The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 2, 1948 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 2, 1948
Page 8
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EIGHT BLYTHEVILLE, (AWL) COURIER NEWi For Better Fuming For v This S«ction'i Pro- Fanner*. FARM NEWS-FEA 7 URES FRIDAY, APRIL t, 1948 Published Erery Friday fa the InUrest of ftra FuniltM of Tkfe Agricultural Seetioa. Fanning Contest Plans Under Way Two North Missco Families File Entries ,In '48 Competition Plans for North Mississippi County's participation In the state-wide Bal*nc*d Farming Program for IMS-cot-underway-thls week and County Agent Keith J. Bllbrey has announced that two families have filed entries In,the county competition. , North Mississippi County's first two entries are the families of Corbelt Stockton of BlythcyiUe Route S, land-owner division \vlnncr last ye»r, and K. S. Loveless ot the Shady Grove community. Mr. Bilbrey said. Both families are entered In the land-owner division.. Mr. Bilbrey stated that the contest would work on the same principle that it did last ycnr with only fl lev minor changes. A Contest Committee composed of business and agriculture leaders of this section of the county will be appointed within the next few days, plans for the 1948 campaign. The Balanced Furmlng- Contest n« Inaugurated In Arkansju list year under the auspices of the Arkansas Press Association and the Arkansas Power and Light Company and was sponsored locally by the Arkansas-Missouri Power Com- jany-and the Courier News. Mr. Bilbrey stated that these- local sponsors will be asked to sponsor the event.again this year. ' A total of $500 in cash prizes wns ottered to winners last year, he said, and a similar amount probably will be awarded this year. ompetition will divided e phases, four for white and -Compe into five , for Negro contestants, he said. i one , . They are tennants and sharecroppers, landowners, plantation owners and home Improvement divisions for white contestants and a llve-at-home contest for New-oes. Three Entered Yeir Noj'lh Mississippi County had only three entries In all divisions last year, Mr. llilbiey stated, but It Is believed Dint competition will be Stockton family in tlic land-owner division nud the Herscliel Bean Jackson family of Blythevillc Route 2 In Hie tenant division. The T. R. Watson family of Armorel won second place in the landowner division. Cash prizes In the county compe- - -•—- -"-• •••ij», t_riv.n> |»i i/,t.a ni me cuuiti-y coiiipc- Mr. Bilbrcy stated, to complete tltion last year were donated by the 3 Purpose Machine for Dirt Moving, LAND LEVELING ..and Seed Bed Preparation HERE'S A LABOR-SAVING. MONEY-MAKING MACHINE. Witk ». Evtrima* >oo ,,t li Mbl« top c»nditi»« qu •»liljr. Evtrim^n-lcvclcd rlj«l« thimitlvci. You i»v. ,i w « p labor, walrr, jrow bftter trapt — Kl«liini2«9 ^ulpmtnt worki f»n« r , mor» «*; c it n ily. Th. l«v. •4. l«.d AUTOMATICALLY — • K«i wK«]i ,. .„ ),;,!, p | lc . bud , l«w«r« t. t«b« > cut, wh, n which t» i»te a low pUt, blidt rai,r, to rtlote din — brcaki clndi. firmi «»d packi the mrfice, forminj . *»cl)r pulvtriird wed bed 11 the Same mxcliine ii fjiicit rf{n mover •n ike market lotliy for pawer required. Excellent for rebuildinj firldi. After dirt it moved it can b« jnded down and AUTOMATICALLY LEVELED with ,X. ,. m . ma. chine. Kcre'l a J-H-ay machine u»ed for dirt moving, leveling, for main- tainmr. contour*, toil eomervation work and preparjnr jeed In-df year after year. EVFRRMAN fltjTOMAT 'C LAND LEVELER •-VLIt JITimi and DIRT MflVFD Real fstatc, Business, Farm and Auto Gardeners Told They Must Wage War on Bugs *-*— * L ^an Expect Much in Way of Harvest Public enemlei of th« vegetable carden are ihese voracious pests. While (h»r» , Tf «>-w .eel. which attack v c .,<,bl< plant.. 1h«e U ven are !he most annoy™,, studj the^ fea characteristics—and fijht them, without quarter. By N'KA Service Planning and planting a big Job. Many vegetables need attention during the hot summer [You may need mole .traps, too. Th? , .. - •> a V°B C - commonest sprays used are lead table garden-ev«n a small one-Is arsennlc. rotenonc. Paris green cry- a Dig Job. Mnny vccelahlo.i nnnri niiin »I.V<>H—..~, i .*,^™ ' . . olitc, pyrethrum and DDT against "chewing" Insects— beetles and cat- «» — ••".- ««'••"•%.. i-1 it Mil 15 niAtuis—uccues ann cut?1°! ...'.."I? "V " ct " Bl I>. 1anti »S erplllBrs-aml pyrethram, roteiKmc , nicotine sulphate, which kill and cultivating Is hard work. and But It' that pays for Hseit the "sucking" insects—aphids" and many-fold In the satisfaction and thrips. delight of eating home-grown foods. You'll need four bnslc tools—a should not cost more than* a'"few spade or spading fork, a rake, a dollars. With any sort of luck hoe. and a hand trowel. All In nil, for 50 by 150 feet, a garden about your equipment LOANS For bujln*, refinancing buildlnt, remodelinf. •Farm lands and Auto loans. Quick Service. to INSURANCE 1H S. l»t-In»ram BW r .-c.r«u n d Floor ., A. F. "D«- Dietrich, Manager "Complete Insurance Service'.' AGENCY harvest about $150- of vegetables, much you should $170, worth ._„ __ of which you can store for winter consumption. The biggest complaint of most gardeners Is probably weeding. But, If weeds nrc.left to grow as they < please, you'll soon find yourself raising nothing else. They coke out tender seedlings of vegetable plants, While newly developed chemical weed-killers such as 214-D, hnvc proven effective, f'e old standby, a hefty swing with a hoe, is still the surest method of killing weeds. Another energy-expending garden chore Is cultivation. That's merely breaking up the soil around the plants Into smaller pieces, so that moisture and plant food can more You'll need seeds. Get the best, because. In the long run. it will pay. Inexpensive seeds never do as well as the Irlcd-nnct-true/va- rieties. t You'll nted.,ferllller and plant food. The former directly or Indirectly hastens plant growth, while the latter' supplies definite nourishment to plants. Manure s a good fertilizer, and most commercially prepared plant foods are satisfactory. You may need to add minerals to your soil, which can be obtained In plnnt foods. Acid soils need the addition of limestone. Al- knllne soils need mpre fertilizer. Nitrogen and phosphorous may have to be added, too. Consult your county agent for the needs of your particular locale. You'll definitely need sprays or dusts to keep away Insect pests. H your garden Isn't fenced, you tatlon, too. Gourds, which are a may need to spread an edging of i non-edible type of squash and are lime around to keep out rabbits \ as easily grown, are an Interesting crop- They gro^ in gracefully va- Ark-Mo Power Company and were divided equally among the winners of the various divisions with first place winners receiving $50, second place S30 nnd tl)ird place to haVe received $20. : First place winners In each division are automatically qualified to enter the state competition, Mr. Bllbrey stated and a chance for the sweepstakes prizes which will total more than $2,000 this year. Winners In the state event will be qualified for entry In .the Mid- South Plant-to-Prosper ' competition sponsored annually by the Memphis Commercial Appeal. It is believed that a similar contest will be arranged in South Mississippi County again this year. South Mississippi County had one state winner 'last year, the Lawrence Woodnrd family of Reiser, which carried off top honor* In the landowner division. the garden project and the avall- abiljty of materials, construction ol flats helps to give you a head start over nature. They enable you to start your seeds Indoors before frosts are over, so that, when trans planted Into the garden, they are well on their way to maturity. Science has done a lot to Improve the vegetable garcTen. Hybrid strains are increasingly resistant to disease nnd increasingly productive. Newly developed weed and Insect poisons help eliminate threats from that direction. Better gardening techniques are planned to get the most out of the garden. But — you'll still need good weather and good luck. That's on- ol the things that makes gardening funl AES Recruits Farm Labor Free of Charge Schleider Named Assistant Agri Engineer at U of A t FAYBTHBVIUJ:, Ark:>, April r— The appointment of Herbert Jt. Schleider u assistant agricultural engineer In the University of Arkansas College of Agriculture hu been announced by Dean Uppert Mrs. Schleider will devote full time to research on the possibilities for farm mechanization in the hill sections of Arkansas. Work will be carried on at the University'* Livestock and Forestry Branch Experiment Station, located near Batesville in Independence County. He his already assumed his new duties at Batesvllle. The new engineer attended the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas, from which he received the degree of bachelor of workers and employers may be had at any office of the Employment Security Division, the administrator said. REMEMBER,THKRE'S NO TAX ON YOUR MENTAL INCOME/ "Folks that are where to go; thrifty knon re and plant food can more When farm workers are hired!! We've ml lh» ha™ i i i.«. ' mix with the soil. This, too, '"rough the Arkansas Employment ' th.v knnt* ' ' h '"' ~-*-|» Jhat. »-<icnHr (n v. n ~iiY.I— SeCUrftV Division nn frt«_ _„_ ! i '• * IH1DW. Is a c>---e that results in healthier and quicker-growing vegetables. Besides foodstuffs, your vegetable, garden can produce ornamen- ricd shapes and colors. When ripe, a thin coating of varnish or shellac can be applied, and 'several grouped together make a lovely centerpiece arrangement. Besides the vegccaoie gentry, Certainteed ASPHALT SHINGLES Certain-Teed Shingles are resistant lo fire and may be laid right over an old wood roof. The savings in insurance reduces your per year cost. 36 months in which to pay. PHOiNE 551 FOR FUKE ESTIMATE E. C. ROBINSON LBR. CO. 319 West Ash Street "Friendly Building Service" Phone 551 AMERICA'S MOST USEFUL VEHICLE The Universal JEEP For Farm and Business —' ——^^••••••Bi^ea^ For Double Utility JEEP Station Wagon IMMEDIATE DELIVERY WE ARE AS NEAR AS YOUR TELEPHONE B/yt/ieviV/e's Only Authorized Dealer Blylheville Willys Sales Co, 410 Eost Main Street PHONE 554 like carrots and peas and corn, it is always Inexpensive fun to experiment with unusual vegetables Try salsify, or endive, or kale. You can even put in some peanuts which are grown commerciallv only from Virginia south, but make R garden novelty as far north as Massachusetts. A herb garden Is another addition to your garden that will serve to add spice to gardening. It requires very little space. Just two three plants of your favorite herbs, .like sage, mint nnd thyme*. And, for added zest, try some of the unusual spices, like marjoram and rosemary. Dill can he grown, too, and you'll soon be making your own dill pickles. In another year or so, you might like to add a small berry patch in corner of your vegetable garden Not too much room is needed— one strawberry plant yields a pint of berries, one blackberry bush may yield as much as 10 quarts of delicious berries. Another fruit that doesn't require too much care and can be e planted In the vegetable garden is need, used or •"•» ~"*»tJluJlll^lll, „ Division no fees nor bonds i are required by employers or work- i > ers, purlfoy Gill, state admlnistra- J Whatever you tor. .said today to Inquiries from 11 brand new ... larmers and processors. - • . According to information from ii Trade at the TRADING POST .me^A^-an^^nployer^^e "£ 11 ""' ° th " ""'"" ""*'• *"'" cruiting larm workers lndepen-'« dently of the Employment Service. , ' Under this procedure, he said, such i employers or thtir representatives • are subject to state and county recruitment fees a.s provided by the state's law. Also a bond assuring fulfillment of contract and return of workers Is required The administrator' pointed out that when an order Is placed with a local office of the agency, and workers cannot be round locally the order will be expended to include an area adjacent to and surrounding the local area, If the employer so desires, when orders cannot be filled locally nor from the immediate adjacent area, then with the approval ol th e employer, the order « cleared to the several states where labor is reported to be available. ^ in these insianccs. Information on transportation and housing Is essential. All offices and personnel of the agency, Mr. Gill said, are fully equipped to handle the recruitment and movement of farm workers successfully. The foreign labor program by which the federal government provided transportation, subsistence and medical service has been abolished by an act of Congress. However, there is an agreement between the United States and Mexico whereby employers can secure Mexican nationals for farm work at the science In agricultural engineering in January. 1947. During his last year at college he was employed a* departmental maintenance man. For the past year he has been Instructor o£ agriculture in the Veteran* Vocational School at Brenliam, Texa*. / During the war h« worked for two and a half years as shlpfiuer leaderman rith the Houston Shipbuilding Corporation and for two years with the U. S. Merchant M»-v . line is an engineer. .f* i-CYLNIKI UMtfUESS Fen-roe** who prefer lix-cylinder performance wtB be fm» to like the Maasey-Harria "44-6." k took modem engineering to develop that clean streamlined style and huaky, rugged con- •truction.. And what power! Individual cylinder porting gives your "44-6" even fuel distribution . . . more "go" from every gallon of go* ... a conslant, vigorous surge of power that breezes through every 3-plow job on your farm! Tough spots.' There aren't any to the "44-6." That new 5-speed transmission ha. every practical working speed—for heavy plowing, high speed discing, planting, cultivating . . . and a safe, fast road speed for hauling. Come in soon complete details on the Harris "44-6." CARL WALL AC! BOB SMITH LEMEHT CO. North 8th St. Check over these quality feeds that help you get top production from cows. .. help you save milk in feeding calves. I JACK ROBINSON Implement Company in East Main .Blytheville, Ark. fakes pleasure in announcing their appointment as Official Headquarters El 5* FERGUSON SYSTEM IMPLEMENTS AND PARTS 7ccd MILKERS fa TOP PRODUCTION If you hav« grain, balance it with Cow Chow Supplement. If you don't have grain to feed, u»» a straight Cow Chow. PURINA COW CHOW or COW CHOW SUPPLfMENT For HENS Off Feed Pep,up appetites with. Purina Chek-R-Ton WORM Themselves Banish Ixug« Round worms with CI1NULIS DRY COWS Special Purina FMC! feuUd. dry cam for tarf calrina and K*OTT milking aftor ealnnf. A»k far ... MY & ntfSHf WNG CHOW PURINA CALF STARTBiA Every bay iare> 4 can* milk and co»t« far lee*. KEEP DOWN UDDER TROUBLE Wash uddera and teat cup* with Purina CMorena «o- lution. Check* «pr»ad of g«rmc causing; maelitie. PURINA CHIORENA L K. Ashcraft HEADQUARTERS PURINA CHOWS

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