. BllTsr Ban, Rumbta, Queen, Kansas Katla. uany oouoie: ijeep nea id cmy vamm, 121.40, Tharaday'a Eatrlea. , First rata, purs 1100: alalmlmt, 1-year- , olds and UP. about (in furious fata , One, Catch On, Klisabath VI to, li&l'a V. your Buddy, uorsa, nomson aiisa. Second race, purs 1200: special weight: ; S-yeer-oMs and up for maidens, about five rartocurs Small Bon, Iona K. Happy ' Stepper, Wlnacaao, Mss xirooae, uaaa Boy, Bcbe Girl. Third race, pan Wtfl: emrmln. S-ar- , old and up, about fly fnrlonsj Bub hllnn High, Codoll Sleepy John, Keturned, Hook It, Colonel Marti. Fourth race, purs 1200; allowanca, S-year-olds and tip, about fly furtong---May Keen, ProletrUn, Bon WaUoparf' Honey's Chance, Vlrluoo. Fifth -race, pors ' 1S0O: -)lmln.- :V-year-olds and up. six and a half furlonirs Shrewd Rosmer, Blsufuss, Odd Number, Sir alley, moisssc June, just .uugmsni. . Sixth rao. aura 1200: elaimlnx; three- year-olds and up; six and a half rurlonca Lotaxold, Fond Hopes, Hurrlgal, Saus, ' anower. Seventh rare, puree 1200; clalralnf ; S-' year-olds and up, six and a half firr- Innxs Josepn A, A re OK, A Inert Been, Plrolllnx By. Bond Hill, Splk McAdama, ' First Mae, Doubw Flnass. JOYO I &si W ednndayThurtday Sb made friends a th nxf aid f the track ANN SHERIDAN "KINGS ROW" wttb Rebert Cast relate KeOy Field aVeaaid aUaian claad Sain eempanlan featar "SO'S YOUR UNCLE" with Dmali Weeie Styee Knex Delta TXbythia Beya Tailsr-MaU Jaa Gar bar Jack Teersxden Grand Island falls 7-2 WICHITA, Kas. UP). The Greensboro, N. C, Tech-Hawks defeated the Grand Island, Neb., Army Airfield 7-2 in a postponed National semipro baseball tourna ment game here Wednesday. Sconts vater carnival ;; honors evenly divided ; ' Honors were evenly divided in the Boy Scouts Water Carnival. held at Capitol Beach. The win ners are: 50 yard crawl. Juniors, (13-13) Dick, Croissant, troop 11, tinw: S2.S. 75 yard crawl, seniors, (14-14): Fran-. Lambert, troop 1, 44:1. , -... 15-yard breast stroke, Jones, troop 21:2. 50-yard breaststrok, Oreer, troop 2, 4S:S. 25-yara backstfot. Farmer, troop M, 34:7. Dlvln. Jama Wood worth, troop 14. - Clolhlng InlaUon. Bob Phelps, tmon 1. Flutter-board raos, Robtrt Wuaon, troop 24. Rope rescue; Loos. Katskea, Stoddard, troop 41. Shirt-tail rescue, Keith and Bob Mill, troop 26. loo-yard free et yle relay; Thompson, Kstekee, Lasnp and Sieitel, troop 43. SOS-yard medley relay; Terry R. Pbelpa,. Qraer, Oradwobl, troop 3. anion; Bin Allen" CRUSADER'S ANNUAL Ha&IL BETHANY PARK, AUG. 10-19 Food Served F. M. Concessions Open 6:30 P. SL

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