The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 24, 1937 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 24, 1937
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 1937 Strongest Support Comes I'rom Younger Members and South 11Y ItODNUV nUTC'IKIl (,'uurier News Washington Ocrrospo micul WASHINGTON. — Tin. United. States Senate, which will dcel-lei Die /ale cf I'lraiil'iit Roosevelt's', request for permission to liberalize the si'iirc-me co";•', is cmj-' posed 15 per cent of !>Y.-''CTS Seventy-two of MM 91 nvmbw.-; liavc practiced lav/ PS on emv:a- tlon nnd. many cf them still do. The oilier 24 ,in\ or were, bankers, business men, .school teachers, a physician, u den'kl, iintl £0 on, Tlie last lime a poll was lakm. the s?:i*(e was almv. evenly divided In threo sections—those ccmmltted to the president's plan, those committed against II. and those who refused to comma themselves publicly. Polls of the son- ate differ, befause It isn't alwnvs possible to tell which of the three camps a senator is In. And tliere is a departure from the non- cominltlal group almost dally. Three Even Divisions For purposes of an analytical breakdown of Hie groups and the! senate as a v-'liole, however, a recent falrlv reliable oo'l may b? accepted. VI showed 32 senators registered for tlie n'an. 31 asalnst nnd 33 not comml'ted. Tlie pro-Roosevelt group consisted of 31 Democrats and one Progressive. The' anti-Roosevelt grcup included IG Democrats and 15 Republicans. The noncommittal group was made up of 29 Democrats, two Farnier-Laboilt's. cne Republican and one Independent. (The third group Includes several who prefer a constitutional amendment u> Roosevelt's expedient, but who are likely lo vojc for "packing" the court In the end.) Something New In Store For Shoppers It now appears probable that more of the senate's non-lawyers Will vote ngalnst the administration oill than, will vote for It C'l.ircnee Sanndcrs, upper riuhl, wll« h;i.t rri;l(tL- anrf lust two fortunes In retail unx-cry Inisincss believes he lias llio 1,-,-y In a' third .success in his new "kco- jloozle" stoiv in Memphis, Term. The new idea PL-unit;; customers lo "ujiliid:" j-unds llwy Irani willi a liiuj; l;,.y. as illustrated hy woman in ijpnor left jitioto. Then. HI n,,. ;,„„( o| tin; store n d.-rr,, !ls s |, OW n "I riijlil, inserts (l»< customer's hey in n masler keyhole ;m ,i the purchases arc djlivored to Ilio desk hy belt cnnvt-vor emerging from square hole at Ihp clerk's vh>ht. At 11 it- KIMK- luni-, the bill j s i u [ u \ vt i ;mlo _ nia(k-ally. Saundcrs. .me-iimc Cl:u !;svilk', Tcnn.. Ri-uivry clerk. made his liisi foituue will, a «'lf-s<Tvc liiocciy. l<i s (- it in Wall Stiwl. l, :i (i. r he nnHlo and last am,HUT ;,i,limc ;„ (1 , c .,,„. eery business. Menipliis -Will- Sec "Boy Meets Girl" .Friday, Saturday M E M P H I S. dlanapolis and Dajion. lie ii as been heard throughout tlie country as an actor on the I,«x radio t;rogr.iin nnd seen in such famous New York tourinj productions as "Strange Interlude," in which Pauline Lord was starred. Among his Broadwtw entraL'empnf'i are Collins' mother, Mrs. O. J. Whittle of Puxlco who Jias licen seriously ill witn pno!i,.,.j.,i -i-. nnd Mrs. Bud Jamts and family are moving to Kelscr. 1.1 ui«i i 111 Q, jyiui. .— unnton * A i^ i3iuua\stiy enyageniem.s are : Sundberg and Donald MacDonald ' "The Second Mtm." "Paris Bound " compose the mudcnp team of "Love 'Em and Leave 'Etn," "On ' prank-playlm, 7 " mavhie nl^tur^'2ta!?fi" nini "Fnivrtifino 411 r\i^ f .~.. •• prn ilk-playing scenarists in New York comedy ...., comes to the Auditorium next, moving picture Stage" "Boy Meets Girl," which ~.. . „.,, , ut ^ lul u comes to the Auditt Eleven non-lawyers have declared Pri day and Saturday themselves oppascd. nnd only six Saturday matinee. % In favor, with seven r'ill undecided. That lcnv;s 28 lawyers for It. 20 ngalnst and 23 noncommit- - . •ial. j Grciip,i Younger .. . ages of the' ihrcc" ' ... eroupsj.has^beiin ngiired' n'sb. 1W''Kvt< IJoescve't arcup - Ls ' . of the pro' than D4 yeavs.'.The anti-Roosevelt grcup" averages' : Ju^t about 55 years. The ; 'undecided contino'nt averages about 55.7. '. " :'•. Of the Id senators who are T or" more; only one has declared for 'the Roosevelt 1 plan. Six have declared against It and votes of three, nre .undecided. The only assured "pro" vote In <the 10 Is that of Mc.Adco. of California. The- six opposed are Glass of. Virginia; .King of Utah, Smith of South Carolina. Borah of Idaho Capper or Kansas and Johnsor of California. • Tlie Ihree undecided are Hughes of Delaware. Lewif ol -Illinois iand Morris of Nebraska ..Among senators, of CO years "or liiore. 13 have declared for th' Roosevelt plan, .15 say they oppose It nnd 1 12 are undecided. Support Froni Soulh Lco.kln? at Hie list from a geographical standpoint, you find the heaviest concentration of strength against Roosevelt among senatorr from the •.northeastern states Southern sljtles are giving him his chief support. The breakdown goes like this: Northeast: 3 for. n against, [ undecided. Lake states: 4 for. J against. 6 undecided. ' Borde! steles: 5 for, 2 against, 5 undecided. South: 8 for, 5 agnlnst. i undecided. Pacific Coast: 3 for 3 agnlrat. Mountain slates: 4 for; 3 against. 3 undecided. Farm states: 2 for, 4 against. 4 undecided. Southwest: 3 for, 1 against 4 undecided. (Copyright. 1937, NBA Service, Inc.> and "Koisnklng All Others." Ledford Baby Dies , / . ., Wrs - Helc » Ledford. « v7l, ! C . f!lmlly home °» SOP."' Sixth street at 3:15 o'clock thl= morning, she was one month nnd 25 days old. _Funeml sen-ices were held thl' afternoon with the Rev w o Elngleterry. pa s i or M i he ^ Gospel church, officiating infer rncnt was msde at sawyers ccme- ITie Cotb ^neral Home was m charge of funeral arrangements, Buy Manila News Stand MANILA. Ark. — The Manila News Stand, formerly owned by the late U P. Webb, has been purchased from Mr. 'and Mrs ji m Barcroft of this,city by Mr.' and Mrs. Lon Matthews of Dell Mrs Malhcws will take charge In the near future but at present the es-I labllshment Is operated by Misses Dofothy Baker and Lucille Curt- wrlghl of this city. and .J. Carlyle Benson, respectively, they are reported to depict many of the characteristics of that famous Hollywood writing teani, Ben Hecht and Charlie Mc- Aithiti-;'- tlie former u well-known no'velist"<a'nd the latter the hus- . a lid of- Helen Hayes. Both Mr. Sundberg ami Mr. I Macfionaur are well seasoned hi | ;hclr role-s and may trace their: partnership back over several! months ; and several thousand I .niles. They played these parts I«v Ivc nionUis In the production that 3e'orgc Abbott sent lo London Mr. Sundlierg's Broadway, appearances include '"Michael and Waiy," with Madge Kennedy "Silent Witness:" "Nine Pine Street"'I Want a Policeman"; ."The DLs-' :aff Side," with Dame Sybil rimrndyke and "She Loves Wo Mot, which was sent to London Mr. MacDonatd was prominent a a member of Stuart" Walker's ^tocfc. companies in Cincinnati, In- i\ : umber Nine News Marvin Sipes, who has been ill, ^ slowly improving. Mr:>. Dill iiall is" ill with flu. Mr. and Mrs. Bud Smith and family have moved lo this community from Walker's Lake. . I J aul T. Collins and son . . s Billy, spent several days with Mrs. -IT2 Everything For Your Entertainment and Cnmtnrt Are You "AD Nerves"? \dm.-Atvvays 10 ft 25c—le' TaJ SJiow Cvcry Ni»h! Mntllircs Friday. SalurtlAy, Snndaj I-riilny & Sunday olatinecs—i;15 Saturday . Matluc* : _ .Continuous Shimillff — l:no Tin a : oo ,p. M Weds. - Thurs. AdolpKZi.Ini P r.i*r>ti ' Claudetie C ,01 BERT Fred l.-Thur, Z Aihills AdmUleil for Trice of 1 All Children—10c "BERN'AT'' KNITTIXf! YARNS PHEB IN'STRUCTIONS New. spring nnd summer yarns Latest Styles Classes, Frlrlny, 2:30 p M MRS. I.ESUE HOOPEIt' : 109 Chlckasnwba Phone 792 M.cMURHAY in Frank Lloyd's .A Parainoiuu . Picture whit Harvey -Slepliens,'Viiginia V/eidlei, Ecivraid Ellis, Gale Sonduigaard, Louise Dresser Also Paramount Ncivs and Corned) — Admission — . iWalincc — 10 .t 26c Nighl— IG & 35c TUESDAY, MARCH -2- S200 I5ANK NIGHT! A'ne WilJon. I'lv'hcvillc,'w:i!i c a'l- cd for (he 5175 l.isl nig]i(—Bu slic was not present — Makiny I'.ANK DEI'OSIT next Tuesil:i> $2C(!.OC! ! i Also Comedy —COMING SOON— "rciircd niul Sam" "On the Avenue" "John Men dc's Woman" "l.nst of Mrs. Cheney" "Sc:i Devils" Auto, Street Tax,'Doff Tax, Privilege Taxes All City Taxes become 'delinquent March 1 Unless your city taxes are paid on or before March J, 1937, the full penalty will be imposed. Avoid this extra payment bij paying your taxes today. tt is a mystery how, with so llt- tla difference In composition, two dnlgs can have such utterly 1 different effects upon the human system as do quinine arid strychnine, ™;i »•« »• <vg THREH tS'.rv" UcDRENE SHAMPOO WIH 3Sf .SVi. tAMPANA 1TA1IAN BALM 60c Value *M>«' 1 a and tery Main and Broadway ,^ 1601S. :!•( a/iii h(t piei Jon couolcr. KOTEX Boiof 1] 9« 3f SHAMPOO XSPIRIN TABLETS Hottt, *1'£*,^ LAVORIS Mouth Wash 79 ti.oo tl.OO $•'• . 67; COD LIVER OIL] 03: Fall IRRADOL"A" oL.. »9' ••• C.R.W. CASTORIA Doable Edge RAZOR BLADES ABDG CAPSULES Heavy Grade MINERAL OIL Fall *] LISTERINE TOOTH PASTE 40c *> Tabt . . .*> L Moie tKarx i<K pound of oalK ps« HOT WATER BOTTLE 'Monarch 500 P(i( CUANSING TISSUES CASTOR 5 OIL :; -y-9 Ox. «J ^MAVBLOOM LOTION ;,3«. _ 23 cj ' chopped <V COUGH SYRUP] MISTOL DROPS I guoi* 1 <* I,, KURB TABLETS !W . ,ucU Ee (, 25r. Semi ho, '"<lvc2Sclnts,! •"•* *- Gardenia OATMEAL SOAP 8 C CHANCE i ORLIS Miiutli O/. 3»C! BEAUTY AIDS I SOcNadliwhCream . 37e| SICampanaDresVIn .' 79cj 5fle Fitch Hair Tonic . 4St| 60c Noel Depilatory . 41cl St.tOrangee Lipstick. 94c[ IflcLiiK Flakes . 2forl7cl [Almond Lotion, 602. . 33oj L'Adoima Creams . . 50c| SPECIALS 40cSt)uibhDcntalCrc3m33c[ Dr. ScholJ Zfno-Pads . 33tl SOc Innerclcan ... 4lql Cold Tablets, Success, 2 lei SOcTek Tooth Brush . 39c| 65cSamolineCleaner. 57el .Sl.OOWampole'sPrep.sacj Thermal Heat Pad . , $l| BABY NEEDS ISOcJ.&J. Talc . . 39c| I Stork Cas. Soap. 3for29c| I Malted Milk, Pound . 49=1 I KlBlnert's Baby Pants. 23t I Crib Sheeting . . . 14c[ I f.ntl-Collc Nipples... . 5c! I Baby Ko! Syrup, 2oz. . 23c| |MyBabyTalciim ..,2 RUFFMADE CHOCOLATES W« r««™,,, eo j H u ,/ raiJ , Clio«lj|«.M«urino« - l.nJmc cindj, ttsiute. Kltk fn VITAMINS! M.lT* H.libul Liver Oil V10STEHOL .'..««! Waterbufy "Progrett ALARM CLOCKI Mary Lake* LAVENDER LOTION 6-ox. hot tit 42' \ pqr routl,. ek.cptd li|l (mlilcnj tiAnili H«r«'i Quick Rtlitf II you'io lioubted \viih indfs-ciilo'fi'oi over ncid't><i,te'm. , ItelAhoHteol BIS- MAD|Nt.,.U tain. ^^_ faK = ,iG.irALKA- U^UtiZV LINEKESERVE // ^V 1 nnj lielpt icitoie I ji^L/ 'FRESH SANITARY NAPKINS -fc JlOXfl ffL -— & 12 Viscolized KIILK MAGHESIA Full .P/NT . . SALTS" ,6-ot. Slza &SSt Olaften Halibut Liver OH Capsules *' fi /«rf - 1S^» Walgreen System Special Ceftificil Mi!l< of Magnesia Paste Ultra Sanitary Ora-San TOOTH BRUSH S'.crident Tooth Brush Sleride'nt Toolh Brush \W •'%$£' h '$•:&«$ 1 On Solr! 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