Lincoln Journal Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on May 30, 1952 · 11
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Lincoln Journal Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · 11

Lincoln, Nebraska
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Friday, May 30, 1952
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11 r leierinni"lriLaiiia gv B a i.i iw i. H -3 i fjtwwlit Evening Journal and NeWa. ?mt Jrmrw.l Friday, May SO, 1'3 P.M. - Bf WmU Dobbins r f I A it, & 11 iMraal Saerta Uitat It tat often that I Hke to "pick up piece by another columnist but I'm making a nexception of that point today because the write, Shirley Povich of the Washington Post i a veteran baseball man and because his subject Is the little fuy everyone . knows Robert Claymore Shanuu.. LITTLE SIIAXTZIE won his seventh game against a single defeat the other evening. Here are Mr. Povtch's comments as he constructed them in his column, "This Morning": The best stuff in the American League has been coming out of the pitching fist of the smallest guy in the league, the Athletics' Bobby Shantz. Had the As not booted away one game with four gift runs to the Yankees, the record of tiny Mr. Shantz would read eight wins, no defeats. Shantz says he's 5 feet 7 and weighs ISO pounds, but his manager, Jimmy Dykes, doesn't believe either figure. "I'll carry him from the hotel to the ball park if he weighs over 145," says - Dykes. 'He can walk under my armpits, and he wouldn't have to stoop much to walk under some of those strikes he throws, either. Shants has not only been making a mesa of the hitters ea the other club, he's been baffling the Athletics as welL They don't understand hew a little guy can be se many things. "lie s . the best pitcher an our club,' says Dykes, "he's the best In-flelder, he could be the best outfielder, and he's ne of our good ' hitters." Obviously, quite a packare. That it is suicide to bunt against Shantz, the whole league now knows. Of the hundreds who have attempted it, only two have gotten away with the maneuver in Shantz's four years in ' the league. Orestes Minoso beat one out on a wet field one day, and Ed Stewart was safe on a wild throw. THE KID Is a great pitcher," says Dykes, "because every? thing he throws is top secret. He shows you his fast fall, his good curve and lately that good knuckler, all with the same motion. The hitter has to do all the guessing. When we give him one run to work with, he's tough to beat. When we give him two, I always reckon we're home." It was last season that Shantz began to blossom. He won 18 pames for the A's more bv four than the total he achieved in the previous two years. "It wasn't until he realized how tough he was beginning to loox to those Hitters ma; noooy Decame a good pitcher," says Dykes. "He always did have that good control, and he began to put some stuff together with it." Until last year, Shants chief trouble was that he was giving the hitters toe much of the plate, relates Dykes. "The kid was kind of timid, and afraid the pitch Inside te some those big hitters he could get rid ef by laying It en their fists. Didn't want to hit anybody, he told me. I think I helped him get rid of some of his sqaeamishness. I told him I'd bay him a suit of clothes for every batter he did hit He's not only a good pitcher how, he's well-dressed, toe," The A's picked Shantz up in 1947, He cost them, as he says, a car token. They found him playing on the lots around Gratz, Pa., and a scout named Harry O'Donnell brought him in. Connie Mack took one look at Shantz' size nd another look at Scout O'Donnell and there was almost a jobless scout. There had to be some fast-talking before Shantz was admitted to the A's farm system. THEY SENT HIM out to Lincoln, Nebr., in the Western League, and out there the little southpaw was some shucks. He . acquired 18 wins, a wife, and an invitation to report to the A's. training camp in the spring of 1949. But he couldn't break into the Z A's staff, and one day in July Mr. Mack gave him papers to report to Buffalo in the International League. Shants never quite got to Buffalo. A eonple of Mack's . pitchers came down with the miseries, and his orders were coun- iermanded before the train pulled out. Bobby was told to report . to Detroit, where the A's were opening a series, and he Joined the club just in time to get a relief pitching Job that affected his whole career. Carl Scheib started that game in Detroit, and with a Tiger on third base and none out in the third inning, Mack ordered Shantz in from the bullpen. Little Bobby took the A's out of that inning without damage and then settled down to pitch a no-hitter for the tlPYt nfri inninffa hpfnrA ihm Ae ffbtv litm IhA-winninir vnn in' the thirteenth. AFTER THAT, Shantz had it made. They didn't trust him much besides relief work during the rest of 1949, but in the following year he was a starter, and looked increasingly tough despite a poor team behind him. This year he has been giving that curve ball to lefthanded hitters and his kncklers to right-handed hitters, and anytime he is licked it's an unset. If put on the market, Shantz would bring more than any other pitcher in the league, Dykes declares. Only once has little Bobby displayed any dissatisfaction with his luck. That was when he was asked if the A's scout who signed him proffered him a fancy bonus. "Yeah," said Shantz, "a great big handshake." tyiltlf lT O 1111 MurAJ -J M. J Your Hand at Beating Hogan Mr. "Golf For Fun" gets his supreme chance Saturday. It's then that he will get the chance to give the mightly mite of jnated the links, Texas Ben Hogan, his lumps. The occasion is National Golf Day when the battle cry will be "Beat Ben Hogan." Golfers across the nation, about 300,000 strong (an estimate which Record Catch At Maloney could be fantastically low), will play on their home courses with established or otherwise desie- handicaps against Hoean. who will be touring the North- wood course in Dallas. Tex. Nofthwood is the site of the forthcoming National Open. If any linksman'a score handicap considered beats Texas Ben he will receive an award carrying the not so modest notation "I Beat Ben Iloran." Lincoln courses participating in tne colossal golf spree are Lin coin Country Club, Hillcrest Coun try Club, and Pioneers. Any lo cal player may participate. Regu lar foursomes may include the test in their day's play. the event will heln -raise split between thei But A's Lost By WALT DOBBINS Journal Sports Editor Chief Chef Francis Nagle. of. fered the following ala carte dishes at the Hotel Sherman Thursday night. 1. Umpire Keith Kobb was socked on the Adam's apple by a foul tip. i 2. The press box camnt fire. J. A fool tip went through the press box screen and almost nailed an occupant en the nog-sin. . ..,. - 4. A total of 27 players saw service in the ball game. 5. Catcher Bob Dant of the Bruins chased two Lincoln base runners nearly aut of the park and through no fault of his own all hands ended Bp safely with a doable steal te their credit. . BUI Stewart got back Into the Lincoln lineup. 7. ' Mrs. Grever C. Alexander tossed out the first ball. 8. Cub scouts were honored. 9. Ed -Fatso" Lavinge made a great catch to rob Bill Shants of a hit In the sixth. 10. Des Moines won the ball game, 8-6, before an even Sit of the faithful. There isn't much more to tell. Big Ed lirabesak was in trouble from the first frame until he was yanked in favored "Lefty Leo the Lion-hearted" Ghilardi with none awav in the fifth. Harry Desert followed Ghilardi to the peak at the start or tne next frame and Ozzie Van Bra bant was called upon to chuck the ninth. DES MOINES f lingers (there were four of 'em) were almost equally ineffective. George Long started but wasn't around after the fifth. His immediate successor, Harry Wise, failed to last the fifth and Bert Flammini came to the rescue.J2 ven Flam!L hadio- give way to Joe Kuncl when the A's threatened in the nintn. Des Moines won because of in-ferier Lincoln pitching, pounding out an even 16 base hits. Lei Bell's gang got a pair of tallies in the third after two were away. Bob Gardner ain-gled, Junior Seedy walked and Joe Manglnl sent both home with a solid double to rliht Lincoln also came up with a torrid fifth frame, "Shine. "f Richardson starting it with a scratch single while batting for Ghilardi. Bob Gardner tripled the Athletic catcher home and then scored on Reedy's single. That was all for Mr. Long but Harry Wise was nicked for sin gles by Mangini and Dan Holden to account for two more markers but Flammini came in and put out the fire. BILL HOCKENBIRY worked "Flam" for an Annie Oakley in the eighth and went all the way around to third on Shantz' single. He scored while Pinchhitter Ken Weiss was hitting into a double play. . The A's threatened briefly in the ninth when Reedy was punc tured in the nbs, going to third on Bill Ley's boot after Mangini had whiffed. Stewart ended the brief spasm by hitting into a twin killing.- The box scorer Lincoln Gardner aa Kerdrcf ' Minimi 1b tlnldearf Hromvitth If Stewart If U illi.m. -1h HtKk'htirr 2b Kh.nt, r Hrahcfak (Zhilardl a Hichardao. Ilrarrtp Weiaa V Ilrabanl p "II rF t v It J I i! " .. ! V, i y ';- v ..,- x REUNION IN LINCOLN Mrs. C rover Cleveland Alexander, widow of the famed Nebraska big league pitcher of another era, is greeted by Lincoln A's Pilot Les Bell who once was a teammate of "Old Pete" when they both played with the Washington Sena-tors. Mrs. Alexander threw out the first ball at the Des Moines-. ,-v .. . Lincoln game Thursday night .Ml i.M . .! .1M WKSTKRX I KAOI B W I. lrt aim car .........n Ixm tt P,M. , ,, IS W IrkJU , . Milan 11 ftaaakw I ! IM-Wi U UNtOLN 8 NATIONAL ir(.lS . ' I M Ttk S .741 Rnwhlaa S4 la .Tit ( ktcaaaa SI JMM t'taraaaatf ' I IS Al ITHIaaaaaala ,., ., la la .471 M. Uk 17 It, .417 IS M JM a si J AMERICA!! 1 KACI w Ii , 1 11 411 .11 II .Ml Vaiaiaa)ia Sa IS Nm latk .... ....... IS IS i hacaaa I It . ......... 1 11 .4.11 II It .4HI II 14 Jtl cm 'i" i m s ! tin ll'i s s H l'i II m. cb t S ' - SH t s Staff Views Malonev Lake furthered its bid for acclaim as one of Nebraska's better fishing waters during the past week as it provided wV H. Schroff of North Platte with a 12-DOund. 8 '4 -ounce monev in h walleye, easily humbling the for-(United Service Organizations and mer state record walleye oi u a national golf fund, the latter pounds, 5 ounces. j ! a-charitable operation. The fee According to reporting Warden. for tryin top Hogan's total Lee Jensen, the big walleye was!is $t- taken on a Lazy Ike plug.j Women golfers participating Schroirs name replaces ui-i. :wUl receive their nominal handi cap, plus an additional five stroke bonus. So, who knows, maybe Ben will get a thumping; he never ex- nwiAtf. Thniicrri h Irnnura it' all O 1 a 0awI (tatica Vim . Ka M ALONE i also prooucea a sluffine off just to be a "good cnauenger, a iu-ptuim, u-wv snort waneye ior tuiua oiuu vw Platte. Hain and muddy water ham- . .t t . .1 ..Un.. n Vta' perea iisnuiK.: inruusuvut , 'Mrr n "V "'" i part of the state, nowever, 8c Q d lUK If rilR Il IVi Moinn Maallolncf Andrrlik rf Richards lb iabmac K Tcaaue 3h Naalrrnak aa Hint c Ir 2I Ixini p Win p Flammini p Kuncl p ab b o a 4 2 2 0 6 3 0 1 ft 3 11 0 4 2 3 0 4 0 2 2 ft 1 1 3 ft 3 S 0 2 2 3 4 3 0 0 2 O O O (I 2 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 bh o a 4 2 2 4 12 0 2 101 1 2 1 0 2 0 0 10 0 0 2 3 0 2 3 4 1 ft 1 10 0 0 0 0 0 0 10 0 0 10 0 1 iooo 0 0 0 0 John Stensvaad, also oi worm Platte, as state record holder. Stensvaad had caught the former record walleye in the same lake one year ago, Total! 40 1H 27 14 Tolala '3382713 Itichardinn unalrd for r.hilardl in Ath. W'tiu nit into a double plar tot Dnrrt In 8th. Ika' Moinn 120 040 010 S Lincoln 002 030 010 Hunt Manlinlo 2. Andtrlik 2. Itkharda, Lahintt. Naalrrnak. Dant. Gardner 2. Kredy 2, Jiockrnrmrr. Kichardaon. K Urr 2. Wil liami. Kill Mulinlo 2, Rkhardtoa 2. Andtrlik. I-abinar, Dant. Maniinl 2. Gardner, Krrdr. Holdrn. 2H Rlchardl. Ibinae. M ami. .in Hichardt, Lahtnit, Mailinto. Card- iter. SH Holdrn. Stewart. Dl' Teaur-IT Rlcharda; Naaumak-Ler-Kkharda, Hamminl-Ler-KiclMrd; Gardner-Mantini. jtU Ira Moinn 12. Llncola S. KB Off I-ooe X Flammini 4. Hraticaak 4. Dewrt 1 . Van Bra bant 2. SO Br Lnni I. Flammini 4. Hrabctak 1. Ghilardi 1. Dewrt 1. Van Bra bant l.HAR Off Lent 5 and 5 la 4 (none out in 5th); Wiac 2 and 0 in H: Flammini 1 and 0 i 4: Kuncl 0 and 0 la Si Hraticaak 7 and 8 in 4 (mm sot ia Sth): Ghilardi 3 and 1 In 1; Dram 6 and 1 in 3; Via Brabant 0 and 0 in 1. HHP Flammini (Recdyfc Winner Flammini (l-0. Ixiarr Hrabcaak (0-1). U Wren. Trite ami Alrarn. T 2.44. A 510, - S Team Grid By June Bierbowrr California Cinder Aces Are Tops in Prep Field The state of California has taken many jibes in the sport world for having turned out in recent years some of the poorest excuses for football teams that have ever set foot in the Rose Bowl. But you have to admit that the fabulous land of the avocado and the almond still is Thursday's Results WIMTKK LKAGt'E tn Mateee S. MXCOLK S. Parata a. Him S. alaaaaa aartaai II. Wtrkla la. Hmi a 4. (naaaa . AMKRICAH I.CAGVI riraataaS II. IW4ra4l 4 tark I. railaaaaaaaa S Bmaaa I. Waaalaaiaa Oalr ajaaaaa aifciialii. NATIONAL I.EAGUS PattaaWlaala a. Nrw I'ack a FIMaa 4 ('aaraaaaal a Inatln T, Sua S Oalr aaaMa aiiaali4. Friday's Games WKNTKRM l.KAGUS LINCOLN at Ilea SchiiHe Awards waters atforded productive fishing. These were, in addition 10 wa- Forty-eight Henry F. Schulte numerals were awarded to high loney Lake, Sutherland Reservoir jsthool track. athletes. Coach Ed j i i il. J- Aniich orti-i ram 1. a m t Canal Checks near North Platte brask announced. The awards: (catfish and carp), Shell Lake i raai Ba (bluegill) North Platte River) tt n. Kiboum, a omtm: Don vw. ifieh mnii raro Blue River ar. Gary Borne of Aaron: Joo F.rkkion. (CatflStl "rP' VU. Tif Ronald MartKheweakr. I)a Raber. Boh (catlisn, DUlineaas;, i WraeJin; Boa t-.mon. Gary Dooaarrtr. Nor- River (bullhead .tbjJjKj. Wwlw River (catfish), Whitney i-aKe j AntiU DnM4 rnmMncka IKk Kb,uN Jm (craonle and Cam). BOX BUttCiAlka, Heary Wooaary. Altea Drian of i, rami and SconaMuff; Dorancr Andmoa. nntiruu ,ua - Iman. Roy Roraaur all o d; VioDrara Kiver tcarp,. In all of the above mentioned waters fishing was described as "good tor the indicated speclea. Jamboree Set BLAIR VP) Nebraska's first football jamboree is scheduled here the night of Sept. 16. A jamboree is really just a high school - game,"with one difference: There are eight teams instead of two. The Blair jamboree will work like this: Believue, Blair, Platts-mouth and Underwood of Omaha will oppose Ashland, Tekamah, wahrxrand raney with different pair of teams playing each quarter. mm COT. inn Cary CKaa-Toaa Oatea. Daaaa Raator at Sottoa. Haat Bkaa Ifrrla Janaata, Harlaa Warmer of Ramoa Green. Pk k Grunlmia of Aarara: Dale Zler. BUI Horat. FUmaa Del Torro, Vea Doncaa. Joanir Rrta. Doa Treat. Bill Klaa, Larry ToanMat. T4 WeatmrM. Boh Buna. Darrl CaxroU. MorVri..WUaaaE Kaa-nrtb Walaiaia of Sconabluff; Hod PHadi. Bo Hurkea of Imperial. Roy Serr. ,! Delane tinner. Warn Neiaoa, Loria Enckaoa of Suuoa. . The Cleveland Browns in the NTL will complete their schedule on Nov. 23. BODY REPAIRS Toa woa't Mlara jraar am . . . your car hi Bk saw arala. Dant a -raaa. UJtui "WWW' art tmittr - Tour baat bat M our dapandabla Mnrloa. , Mid-Tonn raint Shoe. ttt K. 11 1-S1M FISHING TACKLE HEADQU Shakespeare, Pflueger, Heddon. Southbend and many other standard brands. 1 4ty Fishinf Tsrifi From fhhtrmt LINCOLN SPORTING GOODS CO. 1M N. 14th St t r - - : the breeding; place of far more good track and field athletes than Jiny other state. For 1 n-stance, read these winning p e r-formances in the California state high school track meet and weep with Blerbower anguish that they don't farm a few of the lads out to our state. 100 :09.9. 120 :M.g. 44S :48.g. 880 1:57.1. Mile 4:23.2. 880 relay 1:29. Shot put-0-9?. Broad Jump . 23-5!,. High Jump -6'i. Pole vault 13.3'i. Hlsh burdlea :14.7, Low hurdles " .19.4. (You might like to know that the FIFTH place winner in the shot could get only- a measly 55-7, and that the broad jump winner has done nearly -a foot farther than his performance above.) 4) a) ALSO IS the high school track line, Maury White of the Des Moines Register compiled the winning marks in the state high school meets in this territory Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Nebraska and Oklahoma. . In that group, Oklahoma lads were best in seven events, tied for top macks in another and had three seconds in the 14 events that were comparable. But, Callfornlam were as superior to the Sooners aa the Oklahomana were te the rest of this territory. Only in the hurdles where the Sooners have a pair of the best prep timber toppers in the Oklahoma's country " were marks better. In an over-all comparison the' eight states, CaliforniaJs bcsl in nine of its 12 events, and tied for tops in another. IN THE seven-state chart that excluded California, Nebraska and Missouri tailed to have the best marks in any event After Okla homa came Iowa with three "bests," Illinois with a first and a tie for first Kansas and Colo rado with one first each. Kansas' iirst. or course, was that 60 foot, 9 inch shot put ef fort by the great Lawrence ath' ilete.- Bin Niedcr. " But Leon Pat terson of Taft, Calif., threw the W-pound iron pellet half an inch farther in the far western state's meet. It was found the shot Niedcr used . was ; three - ounces over weight, which all good Kansans claim took more than half an inch off his mark. Nebraska marks generally were superior only to those of Kansas and Colorado at their championship meets. (Ail three atate meets were hindered by bad weather; Iowa was not Oklahoma, though It has a weather advantage, held Ita meet two weeks earlier than Nebraska, three earlier than lewa). In 14 events. Nebraska topped Colorado in eight and tied in an other. In 13 comparable events, Nebraska beat Kansas in seven and . tied in another. Nebraska marks bettered those of Missou rians only in four events, and tied another. All Illinois marks, and of course. all California's, were better than Nebraska s. Only the 22-1 broad jump ef forts by North Platte's Dennis Smith wu better than Iowa or Oklahoma winners, and it was only one-eighth of an inch over the Oklahoma mark. Ulcaaa at Waal ( Mr B4 Oi fair a at let.laaa) ft). Aaaataaiaa at Binaoa IS). at Im lark tSk M. Uai Ml. NATIOVAL I.KAGl'l Tew Vark at railaaerr-ala ID. taataa at llraaalra til. KM. iMta at rmaaarafe til. at t aaraaa OI. Saturday! Cameo AMKRICAN I.KAGl'l .New Vara. ratcaaa at Banna. nt. Ijaala at I'allaarlaaia talaaO. at WaaarnaMa talaM), N ATION .Hi Of ( awtoaaet at Caleaaa. UaU Uaaaaj kaalai.i Some comparative marks, representing top prep records in seven mid western states; vla HI la Mo Keh. Kan. Colo. 100" ......... :10.1 :I02 :miB ml :io:i :I0.1 :n 220 :22.1 :22.4 12 :. :V2 H :27 :2.l 5 440 :4. . :.l Til 4 :S1.3 :S2.S :52 :M X0 1:'K 2 00 1 2 01 4 2 03 4 2:03 2:05.3 2 07 .1 M'h 4:31.7 4.31.7 4:X 7 4 3,1 4 .M 7 4 414 4 4H 4 KM) relari 1:31.8 1:31.1 1 31.3 132 7 1 32 S 1 . .- 1:36 Mile relay .,..3:27 3 2 2 3 30 3 32 7 3.35 3 41 1 3 40 12(1 hifha :14 4 :14 4 :I5 I :15 :I55 :I52 :I55 1H0 loot .... :18.l :ll)7 :l n :2I4 :21.2 :20.l ;2l.l I6le vault ... 12 12-6 12-8'i 11-8 ll-ll Jl- 3 J2-4 Hiah lump .. -2'4 -IS - S 5-11 ft-0 5- H Broad tumo .,22- 22-5' 21-4 21- 2 22- 1 22- 5 21 74 Shot put . . . : 48-10'i : 55-2' ' 52-214 " "" 50-1 1 " 49. g fiO-9. - 50- 5 Diacua I59-3S 1.,0-fltt 143-2 137- 6'i 141-5 142-10 'A The Cincinnati Reds won 21 and lost 31 at night during 1951. At Crosley Field they won 13 and lost 14 under the lights. Rememhtr FATHER'S DAY June 13 Shop at 1131 "O" St UnHp Cotlllnj Cos Llnesla, Nebraska By the Associated Press Wildman Maury McDermott, erractic Boston Red Sox lefty, has joined Bobby Feller, Bob Cain OBjand Art Houtteman In the Amer-ii ican League's one-hit club. Thursday night he laced only 27 Washington batters. He walked only one. ' Mel Hoderlein's single with one out in the fourth wiped out his hopes of matching Virgil Trucks' no-hitter. The Red Sox pitcher walked Eddie . Yost . in - the first inning, lie was erased when Hoderlin hit into a double play. Jackie Jensen wiped out Hoder- icins single by grounding into a double play in the fourth. Alter the fourth inning, McDermott faced only 13 men. Only four baiters, Including IIodrliv hit the ball out ' of the Infield, as he struck out seven In his third win of the year. A base on balls Mo Clyde Vollmer and Fred Hatfield's triple gave Boston Its 1-0 win in the sixth inning, Tliey Collected 10 hits off toughluck Bob Porter- field in breaking their second- place tie with the Senators. BATTERS ENJOYED an after noon field day in Detroit where Cleveland mauled the Tiaers. 11-4. Hnrry Simpson had fohr hits to take the league lead with 52 hits. One of Simpson's hits was a basses-loaded miner ien jonnson. The New York Yankee had to use a little "Yankee Luck" to get past Philadelphia. 3-2, even with Vie Rasrhl, the A's Jinx pitcher, on the mound. . Aa elchth-lnnning error by aub First Baseman Bill Hitchcock let Phil Rlsiuto score from second base with the winning ran etc Alex. Krllner, bases loaded In the seventh clinched the verdict. e e "BROOKLYN celebrated its tS- cape from Giant pitching, snapping a tnree-game losing streaK witn a barrage of home runs off Max Surkont and Law Burdette. Andy raiico, Jackie Komnson, fee wee Reese and Gil Hodges all homored in the 1 1-hit attack. ' Ralph Klnner'a fifth hornet and Murray Dickson's pitching , Willi I L. I . a A . .. jciciaev riiMiniria a Darawsra motion te whip Cincinnati, 4-2. Dickson held the Reds to four U 1 1 vi I . ants ana mucr, waiica purl Itnaetlv Ihraa aim Kw 11-w-wl Ferkowskl, hit a two-run homer In the seventh.. , St Louis and Chicago in- the National, and American were not scneauiea.'- Olympic Ring Trials Open Here Tonight Dope Sheet On the '500' INDIANAPOLIS (AV Facts and figures on today's 36th annual 500-mile Memorial Day Auto Race: - Scene Indianapolis Motor Speedway, two and one-half mile brick- and asphalt track built in 1909. Field Thirty-three specially constructed race cars, screened from 70 entries by time trials. The pole raf--Freddie Agabash- ian, Albany, Calif., and the Cum mins Diesel Special. Fastest car on the first day of qualifications, May 17, at 138.010. Fastest car Chct Miller, Glrn- dale, Calif., in a Nov! Pure Oil Special, a record 139.034 in trials May 26. Purse About $200,000, depending on the gate. Crowd Ncivcr disclosed, estimated UP to 200,000. The race record 126.244 by Lee Wallard and Belanger "99" In 1951. Lincoln's Olympic Boxing Trials involving 50 amateur fighters starts its two-day stand tonight at the Fairgrounds. Fight time is 8 p.m. Boxers from three states have entered the local leather classic. basses-loaded homer off!"" inth 10 weight divisions ucic wiu ue emi-rcu ua me ajmnna Trials, a nine-state affair. Winners there go to Kansas City for the final U.S. team tourney. LLOYD PEKRY. director of the Lincoln show, estimates that there will be 15 to 20 bouts on tonight's card. Entries are heavy in all but the heavvweieht and Hght-heavyweight divisions cacn or tonixnt s tnree round Seicnrd Seward's Victim, Yes Sir SEWARD W1) They called It a track "meet, although the com petitors never did meet The competitlon-by-mall was between Seward, Nfb., and Seward, Alaska. It ended with the Nebraskans winning, according to local Coach Ralph Bowmaster. Winners were decided by comparing marks made, Lack of training facilities was reported to have handicapped the Alaskans but Alaska Coach Donald Dalberg advised he expects that by next year, his squad should be in better shape for the proposed annual meet Renewing OTl Rivalries j MORGANTOWN. W. Va. (At West Virginia University is re-1 newing next season four ancient football rivalries, some of which are more than a half century old. The Mountaineers will play Pit tsburgh (started in 1895), Waynes- burg (1895), Washington and Lee (1899) and Penn State (1904). The New York Giants' seven- game win streak was snapped by Philadelphia, 8-5. Combined with Brooklyn's 7-3 edge over Boston, the Giants' National League lead was clipped to m cames. Two runs in the ninth almost pulled it out for the Gianta but Ken Heintzolman finally came in to stop them one short, Karl Drews was the winner over Reliefer Hoyt Wilhelm. Smoky Burgess' two-run single with the LaStarza Fight Favorite Tonight NEW YORK." W1. Danny Buc- ceroni, the Philadelphia "butcher boy" who upset Roland LaStarza last December, finds himself a surprising 13 to 5 underdog to night when the two meet in a re match ten at Madison Square uaTrten. me bout, starting at 8 p. m. will be carried on radio KFOR and television WOW-TV, LaStarza, 25, has lost only two of (3 pro starts. Rocky Marclano copped a split decision over him In 1950 and BucceronJ, 25, beat him last winter. bouts will last three minutes. This and other Olympic rules will be in effect throughout the trials here. , Biff 7 Ball Season Ends Blr Seven Baseball HM STiADl-Noa Jleaeaaaa . In a tttaia W I, Tel. JS 1 .! S S .ilj a .; a kmi a s .41 4 7 ,S4 - a - is - .us The University of Nebraska baseball team finished second in Big Seven play with an 8-5 record. The final loop game between Iowa State and Colorado had been cancelled because of rain. Colorado would -have moved Into fourth - place ahead of the Cyclones had they won their final game. " More than $3,000,000 in prize money will be distributed on harness racing's Grand Circuit in 1952. tt3tSitlJ VENTIUTEO TONIGHT! SATURDAY! . MAY 30 A 31 8:00 P.M. 8.-00 PJL OLYMPIC BOXING Tournament To thooae eafKfldat fef tha - U.t. Olympla taxing Taam te Hlslrkt Ten Weight Claaaeaf"-" " jc Midwest's Beat Amateur Boxers! At Least 15 Bouts Each Night! 4-H Areno Foirsroutids SUaian aiaaaMa hat, .a laaar air aaiar Haul ua aj Haiaraay Uaaw taa Ja aaa, - ! laak . aH Baa OMaW ataW e m j " iaaaaaaaaaaaa ...;, ni rovi moms au rNfM wtan MVUMTMIU CUSTOM lUtlT af thrraV CaWanato ItDUCtS ROOM TtWCtATUtCS rtOriCTS afaac4a rWataWaaa ra VMisstJ CfttMl 9 VMM Jf - aafl, allfeaaM) Ifa rtOTKTJ i Nalas kaa) aliaiaa; tfmUm. laalaltaa) ANTWMIII by ' Trainat aaaa SAUU MONTHtr PAYMrNTS ' ao down rarauwT asuiasa n mm mm co. nil Re. 33 S-I3zt THIS COtiaOM foeT"i aaW aaa SKI lafaraajaaaa aa Shop Saturday 9:30 to 5:30 ll i ii I ii nri i 1 ... that depends - yVyffiXr 7.50 Trade-in Allowance on his old razor when you purchase a ILECTRICf SHAVER 2T30 BuAfH & Terms , Be raa hae la ( seends t - - lew with the ew Xemltulon ; tke DrMOSTIlATIC mimii.f s,,. COLtra Taaalrtaarr. 4Ha flaaa"

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