Lincoln Journal Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on November 16, 1952 · 14
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Lincoln Journal Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · 14

Lincoln, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 16, 1952
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.1' US? IB Lincoln srvnw joirvai, and star ' November 16, UYVS Gophers Nudge Huskers: Play-by-Play Chart f6) HOI ItC. ISO, J40, .50, 140. J30. :20I HOI 1C1 i T t i rr mmmmmmmwmw NTKR RJU1 Ul l0Pf, BALL r ID KlCKOfF MC8KASCA 20f fJOl (G) LftAMfi I lm 1 i ftMBU. - LU I-m ,77 - j, , rT to Ml . ; SUUstlcS , : . MIDWK8T L . Imma mm Ctkf KICK OUTo BOUNDS J PLACE DR0PK1CX - RUN ' PASS PASS INCOMPLETE 4 MCCOS, M M nwn t rim nm ...i.., , n 4i . UttMta . jt-t ......... it ii Y PASS IN'CEPTEO PENALTY FUMBLE X TOUCHDOWN i i i .... f XL. "151 A'W StJA CAJfD AYrWPt i i i .. . gh I 1 I 111 n , -ZZZIS ur to jo I m r mrrrrv rr7T9 I I OUARTFR UiHJUiT I 1 I I 1 I 11 I Vf !IWF "v tv l WW k mil. ,i. , I III aw Z Z m 8 150F x ir' , - fir I "".. , r , r -4 I wcxbwp r r-u I " i uj . NEBRASKA 7 MINNESOTA 7 WZS- ..7. ..rf . SOLTAU hi ft. fAS AMD JW 601 S ALL TH Wi! jJJ '4 n-ii-u "jf AracCooo CAfPULerrr woes wt-o et zoe I It ' HUTfOV , A HALF ENDS' M ............ ,in MHIM ..... 1 ....... WKWw " rwmtt w .- ,.iatM llfmiii ......... 4J . M f ;MrtUliiH y-UI . 4 ' I Itraka II lar HUIIIH II - KakMS - 4 -" , BOULDER. I al i lG7l-llOnH30H40r'1wri40ri30f IOl I0 "W iWr rn iTfM'L ftUT"-1 ! ',-' iaMfe a8B....- . - I . . fnnklM M, Vtltku 41 - KitMt t HaMc t ... IlilMt W abii 47 . iwiiiim 41 Htcktua Hn IHtBM It , IWMM lift ... Intfuaa HUM T Wt Ami Him 40 ..... Hrm Pair IS HktMoa 41 4lhMa H.M t Hum fflkJ' ) M 14 W Mm " lUmn -11: )' lkw II ..... BaMla. Jaka arroU 41 Ti4a tl . Hwuikn IT Colo. (Pi Dttt , . . T1 ii uranoy, a iiery aeiensivo tna ta. t. season, switched over to the of- Kankm iiimAhi it the spark that sent Colorado wing- ing to a 34-H victory over Kansas! t State after the Kansans had taken- . . MOIikw Phi A 11. ft loaH Bt lh itart. ' t j Heavily favored Colorado! oU- fensive attack misfired for the. t first 20 minutes during which.. Batw J4 Kansa Stati rountrf . on . Verrl ' ; switzer s 63 yard punt return aaa rwHna si a 3-yara susiainea marcn. a"" i Eranby, 195 pound senior from EA8Iir Air Vt Glen wood, Minn was sent in to .m.......aiii 'piay wun ine ouensive unit in xne . i V i. .,..J 'y tr.J k. "iTiki ni vvj.,..i v ia.n .i ' Y I I-:. 13 (TV. oamc M. . .. . aW 9 j-ros Tyf KT fASPjiffrrf Arfrr or m ef&ffiGAAJL 3 JL Li Z JL 1 ur - ffl iToi 120 J50.j40i 1501 HOI m H, fc . 1 I INTCnWTS4 v SCHMlTT FUMBL$ 0UARTEW HOLOf-AP Z S- I .LOXhr -iJZir f-r- -- 5. , " 'twits . " " J T?., ' '. . I "ES STAFfCRAPHS ' Itrcrvrii 1 .1 McMitSlS 6Q66JW MINNESOTA 15 j Itolllac PWM SI . Khun Pot ... MMhtnul I . Kkoaa Ilaa4 M 14 MutuhhI HUM ti ........ Nrraraw JU lararM IS. Ana, 14 . . Hmtm l'. 14 MauarlMnrtU 11 Prwcaiaa IT Dttowax IS Hiawa 24 , . It FarolMHI tX .:. Jofea HapalM 31 Hawara U . .. Hawarhaaaa 47 jr ta rm 44 . .... Paw tttatt I ..tUMm SOITH TUaa 14 VaaarrbHt laka 14 t Hex 14 TrtaHr oom AnarlAp Mia inenlia nlav .-. Valamhia . 'arl Carallaa Mai 14 Army Upsets Penn, i HusEiers Bedfen-v pHlLADELPHrA-Wn Army's stlack, sparked by Bill -Purdue, Freddie Attaya and well-lubri-rated by mud, scored a touchdown in the final 44 seconds to upset Pennsylvania, 14-13, Saturday. It was Purdue, better known as a sprinter and a hurdler-on the " t rack team, who pulled the fame out with a touchdown at 14:16 of the final period and Rex Shain booted the so(TRy b;ill between the et . .jjebraska ... jjoiii posis mr uic winning imu, Gophers. 18-13. J Vnn's Carl Sempier failed to make his second conversion after Pciin r"had -racked up '""two" touchdowns in the first quarter when the slippery ball, coming back from center, hit the ground and the holder couldn't set it up for Sempier's kick before Cadet linemen came through to block the try. -: " - - - Continued From Page 1-B Nebraska's outstanding ball loter. Reynolds had little luck. The Gophers were watching him and Bobby was bottled up and held to short galna moat of the afternoon. The statistics favored the llubk- outdowned the uutrushed them 1 Florida Toppctlh! B v I ennessec ,'313 to 127 and held a net yard advantage of 313 to 293. Giel was the difference between Minnesota winning and losing the ball game. His touchdown pass to Sol tan, was perfect, a long throw that Jim gobbled up otv the dead run behind the Husker secondary. ,lle scored standing up. If the Huskers could have pre vented that catastrophe they might have emerged a 7-6 victor. f A rrt n h CHAMP MATMAN-Pit O'Connor, above) tangles with Hill Melby at Fairgrounds. TopMidgcls On Mat Bill TIori Tiiosfla v Summed ud it was the lailure J of Nebraska's .aMlal iuuriyri Uiumk".w country, will t in vade tne r air-: enough) and their failure to cash erounds arena Tuesday night -to c: " i : ."J "7Z7 .-- on S00? arln :Cnmvhare; iop: bining :on . the weekly KNOWIULZ, Tenn. MV-AndyjU,t Cwt -them, the game., icard with B,u MHby of Salt Luke .Jk.U!X fat son wno aoc-iurs onie aiiu wuum iNornian ana inns or me J O'Connor, -r. m tim "W.i.-ni,..iniiim .iramimiL'n r tpiied K lor Kin s line-to shretts Saturday to lead Cotton bound Tennessee to a homecoming victory. The 210-pound senior, fullback from St. Michael, Pa., scored twice and reeled off III yards in It rushes before he was carted off 19 the hospital early in the third quarter with an injury.. - Hour was strlrken with spinal meningitis In 1945 and after a 31-dajr siege with the" dread disease, doctors told him to for let about football. But he was determined to play and Rator-day he had one of the greatest '" days ef Ms star-studded career. By N0RRIS ANDERSON Sunday Sports Writer . "Nebraska has as good a team as anv we have piayea, saia Coach -Wes Fesler - of the- Min nesota "Gophers. "Minnesota has a fine team Our main trouble was that we weren't able to roof 'em but when we had to." countered Mentor Bill ...ClassfrcLjl.!UWKe!raska Cornhuskers. Fesler, clad only hi shorts and a T-shirt, thougnt mat weDrasKa had his team defensed "perfectly." "We are very proud to come out a winner In this one.'Lcomrnented the handsome 43-year old former Ohio State immortal end. "Ne braska people can certainly be proud of this team and its coach. Bill Glessford. Nebraska has an extremely well-coached team;" don't,1 was the summary from a big tackle. "He's sure a slippery cuss." Asked why he didn't pass more, Glassford said he felt his Huskers could gpt -by--running. --- "Besides, our passing game has never been our best weapon. ' ne added. He didn't use the spread more, he commented, because "wc " ' On Tra si sent tne uunaioes romng ior rwo ... HcMaaaort " touchdowns in the last two and a Daruaoaiii 7 half minutes of the hall. In the ... Praa IS third nuartr Ttranhv nvovwM a ."."".'".J. TmtH fumble to set up one score. iJ. is! COLORADO scored twice in'thV ".'.111 Harr4 t? third quarter on a 55-yard march T.aMrtI lIian1 on a seven yard drive result-- nickinaa ii ling from End Carl Fisher'i re-1 Odaaar Hum ii.mwP, ftf a K-Stati fumhle on the ilavrffora I - j - -- seven. , The Buffaloes .added 1 fifth, touchdown in the opening minuter. of the final quarter with a 31-yard, scoring march. Colorado muffed ' a leoring " chance In the first two minutes when Branby blocked a Kansas . State punt and End Alabama Glass recovered on the Kansas ; 14. Halfback Ronnie Johnson - ran for touchdown but the ; play was nullified by a penalty. . Colorado gave up the ball after being pushed back to the 27. Fron there Kansas State drove 73 yards for a touchdown In" hine plays.'' . M.awuvn V.IVV1 v.uiiaii, otaiii. pered 38 yards around right end 4 a iU. "! . 1 r . M A I iL - w me voiuruuu os jur inv Die ..tinmbiiaa i . gain. Oldham fumbled, on the ' .rv rl three but Halfback Bernid Dudley. . " I'l-.-w-J ......JL.. 1.-11 1 l ""X,"'" across for the touchdown. .1 iu maia so Willi NINE minutes eon T T MaMailaUIrr 4 rsi. AraaM IS .. .EUla Air Km 1'kmda Hlt 11' 14 Rkkaiaaa II ......Vlninia Trrk T ;raa,hU 14 Canraatawa. 14 , .. Maryland 1 1 ...Tka Mt.l It . ClraMa 14 .Marrta llrowa ll . . . i M if shall SI Saalk t'aroilaa 1 ...... .Aanara 7 ........Pallia 1 ...... . Allra T , . . . . -Kaav.illa 4 Aa.lar ( Eastern Keaiack; hum in AlalMM S Parria IUaa 1 ... Karaua . J Muuirai Hula ii t Inlaw 4 . Hint Vlraiau ST .. Pralria lew IT... I lra . 21 MlikiMlpvi 11 VMI til . Kmlarkr ST ...... T.aa Hiala t4 ...... Wffr4 41 . ... Snrlfc CarollM II "7". Ieoraia IS Mnrakoav IS ' ItarMa A. A M. 4J KaMarky Mala II . Halkaaa (aakjaaa tA UiaK.Ulf S I . Ioraia Tack T I'rainatarw tl ......... Mnatkrra l:. IS FW V, 14 . ............ rtr'- ti ""TTrrrrT'rr'r.'";' Wtlra Kaatacky Htala 41 Km 13, ...AIM.. Noaikara Hula T . . nMa Hiala in UIT1I NINE minutes rnn In MlulnlRal soalkara SI .. Loaalan Xetk II j . . ,. . . " Hanlla Hla) tMI 17 : IS Teaaa 14- Km 14 New Mnica S ri j . ti- . . M ..UM..Ta Tack 111 ' u pi i "is oi anq xoe : Ark.ava, 17 danced down the sideline on a .amr k'RS-varrl tmifhrlmim win It'"!1 HASBASt atATSt'- Kaaa TUinmaa. UnU. Kcclcr, - Borilh. .Taaaa A. M. I ... T.u. Ulmtrn , U.l.. T- .. ! i-IIW. WOWn. hUkUTk. aai HaaMea II (nal . Akilaaa ckrt,iiaa ' I 'k'af Hartjhorn, AftaVnon, Tn I'ollnM JS... Hnkn. a;rmrr. airrcr, FtnacUaa This Is provided, of course, that Ohio State upsets Michigan. There were no new injuries in the Husker camp. Prof. Don Lentz's Nebraska band" presented a halftime precision drill of-28 basic designs-in creating varying - geometric-designs. McMarrar in Hnwara Paraa t PaaaanaU 11V aa XL'm- , .u.L. ,., RM'IT MOIIVTIIV . Kacka Alhacker, Oiiltoa, Tow. Dudlar, . tMnai.iiUDJlTAIJl Tiylor.. Cuhmui, Swiuar, Dahnka, Wade. rabwaala rHa 40 Coloraaa Mlata IS I Oldham. , idaaa HUM tl Iwl JL I lurk ml rniiniui - llafe Hiala 17......... Jirilkaat Voaaa Ml Kaai rialu. Ka.l.l. nn.h. n. I.. 4 ... Wfbar 4 Evan,. Kavrlina. Rlan. Rani. MltWk AM 34 M'anara HU U olo.1 11 Tacklra KbowMoh. Sunder. Dlrtnch, Mora xi.v.i.... . maafora nr "":.-t"-" a". num. nmpnna, flvnoiion. . I'armH I' a symmetrical Dicture .Olli i.k la n , ,l l aatara Hill. Dalihrna, Gri Thei..!""f. mm "'pr-J"'-:""!' L- band; r -featuring 30 trumprti, ser-U mr,u rt n;tr .:,.,.,,,r., Rmm 4 JStwHon. - Brookihwr. Btmnii( enw anaded the stands and lateriJ"1'0" . WeiMrioa : Honon, Cinn. SbeUcr. Homi. t - . ftrlrrl lm it nnueh and 'ornl. 80 :TN . 85 he &OTU& Sang Bawhar, I 'allfornla WtaoiSS.' "i Cetera HJ4.7-S4 H rna Nnnrncri nanri ennrj. i mrum a v . 'Z COMfENTING ON Nebraska's failure, to complete a single pass, FesliY-fiolionert- ihst-he-expected j the T-formation is our basic offense." Glel made extra yards, he thought, because too much outside pressure was used on him. The Gopher back showed the most tricky stop-and-go footwork seen at Memorial Stadium since Bobby Reynolds was running wild during his sophomore vear. running form in scoring me Nebraska, touchdown, the day the Nebraska band song, If hopes were blue at day's end. the game and ceremony were cer tainly a panorama of color. Oklahoma, with a 47-7 triumph " over Missouri, issued a forecast for more blue feelings at Norman,;! Saturday. m Fishing Rules Will " Be Set Dec. 13 ! XKHRAHKA COLI.ECKS Kanua Stair - acorlntr - TD Dudley, H.Hf PIT Mmw. 'T Haartmaa) Mbaaarl SS Nabraika Weoleraa 11 Colorado acorint: TD Turtle, Hanta 2. ST Kaaae k Shtlton, Hortoa. PAT WUUama 4. HAVE FUN THIS WINTER!! Build Your Own Boat. From a . -CHRIS CRAFT fCIf- Thff Sfnfp OnmP. Primrniccinn It Ft. Deluxe Runabout Trailer Kit -Gun Case Kit- Bowl ,."25. zo-iz kHRtat Uiehr, Veaarr, Jlllnnkk, Kvant. CurlU. Urfcl I4 O o o o o o o o Rnwi.Mnn o v w mm mm m w Nebraska's FmiMti Open Lanes mmn si retmtala Lttsash 0 tth A M A-1411 lUJik Tatklia llimana. Gh. l'rKhaM I. una, KiKrlman, Braaea, Dranl. lloll. Tulaan Omen ON-Mtn. HecW. ' llxka Knwnni, Oiamler. Hrna. n.MMoti, Knrlnek. ( lira. Hmiih. Rnnloana. Caderdahk. Nuk. Tharar. KeraoMa. MINKKMOTA TimM Rolua. McElrar, XlcNaawa. Frenek. Hallord. Hoc ... Taiklra ( Mi.kM, lioii. rm, sacaarr. Aimer. KoM. Aadrua, Haaamauur. liuarda tllaa. Coalaa, Haauala. tlaMaa- rrkh, Kaa. . ( rnten llalaekoa, waod, rraacoa. Hiinwnrof. - Coode, Hanmaanmr, Will la. Holma, PiraU, UuM, CartxIletU. taanaoa, Svhmilt, Oll. Nelvaika I J 0 6 1 MinneaoU j...... . .... t 1 NakraaXa ararlaa Toiickitoaal Retaolaa: PA I'- K.i)lo Iplaeammll. . M la .M.ta irarlaa 1 ok kttowae: SoHaa, Girl: PAT: Carrellrill IplacrmeaO. IMfktaln Rua l.ihhe. m. I rrferra: Oiak Wornll. Nrhraaa, kmplrel Oeorte riourreiie. Wnlrraa, linnmaai Joa Saaukl, Indiaha, kidee - . Individual Statistics KPRR4 Kakln -.. - .... ' Time. Promoter-AdamKreiBer-aid!.lc !.' aid ., .:lw.a...Ui.tht ln - : . "ttiL-rt Viltlll'lrk lii'in.-nfl ea tilt. nll'iV he - has-arrnnged -f ora - bout be tween Sky Low Low, the Midget champ, and Irish Jackie of Ireland in the preliminary bout, and Sonny BoyCassidy.and.larmer Pete in the opener- At the completion of their one-fail, iS-mlnuto bouts, the midgets will return to the ling for a ft-mlnute, two fall out of three, team match. The team raasle will have the winner ef the first match and the loser of the second pitted against the Mike Sullivan bruised a hip early ia the guinc. His successor, Ralph Goode wag hampered by a bad ankle. "There's the boy who did it." - said Fesler In proud tones as he pointed to. his are junior half-bark, Paul Girl, who was showering. "He's one of the two best barks I have ever reached. The other one was -Vie Jan-owirs when I was at Ohio .State." - "Boy, Nebraska sure hits hard," grinned Giel, whose muscular frame belies a baby face. "They I ve ever been zea lows Got Rer- -h nds- COM PL1MENTEU by ether two. a) k al-kla! . II. - ' a ... meioy ana u wnnor win ne m me as nard as squaring off against each other in hit in my life." the local ring for the first time Minnesota's dressing room was this season when they tahgle hva melee of backslapping and good-the 60-minute, two out of three humored chatter. You could hear tall, main event, . Kreiger also announced that Referee Dan Ferrazra of Chicago will make his Lincoln debut this week, H . .Iea IUin.10 I'ltt. H.iUttn S'..,k K.irmrk Ocdilitakl Oala 4 bii A3 4 en HI s R,iri1.iana O nin. . Notat . ALLEYS Ivory Afternoon and All Day tat A Sun. Coll , 2-7828 for Reservotiom Llaeela Bemllnsj rarUrs 23 . 12 CroVrlM Urrnolda 4anKl . f.l Aallia . tarried .11 15 1 .... 11 11 .... 1 Paiaeaa AtteaaM. iaai ... 0 ..... t - e .....1 n Paatlaa Naaihar i a Radilaa el M M 1 mi n S Hoxinju; at Arena Friiluy an oninion dron in the Husker room. You saw disuppointment on evt ry fdie as-the Huskers hurried their showers so they could escort the Minnesota squad to a post-gnmo ...dinner at the Student Union. The Gophers had to m;ikr? enrlv plane connection. .The CommiFion,wp.rked..Satutr.!., any on preparation of. a policy 8 FL Pram 10 Ft. Racinr 13 Ft. Runabout 14 Ft- Runabout IIIGGIIVSIOTOR SALES Terms . """rlTiouthllth " """"'"' TerW e Treasure Chests b iu in.-1 neapolis writer for great improve--manual for the department. ment over 1951, Glassford answered bitterly: "Trouble is we didn't improve.: enough.". The Husker coach Singled out Dennis Kbrinck, who picked up 69 yards in 11 carriers, and End Jerry Y'eager for individual praise. Yeager. out all season, was fee ing his first varsity action after hping given his chance wnen Dennis Eanuel was ruled ineligible. Glassford thought that Gerald Helgcson, Minnesota's middle linebacker, hurt tne issuers most defensively..- ,. ,. - "Just say that fumbles and a darned good Minnesota team beat us," summed tip Glassford. Minnesota, with a 3-1-1 record In the Big Ten. ran qualify for the Rose Bowl by defeating Wisconsin at Msdiaon Saturday. I m m r4 South 11th J i S i"' 1 I 1 n l,4 latere, law i 4 -n. I - 0 ' ' t " Ti.l T4a. 71 Aea 2.f. Tiffilpn mvi'itkniit rvriv.tiit hmilc 3n inlare slated for the Fairgrounds! M l OF ' the .. Huskers seemed !'.' Arena VriHa.nlaht arWAnantwH hv' agreed that Giel W8S the best ii tithe? Lincoln 'Veterans of Foreign, back they've fuced. iVars post Fighters from Lineoln.H "'rrst you have him, then you . !.. yv I 1 .. ..' ea, Ida,: iexingion, i .mnna ana uiiuu Yield will beTtstured. tla (atried i..'a '.mle . ,. Iijirmaartfirr 14 . .: 4 4 If 1 .1 T !a S et ?o 4 17 S 7 Aea. 4T.S S41 A SI S4 a. 7 IT Saaaana . Milliard l.irl aftMHl Adeaial. (.a, laleec, laraak Taa. 5 1 '0 Raealrlaa I aaM diet 1 faaelaa a 7 Vardt I) :4 II IS TatalVea. J7 1 TO.. ,A4. s; You Ctf Prompt Diptniabii RADATOR SERVICE kere"i re aa ladael Frank's Body Shop IIS Sa. Itik 1-414 THE XIOSEWILDE 126-21 P Rtreet OFEN ALLEYS Every Afternoon and All Day fiat. A Sun, 30c LINE For Reaervatlons CALL I-llif 4 t. rs 1 i I 1 Mil 1 ... .. JSk . IJHf J)l ' ( ' I.SrK ?S "K; a $) p ll " 1 ' Ul.Hf A GOOD LOOKING ACCESSORY A mutt for r far Opar. alee all nur aerelerator. STOP CO SLACKING UP irtritf. oH ymtrt n1y. N-ST AUTO PARTS 2 8595 2000 "N" PAY 2 YEARS TO OWN A NEW 'it Per Week With Anraqt hadt In or $529 Down Amtrfrt i mrxrt n. M rw vr 1 r l.ttltt u i lf ltvrl flfht hr In Littrom' V,pkjt pavmrnt u low u U Jl"-ir dnw ptymMii 11 tht yiur prT"!!! fr tli protMbtjr viorv thmn mrrtf Gorvfin L. Hulbsrt raissr rtrra Mrvar J 1126 r Rt 2-llf NATON WDF... GUARANTEED mm. IS I buy Recaps 3 rius Cap Careas Olkrr altea araaarllaaallf law Guaranteed In writing 12 Months It's poor economy to risk the danger and delay of worn, weak tires, when you consider how little it costs to take advantage of the experience of our TIRE SPECIALISTS. Guaranteed USED TIRES Open Evenings Til, 8 98c Til ,8 ForTlRF.8 T. IV HAAS aa Weak "O"., M14 kiH.Toi Hi itra tllk ( arakaake Hifkaar (-4114 Ctl.t VOI.I ta 1441 Na. lalaar 4 Mrtl Santa'Coiii I .V.ada---- ' . AND THIS YEAR HE COMES EARLY ,mM ADVERTISED. FULL ( y MODEL , V" WARaAKTr IWCXCDBB I LOWEST PRICE EVER LIMITED QUANTITY Mahogany r Walnut lincolh TELEuision cehter 1338 South St. TWO- ' 1338 "0" St. Corner 14th tr South AATIAkir Downtown OPEN EVENINGS LULA I lUlNd OPEN THURS. EVE

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