The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 24, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 24, 1934
Page 5
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SATURDAY',' NOVEMBEK 2-1,;. 1934 (AUK.) COURIER NEWS , PAGE 'FIVE CLASSIFIED SECTION -a Dircctorti of the City's Wants PHILLIPS' USED CARS HEAL VALUES IN USED CAUS '30 CHEVROLET SEDAN .. SiSl '36 FORU CABRIOLET. .... $195 '33 CHEVROLET COLU'15 .... 5135 •M FOpl> DK I.UXB COUPE. Rumble Scat , §115 •31 l-'OK-U- V-8 1UUOR SEDAN »..'. ' ">.< .... $445 •S3 CHEyROtET COACli .. $«5 TBtCks^and'-TRAlLEKS 'M CHEVROLET l'/J TON TRUCK ...;....-;/ .... § 97 MO CHEVROLET ! i\6 TON TRUCK. 157 Inch 'Wheelbase $283 "M FORU Ui TON TRUCK. Closed Cab, Dual Wheels, large Body JIBS '30 FORD PlCK-tiP.'. Closed Cub 5185 KING HAM TRAILER. Uiul Wheels. A Bargain .... $198 WJB 1'AY CASH VOtt GOOD USED CARS PHILLIPS' USED CARLO! Corner Walnut & 1st Streets Ol'EN NIGHTS 'TIL 0 1'. M. riiane sis Automotive "WINTER AUTO Hl'ECIALS" I'reslunp, Alcohol, Uculers, Defrosters, Willard Batlcrks. LET US PREPARE YOU FOB WINTER '-..,, Hubbard Hdw.'.Gp. 1 .'•'' AUTOMOTIVE DEFT. Phone 476 Phone Business Directory SEE- OUR DISPLAY OF . Arkansas Pottery Lowest in ices— Lovely gills Parkhurst's Farmers! You (urnlsli the COTTON, we fur- nisJi (lie labor and 8 o?,. licking and make you nn excellent mat- licss for $0.50. ; SATISFACTION GUARANTEED J. W. Jenkins & Son Upliolstcrers 116 S. B. B.— Phone 130 RITE PRICE. GROCERY BUY GROCERIES RIGHT A COMPLETE LINE OP FANCY & STAPLE GROCERIES, FHE31I MEATS, VEGETABLES, PRODUCE, FLOUR, MEAL, ETC. In OW P. O. Bide. Phojie 23t We Deliver WE CAN SAVE YOU MONEY CIRCULATING HEATERS WASHING MACHINES Gas and Electric AMMUNITION Quail, duck & squirrel loads HARNESS our stock is complete IMPLEMENTS and repairs for AVERY, MOLINE VULCAN & BLOUNT Pay us a visit and be convinced PAULJBYRUM l!iO East Main Real Estate - FOll SALB MAIN ST. STORE, now occupied. Irctwx'cn 1st .'Si 2iul SlriTls. fft(l| can ot $5,000. «,t»oo CASH might buy u. WEST MAIN St. STORK & ii room COTTAGK on s;nnc lol. Will .sell (or ?1500 ou EASY •TEiZAIS. Kcjnuerly rented fat' $(io noiithly. llionws Laud Co. Business Property For. Sale Seven brick store buildings in 100 block on Ash street, sniul! cash payment, onsy terms for bul- •uice, also, brick business property on Main street, locnlei! in !!ie 1W (ind 2aa block, price will be quoted to those who tire interested. You ran \my a business home tmcl jiny nlmost like paj'ing rent, W. M. Burns Agency Phones 243 & iia Wauled Attention Farmers! WE BUY SOV BEAKC AND COW PEAS Farmers Cash Feed & Seed Co. J. W. PARKER, Prop. PhoiiB m WANTED— Hags— Must ha tftm nt buttons. No uiuIeruTar nr uld p.iiits accepted.' Courier News. For highest prices on Pecans sec Wolf Arian, 128 E. Main. He kit WANTED: Moil roomers am boarders; twin beds. Call 824-J. "9 Holly. . G-ck-lf. Coal & Wood My l'o:d u llhek hut 1 (rail, you Wlillr. Kill up i uw; JOHN BUCHANAN.- I'HONK lOT Harclin-Bavron Coal Co. Yurds ill Slernliere Gin Phone Illj HIGH GRADE KENTUCKY COAI,, ' all slws; ALABAMA HED ASH & QUICK PI RK AbAHAMA. WOOD, KINDLING, COIIN, HAY If you arc ilowii In Ihc mouth, think of Jonah; he cumc out iilright." PARKS BROS. COAL CO. PHONE 917 TOR "Hj-Lu Aliibama" "Enorsv Illinois" "Mick Kovitl Kentucky" CLEAN COAL— LOW TRICED Sue Us About Your Coal Blytlieville Gin Co. PHONE. 804 "Radiant Alabama" "Premium Kentucky" CALL 214 W1NTEU IS HERE! . Fill yuur bins now witb Hie Famous Manic Itctl Ash foul— high In heal, low in nsli; or Majestic Ijuallty circle Illinois Coal, btst quality from Western Kentucky. PEED -SEED DRY WOOD— KINDLING We solicit your patronage on Uio basis ol high iiuality products, low cash prjcis, prompt service ami honest dealing. You get \vltul you pay for here. Farmers Cash Feed & Seed Co. ' J. W. Parker, prop, phone 137 ALLEY OOP ' ~ YOUR MAJESTV, KING- GUZXLE - /OH.YA HAVE.HAVEYX?) fAFTER S Filling Stations Southern Service Station Sleek, Mo. Plump!, oij i'rcducw ANTI-KNOCK UA6OL1NE IF M Hour ouivico — —— -.—• I- — . .-.-.,_, M- ....„ Shoo Repairing TAX 1'AII) Oi-l Yuur SIIOKS mily for winter. Ni'wcst in.u-lilno just imlal- Icil. Kvtry Job tunnmtceil ur money ICl'llllllCll. E. E. Ratcliff Across Iroin.lllibtard Hilw. Co. Simon P. Lee Oldest slice iiuikcr In county "Trade WitU A Pioneer" 111 S. Rnllrond '1'ry our 3000 mlie SOLES—proof of Die iniddlng is (he eating. When yon Bet a good thine remember where you got it. PROGRESSIVE SHOE SHOP 103 South 2nd St. W. J. KNOX Having iniiilc nil kinds of shoca for ABNORMAL'feel, can repair shoes to correct ABNORMAL feet. Help Wanted' WIN $2.250.00 Can you innke 5 llircc letter wutilt using Ihc letters In the vvorcl •PARAMOUNT"? Rush your .111- swcr (o Paramount Products, inc. Dcpl, 1,, DCS Mollies, lowii, sue yon will eel opportunity to win $3,250.00. For Rent J room KUHNlbllKI) • 61'liwl. DM llciirii. kail 1 Rooms mill Until, WA1W Ajiart- inenl on W. Ash. burnished. Vu- int Dee. 1. Call 050 or D(J8. Via klf BEDROOM; udjolnhijr biilli. Men preferred. 2l r J W. Kentucky. Tclc- HRDHOOM, itciim heal, Men iircfeircd till w. Asli CM11 Uck-ll room FURNISHED MENT, BBliigc. U15 W. Main Cull 335-W. l>-ck-tf TWO nicely FURNISHED BED- inodtraltty (jclavl. Mrs, Kcsiaurants «sl Oyslcr» ti River Cat Fish Chicken Dinners Kicry D»y JinunJe O'Brien 10S S. Second HOOTS AND IIKK IHJDDIKS liiLL IS E. A. Fisher, 101 E. Davis. 2l-[>k-28 York City, The woild's Urgent single slcre of i.ullum Is taiti to lie licld by (lie MccnoiJ.U Ifosintal In Now KAHLK! iMiulin :3tl S?'3i*rl&>^ Agents Wauled New Men! quiii Hint lulverllsesli Merchnnl's ail on ench wrniiiwr. Pays salesmen \i\g commissions. Prospects milhiiltccl. Sample outfit free. Niitlonnl Adguin Co. Cin- cJnnull, Olilo. OH , i tiflA iO"j XVWWU O'O <&t: ViJM \F WE WtSSV UP ~n-\ER.t FOR ft *0\e\T , (v\t"3^t \\irn. I... ^ support t COIAD &ET A^W AVU RlSttT -(" 4«^T " ''* ' .•'^Vx' - ••! <-r* :*^ \i NOW LOOK WHAT THEY'VB DONE! FIX VOUR C'AIi FOR WINTER Cheapest Prices I'ilint jobs, itepairing bodies, 81. nioniiing. Chaiiginj; Transmissions, Washing & Greasing witlV Marlak Grease & Quaker Slate oil. John Hearn— Jinimie Binklcy BARNE.Tl jLUTO SALES i CO f -=v= ' -T» Pliofic 888 HAVE YOUIt BATTERY RECHARGED BEFORE CObD WEATHEK ' J. Ben Clune BATTERY SERVICE At Tom w Jackson b Station Ash & 2nd Plionc 8—Residence 217-W "TP.OE VALUE" RADIOS Battery. & Electric Sets Best Value lor: the Price Oberst Store Co. ' Factory Authocued :FftIGlDAIRE SERVICE Ficlory Trataed 'Mechanics Day 67—Vhonc—Night 382 407 Main St. B. B. GEE SALES CO. Chitwood & Weidman Eggs, Poultry Buy FKtbH tGGb tliiTcldy" tlley arc laid. At PICKAllD'S Store,' I(M4 Chickasawba, or direct from our hennery. For Sale ELECTRICAL -WIRING Sheet Metal Work Metal Flues SPECIAL PRICES FOR '34 Plymouth 2-Door Demonstrator '3't Ponliac 2-Door Demonstrator 'M Chevrolet. 2-Door Sedan "i'i 'a Ton International Pick-Ui) Lee-Coppcdgc Molor'Co. BARGAINS Iii Used Heaters. Hubbard Hdw. Co. 2 GOOD 1100 pound MULES. Sco Starlin Bunch. Yarbro. 19c k3G Lost Riii? or KEYS hearing name "Carey Wooduiirn." REWARD for rctuni to City Hall. 24-ck-27 GLASSES, white gold rim, in blue case, between high school & 8H ChickaKuvba. " REWARD. • Hnz;i Sample, at-Hrry Kirby's rcsicisnc^. 24ck27 EAT Kits IS THE I 1 1, ACE WHERE YOU CAN GET ANYTHING 1'OU WANT. Fresh Crappie, : From Hcclfqol Lake Oysters High Grade T-Bone Steaks Kricd Chicken Itoasls of All Kinds Cold I'lale Lunches ; CHANGE OF MEKU DAII.V GEORGE WRIC11T, CHEF HARRY BAILEY'S "'Line service Station. Between'p. O. & Crcvrotct I3Wg. / Phone 266 AUTO GLASS ARK-MO LUMBER CO. PHONE « PE1CMANENTS None Belter - - SpscUl Prices Barrett's Beauty Shop 606 N. 5lh - - Telephone 380 Cobb Undertaking Co., IDC SERVICE & QUALITY AMBULANCE Piuuie 26 FOR BEAUTIFUL FLOOUS RENT OUIl FLOOR SANDER ARKMO LUMBER CO. TRUCK BEDS PANEL BODIES TRAILERS OF ALL KINDS BUILT TO ORDEU BARKSDALE & PAGE 200 N. Second MODERNIZE YOUR COUNTRY HOME WITH A DEWING WATER SYSTEM. $40 UP. HUBBARD HDW. CO. SAW FILING , ' of all kinds With automatic filing machine BARKSDALE & PAGE ' 290 N. 6«ond COPPER WEATHER STRIP Saves fuel at small cost Arkmo Lumber Co. Personal I, TH' GRANP, WIZEE. HAVE J IT- BUT IT BETTER FOUND OUT WHAT HAPPENED S. BE GOOD-EBELSE' - TO TH' PRINCESS - ALL TH'EVIDENCE, WE FIND SHE WAS ABDUCTED BY ONE DOOTSY BOBQ AN A ROVIN& BAND OF KIN& TUNK'S ^ I.EMIANS' WASH TUBBS Hamlin YOU DIZZY PUNKS HAVE STUMBLED ON TH' KIGHT TRAIL - BOTCHA DIDN'T GO FAR. ENOUGH/ DOOTSY BO8O AN'WIS MOB UNDOUBTEDLY DID TH' JOB -BUT THEY NEVER HATCHED TH'IDEA - ~" BUT I KNOW WHO D(O' -IT WAS THAT SLAB-SiDGD, SON OFA KE-BACKED KIN& TUNK f ~ WHY-YER MAJESTY— THIS MEANS THE PRINCE AKR1VKS! By C'fjiti'e ELDOM, THESE YS, ISROVALTV ACCORDED SUCH A RECEPTION, A5 THAT 6IVEM HIS ROVAL HIGHNESS, PRIWCE PHILBERT OF BUL(3RAVIA,OM HIS ARRIVAL TO COURT PRINCESS JftDA OP RAMPELA8RA. 3 HEERIW6 THOUSANDS FOLLOW fH£ OALA 3 PARADE TO LILVPAD CASTLE, WM6RE HE IS 70 BE A GUEST. W7AITING AT LILVPAD TO WELCOME TH{,>< WROVAL GUEST^ ARE .KAKJOELASRA'S ' BIG SHOTS ANP THE LQVELV PRINCESS,'-, SALESMAN SAM JES .OF SHW1M 1 SOAP TO OKIE CUSTOMER,HUH? WELL.tOHAT DID I TSLL YA OUR ONE-CENT SALE WOULD DO? LETTIN' PeoPLE BW AW ARTICLE FER IT'S REQUtflf?- PRICE, AW 'THEN ANOTHER PER ONE CENT MORE, ALWAYS BRINGS IN TRADE ' ,VEBH, AN'THfVT '1 6LW UWS SHAW.' HE BOUGHT OMLV 'ONES CUE SELL PER 'A CE^rr'' Ul'! Small t WHV, VA Bl<5 DUMMV, I WAS THE ONE WHO SHOULDA TAKEN THflT FLO? < FRECKLES AND-HIS FIJI ENDS $25 REWARD Kor Information leading to His nr-j rest ntid conviction of parties who' smashed Guard's window Monday, Nov. 12. V. E. Tomlinson, Chief nt Merchant's Patrol. 13c Jfl2.]3 LOOK.FRECKLES! l PROFESSDf? BENSCS), V/1TH ASPEEoCOF? ON A KOTORCYCLE... RIGHT THROU&H THE SATE! WONDER WHAT THEY WANT DOUT ASK AMY <?UE5T1C(I3 i COACH...KOT TIME FOR nj ; t-lOV/.' BUT, PPECKLE3 i^eoosEY HI\S BEEM ate LY MISJUDGED! HE'S REALLY ELISIBLk FOB J u FOOTBALL j. I'INI) "FRECKLES'. PROFESSOFJ,TH6 SCORE IS | 7 TO 3 AGAINST US, WITH FIVE MINUTES LEFT TO PLAY... YOU WOULDXJT FOOL ME, WOULD YOU? THIS IS NO TIME FOR BIDDING, You KWov/. 1 GET THE BOlC.. k;/. I KWOV/ 1) DONT ASK ~Sv/WERE NB FOOLISH QUESTtoJS.'/SSATS V/S5E FIND HIM AND J COiiCH! tLL PUT HIM IN THE' ). GET HIM! , SAME..'.AND HUSKY' \ SECONDS ! LATER • SORRY, COACH, SUT HE WASN'T THERe. 1 HE MUSTA CHAWGED SEATS.'.' ' ' V«y Hinder HSiA^HOUfJCER AT THE 1 , PUBLIC ADDRESS SYSTEM TO ) HAVE FRECKLES PAQED...AWD DCWT STAKJD"7HSRE AS~| YOU V/ERE pLAWTED,' 'GET-GOING;,'

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