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Lincoln Journal Star from Lincoln, Nebraska • Page 10
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Lincoln Journal Star from Lincoln, Nebraska • Page 10

Lincoln, Nebraska
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LINCOLN JOURNAL Tuesday, April 10, 19 1 10 Lou Boudreau visions tough going at Cleveland A Joe Louis in another win promoted to tech sergeant Amends tribe defeats Bums councilman ta ha commteitoner the de CAMP SHANKS, N. Y. Joe Louis, world's heavyweight box Indians are naruncnt of nubile aafety; one councilman Wrestling tripleheader matches speed and skill against heavier opposition ing champion, has been promoted from staff sergeant to technical to ba eommlaalooer of the department at atraeta and public Improvements: and one councilman to ae commissioner ot tha de alehouse inducted AKRON, O. VP). Denny Gale-house, star pitcher of the St, Louis Browns' American league champions, saidTuesday he will report for induction in the armed forces April 28. TMayBe jLWronjSf sergeant, the Camp Shanks public partment ot parka and public property. Wrestling fans attending Tues- relations office said Monday. Louis, who entered the army as Tha council may reassign any ef thane councilman at any time. The mayor ahall ex officio ba cotnmlaslonar of tha department of public affalra. BEAR MOUNTAIN, N. Y. (A5). Arm made shambles of the football sAson and ranked near the top in baseball but nobody expected the Cadets to take apart a orivate on Jan. 14. 1942, was Tba city treasurer snail am a oonu, tna Galehouse has been employed i day night's tripleheader bill will see Ernine Dusek matched with Bill Kussisto; Joe Dusek, the ring's roughneck, square off I against Hank Buesing, and speedy conditions of which shall be prescribed by tha council and aba 11 be subject to the ap made a sergeant in beptemoer oi that year, and was promoted to weak behind bat, infield Pitching staff may be savior BY LEO H. PETERSEN. NEW YORK. (UP). The "cham as an exit-interviewer at the Goodyear Aircraft corporation. He did not report to the Browns for spring training this season. it Ted Tassor attempt ta overcome proval of tha council, and It shell ba niea with the city clerk. This bond shall ba in addition to his bond aa councilman and shaU be of not less than One Hundred Fifty Thousand Dollars or In such greater amount as the council may from time to time determine to ba neces After Byron Nelson had toured the Atlanta course in a record breaking 263 for 72 holes, Bobbj Jones, one of the greatest golfers of all time, was heard to com with agility and skill the weight I advantage held by Jack Conley. staff sergeant Feb. zs, m. His promotion to technical sergeant, the public relations office said, was "in recognition of his excellent work overseas during the past year when he took part in 07 exhibition bouts In Africa, It m'ra thlnkjnc at trarina fcnm k. aura and shack tha "Homaa For Sala" sary tor tha protection ot aU fund which may coma into the posaeesloa or control of tha treasurer. The treasurer ahall ba ua want Ada. i Tassos has usually confined his ring action to the lightheavy class but Tuesday steps out with the I big boys in what should indicate liable to tha city for only bis ewa acta of negligence or ot mtsfsasanea la handling tha city funds. TbeVpremlum am tha Notice of proposed whether or not the colorful soldier 1 4 i r- "1 Iftt treasurer-a bond shall be paid by tba city. bit league baseball as they did the Brooklyn Dodgers. Booked by the Brooks purely for springtime exercise, a Paul Amen's future officers smacked the National leaguers down two out of -three times and shut them out last game. Italy and Sicily." Huskers start pionship" pressure under which Lou Boudreau has been managing the Cleveland Indians has been has taken on more than he can Tha council ahall determink the appropri i handle. ate powers, functions and duties to ba exercised and performedby each depart ment, "When I was at my best, I never came close to the golf Nelson shot in this rnament. No golfer of the so called 'Golden Era' could have amendments to the city charter of the Gty of Lincoln, Nebraska, to I Pat McGill of Omaha will be lifted this spring. And for good reason, too. ment ana snail assign to ua eeparxments respectively aueh powers, functions and duties; and ahall prescribe tha Powers, 3 the third man in the ring. Lfunctlona and duties ot an appointive change the form of officers and ampleyeea at tha city ana spring Frick liliely government Notice la herebv (Ivan thai at th. PAUL AMEN may assign any of aueh officers or employees to mors than one department and may require any ot them to exercise pour era and functions and perform duties Id two or more departments, and the coun- -cU ahall make aueh rules and regulatlona Bobby Joaca General City Election to be held la the City of Lincoln, Nebruka on Tueaday May 1, 145, there will be aubmltted to the qualified electora of aald City for adop- him." And the United Press corre baseball czar 20 candidates report Monday Warm weather and 20 candl consistent with law as It may deem aeeea- For the Indians, who more often than not go into an American league fia grace as a favorite, aren't getting much of a tumble in the expert predictions on the 1945 campaign. The onetime "boy manager" has too many problems to rate championship consideration. He has lost half of his 1944 infield and may have to go without his first string catcher of last year. The rebuilding Job in these rv and prober for the efficient ana spondent who interviewed Jones economical administration and management of tha governmental and business anal re ot the city. TED TASSOS. added: who had the added handicap of some 9,000 well-wishers, at times was almost James Farley dates greeted Coach Ad Lewan MANAGER LEO DUROCHER had hopes for improved hitting once rightfleld Dixie Walker began to find his batting eye. Rookie Morris Aderholt, converted third sacker, is out front In the battle fnr the left field lob and Luis MTopoeea amendments to the Charter of aald City by amending 8ac- Kt 10 of Article IV and by adding thereto a new section to be known aa Section 21, Article IV, to change tha form of government In accordance with a petition of electora pro-poalng aald amendments filed In the office of tha City Clark on March St. IMS. aa AMENDMENT NO. a. That Sectioa 10 of Article IV ef the dowskl as spring football practice Bowling Charter of tha City of Lincoln, Nebraska, be amended to read aa follows: fenced in. not contending was officially ushered in at the University of Nebraska Monday JAYCEES BOUND-BOBIX. Sec. 10. The council ahall at tta first aita; eg as e-jta lastsaftar aa arae- manMwashrjrtagM- r--f--w days of NEW YORK. lUPjrifTeports afternoon: ay eeHiuoBMoT-alTT the City Council of aald Citv arlontari fm Anrll "TJtmo fir TfielregulaF cerrtetfieiderj Ki iiicutu iincmor writes: in flirt aeriea: Oroehaoa Htfk fame: Graahaaa Altho the turnout was not at IMS, tha aaid propoaal to be submitted your account of the 1892 Illinois tlcable, appoint a city clerk; and ahall appoint aueh other officers, deputies and aasistanta, and ahall employ aueh persona aa tn ita judgment may be nscssaary and from Chicago are correct, they mean that Ford Frick will be the than Boudreau can accomplish in ronowtng form. BUSINESS MEN'S LEAGUE. "A PROPOSAL. FOR CHARTER SSM Utah laaaa aarteat Hardy Famltm-e. large as anticipated the group includes most of the boys Coach Lewandowski was counting on. next baseball commissioner. proper tor the efficient and economical AMENDMENTS TO THE ROMS'. Rrtl.r i trmtm tame 1 Art lafera Barken. administration of the city government; and CHARTER OF THE CITY OF LINCOLN. The reports have it that the game you said Huff struck Jones of Nebraska. I remember it was Charlie Chandler as the one being struck. He was playing end next to Fllppln. Chandler was a Hiaa aad. aerteat retara ab BUBMITTEU BY PETITIONS OF ELECTORS" FILED IN THE OFFICE OF Heading the group were Letter- four-nnan committee which was in Hufc BM THE CITY CLERK OF THE CITY OF men Fred Lorenz, tackle from Lincoln, and Ed Orado villa, UOWUI, un MARCH a. IMS. hit, Fllppln Jumped forward and AMENDMENT MO. 1. appointed by the major leagues to sift the candidates for the post will not recommend James A. Farley. If true, that means only one That Section 1 at Artlrta TV nt h. Plattsmouth signal-caller. knocked down two or three of Goody Rosen spells Warner in right and versatile French Borda-garay is taking turns at left and third base. As of Monday Durocher was counting on himself to play second base with Mike Sandlock to help out when his legs begin to tire. Augie Galan brought a first baseman's mitt to camp and showed no reluctance to the Job. With Howie SchulU not expected until late June and probably due for the army then, it was Galan or Elmer "Red" Durrett for first. with the players he now has on hand. The major spots he must fill are second and third base and the No. 1 catching spot Ken Keltner, the hard hitting third baseman, and Roy Mack, the brilliant fielding second baseman, have been lost for the duration and Steve Rosar, the Tribe's regular receiver last year, thus far has elected to remain in his war plant job. a narier oi me inty of Lincoln. Nebraska. amvnuea to reaa as loitowe: LEADING PROSPECTS in the the Illinois players before they could move. ahall prescribe the duties and tut the salaries ot all of such appointeea and employees; and ahall tlx the amount aad eon dltlona of a bond, whan a bond la necessary. Tha council ahall have the power to remove, auapend or discharge from office or employment any officer, deputy, aaslstant or employee appointed or employed by the council. This power shall not ha delegated to any one but shall ba exercised only by the council. The council ahall establish and maintain a merit system tor the selection, classification, promotion, demotion, suspension, re-lnstatement, and discharge ef employees for the City of Lincoln; and ahall have the power to create Braves boast good chances Sec. 1. Tba Cltv of Lincoln ahall ha thingFarley did not want the group included Kenneth Dermann governed by an elective council eonalst- Job. Gran Ensign's bus "LuLu" was ing or nva councilman, one of whom ahall be the Mayor, and their reanativa l.rm. a a nearly wrecked by the crowd who Nebraska City; Harold Freese, Lincoln; Bernie Price, Hastings. Bob Scoville, Hartlngton; and of office shall be two veara. Tha vninn lihall have and ejureiae. by ltealf or tore down part of the old stand and attacked the players who had run for the bus. There may have WASHINGTON. VP). Big Bob uirouKQ aucn methods aa It may provide. Doug Nelson. Wausa. All were Coleman Monday headed for home sauad members last year. IT HAS BEEN pretty definitely established that Farley, former postmaster general and who as chairman of the democratic party directed two of President Roosevelt's campaigns, could have had the $50,000 a year post had he an uie executive, legislative and Judicial powers, functions and duties of tha city government. Tha five councllmen shall be the only elective" ettv offlcara and ih. from tuna to time aueh offices. Boards, been 800 at the game but that old with his Boston Braves, satisfied committees and' positions ot employment aa Monday afternoon Lew sent the TOMMY BROWN WAS TOLD that he has a first-division Na BOUDREAU is experimenting with Roy Cullenblne, the outfielder for the third base -spot with Al Cihocki. rookie at sec boys thru a light drill of lunda stand, holding about 300, was no ways near full. But -It was a shall be nominated and elected at large he was the shortstop first day In It may deem necessary tor tne ai ncieni and sconomraal administration of tha government of the city, and to abolish such tional league Telub. ctij elections in w7 and every two mentals' and some passing. The jcar. uiervauer in uie manner provided good game. wanted it Farley isn't talking ib uiia unicie. offices, boards, committees and positions of employment at any time: but no power ond. He also has been forced to squad will work out every after noon from 4 d. m. to 8 p. m. A the Braves broke camp at Georgetown university, Coleman said: AMENDMENT NO. 1. Nota: Wa hara no way of knowing That Section 1 of Article IV IHa whatltar It waa Chandler or Jonaa who camp and will start tne season there despite a tendency to wild peg to first Bill Hart, who failed last year, is at third. Arrival of Mickey Owen, even thn fnr a limited time pending in or function or tne city government snaii be delegated to or conferred upon aay office, officer, board, committee or employee and neither are the members of the committee. But Farley was known to have such backing that unaner or the city of Lincoln, Nebraska, use a rookie, Fred "Rep" Williams, at first for the regular guardian of that bag, Mickey waa hit. Tha atory waa 1 raprtnt of tha oe amended to read aa follows: More hopefuls are expected but at the present time this group comprises the squad: Harold hlch bv this Charter or other law la aeo. 1. The primary election for the mi aa related la Tha Journal of Oct. ism. the committee members, regard' required to be exercised and performed by the council Itself. nomination of candidates for councilman shall be held on the fourth Tuesday pre Rocco, is holding out for more money. Boudreau, of course, will less of their personal feeling, duction helped straighten out the AMENDMENT NO. 1. That Article IV of tha Charter at tha ceding me date or me general election and any person dealrlna to bamma a nn, Some notes from Paul Gilbert's would not have gone so far as be at short. Bob Ruthel. who be catching situation wltn Man An rtrwi and the veterans Ray Hay City of Lincoln Nebraska, be amended by adding thereto a new section to be num to eliminate him unless there was good reason. And the only good state game forestatlon and parks commission office reviewing the dldata for councilman ahall, at least tan days prior to tha date of the holding of such primary file with the city clerk a statement of such candidacy In aubstantl- ber 21 which snail read as lonowa: longs to Wilkes-Barre, may be transferred to the Indians while other utility infield prospects in worth and Clyde Sukeforth in re Bee. SI. Upon tha adoption er tne pro 1944 hunting season "Yep, Pm optimistic about our chances of finishing in the first four. My only worry is whether we have pitching in depth. "WE'VE HAD WONDERFUL TRAINING weather, the boys are in good shape, and we certainly are much better off on the manpower situation than we were at any time last season." The Braves have a potential "big five" pitching corps of Jim Tobin, Nate Andrews, Al Javery, Charley Barrett and Johnny reason most baseball men can think of would be for Farley to auy me form aet out in section 1V-40S, serve. Hal Rreee. Curt Davis, Ben posed amendments creating a five member commission form of government for the City of Lincoln, the original sections clude Rusa Peters and Bias Mon nevisea statutes or Nebraska. IMS. Such Duck hunters in Nebraska in 1944 averaged about 13 ducks pereoa ahall at tha same time file with have come out and Informed the Freese, Lincoln; tan ureignton, Auburn; Fred Lorenz, Lincoln; Leonard Cruson, Lexington; Kenneth Dermann, Nebraska City; Bernard Price, Hastings; Rolland Lowe, Wolbach; Louis Paul, Chicago; Norman Lundberg, Nehaw-ka; Alton Klenker, Johnson; Don Funk, Ewing; Eugene Klncamon, Albion; Dale Bloss, Wayne; Eli Legino, Omaha; Doug Nelson, Wausa; Bob Costello, Lincoln: Carson Hammond, Lincoln; Ed Gradovllle, Plattsmouth; Bob Sco such statement a petition In substantially aco, altho the latter has shown no indication that he will leave committee he wasn't interested. apiece compared to 14 for the If Farley did that, it is under 1943 season. These figures, and wi iurm aet out in aeciion ls-etxi, Revised Statutes of Nebraska. IMS. requeet-Ing such candidacy and aianed bv at laaat so amended numbered x. a. t. 8, and 10 of Article IV of this Charter shal be repealed. Provided, however, that the present offices of mayor and alx councilman of the seven-member council rate and tha officers holding aald office his war plant job. Chapman and rookie Vie Lom-bardl are the first line pitchers but help is expected from Tom Seats who was late in reporting. Otto Nicholas and Cyril Buker, standable. He Is making $23,000 others concerning the hunting Altho Boudreau has not stated one hundred qualified voters, and ha ahall a year more in his present capa time, are derived from hunters pay to uie city treasurer a filing fee of shall continue to function aa the govern ten uoiiare 10 aia re tne expenea of hold city as an executive of a soft drink report cards which are distributed definitely what his catching plans are, the chances are he will go with Jim McDonnell, a rookie, for ing eucn primary election, obtain a both St. Paul grads, are promis lng. annually on a state-wide basis ment of the City or unco in until atonaay following the city general election held on the first Tuesday in May, 1947, when all of said offices snail be abolished and the Hutchings, but there are these problems: firm (Coca Cola) and besides he wouldn't have had the power in the commissioner's post which the ODenlna da assignment if terma of office of all the officers noiaing Tobin Is a holdout, Barrett has ville, Hartlngton; Bill Schwinck, Neligh. receipt from tha treasurer therefor. This petition and the receipt for tha filing fee ahall be filed with the city clerk. Candldatea for the office of MAYOR-COUNCILMAN shall be nominated at large at the same time and by the same method aa provided for the nomination of candidates for the office of councilman only, and any person deairlng to become a can such offices shall be terminated. Tha elected officers under the succeeding five the late Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis had. For major league club owners clipped the wings Rosar does not report. The veteran George Susre also is available along with Henry Ruszkow-ski, a Cleveland sandlot product who was with Wllkes-Barre last season. Jim Steiner, who hit .312 with Sacramento last year, prob not yet reported, and Andrews and Javery have experienced just enough sore-arm trouble this spring to raise a few new worry wrinkles on Coleman's brow. Browns will rely on vet in third inter-city game from the job at their winter meet' didate for MAYOR-COUNCILMAN ahall In all respects comply with the nrovlalona ing. That may have turned Far Exhibitionbaseball The lletrolt Tigers Mil Chicago White Kmc art 17 eate 'we tree-wtntlni affair whtoh went as li, a Is t. Thla evened their splint aeries at two apteee. Only a ninth Inning rally prevented the Washington Benalora from being beaten by tin Martin Bombers, a semi-pro team from Baltimore. Tied up folnf two ths last fraroa. the Nats counted Fred Vaughn a Ed Butka'a single. TIM Giants Nobbed Newark to vmm Muss, dleraarged tram ST. LOUIS, m. Veteran Al ley against it, altho the salary of thii section except that the forma of statement and petition ahall be modified Slightly over a third of the buyers of hunting permits hunt waterfowl while from 90 to 95 percent of the permit buyers, go after The five counties along the North Platte valley comprise the main duck hunting area in the state, and at least one-fifth of the waterfowl hunting In the entire state is done in the oNrth Platte valley -area A slightly smaller part of the total hunting for waterfowl took place along he major streams member commission form oi government shall then be Inaugurated. Tha council Is authorised to codify and publish this Charter from time to time la printed pamphlet form. "Vote FOR or AGAINST a I vote FOR the proposed amendments. I vote AGAINST tha proposed amend msnts. CERTIFICATE THE STATE OF NEBRASKA COUNTY OF LANCASTER. CITY Of LINCOLN For some "depth" pitching, the Holllngsworth was nominated by angle is the more probable. ably will not report because of Braves right now. look to Ira Dy naming tne office for which he Is i candidate to be that of MAYOR-COUN aaa Manager Luke Sewell of the St. his war plant position. Hutchinson, with a 9-7 record in OILMAN. The names of tha candidates THE 8AME CHICAGO sources Louis Browns Monday to oppose 1944. and- Jimmy Wallace, a south for MAYOR-COUNCILMAN ahall be grouped and printed on the ballot eanar- said that Trick and Leslie THE PITCHING and outfield Rookie Ken -Burkhardt. the paw, which la something the club ately from the nam eg of candldatea tor councilman only. Cardinals in the third game of the I. Theo, H. Berg, city tiers, or me t-uy O'Connor, Landis' secretary, were recommended by the committee ing prospects are much brighter didn't have all last year. of Lincoln. In the County of Lancaster. tha innt sarins Uw wtatsr, krl4 five city series. The series is now even AMENDMENT NO. S. That -Section of Article IV of the a a than the lnlleld or catcning. and State of Nebraska, oo nereoy eariny thai tha ahnvs snd foresotng la a true and and that J. Edgar Hoover, Director ktl kH sver th. Mil route. Marker Based tka hew York attack with Utraa hlte. AROUND TnE INFIELD, the at one game apiece. Boudreau has last year hurl Charter of the City of Lincoln, Nebraska, correct copy of proposed amendment to of the Federal Bureau of Invest! Rookies Weldon West and Braves figure they are stronger mnm in ths tint and tal- ing staff back almost intact and gatlon was among those candi than In 1943. This was probably because 1944 was a wet year and De amended to read as follows: Bee. 3. The official ballot to be used at tha primary election ahall be prepared by the city clerk who shall place the names Johnny Miller will follow Hoi at every position, and are a lot 11m In fifth, tha Cleveland Indiana routed lnritananotla la In 1. Sieve GroflMk and has added several promising the Charter of tne uiiy oi unrom braska. as proposed by a petition of qualified electors, and filed In the office of the City Clerk on March 145. and the dates mentioned prominently faster in the outfield while re- llngsworth to the mound for the Rrd Krnbree art tha American association of all candidates thereon without any many upland rainwater basins attracted sportsmen who in many Farley being another who failed tainine their batting punch in Browns and Bill Trotter or Al form Of BUDmitiing ssm auwu'n to win approval. rookies. Jim Bagby, determined to make the best of things after the club failed to trade him during the off-season; Steve Gromek, directed by neeoiution no. Tommy Holmes, Butch Nleman Jurisich will be the Cardinals years hunt only on the rivers. second hurler. and Charley Workman. beys down wltn hits. Tha fhiu www aaable to seek hi several send eaportunttlea, ana with In bases kwdfd, s4 fell raves I ta 4. fcddl toner ta Uw roarth tied tha toon and Boeloe went ahead aa alailaa ay Tummy Holmes SJtd Joe Mack Bad a Mas Duck hunters In the Douglas- The two clubs announced a paid party designation, circle, mark or label whatsoever; and aald ballot shall ba substantially In tha following form, to-wlt: Candidate! for nomination tor tha office MAYOR-COUNCILMAN Vote for ONE only (Names ot Candldatea) Dick Culler, Prank Drews and the veteran Mell Harder, Ed A-SHITT, adopted Dy tne uny v-uuncu April IMS, as the original appears in my office and now In my charge remaining aa City Clerk aforesaid. IN WITNESS WHEREOF I have hereunto set my hand officially and affixed the seal of the City ot Lincoln, Nsbraake, thla Ut day of April. 1945. Dodge-Saunders-Sarpy-Cass area attendance of 19,816 for the first two contests of the seven-game fly ky Clyde aUutts. The position on Hoover is understandable for Hoover had said he would not leave his present post during the war. And baseball didn't want to go and take a man from a vital war job in Washington because of the possible public reaction which might Tommy Nelson, American association graduates, and Eddie Joost, out of baseball in 1944, have given the infield stability along with two new first lackers, Joe Mack, series, compared to a total of 4,171 averared nearly ten ducks apiece in 1944 compared to IS In 1943 and In 1942. Candidates for nomination for tha office for the entire five-game set Klieman, Allie Reynolds, Al Smith and Charles "Red" Embree, up from Baltimore where he won 19 games last season, form the nucleus of a better than average staff. Joe Hevlng, the only grandfather among active major league By shoving over a run ta tha Bint tha Cura alppad ihe Clney Rada I la I. Tha Ohioana oountad four Uroae ta tha second Innlnf and eace In tha Tib whlla Chieaao apraad Uuir acortnt aar flva iraiaaa. (SEAL) year ago. The average bag In the North of COUNCILMAN Vote for FOUR only (Names of Candldatea) Notice of proposed Platte valley counties has varied from Columbus, and Vince Shupe, from Hartford. rtttiborili fcM aa mtra-4aaa4 aaaaaat nave resulted. In all other respects tha general char All added up and the under whlrk ant ta tha na-alara It ta i. IJoya Kum and ntrhac Art UiaaaraUa ramala but little in the same period, Z2.5 In 1944, 22.6 in 1943 and 23.8 in The Braves figured they needed players in 1944, may be back to Chas. Woodworth lands second spot in boxing go acter ot tha ballot to ba used ahall be the aame aa authorised by tha "Australian defensive speed in the outfield handle the relief assignments. amendments to the city charter of the City of Lincoln, Nebraska Notice la -hereby given that the General ground whisperings which have been going on since the baseball search for a new head started 1942. Ballot tw" of una state, in printing the ballots tha namea ahall not ba arranged alphabetically thereon but ahall be rotated In the manner provided by Section MARYVILLE, Mo. Charles Woodworth, Navy V-12 student at and they've now got it in Bill Ramsey, speed merchant from the coast league, in center field, and Carden Gillenwater, right field, Woodworth tips the scales at 136 pounds against Dtttrich's 140 IJurwell triumphs over Ord, class track champs Northwest Missouri State l-OR. Revised Statutes of Nebraska, IMS. About one duck hunter in eight, In the eastern area, went "duck-less" In 1944, while In the western City Election to be mio in me All City elections shall ba held and eon-ducted aa prescribed by this Charter and pounds. Woodworth Is the son of Mr from St. Paul. ers college, came out second best in the 140-lb. class of the second all-station boxing tournament held the lawa of Nebraska applicable thereto haven't added up very often it leaves the field clear for Frick president of the National league. HE ALMOST got the job when the majors met here last February, but a technicality prevented tHe area, only about one in 30 was BURWELL, Neb. Burwell high staged a classy dual track meet nd not Inconsistent with tha provisions of and Mrs. Wilsen Woodworth and unsuccessful. this Charier. to knock oft Ord, the class Lincoln, Neorasaa, on IMS, there will ne submitted to the i qualified electora of aald City for adoption or rejection proposed amendments to the Charter of aald City as follows: NO 1. A proposition authorising tha expenditure of funds tor the purchase of surplus property from the United Btatee of America without estimate or advertising Friday night, Woodworth losing graduated from the Lincoln High AMENDMENT NO. f. Camp briefs track champs by a score of 78 to That Sectioa 4 ot Article IV ef the school in June, 1843. to Kenny Dittrich of Chicago, 111. Charter of Aba City of Lincoln, Nebraska, Pheasant hunting was excellent In 1944 but the average hunter took more birds in 1943. The 1944 average was 16 pheasants per SENATUU. mLLlfll a.rk. UF. Tha Waah ba amended to read as follows: Bee. 4. The two candidates for MAYOR matter from coming up. At that time he was said to have been sure of 11 votes. That number is reported to have dwindled to COUNCILMAN and tha eight candldatea hunter. Other years ran as fol Inrtoa Sanatora broke tralalns at ineir aire ratty of Maryland camp Tuaaday and movad to tbatr borne park. Griffith atadlum tor a waa of final preparation before opentnf tha aaaaoa asalnat Uw Maw York 88. Burwell stayed right in there pitching to win 9 of the 13 events. Winners: 100 yard auh! Shlbata. Ord, 11.1. tM yard daah: Banka. Burwall, II flat. 449 yard daah! Oraaa, Burwall, Hi MO yard run: OUbart, BurwaU, 1:14 1 at ito Krtkaa. Ord. I li 100 yard The Mad Russian, Lou Novikoff, is happy to he hack with Los Angeles lows: 18 in 1943; 11 in 1942, and 8 In 1941. Long seasons of the past for btda: and nu. aumor.e "'-levying of a tax not exceeding two-tenths of oae mill annually for a period of five yeara commencing September 14B tor purchasing equipment for the Fire Department aa shows by the following resolution adopted by the City CounoU: eight since then. Twelve votes ror councilman receiving tne nigneat number of votes in tha primary election ahall ba declared to be tha nominated candidates for said offices and certificates of nomination ahall ba Issued to them respectively hy the city clerk; and such nominees shall be tha only candldatea whose namea shall ba printed upon the Tankeea next Monday. Toa nata De are necessary to elect two years gave Nebraskans more feated the Martin Bombara, a war plant But between Frick and Con LOS ANGELES. (UP). Larru- It's not only his hitting that's taaia, to la weir xinaae nere anw. opportunity, to get out and the larger bags taken reflect the 'ad REBUL.UTIUPI nvr, ne it RESOLVED by the City Council nor, there is little. If any doubt. causing Sweeney to pray nightly hurdlaa: Habaaa. Burwall. If t. yard BKAVKS. WTT.VfTNOTON DeL I API. Tha Boa- the official ballot la following general huh hurdlaa: Hatnaa, Burwall, Si. SaO pln' Lou Novikoff, who is hitting along at a .423 clip after ten days of Pacific coast league play, de ditional hunting, election. O'Connor once said he would not take the job under any circum yard ralar: Burwall. 1:411. Dlaeua: of the City of Lincoln, Nebraska: That at the general city election to be held oa the first day of May, 1046, there shall be aubmltted to a vote of the quail- AMENDMENT NO. toa Bra raa ward adept Tueaday at winning famea tat tha lata Innlnja. They brake a tour all Ue In the atihth Monday That Section of Article IV of the Itiwirt. Ord, 111 faat 10 ta. Shot put: Dworak. Ord, 41 taat. Sit ta. Hlh Jump. Tta. Hatnaa and Sloan. Burwall. faat. cided Tuesday that he's glad to Charter of the City of Lincoln, Nebraska, that the army will once again reject his star slugger. His fielding has proven a delight to the cash customers who remembered him as a slow-footed, lumbering out- ii.u stances. He may have changed his mind, but a lot of club owners haven't changed their minds ba amended to read aa fol Iowa: to top tha Philadelphia Phllliea, a a. Tha team play aiala Tueaday. be back with the Los Angeles Nagurtld to report for another physical exam 4 In. Pola vault: Tta. johnaoa and An- Sec. S. The ballots to be used In the fled electora Of tne uity braaka, for adoption or rejection, the following propositions to amend the charter ot the City of Lincoln, Nebraska: Angels after all. ATHLETICS. general election shall be prepared by the drnton. Burwall. Broad Jump: iarany, Burwill, IS ten 1 ln.i about him. miCnyiRIC. Md. (CP). tafWdar city clerk and they shall be In aubetanti The Mad Russian Is singing a ueiuer. INTERNATIONAL FALLS, ny tne aame general form, ana tne names Oeena KaU at aha rhlladalphla AtaJetlee FnurniHiiiur nu. PROPOSITION TO AMEND AR different tune than he did a Minn. (P). Bronko Nagurski, for NOVIKOFF ALWAYS was at Hastings may field football ot the candldatea nominated at the preceding primary election ahall be printed thereon and rotated aa provided for the aaa aarraeted a major raan la apnni vaia-tt 1 fc taa't hltttac bite doable pteya any aaa.iiMn. CesaM Maak aaid Taaaday. Recreation program in making for Hastings month ago when he swore he'd quit baseball rather than return his greatest playing for the mer football star at Minnesota and in the pro grid game, Monday said he definitely will not play squad for 1945 season primary election ballot; the namea or tne Mask aald ha waaa't vary peaaaad with TICLE IV OF THE CHARTER OF THE CITY OF LINCOLN, NEBRASKA, BY ADDING THERETO A NEW SECTION, TO BE DESIGNATED SECTION IS a. WHICH NEW SECTION SHALL READ AS FOLLOWS: Angels. After posting a sensa to the minors. Uw aadltiaa) at tha aaaaa aa (eawrai, aw HASTINGS, full rec HASTINGS. Neb. No definite candidates tor MAYOR-COUNCILMAN and the names of the candidates for councilman only ahall be grouped and printed aep- tlonal .363 batting mark for Los And Angel Mgr. Bill Sweeney lakaalnd thai au-e announcement has been made, but football this season, but that there Is a possibility he may wear an Angeles in 1940, he hit a meager Ttrnm. rately oa -the ballots. The candidate lor hopes the harmonica-playing Hastings college hopes to field a a TT ANTIC CITY. N. 1. (AP). Tha New .241 for the Chicago Cubs in 62 reation program tor both adults and children will get underway in Hastings April 16. -Sponsored by the Hastings rec slugger won't have a change of other kind of uniform. the office of MAYOR-COUNCILMAN receiving the highest number of votes in the general election ahall be the MAYOR of football team this fall if it is games and was shipped to Mil "Bee, la. The aiy councu may authorise the expenditure of funds fat the purchase of surplus property from the United States of America, or a duty authorised agency thereof, under the provisions of the "Surplus Property Aet ot Tark Xaakaaa ftatakrd Ihetr aprlns wajnlnf aero aad BMrad aa Trenton. N. Tenedma. leaiThM tha aaaMfml hnanaalaa Nagurski has received orders to heart before the season ends. Without Novikoff, the Angels the City of Lincoln aa well aa a council waukee. at all possible. Hastings last par' ticipated in football In 1942. Bas report to the Fort SneUing in man: and the four aandldatea for coun He won the American associa they wta Bar aa nprara aaay wea cllmaa receiving the hlgheat number of probably don't have a single duction station with the April 14 reation commission and financed by federal Lanham act funds, the project will be under the direction ketball was a big success at the ae AaMrtraa waaaa wn mt. Ja MeCartha aald ha waa tatrty aaa- tion batting crown with a .370 votes In the general election ahall ba the councllmen. The defeated candidate for player who could have made contingent from his home county, or any Act amendatory thereto er In extension thereof, without estimate or advertising for bids as la required la Section 10, Article IV of this Charter." lefled teepeee ate taaea'a record at ami tool average and then hit .300 for the Los Angeles team in peacetime. He waa rejected In a previous MAYOR-COUNCILMAN ahall not become an elected councilman at the election In college the past season. Pro teams merge Tletorlea la tea aihinitioai famea. Cubs in 1942. of Bob Steel man, a former Gates Rubber company engineer. Steel- visit to the station because of GIAMTH. which he was defected for Mayor. PROPOSITION NO. A PROPOSITION TO AMEND AR- SWEENEY WON'T dens' that But from then on in, he was a NEWARK. N. J. (UP). Pitcher Van AMENDMENT NO. a. football injury to his knee. man will be assisted by Mrs. Ruby OTW-yaBjCUPiThe Boston Una la Munao. who haa been on tha down That- Beetle -of Article 4V 4he Novikoff is Just about a one-man marked roaiw Chicago Can Mgr. Young, who has been charge of trade for eeveral yea re, aald at tha atari Charter of the City of Lincoln. Nebraska, and Brooklyn teams of the team at present, either. TieLaVIK -OF TUB CHARTarR -F-THr-CITY OF LINCOLN, NEBRASKA, BY ADDING THERETO A NEW SECTION, TO BE 'DESIGNATED SECTION Se, Jimmy Gallagher, irked because be amended to read as follows ofHralnlng that he might win SO gamee service centers here. Scottshluff winner National professional football Sec. a- The Mayor and each councilman for the New York otanta. out tew looe him eertouely until Tueaday. Working the league voted Tuesday to merge "I don't know what we'd do without Lou," Sweeney said. "It must have been the luck of the he was by-passed by Owner Phil Wrigley on the signing of Novikoff last season, was determined shall respectively qualify by taking and subscribing the oath ot office and by SCOTTSBLUFF, Neb. (UP) WHICH NEW BECTlun una AS FOLLOWS: full nine tnnlnta act lnst toa niwin Deaxa. for the 194S season and will play furntshinx a corporate surety bond wmcn Grand Triple Feature Scottsbluff came out on top with Mungo abut them out, 11 to 0, atrlklng out Bee. 3s. The elty councu anau nave one game at Yankee stadium Irish that sent him back to me to cast him back to the minors. shall be approved by the Council and filed wiih tha cltv clerk. These officers' bonds 83 Vi points in a three-way track power to levy, la addition to any taxes authorised ta thla charter, a tax not ex amo and rng op onry nra uu. INDIANS. against the New York Giants. from the Cubs. As things stand And this year he got his way meet Monday, defeating Gering shall ba la favor of the City of Lincoln as obligee and each be- In the sum of despite loud protests all the way now, we be sunk without him" and Mitchell. 14.00000 conditioned for the faitnrui ene- ceeding two-tenths ot one mill annually, oa all taxable property, real and asuaaaal. -within the City, for a period of five yeara commencing with the fiscal year beginning 11ESTL Notice of zoning board rNDIANAPOLlS, Ind. UP). Tha Cle-land Indiana were ruling flva day whining atreak Tuaaday on a combination of luety hituns and afftctent pitching. Mgr. Lou Boudreaa and Rookie Catcher Henry Lou record speaks for itself charge of the duUea of their respective Gering made 32 points and offices of Mayor, councilman ana com Novikoff has laced out 19 hits in Mitchell totaled 21H. The best of appeals meeting miss loner, and the further eonaiuoa mat 45 times at bat for a .422 average Ruakowaki drove la nine rune Monday to from Brooklyn to Cincinnati. Almost any club in the Majors would have paid plenty to have Lou on their war-ravaged rosters. But they'll have to wait until September 1046,. for tne purpose oi purchasing equipment tor the fire department ot the City." If the officer shall vote tor an expenditure performance was a 142 foot, three- Notice la hereby given that the next lead tha way 1 II to 1 victory ova of money, or for the creation of any He's knocked in ten runs and has inch discus toss hy Kay Wleland ii.hllltv In excesa of tne amount aiiowea ladtaaapolla of the Americas aaaorlalKia. CIB8. a home run and three triples. of Mitchell, which broke All regular meeting of the Zoning Board of Appeals will be held la the City Hall at 10:00 a. Thursday, April 1, IMS. at which time the following application will be considered; by law. or shall vote for tba transfer of any money from one fund to another when such transfer la ndt allowed by law, then rUCNCH L1C, lad. (CP). Tha CaJ- next season at least. And he stolen a base, too. That aaid proposed amendments anau no submitted to the qualified electora at aald election, by printing aald proposed amendments oa the ballot, and following each of said proposed amendments oo aaid ballot shall he printed the following: eaaa raba. at IB aaag aa auu A Real All Star Card MS, APRIL 1 iwb officer and bis surety snail ne iudii two anaew aatvera ta aaaaar anaiaa faraaa Application ef A. L. Kelm for a change' West Nebraska standards. CCNY get new mentor on bis aald bond, i Tha City Shan pay thf in soning from Residence to Resi Tueaday. rltehar Caauiey uaaaaway, lefthander who waa lata la aettlag denes of the property at S11S "0 premium ea these bonaa, VOTE FOR or AGAIN BT 3 I vote FOR the proposed amendment ma eai TetaBaard autrttht ta Milwaukee. surest. NEW YORK. UP). Louis "Red1 That ectOI, 0e Article IT of the THEO. H. BERO. City Clerk. Charter of the City of Lincoln. Nebraska. Shartaaaa aartey Brawatar waa aatlaaed ta turn Aaa-etea. Tha Cuba wan, ta t. HOIIED RIGHT MILD ami BITE he amsndsrf to resd aa follows: Notice of applications Gebhard, a graduate of Lafayette college and for 18 seasons a New Jersey high school football coach. frees Chartonaa Maaday far their tatra vleaary aa the 0va game aartaa. See. 7. Each councilman snail receive i snnual salary of 13, (UK) 00: and the Fair Graand Araaa Liar la 8:45 for license to sell beer Mayor shall receive an annual salary of Tiueaw. TERRX HA DTK. Ind. (UP). Timely 14.800 00: aaid sal a rise shall be paid In Notice la hereby given that the City double Mara with tha baeea loaded ware Monday was named gridiron boss at City College of New York, succeeding Leon -Chief Miller. Council of the Cltv ot Lincoln will bold credited Tueaday with Detrolt'a to vic monthly Installments respectively. Neither councilman nor Mayor ahall receive any oompenaatlOB from the city other than -jBja 11 a meeting In the Council Chamber In the Ial IAiiaoa City Hall oa Monday. April la. 145. Ma aalarv. nor anau eitner oi mem uom tory over tba Chicago wna noz a umm-Ing camp game. Tha Ttgera were outhrt. ta to 11. but anuffed off budding ralllea trot cfiomre taovr 2:00 o'clock a. tor the purpose oi i snv other public office while holding one -1 iR sMerlng and acting upon the following ap of three offices and they ahall devote their tn tha eecood and third mnlnra with tha plications for lieenae to sen oeer. aa provided hv Hones HoU No. 13 of the SOth rfonhla elan Thev aaada eaves runs in time to me raimrui oiscnarxe ot tne euwe ot their respective offices. The Mayor and councllmen shstl occupy offices which shall Seasioa of the Legieiature or raeorasu: tba elf in on nva alia aaa rmn LJ 1 VOIS AUAJJ1B1 me prwyMiu uhuv- ment. The City Clerk la hereby directed to publish with his official certification, three times, a week apart, tha full text of the proposed amendments to be voted upon. Introduced by Stanley Maty. ADOPTED: March Jft, 146 BY CITY COUNCIL Arthur J. Weaver, Acting Ms we. ATTEST: Theo. H. Berg, City Clerki THE STATE OF NEBRASKA) COUNTY OF LANCASTER SS CITY OF LINCOLN Theo. Berg, City Clerk of the Ctty of Lincoln, In tne County ot Lancaster, and State of Nebraska, do hereby certify that the above and foregoing la a true and correct copy ot Reaoiutioa No, A-MU5 containing proposed amendments to the Charter of City of Lincoln as adoptsd by the City Council of aald City at a re ruler meeting held March la5, aad filed la the office ot the City Clerk oa aald day as the original appears In my office and now "flFff BAl-K L1CKNBK" eUnca tha vtetory. be provided for them the City Hail. chaht.tjs qrorsmaN. on Evt of Lot 1 a wr.rtiisi e.n ru. a. arr tirm iin ivr. The St louia Block SI. Lawodsra Addition, anown MAKES A BETTER SMOKE That Sectioa of Article IV ef the EXNIX DUSEK BILL K.LTSISTO TED TASSOS JACK CONLEY JOE DUSEK HANK BUESING Oarriinala wfea manan to coma UP with jr?" aa 173S Street. ON NT OFF HALE LICENSE" Charter ot the City of Nebraska, ba amended to read as follows: one or two outstanding ruoaia every 'aaaaoa, were elated to take the J08EPH1NE BALoqUon Lot 14. Block S4, Sec. a The executive powers, fnnetkms oriainai Hist, enown as ju ot. and duties ot the city government shall be HAROLD T. CRAVES, on part of Lots 17 wrapa off one of their lo noperaia inw dky when Kea Burt hart, a 15ame winner from Columbua. oppoaea the St. Louie l'j mritAIW'ajrOS, aanufc 1 ritno 7 distributed among five administrative de and IS. Block S. Original flat, known partments, to-wlt: 19 Nnrth is at Browne. VHluurl. HOTELS COMPANY, on Lot 1. The department of public affaire. S. The department of accounts and rmaTKs. 1 and-S, Block a unginai rut. snown nancee. Caateral AdaUeaie aa 303 3outh 13 street. 3. The department of public aafety. rnsRLra WILSON, oa St of Lot 1 MINCIK. lad. HP). Acting Mar. trail "Spad" Data of the PKteburg rtrales, who doaMrd ae eatrher ke a ramp tame Maaday, eaaavatad Tacaday tart aa atua nd fav baa ainaiea If 4. The department of streets and public Block 41, Original rial, anowa as ui Free TreaeaertaMea) North 12 Street. At aald time and Mace the City Coun aVeaamid Sele tfileaa aaatada tasaat "IT DAVIDSON'S Men's Store EaaMa Bui aaOned taalaiaia ha aaadh- i-n will receive competent evidence under my charge remaining aa City Clerk IN WITNESS WHEREOF. I have hereunto aet say hand officially and affixed the seal of the City of Lincoln, Nebraska, that Sta day of April, 144a THEO. H. BERC1. City Clark. (SEAL) oeth either orally or by affiaevit trosa any improvements. 6. The department ef parka aad public property. The council ahall al Ita first meeting or aa aooa thereafter as practicable, assign one councilman to be eommiastooer of toe department of aecounta and ftnaaeee who ahall ax officio be city treasurer; ana keM. axe ireaa Las alee ad tha metric person bearing upoa tne propriety oi me issue or of any or aU of said licenses as eaaaw vai aaidaiyi-'-i niliiifteian a fraal Ma. atk tM. I'" 'm TOE! H. BERa City Clerk, lisped aha Yaaaaraa siaas, IS as a.

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