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Cincinnati, Ohio
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L. Jl A- Lsst cf Her Il-nd. la tla ITsa- oat Attacked by nted Houi. Hudt. l)uf any on doubt or think that with -trnce sn end, .1 alike rot together.

for soch a ikeptie. to silt to the bottom; i U.e experience befell writer. woman of i more then ordinary -i character. rlf in herown -n tiling it, "in thelat-3 ri my experience oo-! i ir heard tli usual btobiV -s i previously to the I i bout to relate. OnNo- i Md Mr.

8.. who. a you i. iii-band. For about aijc i ur New York on hut the house my hos- insidercd his bom is sit-n, Ixiig Island.

It is house, buiit on the vi-riooking the sound, and i oalc and fir tree of 1 1 mar ha called a family by any husband from wife met with a yery i of this house. hhe and Terr. fond of to drat out with (he tide inn trie return uae. uuo ui; i ohtiai tut tuli and wag curried i .1 a war (rem land. Before i rm violent thuniler-storm ii! blew a gale.

The poor -i i (.: been drowned durini i iit vt ret urned. and the srpal mis tjH been was picked I a hundred miles away by a si.tKiuer. THIS TXRBIBLB ACCIPEST -r. ynrs ago. and such atblni ifi ii rum wu Dvr drumed i 'i.

r-e cnr, it was the day before l.t. wticn. with a itartT of friends. "i iio wn to ii un tinarum. The old house 't'n ei, if -ir.

ti ri-li and was tha tMr- hi io i of hum comfort, with ilacheer- (i, iMTifwomi nrcson tne wide neartns. rjiiywan inrltwii Jolly one. There fl nnl ln-r Lriiius in it hrsirlt rarself. i room which my husband and I occn- UiesetotKl Boor a large corner at this front of the house overlooking MtttiniL tfiii briuht waImmi a which slim m.d silvered through tb brandhesof irnn about the house, ae out looked i i our north windows. We Nad retired on the first night of onr vufancy rattier lave, and, being' much unod by the fatigues- incumbent on me, a) i noon ieu asieep.

"suddenly I awoke with art. I a0MITI30 COLD OB" XT F1CB. If Id scarcely breathe, aa a deathlike faatl- in through me. and seemed to freeze i it was moat hornbla. udabidi i 1 saw a womau if such an object aa i uiiuii iaiuiu ue win iaj iibi, he wns exceedingly tall, and about her head ting Ion, wet streams of yellow hair.

Her iiw form was lurid with a kind of ph Jorm was luriil with a kind of Dhos- X'lmrtffcence. Hiid ner eyee semed to olaze mi a arenniah fire. About her form bung a lona louse wrapper, which water seemed to drip irom. each drop ban tig a green sparkle r-it but, tQopt horrible of all. I could "i e'ear through her body.

The moon was 'uning in tnrongn tue window.i I- me and the moon. and. atranaalr ioimn. Icmmlsee all her bones inside of in 1 1 1 1 Ii 4 Iryo trDipp i nun lie Dh. ho she seemed a skeleton i imiipr ot oesn ana ciotuiuc aoout her.

t.oljr with II EB nORBIILg MRT BAKDI 'in stroked my warm flesh, and saltwater 'milil to aria Irmii tham aha AiA ma kIma i.mrally ft-lt twe all oyer, and while she waa uina so i lay speuoouna witnoat the power rn-iivi luukiun. mcaowuiiv vasj remaiaedaound eslean. At Inxt, as slie Seemingly had satisfied her rurionyin regard to pie. she quietly raised tip trie covers aud got into the bed between t.H. Iter celd, clammy form lay still lor a wunn uae a oorpe.

men ane spoke: John rt tlie pame time taklna hia haml in har'a -I husband awoke and only looked at ier a aecouu wuen. witn A WILD SMBIIC Te leaped from the bed end found a snatch I still lay there in the bed, i ttid the woman or vhoiL Whan Waa 111 av l.u.l kaa a. in an mutant, Oa looking around ine whole sain was broken bodily out of the j.tirtu winaow.tne window toward the son nd nd a weird, wailing windama whiatlin. Into the room. The noise -Lad aroused the ouse.

aad before long our guests and serv- ii ts were in the' room with us. On hearing ntrauge story they were greatly surprised. jj ntiauanq receguixea tbeghoatas that of iiM drowned wife. "In atisy-ear guests weaatvi all together in room next nignt, ana at about the time the same horrible specter re-j i rned. this time only stariug a few minutes, but long enouvh to scare one of our young LAD1KS l-J TO A DEAD FAIHT, We all lot the house aopn after, and since t'int tune the strange pbttntom baa been ii in the same room a number of times.

also been seen walking abont the rounds always dreased in the same manner a-i 1 I. are described and looking the same. "iiad I not seen this with my own eyes and 1 nd others prewnt to witness it. I ahnuld i ever have believed ao remarkable a freak cf nature Dosaible." There peeing every reason to believe that r. is.

to: is this story with the utmost belief lillHUUUl. Attaakad By a Ghost. tataeea (Oa.) Telegrapa.) One of Talbotton's young men went out "ut bre miles in the country to aee his girl Sunday night, and was attacked by a i 'ton his return. Now, this tameycung i an Las been going to see this aame yonns lady every Sunder night for the past year, and had met nothing calculated to frighten him, so he says, until he wag returning at tbe time mentioned, when, about twelve o'clock or something later, en his return, bis l-'irse suddenly became frightened and med to one sids-nf tbe road. Looking to what it was the young man discov-t 1 something like a pile of corn- ii ivJ coming right in the middle of ie roa-i.

He ears the obiect was moving j. una couia pot see any leet i. but be could hear footsteps. He ii revolver from under the buggy-seat i i ia nve snota at me ooiect, which rr F.oke nor moved, but did not seem i i inclined to give tbe road to our friend, i young man thought it best to give the i to the object, whatever it might be, ni to bis horse, he was in town in V' fv minutea. and waa an timdlv fright.

i he has not slept oreaten any thing i baa not decided as yet whether he out next Sunday night or not. Says She Hoodoo sat Him. I Louisville Commercial. John Tribble. an old colored man.

living i Port Fulton, a suburb of Jeffersonville, is victim of a strance affliction if such it be called. Borne time ago Tribble and a colored woman named Ann Harden were or kin gat a bakery and confectionery, and ie former claims that while be was sifting ii in a lar.e diu i.Qe,iaue woman -ii i a "areil to come mi bim. and he was a. to move or tterr a ward. For two a lie lay in a state ana was tin irrMbTii I corwit-j back, and be is ions unetinies for several aeurs.

tin "hoodoood. him. he says. i i city, and he fears that be will to gt relieved of the unie-m abe returns aud tne pii. Tribole is a brother ot tae conviet who was captured and tiixen back to the Frankfort ary.

rii-rdr afternoon he v. out i. i store on Miring streat and had mix a rrparatum which, be claims on.y tneu.ciae taat gives aim' any A Haunted Raaaa. -idivllletN. Ksw Terk aTeralc.

-i towa is ia the throea of eicitaraent un accounts'" i noise which is daily i one of oms of the old Farris i e- lore i. 1 1 i appointed committee I our most promineut fketnyiterT which is 'lis rather ravntifv i to tbe supposed IV i.ned never unaiii -ret tichtly cnitcb led 'no. rut. alas: ame out of men. I lie I lie nveugators.

ho had aa' ousot anv tnirvgoccurringaronnu him. i tbe il" '-ualiy passed ed there was ibiifM aoor-C bis tuubs. and a strange pci'vane-f Ii'! whole bodr. At lr ream- -s 1 1 i I .0 cl A- i i i 1 i ii uloif isv-Mnl -f w- t. ior i i.iil lii til i.

i i Ii'iViiUif ii'- tli.i'l I. Miu I' itrog'i ti-at 1 to i 1 i i mi tii fiom hs to ten tiitiy groans were rt-i-i'at-il. i i ii ret sTamiiei tne rrr over ie liiTHi ori'l tm-ri t'-re up ti.M lionr- iriar. nn i to iiotiiniif! A ii'l at iiiid- pr lit tuey icit Hie limine not.e the i--r. 1 he Iioum- a twotnry frame in vi-ry center if ttie twn.

ii hwmcI by Martin .1 oiriirtni. a countr niHii. alio 11 anxioiii thiit tiio mystery bv solved iiikI the noi in- stopped, as it is (lKtntiatiiig bit property i iousiy. In one of tiie lower rooms is a bur-rnuin kent by a riecrj. unii a colored laiuily iianied Kiiington lived utrsluira in roiui a'-ioiiinit the liuunteif one until they moved recently.

Imv caue the couldu't sleep at ikut for lie noise. 1 hee nearoeu pay fiat tlie noiae iu lieen hesvrd ever ainca last tl.At it inn.n on every morn mat at six or seven i'elo'k. then at noon, tbeti at dusk and asani in tl.e night aoout ten or eleven ioca. it xiues in toe anape ot three riiatinct groans, iiut It is never near a on Sunday To the miuaeption that the negro bartender elow tuitttit be a ventriloouist tlie filling- tuiiscaid lliat tliu' couldn't fie. aa he waa fre- oueiiUy closed up and at Lome when the Jt Is now propoeed to have the house bv the town authorities, and a guard stationed around every corner and approach to ik in order to solve the mystery, if poraibla.

A Hideeas Hofcgobllaj Can tea (O.) Spec. Cor. fM. Louta Globe-Democrat. Many years ago German' named Knoun lived abemt two miles south of Harrisburg.

on the Louisyille road. Knoufi wag a well- to-do bachelor, but lived in a wretched cabin amid the most squalid surroundings. Every thing that he could get was converted into gold, and he almost starved himself' that his haard might be increased, finally he died. and alt ellorts to find tbe cold that be was known to have had were unavailing. It was Iupposed that it was buried in a ravine near lis cabin, but it was never discovered.

After lis death the. place was avoided by the Iieiglibors. wbo averreo) that a ball of tire iepv guard over tbe ravine. Following these stories came others of a more aensational nature, wbicli would freeze the marrow in the bones, and which were discussed round every preside. The l.clit was described by all who hul seen It aa atliostly supernatural.

of a nature to terrify tne atoutent heart, would under to and fro oil tho (arm. riao ligb in the air, descend into -he hollows, truinbliiigiy move down a small stream of water, suddenly brighten, and aa Quickly fade away, and upon aevt-ral occasions it bo-came irnnaiorined into hideous monsters which attacked any ventursnmc traveler who aouulil to liiscover its nature and origin. I win one occasion a farmer named Brown, well known in the community, was driving along tne road, accompanied uy his wife, never dreaming of evil, btindenly he beheld the light advance to tbe middle of tbe road just ahead of him where it paused for a moment and then darted into the sleigh. Brown whipped np hia horses, ben -the light assume. I first the form of a tiery red dog with glaring eyes, red tongue and hideous fangs.

This monster faded away, aud a pule-bluu coflin. standing uuright. took its place. This remained in thy butter nntil the sUrasborg road was reached and the specter diappeared. The couple were almost crazed, and ior weeks it was feared that theU reason bad been dethroned.

Ueorge Beam, a farmer's boy. Hying in the neighborhood, was attracte-1 by the light ana followed it until he reached what he thotiafbt to lie a pile glittering gold pieces, put when he attempted to seize them they became transformed into a dragon with several distinct headsand horrible fangs of fiery red. the body of tile dragon being blue. Otuera have averred that they have seen the specter iu diilerent forms, as a globe. a a star, as a cresceut.

as a yellow egg. a blue heads an iron kettle, and as an old gray-haired and white-roised man. it changed its lorin and its color with ligbtmng rapidity. A man named Cain Libel 1 oni waaered thai fie would seek out the light and defy it. He nailed a revolver and went to the place.

Tbe light soon appeared in the form ot aa old man. and he shot at it. It changed in a moment to a hydra-headed scorpion. and made a forocious dart at tho white face of the terrified Several who hud followed saw the succier and made cood thoir esuaue. several davs afterward Campbell was found with his bauly burned, wandering about the Country, some miles away, muttering unintelligibly.

and every once in a while giving vent to the most horrible shrieks. He was secured ami cou lined in au imuuse aaylum. v. Here no died. The Phnnte.m Ferry-Beat, Birmingham (Ala Hpeclaf.

to at, Louis Olobo- Pemoerat. Time has well igii obliterated all trace of "Dargin's and for fory years Flint River has been crossed at tiiaa point only by a phantom boat, carrying two gpostly pas Dargin's Ferry is located on Flint River, in Morgan Couuty.aiid for many years it was the only crossing for twenty miles. The ferry waaestablhihed by gliomas Dargin. one of the first wtiito settlers of that section. UM constructed a rude ferry-boat, and by means of a chain stretched across tbe river he pulled his boat from bank to bank.

Only one vehicle could be carried over on tbe little boat at a trip, but by charging rather exces sive-tolls Dargiu iUianaaed to make a com fortabie living, beu tbe lirst stage from-' Nashville. Tennessee, to Tuscaloosa. then tho capital of Ntate. was established. Dargin's Ferry became" a place of no little importance.

1 lie stages crossed the river at that point, and iararin opened siuaii n-auuitu jnraaiy lu uis in come. For several years be prospered, and in" addition to ferry-boat of much larger proportions. Margin built a rcpidem-a on the bill. near tbu river. At that lime Dargin's family consisted of himself, a pretty daughter about twenty years of dge, and a few colored servants.

His wiie iiau uteu a lew years oeiore. ana old liargin uatignier Mary was Uls House Xeeper and only companion. It was said the old man very eccentric arid ill-tempered and ut times was almost cruel to his child. Mary Aargtn.teil in love with a stage- driver named Ned ines. The girl father bitterly opposed the match, and ordered roung Vines to keep away from his bouse, ieeven went so far aa to have the young man discharged from the slaan coach ton-pany on Kome trumped-np charge.

Not sat isiiad with this precaution, he kept his daughter closely confined in the bouse. But loving young neans were not separated in those days bx trillea any more than they are at tho present time. )oung Viaes managed to communicate with hts sweetheart, and an elopement was planned, vines was to be at the ferry at midnight, and tbe girl promised to escape from the house and meet him there. They were to cross the river in the ferry-boat, leaving it on the other side in order to duly pursuit. Once safely aerobe the river they would be cared for by friends on tbe other side.

As the girl was leaving the house to join her lover she was discovered by one of he negro servants, who hastened ltm, inform inaa Dargin. The old iiibo reauiicu vuei river uana. jus la lime to see a lam outline ot then twenty varda frnn to see a faint outline of the boat, which was rds from the) bank. The old niati was vt ila with rage, and without think- luat of the Dosslble result ha Uli the. chain waich stretched aoiosa the river, and oy means oi wnicn tne boat waa drawn froas buuktobank.

Tbe river was much swollen oy neavy rains, ana wneu tlie chain was loosened the boat immediately began to drift rapiaiy aown stream. A piercing scream from his daughter caused the old man to realize what he had done, but it waa tnn uie. and. with a cntse on bis lips, he returned to the house, Late the next afternoon the bodies of the two young people were found in uie river several amies oeiow vue terry. When the bodiea were takan to.

Havrarina bouse he fell prostrate by the Bide of his dead child and luouned, "I killed her! I killed her!" For hull an hour be lay on the lioor groaning and sobbing; then, auddealy springing to his feet, he ran to tbe river bank and plunged headlong into the swift-flowing stream. His body was recovered, and next day there was a triple funeral. Travelers by the stagecoach were transferred in small boats for a time, but aqon tbe old colored man, a former slave of Iiargiu, who was in charge of the boats, declared that the ferry was haunted. He aaid at midnight every night phantom, boat would cross the rivvr. drawn py invisible hands.

When the moon was shining two white-robed, ghostly forms could be seen sianding in the boat clasped iu each other's arms. Tbe old colored man declared that one of those ghostly figures was that of "young missus, an' de oddji was Massa Vines, ae man what she done run'd away wid." The old colored man was thoroughly frightened, and that he would rather plunge into tbe riverthau again attempt to row a boat across at that place. The pIkiqioiu boat waa a fixture at Dargin's Ferry. Hundreds of people came no see it. No matter bow dark the night, justat midnight the dim outlines of a boat gliding smoothly across the river could he seen.

A new ferry was established five miles up the river, the stasa road was changed, and a lew years later the new ferry cave way to a bridge. Ail this happened forty years ini. ant to. people living in that vicinity say that every night just at midnight the phantom boat and its two ghostly passengers can be wi crossing the river. The old house on wie inn.

iuhi unoccupied, is now a rnassot ruins, and only a faint trace of the old boat lauding remains, but the SDirila nf tha dead lovers come night after nitbt and in their phautom boat cross to tne other shore. Little Anale ColUaa and tike Dead Si IXtvw York baa. Among the group of little ones who en joyed tbe good weather yesterday afternoon in lied ford Williams-burgh, was Annie Collins, a daughter ot Ut. P. Collins of the New York l'ost oftice.

A desd sparrow was found in tne street. The children, garnering auout it. expressed their sorrow. "Is it dead?" inquired Annie, and being told that it was. site turned to ber lather and said, "Now what will you dor Tbe bird's de.el.

snd it cati't fly over to the otUce and you when i se a bad girL" Corroboration. I Ufa.) aid raddleford to his wife oa tho sat back from tbe museum, "I am firmly con vinced that women have an innate, natural, lovs of tbe horrible." "Uood thing for you!" i i retorted, "or you nnuht have beeu a bschsior to four tU'Uag Uf," ii J.l x) vll) t3 Aa Investigation Provet Tiat Tlelr Espnta- tiaa Tor Honesty and Integrity Has Zot Xeea Tarcilied. Ths article of last under heading of Crojkcd ruit Uealers'elirped from the East Coast Messenger, a Florida paper, has been a genera! topic of conversation during the past week, on account of the prominence and high reputation of tbe firm. The article makes interesting reading mat ter, but docs not come within a thousand miles of the facts. It was claimed that Davidson A.

Devoto re ceived two car-loads of oranges from this man Harris on Commiasion. reported them in a damaged condition and remitted but to the consignor: that Dr. Harris immedi ately boarded a train for Cincinnati, retained a detective, discovered that the fruit was not damaged and compelled the commission mes to put up $1,190 more. This is all very interesting, but it won't do for our brethren in tbe South to attack reputable firms of this city in this manner. Ta EmcjCirbr.

by request, has made a care ful and thorough investigation, and takes pleasure in informing its readers. that tbe firm of Davidson Devoto is as "square as a die," and the article was false in every par ticular. Many readers having beard of Mr. James Harris, of Citra. FUu.

a Florida -orange- grower of National reputation, supposed of course it was be. but they are no relation whatever. Dr. C. C.

Harris lives near Sparr, and does not crow or shiD Citra oranges. Our investigation brought out the facts. which we have taken means to provs to our satisfaction, the firm piscina their, books. letters. at our disposal.

Dr. Harris probably bought on or two small groves on speculation, lost money oa tbe deul and had to take hta snite nnl on some tirot with whom he had dealings. louring tne early part ot tbe aeaaon lie wrote to Du-vidaon A Devoto that ne did not have the mfeaua tn liandla hia nraniis. aud asked sad, was granted the privilege of draw- iiiivii aa uiu ui autaiiis mr er UUA. waicu Was 'td re an advance on auwmnt.

Ha shipped, liecember lsiti. one car oranges: urew tnrougn tne r-quiiauie national ftaulc. this city, tsjoou account, which waa paid December Vti. lsss. January 1st he shipped smother car aud drew on account for lU.

1 his car arrived on January 8th iu bad order audonadull market. The firm waa afraid ti advance the taifor feil tbe car would not net that much, so let thedraft go back unpaid purchased a draft from the Equitable National Bank lor $15y; sent.bnn that as an advance fin thA car. Mr. Charles iv Ter-hline. Deoot Maater of the Unia.

villa and Nashville Railroad, states the car was warm, and gives the exact conversation between " and Mr. Davidson when tbe car was opened, lie states positively that no aiiiaavita were ruauc in regara to ID- car. Charles Eastmau, the drayman, states that the oranges were -ia bad order, and that neither Dr. Harris nor anyone else has asked him about the condition! that on January 9th be assorted the car of oranges, hauling those boxes in bad condition tn the.vara. housa of th flineinnali Kruit Jiouse: that there were two loads of the badj ones uvvr vii uuuun'u uoaes.

xn Llnriu-nati Fruit Auction House was next interviewed, aud. James A. fcaird and John Leveronu the proprietors, corroborated the statement of the driver, and stated that 121 "boxes marked C. IIT A C. C.

Harris were hauled there January 9th for account of Davidson A Devoto. and that of those oranges thirty-three boxes were at least half rotten, and all of the 121 boxes were more or less damaged. Tbe bonk-kef-nor of Davl.lann TlvntA produced the books, showing that the first iipi- nieu waa not uuiuaniiuj uette-a ur, xiar-risS37 33. and that the second car (which contained the dumuared oranaasl nettatrl him fJJ7 tti. making a total ot Soot 42 to his credit for the two cart.

Kales were rendered February 1st. and a draft for tJSA 42 sent at the same time, which was the balance due him, and which, when added to the UOO and $150 advanced on the two cars, make that 49 The book-keeper also makes affidavit that Dr. Harris did not ask for any money when 111. tbe cny, said nothing whatever about a compromise, out expressed niniseil well pleased with tbe sales of bis fruit to date, and told tbe firm to close out the oranges on hand (about one hundred and twenty boxes), and send the sales and draft for the balance due The statement of the cashier of the kjiiiiiuhlnV.lii.,..! Hbi.I urans. tames exactly witn tne report OI tne book-keeper, and be further states that the bunk now holds these drafts bearing Dr.

Harris indorsement. This ia all that can be niuue out 01 mat extraordinary story. Va fira InH t-1. 1r. a President of.

the National Lafayette bank; Mr. M. Blair. Cashier of the Eouitabjo National liaaki Mr. Churles Terhune.

Depot- master, ju. ana r. itauroaa. ana the Cincinnati 'i-ruit Auction llonne. for information so kindly furnished during the investigation; the expression of each and every one was to the effect that all dealings with the brm had been very satisfactory.

Emjcibeb; respectfully suggests to this Mr. Harris that the.uext time he desires to iraauce Honors 010 reputations to fortify himself with tacts. We allio Nil VbreHt'to nommiasilnn aV ml. that when they have cars arriving in bad or uer mer nave tne railroad company open enough of the boxes to arrive at the approximate damage. A EOMAXCE IN OIL.

As Iaeonae el rive Dollars afiaate Taat DM Mot L-ut tFraaklln (Peatt.) opecte Phlladslplila Raoordl. The death of Mrs. James S. MoCrsy. at this place, recalls aa interesting remimsceace of tne oil region.

The McCrays owned a small farm on top of Oil Creek Kill, near Petroleum Center. Venango County, for which they paid ti.000. Ia October. 1170. Keefer 4 TV atson struck a Hewing oil well oa lands adjoining it.

and McCray farm waa at ones in the market, as oil property. He leased tbe farm in small lots at $1,000 as acre bonus aad half the 01U In a short time the farm was producing s.iuu carreis ar on a day.and oil at that, time waa worth a a Uncraf'a l-e al.t. prod uc ton gave hiaa an ineome of 15 a minute, night aud day. lie was offered VaaUiOO for his farmbnt would not accept it. lie did not sen is ot as last as produced, but built iron tanks and stored, it for a still higher Hewasoflered another fcsUOOO cash for his tO.SOO barrels be bad la tank, but wanted an even ts a barrel, The market soon afterward dropped much below this- figure, and a lurge.

part of McCray'a oil was destroyed by lightning. of it leaked and ran into tbe creek, and be sold what was left for Si a barrel. McCrsyhas been the victim of many sharpers, but he has still enough of hia hsnan.a Ii.m.ih. I He ts now an old man, and tbe death ot his sua a eaves aiim aioue. The KeeeatHe Bira.

INew Yerk WsrlS.1 Take a cork of good sis for the body ef the birdsrajd out two matches of equal laugh for the legs. A third match, cut shorter, will serve for tbe neck. Make the beadof a piece of beeswax or bread rolled into' a ball aad sharpen a match end for the beak, using bright glass beads for tbe eyes. Take a long feather for the tail aad two shorter ones for wines. Cut a large cork in half and fasten the legs in the rounded side, making a stand for this comical bird, which may be varied in many ways by the addition of feataers.

Tko Old ot Twlaa, Xeoera.) The oldest living twins in tbe United States were born in this century in Philadelphia vounu. loeir names are jonn ana eamuei Nice, and they bear such resemblance to each other that It Is almost impossible to distin guish them apart. One resides in German- town aad the other in Jenkintown. They were born 011 May 11, lsui. They both learned cahinet-makine.

and 111 thf anaaail an undertaker establishment at tbe corner of street and Wasbiiigton avanae. tier-man toon, and remained tnere until the close of the civil war. They have long since retired from active business pursuits. l.oib men have married twice, both are widowers and each has the same number of descendants. Within the past tew years they have become quite deaf.

They emoy comparatively good health, aud are as active aa men in the prime of liin. Neither has ever used tobacco in any form or tasted of li.nA. TI.I. t. 1 in, is auv v( their long life.

Beside being the oMest twins they believe that tbey are tneohiest undertakers in tbe country sad 10 have owned ue oldest burml establishment tn the United States, it timing back to JL Mcaaiy Vlrtuo. ITima. Harry Msrrid well Let's go to opera. Ethel. Thee long evenisn art awfully dull.

Fthel Ch. Harry Fefore we wert marriti lo nerer vasmi to to eny-ahara, a-axry a.i Wonderful Curo of Sait Kheatw. aes, bands and arms eovero. Haada fJae-loss for two years. Doctors said ease was laearable.

Cored by Cntleara. m. pan paa a nr.m wnin.ri..i for Sts years 1 bars snlTerse with tblp disoase. I bad it oa any face, arms a4 bands. I was suable to do say ttaing wbatasvor wlta my aaoda for over twoysars.

1 tnosbunareos 01 namiaa, aaa an one bad tbs least eOset. Tbe doctor said my case was incurable. I saw your advertUemeot. and concluded to try lbs Ccticcpa kcmbbibx: ana. imrren.uis aa aaj wwsvna.

of Cirricraa, ang two cakes of CcTiccaa. Soar, anS two bottles of cuticcb xni.riji,i uaa .,1. Ha.A v. (hi. UkftArr ua laum tuiw.

exsgtatel may soma aad see sae and Bod eat ter urja.cja r. Storth at Cearlss a-reot. Bolls aUver. Oak. I ssoaa extend to yes tbe thanks of ess of say eostoBBsrs, who bas bees eared, by aslng tbe Ctrri-ci aliaKiiaa.

of aa old sore, esased By a long bI1 ot slcfcaesa or fevarelgbt years ago. ste was so baat bo was fsorfol bewoald have to' bare bis lg ampatatod. but ts bappy to say be Is bow ts- Urely weU-aoong ac a dollar. He reqossU mo to ass bis aaaie, wblob Is H. H.

Casobt, soarcaaat ef this place. JOHN V. MINOR. Zmiggtst. Calnsbore, Tpsd.

I bars bees tronbua with tetter oa my face for several ysars, aad doctored wltb ssvsrsi doctors, bat received so boneSt. I ased- year CeTicoa BKaaolJis last sprtag aeeordlag to diiwcUOBa, aad ean bow say that I am astlraly eared. 1 am satis-fled 7 oar CDTicoaa Baataaias ars Jnt what yea rocomaisad Ibra to be. UDOH at. aTtaS.

Bm! thrills. W. Vs. I have boea eared el a most BBbearable Itching akla disease by tbe Ctrricoa Bkmbdiks. Tbsy bsve eaablso.

ma to escape ysars of saflcrtag. Yoa aaay ase my aame as a rsfereoce. aad aay aae wbo waou to koow about say case may writs aa, lasloslag stamp. W. K.BHOOKB, 43 Orovs atrsot, Provtdaaoa.

B. Cured by Te eteaase tbe sal n.1 scalp aad blood of homers, blotches, ruptloas. sores, scales aad Croats, srbelber scrofulous or eeatagions, ao agsBoy la the world ot medicine is bo speedy, sore aad ecoBomlcal aa tbe Cuticub. KbsibbibA. Ovticvba, tbs groat eaia ears, lastaatly allays tbe moss agoalslag tteblBg aad laSammalloa.

clears tbs skla aad scalp of every trace of dlseats. beats atcera ana sores, rsmovos crasts aos scalsa, asd Mstoroa tbe bate. Ctmcvaa Boap. the grsav est ef skla sssotlnsrs. is tadlspeasable la treating skla diseases and baby humors.

It prodnces tbs whitest, elearsst skla aad softest bands, free from blsckhsads. red, iroogh and chapped at and oily skla prsventod by CVTiCPaa boar. QUIET ROASTS. Wipar Ooncarnlrnr Borne of Our 0llaxt Sobbiect. Eentarki of Variou Kladt Liteided Cue ExpUiatioia.

iafsw Baoreta That Are Dlrul g-ed for tba First Time. "WiU, I Vfelt When Summer Comes is the low. Bad melody that Jim Sinkkirig sings these moonlit nights. Paor. H.

Foloeb bas Invented a smoke less store. Ths secret is riven away tangly: Don't build firs in it. Tair do' say at Third-street Folic Station that lieutenant Pat Currin would be Chief if bis beard was not in bis war. Chabub VicTtxks bas obtained President Harrison'! promise that be would appoint Eddie Moses as Minuter to tbe Holy 1 nd. Col9' La aay Haxbh baa agreed to appear at a ot rtain plaea of am uaement on tbe Fourth of July aa -The Living Skeleton." Ho Uvati on infanta' food and ice water sow1 OrriOBaFBABX Datis.

ths watch-doc of th Chief's oiSoe. will Petition the Police Commissioners to put a combination on tbe door, lit fears that some one will be stolen during bis temporary abseiwaA It ia so lonesome on. the Walnut Hills beats that even tba burglars can not bear to be alone while picking up trifles in the neighborhood. The police should be considerate enuuah to attend to this. Tub boys ars still wondering why "Kid" Qannoa was reduced from a to a flatty.

It was decidedly queer. Since the "Kid's" departure Wilhelm Hulmer and John Kxats have doubled up as the Vidocq Brothers. Spsciax. Petb Cojtbot has finished a calculation on tbe number, of times he has been asked If the wind blew through hi whiskers. As near as he cau come to it the figures are 1.437.aV-.4e7.

and be is getting tired of bear ing la. LiKVTBjtAirT Caius Cassius Fishib is tb gentleman that the Second District boys are not anxious to meet when something goes wranir. All the old rackets are futile and monkeying is useless. Therefore tbey remain- straignt. SraciAL ToitT is tb champion economist of tb foroe.

He eats on meal each dav-on oup of coHee and two roils. He gets th rest in his mind, feeding through bis eyes by watching the windows of bakeries as ba goes by. Poucb CoMMissioiixB Johx Caxlabxh bas written a book entitled. "How to It is not a book for horticulturists, but for persona looking for tba best' of every thing. 8am Warren wrote tb preface; aad th book ulis a lona-ielt want.

M. Tbb prospects for a fin crop of spring cucumbers and rutabagas on Colonel Jim Homer's farm this year ar excellent. Sine Jim got married tbe farm has bad a chancs to make out for itself, and. atrange to say. is doing better than when under the Colwnet'a oeteriug care.

Tbxk weeks aco som thief stole Eergea nt Sam Corbin's family Bible. Yesterday a package was received at tb house and ths messenger collected eiKhty-fiye cents. Hastily carrying it inside bam tore oil tbe string and. to his surprise, found a bax filled wit sawdust. He was sold again.

Jora BmixkeiAif stopped at a Street eating stand Thursday night and invented bis money as follows: Beefsteak sandwiches, fried Ash. 4: bratwurst (roasted). 6: pigs' feat, 8: apples, a half peck. After this light lunch he went borne and ate his breakfast wiUi a smile on vim lace that would oeceive an angel. Tbb prize banner has gon to Fulton.

Out of seven men oa duty only four were found 1 1 puuwpuip uu wiau iu comiorutoiy warmed railroad switch-house. The other three; took a skirl and went across the river so Bleep in the willows on the Dayton sandbar. lhta explains th reason they war not found. Thbbs is a dark rumor that Harry Hall bad to lose hi tine-cut tobacco whiskers of leave home. At least bis face is one more risible and the whiskers ar absent.

They scorched uo less than sutteea collars, ana he was compelled to wear a wet towel on bis face when ne slept to prevent th pillow cases Irons bo-lug cremated. Johx Bxspbb. so, bas joined a number of societies lately and is fast becoming prominent in the world of lodges. He is the Private of ths 1'eruvian rie-r-aters. Grand Weeper of the isguidedkns of Mysterious Mosaa.

General ispiuio of the Bavarian isuo-caueers; Past Uraud Grafter 01 tue rant-C 1'atagouian Pirates aad up-bearer of tbe Bacciiananan Old Goats. John will be a great diui some aay ii bis hair does not give out. Tub latest candidate for tb Grand Chump medal bails from Oliver street. His patrol key became fastened in tb lock of a box the other Bight, and he, walked eight squares ia a telephone so astpT'inforni th Lieutenant ot too tact. "AVbyineli uiuu I you use tne telepnooe in tbe bo 1 1 demanued the Lieutenant.

The cauduiaie scratched his head, kicked himseil sottir and sentiy inurinureu: "Lieuionaut. I'm ad 1 loot." A a he a run. Stri gyy and Charlie Vickers inveigled sedate Dr. Draper into a billiard ball some days ago and proceeded to skin bim after th most approved style. When it cam to th quiet little man's turn to shoot he calmly ctiaiiced fc cue and tor tea minutes kept ciic-inaT oi noints ia a manner tnat caupc-U tue graiiers to groan, i.i mi iu stnug.

ie remaraed: "i ccaiupion of t'tiio in la 1. an.l 1 bave-t't -J iur twenty-bve years, but 1 and double mcour.t both oi ou 1 tsooa-niauk" luea hyenas tore Tho 1 Maui Views. Pt- i. cord City Lover thir.i yor tr will look with f.soron my suit? I'm airaidnst. taUtir V.

old s. A snlaistanaad kls ltttlo boy carpal of aa botiaaa Bkia disaa-S) by the Cstlcsrs Itanaodoa, Praises thosa ovorywksrs la tbs palplt, ataaae, wad la tbs puwt, For ysars I bare boea troabled wlta oesemiorsooae otbsreataaooos disease wblcb all rsasedloifaUl-d to care, xiearlng of tbe Ccrri-nu Bssbio, I rssolvsd to give tbesa a trial1, and porcbaed one bottlo of CcTiccaa BtisoLvaWT, one box efCcTicoas. aad oae cake Cirncrt Soar. Ifokiwcd the dlrsctiuas carefully, aad It affords ase Bjch Bieasare to say tb at before aslng two boxes the Ccnccaa, four cakes of Cut i-ccaa aosPaiad'one bottle ef CcTiccaa Baoi.v-XiT. I was attrsly cured.

la addlUa so my esse, say Why bey. hps aboat Ave aosths old. vaa suserlag wlUa stast I suuposed toas tbs same disease as ml as to so cb aa si teat tat bis bead was coated over wltb a solid scab, from mleb there was a eeestaaf flow of pas which waa Ickeuiag te look besides two large tumor ike ksrasls oa" tbe back of bis besd. Thanks toroa aad yoor woadorfal CtrrtcvBA Ikssmxp Is soavlp ts perfectly well, and tbs ksr-Bala have bea scattered ao that tbsre ts ealy one Uttle place by a Is left ear, aad tbas ts healing lasasd ef a eoatiag of pesos be bas See -eoatef balraHucb better thaa that wbleb was destroyed by elpeaaaa. I woold that tbe whole world of ersrers from skla aad Mood diseases knew tbe viae of your Coxicvaa Baataanas aa I do.

i Tbe Cvrioaa Soar and Oerrcoaa Xasoi-vasrT are eaach wetb tea ttmsa aba artca at wbleb tbey are sold. I avs never need aay other toilet soap la aay sweat aos I boagbt tbe Brst cake of year a. Bav. I weald be Inbamaa ae well aa angratsf at soald I fail tospaak wall of aad tsooaa mead yoar ttrictraa BaMapiae- to svery saaarer wbo caase limy reach. I have' spokea sf It, aad sball eoBttae te speak of It from the pulpit, la tbe homes and tbe strseta.

Praying that yoa aaay live long, ad do others tbe same emcmat of good yoa have dee me aad say child. I remain yours gratefully, (Bacv.) C. M. at AffNIWO, Boa xs. Aewertb, Oa.

i pimple, spoter alomlsa. Cbticvba Basox.vawT, the bow bled portlier, cleaasss tbe blood ot imparities aaaboisoBOBS elements, and tftus rem ores tbe causa, atsnee tbe Cericcaa nan dibs ears every specni ef agoalclng. bamlllatlng. Itebing, burning, aety aad pimply diseases sat tbe skla. soaip and band, wltb loss ot aala, from pimples to scrofula.

1 old everywhere. Pries, CvnctraA. SOe. Boa p. Kc; BBsovaarr.

SL Prepared by tbe.Porraa Dsns ass bxMiut Oosrosinsx, Bastss. aPsrsond "Saw to Care Skla Dial sin." aj pages, SO lllatretioas aad tOS tesUmoalala -r 1J vrte and free from ebape aad tmtaWai rsassa. by aslng C'uticuaa Boap. F3HT J5ETWEEX TBOCT. A Story Gaeely Told by a Vsrsvsioas Btato Eusaars.

The Somrset Democrat tells tb following with a strsght face: At tb foot of th Brush mountain Dear Bell wood, in tb famous Logan Sprpg of David Henshey. wbil performing tbir routine of Sunday work. Mrs. John Hsnhey and several other of tbe family wes eye-witnesses of a fight, which may soundlike a fish story, nevertheless tt is true. At he bead of this large fountain they noticd an unusual disturbance in tbe water.

Goag nearer tiiey observed a number of besttful trout swimming to and fro. having a geat commotion. While getting a Sood view the encounter, all except two ipersd. 'htch were about a foot in length, and whose spotted sides glistened in tbe pur. Clearwater.

In au instant tbe larger but less iciive one bounced upon the smaller, seting it by the back and clinging to it like ailood-bonnd. The next moment the small one. whisking aad twirling itself elf nvf almost oupi tne water, securea its treeaorn, wuen 111 urn ip acrsuueu win laiirr one. Biting eacl other iu the side. bead, back sod tail, the tiat continued for twenty minutes.

causing tb btoodto How freely fraa thir wounds, sots Mrs. ileabey. seeing that death would the resultv'an for a hay-rake. aad. securing one.

she prted them. But to ber great surprise tbey ushed together again. Another heavy blot from tbe rake, striking both seeminglylead. ended th tight. HE ttD WORTHLESS CLIENT.

Kid MUloaAppewred as His Ovra gmvrye aad Got Bla Moathav I Jlew Tork ITpesj KldMUlr. buako steerer and eonfidene mil, was trairned before Justics jO'Eeilly at tb Jsffeson Market Police Court yesterday on a chrg of vagrancy. bad secured the servioeiof an attorney, he said, but tb latter was gt present and asked to bar th ezamiittion adjourned. Justice O'Reilly declined tdrraot bis request, and tb eonfidene man with a self-satisfied smile, said he bad had sooe little experience in that line and guessd that he was Qualified to act as his own la'yer. A dozen policemen from the Nineteenth Precinct srore that Miller bad no visible means of apport, and that ne was tha aseo-ciata of rueven and nhaiadnnaMl anm.n Caotain Jeillv -testified, that Miller was a nuisance a his precinct, and that he had re- ceivea ntmeroua complaints aoout hiaa.

Officer JaUkten swore that he had ence arrested iiiier for having bun Weed Dr. Caden. Minister Bogota, out of tbat the prisoner was discharged owing to tb doctor's faila-e to appear against htm. Miller iross-examined ail tbe witnesses, questionhg tneos in the most suave manner. ana-contucting nimseii manner if a Chesterfield and-contucting himself generally after the manner if a Chesterfield.

Tne smile ha haa worn throughout the examination faded away, however, when Justice O'Keillj sen- Kauvu unui s. uiuiiiua ua uia taiaiiu. 1 1 1 Captnrod a BUsa lletootsvo. IBostoa Traaserlpt.1 There used to be a young blind maa wbo sold cigars at a stand a Winter at rest or tbereabaata Ordinarily tb salaa war of single ciaari or small pnekages of otgarettea. and tb deaer.

being expert ia tb haadling of coins, bad bo dimonity ia SBaking obacge. Sometizees paper money wouisi be givea him. and Uen the blind maa bad to treat th bonor hIparoBS net to give eouater-feita. One day a man cam to bim wbo wanted to buy a lot ef cigars, and offered nve-aoiiar not in payment. The buad man trusted his lonesty.

took th five-dollar bill, and faee wtat change was due him in silver. The bill proved to be counterfeit. Aotae time afterward tie swinder, secure in the iaabil- lty 01 tee easier to tuentiiy him. came bask to the blind man stand and bonrht acixar. "I should thins," he said noachalsntly to tb dealer, "tbat you'd sometime aaveconn- tertett money passea on you.

Oh. no." mid the dealer;" nobody would ixnpoee on spoor blind maa like me. "So said ths sharper. His victim bad thrown bimon his guard. "Evidently, be thought, tie blind man succeeded in passing the bill, snd nobody discovered that it was bad till got into tbe third or fourth man's band- So era's a cbanc to cat aim Of course aairl the ahirijp aanaln alnoil "nobody woild come sticli a game on you.

By the way. I got a lot of eigars of youawhile ago that West good. Got any snore of the tamer "Yes. sir." "All TM1 rake nnntbsr wnrlti The blind nan got up like a flash and seized mm or tue trms. 'bo man tbat passed tbe counter feit piuoa me, ar you" a exeiaux i Heln! Thief There was acrowd on tbe street.and the man had llentvf)f hela tn aeeurotho aariniil.r who was prtmptly marebed off to tbe sta tion, woere quite a supply or counterleit money was Duaa on bis person.

Onlsrdonk'a Qaaeap lit, IPeogbssepsl Special Mew Tork Sea. Tb following additional clause occur in th remarkable will of Horatio G. Onder- donk: -j "Having is times past front publio-spi sited motives costributed as I believe more in money and, disinterested labor than aay other person tor th benefit of any native town in cenitrueting tb North Shore turnpike, ia aiding to support th North Shor Railroad, insecuriag th Sn.OUO Jones Fund when imperilled, in-educating my neighbors children, ia paying for war substitutes, la defending mr townsmen from unjust taxation, ia petiarming-a long series of gratuitous services, and in innumerable other matters now forgotten by the present generation, for. all of which lares expenditures and gratuitous services I never received special Public tnan ks or other decided marks gratitude, and having many years been on jiiftir taisu tiere ou property aireaay taxed eowwnere. ail my remonstrance.

coiicluus to omit proviaing tne abundant leajacr 1 had once coutesnpiated leaving ior vue sows oeneut. Iomeptis Asnealtioe. Mrs Snapp (after the usual breakfast turtle squabble, sarcastically) I suppose you would be sorry if I Mr. c-nap Von bet I would. Tm hard ap s.i luiicianairt.

ik.iimii so at auai, lb batus Degins saain. N. A ThaaghtTol Wlf; S-SHpdplphla Kecor. Mrs. Society Have you invited all ef yoar and your husband's gentlemen frieadsT" lira.

De 1 shion AU cf ir.e. but none cf my husli-i's. If I his orti t. at l- iwu, a aVvwaT 1 1 fin i i i-i'J ilj i -si 1.. LJ OuiaJ ar -v OTPgr- aBTSS mrm rS T- ar- -C -p.

Tt tl b.1'-,".,1 "IrJr. -JLJ ir -11 ym cT I am i ill Mm II lJ Eecrxse Our.Priccs Are tlie Lowest! Our i i Tstxlroom Sets 019.50. worth 02,5.00. Parlor Sets, 7 pieces, CSO.OO, worth vlO.OO Bed Lounges, 07.5. worth 012.50.

Brussels Carpets, worth Gac. Ingrain Carpets, worth 40c. And thousands of other articles at equally low prices. SO T11A.T EVERY BODY CAN BUY WHETHER THEY. HAVE CASH OR NOT.

$25.00 worth of goods for $1.00 per week, or 0.OO per month, rJ0DS- i ar-v l. i l'a rtlen wliahlns; to pntrchaae t.VTIRi; G50.00 worth of croodsfor 01.50 per week, or O.C.OO per month, outfits -m be pui 5 Kvery taody InTtte to Inspect oar 0100.00 worth of goods for $2.00 per week, or 08.00 per montli. i good, tems aad price. i rS ii i 111 Mil Ittllll ii I I I I I I I 1 I I I I I 1 I I iJ V'J Pi iLalj ii L1L1 iJ os. 155 WORK HOUSE BIRDS.

Whither Soma of Them Have Migrated Ewollectisn sf Noted Crooks Wbo Dan Ti-s Tkero. Soattrd Broadoaat tbe Yarloua' PrlsQnB -of tbe -Oountrr. Th Query has often been asked: "What be comes of th noted crooks who hay been Incarcerated in th City here?" Quit a number of what are known in-th criminal world as "cood people" bar been unfortunate enonrh to meet with th mis fortune of beins captured in the city and of snSerinsth attendant consequence of beins sent to th work House, a punisnment drfcded because ot the sreatsr severity prao-ticed at that institution th aa at th ordinary run of penitentiaries. set ins an old TorkrHons vuard who make specialty ef remember in faces and keeping up with th doinn of former charges of Bote, a partial list was secured of those who had been throua-h" th institution and ar bow else where. This ia the only, means th police have of tracinc up erimlnas who have one been in their clutches, depending almost SOLILT Off THS 0OOD BXMOBT Of some one maa who takes aa interest ia such matters.

This is passing Strang because on the day before th release of any prisoners of note slip is dispatched to Fo(ic Head- Quarters notifying tb officials of the fact. In ninety-nine cases out of a hundred the criminal is taken to the door of th Work House aad departs his way unmolested. instead of being traced until he Waves town. or otherwise disposes of himself in a manner satisfactory to the police. At present there are but few good people serviag term of imprisonment in the Work House, criminals having given the eity a wide berth during th past few years: Of those wbe have been inmates and are bow at liberty, th Work Bouse guard baa te say: "There's "Cooney Cider, the burglar, wbo was arrested id this city ia 1ST, soma time in April, i believe.

He got 300 aad thirty days here for carrying concealed weapoas. Before that served seven yeartjn Columbus for burglary. In December pi the same year was arrested and seat to Frankfort. K. for a i t- i.

aaaa ruiwa uaav, cn jvw. X'ooney' is about forty-six years old Jiow, and I suppose is settled somewhere, ills real name is freiter. i beneye. "la issa wa ant Jflhn alia. Unvtr Mva.r.

alia illiauta, a clever safe-blower and Barifiar nere. vu ntniiii or umar rat UrkMivs ap Opat atrMt vhilttaiitiBf am on t- side maa for a gang of aafe-blowers who were at work oa tee strong box ia a lumber ortice. bad a revolver oa. him when arrested, and lie got hia months. I next heard of him in California.

WBItl BB WAS With John Tettman. alias-Thomas, wbo is nnw taa 11 CiLV Vriaon on a nve T.ara' sentence for blowing tbe Attica, lnd Doat-titUce safe. With them was arrested Joseph Heints. alias Seitz. who is now doing seven years in auaun.

in. nil iurri prrc mow-tng safes along tbe line of the Central Pacitic Kail road, from bait Lake Ankeisa. 'rirocky was aevaral Limes in tb Work House. I "A lonzo Moore, alias Morgan, a colored burglar, and one of the smartest of them all. I hpa baaan iiara.

saivaral times. In he walp caught ia Fred Heiusius' house. No. tu2 Elan street, and got six years in Colutubua. i is a good porch-cu Bluer, and cam from aaa Ton "Anotner good man fforrihat town wbo did Wprk Houae time waa Harry Ue-wmaa.

alias Foindexter, a general tbief and burglar, lie was here for housebreaking and lareeny. and did several terms. Later he ieiaed with' Oeorge Thomas, a colored burglar, aad went to Louisville, They did good werk. but fall, and after 'turning up' thousands of dollars Buww rvaassas xraua-furk A BBAT. BUCK pBIW JCss K.

W. Adams, alias C. W. Swift, alias ohn Rnowlen. wbo came in durins Vta-yr loTi.

for illegal voting. He bad done tinae in Columbus and at He did a sneak job at the Walaut Street House, and came ber again. He is now in Columbus for larceny. perhaps the bast sneak we bad her was Ed Sloan, alias Freeman, alias Law ior, th young fellow who literally stole ail the valigia in the Uihson House, the Palace Hotel, tbe Grand Hotel and the Ht.

icholas, ris got a Dig dose, and came back for stealing trunks at the C. H. and U. Railroad. He is a 'king' at that line of work, and is now doing time ia New Tork.

He is a doctor by proiiou. and a well-educated man. "Fred Flint an fcnglipb burglar who did fifteen years at home and was perpetually banished. iid a term her aad bas sine diaap-peared. "on of th most desperate men ever her was Scllraao.

alias Jankins. a young bunciar. He was arrested by erncsa LtaaiKriLTEa 1884 While burglarizing a Central aveaiiestor fud foustii like a demon. He went to Co-umbus, and. on returning ta the city with a tbief named Kennedy, attempted to- kill Detective Callahan in tbe rear o( Karri' fc Cramer's saloon.

He is bow doing Uii in Juliet for a Chicago job, "Harry Hay. alias Mauoion. and wCeorye Norris. alias "Ooe-Arnird had the distinction of serving thelonaest terms in tbe iustitution. Iu Ian they were traveling who John urtis.

Jimmy lMvine, George Jerome, alias Kraut Davis, alias lnliiel.eoriard.uo-lua- all kinds of work. Irotn robbery to safe-blowing. Detective. Crawford and fcebnucks arrested them for carrying concealed weaiKins. and tuey got liju un and ninety uays caca.

"iraoas lateb ot yrvs tkabs At Columbus for a sneak job on theC. H. and i). 1 a.iroad ticket otiica at toe Grand otel. 1 is now doing seven years in the lmnia i enuentiary for suooting an oriieer in L.chiDond.

snd 'One-sriued ttijorge' is -rvmg years for Lioaing Xew ork. ay's name is and be be-lons-a a tad Litnilr. his bro' tier binf the rted jim tue anas 'Li root funion. Botn are i-ru xuea and wiJ ii.i rainari aunvn.irr. "Ii rims i runt, wuoaid several termp ia tr.s iort se, ss aa a.l-rour.d ket an ii i.

Is s. a parttn-r i.i-latn reacbv' a i La a a sef sxaU uuca, La vsiz c.vizi-Y i i I i II 1 if if 1 1 a lj ii iiJ anil 57 U. Shdh 3r0' JNJ TIL January. 18SS. wbil waiting) tran Panitantiarv for A tnrap VI iDortatioa rears term, he made his escape from the County jai durma the services of the Halvstion Army on fcunday morning.

He shaved off his beard aod exchanged eoautanadeliberatalyjaalked out. fcince then be has not been heard from. Brians made the rounds with President Cleveland oh his Southeru trip, and on re-turning to Philadelphia was settled for three years. COXKLIX'S FALSK OATH. Aa Kx-ConvteS Oeta Oa tba PUes rear smat Must Ta Prison.

(New Tork Tlmea.1 Th ease of Ex-Policeman Frederick Coik-lin attracted much attentioa in Keoortr Smyth's Court yesterday. He was charged with perjury in bis application to the Commissioners for a place on the force. He then swore that he had sever been indicted or convicted of a crime. Th evidsao yesterday showed tbat he was twice convicted under the nam of Cortland of lareeny. once in 1871.

when sentence was suspended, and again ia 1873. whsa he was seat to State Prison for Dye years. Police Captain Gunner testified that he had known Conk) in for many years. Alter serving his term in prison Conklin got a place as cotid uctor on the Third-even ue surface road. Captain Gunner recognized him.

and Conk- tin anaeu nira dui to sive aim nwar. iivipib that he bad hia children to support, aad tb CsptJMtf promised hira to keep silent. Later-Wis Captain met Conklin again. He. was tbea out of work.

He told Captain Quo. per that be wanted to get on tbe police force. You can't do said Gunner, with your record. The next time the Captain met him was on an elevated train, and he wort a policeman's uniform. was promptly arrested and taken before Superintendent Murray, who cut hit buttons oil.

"There was no defense, and the jury found Conklia guilty. He will be sentenced Friday. SAVED BY AX ACCIDgXT Glen dale Girt Thrown Frews a BnggyJ the Nick 'tins. rnciAX susa-Tcat ce esta awoiriajra, Glisdaib. Ohio; March 22.

Miss Betty Jackson, of Woodlawa. Ohio, had a narrow escape from death near Glendale yesterday morning, her life being saved by being thrown out of her buggy. Eh waa driving north into Glendale along th G. H. and D.

Railroad. Noticing train No. It. du at tea o'clock, coming south, sh Quickened the gait of her horse to get around the corner at Oak avenue. Just then, a whistle from the coining train Inghteuea tbe horse, one oi thai reins hraakiritf she ron ti ia nawl tA null on tbe remaining" one.

causing the horse to trim short, throwing th fair driver out. The bsdly Irish tened horse made straight for tbe railroad track, arriving the same time as the train, which hurled the horse and boggy one hundred yards, kiiuagatne corse. The driver, more scared than hurt, raa bom. I Bnsty eketcass. Towa Topics.

Mrs. ejollghtly I never car what Jkelo when Tbs tipsy. Ur. Tonngbladde WelL then, let me refill roar glass. Bervaat The Countess, sir.

eloped with th. coachman this morning. Count Too badl Best drivar I arer had. ICra. Tounshusbsada I don't see bow any man caa spend as iron money as you a a.

air. Xoungbusbaade imtend you DeBylke I hare in as to an ding ceBfes- sioQ to maks te yon. 1 ley four wif LaDyik And 1 have one to make to you still more astouadina. I love bar myself. In the boudoir.

Miss Conhdante 'What makes you suspect your maid? Mrs, Younghuaband it husbaad is al ways telling me how be hates her. Viae Invioua Isn't it ridiculous th way aaa run after -that girlt 'o doubt she is guod-looking aad accomplish sd. but sh is horribly conceited. ias Candida (consolingly) Well. perhaps if you were rood-looking and acoempliahsid you would De opaoaited.

too. He War yoa ever ia love! Khe Never, until now. lie A I tbea yoa do love me. Kfi On. no I the one I lova ts not even aa acquaintance of yours.

Baek frwna tba Oraeew ret James esastte.) An elderly genUesaaa residing ia tb Bue Rochechouart. Paris, who was supposed to be dead, has suddenly corns to life. He bas a nephew ia Paria. who. being duly informed of his demise on Sundsy.

repaired at one to th house wit bis wiie to keep watch over the mortal remains of bis ancle nntil they they should be borne to tceir last realms place, tin Monday evening. as the lady was tired, her hirsoand sent ber to the il rawius room to taae some repose en a sofa, ana a servaat Having fiacro wine ana brotu on a table, be soon went soundly to sleep. On awakaniug at lour ia the moratng he foand that the broth had disappeared and that the bottle of wine was hsif empty. Becoming alarmed, he want to his ite in the drawiDg-room. routed her and told ber what had happened.

'1 i.s buehand etitered the rtxuu, tutsoon ruhed out with bis hair on end. He Lad sreu lus unt ie ghrt. The old maa was sitting oa the siue of bis bed. The lunvowd eorp-aat bad the utmost dirbculty ia setting them, to understand Uiat he was Dot dead. "1 am alive! he reputed, adding that tbe preparations for hrs In tier al bad not escaprd his notice, lie had been a lethargy, and.

waking UP. Lad hinipatlf tn lha hrni which aa done him good, i.icbard was iutn- ku u. lie iii perieeuy recovereUw tTUllaa ts Pay tat Trael. Plttskars bispaten.1 "There are some funny things ialaw. and lawyers meet with soma funny cases one in a while." said Representative Kelly, of Lackawanna.

"A man who is somswhat distin guished in criminal artnalsasan einart mctr a friead oi auine to Uae is i i-e tr hiua. is your money inquired my 'I lisvea't got wss the rerly, bnt if wuu tU3.e-s ior me. i ll -outaui set a wau.a iwr tu ia ta- fitcci te Lar-cst! Our Terms tlio EjisIcsII TinivGr iiv tiik N.f- If i Li Li JinnllQ'oUiiJi; Jin. a Kill alt, L-iU li WMREbl ST. HOHTfSTEDT 4 TO -A "71 it? I THIS WEEK AT THE BUSY STORES OP EH JS1E N.

W. COIt. 2IAIX AND TWELFTH STS. NO DULL DAYS WITH US! WHILE OTHERS OOMPLAIN OF THE PTJTNS3 OF TRADE, Wl ABB ALWAYS BUST. The reaaon la plain We show, In great variety, an Immense Stock of Goods, far superior to thone (renerelly eea-elsewhere, while our PRICES are ALWAYS THE LOWEST.

DUYIflG OF US IS Among; tbe many Good Thlng-s 9.000 yards Double Width English Caahmaree at iuo a yara: new cniors. 8.000 yards Double Width English Serges, ew Mprmg fehades, at uc a yard; generally sold at Uc a s.000 yards Doubl 'vridth DEBEGES, Wool Uling. uray ana sn enects. finin, Lhagif nal. Plaids and btripea, at Uc a yard; worth tuc a yard.

Double Width English Cashmeres. 36 Inches wide, at ibc. Jo, c. 3oe and 3uc a yard, la very new shade that is made. Positively the Lariest Line of Colorings west of th Aiiegiiany Mountains.

9 pieces more. yards. 140 inrhee wide. ALL-WOOL YiN RKSCH 60c a yard, tn ezuuiait colorings ytctual value. 75c a yard.

I pOOplecftof S5-inch ALL-WOOL "ACKIJWS, or Utdies Cloth, every color that you can; in m. oi. at i a yara. 65 piecM of fti-inch ALL-WOOt, LADIES rT la a a iu iivw i-viuii. I US at Doc a yard, in new colors: many store aik snd 73c for the same quality.

An immmse line of 8TKIPKD and PLAID C'lXiTlid. 36 inches wide, at ie. Im aad Cue a varrl. lO.Ouu yards striped Flannelette, for Boys' l. ii piaip, -i en a.

aiv. a-sw. ISc and 25c a ysrd. aO.ttOO yards of White Goods of vry dHcrip- tioa. flams, riaina.

Mritm. Lace r.necia at 8c 10c 1tC 1.0c. yvend 2ftc a yard. Immrnse line of WHITK EM KROIDERED fWISS at S5c. aV.

7.c tL tl 25. $150. tl 75. ffi wr yard and upward. BoY.S1 FINK C'UsTOat-M A uli WAlMlS at 2c.

SSc 6U0. 65o a yard, ia over BX) diflerent etvles. Another lot (40 doren) MT.WS TLAVTSKV. lh. blllKlS.

Pleated Fronts, lull made, only 60c apiece: worth tl. egant line oltJIllltUlDKRISD BLACK llsnJIKRE FlClit'8. extra lone, wlta Heavy Silk Frinae. at ft. tl bu.

tl. Ikl. tt (4. (5 apiece, np to apiepe. nODilSTEE'? y.

W. COBXER MAiy CIGARS. IMPORTATION OI Per Steamship CIfy ISaSIU I C3.S cf LA VEHCEDORA Conchas Especiales. 20ths faut 20Uia Beina Viot5rT; Extra-. 20tha Panetelaa lOtha Victoria 20tha lOUia Desirable Colors.

-THE- CIGAR i t.V'i'ZzrSr I JiB.ei: time Pud Biouer, to rommuaica C.1..U.AXS PP I lxsaj SB SBBiaCaUttU A If Al CMS 1-or ip-LS-Jajio, Fabis -wVWl (TJ WINDHORST. rt r-ff! SAViriO f.lONEY! offerexl tbie week are the following-. JKRSEYSI JERSEYS' JERSEYS! dies, Misses and C'hiiilreu. 8o many dirtrr- ent rinna. plain.

o.aied. braided, plaited, furhek front, black and colors, at 49c. 7Jc. 1JS, SlfA fxr-'jO. Ii.

10. bpisudiu values fortthe money. 900 doss a Ladies' full regulsr-made Roes, plain and fancy, full and regular Ix'-po a pair. Also, a larg lln of ladie' Finer Bon at lie. 20c.

'jc, ir. Sut a pair. SPECIAL VALCF-Onr Ladies' and ViaW Iliark Hose, guaranteed absolutely last black, at ao. S5o, juc a pair. B.000 yards CURTAIN SCRIM only Sea yard.

Best LANCASTER. 0INGHA 3 only To a rani. bales mors (3.000 yards) of th nicagualfty of I nbieacbed Musha that have bea a a aia aa raru. ice quality Linen i'owellng. with fast edges.

only 'x a yard, teas (40 pieces) 6-ineh Tarkey P-d TsMe Linen, guaranteed fast colors, at Xc ard: worth 34c nT UN" ULE ACHED CANTOX FLANNEL, good ouality. inly 6c rartL WU 1 1 KCHrXKKD NAINSOOKS for aprons only5cayard. UNliLLACniiD SHEETIXO MUSLIN. yarus wine, on i ioo a yard; told every sire at 2uc a yara. Wl ar head-aaarters for 1 DRESS TRIMMINGS, Dree Braids of all kinds.

Galoons, Persian Bands. Ivtadetl Ornamrnts. Bteel beta. Mel t'rnamrnts, bilk Oirdie. etc.

Ac a.a.). Striped f-urah hilks, Persian buiped 8 Silk (or Trimmings. Silk Plashes, all shades, at 9c65 and tl yard, and an elegant he ie of DRESS BCTTOXS. aVB-8peeial Prices to Dress-maksra. UIIIDDOBST AND TWEL.FTII STREETS.

TOW REXT OR LXASZ. FOR, REST OR LEASE! TWO DESIRABLE FLOORS (SEPARATE OS TOGETHER). WITH POWER AND HEAT, i Corering aa area of orer ll.OW sunsre frt each, being the Second and Third Floors of th Enauixer Job Priating Boiiding. si the S. 2: Sjcamors Sts.

1 1 Light from all aides. Easy of accsss kf wasoa from frost aad rear. Fire EscaP levator and all necessary eoavsieaess, Ka treasonable. For orthar paxticalars call at ElVQXJIJClErt office. Ifelfl I EITIlOORS.

SALOON i KEEPERS! furnish Saloons romplete. Billiard bie and Saloon tureBfWtatslersis- r.DTIISCHILD'S, rB W. tilth 1 Onetpnstl. BAI -i-iuBJiS. an TTFT.

1 km 1ST CL3Tr.2TYrE 1SS Tin i rrt, CicMatsesi, OU T-er -i, t- TTTwbi tedwinm Una j-. u..

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