The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 24, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 24, 1934
Page 6
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m ~ • :A>. PAGE SIX Critical Gatch in Aerial Victory • • • •' - - _ — • •* Long Delay In Arrival ol Train Results in Bvicf Game The ISIyllXiVllle Cbicka.wws arc l.igli «c)iool champions of Nortli- CK-si Arkansas, thanks 10 Dick Tip. (on, right end. who crnbb'rd a |2 yard pais from Mnsloy and vnwil 10 'yards across the Walnut Rldgo goal Hue for the. only touchdown' in an abbreviated title uniuc at Walnut Wiiee yc.siordny. •A.crowd of fmis who taxed . the capacity of Sexton Field actually saw 38 minutes of foot- tall, n little more than half of n regulation game, when a special train bearing over 500 local fans nhd the Chicks spent seven hours r.nd ten minutes touring Arkansas and Missouri because of i\ driftwood jam at the Hit' Luke Ires- tie, foiled to arrive imtlt almost too Into to play. The train arrived at Hoxic about 3-40 b'dock and the team was rushed to Walnuj Ridge where they v,ue allowed to warm «]> Ecvera) minutes before the ktck- cff. The team showed the effects of Its all day ride and at no time c'ming the game did the Chicks hit tilth cusiomaiy stride. Game Starts tjile The game got nndei'irny at •! o'clock, with the first halt divided into two 12 minute quarters. Dusk was falling when' the whistle blew 'illslnirgli Mentor.'- Ptils Seven Of His Men On Three Teams JIV JOCK SIJTHIitilJVNn IU;ul' Couch, Unlvf rsKy of I'lllshiirgli (In rallabonillon Hill, Coaches .011 JJHIe, Columbia; I.leul. Tom .Hamilton, Navy; i; ar l n. B)aim i Dartmouth; Vic Hanson, Syracuse' anil Hnli Ilij-sin^ v f ,, n jjm,, > ' The- HI lido*, more famed for teeth than claws, neverth defeated the Princeton Tigers in Pahuer Stadium by tl hen I*, portrayed the crucial catch that 'bronchi his.rlghl hand on the ball, wide-spread PITTSBURGH, Nov. 24-It | s waii pardonable pride that I place tor Pittsburgh men on mv first I All-Eastern team. tele Weinstock belongs at fulU- teck, and George Shotwell Doc Hartwjg, and Ken Ormiston in the cmlcr of the line, in the opinion of myself and my collaborators •M> on Die Panthers', record Two from Colgate. Lew Brooke tackle, and Joe Boptanskl end- Plays of 1934 yards around right end and . eke gained three lor n /h-st iown. Tipton completed a pass for ciyhl yards and Saliba hit the Jlnc for no gain. Tipton grabbed another pass for 12 yards and scored. The kick struck the goal post. Ull'U' ••••*•* «in iivtv mi, K u ' l > |JUHi. to begm"the third pCTioir after I, st ° kes look Blythcvlllo's klckoff the teams luid been given about I ck to lhe M J ' nnl " lw> whcre'Mic three minutes icsl The third tiuar-'"'" K st °Pl. 1(;<1 ">' imyder. Kcll made Jive. Stokes raced thru (lie line for ter as cut to ten minutes and the fourth, which was played almost entirely m Ecmi-daikness," lasted four minutes. Although the stage was perfectly set for a championship battle, lhe day turned out to'be tin unpleasant one foi bolh teams and spectators A long null In the dressing room did not help lhe Bobcats However, they fated; better thaii lhe chicks who were thoroughly thcd after thcii 150 mile trip llinl icqulred most of the day. When the tram leached Lcnchvlllp' about 1 o'clock food ni«j served, but manj occupants of the special were unable to get anything ' uj cat until last night. Fans Harrassril Ei en moie unpleasant was the tioatnieiit Blydtertllo fans rccciv- 12 yards and first down. 'I'lpton liitcrcepted n Bobcat, pas-s on his own 3!) yard line and iviis downcil. Locke failed to gain on an end run. Moslcy was thrown' fora 2 yard loss, lie kicked nmi. Kcll allowed the ball to roll toward his goal llnp, hut apparently decided il was not going over, so picked It, up mill returned il to his 18 yard line. The Bobcah were held without gain on a line bud; us the qin\r- ler ended. Afosley returned n vw i 15 5 - ar( | S lilacing it on BIythcville's 47 yard line. A pass to Tipton .was Incomplete. Salilm made four through the .line, .Moslcy was held to a one ed at tlie hands of certai Ridge supporters «ho, in Walnut through , g Iteble and Inadequate police protection, Indulged in sideline brawls on several occasions Several Bly- Iheville fans kda> were nursing injuries us icsult of the trip. J P. Friend, who was charting the phys Tor Blylhevllle, wtis MnicV- across the head - with a Stilson \nencli by a Walnut Rldse tan. Severn) tlltches were required iii close the wound today. Friend Mild the trouble started 'when lie npnenlod to an officer to keep the Walnut Ridge supnoitcr froiii kicking Inm 01 ei each time lie kneeled to wrile on lit? chart. The of- ficei reprimanded the offender who lushed over to Friend, cursed him and then ,diew lhe wrench from ills pocket and knocked the Bly- thevlilc ^naii down The lough lactlcs continued after the game with several, fights leported A Br oup of Walnut Ridge supporter* stormed the spc-l b .. ,,„;"• r , clal train a short limp before ill., AIOS " !S - rt was another Milled out, boarded Mveral ot (he (I T 1 ,,l 0l ', tho Bobcats - eoaches, and when forc«J o f „," nl *", rlon mi «lc 3 thru threw rocks through the vvindow-s •, Wntnut Ri " 8c dl one sinking Maxine Brigham JST ^ °"'"""• ' - Bblhev.lle student, kocking her ^ IJ"? 1 "^ ""<' Halliburtoi: urconsc.ous for a short time Tie " m.vlheville'.. tvnin unt> iir^ -i—.- . .. line. 60C Call Courier For Results of Grid Game Telephone .-queries retarding lhe Blytheville-Walniit Rldse football gnnu,' n t walnut Uldce .lumbering slightly more t ' !lni ; too, were received by the Cour- cr News yesterday afternoon between 3:30 and C:30 p.m. The Courier was swampsd with,calls Jong ijpfnrc the special train, bearing the Ulythe- villo football learn, reached its dL'stinatlon over the Frisco route, four and a half 'hours behind schedule. The galne scheduled to begin at 2 o'clock' started at 4 o'clock. Reports of the score wore received at the end of the first ialf and llic close of the game vliich ended in almost coniplet" Inrkncss. . gain iiiul '"•"'' gain buj. Moslcy cracked tackle for vmv^ i" •'—•i> •• IWIKII nialmau here nd elsewhere, over this circuit. «ie crowd was not pointed. Big; sli down three, times .choking and eye third time,.Chancy -lurried "on'Jew tripped him. to the mat.-Jess dl's- Scolty Williams butted Blacksmith pton to s" 01 ' m " kllcw « l « ht •'cliani fall, Scottys head' 1 sliuck" ! pedV<l on the jraint of the chin Pc'tttxa was out about ten minutes bcinp rpuiu/)/] I,.. r>_*- _ "JVinr and revived, by Referee Wlllaid the local club physician. ' ' ^ .-^—Chick-Bobcat Statistics This team really in a . eoorf one. Tiie men are selected Uieir ability to go throu „ iiiigh schedule. .All have, done this. Where it was close, the sched- "-rt!t e na CnldWf:fMt0r ' Which y me name of no Princeton c appears on the first string arc a lot or good men left ami s " BhlIy larger institutioas "'cinstock Besf in Land • luuauicr weinstocl; « best fullback in j, l Weinstock not onlv i_ • .. «"*.¥. n i n SI -r yards and a n«TuoSr.o™Ti compte f < bounds .-on Walnut Ridge's'30 yard llnc. Kcll and Stokes Jailed to tain on two plays and a pass was incomplete. The Bobcats punted aiid Mosley returned it 10 yards to his 0 yard line. Chicks Threaten Locke made six yards around end. Moslcy was thrown for a 5 yard loss, but Locke slipped off tackle behind pevlcct inlcrterencc on the'next, play and lugged the bull to •lhe Bobcals five yard line QftllHn \*tt H.« 1-.. - - .. and Locke yard Joss a end. Mosley kicked. <"'«<_ lo ,„„,„ through was the for thrown mpdiig lo failed to gain' First downs Bljlhsville 0 Wa" lilt. Ridge 11 Passes, BlylhcMlle attempted 1 vllli 5 complete foi 79 (aids Wai •"'"•*"•'-- attempted 13 with ... . . ,„. 44 vflrd 1 ! BHtheiilli hue intercepted •} wah.ut nidge Punts, Walnut Ridge 7 for 'Crngc. of .3' jaids Blythtvillc mid for nn-average of 35 yaid- ?™^. Wnlmil KM* 4 tor for.n five ar ~— - _— .„ o"... «un ivtn wiu> iiiiuwn for, a five yard loss attempting to lake a paw. stokes then completed a nice pass for a first down Kell could not' gain on two plays nnd kicked alter trying a pass. Mosley was tackled on' his own 20 when he caught the p'mil. The ain. — -•"•••«»• *i*i; J JUU llllc. .• •«-•* .11, <-MU^IIV 11 HI JJUIH. Ulp hit the line and failed to Bobcat llnc tore up a Chick reverse _ ... Mosley gained 3 yards hut i with cl "ckwell cairyin» the ball Locke was stopped dead on the Mosley punted (o Kcll who next try and Mosley tossed a pass lumc <i U nvc yards to his own into the end ?.nnn wi^ni* n. n ^ ».. BivMipviilA f»t/>v*>/».j,.,4 .. ,*., ss into the end zone which wns Incomplete. Taking the ball on his own 20 <ell was stopped behind the'line' out on the next, play Duty com' l>letcd a 14 yard pass for "a first down. Behind good inetrference clicked off n 12 yard end where he u-ns <: also showered wltl'i pa- train per tags of flour As fjr as could be learned today no arrests were made as result of inc disorders Frisco special agents indicated, however, that the incident of (he broken coach windows was not jet closed May Sc\cr Relations While theic was no official an- ricuncemcnt from ^ M l author! Hrsl lhe Two passes -_n 18 yard Moslcy's pass to Locke was Incomplete but Locke made it on the next play for U yards ° kC W!U SI>Wl;rt °" en m mntlc 8 niol »"I end. Saliba was stopped at tlio Mosley punted to Walm.t 1 js hit the line twice for n down. Meredith went in 'at tics u was generally' beWveT to SS n T'"' M "'«»"i wnl day that Mhletic relations im , 0 t A^"*,.'". 1 ? 6 Chlcks <"« be j-esumed between the uvo r»n ,, ",'., Wlth Crni ^ switcl schools, altlioiiBh Ihnw »,« ° {""• ."""bburtoi cracked tl schools, althoiigh there was complaint o\er the conduct of nut Ridge leanj or the officials IK,? ^ luartcr of the gamc- thc edge was decidedly Blythc- jmes The Chick, received and Siliba returned the kickoff to hfa for ^ur "an' *"** ™ n th ° e "'' off tackle. Walnut C mage' n * I ' ( , wtW £ 6. yard penalty for being off side '•»•- the chicto a-nrer d oTO e e line or five yards, but Walnut Rid KC was the Chicks a first dow »Vi excl i,, , ' Cld fbr doms antl dropped a short Mss thai Mos'ey Sn ,P lmts rcsultc<1 '" four iards on a fake. Mos- "ofTin «S«"f " le ba " lm ° '" c i . ""'hi comer' . ley ran the end for .-, \ v n first down. Saliba and Mosley --_ —^r-" « onuit pass tnen ?I'f t) l_ f ™ r . iar< ! s on « fnke. Mos- yards and _. „— ....„ n*iA>ii.ji x>crt; licld wilhoat gaining in two tries and a pats, Moslcy to Tiplon was Incomplete. J,?os!ey punted to the Bobcat 10 3 ard line" and Tipton fell on the ball. Kcll cracked off tackle for nine ynrds and Halliburton made first do^n on the next play. ,>«i- iburpn gamed, a jard through the line and was stopped on the next^ attempt. , Y Chicks Score 7 Mosley took the punt oil his 37 yard lino snd returned il 10 yards Mostey passed (o Locke for nine ras t and Saliba hiade it first nn on,i> line play; Moslcy raced •-.V ' . „ switching to cracked the line , was pcnnilzca Jor clipping. * °" tackle ""« Uo ge pxwcs were Ken Blythcvillc Intcrceplcd a Bobcat pass and got into scoring position when -Dick Tipton. made n circus catch of a long heave from Mosley, placing the ball on the nob- cat 20 yard line i n possession of the Chicks as the quarter ended Craig took'the ball 2 yards on a line, play. Mosley and Craig alternately hit the line, .a pass was incomplete, and Blythevillc Ios> the ball on downs. Darkness' Halls Game 1'iii-tlc Intercepted n Bobcat pass nnd tossed n lateral to'Mas-Icy who marie a nice gain. Darkness mad" U almost impossible to see the players. Walnut nidge .gained possession of (he ball and started-another marcli down the field. Kell made, a first down, on one play and. reeled off another gain of. S yards, Halliburton made '. another first, down with a 20 yard run and Inc,game ended after the'Bobcats made another stnb at the line and failed to complete a pass. The line-up: JValnut Ridge Pos. . Blythcvllle " Blackwell .'. Rayder Lunsford ... Purtle . Undscy ..Walker ,.. Tipton . Mosley omas , C ) Boll » LT .LG Bobcats Gaiu olTense picked up quarter afttt downs and Hllbimi c Brown RC Corbctt . crai s ;; Koll ;...'.. L. Halliburton S. Halliburton Stokes Substitution; cession ff ^ '°° In rapid sue- »;!»h a beautiful I run In 051 CllKlcd Chick «condary/bur"wa'r S Mi. 31 *'"^'" 1 "'* 20 Jnrd 1tn c hind rood Inference with 9 19 jard gain RT RE . QB Ui RH Walnut Craig Saliba Ridge, . Officials: referee, Blackburn (Arkansas); umpire, Can-ell (Ark col- ' Scxto " (Wal " n<;smn ». Chip- lln Irix). Williams Beats Pedigo In CarufhersvHIe Match MO -D1S- O -S- nualificd during the third fall (or unnecessary roughness, "Wild Man" Chsney, Indiana, lost a two to three Thursday for- . yard lln to sec Big Jess reprimand who has gained n rcpu- Losl from scrimmage BlUiie •die 28. yards Walnut Ridge '1 Uxora Panthers Beat Rector, Score 21 to 13 .LUXOR A. Ark Nov 24—The ,iixora_ Panthers chalked up their nrth victory of the season when' they, took the measure of- Rector lo 13 score at Rector yes- game was hard fousnt ' * teroil J'.-- as ar fousnt throiiBhcmt, willi Seott, flashy' Luxora back, accounting for two of us team's toucndowns. Searle mad- the other tally. Both were scored ruiinln plays, Coach Herbert 'Schwartz will be- n. drilling his squad Monday for I o^Thanksgiving Dal tilt between u^ra and the Osccola Scmlnol-s he game will be played ni, LUX-' ora and will begin at 2:30 o'clock nn riJ !lre i a C ''°"' cl of ° SCTOla S "P-' porters is expected to accompany l™m lo_L,, xorB for ^ t i, e *™> Fargo Negro School In Win Over Local Negroes Fargo negro Industrial school located near Forrest-Cltv. J e c Tl ed -the BlythcvlHc negro h^Vi school football team here ves er- day. The score was 13 to o" - Jhe win was the second for the Fargo team ovef the locals t «hi e 'ould , lc east, "but ' tnls inc " ld ^ -a, of Minne£0t I have never seen him I say offhand, Bobby Gray- BY ART KRENZ NEjt Seriiee Sports Arftit COLUMBUS, o.—Under Francis Schmidt, Ohio state this season became known as "the team with 200 plays and 40 players. 1 The shovel nntl double lateral diagramed above illustrates hon the Buckeyes around. is No 84 in the Columbus! Dye threw a shovel pass to Did clubs icpertolre, and led to th» s-c-1 lc!l . who started from his positio ond touchdoun in the Scarlet and atl left ™ d «'l(,h the" pass fro Gnj s 34 0 romp o\ei Michigan On that o-CTiion, the maneuvei started and. finished with t'nc minutive Tippy D>e, aiv| took toss tits pigskin! leather-from'"the' Wolverines' • Jyard line .to' the 25. di- th? 41- Jones, center. Busich Jateraled to Boucher lei halfback, a s 'he was tackled by E! crhardus, Michigan's left lialf Boucher, in turn, lateraled Dye, who completed the ]C-y,i sain. and are faster than the ordinary halfback. Shotwell, n liglilivcieht ccntei!, ias been-hailed as a. phenomenon everywhere. Pittsburgh's schedule gave him the edge over Stevens, of Temple. The second and third teams are 10 great distance behind the first, iiid T am certain that any coach vould settle :for either of thein. i,,,' block, run, and hit a line ana '^,1, on the defense. He H ' ' or l!U ' CS is s "l>erior to MIC Bn s s "l>erior to »ic Bimc Nevers, of college davs ' "<>t«r a « y W |,i bc ' m o-re"''fo?m,u»u 1B "> I > ever before he is fmishcd" bi!t now is just a sophomore bc- superior senior backs, hat I ivoulfl Have nutSranfk- ursf team ns n half- lilml At lor « bick " f 'e had to ai I' own. Critic titplaycd Mie not Leemans enjoyed '"'"d season. Leemans' aii}' too strong, so attention on ared that he entire Louisiana Bogdanskl, Colgate ..,,,. Worries, Navy Q u Buckler, Army '.'.Ml! Uemans, 'Georgp Washington R.» H'einEjock, . ' Pfl' SECOND TEAM Long's State outfit when Hucy visited Washington! 'd not BO into details about -s passing and. runnin Boms passing edge on gives him an of p equals outkicks the Jhcy arc cqiml in even' other depnrlmcnt. * * * Goodwin (j ol)d wlth Ios£r There is no doubt - abonl ti, c list leam ends. Bogdanski, aside from being a crack defensive man " a ball handling wizard. Wilh a "iff team. Goodwin turned in the best performance at end th" we saw in the east,. n e has been mentioned as an All-America mail The tackles arc not loo B ood us 3 ear, but Steen slands out Brooke is rated highly bv n -' coach, Andy Ke'rr. Hartwig and Ormiston are in my opinion, the foremost guards SUTHEKLAND'S ALL-EASTERN SELECTIONS FIRST TEAM „ Pos. Goodwin, West Virginia.......Mi. Steen, Syracuse..... r,T Hartwis. Pittsuure.u. .'.".'iJc' Shotwell, Pittsburgh '. c Ormiston, Pittsburgh.... '.R G Caruthersville Tigers Point For Kennett Game CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo. — Two open _ dates in succession has pio- vidnd coach Jack Hopke welcome opportunity to smooth rough spots of the Carulhersville Tigeis grid machine in preparation for the | annual grid classic witlf the Ken- inett Indians. Hopke has made several shifts, purported to stren»- I then the Tigers' offense, and mimbsr of new plays have hee drilled in, also. The game wit be played here Thanksgiving ij a J Lyle Gore, Cairo, III., and JimnJ Harrow, Cairo, will be referee anf umphc. lespectivcly. Last yeaJ KemiPtt scored a. one-touchdoiv victory over .the Tigers, at K. , Brooke, Colsate . RT '"'' ' Rublef, Harvard": JUurdotk, Cornell:...!....! lloran, Holy Cross Slevens, Temple .... Srosscup, Yale Olcjniczak, Pillsburjf..'.'.'. Lea, Princeloji Uun jas, Pilttbureh Brominski, Colu.mbia.. Van, Princclon Smucklcr, Temple THIRD TEAM Hooker, Pittsburgh. Scott, Yale..' Jontos, Syracuse Campii, Columbia '.' Rado, Duquesne .... Sabo, Fordham......'.'..'.', Lewis, Carnegie Tech.,. Soscoe, Vale. Thomas, West Virginia.. Slark, Syracuse i L.E. L.T. ....I^G. ......U. ...R.G. ....R.T. ...K.E. ...Q.W. ....L.IL ...R.H. ....KB. .. .. ..L.G. C. •••••^••••^ RQXY Last Tinie loday MAT. & KITE—lOc - 25c OUY KIHBEE- and: ' •ALICE MncMAIIpN 'BIG HEARTED HERBERT' Serial—"the, Wolf Dnp" With Rin Tin Tin, .Jr. ! Cartoon • i nett. Sunday • Monday Matinee & Night—10 C - 25c Slancook, 'Amy Read Courier News Want , the land. They "Pnbtie 777 *( Night—Sanday—Anytime for Quick and Dependable Wrecker Service Phillips Motor Co. IJRITZ Saturday Only Matinee 2:30— lOc - 25c On tHe-Stage in Person VAUDEVILLE BRACKEN'S MUSICAL SHOW CLEAN! CLASSY! CLEVER! COMICAL! An Up-To-The-Minute Stage Attraction! Different From All Othersl A Tivo-In-Orte Shoiv With No Advance In Price! —ON THR SCREEN— Harry Carey in . , BORDER DEVILS' Now Located at 101 North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DO.V EDWARDS, Proprietor ill mak« of retoni.T.vp^.^. Worn, Machinwand Ca.cnU.or. R epa Iri nt—Pa rts—H ibbons MAKE YOUR FORD LIKE NEW TRADE IN YOUR OLD MOTOR ON A FACTORY RE-BUILT ^•Cylinder Ford V-8 Ford $ 51 >5 ° Completely Installed PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. WE HAVE I'l-ETE /AUTO RE- 'IK DEl'AHT- ,-3NT IN -THIS SECTION. $1 Authorized . I)ealerg !£&: Sunday - MATINEE & NITE— 10c-35c A. Columbia Pictui Comedy Novelty Reel . Poilanl and Howard

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