The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 24, 1937 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 24, 1937
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 24, ios? BLYTHEVILtfe. (ASK.) COURIER NEWS Their Royal Highnesses LAST IILLEB Ga'stles Beem'an Has Miraculous Escape on U. S. S. Wyoming It was a Blytheville boy who was unscathed when. si>; men around .him were" killed In llic recent explosion aboard the U. S. • S. Wyoming near San Diego, Calif. Castles Bcemnn, son of Mr. and Mrs. M... B. Bceinan; was the navy man referred to in press reports as "a navy man detailed as first aid to tlie marines firing this gun w'a? uninjured although.', the six who -died were on each side a', him." Ymmg Bcemnit. was the only navy man near _the gun. Details of the tragedy, .were recounted by him in n letter his parents received. He wrote that lie was within eight feet of the gun but lie was Mat 1 touched although all Hi others around him .were "mowc under, one man being killed in slantly and five others dy'in wilhln 19 minutes after the she! exploded." During firing, a pharmacist' mate is assigned each gun fo emergencies nnd it was this posi lion young nedman was filling a the gun when the shell exploded He is serving his third', enlist ment in the navy, having first en listed in !929. Describes Origin Of Festival Jews Observe Thursday BY RABBI MAURICE LYONS Pnrim is one of the minor . historical fe.stivals. and is celebrated annually on the 14th of Adar (in a leap year, en Adar Shenl or Second Adar). This year. Purim will be celebrated tomorrow. The holiday ccmnicmorates the joyous consummation "of the events so dramatically portrayed in the Book of Estiitr, which occurred in Persia during the rci^n of Almucrus (Xerxes. 485-464 B C) Briefly, tlie story is as follows: A certain Haman became prim minister. He was possessed cf a haughfy, egotistical, nnd vindictiv nature. Everyone towed obsequ iously to him, except one mat by the name of Mordecai, who : Haman fennel out, was a.. Jew, Disdaining to vent, his , wrath .-.•.-'against an individual, he plotter' "-'to > avenge his ruffled dignity ' bv exterminating the entire Jewish nation. He cast lots (in Hebrew tho word is Purim, hence ihc designation .of the festival) order to ascertain an ill-fated day for the children of Israel Believing the 13th of Adar the opportune day for his plans' lie craftily persuaded the greedy and fcolish Ahasudnis to sign' tlif massacre—decree against the' Jewish people, to take pfacc orV thai date. Providentially, ricivcvcr Esther, Moniccai's cousin, had ceer. elevated to the qusensnip of Per Gia. and so frustrated Haman't rmiftcr designs. Haman fell intc the bad graces of the king anc was l,ung on the very gallows which he had prepared for Mordecai. He, in .turn, due to past unrequited service 16 (he kin' was made prime minister; and to the Jews (here was "light and gladness, and. joy and honor." Tl-,3 Furlm festival ivac - or-' tallied by the men of the Great Synod, of .which Mordecni is said to have been a niemtor, to b£ celebrated annually on the 14th of Adar, with songs of rejoicing, alms to the poor, exchange ol gifts ( Manos), and gcn- tral festivities. Nowadays, masking, dressing up, plays, anud pageantry are the order of the day. 4 (Continued from page One) receiving i,i s assurance that the sales token plan will not te udopt- •cd dunnf. the present admlnistra- imn the committee recommended £m f' 1IUC 5l '° rllj ' aftEr !t «• comcned at 2 p. M ., that :IlD Uo .menamento previously rcjeete'l by tlie senate be reconsidered at.d ajiproved. One of these provides for use cf ths sales lax tokens at the dlscreucn of the revenue con- miss oner ami the other for cx- pjralion of the sales lax July I 1939 Five other, amendments were adopted, incliiriin? one which ncr- mifi public .utility companies tb discontinue sen ice on nonpayment of the tax and another exempting agricultural products sold by the producer. .Other amendments made minor changes in the .bill The supplementary 'bill exempting cotton and cottonseed from the tax' was introduced by Senators Wilkcs and Norrel. Banker, 100, on Job other day Edmund" Reardon observed Ills 100th birthday anniversary. But he abhors the thought of retirement. Enjoying tiptop heallii, he is at his desk dally at tne Uuiou Savings Bank, wliere lie Is vice president, New Baby Complicates Criner Family Ties Helaltonslilps i were • Intricate inough In tho J. C. Crlnei family but the birth of a baby :osterday has further complicated matters. Became Mrs, Criner. married ler stepfather, following her notber's death, It thkes ji lot of time lo figure things out: If 'on want It unraveled H; Is -•omething like this: lylrs. Criner Is tlie wife of her .st'fp- alher. The two 'sons aiid two laughters, born to Mr. Crlnor il his first \vlfe, tho moll'cr Jf Ills present wife, aro half Istcrs nnd brothers to Ilielr tcpmolher. Tlic new bi'by, vhlch is Ihc first born to "Hits Mrs. Criner." Is .the daughter .nd step-Granddaughter of Mr. Criner. The sons and [laughers of Mr. Criner, by Ills Jlrst narrlago, nro half sisters- nnd in If brothers, or tho new baby •ind they arc also' : her auiiu uncles. „ .. . > Designated the "official coronation photograph," this excellent study of King George VI of England and Queen Elizabeth reveals them despile their roval rrenlin ac 0,1 i.n.^jiio ...—^ ,-. . - ' —„ ^ , ^ „, uii B mnu aim i-iucen tnzaueih reveals them despile their royal regalia, as an humble, unassuming couple Re' splcntianl in regal gold braid and medals is King Gcorte but his wife wears a simple gown of silk print, against which ihc insignia of. her-royal honors can hardly be seen. A coronet tiara bracelets and a six-strand necklace of huge pearls are her chief concessions the elegance. Daring Declarer Squeezes Out Slam With Long Suit By \VM. E. .SrcKENNEY Secretary, American .Bridge Lcajfue In sending me today's hand, C P. .waltrhan of Reading, ?*., a di- ;ctor of the American Bridge League; modestly remarked that 'no 0112 else" would have been fool- 'sh enough target into the grand slain contract." But his friends, .vhen they analyze tbe play, will ra- lliz; that few would have played t as well; and made the 'contract VA104 *. A 10 * K Q J 10 7 Duplicate—All \ South West Nqrlh 1 * Pass .'. V 4 3 ul. 5V Pass > Pass- Opening lead 5 A 7N T. •ft 3. or an absolute top' on the board. Th= bidding is a little- unusual. Valtman sat North: and hJ 5 jii- nond bid \vas made to stop a lead •>f tliat suit, if jwsslble', His. Jater )ld of five spades he wished con- trued by his opponents as merely showing the ace. This strategy worked, and (he ach of spades was the opaning ead. Twelve tricks were in si-'ht nid Ihe thirteenth i:ad to te founrt n either spades or hearts-not an asy task. Today's Coniracl Profilcm South is playing the con- trnct at six spades! Should West try to establish a licarl irick by opening that suit, or would some other lead offer a better cliancs of defeating the contract? VA 0 A 843 .?< K 2 '• "'•ne vul. Opener — ? .ulion-in next issue. lood Refugees Return to Milligaii Ridge Homes PARAGOULD. Ark. — Nineteen amilies. a lotal of 82 persons, were smovKl from tlii Walcott refugee whip to their homes in the Mil- ignn nidge section Tuesday it was uinounccd at the local Red Cross headquarters. There is a tolal of 680 persons at the Walcott camp. 9,090 New England Shoe Workers Strike BOSTON, Feb, 24 (UP) — Ap- ircximatcly 9.000 Massachusetts nd New Hampshire shoe workers truck today for an immediate 15 or cent wage increase. Called by the Unilcd Shoe and Leather Workers Union the strike rpMdcd the first' New England' est. of strength of an. affiliate of ohn L Lewis' C. I. p. Swift settlement was predicted Already 17 manufacturers employ-' ng 8.MO-of 17.000 unb n inem- ers have acceded lo.thc demand nd : negotiations were scheduled 'Hh o thcr employers. Hawaii To Grow Clams HONOLULU <UP,-Fre 5 rclams re to be grown in Hawaii under plan worked out by Frank It. tlic territorial and ^••"'•"0 «i Pearl Ha iiaval base will be transpln other suitable waters. Waltman won tile first trick wit-h the ace of spades. He played the king of spaclas, discarding 'a hsart "or dummy, ana thsn Isd a small diamond 10 dummy's ace, estab- ishing that entire suit for his opponents. Six club tricks were taken. This left declarer IWdinj thb six of sr-adjs ar.i UK king, eight and six of hearts. In dummy there remained the last club, the ace and 10 of hearts, and the 10 of diamonds West held the queen of spados, the queen and seven of hearts, and the king of diamonds. East had the jack and nfne of hearts and tlie qujcn and nine of diamonds When the last club was led thcrj was no defense, and Walt- mail made his contract. Enjoy quick relief from pain and distress of Piles with , soothing Thorntonft Mi.ior Pile Ointment. The Private Formula prescription of world's oldest rectal clinic, where 47.0M have been successfully (realsd. This ointment, with a Monty-Back Guarantee to protect you, is Bold tv Kirby Drug Co. Main Cut Rate Hi-Way Cut Rate ELECTBIO & A'CETTLEXB" WELDING AT BEST PRICES PROMPT SERVICE Barksdale Mfg. Go, PHONE 19 Tho name ot God Is omitted Iran tlie Boon C f Esther in the Bible, 24 Hour Wrecker Service Best Prices Joyner Motor Sales Call 1000 Storage Chickens with wonderfully colored ]ilun;a?e can bo reared by adding artificial dyes to'lholr food, according to' experts'.' - Roach Hunter Seeks Patent on New and Effective Trap PAGE A belter roach trap has b"»'i unit by n BlyUicylUe Invonlor, and liie. world may soon have an oo- portuiilly to beat a path to his dcor. The Inventor Is.Etui Damon, local barber, >v|io spends his leisure moments figuring out various contraptions or Improvements on those already In use. Tills roach trap Is tlio laltsl "brain child" of the Inventive Damon, who recently ' completed a model ot the trap which has been sent (o Waslilnslon for examination by officials ol the patent ot- to, if a patent is granted, the Inventor lias the backing of a small Broiip of local men who arc prepared to mamifacliire and plrica tlic trap on the market or lo sell the Invention outright, Of course, (lioso Interested In the development of the Idea are not, certain whether a patent can be secured. It is possible Hint patent rights have already been , granted for a trap ot similar 1 design but Damon and his backers are certain they luive ,ie\w «xm such a trap. Darkness Is Sccrcl It resembles a small rectangular o:<. Oh the boltom'arc small strips wlilch liold It about oncrlialt incli from (lie floor. 'Micro'Js a email I hole with n wire screen "funnel" oxIcndliiK into llio Imp. Bait Is placed In tho container, ami the (rap Is set In n place frequented uy roaches, wiieiv these household pests scent the bait and go Into the trap to investigate they cannot escape. In design it Is somewhat similar lo other roach traps on the market, but the secret of Damon's invention l s the fact that a | s dark Inside while most Imps In general use are constructed wholly or partially of screen iviro. Jn studying the habits of Iho roach Damon has learned tlml (hey aro nocturnal creatures and arc partial to dark plncr*. They will scurry to the protection of a dark corner or into a crack hi-the wnll or floor whenever n light is turned on in a room where llicy are abroad. Vot llio pust several years Damon lias trapped and sold rdacclis to fishermen who use Cltem for bMt, He has built aiid used various types of traps but noticed (hat his "dark" traps were more successful. Hence the development of his preseiil. Imp.' Tlio model wltlcli was sent to the, patent office was constructed of wood, but for commercial pur- posts the tiap could be made of light wclglil metal or other material, a has two pmis, th,, top being removable so the loaches can lie taken out and llio bait replaced. N'civ Slylo Gig With the details ofUils Invention already completed, Damon has turned his effort., to another gadget. Ho is planning to make a •barblcss" fl °8 n>ul "sh gig, when perfected It will enable frog hunters and fishermen \\lio yl s certain species of llsh to (!o so without tearing ,,p th e ncsh of their kill. Especially In limiting f rogs t) )0 barbed gigs often damage tlio meat Damon's gig would bo equipped smooth points, with barbs red. Wlwn the object has been gigged the. barbs would be released nnd prevent escape ot the prey, 1 but a ulgger would enable the huhter to again recess the barbs while re- inovhg the km, leaving only a H»nll. clean wound. Tho imcntoV Jias not sorted work on a mode! ot his new type ' gig but liaj, the details practically worked out on paper. He nil)-try Ute gig in actual minting this spring before seeking a patent on it Upon being created a Knight ot the Garter, a man must wear pait of Iho insignia of tlio order flny nnd Jilglif Most of tlio hilehts wear the sliver badge of the erdci dining thcli sleep Calotabs Help Nature To Throw Off a Cold . Millions have found In Calotabs a hiost vnluiiWo aid in (ho treatment of colds. Tlicy take one or two tablets tho. first night and repeat the third or fourth night U needed. How do Cnlotabs help Nature ' ns o «H h,"'°, "l? st lllor <»'8li nnd dope dablo of nil intestinal ellminants, o » S n»™"i ln , B lh? totaUnul tract of Uio cerm-lacJeu mucua nud loxlnes Second, Oalotabs ara dturetlc to th» kidneys, promoting the tllmlnaUoS of cold poisons from tha blood. 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Perhaps tlic best buy for you, for instance, is a new "85"—smart, economical, and one of the best performers on the road,- Or—if economy counts most— a new Thrifty "69"—just as big awl roomy as the "85," just as cas'y- ric!in£, and smooth, quiet, and flexible as only a "V-8" can be— but designed to operate for less than any Font car ever built. If you want to spend still less money, we have R£G Used Cars'—'ninny niaies" and models including '35 and '36 ! V-8's— that have been carefully renewed to specifications laid down by the Ford ftfotor Company and th'a't come lo you guaranteed in writing, on a mouey-back basis. They're a!l here... so why settle on anything until you've seen everything at your price? Come in and see'several different cars, side by side. Drive them, otic after another. Then put your money into the particular kind of value thai will mean greatest satisfaction for the months to come. ^Ye can help you lots this year—please feel free to ask us to! We Invite You to Gal! Us Today lor a Demonstetibit-Phorte 811 Authorized Ford Dealres

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