Lincoln Journal Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on April 6, 1952 · 13
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Lincoln Journal Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · 13

Lincoln, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 6, 1952
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n n ! n ' ' J I . I iVJVrCry By NORMS ANDERSON Sunday Sports Writer DenntsEmanuel and his ensuing'and former football Immortal, for-lrigRt primed for the placement.! down and personally made the re placement proviaea au 01 tnetyish although suit fit, who Given two rhanr-M d Vnrirv covery on the Alum 36. From thf. 37. Ri 1 1 v.u4,,jr coraogna, tne gritty; Varsity points before a chilled and'missed the placement after the quarterback who runs, passes and .wind-tempered Memorial StadumlAlums had scored on a perfect piays . rrom the heart, Saturday audience of 10,000. sieerea the varsity to a narrow 7-6 victory over the Alums in the THE HUFF and puff gentry of iuuioan portion 01 Au-sports Day; the Alumni meantime countered at the University of Nebraska, jwith Fran Nagle, onetime quar- The stubby - 170-pound junior; terback supreme of East-West from Turtle Creek, Pa., who was ' fame, plus a rock-ribbed line and touchdown strike from Nagle to!prossPiece " either try. Each of tt--. n r;.i wu r u nffsMp. Wi.(r failcl ih I n Aiycr, hiu t-;- Smith and George Cifra alternated ringmaster of the Varsitv's thrill ing last-minute triumph over the Alums a year ago, faded the Old Soldiers this day by simply jut-coring them. Johnny's touchdown pass to strong running from Bill Mueller, Jerry Ferguson and Ron Clark. Coach Tom Novak's alum hearties missed a tie only by the measure of Ed Weir's right toe. It was the Husker track coach End Frank Simon. All of the scoring action condensed In the first half. i Only two minutes had elapsed when Fran Nagle, Alum quarterback, spotted End Frank Simon behind the last Varsity defender. Simon fielded the pitch and tumbled backwards ever the coal. Out trotted Weir, his left foot down to tennis shoe and his tries waslposts. skittered under the I guess I must be getting old," commented the Husker trackmas- ter. - - TED CONNOR.'huge 230-pound end, set up the Varsity touchdown early in tfie second quarter by blocking Dean France's punt. Attar throwing his frame across his i the football, Connor chased it . J -a , yf-mt vjpfcj r in moving the ball to the Alum eight-yard line. After Cifra had plunged to a first down on the eight, Bordogna had another chance when John Sedlacek recovered a fumble on the Varsity 23. This drive sab-aided as Kenny Fischer's pass was intercepted by Carl Brasee en the four-yard line. On three occasions in the sec ond half, the Varsity bit deep into passed to' End Dennis Emmanuel,! Alum territory only to see the old. wno newea me duu in me westerners brace and earn the baU on end zone for the touchdown. Bor dogna's placement hit dead center, One earlier Alum drive ended on the Varsity 29 In the first quarter when Guard Kay Curtis recovered a fumble. In the first hairs dying moments, the Alums i f - ijt ' , . . - vJV v k - J downs. , ONE TIURD-quarter drive carried 48 yards to the Alumni 32 where Bordogna failed to find a receiver on a fourth-down pass. A 40-yard spurt off a quick-opener by Fullback George Cifra fired this march. Early in the fourth period, a Varsity push moved to the Alum 38. This trip Bordogna's pass to Ted Connor on fourth down missed connections. Fired by a 12-yard pass from Dan Brown to Dennis Korinek, another Varsity drive moved to the Alum 25 in the fourth period only to be repulsed thrre by Carl Samuelson and the sturdy line of the old crads. A brief flurry of passes by Mr. Nagle caused the Varsity some anxious moments during the final two minutes. After three running plays, Nagle's toss to Kenny Fischer car All-Sports Day Results Football VarntlT T . . Alumni ( ' Basketball Baseball Xriinuki IS . Irakt 4 ; Tennis Omaha I KchradM 1 Golf Kebraika 1 Omaha t SEEMS LIKE OLD TIMES A host of white-shirted Alumni Adders converge on Varsity Halfback Bill Thayer, preparing to send him turf-ward with a bang. Thayer made 13 yards and a first down before being upset. Shown (from left) are Terl Scott (58), Varsity center; George Cifra (on grgund), Varsity fullback, who blocked Tom Novak (with MMUMWUli.VI., W hand on ball carrier) ; Louie Roper (29), Alumni; Darwin Saelstrom (31), Alumni; Thayer (with ball) ; Carl Samuelson (42), Alumni. The obstacle in front of Thayer is Ken Fisher of the Alumni. The Varsity came through with a 7-6 victory in the top feature of All-Sports Day. (Staff Photo by Bob Gorham.) n n Mil o Whitehead Stars; Seger Paces A? (f By JUNE BIERBOWER Sunday Sports Staff Whitehead hit a hook from the side, and the Varsity didn't get any ..closer than six points from A star-studded -University of! that time. Nebraska Alumni basketball team, JThe Alums lei53-42 at the end paced by Bus Whitehead, who of tne quarter, and a free looks better every year, subdued, throw by Larry Walsh made it a stubborn Husker varsity, S6-60, 54.42, for their biggesf margin of in their annual game played Sat' urday afternoon as a part of All-Sports Day. . ' Big Buster, an AAU All-Amer-lcan with the famed Phillips 66ers, rolled in seven field goals on nearly every kind of a shot in the books, and added four free throws for 18 points to pace the scoring for the Alumnswho led all the way after midway in the first period. Only at the free throw line am the game. They led 66-S5 with two and a half minutes left, but a free throw by Seger, and quick baskets by Good and Fagler cut the margin against an Alum outfit which by that time was spiked with reserves. . The game was played under the new rules by which in the first 37 minutes the free thrower gets a second try on one-shot fouls if umy at eQ"""h; " 2 ses h rrt attempt, and in Bus -slip-he missed eight of 12th , t min.ltM ' fnll, is a two-shotter and every shot charity tosses. must be taken. The extra foul shots lengthened i v... - "- -v t5 i'. ?iaffect-its continuityBuMhey- parently correct the old situation under which a foul was cheap. WHITEHEAD'S effectiveness on both offensive and defensive re bounds, and his amazinslv fast for a big man- sounded the death knell for the Varsity. Top scorer in the game, how-1 ever, was Varsity ouara rreajj,; j """i s Seger, who had 19 points. Close , vaish t .'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. behind was the Varsity's othrjnr a,,o startfng guard, Joe Good, with 17. ct, c i Among Good's seven fielders werew' c 0 thrwf fine long shots, a nifty onej.M" """I;! hander from the side and anjAndcrron i unconscious, underhand effort that;)t'n!l!; Alamri (UI) KG FT-FT A sounded CaJy TOTALS Mauktf . . FnKtrom ( Kithrbacli I Faltr f , . , Wrtwr I ... Mavmxer t .kr hit Just as the buzzer at half-time. Jim Buchanan, highest scorer In Husker history, also sparkled for the Alumni, hitting 11 points, although he played no more than half the game. Bob Pierce, Whitehead's teammate on the 66ers, also rugged for the winners, .and in addition Hcnrimn a picked up eight points. )r'- The score was tied 5-all aftef!sndbui 4:40 of the first period before sucrainin nil on a unvtr-m mu a long set shot to put the Alumni ahead to stay. The grads led 19-13 at the end of the first quarter, and 37-29 at Intermission. s WHITEHEAD hit a free throw to make it 38-29 before baskets by Seger and Good and a free throw by Willard Fagler brought the varsity up to within four points of the Alums. But Anton . .fi . o ..o 2-3 2-4 6-S 4-5 4-12 1- 1 2- 2 0-0 0-0 0-0 0- 0 1- 1 1-1 0-0 PF 1 2 1 2 3 2 0 3 2 1 1 3 2 0 ..'22 22-37 Vaiillr M0 FG FT-FTA TT Pu 2-2 0- 0 1- 1 1-1 1-1 0- 0 1- 2 3-7 0- 2 1- l 3-4 2- 2 7-11 0-0 "mf1', j w fH . J i v 19 Gtorte HamcU. Tnlalil Ofl.cwt: Jack hici'l. Srnr by quarter: Alumni: 19 Vril: 13 22-34 22 60 Chuck Worrall. 16 in n 13 18 60 7 7 -T-T" r - 'MM - f - 7 ' - ' ' , 7 ' fl a , i ii j. m liinri- 1-vT i. mi - n ir in .in mrr i v , mvmmmm--m; -immm . "". ,- I ' f. x 7 s i !' , ) I 7 - .V 3;74- n . 7 - t " If. . 7 .v' ' w .7 m j. - ' - I V- ; ...r.,..-.- r--rym,fiimn,-ii1iiri,n,ia a.i ani-i'Vi." r - 'i ' ---MBaiT-Tnrniii 111111111 ii..iiin mil, u LIFE-CAN BE BEACTIFU1 Al Karle, Nebraska's Widget sub-stitute second baseman, smiles with glee as he crosses home platt , in the seventh inning of the Huskers game with Drake. Karle, ; who stretches 5 feet 5, scored Nebraska's tenth run as Coach : Tony Sharpe's nine humbled the visitors, 13-5. The Drake catcher ' in the picture is Bob Corrlck. (Staff Photo by. Frank O'Neill.) ried to the Alumni 41. Nagle then hit Fischer for a nine-yard strike and tossed to Simon .on the Varsity 44. From the 44, Fran winged a bullseye to Ron Clark, who fielded the pitch over his shoulder and romped to the Varsity 12, where he was tackled by Chuck Chamley. With 1:10 left, the tiring-Alums, could not muster a scoring punch from the 12. Nagle's pass to Ferguson in the end zone was too long. After Clark picked up three yards, Chamley knocked down a Nagle-Ray Magsamen pass. ON FOURTH DOWN with 45 seconds left. Ferguson tried a field goal. He failed to get the ball off terra fima and the Varsity took the call on down with 45 seconds lf:ftt-,., The running of Clark. Mueller and Ferguson paced the Alum ground game. Such stalwarts as Carl Samuelson, Vic Schleich, Ted Doyle, Dick Gocglein and Jerry Jaeupke led the old grads' line tilav. Tom Novak ana uon Biros helm, two of the Alum coaches, sparked In the llnebacklnt; department. Bordoma's elusive scampering and passing constituted the main Varsity of fe wive threats, although he was aided greatly at time by the hard runninr of Halfback Bob Smith and Full back George Cirra. The University of Nebraska Defensive standouts for the ; baseball team broke loose in thej Varsity included Linemen ; late innings Saturday to wallop Husmann, Carl Brasee and Jim j Drake, 13-4, in an All-Sports day Oliver (who recovered three eVent. and sweep the two game fumbles) and Ken Moore in theserics witn the Bulldogs. -secondary. I The Huskers won Friday's op- SECTION B ( LINCOLN 1, NEBRASKA APRIL 6, 1952 HusSier laseMl Team Wins. 13-4 STATIHTIC8 FW SH yard laaa altrmplrd Paaaafl tmmHrd . . . Paawt fcHmrt4 ay . ri yard Mujna . . . Pairta Vmrt avaraaa Pawl ntant avcraaa Pmalty rardaaa . PMda fnali attrmirfl IN rarfiiaf 1" 7 Alamiri sis . SO 1 IMS II ' s 1 it .1 I s 11.4 O tl an o ( ener, 1U-0. Drake used three hits and a trio of walks off Husker Starter Pat Mallette to get all their runs in the first inning.. BUT STARTER Don Bcrtell who had blanked the Huskers for four stanzas, weakened in the fifth and walked in two runs before Reliefer Arnie Schultz put out the fire The Huskers cot six runs off Schultz in the sixth and five more off Tom Cook in the seventh to tr n the game into a shambles. Singles by Bobby Decker and Bob Diers, followed by - -r-i'Trrir-nnr-rrg n inaan ROUGH SLEDDING Fred Seger (6) is having difficulty breaking free of the defensive huddle set up by the. Alumni cage team. Helping pin Seger In are (from left) Bus Whitehead, Anton Lawry (16) and Bob Pierce (5). Coming up to aid his teammate Is Bill Johnson (white Jersey behind Seger). The Alumni won, 66-60. (Staff Photo by Ralph Fox.) Alum Gridders Not Sad They're Eying 1953 By DON BRYANT A good, time was the objec- Fellows like Vic Schleich, Sunday Sporta Staff tlve of the Oldtimers and fromiTed Doyle at 38, the oldest A weary band of Nebraska nil inriiratinna .nr-h mi th rnJ Alumni rilaver and Eddie Lawry canned both free throws Alumni, gridders tired, but stilli Contrary to tradition, there was Schwartzkoff made the rounds on Gary Rcnzclman's foul, and!'1'11. of hie slowly climbed out of n0 Knute Rocknc-like pep talk for praising the youngsters. u'vir iiH.H.-r.r.ins oammay aner- the Alums at halftime. Instead. Alumni" Coach Tom Novak wan loud In praise of the Husker S...wlir TV:1.I rpji. noon siignuy aisappointcd in los- Samuelson fought his way through UlHiay nielli I to the Varsity, but satisfied clouds of cigarette smoke to give Banned in AL ithat a good lime was had by all. an impersonation of Tony Blazine Big Carl Samuelson, who looks .x-Husker line coach giving a rvi'ii j i v i i liihii w iii'ii ilia waa . . tiu ridge, president of the Amerimn;the Alumni locker room Into a L?ague, announced that Sunday frenzy of laughter when he loudly night baseball games will be proclaimed that "It was the refs banned In the league during the mainly that Rohrlg guy that coming season. I ruined us." Harridge also said that no ln- Whistle-toter Hermle, halfbaok ring of a night game may be star of the Rose Bowl squad, started after 12:50 a.m. Had this pulled In his middle and Indig-rule been in el feet last season It nantly denied the accusation. would have prevented fans from! "I am crushed to think that And for the majority of the elderly gentlemenr the game served as an-opporunity for a reunion with old friends. Scleral barks were slapped raw before the game as the Alums varsity proclaiming "Those kids hit a lot harder than they did last year. They've got a fine ball club. But one of these Tears we'll win," he added emphatically and hi statement was echoed by Altant Coach Don Ktrasheim. Bill Glassford gracious to the The Husker coach was all miles over the work of hi two quarterbacks John Bordogna and Don Brown. "Our quarter backs are quite a bit stronfer than they were last year," Bill grinned. Summing up the spring drills, Glassford said: "We had a very sucrcssful spring practice, but we still need a lot of work on fundamentals. However, we know pretty much who'll do the Job next year." . . I And so the annual game he-was equally as came history. The young varsity Alums, saying: players coulfl look forward to the N9- AMTMWI FdFmnlt Simon, Ralph rtamkmitr. Bob Kchiwliltr, Dick Ftcalri. Kar MaKumrn Tarklra nick finrrkln. Trd Doylt. Daf-wt- Vte-SclilkwWM! lIofc ihf, Gail Cade. John tirdlacik. Herb Hrrac. Caarda Ardle Mram. An Hauir, Don Straahnm. F.ddir Schwarttknrif, .Terry Jaeupke. lire liny. Carl SamticUmi. Hill Ewrliert, Feed Lorrnj. Dale Adama. Oaten Randall Sallihtirr. Dob Mullen. Torn Novak. Dob Cotlello. Raeka Krn Plachef, Fran Made, Rill Mueller. Louie Roner. .Tack Carroll. Hick Thomnaon, Hill Winatnder, Ron Clark. Ger ald tcraiuon. VARMITl Fnda Till! gchahackef. Jerry T, Ted Connor, Andr loehr, (imrae Mink. Jimti .Ton. Ken Kunet, Jerry Yraaer, I)(f HrM. Ted Jamei, Ben Hand. Ucnnli Km. manucl. Georie llauer. i Tarklea Dick Hmmann. Harvey Doth. r)o (iahrlcl. Mike Morion, tonard Rimrr. Jim Oliver, John Behold. Ijwrence Ooll, II. M. Himmoni. Jr.. fon Holt. Don Clantr. Jim Kvana. Ieorae I'rochaaka, Charlr llrvant Kd HiiMmann. John Welch, Hill Cannon, Gel- aid llineham. r.aardtClartnn Cur(l. Tom Krlnal, He-mm (;riea, (;rant Wkllnrv. Kenny Oxhorn. John Machiaic. Jerry TanKon. Carl llraee. lion Txtrrnz, Bud Johna. Ton Wlney, Ma Knrelman. ('MfTa Vrri Boon, pick Coll. Dick Wat- n. Hob Oherlm, Hill liolloran. HarkaPar lnae, John ltrrM. Dan Rrown, Dnane Rankin, Dtiane Oav, Phil Tvrn. Charlia Chamley, Hon Hummer. Jim Ycta-ky. Georae Gtthde, Hill Harmon, Dennla Korinek. Knn Moraan. Walt Flnkr. FJ Garlnakl. John llordoena. Ken Mixr. Hill Heck, K.mll Kadik, Hill 'lhaycr. Jim l.viimlnkv, onn Slope, Georte Cllra. Htoart Thorell, llephaut. Hob Smith, Don Hierha. Slrahetm. Alumni ) 0 0 Vanliy 0 7 0 Vanity ecorlna: Touchdown- rmmanuel tpaaa frnen Uordoena! I'AT lloldoana Iplacefpeno. Alnmnt icoilni: Touchdown Simon fpaia r,.m Illflclala ihuck WorraM. rrtereel M (l.!ia.n l . i All c.-.i.1 !'"" II Voir. ..mplrei Herman Kohr field ludaei " -""- l n.i-iuijw,. (,l(f hloan lineman. Husker Tennis Team in Defeat Omaha University scored a 6-1 I All-Sports Day tennis victory over the Husker netmen. The summaries; Singles Fred riaule. Omaha, defeated Mlka llolvokc, Nebraska. U-2. 8-4. lorn llurke. Omaha. defeated Walt Weaver. Nebraika. -:(. 4-S, 1210. Don Hlocker, Omaha, defeated John Tatoffl, 3-B. fl-4. S-t. Tom Harrlnaton, Nebraska, drfeatrd Carl Carlaim. Omaha. 1-fl. 0-4. 10-M With the A's In Savannah Exclusive Sunday Journal and Star Photos on Page 3-B lion Jerry 0 07 three straight walks to Jerry Dunn, BUI Giles and Bay Mlad-ovich got the Huskers their first two runs. After Ray Novak, first batter in fhe big sixth Inning, singled, Bob Decker and Milt Frei drew walks fill the bases. Diers clouted a ground rule double that- bounced bvefthe-centerficld fence at the 375-foot mark to drive In the two runs that tied it up. ERRORS BY Sho tstop Jim Heslop and Third Baseman Joe Revere and a single by Jim Ce-derdahl gave the Huskers four more tallies before Novak, up for the second time, grounded out. The big blow In the seventh was Murray Backhaus' two-run single. Milt Frei and Seger ilso got hits during the inning, in hieh Cook contributed to his own downfall by hitting Dick Ohristoph and Decker with pitched balls and walking two others. The Bulldogs got only one hit lirandon Gallaahrr. Omaha, defeated Bob alter the first inning. 8 Single Off iroo. icnraa. -. (-0, v-l. Rav Nnvnlr hv Srhii tr in Iho vth. Doubles Vlaaaale, Hurke. Omaha, defeated llolyoke. Weaver, Nebra,ka. 4-0, K-tl. GallMefcer, Carlton, Omaha, defeated Har rlnaton. Taaftm, Nrhrakaa, 6-2. 1) 3. NU Golfers Beat Omiilia The University of Nebraska golf. team whipped Omaha University , imere cf Fran Hofmaier, nifty fresh man southpaw, who pitched the seventh and eighth innings, strurlc out the Bulldogs on nine pitches In the eighth. Bob Kremke finished up on the mound for the Huskers, and Novak, who pitched the fourth, " fifth and six Innings, was the winner. Drake 4 NaaawU IS ' greeted each other. 1 Those Aums p,aycd we nd fau and a chance to redeem i wu aci vu tim-ii vici i j rvi" always appreciate tneir wni-L'IM",v' ,"',", ii"iucs. guson and Ron Clark manaftod inRness to come bark and help! And the Alums? They merely a leave from the Army to play in ,,. lit ciearetles. stroked saeeina viewing the 17 and 19-lnnlng anyone would suggest that l.,ne ?ame- 1 "We got a great deal out of the paunches and looked forward to night games at Comiikey I'ark would do such a thing. After all,! After the game the "oldtimers game we played against a great next . April hopirtg that tfM between the Chicago White Sox j I'm an alum, you know," Rohrig gave the barkslaps to the younger deal cf experience," Glassford would be "one of those years" and Boston Red Sox. - " exclaimed. i players on the varsity. jsuicL Iwhca lliey'd win. .. II ere? $ Idea for AU-Sporls Day SEATTLE V Dick Taylor, clam and collected, gulped down 337 steamed littlenecks In 10 minutes Saturday to retain his world championship title in the fifth annual International Pacific Free Style Clam Eating Contest Association Tournament. Taylor swallowed the bivalves at the rate of 33.7 per minute, thus besting his own mollusk-munching record set last year when he ale 272 in the same time. As a reward, he was adorned wilh a crown of clam shells, lie also was kissed by Miss I Halibut Checks of 1952. DaV. iSmlarrrf A crisp, biting wind and cold 11','er, :ih weather hampered effectiveness. hrJ.Bh,b Three linker linksmen shot un-j( n.",'2h-p dor 80. Joe Clifford's 76 was lowij'a'nae ior ino aay. uoug uaie goi a ll srhuin a and Irv Peterson hart a 79. .Donner 2b The summaries;' ?r lyterann, Nehraaka, defeated Dob I,lnd beta. Omaha, 3-0 Joe flllordi N'ehraaka, defeated Fled Shin rock. Omaha. 3 0. OolK Hale. Nrbraaka. defeated Dean Wil on, Omaha. 2-lf (hick llalarr. Nrbraaka. dcfealrd Tom .Ian... Omaha 2V-S. Nebraaka acilred b team' polnti to pome br Omaha. ah ll 0 I 5 10 0 Decker 3h 4 0 10 jum.ild. 20 2 0 9 1 Karle 2b 4 0 10 Krel If 4 1 S 0 lloppcf 3 0 3 1 Him ci 2 0 4 0 decker rf 10 10 Dunn rf 4 12 2 Chriatopll 2b HI" fillet lb 2 0 10 Seeer 110 0 Mladovlctiei 0 0 0 0 Hofmaier Sanithnlte a "rl-rlahl e Packhana a Mallette l Novak p-lb Kremke ii Totala Drake i Nibracka ah k l 3 : 4 10 0 0 4 10 0 oooo 5 2 10 10 0 0 SO 0 0 m 1 1 0 3 1 0 ! 0 0 1 0 7 it 4 A i 0 0 0 nil 3.1 4 24 4 Totala 37 10 27 7 it u e 4on ono omv 4 44 0O0 02H 60a 1.1 10 S Exhibition Hinulu nnaliMI Ml H lew Vnrk N . . I kfcraaa IS) T . . . , U aiMnartna) I'hiinH.iMiia 11) s llr.kl k I hlraaaa lA) 1 1 hlraaa l,M a . . rl. lonta I At t I'MLiMpMa 141 T ra knrk () f iKeiroh ill K llealop I, Corrkt Br vera, Seaer Hovak; It f.amnht-re. Mower, rorrna. He-vete. Decker 3. Karle, Diera 2. Trrl 2. tireef 2. Mlailmxh. Novak. ( hriatoph: IM-llirra, I Cmrirk: (ill f'orrick. Dunn! III' - lln krr h t t hrt.inrh In Noaki I.OI1 - Drake lOi Ne- I bra-la J2: 11!) Mallrllr 4. Nov k. Krr-ke t l, llirtcll . Shiillr Cook 7; HO .Mallette 4 7 lierlell S. Novak 5, Sihnlll, Jlolmaier 41 JltllJ-( orrkk, Netiman. ("ot.k 2, Decker, Krel. Dicr.. 2, (illea. Setrr, Mlaitovkh, ( - t ct.nlahl. Ilackhana 2 MI'll - llratoo hr Brvke Armi 3 Novak: ChrM"f-h and fleck,-! bv fk-- Win- . , Raletak It nr. I ner - Novak: fwer-Hthull: Time 2 .Vl! Aiiuta IHO I tendance 2.UiH)( Imp.iea lleiaert and Wae-lllrailaahaaa Ut.W rail. . Tel tTea I I filial Dmhawek ChartaNiatl . . . SI. loak I I nUna l( Tl. Inrtk ITea.) . VI, Ktrk (T.a.l

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