Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 27, 1896 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 27, 1896
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l.'l' I M, THE J VOL. XXI. LOaANSPORT, INDIANA, SATURDAY MORNBf,^ JUNE 27, 1896. NO. 154. 65c to 98c Shirt Waists for 50c. SILVER CAMPAIGN. TWO SPECIAL DAYS SHIRT WAIST DAYS. Outlina of the Plans • of .'Various White Metal Forcea'--'- To Unite in an Effort to Influence Action of Democratic Convention' on Financial PJarik.^" ,^. TODAY AND SATURDAY .^.. 3RANIK -PERSIANEFTECTS: We will Display on our BARGAIN TABLE in center aisle 25 distinct styles of new Shirt Waists ranging in price from c 65 Cents to 98 Cents And you are at liberty to take your choice of this lot of 5uperb and Elegantly made Waists for «i 50 Cents. All Sizes. All Styles. All Colors. Calicoes, Cheviots, Percales, Lawns, Dresdens and. all the Pretty Effects. We are also offering Great Things in our Wash <joods Department. Wash Goods Remnants at Just Half. 40SM11 BROADWAY. 306 FOURTH ST. Chicago, June i!G.—The active cam- puiyn of the various • silver preparatory to the dtiuocrittrc n.'itioiial convention will be inaugurated, 'ou: Tuesday next, when the bimctajlio national democratic committee,^whic'i- is innde up of lending silver democrats throughout, the country, assembles at the Sherman house. Already a larg'e quantity of inii.il matter, much Of'it: beiirinp 1 the postmarks of western cities, awaits Secretary T. 0. Towlu, of ilissouri. Telegrams -\vore • ;nlsb-- received Friday mornin«\.from.v|jnited; Stales Ronii.tors Jones, of ArUnnsna, nnd Harris, of Teniu'ssee, .styti'iig'-'-thnt they will arrive on Sunday,'nivl'askinp. that, tch'prams and lei tors be held. The larfje club room of the hoto! and MIX' oOii.'Vi'Oiice rooms have been je'jip'afi-'ed for the meetinff, whieh promi«es<o .be very larpfoly attended, the' : di-m'pcrntlc national committeemen of a'iiuiVi'ber.p.f %v>.sU>ni and southern staton ; ija*iaig wire-d for iiccoinmotlntiousr/or.rt-hem- Relves iinrJ friends. Besides MIC jjentle- Tni'ii named Senator Tuvpie, of-Tnd-innn: Oov. W. .7. Stone, of Missourj.-jfiecreT tary of Sta*e W. N. lTiiiriuJtxf.n.'.pf Illinois, and JTon. Cnrey You.pp;;,of .3Jem- phis, arc members of the exei'u.tiv«cptn- m'itteei' Theodore Kelson, se<;ret,'ir.y-of the dniiiocratic state cent ml committee, •who. IS: in cont.rol of the .preliminary arraiiffeinonts, said Friday • ,To -Jn.nuencc Domonrtitlc C "The;conference Tvlll comm. flay.. and Its work will continue -Hnl rte^iocra,tlc national convention 'hV? ai- journeQ:. The main purpose Id to I'riftn'cnc'e', If'.not.'tp. rtotermlne, the'platform-position oif'-'tlio^pnventlon, nnd we exi^t jc*.*IC«r.t a potent. If not a controlling jnftuencp',.ln tXat,'«;dtl!e'rln(;. The leading s1!ver''m'en"6f tha cooritry will be here with ilH/iilid will have il'Jull share of our dellberHilortsti'Sen- committees'will actiinclependent- ly, ]but harmoniously. , Entlmato Given It a Majority of ISO at Chicago, June 26.- r Tne Tribune pays: The last of the delegates to be elected to t-hi;. democratic national convention were selected Thursday by the stole .convention's in. Georgia and North Carolina . A ctlunissof I !)<; delegates of every B'.'«e ami'territorv on tlie currency question shows 573,delegates, either by instruction or personal preference, to .bo forjthe free, unlimited and independent..coinage of silver at a ratio of sixteen 'to .one, against 32S delegati's instructed for or favoring the continuance., of the present gold'stamln.i-d. Oil the presidency soinc of the stales r.Q-i instructed for "favorite sons." l.Jhiml, of .Missouri, will be supported by'liis own state, Kansas, nnd Texas rli'llm territories, all of which are in- <it-rni;t<''l for him. Four hundred and forty-four delegates' are instructed on the presidency or hiivc expressed thfir choice ng-ain.Kt 4C2 without nny p:ir- uUtr choice. 'Tho' present known strength of the different candidates is is-foliou-.s: Rlchrtrcl-'P.'liia'nd, of Missouri: ]0o W.Hllum 'C. Wliltney, of New York 7£ iolJerl 13. Pattlson, of.JPennsylvanla.... 6-1 Tohn R. McLean, of'Ohlo...-. W William !•:. nussel!;.-<H!''Masgachu«etts... :;S > UiuOc 1 ' MatlhtWH, ot Indiana ,.. 30 Iora.ce noii.-s, of Io\va -'I 'osejjh C. S. BlnckLiurnj-of-Kentucky— 20 Stephen M. While,.o(-CaI!fornia 18 Benjamin R. Tillman. of S'o'uth Carolina. U Doubtful -.>......:...-.: 462 Total .......... ";'.'\'. ; : : :'.....'. SU'J A ueii«ve coi. jwartm is rrffnt in tne sian he hus taken, and the committee will au;. tain him." _ __ THE LESSON COMMITTEE. Intitrnatlonal ISundny School Convention Tntnnnctn It* Mont Important Hiinlncto. Boston, June -SO.— At the intcrnution al Sunday school convention Tridny morning the election of the lesson com mittco, the most important fe;itui'e o the convention, was held, and resulle as follows; Ulioile Inland— Warren Randolpli, D. D. Baptist. Illinois-Mr, n. F. Jacobs, Baptist, .NVw York-A. PVScliauillcr, D. D.. I'res- nytorlan. MaSHnclutsetts— A. K. Dunnlni?, D. D. CongroK/uionollst. Mary!:tncl— E. B. .Kephard, D. D., United Brotherhood. Tennessee— Dr. John R. 3'eppcr, Methodist. Kentucky— Prof. John It. Samnry. D. D., SlLVKlt MKKT1NC IX-.NEW YORK. ator' Jones, of Arkansas, recehtly.s'ent ,.a lay letter to each silver delegate eleet- " Clothes up to Date . . Hare been in great favor at our establishment. Fact is no one bat, a finer line of woolens and worsteds to select from than our?. Important>Features ... in ithe make-up of our clothes work their superiority, . . not the cheapest tailors but olaliu to be the best. Carl W. Keller, Tailorjand Draper. 311 Market Street. ed >o"tjbe national convention asking one; jmeinber be selected to meet with us next ^w^ek and take .charge of the .silver cause,>ln hla delegation, as well as keep a general watch upon ajtairfl. The re- Bliojia'ps have been very numerous, .and the conference will be thoroughly repre»ent»- tive.ra'rid harmonious," ' Another Meeting of Silver Men. however, will not be the only of the white metal advocates. A 'w£ek from Sunday the members of the; executive committee of the American '.BimetalHe union will assemble-in this''city preparatory to a convention- on t|liS following day. The participants will/fe'cJude Gen. A. J. Warner,"Ohio; B. C!' ; Cilnmbers,.Utah; Henry G. .Miller, Illinois; J. B. Grant, Colorado; Joseph But't«ii; Vermont; William M, Stewart, Nevada; Marion Butler, North Cnr.plina; Thomas G. Marrill,Montana','itnd : Jamea M. Tiurner, Michigan. The-uri (6W fa-.» KtiMOlutlniitt ou Free' Coia&K*' Adopt«<l A<1- UreHSiul to Ueinocratlc-Convention. .Xew York, June 3C.—The first org'un- ized iriovoment in -b.eh.ilf.of free silver in this city wus inaugurated Thurnday night, at .Coopur&.lJnion,.and the hall held a vast assembiagt.'.'The meeting WILS under the auspices of the American silver organization, which has for its sponsors the y')ung democracy, better "Unowii as ex-Sheriff : James O'Brien's Missouri — Mo.she'm Rhodos, D. D., Lutheran. Province of Ontario— John Potts, D. D., Methodist. Pi'nnsylvar.ln.— J. S. Staj-.or, D. r>,. fo:-nK>a church. Tonnftisou— Prof. J. I. 15. Hinds, Ph. D., rr<;sbyicr!£.n. New Vork— J3. B, Tyler, D, D., Christian church. Colorado— t-r. W. Wnrron, D. D., Methodist VJrtfinlc— Prof. W. W. Moore, D. D., Presbyterian. Province of Quebec— Principal E. I. Rexford, H. A,, Protestant Episcopal. VENEZUELA NOT AT FAULT. CHJ.D--llim IJecn We Have Others we Call Them Knights • We also have an aesJrtiuent of second hand bicycles which must be Hold. Call and make an offer. The queen of h«»rts in ill these parts, It you can fro by rumors' I« on« who ridei a wheel, and glides About in dainty bloomers. ZINN & COMPANY. 303 Sixth Street Fresh Water Yeast! flakes the purest and sweetest Bread- The Bread Recipe on separate Slip is PERFECT. THE BUCKEYE YEAST CO., ASHLEY, OHIO. PROTECT YOUR [EYES. The Hirchberg Optical Co. Tlie well-known Specialists of 'New Tock nave appointed D. A. HACK as agent roc their celebrated Spectacles a nd Jtj Glasses, every pair guaranteed, u. A. HA UK luu complete assortment and invites all to satlsfj tnem.ielve.1 ol tho great su fwrlorlty of those goods OT« any manufactured, at the store of D. A. nAUK, Sole agent lor (To PeUUleM Supplied. organi/ntiori,. beirig'to promote a to silver by the abundant-distribution of literature and the providing of speakers for public meetings," "Its national We are headquarters are in the:r. Jlnrtiord building in this city, and it is']»robnble thnt during the session of the-iconten- tion these will be connected- byiixrire with the eastern office in the'SutubjiLld- Ing at Washington and ;t.he-..,iMins building at San Francisco, in-.ouderithnt prompt conference may liei^Jnd w^ien necessary with silver advocates;who are r.nable to make the trip .toij.Ghicngia. National Secretary George B.;Itpwen; snid.Friday morning: • . • ;• ..",;•To Straggle for Union of Force!.. ,-,:.y, "The object of the mooting lii tQ-,look- L over the ground on the evo of the ( nss£\m- blinf? ol the democratic convention; 'anil- see what can be accomplished in-thd-toay' of a union of the blmctalllONforeem.. In order that the entire silver strongtJbi,.6f the country may, If possible', be concentrated on one candidate." ; .-•••• FopnllHtn Would Unite 041 Teller. H. F. Bartine, editor of'the Xntlonal Bimetallist, added that from hundreds of letters which were being received- daily from all parts of the country,-it was.apparent that the populist party was anxious that the democrats should take neutral ground in -the matter of candidates nnd nominate a ticket upon : H strictly, silver platform which would' be acceptable to the force.s of the people's party. It is apparent from this- correspondence, he snid, "thnt'if Senator Teller should be nominated here he will receive the unqualified indorse- ment and support, of ,tbe populists.:: As; to any other candidates,I/.cnnnot say so much." • /,-. , : . Still Another Meeting", Between these two mee.tin.gs there will be Yet another. Next Saturday the national executive cdmmlttoe'o^'t'h'e new silver party will: open-'3iea<.lq~iin! c "' tors at one of the lending_hotels. . This Js a strictly politfcal organixation brought into existence itolVaShington over a year ago, ahcl has'.'for its object the ' employment of existing 1 political tnnchin'ery to advance the silver cause. It is allied with the bimetallic union in that tlie latter ilrst-createi'a'seht.iment by' means of its literature while the new', 'silver party follows tip. that jiropaganda by creating eount^'^and. state organizations rind' th'xis"putting the, .political machinery.hitxv a'ctfion, As'-'injvpther eases the purpose, oi inc. meetltfg; which has been cnllwVby the national' chairman, Dr. llott, 'of South Carolina; is to assist in ^nllyiifg' und- '.Senator .Tillmun.'of South Carolina, th« chief speaker, j-ccf ived an ovation 'as he walked, upon, the- jjhttform.' . Mr. Tillinan bega^'his'^peech with a .bitter attack. 1 -upon the press-of New .York. .'•••••• : At the conclusion ol the speech'free silver resolutions 'were adopted, and William' P. St.'.Tohn'was delegated togo to the democratic and populist conventions to, press them upon the delegates. A ;ca)l for'the silver convention in St; Louis-July 22 to nominate or indorse q presidential candidate..was read, closing-th(* meeting', • Not In*.er<Miteri In Sllvor yuoxtlon. Wiis)iiiigton, .Tune 20. •— A special .from Cleveland, O., quotes Xntfonnl ' Chairman M^A.-'Hanna as saying thnt tjie silver question is not of vitul inter: ej|^-to phe wjjrkingmen. He so declared Thursday evSaiirig.:, , "The.thousa L n"ds'.ar r w i 6rRlngTfi<'h who are employed-In .th'e •/'actorle.i of this coun- try-dbn.'t care an lota about-thl» question til free 3llver)!r*aId"Mr. Hanha. "They say fhoy don't;- antJ'tt'W'a-ppareht- that what the IndUHtrlal .classes of America want Is better;tlmca. a dawn o£ prosperity, and some assurance that they will ere long re- ct-lyo better, wagwa,. J>r-at least a stipend cquul"to that which they wc-re getting before' -'the• financial depression which fol- lowed-ithe democratlc.y.lctory of 1S02," Cnii-t Stem Uia.Sllver Xlclo. 33altlmore, Md., .June; 2p. .^ Senator Gorman will posUixely ,not go to Chicago. ; fpr the .nutiouiif.coiiventioii. He does not think thefBi.is any ehaliee at -this late, hour to, stem the free silver tide, but- believes tlmt.'u.'fre.e silver candidate will be nominated. Asked whom he thought the democrats would nominate .he replied: •;.'.' . • •< • "It looks like Bbjes." As soon as the .senator made-known : his Anal decision, Cluunn.in Bott, of the democratic state^committee, designated ex-State.Treasurer Spe.ucer C. .lones'to .serve-as delegate at large in place of Charles .C. '.Homer,'' .who declined to .serve. .. ; J"\ , -..'.;, . Mr.iGormnn doi«-iiot.think Mr. Teller stands much ch'nnco with the democ- \Yaching-ton, Juno 2fi,—Minister Aiul- r;u3e ut noon 'Friday receivod the following cablegram and immediately sent a copy to Secretary Olney: "Caraca.i, June 2ft—Jlojas, Minister oi Foreljrn Affairs, to.iVenezuelan Minister at. Washington:' It-jwas yesterday when the national commissary of Cuyuni tcle- K-rapht'd occurrence. Harrison and 19 others crossed to the loft bank of the Cuyuni to open a road. The'SubcommiR- sary of Acarubesl protested in writing. Harrison insisted, and the subcommissary too); him to the post of Kldor-uio. As soon as the government was Informed thc-ix-of If ordered the release of Harrison and usked detail?." ,» The post Kldor.-ulo referred to in the cablegram is directly across the river from the British station of U'ruan. The dispatch confirms the impression thut the Venezuelans were not at fault and that the statu quo observed for several years was broken by the Harrison surveying- parry. Secretary OJ- ney will notify Sir Julian rtiunecfote of Harrison's prompt release and the circumstances under which he was or-. rested. READY FOR WORK. .Republican Congressional Committee to Fash the Campaign. Chairman Babcock's Plans — Maj. McKinley Still Overrun with Callers. - .INSTRUCTED FOH SILVER. Democratic 8tat« Convention of North Carollnn Comptaten ItH Work. Ealeiph, X. C., June 2G.—The democratic stute convention ended its session at 4:30 Friday morning. The delegates nt largo to Chicago lire: John A. Webster, Thomas 3. Jnrvis, Edward .1. Hale and A. M.'\V:i<!deIl. The>e and the district di'leg-atey go without instructions aw'to presidential preference, butare in- structed.to vote as.a,unit, unflinchingly and at all ha/ar^s, for the restoration of silver. The state ticket nominated is: ' Cyrus 15. Watson, g-overnor; Thomas Mason, lieutenant gove'rnor; Charles M. Cook, se.ci-fctaivy.. of state; EobeJ-t M. Furman, auditor; Benjamin F. Aycock, treasurer; Frank I. Osborne, attorney- geneni),;| John C. Scarborough, superintendent of public instruction; F. C. Avery' nnd George C. Brown, justices of the''.supreme court. ' V/l'LL RESIGN SOON. . '• .'JLenv«n the Republican Purty. .Minneapolis, Minn.,' June 26. — tieut. :Gov,;Dny, in his paper,., the Pnirmont .Sentinel, announces that he can no .longer -act with, the republican party on iRCcoiioi 1 of its position on the 1 money iqnestion. He' is also a state senator. jcp siiow FOR CHICAGO DEMOUKATS. ,Sub-Om<-lal» of NHtltiiiHl Cnnvontlon to 4 ', r . : ' He Oawlder*. Chicago, June 26:— The sub-committee o,u general arrung-eraonts, press and telegraphic facilities of the national •democratic convention, consisting of National Secretary' Shcerin. of Indiana; Messrs! Wall, -of Milwaukee; Shirley., of Ibuisville, and 1-frnther, St, Louis, r;s- sembleil at the 1 'Kilmer lion.se at 11 o'clock Friday for the purpose of further c'ons'ldernijj; the 'matters um'<T their charges;. 1 'itywatf stated t.hnt the applications for pressf seats were largely iri/excess of. those, of the St. Louis, convention, anfl."t>htiti.'ri fprniiing down to '' ' JfJann of the ConKermtlve MlnUtern of Canada. Ottawa, Out., June .20.—The conservative ministers have decided that as soon as certain routine business is disposed of they will tonder their resignations to his excellency, the governor general. This business will only take it clay or two, so that, by Monday or Tuesday of next week, Mr. Laurier will be engaged in the task of forming a cabinet. When Sir Chnrle.s Tupper was asked whether any appointments would be made before government resigned he said he could not s.iy, but pointed out that the English precedent allowed retiring- government to make appointments. Furor International Arbitration. 'Glasgow, June 2G.-fThe Presbyterian conv.ent.ion, which h»s been sitting- in thitf-'city since June 17, unanimously passed a resolution Friday to petition the governments of Great Britain and the United States for the establishment of a. permanent board of arbitration to settle disputes which may arise between the two nations. The dele- Washington. June 2(i.—Although, the real labor of the republican irtugres- sicnal committee ha.s :)bt fairly begun, there is considerable preliminary work now in progress and the committee's headquarters at the Xonnandie hotel .show signs of decided activity. The committee occupy six rooms at.rheXor- mamlic in addition to a building on I street, where the documents are stored, fijpm which place they will be distributed jo the various districts. ItisChair- insn Bnbcock's purpose to make hi.s committee an effective auxiliary of the national committee. In pursuance of hi.s purpose he wi)/' confer with Mr. Kanna's executive committee with a •iev>' to securing un equitable adjusl- nt'nt of the work. The principal officials of the congressional committee, in iddition to Chairman Babcock. are: jewis D. Apsley, of Massnchu- :etts, vice chairman; David JI. Mercer, . >f'Nebraska, secretary; Warner P, Sut> on, assistant secretary; WilFiam Ji, ['hompso'n, treasurer.-anr) Frederick P. Sehrneiler. » well-known newspaper orrespondent, private secretary.' The hree gentlemen last-named are all res.- lents.of this city.' Mr. Apsley and Mr. 1'ercer, as 'well as Mr. BabcocJc, are nonibers of congress. " No«'d a Uoort Scnre. Before leaving-.the city for Xew.York a few days ago; Mr. Babcook expressed entire s;ili,sf,-jct ion \vith 'the political outlook. He does not doubt that the republicans will capture a sufficient number of districts to give them the control of the next house by n good working majority. In • common -with other IraJers of the party, Mr. Babcock realizes the necessity of securing the ' lower branch of congress in order.Mf McKinley be elerted,. that the latter shall have the cooperation of n'national legislature which will carry out bis policy. So far from being disturbed by the fear of his congressional associates that the fight thikyear will be a spirited one, Mr. Babcocli is, on the contrary, rather gratified. He was quoted Friday as saying that a good • scare will stimulate the republican congressional candidates to put forth • ..ibeiu v l>c£kvJ£l£oi:ts. Tliis.be.ing done, he does not doubt that the great ma- jority'will be elected whereas without this stimulus they inight yield to overconfidence and become the victims of. a- democratic "still-hunt." Campaign UtentnrB. While the literature which will be sent out from headquarters will include Several, score of speeches OD tariff and finance, other data of an interesting general character are also being . prepared. Among the speeches which are now being distributed in the western states which will be the storm cell- . ter of this year's political cyclone, are those of McCleary, of Minnesota, on! wages and prices as. affected by the , present monetary system—a. ;speech, x which was delivered to refute the argument made by Congressman Towne, a brilliant young republican from the same state, who will be one of the foremost champions of the white metaJ\in the coming campaign. Congressman Apsley's speech on protection and reci-- procity, showing the effect on the revenues of the repeal of the tariff .law of 1S90; Johnson; of North 'Dakota, on silver and wheat; Speaker Keed, of Maine, in opposition to the Wilson tariff bill in the Fifty-third congress, and- Senator Sherman, of Ohio, on finance, are other speeches which it is also purposed to circulate widely. TARIFF THE ISSUE. meet'' the necessary. j . Sergcahlt-airariris'.Ma'rtih'ivks. called ! n, ' cou'ceiVfrating the aih-ei'.^tlelegates.vto' tlie.eiitli that a straddlin^"p(atJoria™m8y, be" ato/ded and 'a -clean-ciJt:declarati6n mride in favor of tjj« lind behind croftcdidpprs-.thR'sub-eoninlit" tee discussed hls''an'iicni'ncorl determination, t6 muke 1 up-h1s,Jist.of doorkeepers, deputy. .sergeants-atrarni» andiall other sub-officials havingccm'tTOl of entrances froniT applicants, outside''of the -city. During a brief;"i'ecess at noon Col. Prather said: ".;o;.'•'; ..v."Col. M.'irtlD h'a»,ther;pr'oper.idea: We do hot want pebple.'onV,the doora.who can be,.approached or .wlip'.-wlll utilize their op- p'ortimlty to ndmlrfrlendsiand aoq.ualnt- nncca without thepnfc'eritatlon- ot tickets. This convention must not, be, run'-by outsiders, arid the only'way to co'ntlnc the at- ,tendarice to those'Who^aro; entitled to admission "Is to -put'^trangeru on the doors who will strictlyvrct.end -,*° their buslncj Silver Quotlon Will Occupy Secondary Flnce In i'cnnftylvanlR, Canton, 0., June £6.—Charles Emory Smith, of Philadelphia, arrived from the cast at 10:30 o'clock Friday and wus met at the station by one of Maj. McKinley's secretaries. When he arrived n,t thcOiouse, he had n long- talk with Maj. McKinley, and many phases of the campaign and. J.he method of conducting- it were discussed. While Mr. Smith was engaged in earnest conversation with Maj. McKinley, C. L, Magee, of Pittsburgh, the republican leader of west Pennsylvania, arrived. Mr'. Magee thinks the tariff, rather than gates to the conyen fjon.jncluded in the the soun<J mmcy question,' will be tho number of which there are. GO min- •jsters from the .United •States, were entertainer] at the Glasgow university in the afternoon. The convention concluded its session Friday evening. Honor John Howard Bryant. • Princeton, 111.,. June 2fi. — The 80th birthday of John Howard Bryant,, the the ant, only poet, was surviving William, celebrated brother of Culleii Bryin thi.s city by the venerable gentleman at his residence, where were gathered relatives and guests from .feu 1 n«d ncnr. The host,, hale and' hearty, recited one of his own poems, ••" Hlii t»it Ltittrr. Chicago, June 26.—While writing a letter to his mother in his room at .No. 75 Sangnraon street Dan Nolan, alias Ed -Soln.n, who the police sny is a practiced criminal, was shot and perhaps fatally-wounded by a pal, Harry Smithfield, alias Archie Taylor, against ti'liom-he is thought to have had "a grudge. • • . ;.._''. effective issue among the great working classes of Pennsylvania and pre- . diets a larger majority for McICinley in the state thnn was ever given a presi- * dentia.1 candidate. He believes the . money question will be potent in f.'i<? cast and that the'platform adopted by the republicans will make it impossible for the democrats to cnrry Xew York with n free silver candidate. Friday evening a large delegation from Xor- \valk, 0.. called upon Maj. McKinley. j Alany Settler'* Manttiicred. Ji"e\\ T 1'ork-, Juj)e 20.—A di.spntch to the World from Cape Town says that nw.ful massacres a.rc reported near Sal- isbtirj', Jfat,abe)e)and, and' thnt looting- and murder are prevalent in the nnpro-" j tectcd districts throughout that coun- i try. Correnpoudcnc Expelled. Havana. June -<j, —W. W. Gay, a correspondent for a Xcw York paper, was notified that he had been expelled from the island aii<3 must, leave Cuba by the. first steamer. ' • '• ' /

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